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in this issue: 

Complete Report of the First Successful Attempt at Formation 
of Showmen's Association for Mutual Conservation of Interests. 
Deliberations Regarding Billposting Agreement Deferred. 


EMMY W H ELEN - Prind P .i[i and Com P .ny', Marriage A La Carta, which Opened at tha Casino Theatre. New York. J 

Monday Evanlng, January 2nd 


X ti e Bil l b o a r d 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 


All our ciis- 

WriM today. 



; -i«2i- 

Diirbora St. 


Prompt Shipmmti 


The Wlsoamln 

and VnnrCt. 


Carnival*. Nickelodeons. 
Picture Shows. 

Streetmen and Canvassers. 



No. MB Fountain Pus 8.00 

No. 480 Fountain Pen* 12.00 

NO. «00-B Fountain IVua 18.00 

No. 43 B Fonnuon Pens 17.00 

No. 0-BC Fountain Pens...... 

No. O-BB. Foontaln Pens ..... 

We carry a largo line of eanrawre 
and atreetmen'e soodn at 
prices. Citalogns free. 


Ninth and Lucas 


WANTED, yoor old 
prices paid for 
von better di 
l. We take yoor 
on a new one. We hi 
piles. Get oar prices 

no for a now one. 


In to apply 


"viCE. . 




will fit most any border drama. 



Sanitary Ssaos-uving, Life- 
saving, Monay-aavlng. 

To Uaa This Chair Is to Make 
Your Bualneaa Grow. 
Writs Today. 

744 W. Sth Sc. Clnotnnstl.'O. 

Chewing Gum 

For oremlnma and all I 
OP. Cincinnati. O. 


/•» • 









T. 1V1. A. NEA-VS. - - ••* 




l.y .Performers Dates 

Acts with Miscellaneous Companies 

Acts with Burlesque Companies — . 

Managers and Agents 


'Stock. and Repertoire. 

Dramatic and Musical 

Bands 'and Orchestras 

Minstrels ••.••.•...••••..»..-•.-.>•«« 

Skating Rink Attractions 


Carnival Companies 

Additional Performers Dates 

DIRECTORY^ »•**•,* r'srrssrss •••••• 







■■ 3 
•• 4 

• • 5 
. .6-7 
.. 8 

• • 9 

• ...assess IO 

T I 

• aaoaasaa* A A 


....... 13 



• a a a • * 

•••••••••• 20 

• 24 

> a ••••••• • 

• •■■.ess* 

. a a a a • 






btttl nun 



Suitable for 
theatre and mortal 

picture shows. W, 
Irs Is 

!, :- 

hand* chair.. 

irry these chair 
ock and can ihla 
Immediately, flocoal 

for ont-of 

bps tins- 
door use. 
TUBE CO.. Oread 

Add. Pent 

Baplde, Mich. Bos 
too Office. 224 Ooa 



A. E. 

Dutch. Irish. Coon. Jew, (Oc 
HV.nla. 30c. «bUm 

Mnseera av. Mention ti 


The A. H. Andrews Co. 

174-17* Wabash Avanus, 


I In all leading oltles. 


We have furnished 86% of the theatres seated in the past 
10 years — and m>« can prooe it. 


tt for comfort, ox oellenoe of sMsS and dorabU- 
■ nphnlstared ohaics to the more inexpensive 

EJ" Write tor catalog "S" "« 

that our ehslrs are built I 
ity. from tha luxurloua i 
venoer type. 

t4mencym Searing Gamp 

21S Wabash A..., 


19 Wast 18th St.. 





Originators of 


match an solars at popular prices. 
Mall orders promptly filled. 


404-406 SIXTH AVE., BET. 24th and 28th STS.. - N. Y. CITY 


For Show People 

Southern Iron Equipment Ci, 





16- In.. 
•9 In., 
to In. . 
sa-la. . 


'ii'SJ Bossd trltk osf Nat* 

lioo Cold-BoUasI Siaal Bind- 

»•» ls«. Three-ply B. B. A B. 

u oo trunk wood, hand-riveted 

i! S tlpptna; tray. SEND FOB 

am tt R, 


Sxa am id at. 
447 Wood St. IBS Wasters I St., R. S. 

F.otory : J2-4S lea bells St.. R. S. 

r i tts a u ma PA. p 

When in the following cities save TIME 
and EXPRESS CHARGES by getting 
"The Same Trunk,'' "Same Gua-iantee" 
from the dealers below : '1 ■ 'V 

.Otmbrl Brothers 
■hall Field A Co. 

N. T. 

i Leather Ooast OS. 

New York 

I'll learn. 111.. 
Akron. Qh to . mmm'a* \\l 

A 1 tOOQB, Peso eeeseaes. . Altl 

Anderson. lad Itodana Bras. 

Ancnsts, Oa Aasnata Traak OS. 

Iialtimore. Sfd a J. Dnnn Co. <S stores) 

Biwinn, If ass W. W. WtoaMa 

Bnryrns. 0. E. B. Bus 

imrraio. N. Y. 

Bntte. Mont, 
rinrlnnttt. 0.... 

Cl.rrlaad. O 

Cntnnihne. O 

Crawfordaellle, I 
riiinlHTlai-l. lid. 
Dayton. O. ..... lllch... 

. Frank O. I'bllltp. 

..... .Montana Tronk Factory 

....Tat liable; A Care* Oo. 

...Uklt A Trnnk Co. 
>................... W a 1 1 ack , 

............... lxwt. H lac hoe 

*...'........... *R. II. ajisarsf 

D. fjennhanl's bob 

' A ~ 

.Tha .Peter Clot bins Oa. 

I'aul MfSfl 

...Hamilton Leather Onmla Oo. 

Chaa. Mar-r A Oa, 
Loth A llrne Oo. 

Fnalorla, Ohio 

Orand Itaplda. Mich. 

Hamilton. Ont... 

Inrilananulia. Ind. 
IsFayellr. Ind..... 

I.. Ind Rlliert IVrfttst 

I.I ma. O , The Hoot, r Hmi«h Oa 

. SIMdletowa. o Bitter Barer*. A Buster Qk 

Mnlille, Aia. ................ .Mohtie Trnnk Oa. 

Nrwark. Oiilo .......................... 1^1. Do* 

I t'hlta.lelnhla. Pa... Wat. entry 

, i',l. Me J. U A Oa, 

. l - -rt, month. Ohio Jnka neel 

I'mrldi-nee, It. I nrrry A Oo 

1 Rlrhinnnd. Ind MIM.r lUriiea. Oo 

Havlriaw. Mlrh Ueberman Trunk Oo 

1 RiTlngnrld. Ohio....'. Wsi. Mrt'nlloch 

Rrracnae. N. T. BFracner Trnnk Worts 

Tlntn. Ohio F,tr*er ciothins Oo. 

Tlnton, Ind Short le IVparlmrnt "tore 

Tia-tlo. O.... Wllinlnatnn A Oo 

Tr*'nloa, N. ;...................0. A. Mlaalsr 

Waalilnston. O. 0. ... Becker's I^sther Oonss 0a. 

Wh-llns. W. Va Et. A Helfsrt 

u iik.-. It.rrc. Pa Barter II. Kemswrsr 

Zanasrllle. Oh to The Warn.* Btora 

| The Theatrical Profession will ay 
ate the saving of time ami < 
proas rhnrges by this arrangement. 

| Watch this list growl 

JANUARY 7,1811. 

The BI 1 lboard 

1203 Schiller 



Bnlldiof. 103- 100 Itandolph 
Telephone Central 'JttU. 

8T. LOUI8. * 

80S lllaeourl Trnat Bulldlnf. 

I ItMihllna* 830 Mtrkrt Hi* Innrtlnn 
i Kill, .ml S.ock.on &,„. Haiti UJ1. 


170 Tun pie Cbambera. E. c. 


121 BBS Montmartre. 

1R&TTED WEEKLY, end entered •» Serond-Clana Matter at Poet Office. Cincin- 
nati. Olilo. Addrvaa all couimuuk-atluoe fur the editorial or Lualima department to 

publication office: 


410 Elm Street, Cincinnati, o.. V. 8. A. 
i Telephone, Ualn 2T0O. Cable Addreea (regiitered) "mil jboy." 

ADVERTISING BATES.— Twenty oanU per 
Una, inii meaearemeat. Wbole nana Ilia - 
half pan. *T0; ijj. P No' ,d.. r : 

tiaement meaiorut lane than Bra liaea accepted. 

V„ - _ . .- _V___- a- - 


Canada, wk 
Vowi Co. a 

BITLBOABD la for aala on all trains and 
thronsboat the United Statu and 
— cb are aupplted by the American 

France When St e. "aaaVnotify tnte 


Bamlttaaea* ehould. ba made by pott-office or 
aapraaa money order, or rerietered letter ad- 
dressed or made payable to The Billboard Pnb- 
UabJaf Company. 

The editor can not undertake to return 

Then and Now. 

That title of uncertain significance and opprobrious inference, "an- 
gel," which was so commonly in use among amusement people only a 
few years ago, has just about dropped from the nomenclature of the 
profession of entertainment. The reason for this lies in the fact that 
the amusement business has been placed upon a commercial basis. Busi- 
ness men are not enchanted by the prospect of a glamorous career as 

proprietor of a circus or theatrical enterprise. They are not drawn into 

the field by the mere scent of sawdust or the dream of being worshipped 
(albeit without true reverence) by be-painted and be-wigged chorus 
girls. They are not influenced by sentiment or impelled by vanity ; their 
egotism does not induce them to enter the field for the gratification of 
their personal vanity and sentimentalism. The prospect of standing ai 
the entrance of a big top in silk hat and Prince Albert coat, flipping their 
package of "comps," is not the incentive that it was for their prede- 

The business has changed. With all honor and all credit to its 

Eioneers, we may sav has changed for the better. The amusement 
usiness is to-day owe of the recognized fields of commercial enterprise 
and endeavor. It is looked upon with respect by our greatest and most 
able financiers, a number of whom engage in it as they engage in other 
business — for the profit and the power it affords. 

Looking back over the past decade, we can observe that the men who 
have risen to the front rank in professional amusement were really cap- 
tains of industry. In the circus field, James A. Bailey was an exemplar, 
but his death did not leave the business without men of brains and ability 
at its head. There are nany able showmen in America to-day. Some 
of them own and operate shows of their own, while others are content to 
work for the princely salaries and the independence that such positions 
afford. The big tent-shows are framed up on business principles, and in 
the dealings of circus men with those engaged in the railroad business, 
and other forms of transportation, as well as the producers and jobbers 
of all the paraphernalia, stock and provender necessary for the equip- 
ment of a show, demand and 
to the dignity of their pursuit. 

The theatrical business, in the meantime, has been organized along 
equally unassailable commercial lines. Theatres have been formed into 
circuits, plays are being produced by corporations and syndicates and 
companies of men trained and experienced in that business. Where only 
a few years ago independent attractions booked "wildcat" dates, paid 
exorbitant railroad rates and fared as best they could in the face of 
prejudice, growing out of their want of combination of mutual sympathy, 
the manager of the attraction now leaves the city of his first date with 
his route card printed, and all preliminary arrangements made. 

System, uniformity of method, and adherence to strict business prin- 
ciples have brought about the metamorphosis. 

Pessimism has no place in the showman's system of logic. 

Just at this time the discussion of cleanliness and salacity in theatrical 
attractions is agitating the amusement purveyors, not only in New York, 
but throughout the balance of the country. Broadway managers com- 
plain that some of the attractions offered in Gotham are of a nature 
calculated to prejudice the public and legal authorities against amuse- 
ments generally, and for this reason they have taken it upon themselves 
to adjust the situation without the muck-rake methods that would be 
used if the cleaning up was left to other influences. Of course, public 
sympathy and public judgment are with the Broadway managers, but 
their position is more delicate than appears on the surface; for they are 
laying themselves open to unwarranted though acrimonious opposition. 
The managers of the high-class attractions and of the theatres playing 
high-class attractions in New York are not more of a power in their 
districts than the manager playing other classes of attractions in parts 
of the city where the first-class show is unknown and not wanted. This 
is the reason that those managers who have allied themselves against 
what is termed the indecent show are accused of making a sentimental 
and illogical plea to public sentiment. Like all other cases of a similar 
nature, the results will be threshed out through the public press, the daily 

newspapers, of course, taking their stand with the managers who have 

proclaimed their object as the uplifting of the drama. 

It is only the short-sighted theatrical purveyor who can not see that 
pandering to the lower instincts of society's undercrust is hurtful to 
amusements as an institution. Therefore, the managers who are op- 
posing unclean shows are the far-seeing ones. Though their object may 
not be merely altruistic, the results will be the same, and both the public 
and the amusement profession in general will profit. 

It is fitting that in an issue devoted to open-air amusements, and in 
which there appear articles and treatises contributed by the best-known 
authorities and most facile writers on the subject of outdoor amuse- 
ments, we should say something editorially regarding this great field of 

Outdoor amusements, as we know them, are indigenous to the United 
States. Fairs they have in England and France and in Germany, but 
their fairs are practically devoid of show features, being devoted almost 
exclusively to agricultural interests. 

The English amusement park, and the amusement parks of France 
and Germany are rather tame affairs compared to our Luna Parks, 
Dreamlands and White Cities. America is a country of open places, and 
we are essentially a people who love our amusements in the open air. 
Our rich are not sportsmen as they are in Europe, for the rich man of 
America is not the man of leisure. He is usually tbe individual who has 
devoted his life to building up the business upon which his fortune is 
based. If he inherited his wealth, it came from an ancestor who was 
busy, and he handed down the spirit of industry to his heirs. The Amer- 
ican man of wealth mingles with the small shopkeeper and respectable 
middle classes at the summer amusement resort, whether it be park, 
exposition or circus. This universal patronage is the basis upon which 
the tremendous plan of American outdoor amusements has been founded. 

We have hundreds of amusement parks in the United States, costing 
each not less than from $1,000 to $500,000. There are, furthermore, a 
number of parks, costing more than $1,000,000. Every attraction at one 
of these parks is made as elaborate as money and ingenuity are capable 
of compassing. To the European visitor making his first excursion to 
Coney Island, N. Y., the magnificent array of costly amusement devices 
is a marvelously strange and unwonted sight He may be familiar with 
all the best there is in the way of amusements in his native land, but he 
has never seen that which will even approach the magnificent devices and 
amusements at this nucleus of all American amusement resorts. 

He may next visit one of our big circuses which he has possibly not 
had any chance of seeing upon its visit to his country. If so, it is just 
a:- wonderful, compared to the tent show exhibitions of his own land, as 
was Coney Island in contrast tb its parks. The explanation for this 
superiority of ours in the way of amusement organizations may be found 
in the fact that Americans are constitutionally an amusement-loving and 
amusement-patronizing nation. Our adopted citizens contract the same 
spirit. We remember, not long ago, having seen a company of Bohemian 
peasants in a railroad station. There were a number of children among 
them who were dropping penny after penny in the gum slot machines. 
In their native Bohemia there would have been no inclination to do this. 
e\en if the slot machines were there as an inducement. It seems to be 
in the atmosphere, in the associations, or whatever you will. At any 
rate, it is a spirit that doesn't prevail on the other side of either ocean. 
For instance, there is in England no annual event of such importance . 
and so universally attended as the Canadian National Exposition ; while I 
in the United States, our annual state fairs at Springfield. Illinois, and 1 
Dallas, Texas, are unequaled in extent and attendance anywhere, except 
at the Toronto Exposition, mentioned above. 

Half a dozen years ago, the carnival business, an exotic from France, 
was among the most important of our open-air amusements. But the 
carnival business waned, probably through abuses by unscrupulous pro- 
moters engaged in the enterprise. There are a few carnival companies 
still in America, operated on extensive plans and paying tremendous 
yearly profits. The offenders of public taste and professional propriety 
have been exterminated, and the carnival business to-day is an important, 
honorable and respected factor of our summer amusements. 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

Heard in Advance 

Blchard Henry Little, mod old lets, till 
"Dick!" He's making the Chicago Tribune 
famous at a rapid fait. He called Annette 
Kcllermann'B swim-salt * "union rait." My, bow 
that atory did travel! Be (are Gentrj Bros. 
- a atory last anmmer that sounded that 
name to the uttermost corners of the 
L He's a marrel and a prince. He's 
something np his sleere now that'll 
all sit op and * 
Dick, In the i 
we both of us. 

Hare yon beard Irene Hawley sing Steam- 
boat Bill? Mo? Well, to use Ralph Stnart'a 
- In Get Rich Quick Wellington], "she SURE 

Jay Brady was np-to-the-ringbank with 
for Mayoress defuncts when I was In 
ently, and I didn't eren tare time 
the lot" myself. At sny rata. Jay, 

Nen", treasnrer Forepaugb-SeUs Show, 
and a regular fellow, dropped off In Chicago 
the other dty. looked around, polled a roll oot 
of hla pocket, and "Jost-as-essy" said: "Well 
I guess 111 Jump oyer to Los 
did. Santa Fe. all the way. 

Certainly glad again to say "howdy" to Wm. 
G. Tlsdale, manager Chocolate Soldier. Chicago 
Mr. Tlsdale Is a mighty clever chap 

When It comes right down to real brilliancy. 
One fellowship and a regular comradshlp hand 
me t or^ Wir^ Reed Dunroy every time. "BUI" 

There's a pair or 'em at the Chicago Inter- 
Ocean editorial sanctum that are hard to equal 
In any line you put "em In. Too can't tie 'em 
let alone beat'em. I refer to R. B. Jones and 

"Bob" Clark. 

Thomas Boyle's fine old theatrical memory is 
amplng on the trail of Mclhtyre and Heath, or 
b»5» presa representative. Mr. Boyle has lived 
n Pittsburgh and gone to the theatre regularly 
for more than three score rears, and when anv 

ror more man three score yeara, and when any 

our hats, this veteran comes forth to upset our 
apple .carts with s surety of memory and an 
exactness of facts thst fairly takea one's breath 
sway. In this department last Sunday, Mr 
BSC* ,nd Hm,b "ere quoted ss saying that 
The first minstrel company of note was thst 
owned by Arlington. Cotton snd Kemble. They 

I?EUi. M r Ter ? "I"™ House. In Monroe 

Street, Chicago, In the winter of 1872." 
Whereupon Mr. Boyle comes back with the 
assumption that If this statement Is correct, 
the Carncroas and Dlxey's Minstrels were not 
or note, for they organlied a famous company 
' , Ur- V"* 1 ' continues with some lnter- 
{jHt minstrel remlolacencea. The Csrnrross 
Minstrels appeared at the Old Concert Hall, 
which had once been the national Theatre, In 

and Mr. Boyle was present st the Inaugural per- 
formance. He says: "I recall, beside* young 
Csrnrross. they hsd one of the beat song and 
dance men In the profession at that time. Hla 
nsme was Arthur Hughes. They also presented 

■ J°° n a man whose name I can not recall, who 
did the posing In Grecian ststuary In a mar- 
velous ly artistic style, not even eclipsed by the 
famous English prixe lighter. Jem Mace, whose 
poses I shall not forget as long ss I live. 
J"™ berore this." continue. Mr. Boyle. 
1880. Sam Ssnford came to Pittsburg, si 
tag with bis minstrel troope In the old Ml 

w-ii s*«i: tronpe In the old Mssoolc 

Hall. Fifth avenue, opposite the present theatre 
on that thoroughfare. Ssnford this year bad 
gathered about him three promising youog 
black face singers and Impersonators, who af- 
terward became famous. They were Carncross. 
Dlxey and Hughey Dougherty. The last named 
and Unsworth. who was called the 'Black De- 
mosthenes," were the stars of the perform- 

ATI of which proven that minstrelsy baa Don- 
orsble history beyond the memory of the best 
E2. m 11 JiE?" ,oe i'"* e «o-dsy— Charles M. 

Clyde Hunter, an attorney at Gary, I 

the door of the room when be wen 
aa be bad been wont to do In bl 

t oot. lust 

When he got back from Crown Point, twelve 
boars later, he found bis bride In tears In her 
prison. She had arisen for breakfast after ber 
bnsband left, and finding the door locked, had 

toVMr be Hnnt.v°w , r: r ..*? d n"'"" 5 ., 3S5 

flk. It. doefn"? it™ ,,en,T UtttaM 

Staff of the Mexican Herald, Mexico City: 
Paul Hudson, president and general manager; 
"•-rick K. Guernsey, editor; Cooper Jsck- 
— i manager; L. C. Slmonds. associate 

John P. GUnes, now manager Psrk Theatre. 
Indianapolis, _ I nd.. baa bad twenty years' ei- 



Review of Motion Pictures. 

The review of new films, which we announced to begin with 
this issue, has been postponed till the issue of Jan. 14, on account of 
the change of personnel in our New York office. These reviews 
will positively be instituted with the issue of Jan. 14, and they 
will be more reliable, more comprehensive and complete than any 
that have appeared in other papers. They will be honest reviews, 
arranged solely for the information and guidance of the exhibitor 
and exchange operator. 


Popularity Voting Contest. 

In starting a voting contest for the most popular films, The 
Billboard will probably be charged with employing the plan some- 
what earlier instituted by another amusement paper, which devotes 
some space to the business and profession of motion pictures. So 
be it, then, but voting contests of all kinds have been used by news- 
papers, magazines and journals from time immemorial, and in its 
never-failing zeal to conserve the interests of motion pictures. 
The Billboard would have taken the popularity voting contest in 
its turn anyhow. The rules and methods of this contest are an- 
nounced on another page of this issue. : • ■• 

Most Popular Motion Picture Actress. 

Going a step further in . its popularity contest, The Billboard 
is at the same time arranging for a contest by which the identity 
of the most popular motion picture actress will be established. 
Photographs of the individuals who shall be foremost in this race 

will be published with each report. 

•I-/" .. 

The Motion Picture Special. 

A special Motion Picture Number of The Billboard, devoted 
to all phases of the motion picture art and industry and its allied 
branches, will . bear date of Jan. 28, 191 X. The number will have 
a beautiful and appropriate cover, in The Billboard's colors, black 
and. gold, and its contents will be especially selected and arranged 
for the interest, information and benefit of those engaged in the 
production, propagation and exhibition of motion pictures. 

"I bare beard that there have been 
ent rumors thst tbe Psrk wss to be 
Into s burlesque bouse," said Mr. GUnes. "but 
the statement Is not true. J oat because X 
used to be a burlesque manager Is no reason 
to Imagine that the Park will be made s bur- 
lesque bouse. Ton might ss well ssy thst It 
will give circuses. 

"Tbe Park will continue Its policy of giving 
high class plays, which have been presented ss 
»1.50 attractions, st popnlsr prices. The book- 
ings Include sbows which have never been seen 
before st less tbsn SI. 

"I Intend to devote my entire attention to 
the boose, and look after tbe comfort of all 
who visit .ue Psrk, to see that tbe plays which 
appear are given tbe bes- 

ot curtain, 
painting, Mr. 


Jim "Mutch" Dsryer caata bla smiling coun- 
tenance around the Windsor-Clifton Hotel, Chi- 
cago, now and then. Speaking of real chaps, 
this Dwyer lad Is one. snd tbst's wbst they 
Mil say. Sorry I had to leave Jim wben I did, 



agent* snd 

And Molly 
me. Wont 

Is s tbo 

Morris forgot to 

3 American 

Frank Stafford bss an Engllab setter In bla 
act, A Hunter's Game, that Is s besutlful and 
Intelligent animal. Aa handsome a picture aa 
' want to look at la tbe "stand" of 


pot It 

«.,?." .. D, L rolt r * c * a . t . l 7 ' Tl ""d Miss Mlcbsel 
Elliot's dames. "Ifer Drat dance waa excel, 
lent." said a cbsp after the exhibition, "but 
•be »r»led the other two by putting 

During Annette Kellermann's recent engage- 
ment st the Msjesile, Chlcsgo. Countess o"g* 
yon Hatxfeldt srsa appearing st tbe llsymsr- 
ket In Tbe Newlyweds and Tbetr Baby, tbe 
Chicago shops were selling "Mra.Newlywed" 
hata and Annette Kellermann coata. What 
would tbey have sold If Mary Oarden hid 
been doing Salome during the same time a: 
Ibe Auditorium? "glome veils? (Stop It., 

The famous bathing beach at Atlantic City 
csa offer no mors fascinating sight than Nadje, 
tb* dainty, petite equilibrist, who souses direct 
from Parte. She la one of tb* most beautiful 
and graceful woman athletes seen U this coun- 
try, and lust as clevar aa ah* Is handsome. 
Mis* Nsdje's bathing costume is a charming 
creation and well adapted to bar artistic ~ 
forma nee. which wins enthusiastic a 
big audlencea dally. If Dick Ltttl* 
see Nadje'a "union suit." well, tb* 
Kellermann story would fad* away. 

Tbey do tell me that he Is sickly st 

and that, of course, la what make* him 
lab. I refer to young King, treasurer I 
Theatre. Cleveland. If that'* the case, agent* 

I kno- 

A man named Apple married a girl au 
Pickle In a town In Ohio recently. (Twan 
yon a ay ltt 

Mildred Hall carried a page Interview with 
Margaret Illlngton In the Chicago Record Her 
aid not long ago. Here'a a paragraph: 

"Wben tbey arrived at the party all tbe 
little children were waiting 'round the Chlrst- 
mas tree, and when Santa opened hi* bag out 
popped little Margaret IUIngtoal 

And wben Santa Claua took off bla mask — 
there wss Blchard Henry LltU*l" 

Gen* Morgan's Rem* d* la 
cago Tribune, la aa classy a 
any on* would want to read. . 
In this prediction: One mora year tor Gems 
Morgan to Chicago, then you'll addrws his 
mail care of one of tbe largest and bast pa- 
in New York City. Ami right, Sam L*d- 

Dslay Chaplin (Mrs. James Wall) la now 
playing the part of Polly, 
Girl, the play that at 
■eaaon was called " 
log It good, too. 

(Mr*. James wall) is now 
of ^PoUy, ^Jn Artoona 

'idventorea of' Folly. ° Play* 

What a clever little gin la Ethel Orandln. 

tost thinking over tbe "good timber" 
out of tbe Baltimore Herald, and thla 
_ Hat aa far aa I can remember: Eugene 
B. (Percy) Heath (named "Percy" by tb* 
editor, Dwlght Burroughs). Wells Hawks, The- 
odora M. (Ted) Leary. Wm. J. Guard. Henri 

ouore as. linn uesrj. it m. <a. uuaiu, zzwiui 

snd Atwell, tbe Chlcsgo press photo 
have put serosa som* hot ones lately. 

' ♦ 

B. tang la owner and manager of 
tbe ouirport, Ml**.. Opera House, and a mighty 
Una chap, bnt I never can forgive him for 
putting this on* over: 

"H* (hot him fatally In tbe aaloon." la tbe 
way a Chicago paper pnta It. Now w* know 

Sayeth our friend. Charlea M. 
Plttebmrg <Pa.) Oaaette Times: 
It Is only fulfilling s belated 

duty to say tbat tbe real atar of Tbe Thro* 
Twins, that wa* at tb* Nixon. Is our old 
friend. Joseph Allen, who plays Gen. ~ 
Anything more nnctloos In grotesque 
Izatlon would be bard to Hod. 

"A message from Loo la Methanol*, that de- 
bonair* Americanised Englishman, herald* tbe 
approach of Margaret Anglln In s new com- 
edy, called Green Stockings. Miss Anglln will 
show us for the nrat time la several years 
wbst grace* sbe may r 

During tbe season of 1900-10 Paris seems to 
have bad a very good time, having spent on 
amusements alone tbe sum of 51.420,000 franc*, 
or S20.000.000 Mexican. 

Peruana It will Interest readers to know 
which were tbe most popular (giving only such 
plsees whose receipts were anov* tb* million 


Opera 8.1*9.000 

Opera Comlqu* 2,694,000 

Tnratre-Francale 2.21X5.000 

Chatclet 2,188.000 

Follea-B*rg«r* 1 .011. 000 

Olympta 1,632.000 

yoriete* , , 1,420,000 

SSI Bernhardt 1,408.000 

Galte-Lyrlqo* 1.182.000 

At>ollo • •••• 1.178.000 

uymnase r 1,188.000 

Renslaaance 1 078.000 

Port* Saint-Martin 1,019,000 

The much-vaunted Moulin Rouge la so 
behind (twenty-second In rani), with 
740.081 franca, not being able to rival 
cos, Ls Nouveau-Clrqne (eighteenth In .. 
whose receipts amounted to 818,374 franca 

Cinematographs are also very popnlsr. 
cejiite^were 1,883,000 franc*. Tb* p 



h only 
a clr- 

ruiaioarspnn are siso very popular. us- 
• wore 1,883,000 francs. Tb* poorest of 
Theatre de Oren.ll*. received 170.000 
S. or 08.000 Mexican. 

With ninety place* of amusement, on* can 
atay In Paris three mouths and yet see a dlf ' 
P*'-* 1 *' " m "" CB " l,t ***** »lsbt. Truly a gay 

*iffij JANUARY 7, 1011: 

The Billboard 


(EDITOR'S NOTE.— Tbla U <t» second tiutillmeiit o( tbc hlitorj of the Htm of famous 
showmen. Last week were published revlewi of the careen of P. T. Barnum, James A. Bailer. 
Adam Forepancb, I. A. Van Amburcb, Jobs Boblnsoa, and Jsmes L. Hutcblnaon.) 

Admittedly one of the greate t clowns that ever pranced on the hippo- 
drome track was Dan Rice. "Col. Dan," as he was affectionately known, 
was born in New York City, at the corner of Mulberry and Chatham 
streets, Jan. 25, 1823. At an early age, Dan was employed as a milk 
peddler, delivering milk to the customers of his employer. Wearying of 
that business, Dan drifted to Pitts- 
burg, and became a stable boy, race 
rider and hack driver. He began 
his life as a showman by exhibiting 
an educated pig. Upon the death 
of the learned porker, Rice returned 
to. the turf. In 1839, he joined Old 
John Robinson's Circus, and won a 
dancing contest for a prize of $50 
against Ed. Davis. His dramatic 
debut was made in December, 1839, 
in a spectacle at the Museum, St. 
Louis. In 1841 he organized a min- 
strel troupe in Pittsburg. In Octo- 
ber of the same year he appeared 
at the Masonic Hall, under the man- 
agement of H. A. Paylor, uncle of 
P. T. Barnum. Soon after he was 
engaged by Dr. Spaulding, of cir- 
cus fame, to do a clown act, sing 
comic songs, appear in feats of 
strength, perform a negro part, and 
undertake to whip any three men 
who offered to meet him after the 
tent was down; he also drove a 
four-horse team, all for $1 5 a month 
"and keep." In 1847-48, Dr. Spauld- 
ing paid him $1,000 a week. In 
1844 he was at the Bowery Amphi- 
theatre, New York, under the man- 
agement of John Tryon. During 
the season of 1845 h * toured with 
Seth B. Howe's show. In i860 he 
went South with a steamboat show, 
getting out of Dixie "by the skin of 
his teeth," at the breaking out of 
the Civil War. He appeared at the 
Walnut Street Theatre, Philadel- 
phia, in March, 1862, in the face of 
an angry mob who doubted his loy- 
alty. Dan Rice received his title of 
"Colonel" at the hands of President 
Taylor, and was a member of his 
personal staff. At the breaking out 
of the rebellion, Col. Rice was ac- 
tive . in raising the Eighty-third 
Pennsylvania Volunteers from Erie County. After the war, he erected 
a handsome monument to the memory of the patriotic dead, at Erie, Pa. 
He developed the best trained horse the world probably ever knew, the 
stone-blind, milk-white stallion, Excelsior. He purchased the Paris Pavil- 
ion after it returned to America, and sent it en tour, introducing a novelty 
in management by having as an attache a press agent with the show in 
the person of the late David S. Thomas. In 1882 he visited California 
with John Robinson. For several seasons, at the outset of Adam Fore- 
paugh's career, he commanded the salary of $1,000 per week. He died 
in Long Branch, N. J., February 22, 1900. 

To have spent over fifty years under the white tops, was the record of 
Louis B. Lent. His first engagement in the circus field was in 1834. 
when he became agent with June, Titus and Angevine's Menagerie. 
In. August of the same year he purchased an interest in I. R. and W. 
Howe's Menagerie, which was considered one of the best in the country. 
From 1835 to 1838, inclusive, he was co-partner in Brown and Lent's 
Circus, traveling by steamboat on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, and 
exhibiting in New Orleans, Natchez, St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati 
and Pittsburg. From 1839 to 1842, inclusive, he became again associated 
with June, Titus and Angevine's Menagerie and Circus. In 1843 he be- 

ame a partner in and manager of Rufus Welch's National Circus, and the 
following year was co-partner in Sands and Lent's American Circus, 
which exhibited in England. He returned to America in 1845, and be- 
came again a partner in and manager 1 f Rufus Welch's National Circus. 
During the next three years, he was co-partner and manager in three dis- 
tinct shows, all newly fitted out — Van Amburgh's Menagerie, Sands, Lent 
and Company American Circus, and June, Titus and Angevine's Menag- 
erie and circus. The season of 1849 
he passed in California. The fol- 
lowing two years he was again a 
partner in and manager of Rufus 
Welch's National Circus. In 1852- 
53 he was partner with Seth B. 
Howes and P. T. Barnum, and 
manager of Barnum's American 
Museum and Menagerie, exhibiting 
among other curiosities, General 
Tom Thumb, and ten elephants. 
During the next three years, he was 
a partner with Rufus Welch, in the 
National Theatre and Circus in 
Philadelphia, Pa. The show was 
announced as Welch's National Cir- 
cus and L. B. Lent's New York 
Circus Combined. Welch's wagons 
were painted with vermillton, and 
Lent's ultramarine blue. From 
1857 to 1863, inclusive, he managed 
L. B. Lent's National Circus. The 
next three years he was proprietor 
and manager of the Equescurric- 
ulum, National Circus, Adams* 
Grizzly Bears, Hurdle Buffalo, 
troupe of trained dogs, ponies 1 _ 
monkeys. From 1865 to 1872, in- 
clusive, in the fall and winter, he 
managed the New York Circus and 
the Hippotheatorium, New York 
City. In 1873-74, he managed the 
New York Circus, Museum and 
Menagerie. During 1875, he was 
railroad agent of Howes and Cush- 
ing's Circus and Menagerie, and 
the succeeding year he held a like 
position with J. M. French's Circus 
and Menagerie. In 1878, he was 
manager and railroad agent of the 
Van Amburgh and Company's Men- 
agerie, and the following year he 
was director for Adam Forepaugh, 
and at the end of the season revived 
the New York Circus at the Globe 
Theatre, New York. He died in 
New York, November 29, 1887. 

Dr. Gilbert R. Spaulding's first venture in the circus business was 
through the nedium of a loan of a sum of money to Sam Nichols, a 
circus manager. Previous to his first circus enterprise, Spaulding was 
a druggist in Albany, New York. Associated with him in his first circus 
venture was Charles J. Rogers, a prominent showman. In 1848, the 
firm of Spaulding and Rogers introduced as a parade feature a forty 
horse team, driven abreast by one man. It was Dr. Spaulding who in- 
vented and used quarter poles, eleven tier seats and extra front seats. 
He introduced these improvements over the old facilities in 1850, during 
the first tour through New England of the Spaulding and Rogers Circus. 
The firm then built a floating palace, upon which entertainments were 
given on the western rivers. In 1851, David Bedwell was admitted to 
the partnership, and for several years the trio controlled a number of 
ventures of magnitude in the theatre and tented field. In the spring of 
1S62, the firm put up a portable amphitheatre, touring for three years in 
Brazil, Uruguay, Buenos Aires and the West Indies. In 1867, Avery 
Smith, Gerard C. Quick, John J. Nathans, G. R. Spaulding and David 
Bedwell combined in sending to Paris a grand all-star company, to ex- 
hibit in a unique canvas top, portable wooden structure, built in Albany. 

(Continued on pa(e 45.) 

? 6 

Tlie Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1011. 

The Amusei 

ment Week in A, 




Removes from the Ranks of Players One of the Sterling 
Representatives of the American Stage— Leaves 
Record of Successes 

Detr»lt.Mlcb.. l>ec. 27 (Special to The Bill- 
.board.)— Frank Worthing, loading ma a for 
Gracnr U.orgc. cullaiwil at the stage entrance 
of I in- Garrick lltcatre. al wblcb himse lila 
company was playing a week's cnz-tgcniriit. 
Worthing suffered fmin a hemorrhage of tbe 
lung*, awl expired before medical asslslsore 
, coold reach him. lie did not regain cvuscImiis- 
•SKia Sf * ouu .. " learned that Mr. 

Worthing's condition waa aerluua. UK audience 
waa dismissed. 

Worthing bad been a sufferer for yrsra from 
consumption, and while In New V..rk last meek 
had a severe hemorrhage, but be be >» 
quite well enough lo do Lis work, mud came 
here with tbe company. 

Frank Worthing (Pruiland) iru born In Bd- 
Inhnrg. Smiland. auoiil furly-four Tear* ago. 

He studied medicine, lull In IJS*4 Inuk up bla 

elege rsreer. line ht bla carll.-st engage- 
ments waa with a nock company at Margaic. 
England, lie Brat attracted aiieuiloa when 
the late Sarab Tliurne's company. Id which 
be mw from a minor rapacity to lending mm 
In 1HK> be waa ■' number of lira. I'airlrk 
Csmph.-11's company. Later be became leading 
man ror Lily Langtry. sui-ti-eUlag Charlee Cogb- 
lan.. Thereafter lie apra-ared with UIga Xelh- 
ersole. for I be Ural lluie In America. He <rna 
aol«M.|iienily engaged l»x Augustine Italy to 
play leading business with Ada Heban. and be 
made ,1, Orel appearance al Daly's Theatre. 
New Wk. IteCeml-r lo. ISM. aellng ss Syd- 
ney Auai In In Ia»re on Crutches, im Kehnt- 
. fry 23- 1*03. be aprs-sred "a* I'rolena In Tbe 
Two nenilemen or V.rtraa. lie remained wllb 
«'• •*"!*"» "Htipany until rrbrnary. 1MW. act- 
ing during bla engagement various t>arle. among 
-! t ? n .^ n " ^, ' , ? Surface In Tile rVbi.d for Scan- 
dal; lliiae Aranxa.. In Tbe Honeymoon; Pcmc- 
trlna In a Midsummer* Nlgbi's Dream: Orlan- 
do. In Aa Yon I.Ike It. and CspL Von Vlnek, 
In The Two Escutcheons. .. ...... 

Resigning as a iii.-iiils-r of the PaIVs com- 
jMny.he became associated wlib Marine Elllntt. 
who left Mr. Italy's company al abont tbe 
same lime. On limb 23. inhJ. aim acting In 
association wlib Miss Elliott. Mr. Worthing 
appeared st tbe Flflb Avenue Tbeatre .Vew 
York, a* Ned Garlabil. In Sidney Rosen --id's 
?'»*- called A Huirae of Cards. That veniurc 
dld not prove entirely successful, and within 
Li?", ,c, ," m . e ?'r. Worthing and Mlaa Elliott 
Joined T. Daniel rrawley-a slork company ' In 
SW TnorlKa Sir. Worthing aaanmtnc leadlne 
r«e". He appeared In I-o*. Ansele>. San Fran 
daeo. ami PacIOc Const towns, snd also nsld 
a profeaalonsl TUlt to tbe Hawaiian lalanda 

Aviation Tour 

Not Interrupted 

J.-!m n Molaant the ■ fnninna srlal..r. will not 
5jiT f l^t_ toa ^^° r ,he International Arlatora. 
toeonweated- Oemml Cimlrartlne Aarent II 
r. Mrflirrif. and Special Keprewilatlve Uent. 
Jim 1". Anderaon. who are atlll In Dallas, ar- 
ranging llie dei aim for the big avlallnn tonma- 
ment scbi-dnleit to enmmence hi're next Wed- 
nesday, were Instrneted to-day br p. I. Vonng. 
general msnspr of the Orcat Arlatlon Clrcna. 
to continue along lines a> adrerltwl. and that 
all coolraeta mnat lie aile.1. eid-llmtlng an- 
other arlatnr In tbe plaee of John n. Mnl-ant. 

The aggregatlnn baa jnat conelnried a great 
meet In Xew Orleans. Tlie Ittllan evblbllluo 
starts January 4. after wblrb Oklahoma Clly. 
Hnnnton and Raln-aton will he I he serae of 
tbla serial exhibition by tbe world's greatest 
bird men. After RnlTe*ton the circus will go 
to Havana, and then to the Coast. 


n» popnlar; little comedians. The Lyman 
Twins, are allll doing a remarkable business 
in the miialral farce. Tbe I'riae Winners. Ten 

stand, ont of the twelve following Tbankaglv- 

lag at Alton. IIL. were complete sellouts, and 
flnWtlng wllb . two turn-away bonnes at the Ma- 
jestic Tbeatre. Evansvllle. IntL. Di-vember 11 
wb»re Manager Henry Meyers state<l over alx 
hnnilred people were turned away during both 
rsoemanees. The Twins will take their show 
after Christmaa. 


New naren. Conn.. Dec 31 'Special to Tbe 
Blllboardl.— The premiere prodnrtlou of The 
Ment Call. Dnatln Farnnm'a new play, waa 
given at the llyiwrl.aj Tlleatre last 'Monday. 
The play la the mm* lo The 8qnawmsn. In 
the caal besides llr Farnnm are: W. 8. Hart. 
Geo. Fawrett and Theodore Kolierte. On Momlay 
Uarplev* opens at the It roa.Tw.y Theatre to New 


_ Okla-. Dec. 31 (Special to The Pin- 
board.) — Two bandits laet Tuesday nlgbt 
robbed tbe box office of tlie Grand 0|>era House 
Of $H5n. snd eseaped. Dnrlng the performam-e 

tbe r.Jil- r« ,„„.!.■ Ih.-lr >nni»v at tbe bol- 

ofllce while settlement of tbe reclepU waa l«- 
waile. irraMNil the money aid ran. The 

In t «is be returned to the East, snd on Orto- 
l"T -£l uppesnil st tbe Garrlt-k Tbesire. Xew 
York, with Miss Anule ltnnaell In tbe plsy. 
t'atbiTlue. lo Ibis pled- Worthing sored a 
big success. In I be following year he tvaa 
leading man for Rleurhe Hull s. wllb whom be 
had la*en profi*safonally aaaoclatiitl with Mr. 
Frawtey'o company In San Francisco, where 
Miss Hates lieesme tbe leading woman sfter 
Hie wllh-lr-iwnl of MI^> Elliott. 

On October 10. 1SD0. at the Herald Amare 
Thi-atre. K«-w York. Mr. Worthing acted Imvld 
Itraudon In Israel Zangwlll'a theatrical synop- 
sis of Ills isivel of Tbe Children of the Uhetle. 
On January K. VMO. at the same theatre, he 
aii|s-areil as Anlbony l>e|iew In David llelaseo's 
Nait^lity An Mi. niy. Miss Ilates sctllig Curs. Dur- 
ing ibst engagement be also appeared as L"a|e 
lain I'lekerlng in tlie original |inalurtk>D of 
Mnte. linn rtly. On January IS. tout, al I he 
Jtljoo TbL-alre. In as»srlallMO with Amelia ttln^- be appear.-.! as Rlrbsrd Sterllug In Clyde 
Fitch's pliotograpbic play of The C'linilsera. In 
inr> and lOtct be played leading business tor 
Miss Jnlla Marlowe. In the sessons or imvl-ot 
he- acted" In Fools of Nature and also In Angus- 
amnslng play, Tbe Other Olrl. In 

(Con tinned on page SO.) 


With the Peculiar Name, We Can't Be As Bad As All 
Has its Premiere Performance at. the Nazimova The- 
atre, New York— Critics Praise Production 

New York. Jan. 2 (Special to Tbe Dlllboard). 
— Naalmnva's Tbesire. — We Csn't lie ss nail 
an All Tbnt. 1'lnv by Henry Arthur Joues, Fri- 
day. Dec 30. 1010. 

Mrs. Engalne Mlaa Katharine Kaelm) 

Lady Caruforth Miss Charlotte Grauvllle 

Violet Engalne Miss Frances Jonlsn 

Mrs. Fred Chlnnery. .....Mrs. 8am pvihrrn 

Lady Katberine Greenop Mlaa K. Phillips 

Fanny chirk Mlaa Alice Wilson 

nirkmnre Ulaa Veda MrKrer 

Sir Balnb Newell Mrs. Nye Chart 

Lord Carnfurth Mr. Watlaea Ersklne 

Folks Bissett Mr. lvo Dawaoa 

Topham Bargeny Sir. William llawtrey 

Toller Mr. Herbert Hin d 

llsrry Stackpool Mr. Edward Honn.-Id 

Uarah Mr. willltm L. Branscumhe 

■ rsn't Be aa nad as 


. Ar- 
thur Jones' new play, bss been nattered In with 
tbe approval of tbe crlllca. The latter go even 
farther with their praise and Include Kallierlna 
Kaelred aa an eaeenttallty to tbe successful be- 
ginning thst the odd-titled play, the result or 
Jones, plus some confessed colluboratlou of Chss. 
Klein, baa enjoyed. Tbe Tribune makes the 
following comment: 


A scene from Act IV. Tbe actors are Mrs. Leslie Ctrter snd Robert Warwick. 

Henry Dixey's 

New Play 

anddletown. N. T., Dec, 31 (Special to The 
BlItlassnLi — Geo. Broadhnrst's new American 
Play. Bongbt And I'aM For. waa pn.lnced 
for tbe first time here last Monday afternoon. 
Henry K. Dlxcy bss tbe leading role. Tbe 
Pi.irr told Is of a get -rich nnlck man. In his 
forties, who fslls In lore wllb a hotel telephone 
girl, wbom be marries. He Is sn exn-selve 
drinker at times, snd bis weakness lirlnss 
alawtt conditions which bis wife refuses to tide 
rate, and who leaves Mm. now he loses and 
wins ber baek forms tbe back ground of the 
play. Ida Oovvncst plays tbe role of the wife. 
The ptay la booked to open shortly at Uackett 
Tbeatre In New Turk City. 


«. Panl. Minn.. Dec. 81 (Special to The 
Fiiihoani i. — Jimes K. nnekett and bis com- 
pany preav-nled on lsst Monday for the first 
time on sny stsge, a satirical comedy The 
King's Gain, by Ceo. Braekett Selra. flnp- 
isatlng Mr. naekrlt are Bobt. Lawler, Frank 


Jarkson. Miss.. Dec 31 (Upeelal to The Blll- 
ill. — Will W. Cox. wbo hss for elshleen 
lbs lieen manager of tbe Kllle Theatre, 
owm-d by Capl. W. I). Ament. has been maile 
manager of Ament'a Majestic, at MerltllAn, 

otto F. Jones hss been msde msnsger of the 
Elite Tbeatre here. In Mr. Cox'g place. 

Torlland. Ore.. Ber. 31 (Special to The BUI- 

tssotl. — rtiir7lnrsi lirofce opeo tbe sare of the 

new llcllig Th.-nire. last Mondsy night, jind 
stole fj.inn. Tlie perpetrators of the robbery 
hare not yet been apprehended. 

Minneapolis House 
Banquets Employes 

Minneapolis. Minn., Dec. 37 (Special to The 
Billboard). — L. B. Lnnd, manager of the Isla, 
Wonderland. Novelty and Majestic theatres 
here, gsse a banquet to all employes of these 
theatres on the second floor of tbe Wonderlsad 
Theatre. Satnrdsy evening. Decemla>r M. The 
hsll and table were elaborately decorated wllb 
holly, ferns snd mistletoe, and colored else 
trie lights also lent their ebsrm to tbe occa- 
sion. "BUI" Jones, of Ibe Novelty, seted aa 
master of ceremonies, and a vaudeville pro- 
gram was given, including selections by the lain 
Tti.-stre On-ln-stra; baritone sob* by T.. Jlsno, 
and msny others. Mr. Land was the recipient 

. recipient 

of many handsome and nsefnl glfta, aa tokens 
of appreciation from bla employes. The I. an 
o,net «ii served by the Dorner Catering Com- 
panyj>f Ihla.clty, and voted a treat ■occeaa by 


■Wichita, Ksn.. Bee. 30 (Special to Tbe Bin- 
board).— Jacob A. Frees, for several yrsrs 
msnsger of the Tsle Theatre here, was run 
over snd Instantly killed by a train last Satur- 
day. In Holt, 3lo. He bad Jnat aent tbe tel- 
egram. "Home for Christmas at 3 o'clock this 
sfternoon." and waa crossing s trsek to hosrd 
his Irslo when killed, ne was a number of 
the Odd Fellows. Owls snd T. M. A. 


After Jannss, ft. t „e \ew Itohln.rm Theatre. 
Cincinnati, will diacootlnna vaudeville and In- 
slsll a atock coinpaiMT. An bonr and a half 
program, made up of playlets, special l Ira snd 
motion pictures will be jtlven. flsntle Klaus 
Is leading ibe stock company. There will lap 
ST ''i."."'"' ,D "i" msosg.-ment or the boose, r. 
V. Pllson continuing as manager. Tlie van- 
devllle acta st the Sew Itoblnson for the past 
few years bsve been supplied by Coney Holmes. 

_ "Suffice It to say for the moment that 
Kaelred is s refreshing surprise. If tbe d. 
atlst triumphed, so did abe." 

Both tlie sclresa snd tbe plsy will win a liber- 
al measure or public attention. 

In discussing tbe various phases In lbs new 
Naslmora Tbeatre occupant. Tire Herald mskss 
tbe following tribute: 

"There are plenty of those clever drsmat'c 
Inncbes which tbe antbor bad encouraged and 
educated his audience to expect. Ills drat act 
la all "exposition." bla aecoud la -sentiment, 
snd tbe Una) act sends everyone borne happy, for 
Ibe right wwuiao baa found tbe right wan and 
they are to live nappy ever after. Dal Is ho- 
tween scsudsl la piled high u|s>u scatalsl. The 
anion all transpires within fiHir days at SB 
Kngll.b bonse In Has country, bill with the ex- 
ception of tbe weather and meals Ibe talk li 
all tinged with scsudsl. Every rhararlcr baa 
either m past or la living a present asvo tha 
hero, snd be is not called to soiainu 

"When It comes to stsge sell lug and 
the play Is wonderfully satisfying. The 
scene Is msaslre snd baodeome. 

stage delight. Miss Kaelred aa Hie woman 
a |aut, waa entirely convincing In ber art 
made tbe moat of every pulat. while Mr. Nye 
Chart, Ibe English actor, was earnest ss the 
is her. Mr. William Hswlrry waa 
gossip, acting miatt amusingly, 
e Phillips wss another dellghiful 
. Miss Cbsrtotte Granville s 
rUlainesa. The minor rules w. 

man wbo wooes ber. Mr. William Hswlrry wi 
Ibe fount of gossip, acting m>mt siaoalagi 
and Mlaa Kate — 
gossip monger, 
a handsome vll 
ably filled.' 

Thus Its entrance to critical New York baa 
been most suspicions — It should so be. Wo 
Can't Be aa Bad aa All That baa evidently 
repsred to stay 

Serenaders Break 
Real Record 

Plttsborg. Pa.. Jan. 2 (Sneetel to The Bill- 
hosrd I. — Jack Singer's ftervnadcre broke an 
bonse records at the Gayely here laat week, 
playing to over Is.nno on Ibe week. Tbla li 
is-Heved to be the biggest week's laislneea ever 
played to by a bnrlcsnoe company on either 
wheel at any bnrleaune tbeatre In America. 
Tbe previous record, made be the Sisr and 
Garter, at Chicago, waa under gS.taTO. The Ser- 
rnadera bad aa an extra attraction Owen Mo- 
ran the .voting English pugilist, who recently 
derested Bstttlng Nelson, snd who seeks lbs 
championship now held by Ad. Wolgasl. * . 

Severs! ensures bsve been msde In tbe new 
Singer Show. Inasmnrb as two of the Ma f*n> 
tnr-e have been released from tbe show. Tbe Ms 
Jnggtlng Itlissmss. sn Rngllsb clri Mgsllng set, 
soil The MeGnloess llros.. a slnglag and dsnc- 
lug aei. which baa la-en dosing the olio. These 
sets have been reulaeed by Venus On Wheels 
(Jeaale Keller, tbe well-known lady cyclist I. 
and Tbe Cotnmbls Comedy Four, tnth of wblrb 
acta open at tbe Empire. Cleveland, to-day. 


_ ot The Flirting Princess Com 
. merry at tbe Grand Theatre. Terra 
..ante. Ind. after tbe performance on Christ 
maa «v«. Numerous presents were exchanged 

The attacbea or the BIJon Tbeatre. Charts- 
noogs. Tenn.. gathered af Turner Hall for a 
general good time. Tbe ananal hot 1.1a 
waa given, and with s good vsndevUla 
• f - ijorable^ evening. 


for It. 

Elmer Campbell, proprietor of the Begem 
ntel. Fourteenth and Cheainnt atreeta. m. 
.nls, on Cbriaimaa Bay. distributed candles, 
nits and nreatnia to all tboaa wbo spoiled 

The members of The Oenlna Company cere- 
brated Chrlstmss | n Burlington, ta., and - 
the attests of Henry Woodruff st ■ " 
(Ivan at the Hots! Delano. 

The Bills Allen Musical Ce-medv Co. 
Chrlstmss In Lawton, Okls. Mr. Allen placed 
tints C1s»*s snd gave awar pressnts to all t 
hers of tbe romnany. After tba 

a bsnqnc 

net was given. 


Oklahoma City. Okls.. Jsn. 2 'Sneelal to Tor 
Blllhosrd).— The firth snnnsl Oklahoma Mat* 
Fair will he held here Sentemlier 211 to Octo- 
ber 7. Last season the fstr was n per s fed on 
sn etslstrste scale- as Is shown liy the tlmre* 
eomplli-d bv the fair hosrd. The total receipts 
for tbe Ifllfl fair "-ere «tor».«Ktt.i2. and th* 
operating emre-nsea rn.i7i.s« leaving the a aso- 
cial Inn ■ prom of *ld.frv>7<t Tlie total st- 
tendsnce In 1M0 was lin mi. There were 
1.270 exhibitors st the fa'r. The 11)11 pre- 
mium list will be leaned Msv I. The secre- 
tary of the fair la I. s. Mahsn. 


Cleveland. O.. Dee. 30 (Heeelnl to 
hoardl.— Kaleratna. the Jnggter 

Illness Is rcpnrtM In another 
the Clly nnspllsl yesterday. " 
to-dsy shipped to Chicago 


JANUARY 7, T»11. 


O 1 11 l>o 


New Three-Act Play by Henry Kolker Given Premiere at 
Parsons' Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut — Play is an 
Adaptation from a German Success — Promises Well 

Hartford. Coos., Dee. SI (8pecUI to Tta* BUI- 
board.) — Tin- Great Kim». a pew three act pisy. 
with Henry Kolker «• tbe •tar, wu presented 
by ll-iiry W. Sarage at Persons Theatre, llsrt- 
ford. Coon., Monday night, and made an tnatao- bit. Tbe play u an adaptation by J. C. 
Barvey from a German piece written by Victor 
Lena and Leon Feld and deserve* to rank with 
Tbe lltiele Master. It telle tbe atory of a rick 
•n«l feuioue Debt opera compoaer who. baring 
written tbe music of In Inf 
la unable to reraii ' 
dlatrerted br tbe 
br cbeap orcbeetr 

Tbe Brat ecrne If act In Joeeph Hofer'a (the 
comioaer'a) borne and here be la ebown aa the 
blih ainior. nervous tempera mental, kind-hearted 
fellow t bat be la. fie storms In. breathing wrath 

■gain*! tbe new flrat tIoIIb of the theatre or- 
chestra which he baa been rehearsing, only to 
team that tbla man whom ha Indeed aa laeora- 
eetret •■■ one of bla old friends and a man 

Joseph Hofer 



Weltman .. .. .. 

Hubert . 


_ (Of 
Frederic, attendant 

patent waa one or nia cad manna 
who bad taken tbe highest honors 
atrvatory where they bad both ttodl 
ale sneer cbsnges to remaree and he 
apologise for bla actions. 


Tbe second act occora la tbe borne of Robert 
Brandmerer. the honor graduate of tbe cooserrs- 
tory. who la red need to playing aa a member of 
aa orchestra for bla living. Re be I la era only 
ta daaakal mnalc and has written a woaderfnl 
symphony, bot betas poor and forgotten, he to 
enable to eecare a hearing; for It. Ilofer. rneh- 
US In to aiiolaaiar. learna of tbla and offers to 
ear* bla old frlrad'a eymphony rendered at s 
treat concert which Is shoot to tske place. In 
order to do tola, howerer. be la obi I red to hare 
It prndnced aa his own work, agreeing to glee 
Brandmerer the credit for It If It wins a access 
and to bear I be blame himself If It falls. 

The laat act ahowa tba moslclana room et tbe 
ball where the concert la taking place and here 
Joseph Ilofer listens and hears tbe rendition of 
bla friends great work and the applanse which 
follows It and receives hie own reward In tba 
lore of hie charming; secretary, Stephanie Delias. 
Tbe cartels falls npoo Ilofer disclaiming the aa- 
tborehlp of tbe a ym phony and Brandmeyer re- 
ceiving the we lcom e which la doe him. 

The acting; of Mr. Kolker was snperb. He 
nude (be character of Joseph Hofer g eery real 
and likable personage: one that gri p ped the and- 
lenra from the drat and. held their closest etten- 
hont tbe entire play. It wonld be 
not Impossible, to conceive anyone 
~ 1 waa excel- 

Sarah Bernhardt 

in Judas 

New York. Jan. 3 (Special to The Billboard.) 
—New York evidently enjoya playa OB lllbllral 
subjects. The third of this nature waa pro- 
dared a t the Globe Theatre. Thursday, De- 
cember 20. It was Jades, and tba Dlrlne Sa- 
rah Intervened tbe leading role. Sarah Bern- 
hardt'e work waa praised la the loodeel terms 
•a Ibe folium lug ncerpt will Inform: 

"Uer*e was ooce again aa enchaallag per- 
formaoee. 1 be poetic peeaage In which she 
described the far* and the figure of Christ, 
and the holiness and humanity of Ills teachings, 
had a beamy and persnselrrarea conceived In 
the radiant and musical beaoty or aa inspira- 
tion almost lyric. Tba face look on a greater 
eniirenment. the eyes were bathed In light. The 
eolce Intoned Itself with a glowing richness. -1 

Tbe am nor. Jnho deKey, baa ecblrred a sne- 
eess, which win long be remembered In dra- 
matic rlrrlea. la dramatic force sad power, 
iadaa lonma on aa a nueterwork pattersed ef- 
the faabloo of Maeterlinck, whose dleclpie 
deKay ee-sas to be. The author baa not pre- 
•erred historical accuracy la the derelopoeat 
of the production, hot mast be given foil cred- 
it for the honesty of hie purpose and the height 
of hta emhlllon. ea well ae ft 
eigoroo. diction with which h 
velars apeak. 


Tristan Brand . . 
Stephanie Delias . 
Mrs. Hofer .... 
Clara Brand .. .. 
Isolde Brand .. . 
Mrs. Aspluwall .. 
Gretta, eervaut at 
t at 

.. .. Henry Kolker 
.. .. Runs Whytal 
.. Harry Meotayer 
puhllaber .. .. 

8am Edwards 

W.J. Oman 

Rudolph Dnerlng* 

e. a. Hobenwart 

8. Groaakopf 

the Orchestra) 
at Orchestra Ball .. .. 

Holt Haasey 

Hana Flgdor 

. .. .. Francesqaa Lardon 

Robert Tansey 

Gertrude Dallae 
Hudson Collier 
Frances Gaunt 
. -. .. .. Rath Chattertaa 

Elan Larimer 

Hofer'a . . Qwendelea Brooks 
'a .. Dorothy Waiters 




Imperial Theatre. Chicago, Sets the Pace for all Theatres 
Housing Stock Companies— Other Items About People, 
Places and Things of Interest to the Profession 


Chicago. 111.. Dec. 29 (Special to tba BUI 
board).— Tbe Imperial Theatre, the doom of 
which were opened Chrlstmaa day. Is without 
queatlon tbe moat spacious, moat beautiful and 
heat equipped structure ever erected In the 
Windy City for the purpose of housing a per- 
manent theatrical company. 

The building occupies a lot IIS by 190 feet. 
Tbe auditorium and stage covers 93 by 128 
feet, while the capacity la about 1,490. The 
stage proper, which la aald to be the 
In town, la 38 by 08 feet with a 
tor of 40 by 22 feet 

The main entrance, on Madison etreet, la 
uniHbed. In marble and mosaic and beaallfled br 
a peculiar light effect which ehluea through art 
glees. From the entrance one wanders Into a 
Isrge foyer baring a mosaic door and trimmings 
of marble and mahogany, thence Into tba audi- 
torium, so arranged and decorated that the 
patron la at ones enveloped Into tba arms of 

The building Is absolutely fireproof and so 
constructed that the officiate of tba city build- 
ing department have instituted It as a model 
for future theatre construction. 

• J 


9 ^MnuwtPsji r ; 

5 ■ wmm 


Act III. Tbe actors are: Geo. Backus. William B. Mack. DeWltt 0. 
Cecil Klngstoae. and George Nash. 


Raranac Lake. K. v.. nee. 81.— Rdmond 
Uoir to-dar broke the worlds abating record 
for the 220-yard dash, clipping two and two- 
Ofthe seconds from the mark of 10 « 5 aec- 
onds hang up by Leroy See In 1000. Lanir 
»ent tbe dlalanre la IT 3-9 seeonde. The time 
waa made at Hie rootlac Risk between the 
halves of the Pnatlac Valley field Hockey 
game. The track la saves lane to tbe mile. 

§£ «? u-«k d ^%m£sr^ 

kin o-pr ay! 

befiT* 1 ' IS* » I «Pec»l to The run 
Ȥfc JPtH.kBOwa Irish com- 
edian and Julia (jray. i.t, ( tar win, Lincoln 
Carter la Her Only sin. were married hare 

i. Corhln Shield, who hea been acting for 
WSIBS aa general secretary to W. Gcen- 
nor Nasi, controlling owner of the Loath Theat- 
eull «££??' .*HK h .Win •» of the Brat- 
I S!.^", r ? k V, r» , « u - hss been annotated 
IsJl ^m"! ,hr *«demy of Mnalc. Lynchburg. 
»hd WUI (asom, bJ4 ■anj (W ( dotlr, nut 

New Theatre 

Circuit Formed 

Wetnatchee. Waeh.. Dec 31 (Special to The 
Itnihnard.1 — A circuit of thee tree covering towns 
lo Washington. Idaho. Montana and Oregon, baa 
been organist-it. ami wltl bear the name or the 
Wlmo Tbeatrleat circuit. One hundred and 
twenty-als theatres are now Included In the 
circuit, which exienda from Rallspell. Mont., 
to the Callfnrnla-Orrgon line on the sooth em- 
bracing nil the towns from Son to I.OOO popit- 
latlon. .\o cities are la the circuit. The cir- 
cuit announces that It will hare about elghtr 
oae-alght* towns, and will he able to handle 
reia-rtolre snows for Indefinite periods. 

The Ota re re of the company are Raymond Bell, 
president, ami Lynn Chapman, secretary and 
manager. Tbla place will be tbe headquarters 

of lbs circuit. 


rtltaburg. Pa.. Jan. 2 (Speelnl to The Ttlll- 
hoardi. — Arthur Reaenberger, who waa ahead 
••f Jerk Singer's Serenndera. le now back with 
the show, having been replaced hy Kmmrit 
Vteedon. who will now attend to the advance 
duties or the new Singer attrectlon. Wee** 
was a Plttshorg local hlllcr. etwl was at on.- 
time connected with n«rrr William*' Acad- 
emy of Music hers aa advertising agent. 


St. Uajja, Mo. Dec. SO (Spectat to The Blll- 

»»««e.l»— Harry lm«. well-known stock actor. 
I; deed In a hospital here. Bla home wa* In 
Kitn-M itr Long luSered from t ittneral 

Some Late Liebler 

New York. Dec. 31 (Special to The mil 
board) — n. Reeves smith, most recently leading 
man (or Ethel Kerry more, has been engaged by 
Liebler and Company, to pley Colnnel Smith In 
Green Stm-hlnew. tbe comedy In which Margaret 
Anglln Is to signal Ik- her association with tba 
managerial Arm. others engaged for Mlsa An- 
glln'a anppnrt In Green Stockings, and also for 
Tbe Rlarksllriers. another comedy which Mlsa 
Anglln will produce, are Rnth Ilolt nonrlranlt. 
Charles Garry, Mend Granger. Lewla Howard. 
Leonard Howe. Crosby Little. Frederick l'nwell. 
Rath nose. Iron F. Simpson and George Wood- 

LIchler and Company hare also completed tbe 
cast or Jndlth Zaralne. the new C. M. S McLel- 
lan drams. In which Tens Aehwell ta to etar. 
esslsted hy Chnrlr* Waldmn. The cast In- 


r^ncswjvr. 0. Dec. SI (Special to The Blll- 
hosnll.— Tbe Chestnut 8t. Theatre will open 
January 4. with Tbe Woir. This hones ban 
been clnred sine* last aesww when It waa 

nought by xtvon and - 

nehlll ia 


Leavenworth. Kan., Dec. 30. — TTenry Mlckel, 
./mstruct on superintendent at the Parker toe- 
torr. will retnrn from the Eaat annul Jen. 1 
Ned Stoughton. manager or the No. 1 show 
enent a rew days her* last week. 

Brpalr work will begin on tbe carnival 
Prvwrte Jan. I. About three months will be 

rv^'eed to not everything In r~.i .hare. 

v. JI,J! O0<1 "-. c tV r "''"1! t ««"•' f< * K r,r ~ 
rro cai ' *t Ha B bg" reeterdaj 

K U?' mnd , r"renjc Oassollo are the mans gars. 

The Initial onrerlng was The Lion and tba 
Mouse, to be followed by The Bine Moose, The 
Squaw Man. A Utile Brother of tbe Bleb. Tbe 
Man From Home. The Fourth Estate and other 
high-royalty plays. 

Tba present company Is mads up of tbe fat 
lowing players: Gertrude Garrison. Carol la* 
Rankin. Gertrude P helps. Margaret NevtUa, 
Edna Von Luke. Louise Gleam. Gwendolyn de 
Cora Burkman. L. D. Ellsworth. 

•*«ti wna jiuvauaaR. 1* If. Clisworm, STSat- 

erlck Julian. Hugh Gibson. George Berry. Wll 
Pete Hsjm U V"' d^ T Nlchoi"'' > * tt ''' t£S ' 

"Yon know Lon Will lams. No? Well, that's 
e Iran gel Why. he'a tbe man who made Chicago 
n -cognise 'dog opera' laat summer. I'll Introduce 

■Mr. Will lams! May I present my friend. Mr. 

DraballT Mr. DlnbaU Is la tba employ of Suc- 
cessful Brothers." 

Ah! Mr. Dloball. (extending hand). I'm 
often beard or yon, aab; to fact. I hav» h 
of 700 often, sab! WUI yon join me In a 
try julepl 1 beg your pardon, aab. 1 - 
that I am no looser a Gentry man. 

ban remarked: Will you partake with Br 
Young Buffalo whlaat It's a One concoction, my 
deah Mr. Dloball; a miniature cube of Chief 
Shivers, s whoop of Bed Top and a shot of 
Lively Water. Great drink for both the general 
and the press agent. What's that! Merer In- 
dulge t I'm an'prleed. sab, greatly au— prised 11 1" 
"Mr. Dloball ta mora interested In your hat, 
Mr. WUllame." 

"Quite right, sah, quite right I This bat (re- 
moving a fussy looking sky niece), this hat la 
an OUDITY1 Coat a friend six and one- naif ace 
notes. Some ot the boys have Intimated that It 
Isn't tbe proper pate-plece tor a 
to wear, but I tut ratted 
sab. and novelty ta what 
likes. Looks very nobby, ay? (placing bat aa 
head and posing to front or cigar stand mirror.) 
Where that? It n-semblou a MDFFlttl Jaensrl 
Bike up atalrs to my room and fetch my platoL" 


I never realised the mightiness of 
board until a certain manager of a 
Chicago theatre voiced ' 
my ' -penciled 

Manhattan Co. 
Celebrate Xmas 

Birmingham, Ala.. Dec SO (Special to TIM 
Billboard). — Chrlstmaa was celebrated by the 
members ot tbe Manhattan Opera Company to 
a moat enjoyable manner at tbe Ban Carlos Ho- 
tel la Pensarula Fla. Tbe management of Iks- 
Sen Carlos threw often tba large dining noes, 
which had been besatlfntly decorated for the 
occasion, and members or the Manhattans wet* 
tbe guests or their manager. Robert H. Kane, 
to ea rlexant course dinner. 

The festivities were held following tba Satur- 
day night performance, and lasted nntll the 
wee ants' hours of the morning. Presents -were 
exchanged br an members In the company, and 
Mr. Kens was presented with n beantlfnl dia- 
mond rlug. tbe girt from hta company la appre- 
ciation or bin loyalty to them. 

Among tiioae attending the celebration wees 
Robert n. Kane, manager ami proprietor of The 
Manhattans: Charles If. Orwlg. business mana- 
ger: Ml-ees Nells Brown. Medge Caldwell. 
Claire Whitney. Leila Thorn. Ethel Httslrtcka. 
Henrietta Dreyrr. Florence Ken nee. Mr. and 
Mrs. Cha-i— Fulton. Mr. and Jim. Clifford 
Meech. Mr. and Mrs. George Natnaaoa. Mr. 
end Mrs. Walter Roberta and Messrs. Dairy 
Nelson, Charles Morton, Raymond Crane and 


New Caattr. Ind.. Dec. 31 (Special to The 
Billboard.) — There have been Christmas tree* 
and Christmas parties given by companies on 
tba road, bat probably never before like that 
riven by tbe Mao la Porte Stock Company it 

the Tlntpl. Union CtlY. ind.. on Sunday 

evening. December 2X A tree that wonld bold 
- In Dnlnn City. 


tbe preea 
so three 

resents could not be found In Dnlnn City. 

vra.^T.T« rrc,.^h,re w, w:: c orrfour f 

rd presents given to the members of the 

handled presents 

LeBoy Tndnr. of Uttncle. besides the phrerTA. 
waa the only Invited guest and at the close of 
the Dutch lunch, which Manager McEnree srvved 
the company, be Invited earn or the cote pa ey 
In hta enlte over the Majestic Theatre. Mnncle, 
' j evening. January I. Je,se GlMer- 
toe MrRnree. ami Pars n. lit 

Invited the company to attend a hlrihdey nnrry 
they will give In Anderson. Ind.. Jen. ». 


Chicago, III.. Dec. 31 (Special to The Bill- 
board.)— Horace V. Noble, stage director and 

leading man of tbe Weber Stock Company, at 
the Weber Theatre, (lilt-ago. for tbe last alx- 
haft vnlttntartlr resigned In order 
»..B*rr«n» hrvaknlown. «»l Jg**** 
wTtl "rei't "ror 
T, at 

The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 


Chicago's Latest Playhouse Rings Up Curtain for 
Time with George Ade's Latest Play, United 
States Minister Bedloe 


CUaco, Dec SI (Special to The Billboard.) — 
Chicago's newest theatre. The Black* tone, which 
It said to hare coat a half a million, was opened 
for the flrat time to the public on New Year's 
•re with George Ade'a latest play, TJ. 8- Min- 
uter Bedloe, In which W. H. Crane la assum- 
ing; the title role. 

This new show bouse la handsomely decorated. 
Its facade la designed In the French Henais- 
ssxtce. It la completely surrounded by wide 
alleys Into which numerous exits open. In the 
auditorium there Is not a post to obstruct the 
view. The seats are unusually roomy and the 
ventilation Is perfect, the air being; altered 
and washed before it la pumped Into the theatre. 
The seating capacity Is a little more than 1.200. 
The chief decorative feature Is the tapestry 
drop curtain, specially woven at Anboeaon, near 
Paris, and Imported. It Is said, at a coat of 
" Those Included In the east of TJ. S. 

.. .. Wm. H. -Crane 
Mrs. Thomas Whiffen 
. .. Minicent Evans 
.. .. Harrison Ford 
.. lamia Masseu 
.. Dan Colly er 
Rachel Bidgeley 
.. Henry Miller. Jr. 
. .. Macey Harlam 

i Tate well Bedloe 

Hetherlne Bedloe' .. . 
Robert Desne — 
Chas. P. Granny .... 
Edwin H. Stanton 
Gertie Hooper .. .. . 
Senor Miguel Cabrera 
Juan Leataro 

The Hon. Cecil 

de OJeda 

Mildred Beverly 
■ Sa uerman 


TrIC COUNTRY BOY. — A play by Edgar Sel- 
wyu. Presented by a Henry B. Harris com- 
pany In Powers' Theatre. Chicago, December 

of Matches 


The play deals with a Colonel Jackson Bed- 
loe. who la the "Big Noise" In the town of 
Springfield, and who Is appointed as minister to 
a ••red pepper republic" called Carlbay. some- 
where In the tropics. He gets mixed up In an 
Insurrection doings In wbicb a young American 
s sot Involved over his ears and It la up to 
a minister to get him out which be does. 


New Three-Act Play Given Premiere at Studebaker Theatre 
Last Week— Local Dramatic Critics at Variance 
As to Merit of Production 

Chicago. Dec. 2S (Special to The Billboard) — 
Sentimental Sally, a new three-act play by 
David and Milton Hlgglns. received Its pre- 
miere at the Stndebsker Theatre on Monday 
night, December 26. The following people 
employed In the Interpretation of this pi 


Jimmy Vane David Hlgglns 

Paul Mortimer AVeldon 

Adolph Holweg Ben Hendricks 



Hiram Belknap 

Mrs. Wilson 
Jane Belknap 


6. a Staley 
H. Wender 
.. Geraldine O'Brien 
. . Ida Glenn 
.. Bdlth Lyle 
Forrest winant 

on page 45.) 


Show Coming 

Dec 30 (Special to The Billboard.) 
York Hippodrome, under the -direc- 
tion or the Bhnberta, la making Its first annual 
tour, and will come to the Auditorium on Jan. 
24. During its Chicago engagement. It will 
twice daily, and will Include Pioneer 
Trip to Japan, Ballet of the Jewels and 


Chicago, Dec 28 (Special to The Billboard). — 
The Little Damoxel, sow In Its second week 
at the Whitney Opera House, and scheduled 

doty It Is 
ir the read- 

era of our dally papers. The following is the 

THE LITTLE DAMOZEL. — A comedy by 
ton Boffe. Presented by a HeuryJW. 


pany In the Whitney 
>. December 25, 1910. 


Becklaw Poole Cyril Kelghtley 

Hon. Fitxroy Lock George Graham 

capt. Nell Partington Prank Lacy 

(Continued on page 45.) 




. . .. .. Sophie Brandt 

.. .. .. Georgia Calne 

Edgar Atchlaon-Ely 
Marquis De Kergaxon .- .. Charles Angeto 

The Chevalier Douglas B. Williams 

Genrgette Anna Wheaton 

Doris Goodwin 

De Volgomme 

A oompl 

Chlc. 8 o t> 

rte list of at 

tractions at 

The Great Name 

at Cort 

Chicago. Dec. 30 (Special to The Billboard.) 
— On New Year's day. another of Henry W 
Savage'a novelties came to the Cort Theatre, 
The Great Name, which had It* metropolitan 
premiere at that theatre after having a brief 
preliminary toor through some of the smaller 
cities. This new piece Is from the pens of 
Victor and Leo Feld, and la a musical comedy, 
picturing the genial eccentricities of a muaical 
genius and the Inside life In musical circles. 
Henry Kolker assumes the leading role, and 
la assisted by Boss Whytal, Lizzie Hudson 
Collier. Harry Mestayer. Harry Tanaey, Ruth 
Chatterton, Exss Lo rimer, Frances Gaunt. Har- 
dee ~ 


Chicago, Dec 28 (Special to The Billboard). 
The current attraction at the Bijou la Monte 
Cristo. one of "* 

Incle Tom's Cabin, one of the 

that always pleases. Is at the Criterion. 

■Weber's Theatre Is offering to Its patrons a 
new and romantic drama, entitled St. Elmo. 

on psge v>.) 

Said and Seen 



Chicago, Dec 28 (Special to The Billboard).— 
Announcement la made that the management of 
White City bas engaged Mile. Pavlowa and the 
Banian dancers to appear there for a seison 
of four weeks next summer. 

Frederick Helder, leading man In Sparks the 
Bounder, was married to Miss Betty Hamilton, 
soubrette with the same company, at Wataeka, 
111., December 10- The company In which they 
were playing closed at Piper City, III., on 
Christmas Eve, after a tour of two seasons. 
Mr. Helder snd wife Intend to go in vaudeville 
under the name of Helder and Hamilton. 

The Nest Egg, with Zclda Sears In the lead- 
lug role, will come to the Chicago Opera House 
for sn Indefinite engagement Immediately after 
the close of The Three Twins. 

(Continued on page 45.) 


Chicago, Dec. 30 (Special to The Billboard.) 
—In Old Kentncky will ends Its two weeks' 
engagement at McVlcker'e Theatre on Saturday 
night. It bas been playing to crowded bouses, 
and during Its stay at this playhouse, cele- 
brated the 6500th time It has been acted III 
Amerlcs. and bids fair lo last for some time 

Theodore . . . . 



Mrs. Holweg .. . 
Minnie Holweg . . 
Mrs. Goldgarten .. 

A. w . Neosradortf 
. Blfelow Cooper 
.. Bliss MJlford 
Anne Sutherland 
.. Nettle Bourne 
.. .. Ida Adams 
. . .. Anna Fields 

Henry Little, of the Tribune headed 
as follows: "A Nice. Quiet Play." 
■an: "It Is a capacious grab-bag of 

The story centers around Sally, a household 
drudge in a New York boarding house, who 
goes to see an opera with a boarder, who turns 
out to be her father. While at the opera she 
sends flowers to the prima donna, who proves 
to be her mother. All enda happily in father 
and mother marrying and Sally giving her band 
to a young musician who baa Inherited hla un- 
cle's fortune. 

realistic types of this day, of 
heroics In the style of Mary Jane Holmes, of 
gorgeous and mnsh-bearted grand opera stars, 
of ailing pedigrees and dark, tearful mysteries; 
there la a chance for bubbly laughter with a 
throaty catch in it. and buckets of tears in It." 

Chicago Dally Journal: "A raggedly built, 
aimlessly written and deadly doll affair. And 
the acting was worse than deadly doll. There 
were evidences of struggle in the msnner of the 
players. Indicating earnestness, but whatever 
they did was futile." 

Chicago Post: "An odd mixture of theatrical 
things, old and new." 


THE ARCADIANS. — A musical comedy In three 
acta, by Mark Ambient. A. M. Thompson and 
Arthur Wlmperls. The music by Lionel Monck- 
ton and noward Talbot, 
first here st tb 
25. 1910. 


James Smith . 
Slmpllcitas .. 
Peter Doody . 
Jack Meadows 

. . . Prank Monlan 
.. Frank Monlan 

. Perclval Knight 
Alan Mndle 
Howard Qemence 

.. Lan 

The Three 

Twins Return 

Chicago. Dec 28 (S peels 1 to ' 
After enjoying several aeasoi 
In the Esst, Toe Three Twins 
a welcome at the Chicago Opera House to their 
home town. The only thing that marred the 
return of this play was the late arrival of the 
train, and many had commenced to walk out 
when the curtain arose to disclose sn empty 
stage. Then, In full view of Interested watch- 
ers, the scenes were set. It la said that the 
company now Interpreting this production la not 
as efficient sa the original, but that the stage 
effects are set to better advantage on the large 
stage of the Chicago Opera — 


Chicago. Dec 29 (Special to The Billboard).— 
Two big benefit performances for the widows 
and children of the members of the Chicago 
Fire Department who lost their Uvea in the big 
stock yards lire were planned by the Chlcsgo 
Theatre Managers' Association .at a -meeting 
held st the Congress Hotel on Decmber 24. Two 
performances, afternoon and evening, will be 
given at the Auditorium Theatre, on Friday. 
January 13. Vaudeville Is expected to predom- 
inate In tbe afternoon, while grand opera, and 
orchestral features will be prominent In tbe 
evening. All the companies snd vaudeville pro- 

(Continued on page 40.) 


Chicago. Dee. 28 (Special to The Billboard).— 
This Is the second snd last week of Eddie For 
st tbe Lyric Theatre in Dp snd Down Broad- 
way. Following are comments of the various 
reviewers on Chicago's dallies. 

(Continued on page 45.) 


Chicago, Doc 80 (Special to The Billboard.) 
— This Is the final week of Tbe Chocolate 
Soldier at tbe Garrtck Theatre, where thta 
attraction has been holding Its audiences with 
Its melodious music for the past severs! months. 
This also Is the last week of Tbe Deep Purple 
at the Princess Theatre. On Jan, 8, Albert 
r-hevailer will open at that sbowboose In Diddy 
Dnfsrd. -a three ect comedy. Oet-Rlch-Qnlck 
wsiiingford st the oi: 
of. ponnlsrlty, and at 1 
The Sweetest Girl in 


The Billboard 



Imaginary Bill Framed Up from the List of Acts Presented 
in Chicago During the Past Week with Arrangement 
Suggested— The Bill at the Majestic 

OF DEC 28. 
A — Barrow* Luculer Co.. Comedy Sketch. 

Majestic. No. fl. Foil Stase. 
B— Resale Brown Bicker, Monologue. 

Majestic, No. 7. Is One. 
C— Frank Butledge & Co.. Comedy Sketch. 

Julian. No. 3. Foil State. 
D — Beule Wynne. Singing Comedienne. 

Majestic, Mo. ». f n One. 
E — Santncel Trio, Instmmentallata. 

Monroe. No. 3. Full stage. 
F— Exposition Four, Qnartette. 

Star and Garter. In One. 
G — Burr Mcintosh tt Co.. Dramatic 
Majestic, No. 10. roll Sr 
Majestic, Mo. U. In One. 
I— Mlddleton * Sptllmey - 
American, No. 9. 
In " 



Chleago. Dec. SO (Special to The 
Yens and Able, contortionists, op 
which bill can be stated was one 
acta. The opening act was good. 

Toohy and Tonhy. eatartalnen 

The Balzara, direct from the 
drome, also west well. 

Gladys Clark and Henry Bergman, Is • Base- 
ball Flirtation, were excellent. 

Barrowa Lancaster Co., Tactics, reTised_by 
Margaret Mayo, author of Baby 1" 
Clrll War sketch is excellent and of 
merit. Act went well. 

Bessie Brown Bicker in child Terse mono- 
logue, U certainly deserrlng of s position on 
the All-star Bin. 

Marvelous Dick, the writing dog, considered 
the wonder of the 20th century, is excellent. 

Bessie Wynne, Chicago'! fevorlto prima donna 
In beautiful songs, was one of tho bits on this 
all star program. 

Burr Mcintosh 4 Co., in The Ranchman. We 
win remember Mr. Mcintosh as the leading man 
In The Gentleman of Mississippi. The dra- 
matic sketch in which he Is playing to one that 

White Rats 

•Give Ball 

Dec. 30 (Special to The Billboard.) — 
I Rata Actors' Union will give a fancy 
ball at the Coliseum Annex, Chicago. 
. 12. The doors will opes at T o'clock 
Is the evening and will remain open on til three 
In the morning. They hare been glees a permit 
by Mayor Bnsse to sell liquor after one o clock. 

Last season tbry had the finest ball that was 
ever given. The performer* In attendance wore 
tbelr costumes and stage make-up direct from 
the stage to the ball. In fact, 80 per cent Is 
attendance bad their make-up on. 

□easel's Orchestra, formerly at the American 
Music Ball, will furnish the music. Prof. Hen- 
sel hss been the bandmaster for the White Bats 
erer since the White Rata Association was ee- 
is Wished In Chicago. 
The tickets are telling for BOc a person- 
There will be prises glren for the two moat 
elaborate women costumes and several other 
prises for gentlemen. 

They expect s larger crowd thlt time than 
lsst year; In fact, every White Bat In Chicago 
win be teen at the ball and alto thoaaandt of 
othein who hare already bought tlcketa for the 
great event. 


Mattoon. in.. Dec. 81 (Special to The Bill- 
board.)— The New Grand Theatre has been 
opened under the management of Nathan Stein, 
former proprietor of the Lyric and BIJou Thea- 
tres here. Vaudeville Is the policy, acta being 
hooked through the Sullivan and Conaldlne of' 
Beet. Five seta are used. The ' 

"eating capacity of 830. and Its scalar of ad 
mission Is 1 0c, ISc. and 20c. 


notion. Mate.. Dee. 28 (Special to The Bill- 
board).— Miss Kittle Bingham, one of Boston's 
ftvorlie comediennes, of the team of Plea no 

and ningham, now playing at toe Hob Theatre, 
bad a little si* -pound girl born to her just be- 
fore the matinee. Monday afternoon. In her 
dressing room. Her husband. Fred Pltano, did 
hit bett to work single during the afternoon 
"nil evening. > 


31 (Special to The Billboard), 
another entertainer of die- 
son of Mile. Adeline Genes, 
ng- In . Bachelor Belles. Mile. 

-».--.. .. uual . lu a t the Colonial 'mt 

fheavei" <*" *• 0. WIN 

shows him off 

to grest advantage. He la an 
actor of merit and the whole cast la excellent. 

Mr. Al Jolson. although not s headllner, wss 
without doubt the bit of the bill. He stopped 
the show at the opening performance and was 
a riot from start to nnlah. Al has a writing 
dog alto which took well with the audience. 

The Courtiers, vsudevllle'a moat splendid mus- 
ical offering. Is certainly deserving of the title. 
This act to one of the best musical acts 
on the vaudeville stage 
storm. Costumes and scenery are 
Tbe bill was Immense. 


Notes About People and Bits of Gossip About Conditions 
and Circumstances Gleaned from the Weekly Calendar 
in the Windy City— News, Views and Comment 

Mr. William Ely called at tbe Chicago office 
of The Billboard, and atated that Mrs. Eva 
Fay'a time on the Out 8nn Circuit waa can- 
celed. She therefore closed and left Mr. Ely 
without a position. Anybody wishing a good 
press agent or correspondent, please, write Mr. 
Ely, care the Chicago office. 

James Sumner baa won honor and distinc- 
tion through his donation of 2,000 copies to 
the garment workers of Chicago. A polish boy 
by tbe name of Joe Loweakl. who gave au 
Imitation of Count de Beaufort, on Clark 
street, alnglng Little Maid of Old Chicago. 



la being featured on tbe Wm. atari! circuit. His 
weeks ago at tbe American 

played several 

The Bill at 

the Monroe 

Chicago. Dec. SO (Special to Tbe Billboard.) — 
The Long Trio opened the bill. Act went big. 
Lamond A Co., were also 
The Santuccl Trio, Inst 
cellent. Lovey Joe was 
rendered which took well. 

Thomas and Ward, those colored entertainers. 
In songs and dancra were good. 

Williams A Co.. comedy sketch, waa brainless. 

In the act at all. 


.. O., Jan. 2.— Omar O. Murray, of 
_. lad., who has owned and conducted 
Orpbeum vaudeville houae In this city since 
September opening when he and Qua Sun 
split their theatrical holdings, hsa disposed of 
hla lease to hie ' former manager, Harry 8. Car- 
ter, after a week of darkness from December 18 
to 2s, reopened under his own management. It 
la rumored tbat Mr. Carter baa designs upon 
the Newark hmia • which Mr. Murray baa been 
conducting and that be. too. eontamplatea ! 
aomlng Into a vaudeville circuit ownership. 

Harry La Peart, tho famous ci 
num. and Bailey Show, la laying 
an act for vaudeville. . 

Julian Theatre 

Last Week 

nee. 30 (Special to 
y, singing 


. Dauncey, 
ed the bill, and was rather good. 

Frank Rntledge and Company, to a comedy 
sketch, entitled. My Wife. Tola sketch Is ex- 
ceedingly tunny. The act took well. 

Carl McCulloagh. alnglng Some of These Days 
and Winter. . made a decided bit with the 
audience, and ■ could have remained a second 
week and scored a big hit. 

The Seven Plorena Troupe, who were at the 
American. Music Bail last week, closed tbe bill. 
Tbe act went much Tjetter last week at the 
Julian than at 


Tbe Girls from Hsppylsnd are at the Alham- 

hra, and Tbe Cosy Corner Girls are at tbe 
Empire. The Trocadero Burlesquere are holding 
the boards at the Star and Garter, while Tbe 
Tiger Llllea are attracting attention at the Fal- 

17. " 

scotti. with bis big voice, will be seen at 

tbe ■ Slat Street Theatre next- week. He Is 

singing Little Maid of Old Chicago, and Is 
making s decided bit with it. • 

sold 200 copies In twenty minutes, and re- 
ceived a contribution of f 15.00. Nearly 

body In Chicago la alnglng Little Maid of Old 
Chicago through Mr. 8umner's various dona- 

Carl McCuUouRb played the Julian Theatre 
laat week, alnglng two new songs. Winter, 
and When Ton Are In Wrong with tbe Right 
Girl. Mr. McCnllongh la doing well, and 
without a doubt "lU^be one of the coming start 

The following burlesque shows are using the 
Will Rossi ter songs: Kentucky Belles hire 
Some of These Days and Let Those Sleigh Bella 
Be Our Wedding Chimes. Glrla report s sen- 
sational hit In Some of These Days. The Par- 
isian Widows are to king encores with My Ever 
Loving Southern Gal. 
staged by "Check 
nected with the 1 

The Two Clippers are alnglng Some of These 
Days. Believe Me and That Indian Bag. 

Warde De Wolfe, with The Girl in the Taxi. 
Is using Some of These Days wtth excellent 

George Murphy. In The Newlyweds. to also 
one of the many reporting success with Some 
of These Days. 

Irene Hawley now hss an entire repertoire 
of will Bosalter songs. She to singing Some 
of These Days, My Ever Loving Southern Gal, 
and the Coxy Bag. 

Sophie Tucker and Carl MeCulIougb. both 
on the same bill at the American Music Hall, 
week of Dec. 10. both used Some of These 
Days, and It wss hard to choose between the 
two as to which was the bigger hit wtth the 
song. Miss Tucker's engagement to for ' 
weeks, and abe will continue to use tbe 
tbe second week, as it has proven the " 
thing abe has ever sung. 

Emll Sobers Is also alnglng Some of These 
Days, and likewise reports It a bit. 

The Three Keenes will plsy In Chicago for 
several weeks to come. Their set wss well 
received at the Plans, week of 10th. Week of 
26th they plsy a return engagement at tbe 
Kedale. where tbe-r will Introduce for the first 
time to any audience. Won't Too Try to 
Love Me, a worthy successor to Meet Me 
To-night In Dreamland, and written by the 
sine writer. Rntb Slater Whltaon. 

The Count 

Packs Hamlin 



" Mr 


little ™ 

Chicago. Dec. 30 (Special to 
The Count De Beaufort, whose world-wide pi 
Hetty bas made the many newspaper readers 
eager to see him waa the means of filling '" 
many seats of tho Hamlin Theatre, the li 

fiart of laat week. The policy of this h 
s two shows s night snd each show waa 
scene of foil houses. At the Brat show a little 
speech he made was the result of tome little 
disturbance In the audience by a blacksmith 
who took exceptions to some of tbe remarks sel 
forth by tbe count In bis Mt of monologue. 
However, with but little effort It waa quelled, 
and tbe Count continued aa serenely as ever. Mr. 
Howard, tbe manager of the Hamlin, stepped 
up another rung In the ladder of success when 
■ :be Count for his theatre. Mr. How- 

ard la a man of action whose Initiative ability 
and^orijlnallty are funding for bta a foHowIng 


Frank and True Bice are now playing the 
Bntterfleld time, booked by tbe W. v. M. A. 

Plunkett and Rltter hare separated. Nat 
Rltter la now working with Walt Bovey. 

John snd Alice McDowell will lay off for the 
holidays at tbelr home In Detroit. Mich. 

The Mysterious 
time the latter part of 1 

The Zat Zama are managing tbe 
Theatre st Abingdon, 111. 

Levins and Nelosco opened on the Interstate 
time. Jan. 28. for four weeks. 

The Great Colvtns, hypnotic scientists, are do- 
ing big business In the North. 

Russell and Church open at Liverpool, Eng.. 
for a tour, on June 26, next. 

Mack and Chick have joined tbe 
Dowling Stock Company. 

Mlaa Wayne La Mar 
Circuit January 30. 

LaMoure 1 
January 26. 

Jesse Allen la 
boms. Tenn. 

Musical Walker 

■ K 


The Billboard 

JANUARY f, .1811.. 

The Vaudeville Week in New York 


Extra Assortment and Conglomeration of Novelty Acts of 
Merit Render Competition for Places on All-star 
Bill Very Keen for the Last Week of Year 

DECEMBER -26, 1910. 
Slater*. "Those French Girls," 
Acrobats and Sinner*. 
•V Colonial, roll Stage. 
B — Harlaqolnadp. In Black and White, Eng- 
lish Holiday Pantomime. 
American Music Hall. In One. 
O — Pewitt, "The Man of Many Face*." 

American Music Hall. In Two. 
D — JOHN B. HYMEB. * CO., In Tom 
Walker on Mar*. 
Fifth Avenue. Open In Ont 


Levy. Cartoonist (With 
Fifth Avenue. Fall 8tsge. 
i* — Zlgenuer Quartette, European 
American Music Hall. In 
G — Edwin Stereos, assisted by 
■hall In A Night Ont. 

Fifth Avenue. 
City Four, 



Mow York. Dec 81 (Bpeclsl to Tbe Billboard.) 
—The last week of 1910 waa plethoric with 
VeodevUls novelty In New York, and In consa- 
enenee. tbs competition for position on the 
All-star bOl has- been extra keen. After de- 
liberation, the place of honor la assigned to 
John B. Hymer and Company In Tom Walker 
on Mars. Charlotte Parry and Gertrude Hoff- 
msnn the alternate*, being barred by IS 
on the All-star bill a 

_ ago." Tom Walker on Mars la good f on. 
worked ont on novel lines, and Its sumptuous 
ataglng and clever cast combining pulchritude 
and brains, entitle It to especial recognition. 

Edwin Btsvena and Tina Marshall are natur- 
al candidates for second position, both by res- 
son of their versatility of acv-ompltabmcnt. aa 

well as the refined and derating tone of their 


en tpnai mnjr aseicu. 

Fonr offering popular songs In classy 
cover the muslcsl restores of the bill. 

Novelty Is contributed by tb* acta of Pewitt 
- hla coloaaal animated head, and the nar 
• of Ksrno's Comedians, both of which 

Fifth Avenue 

Theatre Bill 

. York. Dee. 81 (Special to The Bill 
hoard). — A bill that bristled with norelty occu- 
pied the boards st Keith and^ Proctor^ Fifth 

tVrT^ss^an^t^rw "to* vaudeville, entitled 
Tom Walker on Mars, and It proved a popu- 
lar vehicle for John B. Hymer and a capable 
company of fir teen. The lyrics and the libret- 
to ware written by Mr. Hymer himself, snd the 
Incidental music wss composed by Jules FrI- 
quet. The story his to do with the same old- 
time darkey that Mr. Hymer Impersonated last 
- Devil and Tom Walker. The act 
, showing the exterior of a busted 
i Cbney Island, with Tom Walker, 
the old Southern darkey, and his fellow-freak. 
Ookua Unk. a Zulu, who hare been Joined as 
Siamese twins by a surgical operation. They 
are to be dispossessed and are woefully hun- 
gry as well- In this extremity the Devil ap- 
pear* and bargains with them to aell him their 
aonla after death In exchange for unlimited 
wealth. Aa a further condition, he Is to take 
them to Mara, with 
sin on that " 

are far from the beaten track of vaudeville 

Bert Levy, cartoonist, also deserves con- men- 
dstion for an original and diverting turn, and 
opens tbe second half of the bill because bis 
"dumb set" Buffers less from Interruption than 
would tnose that follow it. The same reasons 
actuate our choice of tbe Amoros Sisters to 
open the bill, and Kara, the Juggler, as tbe 
closing offering. 


Gossip of the Vaudeville Week in Gotham — Bits of News 
and Items of Interest to Members of the Profession 
Near and Far— Miscellaneous Notes 

New York. Dec. 31 (Special to The Bill- 
board.)— Lonlsc Mulball and her talented bone 
won tbe big blue ribbon prises at a recent 
meet held at Dursod's fsahlonable riding acad- 
emy. Johnny Gabriel ssys be will not stop 
with that but will win feature 
big New York vaudeville time, 
tbe act, wblch, Joined with Gabriel's abUlty, 
will reach there, yon bet. 



Tb* drop la raised, and a grotto of stars on 
Mars Is revested. Seven star nymphs disport 
themselves amid pic tur e s que scenes. The Queen 
sc Mar* appears, snd Is warned by the Moon 
Maid that the Devil Intends to Invsde tbe hap- 
py planet. Scarcely has she spoken ere tbe 
Peril, attired In a dress stilt, appears' with 
Tom Walker and hla Zulu twin, snd gets boay 
with nil propaganda. Introducing gin to the 
' their queen in the form of a kiss. 

to shine in bis characterlatlc 

craps with tbe maids snd the 
Dlccfoy, separating tbe former from their jew- 
els, and trimming the latter, wbo Is tbe only 
male on Mars, for bla clothes as well. By the 
command of the Queen, the "Twins" are 
ctat Into the den of the deadly Wampus, which 
bites the connecting ligament snd sepsrstss 
Tom and the Zulu, to their mutual anttafac 
tlon. When tbe Devil seeks to complete tbe 
conquest of the Martlana by accusing tbe 
Innocent Moon Maiden of sin. Tom balks, snd. 
provided with a magic ahooterlno by the Qneen. 
shoot* tbe Devil back to earth, and remains a 
High officer st the Martian court, with the Zulu 
la jester. There Is an shnndsnco of innocent 
fnn. prerty music and elaborate costume*, worn 
by a chorus of attractive girls. The electric 
effects In the grotto on Mars "are extremely 
beautiful. Assisting Mr. Hymer are Darld 
Walters. Elsie Kent. Tom Bamaay. Myron 
Pitts. Billy Persno. George Dsvis. I -eon a Lelsb. 
nd Misses Lily Elaon, * 

She leaven the legitimate for nve weeka to appesr over tbe Percy Williams' Circuit In bcr specialty, 
~" by ber principals. She will open at the Colonial Theatre, New York, January 16. 

American Music 

Hall BUI 

New York, Dec. 31 (Special to The Bill- 
board.) — To round out the old year fittingly. 
William Morris. Inc.. last week offered another 
huge bill, aa diversified ss It was diverting. 
Appropriate to the Ynjetlde waa the old atjle 
Christmas pantomime A Harlequinade In Black 
and White, performed by Ksrno's English com- 
edlsna. The entire action took place behind 
• wblte screen In one. against which tbe 
nature* appear silhouette. The- merry Clown 
tbe lean and all pi erred Pantaloon, tbe sprightly 
nsrleqnln. the charming Columbine— all were 
there, and a multitude of other droll charac- 
ters as well. Weird and smoalng effects were 
obtained try- varying the distance of tbe per- 
formers from the projecting light This style 
of entertainment baa not recently been seen 
on the American atage. and It added a ele- 
ment of humor and norelty to tbe bill. 

A star feature waa Consul, the educated 
orangnntsng. which deported Itself In an 
almost boman manner. Attired In a conven- 
tional black snlt. with shoes, gloves and all 
of the requisites of a well-dressed man. the 

' tmI ate 
tb the 

ChUd Performer's 
Act Prohibited 

Akron, 0.. Dec 3 (Speclsl to The Billboard!.— 
County Prosecutor rtookwell. on Monday, 
stopped tbe singing sml darning set of Master 

Thus. Carnanan, Jr.. at the Colonial. Master 
Thomas is only seven years old. lie sppesrod 
at tbe Colonial Monday afternoon In a sketch. 
The Lesdlox Mso. The set closed with a sing- 
ing and dancing specialty. 

Rockwell was at the theatre, and told 
Msosger Johnson that - tbe hoy eonld not do 
tbe singing and dsnelng .part of hla set In 
Akron. He read a law against that kind of a 
performance on tbe part of children. 

The sketch wss closed abruptly at each fol- 
lowing performance. 

A new theatre will be built 
tbe old Lyceum In King B-mare. 
B.. Can., by the Bt. John ' 
of Manhattan. N. Y. 

Tbs Diamond King Company, managed try J. 
Hurt Johnson opened at Kewaskum, wis., 
Jan. L Tbe roster of the company Inrindee: 
J. Burt Johnson. . owner and manager: Mrs. 1. 
Bnrt Johnson, treasurer: C. E. Tarn '11, Fiord 
Covell. Ben Yankow, ' Clarence Scbelbs, alias 
Van ■ Foul*, Miss Josephine I'atton, alls. alolU* 

Mra. Ottokar Bartlk resumed her engsgs 
ment wltb the Bboda Bnysl shows January 2. 
at Bocbeater, N. Y. The wire of tbe well- 
known ballet master has te-en away from ber 
troujaa of Ilusslsn Dancers for a month, being 
closely confined In tbe meantime as tbe re- 
sult of sn operation. One of tbe members of 
ber company. Mary Mai. r. was marrl- d while 
In Buffalo, to J. M. ' 


Hayes, physician 
of the Buffalo Bill-Pawnee Bill WUd West. Tb* 
newly-wed, however, remains with the troupe. 
Mile. Mlna Mlnar launched forth In ber new 

rtomlme Monday. January 2, at Paterson, 
J, Tbe clever dancer* new vehicle la 
termed Tbe Victim* of Love. 
Bert Perkins, who baa been managing tb* 

throng on tbs Incandescent Lane. 

I. Miller and Son, tbe theatrical shoemakers, 
of 23rd street, have been working full capacity 
executing orders fur tbe following new iwodoc- 
tksns: The lislkan l'rlueeaa. Fields' Wluter He 
view, with which Lew Fields will open his new 
Winter Garden In February; Vanity Fair, for 
tbe New Theatre Stock Company: Lew Field*' 
Tb" Uenpecka, and Lederer'a Jumping Jupiter. 

William J. Gane, proprietor of tbe Manhat- 
tan Theatre, Broadway and Slat street, baa In 
atalled one of the new ticket-vending ma- 
chines manufactured by II Ma jland, of BrOOk- 

lyn. The capacity of tb* machine la 3.000 
tick- is an honr, and eacb ticket la delivered 

to the purchaser wlthnut the band Of tbs seller 
COmIng In COUt*et Wltb It. A registering meter 

controlled by tbe manager. Is an effectual cbrck 
upon reselling or other tampering. Tbe ma- 
chine at the Manhattan Theatre baa stood op 
under every teat Imposed by tbe busiest motion 
picture theatre in America. 

Madeline Marshall, late of The Deacon and 
tbe Lady, has signed s contract with Ons Ed- 
wsrds. whereby she will appear In vaudeville 
under bla management for live years. In a 

sketch written for her by Mr. Edwards. It it 
a "rube" act and four people win appear in 
Mlas Msrsbsll's support. The sketch will be 
placed on tbe Orpnenm Circuit after a tryout. 

Valeska Suratt, after trying ont ber new act 
In Atlantic City, haa again Invaded the metrop- 
olis, opening at Hammersteln'e Victoria for a 
week's run. Her offering Is called Her Booffe 
Variety and aha la asaistet 

The Colonial 

Theatre Bill 

New York, Dec. 31 (Special to Tbe Bill- 
no* rd I Surpassing all of ber former trl- 

utnpln. Gertrude Hoffmann held « atellar poal 
tloo on Uat week'* bill at tbs Colonial wltb 
ber sumptuons revue. This Is announced as 
the farewell appearance of Mlas Hoffmann, 
snd she certainly hss msde ber valedictory on* 
long to be remembered In vaudeville. As pre- 
tentious In ataglng. and wltb aa Urge s csst 
ss the sversge Broadway mnelcal show, tbe re- 
vue affords a full boor's brilliant entertain- 
ment. M!i< Hoffmann works bard. She la to 
every picture, and ber work comprises Im- 
pressions of tbe cbsrscterlatlc offerings of Eddie 
Poy. Ethel Barrymore, George M. Cohan. Eve 
Tangnay, Ruth St. Denis, In ber East Indian 
daneea: Anna Held. Harry Watson. Jr.. Harry 
Lauder Valeaka Suratt. Alice Lloyd. Eddl* 

Leonard and Aonette Kellennann. K disuinf 
Interpretation of Mendelssohn's Spring Song, 
revealed Miss Hoffmann as a creative terpsteho- 
resn genlna. Twelve handsome girl* and a 
troupe of genuine Cingalese ssslst In tbe act. 
under Mlas Hoffmann's personal supervision. 

Worthy of atellar place on any bill Is The 
Comstock Mystery. In which Charlotte Parry, 
the protean actress, appeared, assisted by ft 
Parry si Detective Barnes, and F. Brink as 
Policeman Callahan Miss Parry depicts sue 
cesslvely seven distinctly contrasting roles, 
namely, Mrs. Jones, the landlady; Jill*, Pic- 
cola. a Frenchwoman; Mag, a street girl: Dor 
othv. a child: Mlna, a Swedish servant: Msry 
Itelher. the deceived girl, wbo killed her lover, 
and Pete rietber. her hunchback brother, wba 
would die for ber. The sketch pnlaate* with 

the pathos of metropolitan life, and a atorr of 
Intense heart Interest la revealed In the telling 
The Two Amoros Slaters, sprightly Frencb 
girls, contributed an set combining singing and 
dsnelng. wltb supple aerobatics. They deftly 
throw aerial aomerssnlts and flip-daps, .acceanpa- 
nylng tbrlr stnnta with hnttwrong remarks lb 
delightful French accent. Their moat amanlnf 

fest la tbe triple dislocation or tbe shoulder*, 
suspended from ■ trapes* a Terr atniqos trick. 

The Big City Four, a quartette of - young 
men with rich voice* and likable personality, 
made a good Impression with solos snd onsets 
hies. Including Winter. The Rosary, which the} 

delivered with tbe sonorous timbre of i -pips > 
organ: and Under the Yum Yum Tree. Held, 
the basso of the four, rendered Rocked In tb* 
Cradle of the Deep, with fine effect.' 

T. Roy Barnes and Bessie ' Crawford ' scored 
their usual success with their funny card el 

poanre skit. The Fsklr snd tbe Lsdy, with sorm 


rained a riot of laughter with political amal' 
talk snd parodies 1a dialect. • . 

Morrtasey Brothers and Bisters, entertaining 
singers and dancers, and Yankee and Dlilr 
ajjalr of educated ratlines, added ts tb* rtv**T». • 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 


Vaudeville and Motion Pictures 


Gleanings from the Week's Correspondence of Items and 
Bits of News Relative to Members of the Vaudeville 
Profession — Bulletin of Notes by Performers 

Clleette. tb* Man In Black, la planning ■ trip 
•round the world. The organisation of a com- 
pin? to assist Cllvette waa started tbla week 
and offices hare been encased by him In the 
Crllley Building. 16T Dearborn etreet. Chicago. 
According to preecnt plsna a tour of two or 
three months will be made In th* Western part 
of the country, brloglog the organisation either 
to Seattle or Vancouver, where they will embark 
for Sew ealsnd. From there time baa been re- 
■erred In Australia. Manilla. North China. Jara 
ml India. The toor according to present plsns 
will consume sbout two years, and Cllvette trill 
be accompanied by Mme. Cllvette. the Veiled 
Propheleaa, and a "Merer supporting company 
who will Introduce feats of magic, legerdemain, 
mind reading and ehadowgraph work. 

Following nsnal customs, the reterborg. Va.. 
Lodge or Elks entertained tba lamsles of the 
arpbsn asylum of that city, giving each child 
■act. presents ss they night wish. Jolly ml y 
Clark, of the (lark team, assisted the Elks In 
• line, while dslnty little Mr 

the piano. 

Jack Carrlgan. for tba past three seasona with 
the C. w. Parker Shown, fat now In Oklaboma 
City, where he hss Joined hsods with Esrl W. 
Stanneld In producing a big electrical scenic act. 
entitled The fbantom Maiden, r-qulrlng special 
scenery snd electrical effects. Mlsa Dslsy Bran- 
don snd Miss Viols Stanley arc also Included 
In the cast. The opening date to act for January 
IB, at Chicago. 

Ritchie Brown, bow on the Son time, is 
booked solid until th* end of June. Cbriat- 
bm ere. at Charleston, w. v. tba per- 
formers on the bill had a Christmas tree, upon 
which waa eighty-nine presents. Artists pres- 
ent were: Cora Soungblood Corson Sextette. J. 
Leslie 8pahn. Smith snd Boss. Jlmmle O'Ntell 
snd Bltchl* Brown. 

Happy BUI Rogers, who was operated on for 
appendicitis some tew weeka ago. la able to re- 
turn to bis home In Bessemer. Alabama, where 
as will remain until Msrcb 1. 1911. when be 
Iraree for the Eaat to Oil engagements, baring 
contracts signed from that data until Bi-ptember. 

Many esoderUls artists use adrance press 
•beets but few hire them better sirs need tbsn 
Willi. n 11. Van Dora, who presents Thermos 
jLTktos, a "snowball" act. Prof. Van Dora la 
out a l»lt calendar and encloses an 

Mets snd Mets, who have played for the last 
two seasons with Barry and Kate Jackson. The 
Midnight Rehearsal, hare left tbe act and hare 
Joined the orlslnsl Monets Fire, playing at prea- 
ent for the w. V. A. 

Harry Kllar spent a pleiaant Cbrletmaa on 
John vv. Vogel'a private car with Mr. Vnsel anil 
Harry Lelgbton. The Vogel Minstrels layed off 
in Oswego, N, Y.. opening again December 20. 

Tbe Clipper Quartette opened on th* Inter- 
stste time for fourteen weeks, sftrr whlrb 
they play sereral weeks of Orpheum time, be- 
fore salting from Vancouver In September for 
thirty-two weeka' time over tbe Breunan tour. 

Billy Mann, who waa with George 8. Van's 
Minstrels the first hslf of the season, opened 
with hla atngle at the Park Theatre. In Erie, 
Pa., tbla week and baa 22 weeka of TJ. B. O. 
time arranged by At bee, Weber and Evans. 

Sutton and Sutton, who are playing tbe aketcb 
The Itunpkln Girl, on W. V. M. A. time, were 

Kewnoff and Phelpa are playing tbe Butter- 
Beld time la Michigan, being at tbe Bljno In 
Hint this w.-ek with the Majestic In Kalaroa- 
r tbe second week of the new year. 


Meeting of International Skaters Union Held at the Murray 
Hill Theatre, New York, and the Dates for the 
Championship Events Arranged 

New York. Dec. 26 (Special to Tbe Billboard.) 
— Tbe meeting of the International Skating 
Union of America wss held st tbe Murray Hill. 
Msnbattan. last Saturday night. Bepreeenta- 
Use* of tba Tarluus associations in the onion 
were present. 

It waa arranged to commence with tbe inter- 
na llonal cbsui|ilonshlpa St Chlcsgo on February 

17, and put on a circuit of events that will 
attract tbe best men In tbe Ice skating game. 
Tbe Ice Palace will be tbe scene of tbe cbain- 
plonablne, whtcb will be pulled off there Jan- 
nary IT to IS, Inclusive. From Chicago, the 
akater* will travel to Clerelaod. where tbe na- 
tional Indoor championships will be held at tbe 
Elyalnm Kluk on January 20 and 21. 

Sarsusc Lake will be tbe scene of the national 
outdoor cbaujplunsblpa. Tbey will be beld on 
Jsunsry -1. 23 snd 26. Fullowlug tire Saranae 
meviing the International outdoor champions b I pg 
will be decided at Montreal. Boston waa se- 
lected for tbe New England akatlug champion- 
ship, to be b. ld on Jan. 31. To tbe Newborgh 
Wheelmen or Newburgb, K. Y.. waa alotted a 
date for the holding of tbe Eastern skating 
championships, which are to be held under the 
auspices of tb* Eastern Skstlng Association. The 
date for tbla event Is January 21. 
Among those who will participate In the 
amt.lonablpa are Edward Lamy. Buasell Wheel- 
. Fred Logan. Anderson, of Chlcsgo, Flsber. 


Motion Picture 
Popularity Contest 

Aa announced on page 4 of thla Issue, Tba 
Blllbosrd Is Instituting s contest for tbe 
most populsr motion picture and the moat 
popular motion picture actress. If the 
names of fsrorlts sctresses are not known, 
those roted for msy be Identified by tbe 
characters Interpreted and the editor* will 
supply the names In reporting ths rotes. 

Voters are requested to send In the titles 
of the pictures which they deem of greatest 
merit and of tbe motion picture actresses 
whom they consider moat worthy, together 
with their own names and addressee*. Aa 
many aims may be voted for aa desired, 
provided there are no duplications. 

all votes to^ Motion BttsSt* Ctrl' 


Ths Colonial Theatre. In Covington, Ky.. to 
sow under the management of H. B. Helblg 
Mr. Helblg succeeds Harry O. Morsa. who has 

■d tO Minneapolis to assume 

theatre operated by tbe Syndl- 
xnpany af that point. The Co- 

ID conjunction 
ill* up tbe pro 

- Ir**t week tb* bill wss efsanea by Pesres snd 
rs "i ' w . bo W doln f » cotnedy singing act 
ZJP'mZSB' wotslBg la blsck face *nrt 
jolug jrd,Bdld, while make* a eery 
BRa * , .7'? h i. m i,"s. Mis* Jtlsle Msy Wlllson 
MntHe "*'??;' olb «"> Otrl." to * ctorer ec- 
TLs*ffW-« WD0 b»>rr<l heavily. M. 

„ Melons see two clever acrobatic worst 

-*wa*IBa. Tb* two an young peonlt 
E£t£*. 9&L and hav* s one 

E V> "fl-.™-. Jn a sketch entitled A Bsby 
SM aMia. o(r * rln « no**e***s possibilities. 

Jerelop Into a 

nisi Is booked 
week with tba 
clnnatl. Four 
with several ret 


of Milwaukee. Bush, of Vancourcr. Fred and 
Dan Danansuy. of Uoston. Oloine. of tb* Stock 
holm Skstlug Club or Sweden, snd other*. 

Among Ibe representatives who gathered at 
the meeting were Allen I. Blanchard. of Chica- 
go, president of tbe International Skating Dn 
ion: John Harding, vlce-prveldeut. of Saranae 
Lake. N. X.j David Slsyback. of Verona Lake, 
N. J.; Jauea A. Taj lor. of Montreal, vice 
president: Cbsrles Boeve. secretsry-tressorer, of 
the Eastern Skating Association: J. U. Tucker. 
Jr.. or Brooklyn, secretary of th* International 
Skating Union: D. H. Bubenstrlu. of Montreal: 
and William T. Blcbardsoo. of Boston, presi- 
dent of tbe New England Skstlng Association. 

Fred H. Tucker. Jr.. who to secretary of tbe 
union, and D. II. Bubensteln. tbe Montreal 
representative, contemplate making ■ trip to 
the akatlng congees*, which will be held In 
Europe next summer, with the plsn In view 
of trying to form sn alliance between the ." " 
national Skating Union of America 
International skating aasujclatloos sbro*< 
The schedule of dstes Is as follows: 
January IT, 18. 10— International 
cbamplonahlpa. at Chicago, ill . 

January 20. 21 — .National ll 

shine, at Cleveland. 
January 21 — Eastern 

st Newbnrgn. N. v. 

T «. 2S. J 

at Saranae Lake. N. Y. 

llonal , 


They am appearing in a 

:Icver ( one act f aree entitled A Baby Shower. 

In It to embodied a plot 

New Liebler 

Play Produced 

Washington. D. C, Dec. 31 (Special to Tb- 
Billboard).— At tb* Belasco Theatre, alone! ay 
night. Marriage a la Carte, a musical comedy 
by C. M. 8. MeLellsn snd Irsn Caryll. bad 
Its premiere production. Harry Conor and Em- 
my Whalen portrayed the two leading role*. 

Th* premiere atoo marked the American 
of Miss Whalen who hss score. 

In London and other European points, 
to the 

Marriage g la Carte 
S* V«d«beilt cSp 


aw 'a "^worsr^ana pivtuivn. 


Richmond, Vs.. Dec. 28 (Special to Tb* Bill- 
board). — Dr. 8. Osleskl. msnsger of the Lobln. 
Is planning a circuit of vaudeville houses thst 
will embrace all of the larger cities la Vir- 
ginia. Or. Oaleakl to now In control of tbe 
principal vaudeville house In Roenoks, snd Is 
srrsnglng for tbe opening of a third house In 


Iowa City, is 
signed aa 
new manai 

Dec. St.— LeBoy Smlt 
of th* BUM Tnegtr*. Tbe 
. Westcott. 

- ady. N. Y. The - - 
thrwngh the w. v. M A. Mr. Smith has mad* 
no plana for th* Immedtot* future. 


Mrs. Mabel ftwiok (Mabel millsrdl, former- 
ly a member et the San FVsnclsco Oners To.. 
Is requested to send bee sddrasaa to Th* BUI- 

Sheriff Becomes 
Theatre Manager 

It. Scott, Kan., Dee. 3i (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board!.— The Vandette. the pioneer moving pic 
tnre show of Ft. Scott, bss been sold by Claude 
L- Henry, who has owned tb* tbeitrs sine* 
It opened, to P. c Hesser, the sheriff of thla 
county. Mr. Hesser la already In possession, 
snd to rapidly fsmlllsrlslng himself with tbe 
show business. He will give the theatre bis 
entire time when he retires from the sheriff's 
office. January 5. Mrs. Henry, wife of the 
former manager, will remain In tbe box office 
until tbe new mansjrer becomes scqustnted with 
th* routine. Mr. Hesser will continue giving 
vine bill in connection with th* pictures 
tbe busy season. 


Kingston. N. Y.. Dee. SI (Special to 
Billboard!. — Tb* Central Sew Vork Amu 



Co. leased tbe Orpheum Theatre snd reopened It 
this week ss a blgbdase rauderllle ' 

Ihomughlr overhauled' ana 
equipped with up-to-date appliance*. The t be- 
ater. wlQ be conducted by K. William Rossi, 
who haa had charge of a number of New Tnrk 
theatres and 
f, for a 

Th* following to the staff at th* I-yee-nm 

Theatre. Hearer Falls. Pa.: Ma Date r. Sam H_ 

llananer: stage manager, rolley Mooney: musi- 
cal director. Joseph Hsrdy: doorkeeper. Jan. H. 
Carson: chief usher, H. L. Hendrlckson. 
Jss. Csrsoo haa been doorkeeper at th* Ly- 




pleasant event 


Charlotte. N. C. Dee. 31 (.Special 

Billboard). — J. Tate Powell, of thla c! 
leased s lsrgs two-story building st 
West Trsde street. In the hrsrt of the c 
on Jsnusry 1. will begin work to turn the 
building into a vaudeville theatre. He eipecti 
to be ready for opening by February 1. 


Bntte, Mont.. Dee. SI (Special to The Bill 
board.)— Joseph Gardner has been appointed 
manager of tbe new Empire Theatre, succeeding 
Harry T. Layman, wno haa gone to Mlnoe 
apolla to accept a position In an amusement 
enterprise. Gardner baa bad experience aa a 

Film Notes 

From Chicago 

Chicago. Dec. 31 (Special to The Billboard.)— 
Louie Larmmle, brother to tbe famous carl, snd 
who to ssasiclsted with th* Chicago office of tbe 
1 a <-m mi,- Film Rerrlc*. was recently wedded to 
Miss Frtrds Hsller. of Chicago. 

A b-sullfnl little hand-painted card has 
reached onr desk with the following announce- 
ment: -ArTlve.t. Wednesday. December 7, 1810. 
Roeomsry McMsckln. to Mr. and Mrs. Archer 
McMackln." Mr. McMarklu la connected with 
the Ksaanay Film Mfg. Co.. ss advertising man 
sger snd editor of scenarios and la known to 
practically everybody In the film business. 

We had the pleasure of viewing The Ameri- 
can Film Mrs*. Co. 'a recent release. Her Fatsl 
Mlstsk*. The details or thla Sim are atrlklngly 
brought onl and the photography Is very good. 
Those empolyed to Interpret the story told were 
very w 11 selected and all In all tt to a very 
Interesting film. 

Ottawa. III., la priding Itself on 
moving picture " 


(Special to The Bill 

hesrre eel bested the 

Davenport. It.. Dec. 31 . 
heated. i — The American Theari. 
first anntverssry of Its opening this week. Tbe 
American, which Is Davenport's only vaudeville 
house. Is managed by Chas. Berk II. For annl 
eeeswry wes k. Mans eve rterkell enlarged tbe bill 
... eleven acts. Ca|sselly hnalnee* was the re 
stilt. All arts for the American Theatre ar. 


The Usee Theatre. Tulsa. Okla., waa formally 
reot»-ned to the poblle December IB. under the 
management of Proctor and Marsh. ' 

~if5, .'Mss'T- -** 

WS ■ U — WH 

lm Beach. Fla. 

X r„ Coorsrr haa opened th* Cosy motion 
picture theatre In Pendleton. Ore. 
C D, Marfee haa pnrchaaed tb* Cockade The 

T. 8. 
Oslsty at 

Jacksonville. 111., b) 

manager of tb* 

to gjt-rj 
sserjon .with the 

her* of tb* Dougherty Block Company. All handsome new picture theatre a- 
osnsl custom, and eersmooas. wsrs esertod present will conduct tt In crmnsctt. 

\,v ... -. - ... - y. I Oalerjr. 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

Week in New York 


iLarge Portion of Its Success Attributed to Christie Macdon- 
aid's Clever Efforts — Tribune Takes Exception to a 
Suggestion of Vulgarity— Other Critics Praise 

! LIBERTY THEATRE. — The Spring Maid, oper- 
etta, by Mr. Helnrlcb Belnhsrdt; book and 
lyrics by Messrs. Harry B. and Robert B. 
Smith; from the German of Messrs. Julius 
Wilhelm and A. M. 

.. .. Miss Christie Macdonald 

William Burress 

Laurence Rea 

Miss Elgie Bowen 

Bason Budi BsJph Errolle 

.Roland Tom McNsughton 

Ursula Miss Jessie Bradbury 

Spaetllng Charles W. Meyers 

Evakatl Miss Blanche Sherwood 

■Colonel Boone Edward Me tea it 

'Mr. Lorn ax Arthur Thalasso 

Mr. Skinner Otto F. Hoffmann 

New York, Dec 31 (Special to The BU1- 
■ board).— The latest operetta. The Spring Maid, 
has been unreservedly pronounced charming, due 
mainly to the work of Christie Macdonald, who 

' pution ssLr^^j^HX^ 

plot of the opera concerns the self- 
esteem rn which the Prince Aladar holds him- 
self. He finds noble women cold and believes 
In looking for lore affairs among whst he char- 
acterizes as "the lower classes." He hears 
about the charm of Annamlrl. one of the girls 
who dispenses water to the tourists who have 
come to take the core at the Carlsbad Spring. 
He wagers that he can win her In a day. The 
Princess Bozena overbears Aladar make this 
wager, and thereupon promptly steps into the 
-shoes and, of course, the dress of the Spring 
Maid. This Is only to teach the Prince a les- 
son, but It ends quite as the Prince might hare 

This is the first production of Messrs. Louis 
P. Werbs and Mark A. Lenschor, the latter, 
well known as general press representative of 
the Orpheum Circuit- They deserve great cred- 
it for bringing Macdonald Into prominence as a 

Toe Tribune finds this one objection to the 
operetta — that its beauty is somewhat marred 
by the addition of what has too often hereto- 
before been considered essential elements of a 
Broadway musical play, namely a tone of vul- 
garity which is not entirely compatible with the 
dean, fairylike atmosphere of the opera found- 
ed on Grimm's fairy tale. 

The Herald contributes the following In be- 
half of this play: "It all made a 1 

nation, for music, fun and sentiment were ef- 
fectively blended. The audience was not the 
lesst backward In telling everybody on the 
stage that they liked It- And with good reason. 
It Is ss pretty music ss has been wafted from 
abroad for many a blue moon. Th?re are 
waltzes that refuse to let one's feet behave,' 


Haensel and Cretel 
At Metropolitan 

New ' York. Dec. 31 (Special to The BUI- 
. — The spectacle of two distinguished corn- 
la one day on the stage of the Metro- 
Opera House can be deemed worthy of 
L However, en Christmas Monday, both 
_ and Gretel and Toe Girl of the Golden 
' West were rendered, the former being given as 
a matinee for the little ones, snd a- real treat 
they had. The Sun mskes the following remark 
concerning the former production: 

"Of course any one could see that Bella Al- 
len really believed that she was Gretel, and 
Marie Mattfcld thought she was Haensel. And 
as for Albert Relss, he wss the meanest snd 
wickedest snd ugliest old witch that any one 
ever asw riding through the sir on a monoplane 
made out of a brook. Then there was Otto 
• Goritz. Well, there! Any little boy or girl 
that wouldn't hare him for a papa wouldn't 
eat gingerbread anyhow. Leonora Sparkes 
wanted to be the Dewman. but she bad one of 
those nasty colds, snd so they let Anns Csse 
be It as well as she could. And there was Al- 
- bed Hertz trying to boss the wbole thing with 
■ big stick, and be had & whole army of fid- 
dlers snd things that they played to make the 
children happy. And after the opera Mme. 
Pavlowa and Mr. Mordkln danced, and then ev- 
ery one went home." 

In the evening the grown-nps convened at the 
opera house to hear Puccini's Girl of the Gold- 
en West- This opera was indeed meritoriously 
produced, aa the following critic records: 

"The people Inside the house appeared to en- 
joy the performance greatly. There was plenty 
of real applause, and when Mr. Caruso towed 
Mr. Puccini Into sight after the first act. the 
theatre rang with cheers snd brsvos. There 
was no question about the public approval of 
the composer. He wss called out several times, 
and was again summoned to the front after the 
second act. 

"The performance had the same characterls- 
ties ss Its predecessors. It went with spirit, 
color and dramatic force. Miss Destinn's im- 
personation of Minnie confirmed the Impression 
already made by It. This Is certslnly her best 
part, and she sane and acted excellently. Mr. 
Caruso repeated his good performance of John- 
Mr. Amato was the lame grim and 

inducted '» 

James Lackaye has been em 
W.^Ssvage to ^play a 

production about jal 

by Henry 
_.jnt role in the 
The play Is scheduled for 

A Complete list of attrat 

New York Theatres app 

Page 22. 


Suzanne is a Vehicle of Gossamer Threads; But the Dainty 
Little Star Handles Her Conspicuous Part So Cleverly 
that the Critics Unite in Praise 

New York, Dec » (Special to The Billboard.) 
—The critics of the metropolis have given their 
verdict on the little human whit* mualln tell, 
aa Alan Dale has titled her. In her new Belgian 
bourgeois comedy from the pen of Frants Fon- 
sou and Fernsnd Wlcheler. They sgree with 
bat a few exceptions that BUlle Barks has 
valiantly upheld her own — they recognise her 
personality and charm and give her credit for 
the ability that the little start exhibits. How- 
ever, their kindness does not extend as fsr ss 
the drama Itself for in 


pronounced too light — too shallow in substance 
to bid for continued popularity of Its own ac- 

Dale characterises the plot as very simple, 
somewhat too anaemic for the American audi- 
ence. He finds It too mushy for this continent 
but sweet and chuck full of simplicity to * de- 
gree that delights the Partslaaer and Brass*!- 
man and accounts for the European version's 
run In these two capital cities where It was 
entitled Le Marlage ds Mile. Beulemane. Like 
the Foolish Virgin, it misses real appreciation 
as does a book upon translation. If we want to 
be simple here we can be, wherefore aa impor- 
tation of this style loses out by comparison with 
our own productions. 


Albert Delpterre .. .. Mr. Julian I/sMtrehge 

Benlemans air. George W. Anson 

Serapnin Meuletneeeter . . . . Mr. Conway Tsarle 
Moos. Meulcmeeetcr •< .. Mr. Harry Uerwood 

Mong. Delpterre Mr. David Glassford 

Moetlnck Mr. C. Harrison Cuter 

The Secretary Mr. C J. Wedgewood 

The Treasurer Mr. P. B. McCoy 

isadore Tan Cenlebroeck . . Mr. O. H. Beverman 

Cesar Destuyf t Mr. B. R. Hheehy 

Louis Van Herseel Mr. M. B. Hendal 

Jean Cancels Mr. N. K. Leavltt 

Suzanne Beolemana Miss BUlle Burke 

Madame Beolemana Miss Boss Band 

Iaabelle Miss Alison bk to worth 

Waitress Mies Jane G situs! th 

Miss Bnrke occupies the role of the daughter 
of a brewery agent in Brussels, whose aspira- 
tions for the presidency of a local dealers' asso- 
ciation lead him to alliance his daughter to th* 
blemished son of a wealthy family la order that 
the Benlemans might enjoy social consideration. 
Suzanne, however, has met a seemingly more 
bumble youth to whom she would rather be 
wedded. She learns that the former youth la 
already a father of a child, the offspring of a 
misguided seamstress, whereupon she Is able to 
remove th* obstacle In th* way of bar betrothal 
to the young Parislaner. 

This part the little star accomplished In her 
impulsive Irresistible fashion which led * 
Herald to make this observation: 

"Throughout the three acts of the 
which runs as smoothly aa an ivory ball on a 
billiard table, she was always In the picture and 

on pat* so.) 


She opened at the Empire Theatre, New York, January 2, In Trelawney of The Wells. 

German Actor 
Receives Ovation 

New York, Dec. 31 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — Ernest Von Possart, after many years' 
absence. Is bsck on our stage. Ernest Von Pos- 
sart. Intendant General of the Royal Theatres 
at Munich, snd probably the most famous actor 
that Germany now possesses, began a short sea- 
son at the Irving Place Theatre on December 
28. It baa been many years since the German 
favorite has visited this country. The aris- 
tocracy turned out to warmly greet Von Posssrt. 

who Is now almost a septuagenarian. The Times 
contributes the following account: 

"The play was Frermd Fritz, the old comedy, 
by Erekmsnn Chatrlan. This piece has been 
given here frequently by stock companies and by 
other stars, and Is from the same source as the 
opera. L'Amlco Fritz. It Is s simple story 
of farmer life, with a matchmaking old rabbi, 
s young fsrm proprietor, Fritz, snd Sasel, the 
dsughter of a farmer. The rabbi tblnks Fritz 
should get married, and cosxes blm ' 
mony by pretending to be In lor 
farmer's daughter himself. 

(Continued on pace nn.i 

Up and Down 
Great White Way 

New York, Dec. 31 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — So Adelaide Genre will leave the le- 
gitimate for vaudeville, also. The dsnseuse 
only adds^one more to tji t,ie Y^SlS ''d* 
letl sbe P wIll present st the Colonial, January 

The Koenigskinder 
Scores Big 

New York. Dec. 31 (Special to The Billboard). 
— Herr Hnmperdlnck is now being classed with 
Hans Andersen and Grimm and as the press re- 
marks they are paying him thereby the highest 
tribute In their power. No others have so 
piously realized that the Kingdom of Heaven Is 
the kingdom of little children. 

Particular mention la mad* of the score most 
Ingeniously and deftly wrought and artistically 
picturesque. It hss tender and sweet moments 
and It has short Inspirations of that melodious- 
ness ss of vernal woods snd leafy bird choirs, 
which are distinctive of the wbole trend of 
the author's musical .uoughts. He belongs In- 
deed to the aame school ss the before meutlonsd 
llterettenr*. It hss been very sbly remarked 
when compared to Haensel and Gretel that in a 
musical sense Haensel and Gretel la the Rhine, 
wthle Koenigskinder la a quiet backwater of 
that lovely stream. 

The story of the opera is symbolic and veiled 
In the atmosphere of folklore and embellished symphony which 

from the troublous ; 
thlc crestlon. 

An excerpt from the Tribune will convey the 
appreciation with which the New Yorker her- 
alded this opera. 

"The story of Koenigskinder. though It has 
been apoken of ss If It belonged to th* dsea of 
fairy tales of which Haensel and Orstel Is so 
striking and beanuful an example. Is not to he 
found as the author presents It In the literature 
of German Mshrchen. Mme. Bernstein has drawn 
Its elements from msny sources snd blended tbem 
with the utmost freedom. To avoid • 

(Continued on page 60.) 




William Collier varied bis performance on 
Christmss Mondsy by placing a real diamond 
ring on the band of bis affianced on the Stags, 
who Is his wife oil the stage. Instead of giving 
her the uaosl imitation presented nightly. 

Dnstln Fsrnura .hss now given hs premiere 
performances at the Hyperion. New Haven, 
Conn., of The Silent Cell, Bdwin Milton Boyle's 

sequel to The Squaw-man. The Masasehusctts 

scribes bsve pronounced It s meritorious vehi- 
cle New York gets Its chance this week. 

The ninth week of The Gamblers stay at the 
Mazlne Elliott Is now psselng. This Klein pro- 
duction Is destined to remain for msny more 
weeks. It hss been . termed a . sore pi a j thst 

will not be subject to a 

on pig. SO.) 

- il ■ 


New York. Dec. 31 (Special to The Dill- 

board). — Evidently New York baa not had too 
much of Ton Much Johnson, si the droll comedy 
wss revived not merely for th* evening, bat It 
will be kept In Gillette's repertoire after his 
shifting to the Criterion Theatre. The fare* 
will soon hare reached a score of years, and 
will be recalled as serving the distinguished 
actor In New York for almost an entire s e aso n 
when originally produced, snd was later one ef 
his handiest vehicles on his tonr to Europe be- 
cause of the Ingennlty of Its lines, which still 
remain. ' The caat in Its entirety was sbly 
supporting. Mlltern as the Irat* Frenchman, 
Louis* Batter, as Mr*. Billings. M 

tilings, Margaret arsons 

JANUARY 7, ttlt 

The Billboard 



Proprietors of the Principal Circuses Meet in Con- 
vention at the Palmer House, Chicago, and Effect 
an Organization that has for Its Purpose the 
Mutual Conservation of Interests 

The circus buelsess U about ■ hundred years 
old. and for the Brat tlmo In th« history of clr- 
cuadotn a successful effort waa mad* Isst week 
for tbe organisation of abowmen for their mu- 
tual benefit. Perhapo the -' 
tbe largest and wealtblr 
financial world that have 

On account of the Blngllng Brotbera owning 
the beavleat Interests, It waa proper that they 
should take tbe Initiative In tbe proposed or 
sanitation, and It waa chiefly by tbe effort* of 
Mr. Chaa. Rlngllng that tbe laaue waa aucceaa- 
ful. At the Palmer Uouae. Chicago, on Thurs- 
day, December 29, at 11 A. M. , the largest 
assembly of prominent circus men ever seen 
together waa called to order by Mr. J. M. 
Kelly, of Baraboo, repreeentlng the Barnum At 
Bailey Show, and a atatement of tbe purpose 
of the meeting waa made. Mr. Edward Arling- 
ton, of tbe 101 Ranch, waa made temporary 
chairman, and R. M. Harvey, of the Hagea- 
beck-Wallace 8bowa, secretary. Tbe following 
ahowa were represented by their proprietors and 
- -.-salons of tbe 


lace, Forepaugh-Sella 
Two Bllla' Wild West 
Is-Floto. Gollmar Bros. 

representatives at tbe Tartoua sessl 
circus meeting: Barnum 4 Bailey 
Bra*.. Hageobeak-Wallace, 

Gentry Broa.' 

A written agreement serving as tbe baala for 
future by-lawa and conatltutlon waa adopted' 
and signed by all of tbe abOTe ahowa. A 
heavy bond being signed by each proprietor 
or hla represeotstlve, msking a total of fifty 
thousand dollars In bond executed for tbe pur- 
pose of Insuring the faithful performance by 
all of the ahowa of the requirements and rules 
of the Aaaoclatlon. In addition to tbe bond, 
which was Included in the written agreement 
signed by the abowmen. an Initiation fee uf 
fifty dollars waa established, said amount to be 
paid by each enow admitted to membership. 
Those who have not paid tbe Initiation tee are 
supposed lo remit It Immediately to the treas- 
urer, it. M. Harrey. Perry. la. Applications 
for membership should be sent to Mr. John M. 
Kelly, secretary, at Baraboo. wis. All shows 
of tbe nature of a circus or Wild Weat are el- 
igible to memberahlp; the little ones are aa 
welcome aa the larger ones, and they peruana 
have more to gain by being members, as It 
la the understood purpose of the organisation 
to figbt for the mutual interests of all. Aa the 
aaaoclatlon grows In age and atrengtb. it will 
take up oew dutlra and will ever have a watch 
■•Jeye on the latereeta of tbe tented field. 

While the paramount Issue before the circus 
men at this meeting waa the question of the 
'*""■?..*"» tb * Associated Billposters for the 
year 1011. yet other matters were taken up and 
enough suggested and approved to show that 
there la a great scope In which tbe Association 
can work. 

A permanent organisation waa formed and 
the name "Showmen'a Aaaoclatlon" waa adopted. 
Tbe permanent officers elected were H. H. Tarn- 
men president; J. M. Kelly, secretary, and K. 

Htryey. treasurer, and these officers are to 
constitute a committee for the conduct of the 
Showmen S Association business, exercising such 
authority and rlghta aa shall be granted to 
them. io the absence of any established time 
gf ■M tlBf a. and aa the nature of tbe business 
"ore or less on emergencies. It waa 
ff*!.*5™ that meetings may be called at any 
time by any two of tbe above officers, 
—li? ' ,10W[n « nsd several happy sessions. 
.-1? .**" D "i. *° >• congenial, confidence 
teemed to be established, and all convinced that 
«M or the ahowmen present were sincere In the 
u!TT n , .2*'.' *" a ,h,t ,h «e »*■**> many vital 
if.hfS i? "ifi. V. mutual that could be prof- 
itably handled by the proposed organisation. 

The question of covering paper waa given sc- 
rjeas. attesmoa, ,nd a ap«ci. P i restoiutlor? jZLZi, 
** followa: 

men"."a lT ^.i Jf ,h * VatSXM « f ,h « 

2.e •h« A ™ < i! ! '"' 0 S to present the covering by 

**?-*" ** of another aboWa legitimately secured 

OUS^ZJH ,U »»* »• agree to 

thli i end to put forth our best efforts to prevent 
SSL «,<""!""• .." d " '■ agreed that any em- 
shSft ?* "foagfully covering paper 

S£lUL?i dl,CD f,'3»?- khd tha secretary V he 
"o"""! of such dismissal, so thai 
SIT ff CTC L" IT m ' T notify tbe general agents of 
ft trUSS? """"w™ of thla Aaaoclatlon, and 
if thi . h,r i**."*" 1 "h" Booe 0' «"e members 
employe*^** " * B " ,, °*' Mch dlacbarged 

nal?* . q '!ir"'.L 01 ? of bannera. the number to be 
f b 7' S . l ^ b '. lr .J* ^,or • , • *»• dlsrussed. wltb 
but k"* 1 . he . ■»»»•«• »aa left unlimited, 

nut on E r." 0 " ,H > to " ,h »« »" banner. 

gLl** »• agenla are removed wltbln twenty- 
tSSI ur * . of ,h « d »'« ° r exhibition, and If 
i*Z T .i S °ot so removed, tbe expense of remor- 
K $SL**U»JM by «bli Association «nd 
toe amount collected frog, lne O n> n dlog show. 

e n T e^i.. AMOC l* t '! 1 B'l'Poatera having Invited a 
SS™ !. Si. clrcD, ■*» t0 aaeart with their 
committee Friday. December SO. to consider the 
matter of the toil contract, tbe following com- 
rhi. iii™ .. * ,,r<,, ed '» «bo order named: Mr. 
nLV.L " ,n «llnar (chairman). R. M. Harvey, Ino. 
S^- n '^S; "Mwanl Arlington and II. n. Tam- 
5hl -i was given the benefit of 

' w, . of *be clrcua men prraent aa to what 
52252 " bo,, A l ! be made In the agreement and 
received poaltlve Instructions to Tiave certain 
radical amendmcnta made. 

*oM?,i. cw il?.l! of ,h0 eonferenret with the Aa- 
coTumn^ BI «Poatera la published in another 

-J*V !fl new members were received Into the 
JSJ 1 '™ before It adjourned. Tbo only show 

{enlod admission waa the Young Buffalo Wild 

TZ - 2S* • c,lon '» *Sm waa not at all 

a personal one. 

The aaaoclatlon had adjourned subject to call 
by any two of the officers and on account of the 
delay In agreeing with the Associated Billpost- 
ers a special meeting waa held Friday night 
to give the circus committee further Instruc- 
tions, and adjournment taken until anch time 
as another meeting may be called. 

The following clrcua men were present: 
Chss. Rlngllng, W. P. Horton, Cnaa. Wilson. 
Ralph Peckbam, J. D. Newman, O. E. Mover. 
8am McCracken, Ben Wallace. John O. Bob- 

The Billposters' .Agreement Is Made a Feature of 
the Convention and is Deliberated Upon by 
Representative Committees of Show- 
men and Proprietary Billposters 

At ten o'clock Friday. Dec SO, In tbe famous 
"Green Boom" of tbe Congress Hotel, Chicago, 
the committees of the Aaaoelated Billposters of 
United Statea and Canada and of the Showmen'a 
Association were called to order. Tbe commit- 
tee for the Billposters' Association consisted of 
Barney Link. (Chairman), of New York; P. J. 
McAlloey. of St. Louis: Geo. Chennell, of Col 
umbus, O.; Mr. Buddy, of Montreal. Canada; 
Harry Walker, of Detroit; Chaa. Kindt, of 


sis tent upon tbe abollablng of the ticket; no 
tickets to be given. That the circuses be al- 
lowed two cents per sheet for all paper they 
poet In town where the showing la for two 
weeks or more, and the rate nine rents for 
thirty days. That the Blllpoatera refrain from 
Interfering with the bannera. leaving the banner 
proportion In the hands of the circuses. The 
circus people Insisted that they be given the 
same treatment that la granted "Commercial 
Advertiser*," hot the Associated Blllpoatera 
rule circuses sre to be classed aa "local 

On account of the Associated Blllpoatera not 
having completed their adjustment of ratfea and 
claaalcatlon of the plants, and on account of 
the circus people Insisting upon knowing posi- 
tively what the rates were to be for next year 
before a contract waa made. It waa decided that 
another meeting waa necessary, and thla will be 
held at the aame place, on Monday, Jan. 23, 
when tbe aame committees will have more con- 
ferences. By that date ail tbe rates and classi- 
fies Hons will have been completed and published. 

The beat of feeling prevailed at the con- 
ferences, and It la the belief that an agreement 
win be made for next season, although in order 
to complete one, both aides will have to make 
liberal concessions, aa there la an extremely 
wide gulf between the two Association* at 

It waa developed at the meeting that In case 
the Showmen's Association falls to make an 
agreement with tbe Associated Blllpoeter'e, that 
then the circuses will be allowed to make the 
best contract they can with the local blllpoatera 
In each stand, under the aame plan aa In former 

Following Is the proposition submitted by the 
circus men. and the action of the 
Blllpoatera by elan 

John 0. 

Edward Arllngtoo, 

T. Rlngllng. II. H. 

and B. M. Harvey. 

Inaon, Ed. C. Knupp, Ed. Arlington. Lon Wil- 
liams. II. IT. Tatumen. Ed. C. Warner. Henry 
Gentry. Ben Austin, refer Sun. Al. Campbell. 
H. S. Maddy. J. C. Miller. Vernon C. Soever, 
Wm. Davis, John M. Kelly, counsel for Rlng- 
llng Bros.: R. M. Hsrvey. John Nsjtel. Alfred 
T. Rlngllng. Geo. Hall -i. "Popcorn George.'" 


Christmas at Lowe'a New Rochelle Theatre. 
New Rochelle. N. V., waa tbo happy event of 
the season. Manager Dull played Santa Claus, 
A number of presents were exchanged by the 
house attaches. Mr. Dull received more prea- 
enta than ever before In hla lite, lie presents! 

each employe with a Christinas gift, a 
up the celebration with a big dinner, 
all the artist* on tbe bill partook. 

of which 

Mlaa Ollte Jaekann. the athlete, who la now 
on the Geo. W. W baler Clreult. aalla In March 
for a lour of Australia. 

Bert Oeyer opened December 10 on the One 
Snn time. Next eumnicr be will again be with 
one of the leading elrcnsea. 

The Melrose Comedy Four opened at St. Paul. 
December 10. for seven weeks' tour over the 
Waller Keefe time. 

Davenport, Iowa; Mr. Donnelly, of Boston. Mr. 
| Frost appeared aa counsel. The circus committee 
. present consisted of Messrs. Rlngllng, Harvey, 
i Robinson, Arlington and Tammen, with Mr. 
' Kelly as legal counsel. 

| Daring the several conferences held between 
I theae two committees, good feeling was apparent, 
and It was the evident desire of both sldea that 
I an amicable and fair contract be made for next 
year. Mr. Link, aa chairman, presented the 
views and reasons for the attitude aasnmed by 
the Aaaoclatlon regarding several matters, and 
also assured the clrcua men that the rumor that 
there was to be a wholesale Increase In rates 
for next year was a serious error and positively 
without foundation. Hundreds of changes were 
made In the scale, aa a result of tbe recent 
campaign .of Inspection. Mr. Chaa. Rlngllng 
being chairman, appeared as spokesman for tbe 
clrcua people, and as he presented the various 
clauses of the circus proposition, explained the 
necessity and reasonableness of their being 

Tbe Clrcua Committee held another meeting 
vrtth the Showmen's Association, and received 
further Instructions, accepting a few minor 
concessions that Blllpoatera had offered, and 
they themselves msking a few mn^.-sslotis In 
their second proposition lil t th y were still In- 

U. 8. AND 


The members of tbe SHOWMEN'S ASSO- 
CIATION In convention assembled respectfully 
submit their terms of proposed contract with 
you for tbe season or 1911. ss follows: 

The indented portions represent tha Billpost- 
ers' answers and counter propositions. 

I. That all rates, prices and classification 
thereof shall be agreed upon and embodied In 
tbe written contract before signing: snd no 
change or alteration thereafter shall he made 
during the life of tbe contract. 

1. That all rates, price* and classifications 
thereof shall be the regular commercial rate 

ML laaoe of 

' 1, loll 
enters TICKETS: 
3. That no tickets whatsoever shall be fur- 
nished or provided, and that tbe contract shall 
contain no clause relating to the furnishing or 
giving of clrcua tickets. 

2. Tickets shall be furnished as provided In 
1010 contract. 

3. That no contract be approved or entered 
Into by the nnderalgned circuses snd Wild Weat 
shows In which the rates and prices exceed those 
In effect at the date of the contract of 1010. 

3. Covered by Section No. 1. , 

_t a reduction be granted the member* 

~1M eaastfart^^atahvca 

e^ual' "to "the" "commlaslon aDowexTon alt com 
merclal business. 

All commercial rates comprehend a conimls- 

alon therefrom of sixteen snd two-thirds per 
cent for solicitation: snd we demand for tbe 
SHOWMEN'S ASSOCIATION equivalent term* 
and equal treatment. 

4. Cannot be granted. 

5. That on all noatlng for two sreeka or more 
tbl members of the SHOWMEN'S ASSOCI A 
TION be allowed two cents per (one) sheet 
on all paper posted, at any place, excepting when 
contracting agent of the clrcua and the Bill 
Posters' Association member agree that the bill- 

wangling " most every town, and therefore 
cannot be granted. 


«. That In aD towns snd eltlea other tbao 
exhibition atands. the members o f SHOWMEN 8 
ASSOCIATION ahall have the right to use inch 
apace aa they may be able to secure from any 
person for all posting and advertising purposes; 
provided, however, that local member or rep- 
resentative of the Bill Posters' Aaaoclatlon can- 
not be found by the clrcns agent, or la tumble 
to furnish sufficient number of real bill 
(not danbs) for clrcua posting and 
6. Make aame aa 1910 contract. 

7. That where the BUI Posters' 
accepts posting from snr person or Institution 
who pstronlaea. nses or poaita on other plants in 
the aame city, then In such event the 

(Continued on page 4Y» 


Tlie Billboard 

JANUARY 7, .1911. 


j BIG 1= 


Then- has been a little Improvement In busl 
nes» at the Brooklyn Theatre since the Christ- 
mas holidays, whirl, were the worst that the 
ts la Brooklyn have ever experienced, 
management of the Fulton Theatre baa 
to return to straight vandevllle again 
■"i la presenting twelve acts at popular prices, 
varying from ten to fifty cents. This theatre Is 
booked by William Morris. 

New Year's week the Ornbenm Theatre in this 
borough celebrates Its tenth anniversary. Percy 
G. Williams, Its manager, as well as Brooklyn 
theatregoers, both have reasons for congratula- 
tion at the completion of a decade In the 
theatre's history. It la probable tbat no play- 
house la the entire greater city has been ac- 
corded a larger share of public favor than has 
the Orphenm, and It la certain that no theatre 
devoted to vandevllle has more fully deserved 
the^ liberal patronage tbat baa been bestowed 



Marie Dressier gave a Christmas dinner party 
on the stage of Harmanos Bleecker Hall Sunday 
nlgbt. Dec. 25. that was a bummer. It was to 
et-lpbrate the first birthday of Tillle Blobbs. of 
Time's Nightmare, who last Christmas was born 
on this sanie stage. This year of "Tulle's" 
growth has been a profitable one for Miss Dres- 
sier and she flatly told her manager. Lew 
Fields, that tbls Christmas she would play Al- 
bany or no place at all. 

So she arranged this Christmas dinner to 
which her company was invited and all the local 
crlMcs and dramatic paper representatives. The 
turkey and "flzln's" were brought from Miss 
Dres-dcr's farm at Windsor. Vt.. and after a 
strenuous rehearsal by the company, which bad 
been laid off a week, all bands sat down to 
the good things. When coffee and cigars were 
reached, speeches were In order. First came the 
hostess, who proposed a toast to "Tillle." Then 
William Dsltoo. friend, husband and "daddy" 
as Miss Dressier called him. Cheers and hur- 
rahs punctuated every speech. After this a 
piano was rolled up and calls for Miss Dres- 
sier to "oblige" were answered by a series of 
coon songs, given as only Marie Dreaaler can 
give them. Other members of the company 
sang, played snd told stories, and Miss Dres- 
sier assured them tbat If sbe fell 111 there waa 
i giva a fine vaudeville show. 

" Manager Gilbert 


On Monday. Dec. 26. after the matinee, a 
Christmas tree was set up on 
presents for each a 

the atsge and 

ne la the com- 

WM. H. 


_The record for practically every boose, at 
Cleveland waa broken on Christmas day. 81x 
policemen were necessary to keep back the 
crowds thst tried to get In the Prlscella snd 
Orphrtim Theatres on East Ninth street, while 
the big Hippodrome was taxed to its capacity. 
Houses In the snbnrban districts reported the 
same results. 

Every number on the Hippodrome bill wss an 
entertaining feature. Anita Dial's Monkeys 
opened the bill. They are particularly well 

trained and the upside down barrel Joggling of 
two of the Jungle pets elicited much applause. 
Dora Rooca. a gypsy rlotlnlste. gave a nnmber 
of artistically rendered selections. Lottie Wil- 
liams and Company presenting Edmnnd Day's 
one-act play. On Stony Ground, moved the 
audience to sadness and humor at will. 

Miss Williams' work Is tbat of a finished 
artist. Bothwell Browne, female Impersonator 
in girl types, has perhaps the best gestures 
of sny vaudeville performer wbo baa been 
seen In Cleveland this season. The three Leigh- 
tons, wbo have recently graduated from bur- 
lesnue, divided applause with the hesdllner, 
while Ellta Proctor Otla and Company, In Mrs. 
Banner's Ban, offered a style of comedy that 
made even the staid critics tango. Mme. Ade- 
laide Norwood was the feature while the Three 
Macagnos, comedy acrobats, closed the bill. 

The De Vere Stock Company, which baa been 
playing the season st the Castle Theatre, waa 
greeted with a pleasant surprise on Christmas 
eve when Mr. John Sleifenhelmer, manager of 
the theatre, presented Mr. De Vere with a gold 
watch and chain and Vera de Vere with a gold 

A very pleasant Christmas dinner was given 
by Miss Bergere at the Colonial Hotel to the 
members of her company and friends on Christ- 
mas eve. None of the guests were forgotten by 
Miss Valerie and surprises were many as the 
various Christmas boxes containing presents 
were opened. Miss Bergere wss remembered by 
all of her company as well as " 
friends. Tbls CO 
the week before Christmas at 
In Judgment. 

Bert Marshall, the popular vaudeville man 
ager and agent, was married on Christmas day 
to Miss Janice Nichols, who has been asso- 
ciated with him In business for 


. Geo. McKay, a wen-known Cleveland boy, 
of the team of McKay and Cantwell at present 
on the Orphenm time, wss presented with a 
baby boy on Monday evening. December 26. by 
his wife, wbo Is at present In Pittsburg. His 
many friends extend their b 

A complete list of attractions ap- 
pearing in the cities mentioned on 
this page is given in the ^depart- 

U S E 

Dodc Bslsman and Weber Sisters, who have 
beeo playing on the Polack time, returned borne 
for the holidays. They are to spend Christ- 
mas and New Years at Columbus, after which 
they will open In the West. They are well 
known local favorites. 

Fred Hamtl's Musical Kids have been spend- 
Ing the holidays In Cleveland. 

The many friends of Kalcratus, the juggler, 
will be sorry to learn tbat be Is confined by 
serlons Illness st the City Hospital In Cleveland. 

Bill Baker, the well-known eccentric com- 
edian, has been renewing old acquaintances In 

The Cleveland Vaudeville Company report the 
organisation of a managers' association represent- 
ing the managers of the larger booses on their 
circuit. A banquet and meeting will be bold 
at an early date at the Glilsey House. Cleve- 

Billy Watson's Girls from Happyland was 
augmented^!* Cleveland^by ^Iss^Flossie Mc- 

Stsss McCIond wm lead"' number 1 ofTchornses 
and should add strength to this already pop- 
ular aggregation. 

Arthur Nelson has opened a Cleveland office 
at 60S Permanent Building for the handling 
of bis musical attractions. Tbe office will be in 
charge of Geo. V. Halldax. well known aa a 
stock and repertoire manager, who will devote 
a large portion of his time to organizing a 
circuit of houses In the central states for 
musical comedy and stock companies playing 
one-hour bills, two shows a night and dally 
matinees In the regular - combination bouses. 
Mr. Kelson Is without doubt one of tbe best 
known producing managers in tbe middle weat 
and la practically without competition in his 
particular field of activity. Four of bis sttrac- 
tlooa. The Rajab of Bbong, Tbe College Girl. 
The- Bachelor and the Babies, snd Elsie Wil- 
liams snd Company, In Topsy Tnrvy Flats are 
now In their second year with time to follow 
running Into the coming summer. The new and 
pretentions vandevllle productions from the pen 
of this popular producer will open the second 
week in January. One 1b s reproduction of A 
Racing Romance, with sixteen people. The 
other Is a second edition of Topsy Tnrvey Flats 
with, fifteen people. Mr. Nelson chose Cleve- 
land for bis headquarters as be considers tbe 
Forest City the tbeatrlcsl center of the mld- 


R. A. Harrington, the well-known proprietor 
of Crescent Park snd Rocky Point, the two 
pleasure resorts down tbe bsy. has bought tbe 
entire property on which Rocky Polot la located. 
The price paid baa not been made public. The 
land Is In the town of Warwick. R. I., and bos 
eastern and southern wster front, overlooking 
the widest part of Narraganeett Bay. It com 

lugs ( 

i about ninety seres with numerous bulld- 
for summer resort users, and Includes the 

■m'glm^ner^aDd'V wSKlSsS ' l aiaa af 

At the Westminster Theatre. Xmas day. the 
s. u. o. sign wss out for both tbe afternoon 
and evening performances. 

Mr. Charles Clongh. the well-known and 
popular treasurer or tbe Westminster Theatre, 
Is seriously 111 it his borne with pneumonia. 

Tbe purchasers, nnder recent niorfgase sale 
of Vanity Fair Park, have secured a »130.00-J 
charter and bare organized as a lsnd company. 
Tbe purchaser*, wbo are bondholders, were the 
previous creditors of the old Vanity Fair Amuse- 
ment Co., and will. It la understood, he given 
shares In the new corporation to the smount of 
their holdings. This action no doabt meaos 
tbe end of Vanity Fair Park, as a summer re- 

Through the courtesy of Mr. Albee, of Keith's 
Theatre, Yankee and Dixie, the performing 
dogs, which were tbe feature of the Xmas week 
bill, visited tbe Rhode Island Hospital, where 
thev greatly amused tbe Inmates of tbe 

The executive staff of tbe Peor Opera House: 
Col. Felix It. Wendelschaefer. manager; Eugene 
F. Wendeschaefer, treasurer: Joseph R. Thorn- 
ton, asst.; G. Raymond Ladd. mnstcal director; 
Wm. E. Doolen, stage manager: Cbas. H. Baeny. 

ntatlve; Frank J. McDermott. chief 

press representatl 
usher; Hurry A. 

Wm. H. Tnrner. a local favorite, and a mem- 
ber of last season's Albee Stock Company, 
appeared last week at the Empire Theatre. 
In Father and the Boys, and several large 
theatre parties formed by his many admirers 
In the city, attended tbe 


Miss Gertrude Elliott and tbe members of bcr 
company had a big Christmas tree at tbe 
Prince George Hotel Xmas nlgbt. It took three 
boors to distribute the numerous glfls. After- 
ward Miss Elliott entertained the company at 
a banquet. Tbe star wss the guest at several 
social functions during tbe week. 

Mr. Charles Haystead. the popular represen- 
tative for A. J. Small, tbe Canadian theatrical 
magnate, out of town was presented by Mr. 
Small with a trip to New York. Charles left 
town on the 2fltb and will receive a 
come in Gotbam from bis numerous friends In 
the show business. 

to the doors st 


Emily Ann Wellmann, who Is tbe leading wom- 
an for Louis Mann, In The Cbeater, and who Is 
the wife of Dr. H. W. Wellmann. of this city, 
will be given tbe opportunity to appesr as 
Nero In A Doll's House, at tbe Qarrlck Theatre 
next week at a special matinee. Mr. Mann 
states tbat If she Is successful In tbe part it 
will become a special matinee bill of all his 
engagements hereafter. 

Tbe personnel of tbe new stock company now 
beginning Its season at tbe Colonial Theatre, la 
as follows: George Roberson. leading man; Jean 
Weir, leading woman: Mary Emoo. ingenue; 
Fred C. MrCord, heavies; Willis Foster. Juve- 
nile; Jack Cassin. comedian; Helen De Land and 
Harry Victor, characters. 

Julius Tannen, the vaudeville raconteur, 
writes that after he bad Journeyed all tbe way 
from Sioux City to New York to see his new- 
born son. tbe Infant hissed him. Mr. Tannen 
adds that he will make tbe youth a dramatic 



Little cause for complaint on account of 
business could be registered by Cincinnati thea- 
tre managers last week. The bonses were uni- 
formly good and the attractions Invariably 
pleased. Francis Wilson, in Tbe Bachelor's 
Baby, had a successful week at the Grand, while 
the same may be ssld of The Bohemlsn Girl st 
tbe Lyric. Keith's Columbia offered an enter- 
taining bill headlined by Mclntyre and Heath, 
and Its contemporary bouse, the Orpheum, bad 
a good week with a program headed by Joe 
Welsh and Company. The Sullivan AV Const- 
dine theatre.- tbe Empress, hsd Its usual good 
bill with the Flnqeys and Kennedy and 
Rooney as the festores. Large audiences were en- 
tertslned with tbe Forepangh Stock Company 
In Tbe Squaw Man. Heuck s bad a new show 
cslled Tbe Minister's Sweetbeart. and tbe two 
hurlesoue bouses hsd offerings tbat drew profit- 
able booses. The small time vandevllle thea- 
tres, the American. New Century. Robinson snd 
Auditorium, held th-lr own. The Walnut bid 
an exceptionally good week with School Days. 
- A Christmas banquet was given In honor of 
Miss Elsie May Wlllson The Gibson Girl, who 
Is this week playing at Robinson's Opera House. 
Miss Wlllson Is a Cincinnati girl and tbe 
youngest daughter of Police Oncer Karnes. 
Sbe Is a member of five lodges. Including the 
A. A. A., an organisation aBllaled with the 
White Rats. Sixty-four guests attended the 
banquet and Miss Wlllson was the recipient 
of many presents. 

Gas Sun's Minstrels were banqueted on Christ 
mss at the Hotel Atlas. Hamilton. O. The 
burnt cork men who attended tbe festivities 

Floyd Simpson snd T. B. Gremmlr. 

Clever Conkey. tbe Juggler, wss last 
substituted on tbe bill at Robinson's for 

A permit was granted last weak to Manager 
George 11. Jordan, of the Orphenm, for tbe 
operation of tbe theatre for a year from tbe 
date of the permit- The license wsa taken oat 
In the name of the William Morris. Inc. 

Billboard visitors Isst week Included Clever 
Conkey, Knight snd Hanson. Mslone and Ma 
lone, and Kimball and Donovan, all of whom 
were appearing at local vandevllle theatres. 
Another caller wss Frank L. Smith. business 
manager of the Harry HastlnaV Rig Show 
which ra thta week appearing at the Standard 
Theatre. Smith claims the distinction of be- 
ing the only press agent In burlesque. 

It Is probsble that tbe Holden Stock Com- 
pany, which waa at the Lyceum earlier In tbe 

pany. -. 

season will locate at Robinson's Opera House, 
At tbe time this Is written no confirmation of 
tbe report can be obtained. 

Bradford McGregor, bualneas agent of the 
Cincinnati ; Zoological Oarderuu.^ls^paaBlng^hi' 

erfy*^>ella Meyer. .... ™_ „ 

Cbas. Gallagher, a local boy with Tbe Bo- 
hemian Girl, st the Lyric Theatre, last week, 
renewed Billboard acquaintances during his stay 


The Crystal moving picture theatre reopened 
December lllth. after being closed for several 
weeks undergoing repairs. The tbearte now la 
one of the handaomeat In tbe city. The feature 
filiu for tbe opening will be Buffalo Bill s WUd 
West Show. 

Messrs. Lambert & Scdney will open s moving 
Picture theatre on Hastings street between Ab- 
bott and Cambla streets In. tbe course of a few 
days. The workmen are Just putting on the fin- 
ishing touches. The theatre will he known aa 
Tbo Savoy. 

The following Is from sn English theatrical 
advertisement: "Married to the Wrong Man" 
■a Night Only. ^ ^ McLEAN. 



The event of the past week wss the pre- 
miere of The Havoc, given at the Columbia Thea- 
tre before large and select audiences. It msy 
well be said that they consisted of what la best 
In Washington society and of those wbo are moat 
critical of theatricals, especially when they are 
presented for the first time. On Thursday even- 
ing. President Taft and several fr lends occupied 
one of the boxes. The cast of the play consists 
of only four persons and the scene la the same 
In the different acts. Tbe plot Introduces a new 
school of philosophy, snd while the acting la 
excellent. It Is principally tbe phlloeopr- 
srnted on the stage that attracts the 
minded as well as tbe pleasure loving 
Mr. Miller's acting, as always, was sope 

Through the generosity of an evening newspa- 
per of tbls city, four thousands newsboys were 
msdc hsppy during tbe week. "Noodles'* Pagan, 
former newsboy of New York, was engaged to do 
a vaudeville act at tbe Cosmos Theatre dally for 
a week. "Noodles" Fagan Is well snd favorably 
known to the majority of the newsies of the na- 
tional capital, and as a courtesy to bustling 
little fellows the newspsper Issued four thousand 
tlcketa to aa many boys so tbat they could attend 
tbe Cosmos at tbelr convenience, and In addition 
to seeing the plsy, they hsd the benefit of some 
wholesome advice from "Noodles" on gelling 
along In the world. ... - 

Work on tbe new Empire Theatre la steadily 
progressing. It will be a period or long waiting 
before tbe place Is ready for business. A Dumber 

of buildings bad to be removed, old foundations 
replaced, etc. They are getting there, however, 
and some day we will have s show place to be 

0f " ED WYNN. 


Mr. G. H. Csrlyle, s well known theatrical 
man, recently opened a dramatic school In Van- 
couver. The school Is the only one of Its kind 
In tbe city, and fills a long felt want. The school 
has been a success from the opening and Ibe en- 
rollment is Increasing dally. Mr. Carlyle baa 
also established a booking exebange and la pre- 
pared to give artists good time In British Colum- 
bia. It Is Mr. Carlyle's intention to send two 
companies on tour through British Columbia and 
Washington esrly in January. Mr. Carlyle car- 

acrze^ of ^ ffiS 


The Press Club Concert held la the Opera 
House was a big success. Tbe professionals who 
took part In It are as follows: Alfred Pencb. 
Pantagea; Charlea Sweet, the musical burglar. 
Pantages: Eddie Martin, Pantagea; Pbll and 
Nellie Peters, Orphenm; Mlsa Huntington, Or- 
pheum: Carroll & Cook, Orpheum and Arthur 
Ellweli, National. 

Tbe annual meeting of the Vancouver Ex- 

blbltlon Association was held two weeks sgo. 
The following officers were elected: president, 
J. J. Miller; vice-presidents, C. E. Tlsdall, ft. J. 
Crowe, Tbos. Dnke, J. L. McTaggart; hon. treaa.. 
E. J. Clark; directors, F. T. Walker, E. S. 
Knowlton, J. T. Little, H. Cowan, Dr. E. S. 
Rowe. H. T. Lockyer. J. T. Wilkinson. O. H. 
Hutching*. It- G. McPberson. T. J. .Smith. W. 
S. Holland, Robert Kelly, Thos. Bell, W. E. 
Flumerfelt, Jas. Roy. F. W. Welsh, W. Dal- 
ton, sod J. D. McNeill. 

A new moving picture theatre will be erected 
on Granville street, between sixth and seventh 
svennes, by Mr. Armstrong. Tbe building will 
be five or six stories blgh and will be fire- 
proof and modern In every respect, snd will 


pany at tbe Glllls Theatre Christmas 
-so four companies resumed tbelr tour 


The need of a Rlalto In Kansas City wss never 
so necesssry as It was tbe week before Christmas. 
There were more actors and actresses In town 
that week than ever before at one lime. Between 
eight hundred and a thousand stage folk were 
here. Besides tbe regulsr cnmpaoli'S playlog Kan- 
sas City theatres that week, these companies 
"laid off" hen.- for in - week before Christmas) 
The Three Twins, the Chrlatmas attraction st 
the Grand Opera House; The Gentleman from 

EnS» w?3f-? ,SttKr5. Tb h ; 4it 

maker i 

the week of the 25th. 

Eva Tanguey came hero December lOtb. and 
she wss In town several days, not working bat 
just here on a visit She came to see Tbe Frey 
Twins who were on the hill at The Orphenm. the 
week of December lath. Miss Tanguay Jumped 
from Philadelphia to Kansas City. 

Miss Ellen Terry will he at The Bbubort Thea- 
tre the afternoon of Friday. January 13tb. In 
a discourse on Shakespearean heroines. Mum 
Terry comes under the auspices of the Ksnsaa 
City Women's Athenaeum. 

Fernanda Ellscu. who had been playing 
Jeffries In The Third Degree for the past 
seasons, wss here the week before Christmas 
spending her Christmas holiday with her bus- 
band. Carl Anthony, of the Auditorium Stock 
Co. Sbe left for Baltimore to Join her company 
which Jumped from New Orleans to Baltimore, 
to open In Baltimore the nlgbt of December 23. 

Mlsa Eda Van Lake and her hnabaod. Peta 
Raymond, of tbe Auditorium block 
have left Kansss City and tbe Auditor 
Company to begin tbelr engagement with the I 
stork company which opened tbe new imperial 
Tb- atre In Chicago. 

The bugs benefit performance of The Three 
Twins at the Grand Opera House, Friday after- 
noon, December 23rd, for tb* pleasure of the poor 
children of this city waa tbe biggest kind of s 
success, and brought much happiness to tbelr 
hearts. Each and every one or them voted The 
Three Twins "the real show" snd to Mgr. Jadah, 
of Ibe Grand Opera House, who, with the mana- 
ger of the ahow. gave them this Joy, a rousing 
vote of thanks. 

Fay Baker, a Kanaas City actress wbo has 
been playing Ingenue roles with tbe Forepangh 
Stock Company, In Indianapolis and Cincinnati 
tbe last tbree years, visited ber psrents during 
tbe holidays. She returns to ber work after tbe 
first of January. Miss Baker la one of tbe many 
Kanaaa City young women wbo developed dram- 
atic Ulent in tbo days of tbe old Woodward Stock 
Company here. 

A Christmas dinner at midnight, unique In 
many respects, was given the night of December 
25th. by Charles Robinson, to the members of 
Tbe Robinson Crusoe Company In tbe cafe at tbe 
hotel Edwards. Tbe members of tbe company 
were called upon for speech making, and the dlah. 
es on tbe menu were nam -d after tbe members 
of the company, snch ss bine points a la Charlie 
Robinson, hearts of celery s Is Ed Davidson, 
Queen Olives a la Ida Emerson, etc.. ele. Tbe 
menu waa printed on white silk and bore a pic- 
ture of Robinson and a toast. 

Harry Fields and Howard Powers, of the Shoe- 
maker Company, gave the members of their com- 
iny a six o'clock dinner at the Hotel Edward. 


menu was elaborate and at Ita close i 
were exchanged. 

The Washington Society Girls had tbelr Cbrlat- 
maa celebration In the grill of tbo Hotel Edward,' 
at midnight. Larry Smith was toistmsster. 

The Bohemian Club, sn organization of thea- 
trical people, entertained actors snd sctressea st 
tbelr club moras on Wyandotte street, Cbrlatmss 
afternoon and evening. 


JANUARY 7, 1911. 

T He B 111 t> o ard 






' John Cart, brad of the' N'a tlona! Theatre Own- 
ers, arrrlvcd In Seattle December 17th. from 
New York City,' radiant' over things theatrical 
both at home and abroad. New York, be said, 
waa never better from a theatrical point of jlew 
and the rest of the country waa proving- Ita pros- 
perity by liberal patronage or the box office. Mr. 
Sort will remain In Seattle nntll March. 

Ed Armstrong, of the Armstrong Musical Co.. 
slaying at the Star Theatre. , la defendant In a 
breach of promise ault for 110.000 by Mis* 
Freda Newman, who says he promised to marry 
her, hut wedded another Instead. Mlas New- 
man's home Is In Seattle, and she Is now playing 
sn engsgement In Victoria. B.C. As hie been 
customary for several years, lira. Alex. Fan- 
fares, wife of the thestre magnate, remembered 
the poor children of Seattle with a. Christmas 
tree, loaded with presents and 
eat at the Lola Theatre 


for the good cause.. 

A radical change from the policy that baa 
been followed by the Lola Theatre, since It 
opened four years ago; la to be made by Mana- 
ger I'ants (tea. aa he hax"ssld good bye to melo- 
drama and hereafter Will devote It to light 

musical comedies or travesties, opening on Jan- 
uary 20th with the Lewie and Clark Musical 
Company of thirty-live people. 

Seattle Symphony Orchestra gave their 



The New TIvoll Theatre la positively' to be 

erected on the original site on Eddy afreet be- 
tween Powell and Mason streets. It will be 
a elans a structure In every detail and will 
have a seating capacity of 2.000. The lobby 
will have a width or 24 feet and will be finished 
In California marble. At the aide Of the en- 
trance will be located a large cafe which will 
accommodate BOO people. The grand promenade 
will be located directly antler the main hslconv. 
The lower Boor wUI contain 1.000 seats, the 
main balcony will sccommodate 70O people, and 
the upper balcony will bold 330 people. The 


' WOTeTs™ rmTlt'Ybe°Sra.enc7s' 
Princess ind Gslrlck' The«re» In thus city" aw 
the architects, 

There la a good deal of talk about a new 
popular-priced vaudeville circuit being estab- 
lished here. S. Morton Cohn. 8am Harrla ami 
Zlek Abrama are mentioned aa being the pro- 

Mr. Pan! D. Howae. the well-known Chicago 
nark manager and builder, waa a pleaaant urn 
hoard visitor recently. He waa making a visit 
over the coast and returned borne to celebrate 
Christmas ere at his fireside. 

The Wilson Slaters, after a very successful 
season on the Honolulu Islands, left there 
Dec. 37 for Shanghai, China, to Oil a twelve 
weeka' engagement. 

"Punch" Wheeler, the well-known circus 
press agent, writes this omce that be la now 
In the aviation business, letting the world 
known about the bird men. Christmas week 

he waa In New Orleana. after which he went 
to Havana. Cuba, then to Pallas. Tex., and 
then San Franclaco In January for the big 

There la no better presa agent in the business 
than May Yohe {formerly Lady Francis Hope* 
who almost every week manages to keen ber 
name In the dslly papers. Last week the dallies 
came out with a column, stating that she was 
to write a book on her life. She has lert 
here to fill an engagement In St. Louis, with 
New York to follow. 

J. Aldrleh Llbbey was a recent Billboard 
visitor. He la playing over the I'antages Cir- 

Augustus Marks, an old-time San Francisco 
actor, died December 18 In Alameda at the ripe 
age of 77.. *^ 

A fire occurred In the Lyreograph Moving 
Picture Theatre on Fillmore street. December 
1» snd a small panic ensued among tbe 2O0 
people who were present, but luckily none of 
the patrona were hurt. The cause waa through 
the picture machine eiploldlng and setting fire 
to several reels In tbe operstlng room. The 
operator. George Barman waa severely burned. 
The financial loaa waa small. 

.After ■ three weeks' trlsl of melodrama by 
the Olrton Stock Company at the Valencia Thea- 
tre, tbe honae closed. 

Joe Jackson, billed aa The European Vaga- 
ponaVwas a big scream at the Orpheum recent- 
ly, nia turn la a comedy bicycle act made up 
aa a tramp. We have bad scores of tramp 
make-upa and hundreds of comedy bicycle acta, 
but Joe Jackson Is In a claaa by himself and 
hard to Imitate. 

.. , .f* 0l " !,,e . Dopre loat her damage anlt of 
W.ono against Kolb and Dill. The caae waa 
dismissed by Judge Van fleet In court. Decern- 
her 21. on the grounds that the court had no 

Fred Roberta, of the vaudeville team of 
E?berta and Fulton dled_ auddenly 

20 at Fort Worth, Texas, from pneumonia. The 
body, accompanied by Florence Fulton hie 
wife waa brought to 'san for Inter- 

The American Theatre haa added three more 
attractive electric algna In front of the house 
tn addition to several flaming are lights. You 
can't mlas It now. 

J» °»» , '» Street Theatre, another popular 
12tT m * " Dd "»»»»« picture house. 
3m! rvi2-iS or 5, «»«»• Public for tbe first 
time, December 21. The house waa packed and 
"SH, '» MttSd aa tbla bouse la located to 
• Populated district. 

vST" „ DeLorla. sharpshooter, and George 
German jester, both playing ,t the 

Garclnettt Brotbere. the European novelty 
acrobata, played the American Theatre aa an 
added attraction Chrlatmaa week. 

The creditors of tbe California Theatre, lo- 
cated on Broadway. In the Latin district, have 
settled their Mobilities at the rate of forty- 
five cents on the dollar. The liabilities were 
about (13,000. 

Reports from Reno mention that WIU Tyler, 
the Australian foot equilibrist more than made 

Toe Mllano Grand Opera Duo was an added 
attraction at tbe Bell Theatre, Oakland, Chrlft 
maa week. 

At the Empress during the week Chevalier 
DeLorla. the shsrp shooter, waa the big novelty 
act, and George Yeoman, the German jester, 
with a brand-new line of socks snd talk, waa' 
the taugh-getter. Eekoff S3 Gordon created 


Schepp'a Dog. Pony snd Monkey Circus, at 
the Chutes. Is the feature act. Scbepp is as 
good a comedian aa he la a trainer. 

Grtath. tbe lightning calculator at the Or 
phenm, is a wonder, and while hta act borders 
on the arithmetic problems, clever comedy is 
Introduced which keeps the audience full of 
laughter and strict attention. His asalatant 
la very clever. 

Max Dill and Clarence Kolb will receive 
tl.040.S4 each aa X result of an order by Judge 
Graham, terminating the' recelTerehlp of tbe 
partners' affairs. Sales of costumes and scenery 
brought a total of »2.569.07. of which 1418 is 
held by the court to- meet clalma for attorney's 
feea and other expenses. 

Tbe biggest gang of workmen ever on tbe 
American Mualc Hall la now on. and work la 
being rushed to completion, although it will be 
onths before the bouse will be finished. 



Santa Clans waa with us laat week at one of 
the local department stores snd It waa tbe real 
artlet. Jimmy Sprlgga. that performed the part, 
to at* tbe little ones their wants. Many letters 
were sent to him by tbe boys of the white tops 
as rollows: 

Dear Santa— Please send me a female rasor. 
Aa I go back with tbe Wallace Show next year. 
Not a grass cutter, bat a rasor. — Henry Stents. 

Desr, Dear Santa Clans Tbe next time that 

yon get married, send m» an Invitation. Stingy 
Santa. Go to tbe country with your father and 
mother In law. Who cares. — Harry' Clark. 

Dear Santa Clans. — Kin 11 v send me some mnlc 
feet and dog biscuits aa fatuer'a Peat machine 
has not come to the front yet. — Arthur I'arvla. 
Desr Santa. — Find me some new corners, to 
\ tbe local boys are wlae to 

Dear Santa.— Now that you have acted so 
nobly, do ssk me to be your guardian aug-l snd 
to protect you from tbe circus fever ami the 
dally trlpa to tbe Dorr etreet lot J<s> Couley. 

Al. Brandt stopped tn to deliver me A Soul 
Kiss. His attraction Is coming to tbe Lyceum 

Al. Is still the busy one. He beat In bis nn- 
dc linen for Msusger Moore. 

Ted Nicholas, one of the local bora who Is 
now posting the pretty pictures for the Detroit 
lllll|MMllug Company, was tn the city for Xmas. 
He has on the strong bold of the union button. 

It Is talked about tbat the former manager 
Keleey. of the Lyceum Theatre, and-L. Bernard 
Gardner, of the Sunbeam, will open a nickel pic- 
ture house, near Adam and Summit streets. 
Looks like tbe boys have selected tbe best spot. 

Many thanks to George Armstrong for tbe 
beautiful picture and the great autograph on 
same foe the boys s round tbe theatre corners. 
The same will he plsced In tbe Oyster Bay 
Green Room, to adom the walla. 

Bert Chllcotte la soon to return to Flint. 

An old-time friend of ua all and some man- 
ager. Is Marleborough Hardy. He la back wit' 
Boater Brown. He looks well and atlll says 
be will not retire from the ahow business. 

It la reported tbat Manager McConnlrk will 
go after the clrcua business this coming year. 
Well. Mac. the white tons are something worth 
talking about. 

Business Manager Win. L. Wllken, In ad- 
vance of Buater Brown, did say hello, but all 
his breeay stuff for print Is mslled Into tbe 

. la giving some vaudeville acta 
at the MrCormlck Winter Garden Theatre. Tom 
Is- there on acts and soon will add some European 

genial Tom North, who does 
mstter for our paper. 

Haa anybody mlaaed seeing Dr. Kull and 
bla new electric (7) runabout. He did run out 
of juice the other night and called on bis 
neighbors for a new supply. 

Tbe Lyceum 8tock Company Is now being men- 
tioned In tbe programes or tbe local bouse. 
Kelsey and Kimball will retain the management. 
Opened date some ttmo In April. 

Mr. Wilson waa homo from Detroit, for the 
holidays. He la connected with the office forcea 
of E. D. Stair. In that city, and one time was 

In charge or the bookkeeping department of Th" 

Blade, of this city. 

Jule Pearce, formerly of the Whitney attrac- 
tions of Detroit, writes from Denver. He Is 
located In that city In theatricals. Good lurk. 

Chub Hippie, of The Klpples. Is borne with 
all hla barn-yard act for the holidays. They 
will soon appear with their vaudeville act tn 
the leading towns of Northern Michigan. 

Kia Morrison, the hustling agent, waa with 
ua for a few days In advance of Tbe Writ, 
which was the Chrlatmaa attraction for the 

Freddie, the. wonderful trick dog, baa been 
found. Sojourning on tbe East Side. 

Dick Crawford, who for many years baa been 
with Holden Bros.' Denver Express and No- 
body's Claim Companies, la now back In theat- 
ricals, only as a allcnt partner. He gave his 
oath, when he engaged tn tbe cement business, 
thnt bis show buslnesa waa over, but a talk 
with the aald gentlemen reveals tbe fart tbat 
royalty of the above plays were coming In 
great. Hla concrete promise bss many flaws. 

Nothing has been beard from Daniel Ttbhltta. 
Trait that Louisville. Ky„ received him with 

Here la wishing all my many friends and tbe 
new ones I nave met In the past year, A Happy 
and Prosperous New Year. 

Mr. Victor H. Smalley, playwright, newspa- 
perman, musician and press representative of 
the Orpheum. died December 20 at the Tonro 
Infirmary, after undergoing an operation for 
appendicitis. For a while It looked as though 
be would recover but perltonltla set in and his 
condition grew worse each day. HU body waa 
sent to St. Paul. Minn., bis former home, for 
burial. Mr. Smalley has twelve of his vaude- 
ville aketchea now on tbe road playing the big 
time and tbe best bouses; two of bis best- 
known productions are Nerve and Guilty. Alan 
be was tbe writer of a number of songs tbat 
proved big successes. 

Hooey Boy. George Evans, at tbe Crescent, 
made a personal donation of one hundred or 
tbe best seats In tbe bouse to The Times- 
Democrat Doll and Toy Fund. Mr. Evans par- 
ticipated In several benefits here laat year for 
the same fund while filling an engagement at 
the Tnlane at the time. 

Owing to severe throat troubles. Mile. Schol- 
ar, of tbe French Opera Company, was com- 
pelled to resign, but remained In New Or- 
leana for treatment. She has recovered her 
voice, snd aa soon ss Impresario Jules Lay- 
olle. heard of It be re-engaged her ror the bal- 
ance or the season 

Campbell Brother.' Circus and Meosgerie will 
winter here for the season. The show disbanded 
here and many of the performers lert ror tbelr 
homes, but some or them remained here with 
the show. 

Jndab B. Levy, of tbe Victor Theatre, tend- 
ered a benefit to The Timeev Democrat Doll and 
TOy tund. giving the entire day's receipts 
to the fund. 

The exhibit of tbe Louisiana Poultry Fanciers' 
Association held here December 18 to 18, was a 
big success. More than 12.000 people saw the 
exhibit, wblcb waa an excellent one. 

New Orleana has another high class vaude- 
ville theatre. Messrs. 8am S. and Lee Shubert. 
who have a long lease on the Lyric Theatre st 
Burgundy apd Iberville streets, are the pro- 
moters In the venture. Mr. E. L. Perry. 
-Southern representative of tbe Shuberta. atated 
tbat tbe 8huberts have been successful In the 
South this season and that they are branching 
out dally. Mr. Perry also atatea that vaudeville 
houses will he opened by tbe Shuberta at New 
York. Memphis. Atlants. Chicago an.' 
other places. 

P. 8. Mattox, business manager, and Matthew 
H. Smith, company- manager, and the chorus 
girls of the big Midnight Sons Company, gave 
several street concerts for the benefit of The 
Tlmes^Democrat Doll and Toy Fund, realising 

Wit. A. KOEPKE. 

City magicians at the Rogers Hotel, Tuesday 
evening. Dec. 20. Tbe evening's program In 
eluded much clever sllght-of-hand s ' 
magical work, among those contrlbut 
Arthur C. Boese. E. A. McCbeaney, _ 
J. J. Brown, ft. T. Eldrldge. George Kras 
A. W. Vernon, Charles Way and Pret 
David E. StlATt. Eleven candidates were lnitlat- 
for tbe big annual banquet were 
next regular monthly meeting 
be held tn St. Panl. Minn. 


Business wss somewhat light at nearly all the 
" C the holidays. 

I to Wbere " tbe 'tlTall *Dlvldes! 
rested In Omaha all tbe preceding week and apent 
tbelr holiday money for Xmas things In our 

Mrs. George P. Crook, former wife of the 
Past Exalted Ruler of the Elks, Is singing here 
at a local moving picture house. Mrs. Cronk 
has a good voice and Is singing sentimental 
ballads. She Is quite a bit. drawing big crowda. 

Mignonette Kokln. who waa on at the Or- 
pheum laat week, was tbe first alnger to Intro- 
duce the popular song. On a Moonlight Winter's 
Night, some years ago, which ballad waa the 
work ot a Omaha boy. Charles P. McDonald, 
now mualc editor or the Chicago Tribune. Mtss 
Kokln swears that tbe recent story or her losing 
$1,500 worth or sparklers la the troth, the wholo 
truth, and nothing but tbe troth. There now. 

The Cornell Glee and Mandolin Clnbe from Cor- 
nell College. New York, made a large Raw Raw 
hit wltb a big fash Ions hie audience st tbe Boyd 
on tbe night of December 26th. The members of 
the Al Fal Fa and Eta Btta Pie Societies were 
atrenoonaly hustled around to a marathon or en- 

Miss Lola Dowuln, formerly of tbe Rurwnod 
and Woodward stock Companies, la now leading 
lady of tbe Keith Stork Company, Portland. Me., 
where ahe haa won tbe hearts of the down- 

' " A little sketch entitled Cupid 4 Co. waa pulled 
off last week on the stage of the Krug Theatre, 
which made two human hearts happy and aa 
one. Tbe dramatla personae were Miss Acnes 
P. Nelson, who plays the title role In Tilly Olson, 
and B. W. Harrison, prominent member or tbe 
same company, and the little sketch. Cupid A 
Co.. was very Impressive, wrtb tbe aid or a min- 
ister. A big supper waa given all members of tbe 
company after the wedding, and toaata offered 
the happy pair. 

Miss Eva Lang, leading lady of tbe Wood- 
ward stock Company, playing at the Boyd, to- 
Ethel fl " 


The Kste Kean Chrlatmaa rnnd. wblcb waa 

13 t!?i t ^l. bt '"'; ^t ™ , ^'■ ,cn . Poorest families 

in tbla city st Chrlatmaa time, received an 
■™P"f ■HH? «hro«s;h tbe courtesy of .Manager 

Ml"", or the Dewey Theatre, on Kt- 
day night. Dee, 23. Ten per cent, or tbe box- 
offlce receipts or tbat night were turned over 
to the fund, and Her. 0. L. Morrill, local 
chaplain or tbe Actors' Alliance, addressed the 
audience from the stage, urging them to aid In 

the good work by contributing. The chorus 
girls ot The Lady Buccaneers, then playing 
the house, passed among tbe patrons and col- 
lected tbe contrtbntlona which practically 
doubled the amount originally donated by the 
Dewey Theatre Itself. 

When A. C. Plant, an actor appearing at a 
local theatre, entered his room at tbe National 
Hotel. Monday evening. Dec. 19. be discovered 
a burglar busily engaged in packing np an of 
bis belongings. He seized the robber snd strug- 
gled with him nntll Detective Frank Regan 
and Patrolman Charles Anderson, attracted by 
tbe noise, ran In and arrested tbe thief. Mr. 
Plant's pluck saved him all his personal effects. 
Including bis watch and other articles of 

On Friday afternoon. Dec. 23. during the en- 
gagement or Ramesea, tbe Egyptian wonder- 
worker at tbe Orpheum Theatre, tbe magician 
In place or bringing forth a living woman from 
bis magic cabinet, caused Santa Clans tn full 
regalia to appear Instead. Saota carried a 
aack of presents, and at the close of the act. all 
the children In the audience were invited to 
come upon tbe stage and each one received a 
remembrance from tbe Jolly saint. 

Manager Charles P. Salisbury, of the Lyric 
Theatre Stock Company operating at tbe Lyric 
Theatre, who haa been confined to hla apart- 
ments In the Avalon. with a severe attack of 
grippe, has sufficiently recovered to permit him 
to resnme his duties at the theatre. 

Sunday, Dec. 23, The Bachelor'a Honeymoon 
Company msde a brief stop-over In the Mill 
City. With tbe company, which haa been en- 
Joying a successful Western toor since August 
20. sre Mary Will. Isabel Qanlke ami Leslie 
Wilcox, all former pupils or Mr. and Mrs. 
Cham Meade Holt, or the Minneapolis School or 
Music. Oratory and Dramatic Art. 

The members or The Jolly Bachelors Com- 
pany entertained Informally at the Shubert 
Theatre. Christmas eve. ror the various actors 
and actresses appearing at the . other local 
bouses-, a vaudeville bill In wblcb all present 
contributed, formed a part of tbe evenlng'a 
amusement, and a gorgeous Chrlstmss tree wltb 
presents ror all topped off the affair. BIHIe 
Taylor waa master or ceremonies, and all the 
performers were Introduced by him under tbelr 
real names as fsr ss possible. A general 
good time waa reported by all attending. 

Over forty members and Invited gnesta attend- 
ed the banquet given by tbe Society of Twin 

presided over tbe cooking or tbe Chrlatmaa dinner 
ror the members of the company and the th -aire 
attaches which waa served on tbe stsge. wltb 
Manager 0. D. Woodward as High Chief Carver. 

Tbe "Bogey" alump railed to show up at the 
Gayety. The naual crowded bouses packed the 

place nearly every performance. 

H. J. ROOT. 


Milwaukee Is atlll locating a large number of 
moving picture theatres and all parts of the 
city are being favored with this popular form 

of amnsemrnt. North avenne on the northwest 
aide or the city, seems to be fsvored wltb the 
greatest number of new ones up to the present 
time. The Junneau Theatre, the new Sou' ■ 
side vaudeville boose, which after a run of vau- 
deville ebsnged its policy io stock, bss been 
featuring the Vandyke and Eaton Company. In 
one new bill each week at popular prices, has 
been enjoying a fine run or business. Tbe Em- 
pire another vaudeville bouse. In tbe same ter- 
ritory, also opened with atock week ur Dec. 

Jack Hennlng. who baa been one of the val 
nable men on the force or Saxr's mechanical 
depsrttnent. haa lert to become a manager. Mr. 
Hennlng has taken charge or the A'las Theatre 
a new moving picture house on Third stree 
which was opened recrntlv by the Atlas Amu* 
ment Company, and which seems to be prosne 
lng rrom tbe sttrt. 

Tbe Bercbtesgsdener Banrrn Theatre win o- 
seen In repertoire or Germsn playa during the 
week beginning New Year's dsv. They Intro- 
duce between the arts the beautiful dances 
known as "Scbuhnlstter. which are known the 
world over by that name. 

The Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill films are Is- 

lng placed with picture bouses In the nenrbv 

cities and there Is no donht but what they will 
he a great drawing card lu the towns where the 
show ltaeir does not have a chance to show 
In the regular season. 

Bnslness wltb all tbe homes bss Improved 
since Christmas snd the prospects are that the * 
rest of tbe sesson will remain In keeping wltb 
this Improvement. 



The Wales Amusement Co. will sls.v nnt all 
winter. Tney have recently added a 70-rt com- 
bination car. which gives them two vara. The 
carnival la progressing nicely wltb C. D. Wsles. 
manager, snd G. F. Woodwortb. general 
sgent. C. H. Cooper bss the concessions. 
The following shows are carried: Plantation 
Show Moving Picture Show. C. D. Wales, 
manager: Midnight Mysteries or India. W. M. 
Orea, manager; Alligator Show. I. B. Mlsmer. 
manager: Three Way Snake and Jungle Show. ft. 
F. Woodwortb. manager. W. H. Davis will 
Join them next week with the Edna Show. 
Martin Miller has the Carry-us-all. 

. A complete list of attract i o na ap- 
pearing in the cities mentioned on 
this page ia given in tha depart- 
ment beginning on page) 18, 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1811. 

The Amusement Week in Europe 


Hammerstein Visits the English Metropolis to Negotiate 
for the Erection of His "Wonderhouse"— Princess 
Clementina Produced at Queen's Theatre 

Hammerstein came to London tbla week. He 
■ff» vtolt h» reference to the eonatruetlon 
-or Bis London open palace about which be 
wtaoeeto consult architect* and surveyors. 

According to him tola new theatre la to be 
the —waader-bonae" of the world; It to "to be 

Grand opera only to to 
too early, ao Hammerstein says, to _ 
about the arttota who will appear hot be 
they ahall be the beat In the world. In fact, 
no expense will be apared to produce (rand 
opera on a acale that will make the createat 
city In the world prood of Ita opera bouses. 

It la understood that the new enterprise Is 
entirely In the bands of Hsmmerstein. In fact, 
be apparently reaenta outside aaatotanca 

of any 

"Tlw secret of my ancceaa In part." he 
Jt told an interviewer, "baa been that I 
do not take snyone's adrice. I rely on my own 

eyea. ear* and experience. Opera director* are 

bom. not made, and I bare confidence In my 
«wn Judgment. I think grand opera la the 

highest possible form of art. I lore It and bp- 
cans* I lose It I. am rolnjr to do It In England." 

Many of as here will watch the course of Uam- 
merateln'i lodgment In the present Instance 
with moeb Interest. In fsct. if ba relies on It 
solely It will become even more Interesting. Bat. 
of coarse. If be be the (anion be lays claim to 
-be. then be will overcome tbe difficulties that 
await him In an enterprise of this kind In a 
strange co untr y with ease. 

The Princess Clementina, a historical novel 
baaed on A. E. W. Mason's novel. Clementina, 
was produced at tbe Queen's Theatre a few 
.nights ago. Tc • .lory is largely baaed on his- 
torical fact and moat of tbe characters who 
appear in the play are rounded on real per- 
sonages. It baa already been sen In the 
provinces and It waa received with so mnch 
favor on Ita appearance here that It la likely 
to hold the boards for some time. The Princess 
Bobrleakl waa the daughter of John Sobrieskl. 
tbe king of I'olsnd. and became tbe wife of the 
•old pretender, known among the Jacobite* as 
James III, of England. In order to prevent the 
marriage she was Imprisoned by tbe emperor at 
lunsbrnck and tbe story of tbe play turna on 
her deliverance by the aid Of Charles Wogan. 
•one of those gallant adventurous Irishmen who 
remained loyal to the Stuart cause. Tbe piece 
to full of Incident and color. In the task of 
rescuing tbe princess. Wogan undergoes many 
hair-breadth escapes. He la. however, somewhat 
bandy with his sword snd he manages to wonnd 
or kill bis pursuera and bla enemies every time. 
As happens often In sncb cases tbe princess 
falls In love with her deliverer and be had 
already been lo love with her. In tbe end. 
loyalty to the king triumphs over love for tbe 
woman and Wogan brings her safely to Bologna 
where Jamea was then living. H. B. Irving 
tskes the psrt or Wogan and acts with plctnr- 
esqoe cbsrm and Tlgur. At the samp time the 
role Is ore that la more fitted to Fred Terry or 
Lewis Waller and either of tbe latter wonld 
sblne therein. The part contain* a certain vein 
or humor, and like his father, Irving la not 
remarkable for tbe possession of this quality. 
Princess Clementina Is played by Miss Stells 
Patrick Campbell, daughter of "Mrs. Pat." 
with great grace and feeling hot not with any 
degree of power. Helena Rons waa the greatest 
s access. Sbe playa the character of the prin- 
cess' mother and gives a clever and amusing 
representation of that mighty and affected roy- 
alty. The otbr parta In the play are ex- 
cellently filled and tbe play being one of the 
best or the romantic type seen for some time, 
it ongbt to have a great future in front of It. 

Early In the new year. George Edwardea will, 
by arrangement with Charles Wyndham. produce 
Is Matrimony a Failure? at the Criterion. Paul 
Arthur Is to produce the piece and play one of 
the leading parta and the caat will also Include 



With Fred Terry and Julia Nellson returning 
borne. Oscar Ascbe and Lily Brayton will have 
to find a new borne for Count Hannibal, which 
attll draws enthusiastic and crowded audiences. 
This will be at tbe Carries Theatre, and then 
Laurence Irving In bla turn will have to look 
out for a new domicile for The Unwritten Law. 

Now tbat the removal of The Whip baa at 
last lert the gr at atage or Drnry Lane clear 
for pantomime rehearsals. Jack and tbe Bean 
stalk, particularly the beanatalk. la showing 
quick and conspicuous development. On tbla 
occasion greater heights In the form or mechan- 
ical arrangements are to be climbed than have 
ever been attempted before and aa nsual the 
management mean to spring one or two big sur- 
prise novelties on tbe audience. The principal 
girl will be Julia James, a pretty product of 
the Gaiety school, who has done well on both 
shies of the water in Our Miss GIbbs. 

Sunday kinematograph ahowa have been or- 
dered to cease In London for the present. I told 
yon a week or two ago that the magistrate 
had decided in their favor on this point, bnt 
since then the esse has been taken to the Court 
of Appeal and the judges there bare decided 
gainst the shows. The controversy arises on 
tbe point aa to whether under Kinematograph 
Act of last year the London County Council has 
the power to refuse licenses to any picture abow 
that opens on Sundays. I take It that the case 
will be carried to the Supreme Court of Appeal, 
but meanwhile tbe theatres must close their 
doors and thousands of. Londoners be " 
of a pleasant and harmless way of 
hour or two on Sunday evenings. 

It Is rumored that some friends or Anna Held 
nave offered to build for her in London a play- 
bouse of her own to be called the Anna Held, 

that after her long holiday from the stage, sbe 

Ufa of the 
Palace has _ 
when sbe la at 

tbe excitement work and 
ber abort season st the 
her tbat she la happier 

for six or seven 

**( MSmavSSss " 


New Play at Gymnase Attracts Wide Notice— The 
Mme. Aboukaia, Sustains Serious 
Injuries in Frightful Fall 

La Fugitive la a daring play. In America, 
aa It stands, it would have no chance. The 
censor would atop 
nard Shaw's Mrs. 
like this plsy, Lg 
on In s hurry. 

Tbe story is well bandied and there la much 
tbat la praiseworthy In tbe story. Only we 

ronld have no c Dance. -ana 
It quicker tbsn be did Ber- 
Warrrn'a Profeaalon. and an- 
FuglUve would not get back 


Director of the 

seemed bound to be a failure. Then the Man 
from Mexico came along, made a huge success, 
and changed the lnck of the place. The lateat 
development Is that F. C. Whitney has acquired 
a 09-year lease and will produce Alblnl'a new 
comic opera, entitled Baron Trenck, there on 
Easter Monday next. From tbat date on the 
theatre will be known as "The Whitney Thea- 

Talking of Whitney. It mnat be aald tbat he 
has really made an extraordinary bit with The 
Chocolate Soldier here. It has Just passed Its 
100th performsnce and looks like running for a 
great deal longer yet. Confirmed In his belief 
tbat high-class comic opera Is moat acceptable 
to London plsygoers, Whitney hss jnst visited 
Vienna and secured four new works which he 
proposes putting before the London public. Two 
of these operas. My Young Master and Tbe Lit- 
tle Friend, are from th« pen of Oscar Strauss, 
composer of Tbe Chocolate Soldier. On the 
sublect or the latter opera I mlgbt mention that 
a few nlgbts ago the principal part of Nadlnn 
waa undertaken at almost a moment's notice by 
Miss Pearl Ladd. the American soprano, who 
had only been studying the psrt for a few days, 
with Immense success. 

John Calvin Brown, who recently acquired tbe 
ground at Earl's Court, to greatly altering and 
improving It. The majority of the buildings 
whlcb bare done duty there for some years past 
have been cleared away, and their place will be 
taken by new and brighter structure*. The 
buildings whlcb have been retain d are to be 
entirely redecorated and beautified, and tbe 
grounds are to be converted into , pleasure park. 
In ita changed form. Earl'a Court in the future 

on page 24.) 

Americans have a different point of view on 
most things, snd the question of morality snd 
Immorality Is where we differ most from the 
French. It Is not for me to say which Is tbe 
right side snd which Is the wrong. All I ssy 
Is, It Is so. I mlgbt add, however, tbat we 
sometimes miss a good tblng because of this 
"point of view," for tbere are Instances of 
where It la carried to ths limit of prudery. 
Personally I tblnk nothing thst truly relates 
life can be really bad, any more than a lovely 
ststue lo the nude csn be bsd. so long aa It la 
reverently handled and tbat which to uplifting 
la not left blddeo. Tbere Is « certain morality to 
be found even In Immorality. 

Mme. Journaud la a widow. Sbe baa two 
daughters, the younger of whom Is Antoinette. 
Since tbe deatb of her husband abe haa stinted 
and ssved snd saerlflced In the Iboussnd ways 
s mother knows, to preserve a good "dot" for 
ber two girls when tbey marry. Georges Mar 
land, a hlg-beartrd fellow, all this time, baa 
been In love with Mme. Journaud, though abe 
haa never given htm the least encouragement. 
Her entire sttenllon snd her entire life are de- 
voted to her two girls. 

Presently the dsugbters are married, Antoi- 
nette to Leon Ouvrler. the older, who does not 
figure greatly In tbls story, being tbe first 
to wed. Now tbat the responsibility Is taken 
from ber. tbe mother listens to ber own besrt 
for tbe first time. Georges Is s good msn snd 
she loves blm, ss sbe now resllses. He Is mar- 
rled, living apart from his wife, from whom, 
through some complications, there csn be no 
divorce. Good, honest woman tbat abe Is, 
Mme. Joornsnd determines to go away wltb 
Georges anyway. They decide to spend some 

time together In Egypt. The soo-ln-lsw Is 
very much opposed to this trip, for the pontic 
is not nowise as to wbo wlU be tbe companion 

Of his mother-in-law. Rrapectfully be trim to 

persuade her from leavng. She leaves anyhow. 

When abe returns some time later she finds 
tbe household of Antoinette and Leon on the 
verge or rupture. Leon tells ber that Antoi- 
nette and be do not understand esch other. 
Antoinette ssys tbe same thing, as soon as 
the two women are left alone together. Ibw 
is very unhappy. Leon Is cold. But Leon, 
lo another scene wltb bis mother- la-law. tells 
ber thst he does not mean to be cold, and that, 
though be mlgbt love badly, be love* Antoinette 
Just the same, very deeply. He pleads tbat 
Mme. Journaud help him ksep ths loss or An- 
toinette from erasing entirely. 

Mixed in all this affair tbere Is aa agreeable 
fellow, named Edmond Danver. He Is laying 
siege to tbe heart or Antoinette. At first ber 

suspicions lolled to sleep by tbe plausible Kd- 
mond. tbe mother rather encouraged tbe affair. 

thinking It Innocent, and It bring her belief 
thst (Leon being somewhat distant toward bis 
wife) sbe needed sympathy and friendship sncb 
ss Edmond ronld give to ber. Bnt Antoinette, 
wildly vexed with ber husband. Is on the verge 
of deceiving him when tbe motber sees the 

Antoinette Is preparing 
er mother bad done with 

true state of 
to do exactly what 
tbe married not nndlvorced Georges, 
nounclug ber own happiness, tbe mother throw* 
herself into tbe breach and ssve* the daughter. 
Leon and Antoinette are reconciled and one la 
Informed subtly thst s little Leon or Antoi- 
nette Is not a dlstsnt probability. 

Tbe lsst act abowa tbe couple being watched 
over by tbe motber. wbo baa for all time re- 
nounced George* and ber own love that abe 
mlgbt devote herself exclusively to the happi- 
ness of Antoinette, wbo now. more than ever, 
needs tbe sympsthy of a mother's love. 

Tbere are fonr seta In this comedy, whlcb 
Is by Andre Plcard. It waa produced for the 
Drat time In any theatre this week st the 
Mile. Yvonne de Brsy plays Aotot 

nrtte. Mme. Jeanne Cnerlel Mme. Joarneod. 
Both are line. Claud* Garry make* a capital 
Leon: Georges Mlrland la cleverly played by 
Gaston Dnbosc. The first act at tbe opening 
performance received four calls; tbe second fonr 
Call*: tbe third Ave. Dnbosc announced the 
name or tbe author after the fourth art. which 
received four calls. Tbe Figaro aald: 

"It I* an original comedy with an ingenious 
snd penetrating psycbnlogy which st first sp- 
peara bumorooa llbertlnlam. but which later 
reaches tbe emotions by tbe simplest snd most 
human means." 
Tbls is s very fair criticism. 


Les Affrsnchls (Tbe Freedmsn) waa pro- 
duced for tbe flrst time tbls week at the 
Odeon at a matinee. It la by Mile. Leoernr. 
who. I am told, la deaf and dumb. Tbla sbe 
might be. so fsr ss ber ears snd tongue are 
concerned, bnt ber pen Is not only ■ tslker, 
bnt a mightily Interesting talker aa welL 

M. Antolne, wltb tbls matinee, started 
whst be calls tbe presentation of plays "more 
Interesting tbsn paying." each of which will 
be given twice, both at matinee performance*. 
Tbls first wss a real success, but ss be says. 
It Is not probable tbat It would pay since It Is 
for tbe most psrt over tbe heeds of the aver- 
sge sudlence. Les Affrsnchls rasy be termed 
s preface to nenry Bstsllle's piece. La Vlerge 
Fnlle, only tbe heroine. Instead of being "fool- 
ish." turns out "wise." Bstsllle's piece 
takes s msn of forty-live AFTER be has 
won the love of a girl of seventeen, tbrn pnts 
blm through four sets or pssslon. He does not 
tell how toe man won the girl's love. Mile. 
Lenerue does that. She takea the beginning 
of pssslon. making ber hero a sort or sunermsn. 
bis heroine a species of superwomsn. Ths hero 
Is the greatest philosopher of his day, preach- 
ing a doctrine which sbstter* to bit* old 
fashioned morality. Tbe heroine comes from ■ 
Cistercian convent snd prove* to be one of the 
free minds or whlcb the hero Is leader. tv> 
getber they read snd stndy and, of course, 
fsll In lore. Shall tbey nnlte. tru* to their 
bellefa In tbla higher morality, despite tbs fsct 
tbst the philosopher hss a living wife? Tea. 
saya the man. Tbe girl la afraid. Tbe mother 
superior of ber old convent tslks to ber snd 
wins ber back to the fold. She rennnclstes 
tbe philosopher, who ssks her If self sacrifice 

another AbolBr'./'ind'' Melof'se " to' r'' "s* nd° la 'etov* 

erly done by the pl.yera wbo Interpret It. 


Leon Osndlllot snd Alphonse de Bell sr* re- 
sponsible for Les Plgeonettes. a fares corned le 
In three acta, produced at the Dejaset this 
week. A "plgeonette" is a French toy — pigeon 
on wheels. whlcb bobs its head snd coos 
when pushed along the floor. Lsst week I 
told of "Tbe Women and tbe Jumping Jack- 
play; tbls Is another piece wltb a title carrying 
the same Idea. 

Llane de Coromercy wishes to marry tbe Rua 
slsn Prince Oatrnpotchlne. bnt first sbe mast 
get rid of her "friend." tbe somewhat elder, 
hut quite rich Hector Cbamperrirr. Also a bus 
hand, from whom she has been living apart for 
ten yean. The ruses she hss to sdopt and the 
scheming she Indulges In, In order to obtain 

the divorce, make up the bulk of the piece. In 

tbe end It Is found thst tbs bnshsnd bsd' al- 
ready obtained a divorce some year* hick; and 
then Prince Ostrapotchlne confesses thst he I* 
only a barber from Toulouse, wbo assumed the 
title of Prince while In Paris, In order - thst 

(Continued on nag* 24. > ,»jV • 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 


Burlesque and Music 


Reviews, Remarks and Live News items from All Depart- 
ments of Both Burlesque Wheels, Gathered 
for The Billboard 


now that the Merry Cbrlstmss thing has b* 
• 1 chestnut we hire bad to ■witch It to "A 
New Year" and will keep on a.jtng It 
a nuisance. Moat of aa are 

it necomes a diuhikt. ohm. mi 
that the holidays ore ot«t and that we 
now be able to settle down to regular 

— i« — — — I .. tli.t la when *#l 

i once again, that la when we get 
igo anawrrlng all of thoae kind frlenda who 
were tbongbtfnl enough to aend oa an Xmaa 
remembrance, were It onlr In the aha pa of a 
simple card. Alt of oa are not able to make 
our frteoda Xmaa pcesente and the Bending of 
friendly greeting! in the abape of Xmaa carta, 
la to my mind, toe more appropriate. The 
glelng of Xmaa preeente la nnaatlafactory at 
the heat, and It usually wlnda np by a useless 
waste of money, due to the sending of uu- 
aultable pmrau or of giving Juit tbe wrong 
article. Again, the receipt of a present often 
negate nntaapplneea owing to the Inability or 
the recipient to respond or to return the com- 
pliment. It la. of coarse, "flood to be remem- 
bered." bat I know of do more appropriate 
way than by the simple 

Speaking of Xmaa carta reminds me of a sub- 
ject upon which I bare loot Intended to apeak, 
namely the delivery and rapid forwarding of 
mall by tbe official* at the earlooa theatre* 
aronnd tbe wheels. Tbla applies to theatres or 
all discretions, and tbe matter la. of more 
than passing Importance, aa 'the mall of tbe 
traveling performer la too often aadly neglected, 
and la often left to lay In tbe mall boa on 
the stage, or worse still. In tbe box-office In 
the front of tbe bonse for dsys — snd In some 
eeees foe weeks. Of course there at* theatres 
where there are real managers who glee, even 
the matter of performers' mall their attention. 

bnt more often than not, th. 
carelessness Is displayed In the 

to^lle'untll they 

Iter of mall 

About s rear ant I happened to b» on the 
atage at a certain theatre In the middle weat. 
and looking Into the mall box I waa surprised 
to flnrl there, mstl for almost every theatre In 
the town. Some of It bad been there foe weeks, 
while some waa for performers with attraction* 
which had played tbe house a week or no be- 
fore, and which should hare been promptly for- 
warded. There la nothing of more Importance 
than mall and tbe contents of a letter may be 
of the moat vital Importaace to tbe addressee 
aa well as to the sender. A deal of eareleaa- 
neaa Is ofteo dlaplayed In the addressing of 
thestrlcsl mall the nsme of the st tract Ion be- 
ing often omitted, snd striving st Its destlns- 
tloo after the show It Is Intended for bss left 
town, tbe house stsff, or whoever attenda to the 
nail, having no means of finding out with 
what show the person It Is sddressed to. Is with, 
returns It to tbe dead-letter ooic* and the 
message, however Important, la lost. Tbe cor- 
rect and careful addressing of all inters In 
tended for traveling performers Is a matter 
which shonld be given due attention, while 
bouse managera abould rlgldir Inalat nnon tbe 
moat pmmnt snd c.ref.,1 handling of •llm.ll 
m»tie»r aiinrtuR+si to iDrir rr»pecuve inran***. 


Ed. Osllsger Is pnttlng ont a second edition 
of The Bsttle of Too Boon, snd has arranged 
with Harry IMIark. of the roleck Hooking Ex 
change, to book the act on that time. 


The executive atari for Jack Faust's New 
Century Olrla la: Jack Faust, manager; A. A. 
ReeTea. advance agent; Tom Burnett, atage 
manager; Jnllua Usurer, mnslcsl director 
• Stuge" McMillan, stsge 
derson. electrlclsn; Stella 


To ssy that The Serenade™ waa the beat 
show at the eeaaon. would be a somewhat risky. 
If not broad assertion, bnt I do venture to say 
that, foe nrtrlnsl lines snd carefully selected 
humor. Jack Singer baa given us. la The Beren- 
aders. t show that Is far above the general 
!■*%!■» average, and one of which he may In- 
deed be proud. Its preseot csst of principals. 
Its well balanced chorus of all good looking 
HX ft original B nmbera. Ira atrong olio and 
elaborate staging all help to make Slnger'e 
new .now an eye-opener to all Interested In the 
progress (D d development at modern burleaiue. 
"hen one looks bsrk at Th* Bersnadera of the 
paat few seasons snd compares the ahows that 
°- Arnold gave oa. with the present Singer 
Production, lbs only thought that arise, la "how 
"'St"".!' "what an laprovement." 

. ,h,n « which greets tbe view of tbe 
•pectslor when the curtain rises on the first 
2* .°. f T1 K. ••resauers. In the attractive and 
reallatle anting of a scene on shipboard, sbow- 
!— tbe main deck or the Teasel with chart 

one„r n r rra " , 1 "* ***** 0f »»• 0000 Ih * n , ,,mbw 'ad by crane Wilbur, na 
~. P 1 ".crryweether. wise makes a (Ins sp- 
mer?. ,1, ,n th ? " ittSl "ax ""''orm of the 
9**M m. marine offlcer. Wilbur begin, the 
die. 1 1 • ln » , »» ft»m the edge of the quarter 
deck, hut descends later and finishes at the foot- 


SW *?!.- awtnawjj giSiti aa Clancy, la a clean 
and hutwrone "Tad" and la a big asset to the 
although hit work In th* closing bur- 
ls utterly spoiled by but Inability to 
the part he attempts, tbat of a French. 
Gaston, which be plan with aa Irish 
m.rk.M. TiU J** "It of the .how la tbe re- 
ami i h.7. i.iTS'.'v. 0 * L * w K * U T est Prof. Dope, 
and his Inimitable manner of reading hit many 
i hrinia roira^of laughter at every 

tne*. as does hla clean-cot 


Cool ton. who 

Ideal of 


Notes of the Latest Successes of American Song Writer* 
and the Vaudeville Performers by Whose Aid 
They Are Popularized 


Up tbe Rickety Stairs, the new comic song 
bit by Arthur J. Lamb and J. Fred Heir, la 
the biggest laughing success Lew Dockatader bss 
ever sung. It wss Introduced to Greater New 
York at the Majestic 


1 Tup tic lor Hastings' BlC 

. tEattrrn Wheel). 

all Those Endearing Young Charms, were the 
moat attractive features of the show, but were 
tar too little appreciated by the prosaic and 

polyglot audience which pscked the Pittsburg 
flayety, when I aaw the show. Mlaa Conlto- 
does a clever bit with Lew Kelly In the closing 
burlesque, which proves her ability aa an net 
rasa. This refers to her clever simulation of 
an Intoxicated woman, which la more than or- 
dinarily good. 

Grace Vinton. In tbe Ingenue role, la lovable, 
and her apotless appearance and simple win- 
someuesa aoon makes her a favorite. Margaret 
King. In ber old role of Frltxl Scbeff. Is tbe 
aaroc Margaret as she wss with tbe good old 
Pasting Review of a tew seasons ago. and her 
work It unchanged. Margaret leadt several 
numbers snd Incidentally shows ss much as pos- 
slbls of ber ramous perfect shsne, while tbe 
several numbers she leads are til nicely handled. 
She looka particularly good In tbe closing bur 
lesqoe In a peachy looking gown, and her song. 
There May be Something Wrong With My Kje». 
couldn't help bnt remind one of Mollle Williams, 
tor Margsret's every movement and style aug 
grated th* dashing Mollle. 

The olio contains but three acts, bnt all are 
good. Mullen and Coogan open the bill with a 
retlly clever talking act. Into which Is Intro- 
duced soms wooden shoe dancing of more than 
uanal merit. I do not claim to be an authorltv 
on dancing but I feel surt that Allan Congan 
other night that 
iTct a 

of a 

a sort of love and duty 

1m a 

deal « 

ont of the ordinary. 

Tbe second act on the olio bill la th* Six 
Jurgllng Blossoms, a aextette of neatly dre-sed 
and good-looking Knelled glrla, at leaat they 
bare an Engl lab. appearance. Their act constats 
of Joggling and throwing tennla racqueta and 
Indian clubs, the glrla doing some very pretty 
and clever work. They finish with a circular 
atage picture, throwing tbe cluba to each other 
at fair speed, tb* multi-colored objects flashing 
throuRh the sir snd lending plcturesqueness to 
tbe striking ensemble. The McGuinuett Bros., 
who wear a neat uniform to open their act. do 
some more dancing, snd do It well, snd In spite 
of their being the second .lancing act on the 
bill, arc a good-slaed hit. The burlesque opens 
Dp wltb sn Interior, supposed to be tbe Cafe 
De Paris. It only runs a few minutes, bat 
what there la of It la bright and quick. 

Lew Kelly retains tbe same character, while 
Turbett. who so distinguishes himself In tbe 
first part, la an abaotote Jcke aa the French 
waller. Why. oh why, doesn't ho change that 
to an Irlah character, or at leaat play It In some 
character of which he can handle tbe dialect. 

There are several very good numbers with tbe 
new Serenarter*. and a deal of originality It 
shown In their production. Some of the ldeaa 
are not new. bnt they are cleanly and care- 
fully worked ont and are therefore deserving 
of merit. Sleepy Head, led by Grace Vinton, 
assisted by the pontes, waa particularly attrac- 
tive, tbe glrla looking well In tbelr nretty bine 
allk pajama suits. The glrla finished wltb 
skipping- ropes, on* of them, who I believe was 
a deal of grace 

Mr. Dockatader and hla Twentieth Century Mln- 
ttrelt played during the week beginning Dee. 
19. Among other Helf numbers which are big 
hlta with tbe Dockatader Company are: Oee. But 
It's Great to Meet a Friend From Your Home 
Town. When a Boy from Old New H a mpsh i re 
Loves a Otrl from Tennessee. I Will Love Too 
Alwsys Just for Auld Lang Byoe. My Lov* is 
Greater Than the World. The Oklahoma Twirl, 
and Play that Barber Shoo Chord, the latter 
and played by the 
his owd Inimitable 

Nat M. wills la elnglnr that moat effective 
comic bit ft. the Rickety Stairs (tbe legitimate 
successor to Everybody Works Bnt Father), and 
declare. It Is one of the fonnleat aongt he bat 
ever used. 


The Three Lyren. the new Western musical 
set. sre tsklng msny encores wltb Trace j and 
McGarlah's msreb bit. Oe*. But It's Great to 

Meet a Friend From Your Home Town. 

Among the many artiste singing Oh, Yost 
Bear Cat Btg on tire Pacific Coast, are the 
Three White Kuebna. who have done much to 
popularise this lively number In San Francisco. 

Gee. But It's Great to Meet a Friend From 
Your Home Town, by tbe writers of Play Tbat 
Barber Shop Chord and Oklahoma Twirl, la a 
bit with the American Comedy Four. 

The Morrlssey Staters snd Brothers sr* da DC- 

IS meeting ^SSSSRRX 
number. ^ 

Miller. Garrlty and Dnggan are featuring tbe 
new novelty dancing hit. Tbe Oklahoma Twirl. 

Hrlvester and Redmund are acorlng heavily 
with Gee. But It't Grett to Meet a Friend 
from Your Home Town. 


Irene Htwley has edited Ob. You Bear Cat 
Rag to her repertory of popular hlta. 


St. Clair and Eltner have found My Love la 

Greater Than tbe World the 
b*?y nave ever nRttl. 

ballad tbey 

The Dixie Serenade^ are 
It's Great to Meet 
Town with much eocecss. 

When a Boy from Old New Hampshire Loves 
a Girl From Tennessee la Jack noward'a big- 
gest applause winner. 

Sugar Moon, led by Allen 
clever number, the pnnl 
carried In by shtnyfsc* 

la another 
which la 
Iris them- 
selves but cleverly built to give tbe sbove Im- 
pression. In fact half the audience la puttied, 
and the other half sin-prised when tbe girls 
step from tbelr burdens snd expoae tbe clever 
Imitations, which sre resllsttcslly pot together. 
The finale of the first part ahowa an Ingenious 
human flat: which la formed by the girls, who 
swsrm. like sailors, upon tb* perpendicular 
frame which la art np r 
makes an attractive _ 
led by Margaret King, who wore. 

tractive red dress. 

In the closing burlesque there sre several 
good numbers, especially th* beautiful 8e ten- 
ad era Walts, which waa led by tbe charming 
Miss Couiton. sod which is. to my mind, on* 
of the prettiest numbers ever seen nnon s bor- 
lesque tttge. Matt Oontton looked charming In 
a pretty pale pink evening gown with a big 
black picture bat and eang gloriously. 

Tbe sinuous Lov* Walts, by Allen Coogan and 
Dot Dnvall. la also well worthy of mention at 
la Chantecler by the entire chorus. .»s 1 «ald 
before, there may be better shows than The 

rleil In hy shiny-faced darkeyt. w 
llty are dummlea carried by tbe girl 
rea but cleverly built to give the ab 

upon tne perpendicular 
for tbe purpose snd which 
picture. This number It 
• who wore, s none too st- 

.a Pittsburg. Lew Kelly, of Tbe Ser- 
ena tiers, wss compelled to lty off for a couple 
of daya owing to trouble with nU voice. ni« 
part of Professor Dope, wss cleverly 
by James 

by James Mullen, of Mullen and Coogan. who 
surprised th* entire company by bit retlly good 
work. Dot Dnvall. of the same company, baa 

also been unable to work for tbe past few days, 
owing to an accident which occurred to her at 
tbe Baltimore Gayrty. and which resulted In 
the dislocation of an arm. Her place ru the 
dance with Allen Coogan baa been taken by 
Hilda Godltx, who did enxprtsrogly well. 


On Cbrlatmaa eve tb* writer wss present at 
a pleasant little dinner given by Fred Rnaaail. 
of the Renti Santley Snow, to a few of hi. 
many frlenda In tbe business. Among those 
pit s en t were: Harry will Isms. Henry Kuxta- 
man, Wm. Smyth*. Charles Barrett. Frank 
Milton MannUt. H. R. Polack. Nick 

on page « > 

The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

-2 -i- 


The Bookings off Theatres in Towns and Cities Everywhere 


oTGHAK— SHUBEBT (W. Mat t lee. 

Manhattan Opera Company week or -0- 
_EUiI {Jake Wells, mgr.) Dark. MAJES- 
TIC (Carl Rettlck. mgr.) Itamsny Sisters, Harry 
An trio, Nellie Burt. Bernard and ~ 
Three Dooleya week of 26. 


mgr.) J. Lubrlel Hill Co. Id A BlackTllle Cor- 
• Jan. 2. 

Orth and The 

Wills Holt 

.. Bernard, and Orth. Fitzgerald and 
The Graters, Nellie Bart, Harry Antrln, 
' oca and Monkeys week of 28. CAPI- 
I'ennell, mgr.) Tempest and Sunshine 
'NEB (A. M. Ybanes. mgr.) Girls 26. 


mgr.) Jefferson DeAngeles In The Beaaty 
week of 25. COLUMBIA (Gottloh. Man & Co.", 
mars.) The Dollar Princess week of 26. GAR- 
RICK (X. Magner, mgr.) Max Dill Co. in 
Playing tbePooles week of 23. ALCAZAR (6. 
H. Davis, mgr.) Stock Co. In Brewster's Mil- 
lions week of 26. PRINCESS (S. Lovlek. 
mgr.) A Broken Idol week of 25. OBPHEUM 
(John Morrlsey, mgr.) Brothers Rlgoletta, La 
Fla, Howard, ventriloquist: Mellvllle and HIs- 
gtns. Cbas. Leonard. Fletcher. Qnlgley Bros.. 
Cross and Josephine week of 25. EMPRESS 
(Sid Graaman. mgr.) The Bonbalr Troupe, 
Knight Bros, and Sawtelle. Huntress. Rellly 
and Wells. Daly's Country Choir. Robe Dick- 
son, Ellse Schqyler and moving pictures week 
25. CHUTES (Ed. Levy, mgr.) Zaretstry 
Troupe. Henderson and Thomas. Free Morton- 
Jewel Troape. Thlessen's Pets, Kiltie Duo, Hsw- 
ley and Olcott and moving pictures week of 
25. NATIONAL (D. J. Graaman. mgr.) The 
Mtmsons. Frank and Lonlse Beverly, Joe Kir- 
by. Bnrke and three to fill week 25. WIGWAM 
(Sam Harris, mgr.) May Nanery and Co.. The 
Rials, Beatrice Tamer, Bomain, Billy Chase. 
Happy Jack Gardner and Co.. Barnes' Bears 
and moving pictures week of 25. AMERICAN 
(Ed Homan, mgr.) Annento Bros.. Besnah and 
Stiller. Jas. Post Co. and moving pictures week 
25. ODEON (Tony LobelskL mgr.) Almont 
.and Dumont, Just Three ~ 
Deer. Alfred Swlnton. My 
Quartette week of 25. 

Barton, mgr.-) 

LOS A5GELE8. — MAJESTIC (Oliver Morosco. 
mgr.) Mary Mannerlng In A Man's World week 
of 26. MASON OPERA HOUSE (W. T. Wyatt, 

week' iVSP 
mgr.) B~lasco Stock 
(Oliver M. Burbank, mgr.) Burbank Stock Co. 
mgr.) Ferris Hart man am 
Campos week of 26. 



.mgr.) James T. Powers In Havana week of 
Tan. 2. BROADWAY (Peter McCourt. mgr.) 
A bora English Grand Opera Company week of 
Jan. 2. MAJESTIC (J. Rash Bronson, mgr.) 
May Orletta and Fred W. Taylor. Tbe Bound- 
ing- Table Wonders. The Three Imperials, Nat 
Lefflngwell and Company, Bnsh and Peyser, T. 
Nelson Downs week of 24. PA STAGES' (W. 
A. Weston, mgr.) Hardeen. the Handcuff King; 
Hugh J. Emmett. Buford. Bennet and Bufford 
.Devtne an-I Williams. Harry Botter and Com- 
pany, ami Harry Qulnlau week of 24. 0R- 
PHEUM (A. C. Carson, mgr.) Russian Dancers. 
Camllle Oher. Frank Morrell. Galettl's Monks. 
Mignonette Kokln Marie ana Billy Hart, On- 
law Trio week of Jan. 2. 


rlck, mgr.) Queen of the Highway 26; New 
York Yiddish Opera Company 28: At the Old 
Cross Roads 30-31: Mine. Sarah Bernhardt Jan. 
2. POLI'S (Lewis Garvey. mgr.) The Plnuo- 
pblend Minstrels, Kellat Mack and Frank Artie. 
Cbss. and Rose Coventry. Rita Bedneld. Tbe 
Primrose Your. Ernest Carr and Company, 
Sammy Watson's Farmyard and Circus and plo 
tares week of 26. KEEXEY'S EMPIRE (S. 
L Oswand. mgr.) Nelson Dean Company, Dor- 
othy Manners. The MeCarrert. YamamaH 
Brothers. Phil Taylor's Canines and pictures 
week of 26. 

mgr.) Henry Kolker 26-27; Elsie Janls 28-29; 
Irving Stace Theatre Opera Company 30-31. 


WnjtThTGTON. — GARKICK (W. L. DocksUd- 
er. mgr.) Th» Rolfonlans. Geo. W. Leslie and 
Company. Gorman and West, Tbe Taymonds. 
Frank Hayes and Anne Sotte. Cbas. T_ Gill and 
Company. Bennett and Lewaze and pictures week 
of 26. AVENUE (Conness and Edwards, mgrs.) 
Avenue ^Stnck . Company in The College Widow 


er, mgr.) Klaw and Erlanger and Henry B. 
Harris present two entertainments In one pro- 
gram. Roth St. Denis In Dances of Ancient 
Esrypt; and AndreotTs Russian Court Orches- 
tra week Jan. 2. BELASCO (L. Stoddard Tay- 
lor, mgr.) Sam and Lee Shnbert present Clvde 
Fitch's drama. The City, week Jan. 2. NA- 
TIONAL tw. H. Rspley, mgr.) Charles Froh- 
man presen»s Jobn Drew in Smith week Jan. 
2. CHASE'S (H. Winifred DeWItt. mgr.) 
Eva Taylor and Co. In Cbums; Amy Rlcard and 
Lest er L onTgan. Gene Green week Jan. 2. 
OAYETY (George Peck, mgr.) Follies of New 
York and Paris week Jan. 2. LYCEUM (Eu- 
gene Kernan. mgr.) The Brigadiers week Jan. 
2. CAS'NO 'A. C- Mayer. mgr.> Christmas 
week. Flint George and Co.. In A Midnight MIs- 
bsp. Killon end Moore. Leslie Thurston. Madge 
Anderson. ACADEMY OF MUSIC (J. W. Ly- 
ons. mgr.) Thmngh Death Valley week Jan. 2. 
NEW HOWARD (Howard Theatre Stock Co.. 

B. Seesklnd. mgr.) Walker Whiteside in - 
Melting Pot 26; Paul Gllmore In Tb 
elor 27; Madame Nazlmova Jan 1; Seven Days 
Jan. 6; The Lottery Man 13-14: Tbe Merry 
Widow 15: Viola Allen In Tbe White Sister 
18; Tbe Cow and the Moon 19: My Cinderella 
Girl Feb. 5. OR-JEUM (Joseph A. Wlllensky, 
mgr.) WiUard and Bond. Miss Grace Oram. 
Clarence Oliver. Hoey and Moiar and Cavanna 
week of 26. LIBERTY (Frank & Hubert Bandy, 
mgrs.) Helen Roma, Demlchele Brothers. Fred 
Rooen and Company. Ferguson and Mack, and 
Wayne and Marshall week of 26. BIJOU (C. 
W. Rex. mgr.) Herbert and Vance, George 
Stokes and Tbe Ryan Sisters, Moray Llvlng- 
H. T. McConneU an Otto 
of 26. 


CHICAGO.— AUDITORIUM (C. CI rich, mgr.) 
Grand Opera, ninth week. 

BLACKSTONE (Harry J. Powers, mgr.) U. 
S*. Minister Bedloe: second week. 

COLONIAL, (James J. Brady, mgr.) Tbe Man 
Who Owns Broadway; second week. 

CORT (U. J. Hermann, mgr.) 
In The Great Name; first week. 

CHICAGO OPERA HOUSE (George Kingsbury, 
mgr.) Three Twins; second week. 

ILLINOIS (Will J. Davis, mgr.) The Arcad 

GABRICK (Herbert C. Dnce, mgr.) The Choco- 
late Soldier; fifteenth week. 

GRAND OPERA HOUSE (Harry Askin. mgr.) 
Madame Troubadour; second week. 

LYRIO (L. J. A no. alt, mgr.) Eddie Foy In Up 
and Down Broadway; second week. 

MOLINE. — THE FAMILY (H. A. Sodlnl, mgr. 
Sodlnl Circuit, Western Vaudeville Assn. Book- 
ings.) First half of tbe week, the 28th. Wilson 
Brothers, comedians; Eggleston and Smith, sing- 
ers, dancers and violinists; Eddie and Tawlman, 
Irish slapstick comedy act; Petram's Circus; 
The Familyscope, motion pictures. Last half 
of tbe week. Crouch Richards Company, Gard- 
ner and Revere, variety act; Tom Fletcher Duo. 
colored singing, talking and dancing comedians: 
Aldlne and Cassldy. comedy acrobats: The Fam- 
ilyscope, motion pictures. THE MOLINE (Fred 
Leavens, mgr. Independent Bookings.) Frances 
Cossar In Lower Berth Thirteen 31; Beverly 1: 
Barriers Burned Away 2; The City 11: The 
Missouri Girl 15; Lyman Howe's Pictures 17; 
Madam X 23. 

MATIOOK. — MAJESTIC (J. F. Kuecbler, 
mgr.) Dark. LYRIC (B. D. Parrlsh, prop.) 
Chlyo Brothers and Sloanc Duo 26-28. GRAND 
(Nathan Stein, mgr.) Dick Richards and Com- 
pany, George Crotty, Jerome and Jerome 26- 

Qulnn. mgr. Sodlnl Circuit, Western Vaude- 
ville Assn. Bookings.) First half of the week, the 
26th, Mullen's Dogs and Cats; Ely and Florence 
In tbe sketch, Tbe Kleptomaniac; Sam Barring- 
ton, blub class ventriloquist; The Four Regale. 
Iron Jaw strong act: The Majestlscope. Last 
half of tbe week, Eddie and Tawlman. Irish 
slapstick comedy: Wilson Brothers, comedians; 
Eggleston and Smith, singers, dancers and violin- 
ists: Petram's Circus: The Majestlscope, mo- 
tion pictures. THE ILLINOIS (R. Taylor, mgr. 
Independent Bookings.) The Moulin Rouge Girls 
31; Barriers Burned Away 1: Jesa Dandy and 
Frances Cameron in The Prince of PUsen 2; 
Paid In Fall 7; Madam X 22. 


ton, mgr.) Tbe Virginian 25-26; Kyrle Bellew 

A revision of the list of . 


made. To procure representation In 



mgr.) Tbe Sweetest Girl In Paris; nineteenth 
week. - 

McVICKER'S (Geo. C Warren, mgr.) In Old 
Kentucky: second week. 

OLYMPIC (Sam Lcderer, mgr.) Get-Rlcb-Qnlck 
WaUlmrford; fifth week. 

POWER'S (Harry J. Powers, mgr.) The Coun- 
try Foy; second week. 

PRINCESS (Mort H. Singer, mgr.) Tbe Deep 
Pur ple: fourteenth week. 

STUDEBAKER (Ed. Sullivan, mgr.) Senti- 
mental Sally: third week. 

mgr.) Tbe Little Damoz->l: second week. 

AMERICAN MUSIC hatt, (Col. Win. Thomp- 
son, mgr.) Vaudeville. 

BUSH TEMPLE (W. P. Shaver, mgr.) Bereh- 
tesgadener BeauTn Theatre Company. 

ACADEMY (Wm. Bocbe. mgr. I Vaudeville. 

IMPERIAL (I. Pilgrim, mgr.) Tbe Bine Mouse. 

MAJESTIC (Lyman B. Glover, mgr.) Vaude- 

EMPRESS (Capt. Montague, mgr.) Vaudeville. 

BIJOU (Wm. Roche, mgr.) Monte Crlsto. 

COLLEGE (T. C. G lesson, mgr.) Qutncy Adams 
Sawyer. ■ . _ 

CRITERION (J. Pilgrim, mgr.) Uncle Tom's 

CROWN (Paul RIckson, mgr.) St. Elmo. 
GLOBE (J. B. Brown, mgr.) Brewster's Mil- 

HAYMARKET (J. H. Brown, mgr.) Tbe Girl 
from Rector's. 

MARLOWE (Capt. Montague, mgr.) Brown of 

NATIONAL (J. P. Barrett, mgr.) Defender of 
Cameron Dam. 

PEOPLE'S (John Prince, mgr.) A Man's Way. 
WEBER'S (Weber Bros., mgrs.) St. Elmo. 
ALHAMBRA (Weber Bros., mgrs.) Tbe Girls 

"S.pWi. Herk. mgr., T 

FOLLY (J. J. Fennesay, oiCT.) 

STAR AND GARTER (Wm. Beebe, mgr.) 
The Trocaderos. 

ALTON. — TEMPLE (Wm. Sauvage. mgr.) The 
Moulin Rouge Girls 24; The Soul Kiss 25; L»tl- 
more-Leigh Stock Company 26-31. 

noUSE (Cbas. A. Tackacs, mgr.) Tbe Girl In 
the Taxi 26: Tbe Commuters 31. MAJESTIC 
(Guy w. Martin mgr.) Margaret Illlngton In 
The Whirlwind 20-27. CASTLE (Goy Martin, 
mgr.) The Five Musical Lassies. C. M. Blanch- 
ard. Yberrl and Taylor. Lester Bernard, Mc- 
Avoy and Brooks. Sylvester and Vance, and 
pictures week of 26. 

DECATUR. — POWERS" (Tbos. P. Bonan. 
mgr.) Polly of the Circus Jan. 2. Guy Bates 
Post In The Nigger 3, Prince of Pllsen 6. Ade- 
laide Thurston 9. Mrs. Flake 12, Robert Eileson 
14. NEW BIJOU (A. Slgfrled. mgr.) Corey 
Holmes and W-lls, Watson and Dwyer. Flnley 
and Burke. Parker tbe Great, The Revolving 
Mtnervas. Tbe Cook Sisters. Royal ltanza Japs, 
Alfred Kelsey and Company. Shock anil De Ar- 
villi-, Dell a Phone week of 26. 

JOLXET. — JOI.IET fj. T. Henderson, mgr.) 
The Bosary 23. Lower Berth Thirteen 26, Bev- 
erly 28, Tbe Commuters 30. 

In Raffles Jan. 5; Madame Sherry 8. NEW MA- 
JESTIC (Shnbert Brothers, mgrs.) Miss Nobody 
from Starland 25-26: Tbe Lottery Man 27-28: 
The Lost Trail 29-31: Madame X Jan. 2. NEW 
GRAND (Dave Beebler, mgr.) Bert Coot and 
Company, Bowers, Walters and Crooker. Irene 
Romalne, Prlngle and Whiting. Harry Atkin- 
son, Dellsle, Apdale's Zoo. week of 25. 

K0E0W0.— SIPE (G. W. Slpe. mgr.") Gladys 
George 26-31: The House of a Thousand Can- 
dles Jan. 3: Peck's Bad Boy 4; The Squaw-man 
5: Commercial Traveler 7. 

(Otto Dunker, mgr.) In The Bishop's Carriage 


WABASH.— EAGLE (H. S. Logan, mgr.) 
House of a Thousand Candles 27; Three Wc.-ks 


(B- F. Holmes, mgr.; Don Stuart, booking agt.) 
Broadway Girls 29, Wizard of Wlseland Jan. 
1, Granstark 5, Guy Bates Pott In Tbe Nigger 
6. Beverly 12, Louts Mann In The Cheater 14, 
Madam X 18. GARRICK (J. M. Root, mgr.: 
W. V. M. v.. booking agt.) Week of Dec. 26. 
first half: Paul Wagner, comedy Juggler; Bob 
Lockhara. singer: Harry Sutton and Kitty Sut- 
ton In a sketch The Pumpkin Girl; Dick Miller, 
comedian and Imitator; J. Edw. Pierce and Marie 
Roslyn. operatic toreadors: and Garrlckscone. 


mgr.) Miss Lottie Mayer. Heir Jansen rod 
Company. James Brockmsn. Mardo Trio. The 
Great Bandy, Glbney and Blcknel, Seiglc and 
Mathews and pictures week of 26. GREENE'S 
OPERA HOUSE (W. S. Collier, mgr.) The 
Lion snd the Mouse 25: Tbe Girl In the Ki- 
mono 26: Prince of Pllsen 31: Paid In Full 
Jannary 1: Adelaide Thurston 2: Granstark 3: 
Beverly 8. PEOPLE'S (Vic Hugo, mgr.) Tbe 
Trousdale Brothers Stock Company week of 
Jan. 2. 

Berkeii, mgr. William Morris Bookings.) Week 
of 2: Maurice Golden: Miss Busse's Terriers, 
featuring Eva Tangtlay In Dogland: Tbe Var- 
sity Four, harmonious singers and comedians; 
Tbe Aerial Budds. Juvenile gymnasia; The Mus- 
ical McLarens, singing dancing and music me- 
lange: The Rainbow Sisters, dainty so librettos; 
John P. Reed, inonologlats: Brooks and Carllsl ■■; 
The Aracrlrascope. THE PRINCESS (Victor 
MianVr.mgr.) Week of 25: The New I*rlnccss 
Stock Company In A Snldler of the Emnlre. 
Week of 1: College Chums. TTIE I1URTIS (Wm. 
Kllnek, mgr. Independent Bookings.) The New 
Broadway Girls 30: Beverly of Graustark 31: 
J'-ss Dandy and Frances Cameron In The New 
Prince of Pllsen 1: The Lady Bnceanecra 2: 
Barriers Burned Away .1; Paid In Full 8: Grau- 
stark 11: Alice In Wonderland 13-14: Madam X 
24; Aboru Opera Company 28. THE GRAND (D. 
L. Hughes, mgr. K. & E. Bookings.) Arizona 1. 

DUBUQUE. —MAJESTIC (Jake Rosenthal, 
mgr.) Uerr Jansen and Company. Marvelous 
Mystery. Art Adair, Rogers and Evana. Reed 
Brothers snd pictures week of 26. GRAND (W. 
L. Bradley, mgr.) A Messenger Boy 25; Arlso- 







Featuring their latest song successes, "Corns 
Tb Me In the Land of Dreams," and "Chaw- 
last Quo." 



Cooper and Bartell 

In their Comedy Flaylst 


. K. and P. Time. 



Wilson Sisters 

•maun and dancers 

The Three Fondeliers 

Novelty Comedy 
• Juggl 


Qm. Palmer 


atlng a Legitimate. 

'A Matrimonial Substitute" 

In Vautfavtlla 



8. and C. Circuit 
JOHN J. QUIOLEY, Exclusive Aoent. 

Gaiety Theatre, Bldg., Naw Yark City. 


The Boys with the Crazy Feet 



Keltb * Proctor's Tabloid 

Harlem Opera Bouse. 


HUE * FROCTOB'8, New York City 


America's Cleverest Dancing Duo 


Frank Burt 

obe-Comedy Trick Violin am. 


JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 



Th» Two FiinnUst MulBa on tho 
American ** 








A Bouquet of f 
Tied with a Bow of Neatness 



In thai r Ooswdy SI 





Tka Original Musical MMirehs 


Sailing in Vaudeville on 




Featuring Baiorn* Dancing, lu Pouching, 
rcj.icii culture Work, High Lupins and 
Jumping. Now In N.w York. 




Now tn VwdtrllU. Add. sue WUU Rata. 

The Laf rasers 

li tkiir tamslif cob tit tkahk 






Will hereafter be known as 




in their Comedy Sketch 
" D I ■ II 

n» 28; The Lion and the Moou 29; Dili; 
Cameron In Nancy Jan. 1. 


Eblnger, inrr.) Graustark Jan. 8. 


McManus, mgr.) Henry Woodruff In Tub Oen- 
lua 27: Dalay Cameron In Nancy 29. 


nifr.) T*W Pr^o* of IMlsen 2g ; ^>slsy Cameron 

Mouse°»): AdclaJde b) Tliur^'oa !r 30; L McKadde?« 
Plat Jan. B. 


ATCHISON — ATCHISON (Geo. E. King, mgr.) 
Mcltae and Levering 25: St. Elmo Jan. o. 

FORT 8O0TT. — DAVIDSON (Hirry C. Er- 
nlrb, mgr.) A Texan Ranger 26; The Golden 
Girl 31; The Climax Jan. 4. 
Boas of "Z" 30, The Climax 31, Golden Girl 13, 
Adelaide Thurston 16, Polly ot the Circus 20, 
The Wolf 21, The Newlywed* and Their Baby 

HUTCHINSON HOME (W. A. Lowe, mgr.) 

The Wlrard of Wall 8treet 24; Weary Willie 
Walker 26; A Gentleman from Mlaalaalppl 28; 
The Texaa Banner Jan. 2: Frederick Warde Id 
Tlmon of Athens 4; Blanche Walsh In Toe 
Other Woman 6. 

mgr.) Wolfe Stock Company In Caught In the 
Rain week of 26. CRAWFORD (E. L. Mart- 
ling, mgr.) Aborn English Grand Opera Co 28- 
27. PRINCESS (L. M. Miller, mgr.) Hugh 
Blaney. Darwin Karr Company. Morette Sla- 
ters, Keltb and De Mont, Mayme Remington 
and plcturea week of 26. ORPHEUM (C. M. 
Casey, mgr.) Copeland Brother* In The Rube 
and the Dude 26. 


ey. mgr.) The Spendthrift week of 23. The Bach- 
elor's Baby week of Jan. 1. AVENUE (C. A. 
Shaw, mgr.) Vaughn Glaaer tn The Man Be- 
tween week of 25. The Rosary week of Jan. 1. 
MASONIC (G. H. Gatrety, mgr.) Mr. ManteU 
week of 23. WALNUT (McCarthy and Ward, 
mgra.) Chaa. V. Bnrton Stock Company In Cap- 
tain Impodence week of 25. B. F. KEITH 3 
MARY ANDERSON (James L. Weed, mgr.) 
Four Fords, William Armstrong and Company. 
Lee Lloyd ami Roberta, Joale Heather, woods 
and Wood* Trio, Van Brothers, Art Bowen and 
Lawson sad Hamon week of 23. HOPKINS (Ir- 
vin Slnmons, mgr.) Anna Era Fay, Sully and 

Herbert' Win** 1 * Broth ^''cb B * rrT anS ^ryr. 
BUCKINGHAM (Horace™M(«rakifn. W mgr° B<* 
hemlan Bnrleaquers week of 23. GAYETY (Al. 
Booller. mgr.) Marathon Girls week of 26. 


HEW ORLEANS.— TULANE (T. C. Campbell, 
mgr.) Ben Hnr week of 25. The Arcadians week 
of 2. CRESCENT (T. C. Campbell, mgr.) Geo. 
Brans' Honey Boy Mlnativla week of 23. The 
Virginian week of Jan. 2. DAUPHINE (H. 

Greeowald. mgr.) The Midnight Soon wwk of 

25. The Witching Hour week of 2. AMERICAN 
MUSIC BALL (J. Cowan, mgr.) Hilton and Ban 
Don. Probst. Wm. Marrow and Co.. Four Nelsons 
Comlqnea, WUIard Hutchinson and Co.. Jnggllnc 
Matblrus, Frank Mostyn. Kelly and Co., Con- 
nolly Sisters, America scope week of 25. OB- 
PHEUM (J. Blste*. mgr.) The S aspect. The 
Worst! Opera Co.. Six Kaufmans, Ernest Past- 
ier and Co., Jarrow, Flans Igan and Edwards, 
Minnie St. Claire. Klnodrome week of 26. 
FRENCH OPERA HOUSE <J. Layolle. mgr.) 
J ales LayoUe's French Opera Troupe In Reper- 
toire week of 8. LYRIC (Mr. Perry, mgr.) 
Miss Isabel Vanghan. r 

Elliott: Toole Kill rater. 

Doreon, mortng pictures weel 

mgr.) Olga Netheraole In Mary Magdalene 26- 
27: Sidney Drew In Billy 30-31. B. F. KEITH'S 
(James E. Moore, mgr.) Keith Stock Co. In 
A Brass Monkey week of 26. PORTLAND (J. 
W. Greely. mgr.) Captain Treat's Trained 
Seals, Wolf. Moore snd Young Trio, Boyle 
and Evan*. Stuart and McNally. Menyeko Twins 
and pictures week or 26. CONGRESS (Emile 
H. Gerstlle. mgr.) Master Borden Ben ford. Hap 
Handy Company. Lawton and pictures week of 


mgr.) Carter and Stewart, good; Louise Elliott. 
Burgas and Glora. Arllnr and Company, good; 
Savallle and Plfo. fair: Jesse Cunningham, fair; 
McDonald and Company, good, week of 26. 



nilmne. mgr.) Elsie Janla 26-27: Katy Did 28: 
The Musician's Girl 29: DoMIn Farnum In Tbe 
Silent Call 30: May Irwin In Getting a Polish 
31. P0LT8 (S. J. Breen, mgr.) Mrs. Gardner 
Crane and Company. Irene Dillon. Howard 
Brothers, Duff and Walah, Lynch and Weston, 
Fay, Two Coley* and Fay. Mmc. Casein's Midg- 
ets and pictures week ot 28. nil. MORE (H. 
Webber mgr.) Tbe Fatal Wedding week of 26. 

S. Wiley, mgr.) Georg" Ovey and Keties-Pbelan 
Musical Company 26-28. Blanche Ring In The 
Yankee Girl =9. SAVOY (L. M. Bona, mgr.) 
Selroa Brats. The DrCamo*. Ethel Whltslde and 
P^k*^ Dorothy DetV ho 11 ^ a nd ^orapa ny . Hanson 

mgr.! Katie Did 29-27'? Dnstln Farnum 29| 
Blanche ittng 30-31: Sarah Bernhardt Jan 7. 
FRANK..YX SQUARE (James R. Sheehsn 
mgr.) Through Death Valley week of 26; At 
the Old Cross Road* week of Jan 2. 


mgr.) Rose Stahl In The Chorus Lady 23: My 
Cinderella Girl 26: Billy the Kid Jan 1-2: 
Curie Tom's Cabin 7: Helen Ware In The De- 
serters 8. ALVARADO <W. J. Daunt, mgr. i 
Shall We Forgive Iter*. Week of 25. BIJOr 
Matlhewa and Barrett. Patrice and Company. 
The Talto Duo. Kate Watson. Chaa. O'Tool snd 
pictures week of S5. 

FLINT. — STONE'S (G. A. Peterson, mgr.) 
The Ose»r F. Cook Company 25: Rose Stahl It 
The Chorn* Lady 27: The Thtrd Degree 31. BI- 
JOU (Frtnk W. Bryce. mgr.) Marcone and Tils 
Hands. Reed Sisters. Harris and Rohlnsnn, The 
Musical Fredericks and pictures week of 26. 


mgr.) Karle Stock Company week ot 2ft, ex- 
cept 30. Tho Thin! Degree. My Wife'* Faintly 
Jan. 2; Mlaa Nobody from Starland I.L Rljnr 
(Frank R. I.amnmsn. mgr.) Six Klrkamlrt Sl». 
tetn, Bogert and Nelson. Frank Stafford and Co., 
Sam and Ida Kelly, llallen and Hayes. Lwky 

and Yoaat. Mr. and Mr*. Jack Golden, Gillette 
and Bingo week ot 25. 

G. Balnbrldge, Jr., mgr.) Tbe Ktng'a dime 
with James K. Hackett week of 1; The Grand 
Opera Company In LaBoheme week of 8. MET- 
mgr.) Bright Eye* with Cecil Lean and Flor- 
ence Holbrook week of 1; Seven Days week of 
S. LYRIC THEATRE (Chaa. P. Salisbury, 
mgr.) The Lyric Theatre Stock Co. with Miss 
Sarah Trnax In Leah tbe Forsaken week of 1. 
BIJOU OPERA HOUSE (Theo. L. Hsys. mgr.) 
Thurston the Magician wees: or 1; Checkers 
week of 8. DEWEY THEATRE (Archie Miller, 
mgr.) The Jolly Girl* week of I; The Century 
Girls week ot 8. UNIQUE THEATRE (Jack 
Elliott, mgr.) Glrard A Gardner, The Three 
Alex, Six Gypsy Singers, Le Fever and St. 
John. Billy Barron, Jerome White and the Mo- 
nograph week of 1. MILES THEATRE (W. 
F. Gallagher, mgr.) Johnny Ford and Company, 
Sally and Hnssy, Alice Mortlock and Company. 
LeBoy and Cahlll. Mankin. the Frogman. Eugene 
White and tbe Mllescope week or 2. ORPH- 
EUM THEATRE (O. E. Raymond, mgr.) La 
Tortajada. Beudlnl Bros., Linton and Law- 
rence. The Four RIanos. William Flemen and 
Company. Lem Put and the Klnodrome week of 
1. GAYETY THEATRE (S. R. Simon, mgr.) 
Sam Howe'a Love Makers week of 1; Star and 
Garter Showa week of 8. 

DTTLTJTH. — LYCEUM (H. E. Pierce, mgr.) 
Henry Woodruff In The Genius 30-31. OR- 
PHEUM (H. W. Plerong. mgr.) The lore Walts, 
Tbe Four Pianos, Elsie Faye. Miller and Weston, 
The Finney Sisters. Frank Finney and pictures 
week of 26. EMPRESS (J. L> MalUand. mgr.) 
Number 44, Edith Montrose. Gertrude Dunlap. 


mgr.) Ell and Jane 27; The Sins of the Father 
29; John Mason In The Witching 


ST. LOUIS.— OLYMPIC (Pat Short, mgr.) 
Week of Dee. 25 Madame Sherry for a two 
weeks' run. S HUB EST (Melville Stoltx. mgr.) 
Week or Dec. 25, Fritxl Scbeff In The Mikado; 
Jan. 1. Two Men and A Girl. PRINCESS (Dan 
S. Flshell. mgr.) Week of Dec. 25. Vaudeville 

as follows: Capr. Webb's Seals. Cliff 
Morris and Morris, Dora Martin. Mattle Lockety, 
Williams and Tucker. Brown Trio. Ed. Foster. 
GARRICK (Harry Buckley, mgr.) Week of Dee. 
23. William Faveraham tn The World and His 
Wife; Jan. 1, Louis Mann. CENTURY (Pat 
Short, mgr.) Week of -Dec. 25. Julian Eltlnge 
In Tbe Fascinating Widow; Jan. 1. The Com- 
muters. COLUMBIA (Frank R. Tate, mgr.) 
Week of Dec. 26, Vaudeville aa follows: Too 0' 
TV World Dancers, J, C. Nugent, Empire Com- 
edy Four, Ross Roma, Tom Waters, Krags Trio, 
Paollnettl and, Tom N«wa and Co.. Mo- 
tion Pictures. AMEBIC " 
Week of Dec. 25. Poll 
School Day*. IMPERli 

Week of Dec. 25, Tbe Wolf: Jan. 1. Imperial 
Stock Company. HAVLIN'S (Harry Wallace, 
mgr.) Week of Dec. 25, Woman Agains t Wo - 
man; Jan. I. The Montana Limited. GAYETY 
(Frank R. Hawley. mgr) Week of Dec. 25. Star 
and Garter Burlesque™, Including Jack Conway, 
Geo. Betts. Alt* Phlppa. Neva Don Carloa. No- 
de Reynolds. Will H. Ward and Abe Reynolds: 
Jan. 1, Marathon Girl*. STANDARD (Leo Be- 
Ichenbach. mgr.) Week of Dec. 25, Pat Whlte'g 
Gaiety Girl*, with Adadah aa an added attrac- 
tion: Jan. X, Washington Society Olrla. ODEON 
Dec. 25 (matinee). St. Lools ~ 

alty Glee 

ICAN (Jno. Fleming, mgr.) 
>Ur of the Circus: Jan. 1. 
IAL (D. E. RnaseU. mgr.) 

v'M" CITY, — WILLIS WOOD (Woodward 
A Burgess, mgr*.) Week of 25, Fred Nlblo 
and Co. In The Fortune Hunter; week Jan. 1, 
Robert Edeson tn Where the Trail Divides. 
S HUBERT (Earl Steward, mgr.) Week 25, 
Lools Mann In Tbe Cheater: week 1. Fritxi Scheff 
In a revival of the Mikado. CONVENTION 
HALL (Lonls Sbouse. mgr.) Week 25. The New 
York Hippodrome en tour, presenting Pioneer 
Days. Ballet of Jewels. A Trip to Japan. Llll- 
pntlan Clrrns. Man-elite, Master of Mirth. 
mgrs.) Week 25. Victor Morley and Beaale Clif- 
ford and original company tn The Three Twins; 
week 1. The Goddess of Liberty, with Jos. How- 
ard. ORPHEUM (Martin Lehman, tea. mgr.) 
Week 25. Hlgb Life in Jail. Welch. Mealy and 
Montrose. Meyers. Warren and Lyon a, Btnns, 
Blnns and Blnns. El Capltalne, Walter Graham, 
acting pictures. EMPRESS (D. F. "McCoy, mgr.) 
Week 25. Beatrice McKenale. Walter Shannon 
and Co., Virginia Grant. Diamond Comedy Four, 
L. Wolfe Gilbert. Three Cycling Cogswells. Grant 
Gardner and Marie Stoddard, 
cbestra. AUDITORIUM (La 

mgr.) Week 25. tbe Anrtltorlnm Stock Co. 
augmented company In Forty Ave Minute* I 
Broadway. Week 1. aame company In College 
Life. niLUS (E. S. Brlgbam. mgr.) Week 
25. Harry Field* It The S hoemaker: week t. 
Rnnco in Arisona. CENTURY (Jos. B. Donecan. 
mgr.: Western Wheel) Week 25. The Washing- 
ton Society Girls: week 1. Sam T. Jack's Big 
Show. GAYETY (Burt MrPhall, mgr.; East- 
ern Wheel) Week 25. Robinson Crnsoe Girls: 
week 1. star and Gsrter Show. 

ST. JOSEPH TOTLE (C. U. PhUley. mgr.) 

A Gentleman from Mississippi 25-26. LYCF.IiM 
(C. r. Philter, mgr.) McFaddet's Flats 25-28: 
Sam T. - Jack's Extravagansa 29-31: The Shoe- 
maker Jan. 1-4: Lady Buccaneers fi-7. PAN- 
TAOES (H. Reanmont, mgr.) Six Schetks. Chaa. 
Pork and Company. Andy MeLeod. Van and 
Hoffman. London Quartette. Maude Marsh and 
pictures week of 25. MAJESTIC (Fred Cosmsn. 
mgr.) Wn»f .».» kartells bead Mil for week -f 
25. BIJOU DREAM (F. N. Bllx. mgr.) Leslie 
and Adams head hill for week of 25. 


LTNO*vlk. — OLIVRB (p. c. Zehrnng mgr.) 
Norwoods week of 26. LYRIC (L. M. Gor- 
man, mgr.) Little Johnny June* week of 26: 
The Tov. Route wee* of Jan. 1. ORPHEUM (H. 
K. Fillings, mgr.) nenry Norton Comnsny, The 
Six Ahdallah*. Qnlnn atd Mitchell. Mlcnnnet'e 
KoKn. Joeenh Adelman Family week of 26. 

OVAJtA RRAN'nvlS <W J. Pnnrctn. mgr.) 

Robert Edeson In Where Ihe Trail Divides 25-26; 
The Climax 2*-30: The Fortune Tinnier Jan. 1- 
8. viOYD (WP'lam Warren, msr.i Peter Pan 
25-Jsn. 1. GAYETY (E. L. Johnson, mgr.) Sam 
nowe's Lore Makers 25-Jan. 1. ORPnEUM (W. 








In Tnoir— 


CHAS. C. WILSHIN, Ciolua!.. 



••A Night In 
How In 

Billy Graham -Le May ne & Co. 






214 W. 290* St.. N. Y. C 




Prsssntl no Tlialr Comedy r lay la* 




Unltad Tim* 




H. A- DAVIS & CO. 








Hlgh-daaa Tight Wire Walker*. Jumpers, 
Dancers, Cyclists, etc Addrea* all CO 
dene* to CHARLES MSVARO. 659 

Norman W. Merrill 



The Billboard 



Known to the World's Circus and Theatre-going Public 
as the Sphinx or J. Pierpont Morgan 
of the Profession 


Mr. William W. Cole, the hero of this sketch, 
la known to the averaee clrcna man as one who 
»e position to the circus and 
as Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan 
world, or In other words 
past rears been practically 
most Of the largest tented 
and to therefore recognized as 
of Barnnm. Forepaugn. Bailey 
and Roblnaon. all of whom hare passed to that 
land beyond the earthly seas, I paring Mr. Cole 
the sole survivor of healtb. wealth and legion 
of friends who wish him success In the later 
years of bio useful life. 

As much of a sphinx as 0. 8. Grant to all 
appearances, Mr. Cole In the company of hto 
Intimates Is a cental man. and beneath the sur- 
face baa a keen sense of the bnmorous and the 

In 1871 Mr. Cole came Into possession of the 
Circus, and after a few season* 
a menagerie. He also sdded from time 

circus In every way so that In 
W. W. Cole Show was second to none. During 
these seasons of prosperity Thus. Mclntyre was 
his faithful euuestrlan director who In every 
way looked after the splendid performances 
fir en In the *rwo rings each day to thousands 
of pleased attendant*. 

In erery way Mr. Colo was progressive and 
appeared to never fear competition or opposi- 
tion so-called by to*.' profession, and the writer 
well remembers when the Cole 8how and the 
then famous Van Amours. Belche Sc. Co. Cir- 
cus showed same day and date at Norwich. X. 
T.. July 7. 1SS5. 

Mr. Cole Is a man of deeds, not words, as the 
writer has before stated, he is reticent and de- 
liberate, asking no personal glorification, and in 
many particulars parrallels the life of Mr. 
James A. Bailey, his predecessor of the fa- 
mous Barnnm and Bailey Shows. In the man 
Ipclation of the circus and menegarie which 
bore bis own name, Mr. Cole demonstrated both 
his mettle and his metal. At no time during 
his managerial career did he become a Tlctlm 
to an overloading ambition. He never got what 
la now known as the enlargement craze, but woo 
n^fortune^wlth an adequately^ equipped at 

the writer begs a few mlnotes of 
Indulgence to state that "The " 
the able management of that 
Mr. George ConkHtt. during the after show has 
probably never been eqnsled or Improved upon, 
even at this later day of great acta and won- 
ders. All of his performances were always of a 
high grade of excellence, satisfying and calcu- 
lated to add to the reputation of the show. 

In his selection of nontenants he proved his 
wisdom and forethought by surrounding himself 
with such able stars of their different life 
falling as Messrs. Louis E. Cooke, who to now 
considered the greatest agent of the day, and 
William B- Hayden and Barney Gaylord. 

There could not possibly be any more appre- 
ciative manager than Mr. w. W- Cole whenever 
be held the reins and directed the advance 
movements of a show; no director ever had at 
i loyal and capable staff. When 
I his employ, he depsrt- 

ot the above 
mentioned agents of Mr. Cole, took op the man- 
agement of Thomas W. Keene. the famous 
tragedian, as a personal venture. Mr. Cole at 
the parting placed In Hayden's hand a check 
for a large amount with the suggestion that 
be might need it in promoting his new attrac- 
tion. " 

As It turned out. Hayden did not find It nec- 
essary to cash the check and It was returned 
with grateful thanks to the generous former 

During Mr. Cole's individual management he 
always bad a feature to boom and never failed 
to make the moat of It In all his forma of 
advertising, whether It waa a pair of giants 
like Captain Bates and wife, or an elephant of 
unusual size. He wss a great believer In the 
good use of circus paper and Mr. Cole was one 
of the first to use lithographed posters exten- 

— sheet 

To advertise a pair of giants, their litho- 
graphs on the billboards towered above the 
balance of the display and always attracted ex 

to the i 

being afraid to 
la now practiced by all" 
of thai day and Is not confined 
walks of business life. 
" Discreetly venturesome, this bold manager fre- 
quently visited, remote parts of the Union to 
great profit, and It was hto policy with hto 
com p act show to get Into territory first, 
gather the - harvest, and swing into pastures 
new with the first paper op and the first 
show of the season, preferring to lead the way 
rather than to follow. 

Cole was not a "not until" manager; he al- 
ways preferred to pay for 

Mr. J - B . 

ful employes of Mr. Cole, had lost returned 
from a foreign tour of the Cooper & Bailey 
Shows, which had played in Australia. Java 
and South America rejoined his old love, the 
W. W. Cole Show In 1878 and remained with 
this organization for three years; during this 
time the show went to Australia- The writer 
has a photograph amongst his collection of the 
W. W. Cole Show crowd which nude that mem- 
orable Australian trip. The photograph shows 
md Lotus E. Cooke as the 
a targe group of loyal drens 

his rivala. 

aa to his nei 

-1 bsve been a Phil. 
Jackson, so difficult 
finger on him or conjecture 

He visited California and Australia when the 

great and profited by bla daring. 
It mar be truthfully related that once dar- 
ing his career he met a reverse which proved 
the timber he was built of. Wintering at 
Quincy. III., be started out In the spring to 
meet with eontinooue bad weather and unremno.- 
e retire business- To avoid a collapse he shipped 
the outfit back to Quincy for reorganization. 
With a barren treasury, the man of silence and 
sense did not despair. All hto attaches In every 
department bad confidence In the cool, self- 
contained msnsger, who proceeded to reap vic- 
tory from defeat. Comparatively a stranger in 

cunt* » nd «^esa & avwa 

like a whirlwind, coining 
at every stand. In all his career he 

Manv anecdotes may be related of hto char- 
acter^ " Before the days of sdvertlslng 
cars, when the advance agents and billets trav- 
eled with box outfits for the billposters, and 
sometimes called "box brigades.'' Mr. Cole 
called the attention of Gaylord and Hayden. lus 
agents, to tbe collection of personal baggage 
carried by the agent and the paste brigade, and 
suggested that things would have a better 
appearance on arriving at hotels if some uni- 
formity of grips should be sdopted to replace 
the collection of old-style carpet bags, grip- 
sacks of all sizes, ages and styles. In use. 
The handy dress suit cases and telescopes of 
the present day were unknown articles. Gay- 
lord and Hayden acted on the advice at once, 
equipping themselves and party with the largest 
kind of cheap black enameled grips, on each of 

which they bad lettered In white In the largest 
possible letters the name of tbe owner and 
"W. W. Cole's Circus and Menagerie." 

Mr. Cole. In one of his flying trips to the ad- 
vance, awaited the force at a hotel office In 
Salt Lake City. Utah, until the men with the 
huge grips reached town and marched lo In In- 
dian flle and dnmped their baggage in the cor- 
ner of the hotel office In a heap. The ridic- 
ulous uniformity of baggage wss too much for 
the rlsibles of tbe chief, be had to smile, al- 
though he was probably vexed at the way In 
which Gaylord and Hayden had executed hto 

Some of the billposters that were with the 
bunch at that time are now living, and after 
reading these lines may cause a smile to come 
to their faces In memory of those good old 
trooping days before the entree of tbe beauti- 
ful lj-eqtiipp"pd advance cars of this present 


Ileth century period. 

Cole the 


Those who served 
agreed that In no _ 
him in the least excited or disturbed. With 
the show he wss about the last person to be 
taken for the manager and owner. He saw 
all and said little, but when he spoke. It meant 
something. It was bis wont to draw aside on 
the show lot^and^ keep^an eye ot 


great elet bant. "Sampson, 
started on a rampage of 
tlon. A frightened attache ran out of tbe 
tent and found Mr. Cole doing a thinking act 
on the top rail of a fence, probably formulating 
a route roup. 

"Mr. Cole!' 
tidings. "Sampson Is 
thing to pieces." 

The msnsger betrayed no emotion, but calmly 
uttered: "Some one will have to catch and 
fasten him.** 

Having accumulated a fortune, Mr. Cole re- 
tired from active business, bnt on tbe with- 
drawal of James A. Bailey from tbe Arm of 
Bamnm. Bailey and Hutchinson, be. wltb the 
late James E. Cooper, became associated In the 
management. When Mr. Bailey recuperated 
and returned from abroad, he bought a hslf In- 
terest In tbe Barnnm outfit and announced P. 
T. Barnnm and James A. Bailer 

ft was then said. "Cole _ 
bnt such did not prove to he tbe 
the deatb or Mr. Barm 
terested with James A. 

SeHs Show and Buffalo Bill's Wild West, and 
only withdrew from both these ventures at 
quite a recent date. 

In December. 1908. Mr. William W. Cole was 
elected the new managing director of the Rar- 
nnm and Bailey Show. Limited, snd entered his 
office with all tbe qualifications necessary to 
successfully control tbe affairs of the glgsntic 
Institution, back and front. 

In assuming command of the then representa- 
tive American show. William W. Cole found 
himself surrounded by a superior staff who 
long had served Jsmes A. Bailey st home and 

Mr. Bailey had one special quality among 
the many he possessed, which endeared h'm to 
those who were nearest him and bis prln<-!nal 
advisers; he was not s seeker sfter new lien- 
tenants: be held to the old hearts, tried and 
true, and gained by their experience. No one 
was discarded by Mr. Bailey because of gain- 
ing wblte hairs or Increasing age. As an ex- 
ample tbe writer might refer to snrh gentle- 
men ss "Tody" Hamilton. Lonls E. Cooke. Hsr- 
rey L. Watklns. Charles Hutchinson and Jsmes 
De Woir. and In no one could these veterans of 
seasons tipon seasons find one more like their 
former chief th.n William W. Cole, the nn- 

?M m °3lV 1 "lj e . 7k*"- wh .?M ,B »*«» "entrnvge of 
tbla day. was then a "live wire." snd knows 


Will attend a show with the right sort of front. We are Banner 
Specialists and employ the best side show artists in America. Give 
your show that "Welcome" appearance by using a banner that 
exudes confidence to the amusement seeker. We have one Banner, 
10 x 12, that we will seU c heap. 

for BOLTC aV 


COW. t*. MKUMANN. Jr., PVask. WALTtn r. ORIVCR, vie~-i 
•OHM C. MaCA-PCRY. Ti-aaa, COWARD R. UTZIROCR, **a'y. 

22-28 North Dasplainaa Straxt, CHICAGO, ILL. 


For Bands, Military* 
Minstrel First Part, 
Minstrel Parade, - 
Ushers, Bell Boys, 
Base Ball, Foot Ball, 
Basket Ball, etc, etc. 

Stti for CATALOG. 

Be Sure and Mention 
Kind of Uniform Wanted. 

Western Uniform Go. 

at-* 8. Clark st. Chicago 



FLAGS . Waterproof Covers 


The J. C. GOSS CO. '"%7. '«"■," 

Thomson & Vandiveer 




816 Casta Paan Straw*. CINCINNATI, O. 

"Col." J C. M. Bremea, tbe well-known cir- 
cus snd privilege man. closed a very sncres.fnl 
season of ten weeks of the Virginia Corollna- 
Grorrla Pair Circuit, also Florida fairs on Dec. 
3 snd returned to his home at Charleston. 8 C. 
"rT" ^ " pen, " D * th * Ch1»»ma» MMavS 

COI. BrPfTi-f 1 ** Cxpt*Cta frt -Miter the rJmiR Belli 


"Ex. Ei. Circnt" $3.75 "Eu.liior" S3.25 
"Qntkir Gitj" 2.76 "lo. 1 Rojii" 2.60 
BERNARD BRUSH CO. Rector BJdg.,Cbieag» 



723 Blu> Island Aw., Chicago, Ills. 



and everytblna: | B eaavas. Bend for catalogue. 


10S-11 South Mala Knot, . St. Louis. Mo. 




S C Michigan Steel, 




is the time we i 


WT HAVE FOR TMMMK. CASS, 50 ft. haaC to 
shipping scenery, automobiles, advaoee, liaaMira 
prlvllere. stock snd merry go-ruunda. rvatrabls 
for sn ow a nd clrcna rwauul.-a. Beaooaabla 
Room ei4. 19* J-nehlgu Chios**. 


Dealera la Wild a-i— -*«. 
190 Oraanwioh 8 treat, law York at*. 


PRICES. Tell aa what run nerd and we wtD 
sand LOWEST est imate and lllnstrat.-d catalog. 

DllklCV -HOW -"INTEIvat 

Cincinnati. Ohio 

Th.atrloai-Clroue Photographs)**. 

Clrcua and Juggling Apparatus 

logne. EDWABJ) VAX WTCX, Qaaraaaattl. 0. 



and Show Canvas 

Black and wblte; new or 

Bargains la 



West of Salt Lake City. Address 

A Ninber of 10-ft R.T.witli 41-ft ML F. 
A (tuber if 60-ft S.T. with 30 ft M. P. 

Lot of small Tente, ail dean and brlgkt. Spe- 
cial prieo to dean op. BCCKBYE TaWT a 

awning CO.. Col among, o. 



1M-10 Bnuiwir, BiOOKXTTT, ST. t 

The KunkelyTent&AwningGo. 

or new voim. 

aUantaetanrs of 

Circus and Show Canvases. 

Con v.. Work of l 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 




New York. Dec. 80.— Wm. C. Murraj (Bed, 
the ctnvaauitnl, lust returned to Cblosgo from 
N?w Orlesns where he hid charge of all the 
gran.UtanJ *eata >t the aviation meeting. He 
ilw erected all the aeata, etc.. at the meeting* 
held it Baltimore. Norfolk. Memphis. Chatta- 
nooga, and Mobile. Ur. Murray has imnd 
bit connection with the U. 8. Tent asd Awning 
Company and la DOW lo cbarge of the Chicago 
brunch of P. A. McHugh. "the seat nan." man- 
ufacturer of clrcua aeata, of Cleveland, Ohio. 
Tbe Chicago branch la located at 200 N. Bock- 
tvell atreet. ThU firm baa order* from many of 

■ tie big once for eeatl to accommodate between 
40 000 and 70,000 people for the com leg season, 
urn n.rlove editor of "Saaebmah Philosophy." 

ETyo., and U burled 
ob , hillside oear Do aglet. A One tomb la to 

died Octob 

jw, editor of "Ssgebi 
r ». at Bonal.t, Wr 
ie near Douglta. A 
be erected oyer hla grave and from a reo 
bit made aevertd yeara ago will hate tbe 
Lux lotcrlptlon. "Be Bad Friend*." 

Imke K. Lee, "America 1 ! handtomeet cow- 
boy" (quoting the New York Journal), write* 
from Nora Scotia and aaya tbe weatbrr up there 
la One. Duke aay* "tbe world la until; yon 
meet old frlenda everywhere." While playing 
tbe "Ainutu Theatre." F"roten near. Greenland. 


Sleep, Wyo. Tbey epent a happy evening to- 
gether talking onr old time* In the Went. 

Bill Pickett, "The Duaky Demon." originator 
of Ibe "atecr bulldogging" act, baa been under 
tbe weather with the grip at Pone* City. Okie., 
bat b> nearly recovered and will leave for tbe 
101 Ranch at Bllaa. abortly. to work oat tome 
new etunT tbla winter. _ , , 

Edgar B ecber B ronton, who wrote "Reminis- 
cence* of a Ranchman." hat Jntt pobllabed a 
book, entitled "The Red Blooded.'' which la Inr----— Mnjr to old fltne cattlemen. 

Lee Martin, one of Wyoming'* pioneer cow- 
boy*, la now In charge of a large power plant. 
12 mllet from Douglaa. Wyo.. 

Dell _ 

look* d after Ibe Weetrrn part of tbe entertain- 
mut given tbe Jtnanese Fleet at Aacot Park, 
Lot Angeles, Cel., December 2 and 8. They rode 
bnckolog nonet, bnlldogged steer*, and done 

tome roping. . 

Got Hombrook'a Broncho Boater*, after a 
successful aeaaon on the coaat over the Pantagee' 
time, opened at tbe Hub Theatre. Bo* ton. Mitt., 
for Marco* Lowe. December 19. A. Van Ohl. 
Jlrnmle Parker and Art Bowdea are tbe prin- 

cipal! with tb*_act. 

tbe Frogman, well- 
cot p-ople. It at prevent on tbe 
with bis *ct and doing well. 

While playing Proctor'a Theatre. Albany, N. 
T., laat week, bad tbe pleasure of a nice vlalt 
from Mr. and Sin. W. E. Bawka. jr., of tbe 
Two Bar TO Ranch on Snake River. Idaho. Tbey 
leare for tbe W*st abortly and upon their return 
Eait. Mr. Hawk* will pnbllah bla collection of 
Two Bar TO Ranch. Range and Trail Sours. 

Tbe following li tbe tttlT at Proctor*! Tbettr* 
In Albany, N. T.J Howard Graham, manager; 
Mr. Wallace, treasurer; Jake Carlln. carpenter: 
Jake B 'an. electrician; Jas. Dana, property 
man: John Keenan. second band: Dick Stanley, 
flyman. The stage crew are all members of 
I. A. T. S. E. Local No. 14. 

Tbe staff of Proctor'a Theatre In Coboes. N. 
T.. I* as fellows: Daniel Oorr, manager; John 
; P. Coyne, carpenter; Steve 

ale Coyne and Joe Nay Ion. flyman. 
Root. Ftrrell, aecond band: Mr. Carpenter, mus- 
ical director. Tbe stage crew are all member* 
of I. A. T. S. E. Loral No. 29. 

Mr Thomson It tbe resident manager of Proc- 
N. J., and Charlie 


Chat Mai cn baa signed with Ring I log Bros.' 
Car No. 2 for season 1911. 

Bert (Rid) Wheeler wlU sgaln be seen on 
tbe opposition of the Greatest Show on Earth. 

to join Jno. Bort'a brigade or the B. 
Jr. B. Show. 

Talrlck Langan will also be wltb Hort. 
Gns Jenkins la doing One In St. Psnl this 
winter, baring opened a nrat-claaa boarding 
boose. He baa two boarders. Wheeler and 

Billy Oliver la still tbe progressive agent of 
the Majestic Theatre. 

Windy Bill Ellnger. agent of tbe Grand Opera 
House, bas put on a snipe wagon. Bis crew, 
Edward Ptlrd and Jno. Coaley. 

Roshell end Pottgelser are still In the adrer- 
tl«lng business. Tbey have a large office on 
Wtb tnd 101b street*. 

Albert G. Congblan. of Loral No. 13. t* sin 
spending lb* winter In St. Paul. He bold, the 
position aa advertising agent of tbe Star Thea- 

M.t Fvsrtnne. ei-recoedln. 
No- 43. gave the member* of the 
enrt. Toaatmaster. Bra. Got JeuL._ 

Csrl Bell, of Local 48. was recently married. 
He h.t a wagon In St. Paul. 

Harry McCnen la foreman or one of the hand- 
somest shoot In tbe D. 8. Tbe new shop here 
!» equipped with a big paste tank and plenty 
of brushes. 

R. Dsvls la wintering In St. Paul. 

Jan. Zimmerman baa resigned from tbe North- 

Mn"' for*. VnoTestU SlSSEZX 

In St. Paul. 

Earl Scott, one of the old-timer* wtlb the 
Know, 101 Ranch and many others, la 
•ponding hit winter month* In St. Paul. He 
expects to be married In the near future. 

At t regular meeting held December IS at 

SS*g Blliera 'of' "IrrerTc. 1 MsSST tloeai 

Number "«. elected °the following offlcers for 
«hc year ISM: w. B. Dickey, president: 
Clanrte R. lltmlltoo. vice-president: Leonard 
Jones, secretary and treasurer: Jeaa Stovill. 
•crgesnt-at-arma; Gens Versboyle. business 
•rent; Harry MrCture, ssslstant bnalnets 
agenl; Claude R. Hamilton. Robert I*. Hayes, 
Ilsrrr McHure. delegates to Central Labor 
Conncll. Harry MeClore. trustee for three 
jesrs. The other trustee* who bold over are: 
w • H. Dickey for one mot. year and Claud* 
it. Hamilton, foe two years. 

av*S n ' w executive commit tee I* composed of 
w. B. Dickey, Claude R. Hamilton, Leonard 

Jones. Jess Stovtll and Gene Versboyle. Tbe 
president appointed tbe following for the mem- 
berahlp committee: Claude B. Hamilton, Jack 
Boyd and Harry MeClore. 

Dallas Local No. 43 meet* every first and 
third Sunday at 8 P. M. at 1824H Bryan 
street Visiting brothers always welcome. 

I. A. B. P. 4V B. OF A. NOTES- 

Mlnneapolli. Minn.. Dec. 27 (Special to The 
Bllboard). — Brother Lucken* returned laat week 
from tbe I. A- B. B. convention at Buffalo, but 
be does not like Buffalo hospitality. 

Charles Duffy has taken charge of tbe snip- 
ing at tbe Bijou. Bo is certainly doing some 
good work. 

Brother Eddie Clark returned from htg farm 
at Clam Falls. Wlac. where be disposed of 

fifty acres of valuable tlmberland. 

The hlllpoatlng department of ths Northern 
Dliplay Is manned by all Local No. 10 men, 
namely Fay Bardwrll. foreman: Jack Carr. cen- 
tral route: F. Riley, helper: Barley White, mid- 
way route; Cart Munsoo. helper: "Dutch" 
Volghty. north route; Bid Heggeme**. helper; 
"Rusty" Davidson, south route; Bob Lin wood, 

The Shnbert Theatre advertising state la: 
Zach Lnckena, agent, sad F. Fitzgerald. **- 

^At n the Lyric Theatre. Dea Hoi 1 th 

"bijou" bill-room has J. Whitehead. Sr.. agent; 
E. Porte. John Bart and Kid Moore, llthog- 
rsnhers. sod Charles Duffy. sn<ner. 

Ths Gayery Theatre adverttalng force con- 
elate of John Whitehead, Jr., agent; J. Des- 
chane. . W. Lonabarger and Frank London, 
lithographers, and Tom Jones, sniper. 

Dewey Tbestre ha* Joe Sehafer. agent; F. 
Davidson and Sam Boiman. assistants. 

Metropolitan Opera House his W. J. McDon- 
ald, agent. 

All member* of Local No. 10. 


Treasurer. Local No. 10. care Shnbert Theatre. 


New York. Dec. 80.— On Christmas eve, L 
M. Southern, tbe circus program publisher, was 
presented by his employes with s solid diamond 
Shrlner button, be being a Noble of Mecca 
Temple. Alfred Farrar made tbe presentation 
on behalf of the employe*. Immediately fol- 
lowing J. E. Allien presented to Mrs. L M. 
Southern, on behalf of the employes, a handsome 
cat-glass punch bowL 


J. Wilton Traber of Hamilton. 0.. mailed 
handsome card* to his frlenda during the Iste 
holiday season, bearing tbe following legend: 
A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 
New Tear. 1910-11— J. Milton Traber. Hamil- 
ton. Ohio. A remnant of Montgomery Queen 
Circus, S. H- Barrett A Co. Show. The Great 
Adam Fore pt ugh Show, Phil. Dlefenhaeb Cir- 
cus, Albert M. Wetter Snow. BnmmeB. Ham 
lilon and Sella Show. The Famous Carl Hajp" 1 
beck Trained Animal Show, Darling and De- 
IV*; *nrt Pony Show. The DeOnso Bros.' 
European Star Co. "Now a T iwp c i at Borne." 

-Jones Bros.' Buffalo Ranch Wild West Is now 
practically bnt a memory aa a foorteen-car 
i how. aa tbe entire train wltb the exception of 
two sleeping; ear*, have been d is posed of to 
Wheeler and Downle. tbe Mastrrson Show*, 
and to Tbos. Weldemsnn. Tbe Maatersoo Shows 
secured tbe privilege ear. Tbe! ma. which tbe 
Jones Bros, purchased from N orris A Rowe at 
the laat sale of thst show. J. Augustas June*, 
however, has no intention of leaving tbe amuse- 
ment field and Is now engaged la assembling a 
two or three-car outfit for tbe coming season. 

Geo. B. Palmer, of Athena. Ga.. recalls the 

Joha Robinson. Robinson sad Eldred. Welch. 
Delevan and Nathan's. North. Stlckney and 
Jones; Stone sad McCoUnm. Spalding and Bolt- 
ers. Tankee Robinson. G. G. Grady. Mabahsn's 
Crescent City Clrcua, Rivers and Dertna. Wm. 
Zake. tbe Turner 
Wiring's Menairerle. 
now out of existence. 

George Doormen, formerly with the Parker 
Carnival Company, and at one time with th- 
ereat O a skill Shows. Is now connected with tbe 
Polark Booking Exchange of Pittsburg, aa out- 
side office man. Mr. Doorman will also be at 
aorlated with Bill Bice and Sydney Wire la th- 
wlnter clrcua, which la being promoted under 
local auspice* throughout Ohio. West Virginia 
and Pennsylvania. 

"Col." J. C M. Bremer, the well-known cir- 
cus and privilege man, apent tbe first Christmas 
In twentr-aeven years at hla home. IS Amhnrst 
atreet. Charleston. 8. C. and served a big fam- 
ily dinner to hla family. There were forty- 
seven In sll st the gathering. Col. Bremer 
held Christmas st bis borne for two dsys and 
served s sumptuous spread to all. 

Col. Harry Poll worth and Ben Brunt met In 
San Francisco last week. Both had been hoy- 
hood friends In tbe long sgo amldat the white 
tops. Pollworth is proprietor and manager of 
tbe Pnrltan Concert Company, and Bruna la 
now Interested and president of the Santa Cltra 
Mining Company, with offices in Fresno. Csllf. 

Jimmy Sorlgg. the funny down policeman, 
from the Rlngllng Bros.' Shows. Is spending 
the winter season at his home In Toledo. O. 
There ia Quite a bunch of circa* people In Toledo 
Including Reno McCree. Art Jsrvls, n*rry 
Clark. l.uln Davenport. Maude Bnrbank and a 
host of others. 

«d. C Knnpp. general agent of the John 
Robinson Shows, has signed the following well- 
known billet* for Bob Simons' opposition 
brigade, with the Robinson Show* next season: 
Tbos. Hodgeman. Wm. Roddy. Bags Warner, 
leo llsrt. George Clwnet. Burt McPhall and 
James R boa ilea. 

The SI* Wsltons. acrobat* and tumblers, have 
signed with the IVlack Winter Circus, snd will 
no their two acts with the show. The acrobatic 
acta will he hilled at the Six Walton*, while 
their atatearv work snd srt noslrur will be billed 
ss the Dellsrosa Troupe of Roman Appoiloa. 

Men I. Tavlor. who laat aeaaon had tbe band 
with th* Andrew Downle Shows. Is outraged ss 
musical director 

Wheeler Shows. He will hsre a 

teen picked musicians and a feature will be 
made of tbe 

The mater of the Greatest Jungle Show on 
Earth contain* the following well-known clrcua 
people, all late of Jones Bra*.' Buffalo Ranch 
Wild Weil: Mr. and Mn R. C. H 

Clare A. Berger. treasurer snd press agent 
of Jones Bros.* Buffalo Ranch Wild West lat 
after spending some th 

Roy McDonald. 'The Bamboo Hick" and 
Schmack. both from the Rlngllng Bra*.* win- 
terqnsrters, paid a visit to Milwaukee to see 
the^Proelt Jrto^Jite of^the^Blngllng Show. 

WkdiUvaL SdtaJt Ma*OT U wHh^he C i^ingh r 
Sells Snow. U st present tctlng as assistant 

advertising agent under John Varlay. at the 

Lyceum Theatre, Plttaburg. Pa. 

Earl Smith, who waa with tbe J. H. Each- 
man European Clrcua laat season, has charge 
of th* stock at the wloterquartera of tola 
at Linden Hills. Minneapolis, Minn 
baa signed for next season. 

Johnnie Tlerney la in Brooklyn and aaya that 
be la still looking for a job for the winter. 
He has been filling a position ss Inspector of 
building* for quite a while, but assert* that he 
la tired of tbe job. 

Ben Haseenman. of Burlington, la., will be 
In charge of the Inspection ear of tbe Barn am 
and Bailey 8 how next season. Mr. Hssellmsn 
closed with tbe Forepaugb-Bells Bros.' advance 
ear last era* on. 

Carl Nemo, barrel jumper and equilibria*, 
will be seen with Got I mar Bros.' Circus sgsln 
next season. ^He ^1* at present^ playing eipoel- 


The boy* sure did have some time telling 
old tale* of the "sawdust." All of them are re- 
engaged for the Rlngllng Show for tbe coming 
season and are waiting patiently for the birds 
to (log. 

Oscar Lawande and hla wife will play tbe 
New York Hippodrome opening la February 
for a three months' engagement. They are 
now at their wlnterqaartera In Beading. Matt. 

Qua Berry, for the past six seasons chef with 
the AI. F. Wheeler Shows, will bsve cbarge 
of the cook and dining tents with the new 
Downle A Wheeler Show* next sesson. 

Clyde Ingslls. side show manager of the 
Barauta and Bailey Show, la wintering In Bur 
llngton. Ia. Mr. Ingalla will again be with the 

The Howe's Great London 
log *t Verona. Pa-, and a big but 
timers are passing tbe winter la the 

W. B. Freeman. Louise Langdon. Josephine 
Fox, Wm. B. Dlmock, Marlon Cheater, Robert 
E. Lee Albert Warner. Holly Uollls. M. t. 
Ryan. Garfield Thompson. E. A. Covert, r 

McVlcker. Geo. F. Colic, scenic artist; 

clt T. Gnnn is resident manager. 


The DuVell Deerlng Comedy Company opens 
Jan. 2 at Chandler. Minn. The roster or the 
company Includes Grand DuVell. manager: Chaa. 
Lotas, DuVell Deerlng, Rosalies snd Berulilge. 
A. K. Norton. Prof. Tefft and Prof. Way burn. 


Wilmington. Del., Dec 28 (Special to The 
Billboard.)— W. 

L. Dockstader, owner and 

set In 

and family, laat season with El tor 
i'« Circus, nave launched a contortion 
ills. New and novel atags settings 
of tbe act. 
Era Cartwrlght. late of Jones Bros/ 
la 111 with pneumonia at 



Garry Vandcrbllt and 
Son Bros.' Show, have 
In Warren, Pa., for the 

Sam Wlreback bas tbe 
tbe up town wagon with 
Show for the season of 1911. 

Chat. Wood, 
engaged for the 
for next 


The Backman A-f—fl Show win be In- 
creased to s three-car show, snd joins Kline 
for the 1911 season. Among othrr shnwa w'll 
be seen the Little Russian Prince, midget: Al- 
ice, tbe wonder: Don Carlo* Dog and Monkey 
Hotel; a three-ebrrstt jumplng-borse Csroo 


rlna: Delgartao and 

Zinney'a Streets of India, snd Trlxle. the Fst 
OlrL It will require fifteen car* to move the 
outfit. .11 of which sre now In course of con- 


Beutonl*. Ml**., Dec. 28 (Special to The 
Billboard).— A. G. Ratl!fr. formerly of tbe 
Dixie United Shows, snd now one of the man 
agers or tbe Davis Amusement Co.. waa — 
dentally shot by a stray bullet, and la- ni 
s precarious condition at th 


The Unique Amusement Co.. H. E 
manager, having closed a very successful season 
Is now safely honied In winter quarters st 
Vlcksbnrg. Miss., where the shows are being 
made ready to open March 1. Five shows 
r-rnr. Miller's Family Band, and a jumplng- 
' also a Big Ell Ferris Wheel. 



the management of Thompson A Woods 
st Hathsway'a Theatre on Monday. Th 
log bill was The Charity Ball, with Girls under- 
lined for next week. The nrodoctlona are under 
the direction of Walter Woods. Tbe company 
include* Gertrude Dion Jack Cbagnon. 



Of Texas, using a 32-20 Winchester Re- 
peating rifle, shooting at brickbats, 
walnuts throw 
the air. 

Booked for 1911 with the 


Wallett Family 

In their new creations of 
Equestrianism. Specialty. En- 
gaged as a feature with The 
Gollmar Bros.' Show; Season 
1911. A Happy New Tear to AIL 

Show Cars a spe- 
cialty. Shops. Harvey. Illlaota. 
til Railway Exnhang* Ball ding. Chicago 


Several new ateel framed Hotel Care for rent. 
H. J. ABM3TBOXO. 3M Schiller Bldg.. Chicago. 


of alt kind* for sale. Arldr-s* 

LKON w Asn burn. Chester. Pa. 

Henry J. Broken Is abont to Issue a practical 
course and treatise on circus advance wnrk. Tbe 
moat remarkable offer ever made to learners and 
students who follow up the clrcua advance work 
every snmm-r. gl.OO per copy. H. J. SISKE.N. 
810 Grand St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

EDUCATED H0BSX FOR 8AXE at sacrifice. « 
year old black gelding. Weight S00. One of the 
best educated horse* In Amei ' 
right party. Address D. E. 

I have a complete Wagon Show ontfit: per- 
forming horse, pony, mule, monkey and dogt. 
Want a partner. Good reason. Write particu- 
lars. CARL LAMORE, Huntingdon. Pa. 


60-ft. round top. with 30-ft. rnicMle. 10-f t. wall. 6^-onnoe Drill all through. 
Has heen used one month. BARGAIN PRICE, S143.00. 



S 40- S1 8 Merldlnn Street. ..... CHICAGO. 

The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 191t. 

Theatres and Attractions. 

(Continued from page 19.) 

J. Byrne, mgr.) Wm. Rock and Maude Fulton. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jlmmle Birr}-. Mr. and Mra. Ed- 
win Connelly. Goff Phillip*. Neusa and Eldred. 
Tne Yapbank National Guard; Witt's Bases or 
Kildare, Howard and Howard, and pictures week 
of 28. KRUG (Chas. S. Breed, mgr.) Checkers 
25-28: Banco la Arizona 28-31. AUDITORIUM 
r.) Hippodrome 0-16. 


mgr.) Mrs. Flake, In Becky Sharp- 28. Madame 

Fells 30-31. SAVOY 

27-29. Ethel Barrymore In The Lawny of 
SAVOV (Harry Brown, mgr.) 
Holland and Company. Harry 
Le Clair. The Lone Acre Quartette. Henry 
Young. The Barlows. Evans and Harlngton. Bi- 
tes Knssell. May and Lillian Bursa. Joe More- 
land and Company and pictures week of 2tt. 
I'lEB. Valeska = 

"pany, Alice 
Slitter. ltita 
week of 2G. 

BAWHHE.-BUOU (Bert Howard, mgr.) Mu- 
sical Walters. Master Melville. William S. Leh- 
man and Company. Stewart and .Marshall. Baarln- 
Inla Monkeys. Francis Wilson. Three Bohmana. 
Wallace and West and B oa.- Seldou week of 26. 

EOBOKEH. — GAYETY (Cone Payton. lessee; 
laldor Cohen, mgr.) Week of- Dec. 26. Clause 
Payton and Corse Payton Stock Company In 
Strong; Week of Jan. 2, same company 
in Tbe Eternal City. EMPIRE (A. M. Brogge- 
•.) Week of Dec. 26. Bowery Buries 
•ek of Jan. 2, Vanity Pair. 



(Wm. rax, mgr.) Tbe stock company. 

ALHAMBRA (Percy G. Williams, mgr.) Vau- 
deville twice a day. 

nigra.) Vaudeville twice a 

ASTOR (J. L. ~ 
fiftn week- 

BELASCO (David Belssco. mgr.) Tbe Con 
cert, fourteenth week. 

BIJOU (A. C. Campbell, mgr.) 

mgr.) The Mld- 
Bgr.) Vande- 


la Carte opened 2. 

CIRCLE (HolUs E. Cooler 
night Sons opened 2. 

CITY "(Samuel F. 
▼Hie and moving pic 

vilie twice a day. 

COLUMBIA (J. Herbert Mack 
Sy dell's London Belles. 

alock. mgr.) William Collier in I'll Be Hanged 
IX I Do. alrth week. 

CRITERION (Charles Frohman, mgr.) WH- 
Uam GlUette opened at this theatre 2.- 
DALY'S (Robert Robertson, mgr.) Baby Mine, 
atleth week. 

tbe Wells opened 2. 

In T rela 


quest, mgr.) Vaudeville 

GAIETY (J. Fred Zimmerman, mgr.) Get- 
Rieb-Qnick Walllnsford, sixteenth week. 

GARKICK (Charles Frohman, mgr.) Annie 
Russell In Tbe Impostor, third week. 

GLOBE (Charles Dillingham, mgr.) Elsie Ja- 
Bla In Tbe Slim Princess opened 2. 

GOTHAM (Wm. Fox, mgr.) Moving pictures 
and vaudeville. 

GRAND (Harry Beekman. mgr.) Moving pic- 
tures and vaudeville. 

IIACKETT (Ed. V. Gomerly. mgr.) Daddy 
Dofard. fifth week. 

HERALD SQUARE (Harry M. Hyams. mgr.) 
Lain G laser in Tbe Girl and tbe Kaiser, sixth 

HIPPODROME (John B. Fitxpatriek, mgr.) 

with tbe 

(G. E. McChne. mgr.) Vaudeville twice a day. 

(58th St.) Motion pictures and Tandevllle. 

(Union Square! Motion pictures and vaudeville. 

(23d St.) Motion pictures and Tandevllle. 

HOUSE (C. J. Holmes, mgr.) Vaudeville, stock 
and pictures. 

Halateln. mgr.) Stock, Tandevllle and pictures: 
Knickerbocker (Harry G. Sommer, 
mgr.) Tbe Foolish Virgin, third week. 

LIBERTY (J. W. Mayer, mgr.) Christie Mac- 
Doosld In The Spring Maid, second week. 

LINCOLN SQUARE (Charles Ferguson, mgr.) 
Moving pictures and vaudeville. 

Inc.. triers.) Moving pictures a " 
LYCEUM (Daniel Frohman. mgv 

D LYRtc a ^'scT^anh^!mer. mgr.) Mrs. Leslie 
Carter In Two Women, fifth week. 

MAJESTIC (Wilbur Shubert Co., mgrs.) Tbe 
Bine Bird, ninth week. 

merstelo. mgr.) Vaudeville twice a day. 

MANHATTAN (Wm. Gane. mgr.) Vaudeville 
and moving pictures. 

MAXINE ELLIOTT'S (Ralph Long, mgr.) 
The Gamblers tenth week. 


METROPOLIS (Leon Berg, mgr.) 

MINER'S BOWERY (E. D. Miner, mgr.) The 
Follies of tbe Day. 

mgr.) Yankee Doodle Girls. 

MINER'S BRONX (E. D. Miner, mgr.) Thi 
New Ducklings Co 

MURRAY HILL (Fred Waldmann. mgr.) TtM 


We Can't Be As Bad As All That opened Dec. 

NEW AMSTERDAM (Klaw * Erlanger. 
mgrs.) Madame Sherry, nineteenth week. 

NEW YORK (Klaw & Erlanger, mgrs.) 
Naughty Marietta, ninth week. 

NEW THEATRE (Wlntirop Ames, mgr.) Tbe 

New Theatre Stock Company. 

OLYMPIC (Maurice Kraus, mgr.) Tbe Gin- 
ger Girls. 

PLAZA (Ted Marks, mgr.) Vaudeville twice 
a day. 

PROSPECT. Moving pictures and vaudeville. 

REPUBLIC . (David Belaaco. mgr.) Rebecca 
or Sunnybrook Farm, fourteenth week. 

SAVOY (Rosenberg Bros., mgrs.) Vaudeville 
and movlDg pictures. - 

STAR (Wm. Fox, mgr.) Moving pictures and 

TREMONT. Stock company. 

UNIQUE (E. L. Well, mgr.) Moving pictures 
and vaudeville. 

vllie twice a day. 

mgr.) Vaudeville and moving pictures. 

walla CK'S (Chas. Bumham, mgr.) Po- 
mander Walk, third week. 

WEBER'S (Jos. M. Weber, mgr.) 
Where Do You Live, fifteenth week. 

WEST END (J. K. Cookson, mgr.) 
Forgot. " 

YORKVTLLE (Marcus Loew, Inc. 
Vaudeville and moving pictures. 

COMEDY (Albert Kauffman. mgr.) 
pictures and vaudeville. 

FAMILY (Wm. Fox, mgr.) Moving pictures 
and vaudeville. 

NEMO (Wm. Fox, mgr.) Vaudeville and mov- 
ing pictures. 

NATIONAL (Marcus Loew, 
Vaudeville and moving pictures. 

BROOBXYV. — MONTAUK (Edward Trail, 
mgr.) John Drew in Smith week of 26, Tbe 
Commuters week of Jan. 2. TELLER'S BROAD- 
WAY (Leo S. Teller, mgr.) Montgomery and 
Stone week of 26. The Follies of 1810 we -k of 
Jan. 2. SAM S. SHUBERT (L. J. Rodriguez, 
mgr.) Tbe Midnight Sons week or 26. May Irwin 
week of Jan. 2. MAJESTIC (W. C. Frldley. 
mgr.) Marie Cahlll In Judy Forgot week of 26. 
Sam Bernard week of Jan. 2. GRAND OPERA 
HOUSE (J. H. Springer, mgr.) Arsene Lupin, 
week of 26, German Comic Opera Company week 
of Jan. 2. ORPHECM (Frank Kllbolz. mgr.) 
Master Gabriel and Company. Arthur Deacon. 
Farrell Taylor Trio, Ellis Nowlln Troupe. Mc- 
Connell and Simpson. Three Livingstones, Shark- 
ey. Gelsler and Lewis, and Clara Belle Jerome 
week ' of 26. GBEENPOINT (Benedict Blatt, 
mgr.) Knute Erickson, Fire Brown Brothers, 
Carlotta. Gordon Eldrld and Company. Cunning- 
bam and Marlon, Herbert's Dogs, Basque Quar- 
tette and Yorke and Adams week of 26. CRES- 
CENT (Lew Parker, mgr.) The Crescent Stock 
In Our New Minister week of Jan. 2. 
(Pauline Boyle, mgr.) The Gotham 
Stock Company In Cameo KIrby week of Jan. 
2. STAR (James Clark, mgr.) The Dainty Du- 
chess week of 26. GAYETY (H. B. Denny, 
mgr.) The Ginger Girls week of 26. CASINO 
(Chas. Daniels, mgr.) Tbe Wise Guy week of 
26. The Moulin Rouge week of Jan. 2. EMPIRE 
(Geo. McManus. mgr.) Tbe Ducklings week of 
2C. The Wise Goy week of Jan. 2. PAYTON'S 
LEE AVENUE (Corse Payton. mgr.) Tbe Cir- 
cus Girl week of 28. COURT (M. T. Middle- 
ton, mgr.) Tbe Road to Rnin week of 26. AM- 
PHION (L. A. Nelms. mgr.) House With tbe 
Green Shutters week of 26. Tbe Rosary week 
of 2. 

(J. Gilbert Gordon, mgr.) Marie Dressier 26-27; 
Henry Kolper In The Great Name 28; Otis Har- 
lan In The Girl and the Drummer 29-31; Soth- 
ern and Marlowe Jan. 2-3: Holbrook Bllnn In Tbe 
Boss 4: Forbes Robertson S-T. EMPIRE (J. 
H. Rhodes, mgr.: Eastern Wheel) Fsds and Fol- 
lies 26-28: Tbe Pehman 
f Oscar Stare) . mgr.: W< 
Rouge Show week of 26. 

Ross, mgr.) Music Festival Dec. 26. JEFFER- 
SON- (Rels Circuit, lessees and mgrs.). East 
Lynne Dec. 26: Tbe Cat and tbe Fiddle 28- Sweet 
Sixteen 29: Marie Dresslei in mile's Nightmare 
Jan. 4: Sembrich Jan. 17. BURTIS GRAND (T. 
Seyton Tnnlson. mgr.) Week of Dec. 26. Miles 
and Sheets. Tbe Wills. Delia Stacey and Com- 
pany. Marie -Heyland. The Great Johnson. Cart 
Clayton. Jack TItken. motion pictures. HAPPY- 
LAND (Simpson Amusement Company, mgrs. ■ 
Week of Dec. 20. Huegell and Sylresta. Clipper 



Co. 26-31. 
) M(- 

rlous Henella. Root and While, Fredericks Trio 
and pictures 26-2S. 

mgr.) The Lonery Man 28: The White Smiaw 
30: Paid in Full 31: Passing of tbe Third Floor 
Back Jan 3: The Pinal Settlement 7. 

UTICA— MAJESTIC (J. 0. Brooks, mgr.) Tbe 
Cat and the Fiddle 26: Way Down East 28: Ms- 
rie Dressier 29; Ellen Terry 30. SHUBERT (W. 
D. Fitzgerald, mgr.) Seldnn's Living Marbles. 
Howard's Animal Circus. Bloomnnest Plavers. 
Hawthorne and Burt week of 26. HIPPODROME 
(P. F. Clancy, mgr.) Lillian Waynard. Blond 
and Robinson Donnelly and King. Joseph Qnlnn 
and pictures week of 26. ORPHECM (Ford S. 
Anderson, mgr.) Tbe Sexton's Dream. Melvln and 
Burt. Meyers and Perry. Prof. Weimar and pic- 
tures week of 26. 

V. DnBols. mgr.) Paid In Foil 26. The Old nome- 
stead 29. The Thief Jan. 3, Toe-l's Minstrels 
Jan. 4. BIJOU (S. Warner, mgr.) Tbe Barbeau 
Family. Rosedale Quartette. Fox and Blnndln 
26-31. NEW ORPHEUM (R. W. Rosat. mgr.) 
Clinton Amase and Company. Gordon and Keyen. 
Aen-s Trucsdale. Mr. and Mra. Denny Hurley 
2 6-28. 


Dull, mgr.) Olivette Troubadours. Maude De 
Laro. Deane and Sibley. Al Herman. Ann 
ey. Three Shorty*, and pictures week of 


L. Crovo. mgr.) Frederick the Great Dec. 20-27: 
Narlmova 29: The Girl from Rector'a Jan. 2: 
The Firing line 7: Merry Widow B : Buster 
Brown 11: The Nigger 14. 


CrNCTNNATT.- — GRAND (John Havlln. mgr.) 
Rlcbanl Osrle In Jumping Jupiter week of Jan. 

Lemalrc and Company, Lawrence and Fltxger- 
ald, Hayes and Johnson, Four Loodons, The 
Bruolns, Joale Heather, Tbe Fonr Fords and 
pictures week of Jan. 1. LYRIC tJamea E. 
Fennessy. mgr. ) A Gentleman from Ml>n!salpp! 
week of 1. ORPHEUM (George U. Jordan, 
mgr.) Four Xorlus. Mlddletoo and Speltuiever. 
Alva York. Vlollnskr. Williams and Tucker, 
Three Yoacarys, MatUe Lockett, Joale and Wil- 
lie Barrows, Glendower Trio. Madison and 
Clark, Graham Brothers, Clin! Harrison week of 
1. OLYMPIC (Geo. F. and L. Forepaugh Flab, 
mgrs.) Forepsugh Stock Company in The Lot- 
tery Man week of 1. EMPRESS (H. E. Robin- 
son, mgr.) Arthur LeVlne and Company, Tom 
Dempsey.^Mr. and ta. Geo.^P. Moore. B'sjow 

Brothers 11 week of *L ' WALNUT* (W. *F. Jack- 
'.) Vaughan Glaaer In Tbe Man Be- 
of 1. HEUCK'S (f 
) The Smart Set In His H< 
of 1. STANDARD (E. J. Clements, mgr.; 
Eastirn Wheel) Ilasllnga' Big Show week of 1. 
PEOPLE'S (James E. Fennessy, mgr.; West- 
ern Wheel) Bohemians week of 1. 

Bound, with Arnold Dsly, week of 31. COLO- 
NIAL. Tbe Fourth Estate week of 31. LY- 
CEUM. The Newiyweds and Their Baby wees 
of 3L CLEVELAND. The Girl and tbe Stam- 
pede week of 31. STAR. Tiger Lilies, with 
Zallab week of 31. EMPIRE. Tbe Rollicking 
Girls week of 31. HIPPODROME. 
Norwood heads bill for week of 31. 

Esler. mgr.) Father and Tbe Boys Jan. 16-18. 
The Man of the Hour 19-21. The Lottery Man 
24. The Thief 26-28. COLONIAL (F. E. Johnson, 
mgr.) Tbe Stanley and Edwards Company, Kren- 
lea Brothers. Dave Ferguson, English and Carna- 
han. Marker Brothers and the Fonr Stagpootes 
26-23, Kltamura Japs, Tbe Arlington Comedy 
Four, Ned Monroe and Frank Mack, Robert Do- 
mot Trio, English and Cranahan. and N. W. 
Whittle 29-31. MORKA (M. C- Winter, mgr.) 
Gregorle and El mine, Jerome Casper. Norton 
and Russell. Col. Mack Apel and Company, De 
Frey. and The Grey Trio 26-28. 
I ALLIANCE. — COLUMBIA (Raymond 8. Wal- 
lace, mgr.) Irene Jeavona stock Company week 
28, The Keyes Slaters Stock Company week of 
Jan. 2; 

COLT/ktBUB SOUTHERN (Geo. Dunmeyer. 

mgr.) Victor Moore In The Happiest Night of 
His Lite Jan. 1-3. COLONIAL (J. V. Howell, 
mgr.) Robert Maotell in Repertoire week of Jan. 
2- HIGH STREET (Chas. W. Harper, mgr.) 
Harry Clay Blsney In Cbernb Divine 2-4; The 
Wolf 5-7. B. F. KEITH'S (W. W. Prosser. 
mgr.) Gus Edwards School Boya and Girls. 
Kathleen Clifford. Howard and North. Swat Mll- 
llgan, Carl Randall. Milton and DeLong Trio. 
Wm. Ferry. Schar Wheller Trio week of 23. 

T.T s TA —THE FAUROT (L_ H. Cunningham, 
mgr.) Tbe Wolf 28; Peck's Bad Boy 28; Call of 
the Wild 30; Tb e Cit y 31: Keith Stock Co. week 
of January 2. THE ORPHEUM (Will G. Wil- 
liams, mgr.; Gus Sun Circuit) W. S. Laveen and 
Co.. Three Singing Girls, Barnes and Mann. 
Frederick' Hamlin, Henry Booker, charterer 
change s. 


mgr.) Tbe Man of the Hour 25. 

NEWARK. — AUDITORIUM (M. Shea, mgr.) 
Empire Stock Company 26, Daniel Boone on Tbe 
Trail 27, AL G. Fletd'a Greater Minstrels 28. 
The City 29, Lena Rivers 31, Flaming Arrow 
Jan. 2, Tbe County Sheriff 5. The Girl In the 
Taxi 6. ORPHEUM (M. P. Baaaert. mgr.) Clay- 
son Family. Tbe Great Lombards, Ritchie Brown. 
Harry L. Brott and Company, and pictures week 

STEUBEN VLLLE. — GRAND (Arthur Morley, 
mgr.) Lyman Howe'a Pictures Jan. 7. NATION- 
AL (W. G. Hartshorn, mgr.) Lnben'a Dog and 
Pony Circus. Steele, Brlnkman and Steele, Mar- 
lon and Deane. Peter Family. Real Quartette. 
Her Bnrke and Davenport 26-31. 

TOLEDO.— LYCEUM. Sonl Kiss Jan. 1-4. 
Millionaire Kid 6-7. VALENTINE. Howe'a 
Pictures 29. Seven Days Jan- 2-4. The Climax 
S-9. AUDITORIUM. Virginia Harned Jan. 
2-3. EMPIRE. Tbe Girls from Hsppy Land 
25-31, Rentx Santley Company Jan. 1-7. AMERI- 
CAN. Social Highwayman 25-31. In The Blabop'a 
Carriage week of Jan. L 


PITTSBURG. — GRAND. College Life. Curt las' 
Aeroplane. Claude GUUwater and Company, Inter- 
national Polo Teams, Pat Rooney and Marlon 
Bent, Columbia Comedy Four. Conrny and Le- 
Malre, Great Ergottl'a Lilliputians. Two Clever 
Pucks, and pictures week of 25. ALVIN. A 
Gentleman from Mississippi week of 25. The 
Fourth Eslste week of Jan. 2. DUQUESNE. 
Harry Davis Stock Company in A Woman's Way 
week of 25; same company In Salomy Jane 
week of Jan. 2. ACADEMY. Girls from Dixie 
week of 25. NIXON. Tbe Round Up week of 23. 
The Fortune Hunter week or Jan. 2. FAMILY. 
Tbe Great Lorre Troupe, Ryan and Doug! Has, 
The Brlnkleys. Edler Sisters. The Mldgleys. Nel- 
lie Cameron. John and Mabel Mansfield. Arthur 
Wilson and pictures week of 25. GAYETY. 
Singer's Serenade™ week of 25, Queens of the 
Jardln de Paris week of Jan. 2. LYCEUM 
Ward and Vokes In Tbe Trouble Mskers 
of 25. H anion's Superba week of Jan. 2. 


Temple Bar Building, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Star Theatre 

Gsyety Theatre 

Oayety Theatre 

Star and Garter 

Always Open Time for Feature Acta. 

Sketches -Monologues 


Writ* for 
•lng stamp. H. P. way ww aw 
StTMt, Olaas, jr. T. 


Experience unnecessary. I personally assist yes 

to jget an act and engagement SO years' ex- 
perience. Free Instructive — i e a p oad aa ee roars* 
of professional sdrlce. This offer la limited. 


In Their Rural Comedy •« 








Tii Kiaic at. tie Stibntti 


Aubrey Rich 

Cluracter Delineation in Souf 



Misiei I LiBf talkers 



VAnnruii i r 




The Moat Am axing, Meant 
Mystery Known. 

Dean - Orr Sisters i 
Skeet Gallagher 

Singers sand Dane 
Sullivan- Co neldine 


I Mill 1 1 by it IBS FLO WELLS Is see 
Military Flay 1«4 




■eel Cowpanchere In VendswlUt 

Knlta Throwing, Rops Spinning, 
Fsnsy Rlf is Shooting, 
LeHst Osnslng. 


Character Singing 

Keith and Proctor Circuit 

Allen and Chenault 


JANUARY .fc.ip?;. 






Origin -tor of thm Pipe- Piano 

(Patented) ■ Pirated keep ofl 



"Oh You Voice" 

Care The BOi board 


— » 

ni Mini ffM 

land ( 





W V 




Sulllv»n-Con«ldln« Circuit 



CAPT. O. K. WHITE, Manager. 

Now playing Ions engagement, Los Angelea, 
CaL Address all commnalcatloaa care J. 
SKY ci-ARK. liar. Clark aad Snow's ata- 
•rum, 244 So. Mala St.. Los Angeles, OaL 



Bc-tagand for 1911. Now 
an la Honolulu. Booked by 1 
6*m Bids.. &aa FraaeJaeo. 
board," Saa Francisco. 


HO DOT. fliimlliiiial Aerial 
aad Cp-SJda-Down Man. 


Sow plsjlng Tauderllle na Paclnc Coait. BookfxJ 
•olid with Sella-Floto Show* Season 1811. Ad- 
L N. Cohen. Special KcprrsentatlTe, West- 



a»H »■ OUrk M. 

InraatoT aad HO. tc 
tba proreedoa. Writ* fat 

~ Bit 


A Limit** 
■aaajaioajar | n - i 

■laaaam. a a a 
MWMl Rosswood m Wal 
aut II naaaaMad ttamb asm 

rods. (UIU», Ul°n o» Era*) 
Clt Oram U— iTVi una wtu 

prvrusa* of • aara" trial. 
C P. Zaldter Oram Ca. 

. O. Oaraaawa. r> ► t* 

o??a nntom thxatrx, KmriA* 

„r~ , oplandld opportunity far high-trade aaow 
f *° for ocwataa popoiar priced radartDe at 
Sl^Ji: Ooowa* Taa atrlctly flrat-elsss. aodara 


mui nil a f a *> v vi uuBiM n tt a* v»a aw* 


ES% SEI»naanR.^rK 

..—CAMBRIA (H. W. Sherer. 
mrr.l The Bound Up 23 24, The Stamped*- 28, 
Tbe Country Boy 28, Merry Maidens 29. Mrs. 
Flake 30. Manama Sherry 31. 

LAW CASTER.— FULTON (C. A. Yeeker. mgr.) 
Tbe Firing Line 26; A Girt of the Mountain* 
27: The M.-rry Widow 30: The Country Boy 31 
The Bloe M<m*e Jan. 2. FAMILY (Erfw. 
xart. mgr.) Two Orphan* week of 26. 

MT. CAR MEL. — 0. 
Jan. 4. 

SCaASTOV.— LYCEUM (Mr. Gibbon*, msr.) 
The Nigger 2d: Lew Doekstader'a MInat-ela 2Sl 
Tbe Paaalns or tbe Third Floor Back 20. Pi> 
LPS (Mr. Docklngi. msr.) Lolo the My«*.i~. Mar- 
loo Garaoo and Company, Mr*. Doberty and her 
poodlea. Maraoall P .Wilder. Tbe Mus'cal Girls. 
Tbe Keatooa and picture* week of 26. NEW 
ACADEMY (Mr. Docking, mgr.) The On-it Rnly 
week or 26. COLUMBIA (Mr. Fee the r. mgr.) 
Dare Marlon'* Barleaqoera 26-28; Tbe Americans 
28 31. 


F^r M B. C cV ff S.^ : ■SlsSSiy jSJ&TSl 
Wrlgbt Lorlmer In The Shepherd King 30: Henri- 
etta Croaamin In Anti-Matrimony 31; Shadow* 
2-3: The Boa* 4. NESBITT (D. M. CauRtuan. 
mgr.) Neahltt Stock Company In Tbe White Sit- 
ter week of 28; same company In A Woman'* 
Way week of Jan. 2. POLI'S (Gordon Wrlghr. 
mgr.) Kaleer** Dos*. Miller aad Ly.e. John 
Ince and Patty Allison. Ellda Morrl*. The Slir-r 
Bottle. Tbe Great Lesttr. Pedersoo Broths* 
week of 28. LUZERNE (Leon Ferlndlnl. roc-.) 
Tbe Americans 28-28: Dreamland Burlesque-* 
28-31; World of Ptessnre 2-4; Broadway Gaiety 
Girls 6-7: St«r Show Girl* 9-12; The Meny 
Whirl 12-14. 


HOUSE (F. R. Wendleschaefer. mgr.) May Irwin 
In Getting a Polish week of 28, Olga Netberaole 
In Mary Magdalene 28-31, For ben Robertson In 
The Parsing of the Third Floor Back Jan. 5-7. 
EMPIRE (Sol Brarmlg. mgr.) W. H. Turner In 
Father and The Bora week or 28. Tbe Great Di- 
vide week of Jan. 2. Katie Did Jan. 9 and week. 
IMPERIAL (Geo. N. Gray, mgr.) Baldwin Mel- 
▼Ule Stock Company la Darkest Russia week of 
28, aame company la Tbe Girl I Left Behind 
Me week of Jan. 2. WESTMINSTER (Geo. P. 
Collier, mgr.) Golden Crook Company week of 
28. The Beaoty Trust week of Jan. 2. Cracker- 
Jacks week of 9. 


R- Matthew*, mgr.) Tbe Bachelor 28; Madame 
Narlmora 31: The Melting Pot 27; The Girl from 
Rector** Jan. 8: Tbe Lottery Man 18: Viola Al- 
lea Jan. 20. MAJESTIC (G. L. Brandtler. mgr.) 
Carina*. Grace Orm*. Williams and Gon'r.n, 
good: Johnny Honey and Jennette Moxar, excel- 
lent, we ek of 26. 

QREEjrVTLLE- — GRAND (B. F. Whltmlrr. 
mgr.) Starkey's Players 25. Tbe Girl from C. S. 
A. 28. 


ay. mgr.) Tbe Bloe Mouse 28-27: Just Out of Col 
lege 29. MAJESTIC (O. F. Gould, mgr.) M. 
Samayoa. Al Coleman. Orace I>e Winters. Guy 
J. Sampael and Edith Rellly, Mr. Homer Lend 
and Company, Arthur Rlghy. Arnold'* Perfjrw 
l og Leopard*, and pictures week or 24, OR 
PFfEUM (Dalton Brothers, mgra.) The Great 
Hayr*. Garrlty Sisters. Manuel Romaln and 
Company. Wolfe and Mills. Leonard and Gil- 

J Tbe Thief 28-28. COURT . 
mgr.) The City 28. APOLLO (H. W. Rogers, 
mgr.) Monte Carlo Girls 26-31. VICTORIA 
(Geo, Shater. mgr.) Inler. Burke and Dareaport, 
comedy specialty. Steele. Brlnkman aad Steele, 
singers; Fuller Rose and Co., comedy playlet. 
The Real Quartette, singers and comedians, 
Bucxley*a Troupe of pantomime dog* 26-28. 


Wilson, mgr.) Aubrey Stock Company In The 
Bishop and Tbe Thief 27. 

Haber, mgr.) Uncle Tom's Cabin 31. IDEA 
(Oscar Vollert. mgr.) McKlssIck and Sbadney, 
Alex BrtaaoD. John Buckley and Violet Moore, 
Rnth Francla and Company, Mr. and Mrs. Bob 
Fltxslmmons, Jaa. Tasebell and pictures 22-29. 

HOUSE (E. R. Rlckett*. mgr.) The Time. Tbe 
Place and Tbe Girl 28-27. Tbe Burgomaater 2S- 
29. EMPRESS (Walter Sanford. mgr.) Uncle 
Tom's Cabin week of 26. ORPHEUM (Geo. P. 
Case, mgr.) Howard Tmeedale and Company. 
Lea Ploets Larella Sisters. Olio Trio. Marguerite 
Fry, Lester and K el leu. Frank and Myrtle 
CbsmberUlD. Hart and Dean week of 26. PAN- 
TAGES' (Geo. Calrrrt, mgr.) Ray Thompson 
and Hla Horse Joe Bailey. Bert SIror. Melrln 
Brothers. Mason and McClatre, Tyrolean Sex- 
tette, Nelson and Milledge week of 26. LYRIC 
(Geo. B. Purr Is. mgr.) The Lyric Musical Corn- 

week of 

Brooks, mgr.) The Importance of Being Earn- 
est week of 26: Msy Robsoa wee* of Jan 2. 
PRINCESS (H. C. Judge, mgr.) Grace Vso Stud- 
dlford In A Brld»l Trip week of 26. ROV.VL 
(0. Mcnrlan. mgr.) Le Jardlu de Parla Ulrl* 
week of 28. ORPHEUM (G. F. Drlscoll. mgr.) 
Lrthrn's Dog*. George Fell*, Lydla Barry Sebas- 
tlin Mrrrll Compiny. Kenny. Nobody tid Piatt. 

William* and Selgal. Mllo Beldao and Haael 
Cbanple Company, Dereuao and La Dane week 
of 26. 


Solman, mgr.) Gertrude Elliott In The Dawn 
of a To-morrow 28-31. Lena Ashwell Jan. 2-7. 
PRINCESS (O. B. Sheppard. mgr.) May Rooson 
28-31, The Importance of Being Earnest Jsn. 
2-7. GRAND (A. J. Small, mgr.) The Light 
Eternal 28-31. Way Down Eaat Jan. 2-7 MAS- 
SKY HALL (Norman M. WIthrow. mgr.) Ellen 
Terry 31. STAR (Dan T. Pierce, mgr.) Passing 
Pa rade 28-31. Mia* New York Jr. lan._ 2-7. 
GAYETY (T. R. Henry, mgr.) 
way C" ' 

"n. MR k. 

*T.) < 


Extraordinarily success- 
ful last Summer at Pali- 
sade Park, N. J (a N.Y. 
City resort), aad at Chest- 
nut HiU Park, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

I» off Stawl. 

Capacity of 36 people 

Each car swings outward! 
three times and inward 
three times on each revo- 
lution of the machine, 
while at the 
having an i 

tion, making three dis- 
tinct motions, none of 
them violent, but thrilling 
enough to draw capacity 
business. A leader in 
winning repeated rides. 

Showing how alternate cars swing outward while alternate 
car* awing inward toward supporting structure. 


* M K VV ! 


m. j. 



very durably. 

Each boat 
named for a 

' t ' • Ae*> 

The boats 
-run on scenery 
which makes 
them look as 
though they 
really ride on 

You will not regret it. 

II yon want to bay a Carousel, get this one. 

;• Send your order to 

Tie CaJlesu Hitar aad Carnstl Mf ? . Co., 121 Centre St, Nav York Cttf. 

Supplies on hand— Dynamos, Engines, Pumps, etc. 



Furnish Plans, Machinery, etc., for Old Mills, Canals of Venice, Chutes, 
Scenic Railways, Toboggans, etc., etc. Also superintend the erection or 
build complete for operation— fifteen years' experience. 

Twentieth Century's Latest Amusement Devices of all 

Owners of the Old MiH and other Patents. 





« V I.I i i It U K1TK 


I L. U 251 W. 42 ST.. N. Y, 
r DO I T T\TOW<» 

The Billboard 

January rfmi. 

Readers 9 Colli] 

of Eulice B. 
last heard of he wu 

The Billboard. 

Fairmont, W. Va. , Dec 27. 1910. 
The Billboard Pob. Co.: 

Kindly publish the following letter: 
Mr. Claude Melnotte, of The Original Melnottes, 
f^***«t* and Addle, has been here three month*, 
alek. The 'doctors sax be cannot recover, and 
tint be cannot possibly lire more than two 
He baa a aoo at Grand Haven. Mien., 

and his wife la with I 
pan j. Relative* win 
me at once. 

l, Fairmont. W. Va. 

B_ H. Hyde, Apache. Okla.. la aery 
C bearing from Tony Merrick, cow 
■rone bo rider and fancy roper. He Is 
Old SUrer. 

the production Is erode end unfinished and alto- 
gether *1t decidedly falla to please. The music 
does not approach that of dectra and the 
acting' Is of • far Inferior standard. Two dif- 
ferent Salomes hare been imported, Madame 
Ackte and the Baroness 8lgne von Bappe, to 
play the name part. Their styles are vastly 
different but neither looks like ever creating 
a sensation. Jnst at present the advance book- 
lug la filling Covent Garden to the brim every 
night bnt I doubt aery ranch whether the opera 
win last long after this baa come to an end. 




be might hare a livelier holiday. Llsne goea 
back to her "friend," Hector. 

Jack De Frece'a Casino de Psris bad a re- 
opening this week with a corking good bill, 
beaded by Comete Vlrante (The Human Com- 
et), Mme. Abonkala, who dives from a high 
platform to an Inclined board on the atage. 
On the opening night Mme. Aboukala seem- 
alcnlated badly, and, lnatead of land- 

atrnck the slide where It waa practically Oat, 
thus sustaining s frightful fall. The Idea, of 
coarse, la to land on one's cheat and stomach 
at the top of the Incline and slide downward 
to a fall stop. The performer was picked op 
bleeding at the month and nose. Women 
screamed and fainted. Men cried out. The 
aodlence waa soon In s tumult of excitement, 

No one 

ribly msngled est dying on the ground. How 
the accident came about I do not know. Per- 
bapa an auto struck It or a doc chewed It op. 
I can't aay. One by one thoae who took > look 
at the cat atarted on again and newcomers 
woold take their places. Some seemed to pity 
the suffering animal, others appeared 
no emotion on the subject whatever. 

did anything to relieve It. 

Presently a tall, pale young man came 
across the great square and slopped, with otb- 
era, to see what waa the matter. When be aaw 

a: arfaVt-ss sA^rwSa 


He waa not gone long. When be cam* back 
same one waa with him. a little man with a 
white apron and a small parcel. The little 
man bent over tbe dying kitty and adminis- 
tered s dose of chloroform, in s little while 
destb relieved tbe animal of Its sufferings . 
Languidly tbe tall, pale man turned to go, 
bnt before he left be put a loula Into tbe palm 
of tbe little man In the white apron. 1 ar 
rived in time to are this, and I am sure I was 
the only person to recognize the kindly man, 
for no one paid any attention to Mm. He was 
Henri BataUle. author of La VIerge Folle aod 
other playa well known to tbe American • pro- 

Engaged for two yeara by Manager Porel of 
tbe Vaudeville, Andre Dnbosc, one of tbe 
best-known actors In Paris, refused tbe role 
assigned to blm by M. Porel In Patacbon. 
judging It to be beneath bla dignity as a plsyer. 

T. M. A. News 


Dallas, Texas. Lodge No. 91 
leased tbe old ~ 

_. T. M. A., has 
O. W. Bonding at 480 Main 
street, Dallas, and will more there at the first 
of tbe year. Tbey are now doing some exten- 
sive repairing and when on January 1 tbey have 
the grand opening tbe lodge will bare one or 
tbe finest buildings In tbe Booth. 

The committee in charge Is 
Louie Builman. Geon 

Tbe Lodge meets every 
days at BP. M.; visiting T. 
slwsys welcomee. 


(Special to The 

Wheeling, W. Va.. Dec. 81 
Billboard).— The Theatrical 1 
elation Lodge, or Wheeling, W. Va., held a so 
clsl session last Sunday afternoon. A Christmas 
tree waa placed In the center of tbe ball and on 
It waa a number of preaenta for members end 
visitors. The T. M. A. orchestra, under the 
direction of Prof. John Evans, was present ant! 
played during the afternoon. 

In tbe evening a business session waa held 
and plans were gone over and suggestions given 

" ™ 5? 

HI ; & ■ $ k i * * 

,!LU .HI 

* • e «av» - 

1 Y *k ■!■>! . 

a r- • . _ 

if m 

iL am •**■■ In l 

7 a 0- 

m § 


CHICAGO. %^,0- 


Nelson E. Story, or Musical Story, laat beard 
of w.wj tbe La Salle Comedy Company, write to 
Don Barclay, care Mrs. H, L. Goodwin, North 
• wes te rn Bids;.. Minneapolis, Minn. He has some- 
thing important to tell yon. Mr. Barclay would 
also like to bsve the address of LeRoy and 
Cahlli, late with the Bon Ton Burlesque Com- 


Question. — What la the. name of the moat pop- 
ular amusement park In Inuianapolla and Cin- 
cinnati? — A constant reader. 

Answer. — In Cincinnati, Cheater Park and 
Coney Island are equally popular. - 

In reply lo the inquiry of a weekly reader, I 
beg to state that Sammle Brown, tbe well known 
straight man, this season with Messrs. Hut tig 
and Seamon's Bowery Burleequers waa last 
season with The Follies of New York and Parta, 
also s 

(Continued from page 16.) 

will not be an exhibition but rather a place of 
pleasure and amusement. The new owner de- 
clares that It will be tbe scene of a more varied 
and Interesting variety of entertainment than 
has ever been broogbt together in one place. 

The new version of Salome, produced here 
after a quarrel of years with tbe Censor, bag 
{net made Its appearance, and although there 
has been an extraordinary rush for seata. no 
one seems to have a good word to say for It. 
Tbe condition on which' it paased tbe Censor 
aras that the actual head should not be used on 
the stage and consequently tbe lady, after tbe 
execution, has to be content with brandishing 
> charger on the stage with tbe bead missing. 
This In Itself tends to make the whole thing 
unreal bnt, added to this, everything else about 

bnt waa quieted by the stage manager, wbo 
came out and talked to the people. After 
reaching her dressing room Mme. Abonkala 
recovered consciousness and It waa discovered 
that she waa not fatally hurt, though a broken 
nose and cut month showed tbe fall to be both 
severe and painful at any rate. It ta an- 
nounced that aa soon aa the daring woman 
recovers she will retake ber place on tbe bill. 

The Adams Pantomime Troupe of ten peo- 
ple forma one of the big acta composing tbe 
remainder of tbe program. Walter Rellonlnl, a 
Juggler; Dlz and Doz, comedians and lnstrn- 
mentslists; The Ascot t Olrls (Engllab), five 
In number, dancers : Mason and Forbes, come- 
dians; Charller, ventriloquist; The Trio Scblaz, 
cyclists, snd others, are big run-makera at 
this theatre. 


Are the FoIIea Bergere and tbe Olympla the- 
atres or music halls? At esch place revues of 
the Follies sort are given on a regular stage, 
though s spectator may take a drink and look 
at tbe ahow at the- same time. The French 
government declares that therein Ilea tbe dif- 
ference from a "regular" theatre; one can not 
drink and see tbe abow at tbe same time In a 
theatre. The question was brought about by tbe 
management of these two bouses aaklng to be 
allowed to pay tbe taxes required by id or- 
dinary playhouse Instead of those put upon 
music halls. Tbey bsaed their claim on tbe 
ground that tbey ran regular theatres In every 
way. The State declared, however, that inas- 
much as drinks were served In a part of tbe 
theatre from which a view of tbe atage might 
be obtained, neither the Follea Bergere nor the 
Olympla waa a tbeatre. Both are mualc halls 
and will have to pay the blgber tax. 

Any old time you can beat tbe Freni 

taxes I 
It waa In tbe Place dn Carrousel. A crowd 
of ever-changing people . was watrhlng a hor- 

In tbe first bearing a Judgment waa In favor 
of M. Duboac, bnt tbla week an appeal went 
against blm, the court ruling that It la not 
right of an artlat to refuse any part given 
blm by bis manager, no matter bow much tal- 
ent he may possess, snd therefore, breaking an 
engagement because of ancb an act, waa with- 


It looks aa though Le Vlel Homme, by 
Georges l>orto Blehe. la destined to be even 
more of a Jonab In tbe getting atarted process 
than was Chantecler. It Is now reported that 
tbe rehearaala of tbla long-look ed-for piece 
do not go at all. The author la not satlefled. 
the director of the theatre la not satisfied and 
tbe actors are not satisfied. It Is whispered 
that Mme. Slmone, who crested tbe Hen Pheas- 
ant In Chantecler, does not like her role and 
her role doea not like ber. So she will leave 
tbe role, ao Gil Bias Intimates. First, bow- 
ever. It la said that Mme. Martbe Brandea will 
or should take the psrt. Tbe date of tbe pro- 
duction bas been postponed to some time In 


Id a thirty-one mile - race at tbe Velodrome 
d'Hlver, Jesse Carey, tbe American akater. tbla 
week put tbe crimps Into tbe Engllab, French. 
Belgian and German racera wbo were In the 
game wltb blm. Hli time was one hour snd 
flfty-elght minutes, wblcb Is a record. Nlcot. 
a Frenchman, waa second by a good thirty 
yards, while Cookson, aa Englishman, waa 

In the twenty-four hour race, which will be 
pulled off at tbla aame rink December 24-25 
(ending tt 11 A. M. on tbe latter dale). Carey 
will represent America: Camilla de Vandrey, 
Charles Levellle. Merplllat, Nlcot and Leroy 
will represent France; Veratraete and Smith. 

for holding tbe annual convention In tbat city 
In inn. 

At tbe business seas loo the following officer, 

were elected for tbe ensuing year: ' Frank War 
ner, president; Va. Huah. vice-president; C. 
N. Leroux, treasurer; Henry Fltton, secretary: 
Joseph Greer, financial secretary 
assistant — 
W. in 
tee: H. 

H. Os wold. 


A gala performance at the Bldorido Music 
Hall waa atopped for a few minutes Ihta week 
by a strike on the part of tbe atage bands. The 
show wss for the benefit of tba Musical Ar- 
lists' Association, wblcb la affiliated wltb tba 
Independent Theatre Federation, and not with 
the General Tbeatre Federation to wblcb tbe 
•jago hands belong. Tbey E 

ley objected to tbe ben- 
tb" t meS*r«3dy ,b * 

Pollcblnellet, tbe play by 
In rrbcaaal. It win he 
edt of tbe various 


U I. the title of a 

Cecil Smith, 
voice," closed 

the boy wltb tbe different 
- very successful engagement 
of twenty-two weeks aa vocalist at the Casey 
8cenlc Theatre, Bapolpa. Okla.. Dec. 18, t« 
secent a similar one at the Uses Theatre. Tul- 
sa. Okla.. opening Dec. 10. 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 



Interesting Races Held at Chicago Rink Christmas Week 
Iowa Managers Defy Blue Laws of the State— Wayne 
Gardens Roller Rink Is Prospering 


One of the old-time team race* waa akated at 
Sana 8oucl Rink Friday nlcbt. December 23. 
before one of tbe refnlar crowd, that enjoy 

. . ■ ■Til ' K* Uan»M» MlleS E. 


n in — Schwarta 

not anowloa- op and Nenl bad no otber partner 
to team wltb. Tbe following were tbe a tart ere: 
Howarth Beaumont-Harry Palmer; B. Proetor- 
Chae. OUIlckaen: Ambroae Read-B. Angelica; 
Carl Carlaon-M. Caawell: B. OrodeU A. MeCbea- 
ney; M. NewOeld B. Parker: M. Krnae-N. Kraft*. 

Tbe race waa a eraek-a-Jeck affair from tbe 
crack of tbe sun antll tbe flnlab, and at no 
time during tbe race waa there any time 
loat. Probably tbe reason for the record time 
act for toe distance waa tbe elx big fat turkeya 
that were awarded to tbe three winning team*. 
Tbe wionera were Proctor and Ollllckaoo, wbo 
skated the dl.tsncs In 34:384-0, beatlnc the 
time made a year ago by Beaumont and Pal- 
mer of 34:43. 

Second place went to Beaumont and Palmer, 
and third place to Carlson and Caawell. Jnat 
before the start of tbe race tbe winners of 
prises In tbe city championship races held 
In the earlier part of the aeaaon were awarded 
by Secretary * Itsgerald. of the .Western Skat- 
ing Aesoclstlon and this may bare pat a little 
more ginger Into the skaters. Manager Fried 
baa a good card of race* for tbe balance of tbe 


Das Moines, la.. Dec. 2T (Bnectal to The 
Billboard). — A spirited test eaae of Des Moines 


_ Holler Kink. Detroit. Mich.. 
g large crowds. Many Improvement* 
"made at the rink this aeaaon. Includ- 
a mammoth reception room for the ladles, 
four corners of the rink are made Into 
coty corner* with beautiful decoratlona In each 
corner and on the aides srs large algna with the 
name of a prominent city on them. A mam- 
moih Tooswsods bsnd organ baa bam installed 
this season. Manager Peter Bhea •!» of 

Olll. while in tbe smaller part or the rink, 
which la for beginners only, are four Instructors. 

Msnsger Bhea baa Introduced a new wait, 
st tbe opining of the season which has bee; 
rery successful. Beery Tuesday. Thursday and 
Saturday morotnga all the instructors are kept 
busy teaching the patrons the new walls. Other 
feature* that Msnsger tin** baa had at tb>» rink 
tula sesson Is a aeries of six prise stating coo 
teals for couples, tbe Basis taking place (be lat- 
ter part of March or tbe flnt of April for gold 
medals. In the units only the prsvkoos winners 
win be allowed to participate. Every month 
a select skating party 1* glren at tho rink. 
One hundred anl fifty coo pi. tickets are sold in 
sdvance at the bo. at »1.00 per couple. 
The select party continues after the regular 
tension from 0:30 to 12:30. Erery second Friday 
r.enini * abating and dancing party la on the 
program. Bkatlng cesses at tea o'clock afteT 
which dancing followa npatalrs In the mam- 
moth ball room until midnight. . FIT* hundred 
souvenirs were glren away at the rink last 
Wednesday nrenlng In the shspe of an oral mir- 
ror with ■ skating girl on the reverse (Id*. Man- 
ater shea has decorated the rink beautifully for 
' tltdaye and has arranged to hare 

'lib all colors of 
Prof. Charles Tyler and Mis* - 
Wayne Gardens snd Mr. Bhea a laat week. 
Mlas ll-rton and Mr. Trier are DOW plajinf 
vaudeville, presenting the Professor and the 
Maid and meeting with great success. The 


•old. «xcbanced mad 

Wayne Garden, sink wUl clone during the auto- 
mobile .bow which will last ten days beginning 
December 16. 

Tbe Arcade Skating Auditorium, Washington. 
D. C Is doing good business. Mr. K. B. 
Whiting, msnsger, expresses himself pleaaed 
with tbe stating outlook In Washington for 
this aeaaon. Be will begin putting on race* 
In tbe latter part of January. 


P. T. Selblt made a successful first appearance 
In tbe United States at the Keith* Columbia, 
Cincinnati, week of Dec. 25. with a unique 
European attraction. Spirit Paintings. In thie 
act the audience chosea an unprepared canvas, 
which I* suspended In the center of the atage. 
Then they decide an sny famous painting, which 
Is at once mjaterloualy snd slowly produced on 
the chosen canvas. During the process, the audi- 
ence may examine the canraa and walk all around 
it. ~.r. Selblt 1* a former London journalist, 
snd bss a big reputation on the otber aid* aa a 
producer of novelties. He la alao willing to 
hook absolute novelties for Enropesn time. Spirit 
Pslntlngs playa the Orpheum tonr for twenty- 
four week*. 

Manager C. O. Moss, of tbe Lyric snd Virgin- 
Ian tbeatrea In Petersburg. Vs., entertslned the 
artist, on the bill* at the two bouses with * 
Christmas dinner. Among those wbo attended 
were: The Clarks, Byde and Talbot, Irene Mc- 
Cartney. Mrs. Bessie Bellinger. Mr. and Mrs. 
Boy B. Bolstern. Phil and Charles Rees, L. F. 
Marshall. Pete Pannlulll. W. Cliff Oodsey, Cha*. 
Cutbbert. Jr.. and Benjamin Harrison, and the 
host, C. O. Moss. 

Mma Lillian LaBlancbe has c rosed with tbe 
Cosmopolitan Shows and will play vaudeville 
until tbe opening of tbe next carnival season 
when abe opens wltb the Krauae Greater Shows. 

Eunice Evans and Company, In the strong 
dramatic playlet. A Thief In tbe Night, 
early In January- Mlsa baa ei 
Dale Darereaux, Jr., at ' 

Members of the Carr Stock Company, now on 
the Gna Son Circuit, held a Santa Clans party 
at Oreiue, 0., after tbe performance on Dec. 24. 
Manager ~ 

urrme, arier too pertormance on i#ee. z*. 

nager Carr waa presented wltb a gift from 
members of bis company, and be then turned 
tables by Inviting the company to a Christ. 

et* from him for twenty- 

Ed. Weatberg manager of the Cr ratal Thea- 
tre in Burlington. Wis., will erect a new vaude- 
jUIe hour* at that, polnt.^racatlng the old thea- 

H. yd... 'unrdcu and Haydn have Juat Onlshed 
the S. 4t C. Circuit, and wUl play a few week* 
for ii a>- in an. of the W. • V. M. A., before their 
opening in New York ou tbe C. B. 0. time. 

Bunter snd Rosa hare ftnlahed seven weeks 
for Jake Stemad on tb* Princess Amusement 
Company's time, snd have opened for the Green- 
wood Theatrical Exchange. 

Kolllns and Kllfton 
weeka In tbe TV est 
hare received 
six more week*. 

L*they*m Bekrab. petite violin soloist, has 
been glren contracts for. the Pautages' time, 
opening January 26. She is now on the Sun 

Kaahlma. the Juggler, ban a repertoire of over 
See hundred teata. One of hla feature tricks la 
that of Joining two forks snd a potsto In mid- 

. B. Bay bss closed with HcCurdy'e 


Vic Crone's 

Mile. Clifford 
are weeks on the Royer Circuit, and will open 
shortly for the Associated Booking Agency. 

Tbe Sensell Brother, h.vs completed a tour of 
the Weat and are returning Kaat. They win 
have a lew act for tb* season of 1011. 

Beaale Evans baa closed with A Stubborn Otn- 
derells Company, and opened Chrlatmae day In 
Boulder, Colo., on Pitman's time. 

Raleigh Dent closed wltb 
Company and Joined Mann'a 
ahlue Company to play leads 

Ltvp Stack if 

Jut RMtin.. 

For Csroassl* 
and Skating 

rarer of earn 
board music. 

tS* W, 14 th »t- 

Kaw York. TeL 

The Best Rink Skate 

■» believe It. 


•( tftMra 

ssLmple pair and 

We carry a complete line of 

rink supplies. We supply parts 
far other makes of skates. 


FsMNIahed 1856 

Man V> 

' - . * _ ... a iiir*lirii jti ijAtYriil * *•**.. . 

. 'V far ' . ,. • f*v 

few " ■ ^^r^r^ ..~ 


Automatic Musical Instruments 

for every purpose. Tbe world's largest and only complete line. 
60 different styles, including 

FlanOrchastra. Pianino. Flats Plane, 

63-nots> Playar Plans. 

JcHlllUry Bands. Violin Msno. 

Wnrlitser waa the pioneer in tbe slestrie musical instrument Held snd is 
day the world's largest manufacturer. Branches in most large cities, 
for big 84-page catalog, picturing the entire WurliUer line. 

■7 Wa Supply the U.S. GoOtrnment With Mu ileal Instruments. 


Ms. set. sTway. • tth 
_Chsstnat)i_lT. LOtna 

UaTHUB, O. (ST X. MaJs) : 

t Mawmaa St., OafarS St) 

c m c iaa ATi di7 t» in k. 4th); iew tobk <i5 a n w. 

Art.): CHICAOO [MS * tU Wsbssi); PH1XADEI>H1A flUS 
(111 Piss): tajfTEIAKD (SO« Prospwrt In., 8. T~ > ; COtUaO 
rJojTDOa, tkOLAHB -- 

(B.w Polypbons Eapply Co., Afsnts. 

Henley Roller Skates 

Latest lfoSal. BaU-Besntxtur Husk Skataa. Used In asajerltr at? all Bxaka. 
Nickel pis tad 8 teal, lialFfiasrlac CI on Skatsa. with Fttlrs, Btaal Oossit 
nation Alnmlnnm or Boxwood Bollara. 

Henley Racing Skates 

Osed and siiaorssd fey a pss d akatara aiaijukaia. aad are alas daairakla 
far individual as*, when ins finest aaS m—r 
conpleta a. at. in tha nurkst Is Saalred. 


Send for Skats Oatalsgaa, FBJtB. 
OtBcial Pol* Onlds Inc. 

M. C. HENLEY, ".aU"^. - ' 

MHi ti Sirfici Risk ul Duel Ftotf s 

OMriaMinUas. HasainThrMli 

for Bollar Blaka, Aamssaaaat Cocao*. 
Halls, Contractor* aad B slider* eraij afesas. 

Machine *s*Uy rsatsd to Contractors aad BaUS- 
srs at s aat profit of not Issa taaa Bio to fSS 
a da/. It la rery ssaUr oparstsd aa wfesa tea 
nsadlo la raised It is larllasd to asor* forward 

Of its own accord. Built OB toe only 

prtndpla. O 

wltb wnlefj to prodnes aa area, aanooth 
on say kind of wood floor, old or asw. hard or 

soft. Will from S.000 to T.00O SO. ft. 

once over In I hoars. Two to four tineas eat 
will sxaks It smooth sad IsrsL Send for oar 
TEE. 10*104 V, Qsaal S troat, Ohlsavso, XU, Bow 
Task Ofnos, 1SS1 Plat Iraa shrlUtaaT. 

Professional Roller Skaters' Ass'n. 

All the Stars of the Skating World 


Osraian Oorasdlaa, Fancy aad SpasS ax- 
part roller akatsr. riaaaallsi tha sasst 



^RTv. mi 


Tha Dare Derfl. fastsrss XT-la. top cycle 
skstsa. casst at asath, harral Jsnsptaa:, 
high aad broad Jnanplas;. daarlsa; *■ tha 
rouors. Carry owa stsaa floor. Flaytaa 
rtnts^aad vaodsvlUe. aUjftraas, Brookrule, 


m ontL woranu 

L« har ■analnaa rvnry sad Trtek «»« t- 
tnc BxklhttlOS. cone India* sack Bight With 





The El 


JANUARY 7, 1911. 


Brief Outlines of Stories Told in the Latest Productions of 
the Patents and Sales Companies— Release Dates 
and Lengths of Subjects Are Given 


(Carl Laemmle.) 

dram*; releas Jan. 9: 
length 098 feet) — Tom 
Owen and Mae Darcy 
have Juat been married, 
and have .been treated 
according to the latest 
rales laid down for the 
accelerated departure 
of bride and groom. 
A jear slips rapMlv 
by and we And Tom 
wrapped np In buslues* 
of manner towards Use. 
grieves over his neglect and 
t. Tom goes to a ball with 


retaliation. Invites Clamle Jones, a po»l. to 
-call upon them. Claude accepts and while In 
the midst of a tete-a-tete with Mae. Tom enters 
and In a rage orders Claude to vacate the prem- 
ises. After the poet has taken hie departure 
Tom and Mae have their first quarrel. Tom 
secretly writes Claude a letter. Informing him. 
that as be (Clsnde) loves Mse and Mae loves 
him. that be, Tom. will surrender all further 
claim upon her. When Claude arrives, Mac 
la completely mystified until be snows her the 
letter and proceetts to press his suit. Tom 
telephones Belle Stuart and makes an appoint- 
ment with her. Mae overbears bun at the 
■phone snd breaks down completely, weeping as 
If her heart would break. Then Tom leaves 
the house. Claude Is ordered away from the 
bonne by Mae. Tom's conscience will not per- 
mit him to keep bis sppolntment with Belle 
snd after wandering aimlessly snout his club. 

borne to find bis little wife cnrled 

np In his den. trying to forget her trouble In 
slumber. Tom's hesrt la touched. They forget 
an their former doubts and trouble* and are 
In made happy. 

EMPTY SHELL (drama: release Jan. 
th 095 feet).— Away the Canadian 

Harvard, His cbun 
the aid of the two boys, 
for the girls' team, the 
defeated. The girls reward 
each of the 


SLEEPY HOLLOW (drams; release Jan. 11; 
length — ). — Henry Tabor was a Jealous hus- 
band. Jack Wilson had visited the family and 
because Tess merely bid him a pleasant good- 
day, Henry was vexed. That evening he be- 
held her clasped in the arms of Jack Wilson. 
The nubsppy husband raised bis gun and fired, 
but it waa Tess wbo dropped. So. grasping 
Wilson by the throat be slowly but surely 
forced him over the cliff. Turning, be found 
Te*s bad staggered off snd from bis position be 
could see her notifying the woodsmen. Perhap* 
after all. Jack bad been only wounded, but as 
he climbed down bis worst fears were realized, 
and he hsd sesreely time to bide behind >'•■• 
rocks when Tess and the woodsmen appeared. 
He is captured by the sheriff. The bewildered 
msn looks sronnd. It Is only a dream— a hor- 
rible dream. This bad been a lesson to him. 
Never again would the green-eyed monster rule 

(drama; released Dec 
27; length, — .) — John 
Balnea, a station agent 
and operator, haa been 
on doty for tnlrty-six 
boars and Is almost dead 
for want of el ,-ep. A 
crooked miner buys a 
'"" railroad ticket. and 
notes that Balnea, after making change, has 
not locked the safe. Little Nora Raines enters 
with her father'a supper. After supper she 
goes out to wash the dishes. The. miner enters 
snd finds Raines asleep and starts to rob the 
safe. Little Nora enters, takes In the situs- 
tion. covers the. bad man with his own revolver 

list of . 


•■■■*•..■•.......>■■■■ ••••«•••••■■■••»"•••■* 



i live Jean Caumont, his wife, Marie, and 
their baby. One day while walking through the 
snow, accompanied by bis dog. Jean shoots a 
rabbit and picking it np. forgets to extract 
tbc empty shell and reload his revolver. In 
the evening of tbst day. be plays cards In a 
saloon with s member of the mounted police 
•named Burke, and accusing him of chesting. 

be springs to his feet snd overturn* the table. 
■One of the bystanders, a half breed. Louts 
Fsbert. who bates Burte ss only a half breed 
can hate. Immediately exllngulsbes the one licit 
In the place and In the rt.r«n~. « »b«le "hot 
Is fired and when another light Is brought 
Bnrke Is found dead on the floor from a bullet 
wound. Jean la Immediately seised aa the mur- 
derer by the bystanders and upon the evidence 
that one of the shells In his revolver la empty, 
he Is found guilty and sentenced to ha haoged. 
Fabert however, at the last moment, makes a 
confession and Marie, hearing It reaches the 
place of execution In time to prevent taking 
the life of an innocent man. 


TER (Mystery -drama; re- 
leased Jan. S; length — ,) — 
Jock Sparks Is a jroadf 
American, who, while trav- 
eling In Turkey, meets snd 
befriends an aged Turk. 
Soon after the Turk Is sr- 
Test-d for conspiracy against 
the government, and Jsck, wbo is believed to be 
an accomplice. Is also imprisoned without s 
hearing. He escapes and is protected by the 
Pasha's daugbt'-r. Murana. Jack falls in love 
with the beautiful Turkish girl. He tries to In- 
duce her to fly with him but she refuses. Jsck 
makes bis way In safety to bis American borne. 
Later Murana comes to visit him and to tell 
him that she has decided to be not only a 
I'asha's daughter bnt an American's bride. 

leased Jan. 6; length, — .)— The pupils at Miss 
Street's Seminary for Girls organize a baseball 
club. A challenge for a gam - is sent to Adair 
CoUege and it is accepted. The young women, 
after some practice, realize that their team Is 
of little use on th.' diamond. And the prospect 
makes tbem weep. Fortunately for the girls. 
Jack, the brother of their president, arrives from 

and tries to wake her father, who. worn out, 
sleeps on. The plucky little girl holds the 
would be burglar at bay until her father wakes, 
thin train hands come In and the bad 

FREDDIES COURTSHIP (Comedy; relesaed 

Dec. 27: length, — .) — Mr. Boyd throws ont of 
his home Harry Thompson, wbo loves Boyd's 
dangbter. Ethel. Then the father plana to make 
a match b'twern Freddie, the son of bis old 
friend, and Ethel. Harry learns of this snd 
disguises himself as the old msn and receives 
the rub*. He Introduces the cook to Freddie 
aa Mire. Boyd. Fr ddle promptly falls in love 
with the fat cook and elopes with her. Then 
Harry geta a tough to Impersonate Freddie. The 
tough presents the letter or Introduction snd 
glv. a the old man tbe tune of hla life. Freddie 
enters with the cook, believing that he has mar- 
ried the daughter. The cook's .policeman lover 
enters at this moment to arrest th- tough, and 
then there la a mix-up. Harry geta rid of tbe 
policeman and the old man forgives Harry and 
all ends happily. 

leased Dee. 31; length, — .)— Frank Calvert and 
Marlon Harlan are lovers. Calverfa decision to 
atand by tbe union results In bis losing bis 
swretbesrt. Three yesrs lster Marlon ssves the 
lire of Lieat. Peyton, a wounded confederate 
officer and falls In love with blm. Lster, Pey- 
ton, chased by Union troops, tskes refuge In 
tbe Harlan home. He Is hidden In the cellar. 
A brutal sergeant threatens to shoot tbe girl 
unl ss she betrays tbe hiding place of her lover. 
Old Mrs. Harlan springs In front of her dsugh- 
ter and the sergeant Is about to flre on both 
women when Calvert, now a Union captain, en- 
ters and saves tbe women. Peyton escapes. 
After the war the two lovers, each having lost 
an arm, meet, and Calvert learns that his old 
swe-theart has accepted the Confederate lien- 
tenant. The two soldiers clssp bands and Cal- 

A SACRIFICE— AND THEN (Drama; released 
Dec. 31: length, 900 feet). — Captain Brown and 
Lieut. Carson are seen In a desperate battle. 
A charge Is made and Carson Is wounded. Brown 
makes a heroic rescue, and carries Carson back 
to the trenches. Later, both are in love with 
the daughter of a wealthy banker, tbe latter 
the employer or Brown. Carson wins her hand, 
hot on tbe wedding day learns tbst Brown Is 

Be Happy and Prosperous 

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In" parts" WDteu b sre "V'Sellc^t^' an^subjec^'to 
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subsiantln] Intermittent movement. 

All parla are on the outside of the mechanism 
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Will oiled. 

The lamphouae, lamp snd condenser mount Is a 
dcllcht to the operator. 

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The Billboard 


Involved In speculation wUh trait money and 
facn arrest. Canon decide* to aacrlflce himself 
and desert his flsncee. thinking that ahe will 
retorn to Brown and marry bTm. Man* aarlng 
blm from ruin. Brown discovers thy plot and 
nulla Caraon off Ibe ateamer about to aall for 
fcnrape. and forces him to Join the weepuw girl. 
The Tmpendlng arr-.t and ascitlns; Incident, 
bare overcome Brown's weak heart and be ex- 
pires In bis room, aa the police come for blm. 


GINE DB1VEB (Drama; 
released Dec. 28: length. 
000 feet.) — A jailer la 
saved from financial em- 
barrassment by bis friend, 
the engineer. The latter 
mistakes ■ railroad alg- 
nal, caoalng a wreck, for 
which be la sentenced to 

KIson. and finds himself 
Charge of his friend. 
The engineer'* wife be- 
comes eery III and bla 
daughter write* blm a pathetic letter, which 
he shows to the jailer who relesses blm for one 
night, and Ibe engineer reaches his bom* In 
time to bold hi* wife In hi* arm* aa ahe ex- 
pire*. ■ 

GRANDFATHER'S! PIPE (Comedy; released 
Dec. 28: length, 500 feet.)— This Blm shows the 
experience of • little boy who tikes his grand- 
father** pipe and enjoys a secret smoke — end 
reuniting Illness. The subject Is on . tbe same 
reel with Drang of the E ngine Driver. 


LY WEST (Drama: re- 
leased Jan. «: leattb. 
900 ft.). — A little esjsVl 
of Esslern firm* ■• ire 
wending their wiy lo 
prairie schooners jcross 
1 the unsettled regions of 
the West. Comprising 
I this sturdy earav-m are 
f Peter Standish and wife, 
land Enos Stilling, with 
I wife end son. and hrotb- 
1 er Ahram, of whom. Jo- 
seph Stilling and Mary 
Staodlab are newlywed. 
and thla trip la aa a honeymoon of nowadays. 
Arriving at a deslrsble location these aettlers 
lamped. An a..ack 1* made by the Indians. 

Ymmg Joseph Inscribes a note hsstlly on pa- 
per, gives It to one of tbe dog* snd sends him 
" for aid. The faithful dog deliver* the note 
leads on the rescuers to tbe succor of tbe 


Trait (Drsma; re- 
lease Jan. S: lengtb. 
030 feet).— John Des- 
norers bsvlns: been 
without employment for 
* long time, starta for 
America, hoping there 
to find better fortune. 
Some time aRerrarde 
Mrs. Desuoyers fslls 111. 
Without foods with 
which to buy the nece*. 
t.rr medicine, the little daughter. Germain, 
decides tbst to procnre tbe money she will 
portrait. The medicine I* 
gradually tbe mother regains 
Meanwhile tbe father In the 
new country baa been successful, and baa sent 
money for their relief, but the letter goes to 
tbe old sddre... and a* they did not leave tbe 
address of their new •bode, lb* letter does not 
and .jem. and they continue la their poverty. 
One year from the time Jack Destroyers left 
home, be returns, only lo Hod bis wife and 
eblld bare disappeared. While searching for 

them he Buds the portrait of his wife oisplsvrd 
for ssle. It t* through tbls Incident that 

sell her ^mother's 
her" strenjlb.' "m. 

p"Tc *££L£!*4l 

2! jW J 


DIVORCE (drama: re- 
leased Jan. 2; length 
— .) — Denver* was a 
"cnod fellow** la all 
that term Implies, with 
but one exception: that 
good fellowship did not 
extend to bla wife, 
who waa compelled to 
suffer mueb humiliation 
because of his methods, 
his disgusting conduct 
caii»e<l misunderstanding and he sued his wire 
for ■ divorce. She marie no defense, knowing 
herself Innocent of the cbergc*. and Danvers 
»•■ given the decree. Years later he realised 
his terrible error lint II wa* too l*le. She 
•inletly listened to hi* pleading* for forgiveness. 
Rite was happy to know ahe waa vindicated, that 
«a« all. and she coldly told htm be most never 
attempt to *co her *g*ln. Later on. Dsnvcrs 
learned of the marriage of bla divorced wife to 
an old friend. Denver* tried In vain to conjure 
up use alngle reason why things should not have 
turned out a* they did. He knew that be 
alone waa to blame. 

•Dd jack of all 

drama: released J 
W nipple. a uilor, 

<< 1 


Little Mary V First 

Appearance in Imp Films \ 

Will take place on Monday, January 9th, 
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"Their First Misunderstanding 

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west. The arrival of the wife in the nick of time to prevent the 
hanging of her husband; the shot in the dark; the court room scent: — 
all tl lese will give your patrons the. "best thrill they ever had for their 
money." Write us a letter as soon as you see these two Imp films, 
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;„*,'„.. $1.50; «ssHiti*iitS«is,i«kisis.HeM*5l»t$l.llO; Nu a-iilibli aniens, 75c; 

The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 


boo*, which, 
power to 

comes Into uiJWloO Of m roral wleh- 
bU request, will hare the 




ma; releaae Jan. 13; 
length. — .)— Bert 
Kin*- discover* Gen- 
Jack, a re- 

socletr crook, 
looting his home. 

rbere U a scuffle dor 
Ins which Gentleman 
Jack delivers a blow 
which leaTea Bert Id 
a dazed condition and 
In absolute Ignorance 
of hla whereabouts. 
The keen wltted burglar realises tola situation, 
and he again la riven the chance to frustrate 
the police. Dpon their arrival he leads them 
to believe that Bert Is the burglar, and gives 
him Into their custody. With the "swag" 
which Gentleman Jack has acquired la a neck- 
lace, belonging to Jack's fiancee. Both. Both, 
baring do word from her lorrr. la forced to be- 
Here that he baa proven false. She receives an 
Imitation from Mrs. Graves, to pay ber a visit. 
Wltn lira. Graves. Both meets Gentleman Jack, 
who la successfully masquerading aa a society 
swell. Smitten by the young woman's b'-auty. 
Jack determines to win her lore. Be showers 
bar with his attentions, and finally presents ber 
with a necklace, which she Immediately recog- 
nises aa ber own. Amazed, uneasy and wildly 
abe appeals to the police to offer a 
to the problem. Aa a result of tola 
the mystery to unraveled. Bert, who has been 
jajjfMaaMng In a prison cell. la restored to his 
" Gentleman Jack gets hla Just 

ma: released Dee. 81: length. 

— feet). — A well construct- 
ed story of temptation, fall 
and redemption. 

ma; released Jan. 7: length. 

— feet).—A^mUilary Drams 

of war. 


released Jan. 4: length, — ft.) 
— Hark back to the hoy and 
girlhood days! The itraw ride 
with the barn dance to follow. 
Too are at the old barn and the 
dance Is commenced. Some 
"critter In tie party spoils' 
the fan by getting Jealous. Your 
beat girl baa found favor In hla 
eye* and be shows it by a meas- 
ly, down right, dirty trick. Ton 
get mixed op In a complication 
of clrcnmatancea. and before yon 
know It yon are disabled bv a 
and the "critter" escapes. How- 


THE rustic (drama; released Dee. 29; 
900 feet.)— Claimed by the manufacturers 
a^ldgb-c^sa jlrama with a^ 

31; Length. 500 feet.)— 

rt plcts the 

the green-eyed monster of jealousy Intrudes. 

leased Dec. 31: 

length. 500 feet), 
reel with A " 



AN INDIAN'S elopement (Drama; re- 
leased Dec. 27: length. 900 feet.)— The lore of 
Blue feather for White Bear when her father 
wlahea to glee ber hand to the wealthy suitor, 
Gray Wolf, who offer* costly present* to her 
father, causes much trouble In the Indian camp. 
The lovers elope, are pursued and captured, and 
rescued by a missionary. The battle between the 
rivals la an exciting scene, and a bit of savage 
la shown when Gray Wolf want* bis 
back and doesn't get them. 
TAMING THE TERROR (Drama; released 
Dec. 30; length. 900 feet.)— Wild Bill I* a typi- 
cal rough and ready cowboy. He Is warned by 
the ah- riff to refrain from creating a disturb- 
ance, but becomes involved In a battle with a 
Mexican gambler who cheats at cards. The 
sheriff, not knowing the cause of the fight. 

_ of affair*, the Blr-rlff 
doe* not arrest him. but It has taught BUI a 
lesson, and be marries and becomes a eery tame 


leased Dec. 30; length. 5*7 feet) Aunt Julia 

writes a letter. In which she Informs ber "dear 
niece and nephew" that. In honor of her birth- 
day, abe la sending them ber portrait, and 
that abe contemplates shortly paying them a 
rlalt. The portrait arrives. To Ita owner It is 
a mark of lussppxoral. and to therefore passed 
down the line until it la finally hung up in the 
stable, face to the wall, though even the horses 
In ealn algnlfy their disapproval. Shortly after 
Aunt Julia arrives In person and demands to 
see. ber portrait. In the stable she finds the 
picture. This to the laat straw, and in spite 
of ber niece's tearful pleading*. Auntie orders 
her carriage. But the very horses are fright- 
ened aa they catch a glimpse of the likeness, 
and bolt for their Uvea, leaving Auntie stranded. 

TIM WRITES A POEM (Comedy; released 
Dee. 30; length. 373 feet). — Tim. a long-haired 
individual, la most poetically Inclined, and la 
more than proud when be receives a note from 
aa editor ssylng that he would be pleased to 
bave a romance submitted to him. Tim bun- 
dles everybody out of the room, and taking off 
his coat, commence* hla task. One lnterrup- 

3m la • most 



CRIMINAL (Drama; re- 
leased Dee. 27; length, 
1.000 feet).— Spike Hen- 
neasy, cracksman, and 
hla pal. Kid Carson, 
■re captured. Hennes- 
sey will not reveal the 
identity of hla pal, 

maintaining that be 

wis alone on the job. 
He la sentenced to 

reforms snd Inter 
gospel. He Is married and has a grown son, 
who to in lore with Margaret Fairfield, a young 
society woman. Hennessy, released from pris- 
on, loots the Fairfield mansion. The police 
pursuing blm, Hennessy takes refuge In the 
house of bis former pal. now the Ber. Dr. 
Carson. He demands that the minister pro- 
tect him from the police. When the officers 

arrive. Carson represents to them that Hennes- 
sy Is hla butler, and Solke escapes, telling his 
former pal that he will return for the loot. 
Carson returns the jewels, snd Hennessy 
pledges to reform and lead an upright life. 

leased Dec. 81; length, 1.000 feet).— Albert 
Thomas, an old cattle man, gambles until he 
has loat all hla money and to stripped of bis 
valuables. He resolves to stake all In an ef- 
fort to mike a winning and presentB the faro 
dealer with a note for $500, with hla ranch 
properties aa security. This to lost, and 
Thomas staggers to bis feet when Alice, his 
daughter, enters. There Is a abort altercation 
between father and daughter, then Alice turns 
to the faro dealer enraged. H slated, the own- 
er of the gambling palace, a fine type of the 
young Westerner, steps over to quiet the row 
and to so Impressed by the girl's good looks 
that be makes the faro dealer return the old 
man's money and valuables, and also destroy 
lug the note, under the pretense that the faro 
dealer cheated. Some time later. Thomas, 
again possessed with money and with a desire 
to gamble, enters the gambling palace. Alice 
to permit ber father to 
■ to do this, sod st the 
to put Into effect s plan 
ly cures the gambling desire. 

>ve Alice, also 

and be, too, drinks of the table wine contain- 
ing the sleeping powder. In the morning he la 
discovered asleep and arrested. The young 
couple now see the funoy side of the sleeping 
powder jore and nave a rood laugh over It. 

CITY (descriptive; released Jan. «; length 4'" 
feet).— In this film Is shown the practice work 
of the men In putting up and ascending scaling 
Udders, descending the life rope, and bumping 
Into the life nets. Moa. lntereatlng of all are 
the rlewa of the fire boats In operation at the 
dose of the picture. 

A WESTERN NIGHT (comedy: released Jan. 
•; length 000 feet). — A little lady of quality 
leaves ber luxurious Esstern borne to spend s 
few weeks with relative* in the West At a 
western town she la compelled to spend the 
night alone. After being shown to a room tbat 
has anything but an Inviting appearance, sue 
promptly sets to work barricading the door from 
all Intruders. The room next door la occupied 
by a typical Western man. She can hear the 
rattle of spurs, the coarse language and hla de- 
mands for whiskey. Her heart Is all a tremble. 
At laat. worn out with fear and fright, the 
girl peeka through the keyhole to ascertain bow 
dangerous ber terrible neighbor really la. Im- 
agine ber surprise when she finds the boisterous 
knight of the plains kneeling beside bis bed 
snd offering up his nightly prayer to bis Msker. 
Soon all her fears have vanished and she Is 



All Lratt 

v. ..■•*. 

Leather Purse, per 100 

Trick Match Box, per gross 

Japanese Zithers, per gross 

Fancy Wood Whistles, per 
Japanese Turtle In Glssa Bog, 
Fancy Colored Return Balls, per gross 
Horse 8hoe Mirror, asst. colors, per ~ 
Novelty Acrobat Skeletons, per gra 
1911 Air Planes, lstest novelty, per 




15c Send 
tar. Sprocket 
■Be; Baft Oasmll _ 
alias for sale, resit 
exchange. Catalogue. L. 

g."fr SV- ar *- 


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A. J. CLAPHAM , - 12 E. 15th Street, NEW YORK CITY 





Sana* faff Stmplai • 1 af 1' - . , „ » 

given the 

ALBT (drama: released Jan. 3: 
length 1,000 feet) A beauti- 
ful maiden Is rescued from a 
band of hla own soldiers bx 
the son of a reigning Poke. 
He brlngj the girl to hla 

father and asks that he be 
allowed to wed ber. And here 
hla troubles begin. Notwithstanding all the 
obstacles placed before them the young couple 
come out triumphantly, and the final acene 
the reunion of the lovers. 

SLEEP. GENTLE SLEEP (comedy; released 
Jan. 4; length 090 feet). — A young married 
man receives an Invitation to a amoker. It Is 
hi* desire to accept the Invitation and attend 
the smoker, bnt his young wife Is equally de- 
sirous to keep him at home. After pouting a 
while she conceives the idea of putting a 
sleeping powder Into hla table wine, hoping tbat 
he will fall asleep and tbns be prevented from 
going to the smoker. By a strsng coincidence 
the young husband hits upon the same plan an 1 
puts a sleeping powder into her tes. so tbst he 
may be sure to attend the amoker without In- 
terference. The result la tbat they both fall 
sound asleep. During the night a tramp enters 

Swanson-Cra wf ord Film Co. 


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JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 


ENEMY (Drama; re- 
Icaae Jan. 11;; length. 
— .)— A federal any 
ope ratlnf within the 
confederate lines, 
meets a (sir Southern 
girl, with whom be 
falls In ion . Bat be 
conceals bis Identity, 
snd alM, all uucon- 
scloualy. la Inatrumen- 
tal In the spy gaining 
eslosble Infonnstlon. Bat be finally comes un- 
der suspicion, cod when In danger of bis life, 
confesses bis Identity to tbe girl. She Is torn 
by conflicting emotions, loyalty to ber native 
land and love for tbe stranger, but lore finally 

E recalls and by remarkable subterfuge, abe eave 
la life. At tbe end of tbe war be returns to 

(Drama: release Jan. 13; length. — .)-A little 
deed of klndoeea done for a sick papoose proves 
the means of saving tbe Uvea of a whole family 
sf white settlers. To- trns story of an Indian 
raid and bow the gratitude of a poor squaw 
helped tbe whltea to beat off the redaklna Is 
shown. Scenes of a real Indian tr»vplx. an 
Indian fnneral. snd other phssea of Indian life 
true to nature an given. 

BANCH (Drama: release Jan. 
12; length, — .)— Lorna la a 
woman and owner of the L. L. 
Bench. Tbroagh the decision 
of tbe Supreme Court abe la 

obltgvd to turn the ranch over 

^^^^M to Sir Beglnald Ooutts-Hsrcourt. 

w Loim glees, him respectful at- 

tention but repulses all fala familiarities. After 
turning things over to him abe buys g smaller 
ranch and atarta In bnalneaa again with fresh 
hope and ambition. Sir Beglnald haa very little 
aae for a ranch and places It on sale wltb a local 
real eaute dealer to whom be gl™s power 
of attorney to dispose of It. Jeff, formerly 
foreman of tbe L. I*, and an enemy of Sir 
' ad, nays the ranch. Jeff goes to the 
and orders Sir Beggte away. The ranch- 

era cheer when they know that Jell owns the 
E L. In Joint partnership with Lorna who agrees 
to become hta helper for life. 


released Jsn. 2; length. 9*3 
feeti. — Florence snd Nellie are 
tempted by an unconaclouaable 
profligate, wbo points oat the 
"easy way." Nellie apurna 
him, but Florence harkena to 
hie persuasions, and accompa- 
nies him where sll Is pleae- 
ore. Sooo she la swept Into the moraaa of 
moral Indifference. Nellie, however, la content 
In the house to toll, marrying ber booeit, 
manly sweetheart, receiving as the years roll 
on tbe greatest of God's bless less, a family of 
three children. Florence continues to go down- 
ward nntll there U no chance for retreat. Her 

tempter unceremoniously discards her. pnttlng 
-her out to ehlft as best she ran. An outcast, 
•be now resltses tbe reward or worldlines*. 
Hence. In tbe aqualor of ber hovel death comes 
and abe bee reached the Inevitable. The con- 
trast Is shown with s scene of Nellie and ber 
happy little family eltting by tbe fireside. 

WHEN A MAN LovBS (Drama; released 
Jan. 5; length, M8 feet).— Mr. Been, a bach- 
elor, is smitten with Teaele, tbe daughter of 
his boyhood cbum. Brown. Bach secretly hopes 
to win her. and he la given encouragement by 
Brown, but Tessie's heart Is glTen to John Wat- 
son, one of her admirers In the little vlUege. 
Watson end Teaate plan an elopement, but 
Brown unconsciously pnts In tbe wsy of tbe 
successful consummation of tbe plan a huge 
obstacle. Out of this. Bach, hla heart softened, 
stds tbe young couple, snd In his automobile 
speeds them to the nearest minister's abode. 
Brown soon learus of bis daughter's escape 
from ber room, and atarte out in pursuit ar- 
riving at the mlilater*a Just too late to forbid 
tbe nana, but In time to give his paternal 
blessing to Mr. and Mrs. John Watson. 


(comedy; released Jan. 
3; length 8T3 feet).— 
Two maiden ladles, ale- 
ten, keep a private 
school. Mettle, an orphan niece of theirs. Is 
full of mischief and comes under tbe especial 
notice and correction of Letltla. tbe younger 
of the school "marine." who haa an evident 
grudge against her young niece. Mattle makes 
up her mind to get even. She writes two let- 
ters, one to Letltla In the name of a spruce 
old bachelor wbo la very much amtlten by ber. 
and another letter over the name of Letltla to 
tbe old "bach." for whom the school teacher 
baa a sneaking regard: these letters ask for a 
meeting and make an appointment at different 
places for a tryst. Tbe two people go to tbe 
spot mentioned In tbe letters, but, of coarse, 
there Is no meeting. Later Letltla and the 
masher pass by, look daggvra at each other but 
do not apeak. Mat tie and Johnny perform a 
war dance aa they laugh and about "revenge." 


NEPHEW, BILLS' (comedy: released Jan. 6: 
length 970 feet). — Four Finches, old maids, ev- 
ery one. old enough to know better, hut they 
Jnst csn't help It. They here a brother, Ned. 
wbo haa a bright and active son whom he sends 
to hla alatera for a two weeks' visit. The hoy 
makes things ll< civ for bra four fussy old aunta 
by hla tricks. finishing with a stunt that i* 
aalrl to be a "scream." 

THE OLD WATER JAR (drama; released 
Jan. T; length os< feet).— An Indian lite pro- 
trayal. Illustrating the Indian belief in divine, 
forgiveness snd a great spirit that controls 
their souls' futurce. 


ma: releaaed Jan. 2: length. 
1,000 feet). — Bob and Betty, 
orphans, go Weal In search 
of gold. Retty has donned 
boys' clothing. On board a 
river ateamer In San Franctaeo bay. Bob talla 
Into tbe clutches of some cud ibarka, god the 

(Continued on page St.) 




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JANUARY 7, 1911. 

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by the 


Length, Approx., 1,000 Feet. 
Yon are acquainted wltb our Western 
Company's big comedy bits and It la 
sate to predict yon will find this "pboto- 
farce" funnier than all their previous 
comedy successes combined. Every scene 
er with uproariously funny 
dean In humor, bnt ot n^na- 




Length. Approx., 1.000 Feet. 
If yon want a real live comedy sub- 
ject, overflowing wltb funny situations 
and heart Interest, don't fall to book 
"The Sophomore's Romance." Tbe acting 
la excellent, the photography of a tine 

Poster* at all Exchange*. 


Ml Tint Rational Bank Building. 

London, ■ Wardour St.. W. 

Berlin, U rrledrieb Str. 

The Light That 
Never Fails 


: UK 

Oxygen and Hydrogen Gas furnished in tanks 
far Btereoptlcon and Moving: Pletur* afaibl— 
to any next of tbe United State* 

far ail 1 



108 W. 4th St.. CINCINNATI, O. 



two- thirds on 
electric bill and 

makes BIG CUT 
on the first cost 
o f your com- 
plete equip- 

J. H. HALLBERG, NV* a vor«c*ty 

Tbe Buyers' Directory 
who, and where. 

The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

Managers and. performers are respectfully requested to contribute their dates for this depart- 
Boutee moat reach The Billboard not later than ~ 

moat reach The Billboard not later than Friday of each week to Insure publication. 

5 ^^^w^z^-j^^cZi- smsSvT^ 


TaJaoxama inquiring for routes not 

glvsn In these columns will be ignored. 


(An additional list of Performers' 
Dates, as well as a Hat- of additional 

gon, may be 

*• f • 

found in another column. 


When no date is given the week of 
an. 2-7 is to be supplied. 

Abbott, Ssm ft ran Box 105. Ola. Ark 
Abbott ft Alba: 12S2 Dlversey Blvd., 
Adama. Billy: 45 Colon at.. Cambrli _ 
Adams * Lewis: 106 W. Baker at.. Atlanta. Ga. 
ft Her Uons: 210 E. 4Tth St.. N. X. C. 
Harry: White Rata. N. Y. O. 
Danay: 1322 So. E St.. Tacoma. Wash. 
. The: 3210 Colorado ave.. Chicago. - 
Allken Bros.: 234 Bedford at. Pall River. Mass. 
AJtkeoa. Two Great: 2210 Gravler at., ?»ew 
Orleans. 1605 Broadway. N. V. C. 
Alderfer. Chaa.: Denver. Ind. 
Aldraeh. Blanche: Athene. Ga. 
Aldridge. Chaa. 11. : 20 E. Berkley st, Uulon- 
town. Pa. 

A I helm, J no. L. : S430 Loomla St.. Chicago. 
Mm\- Geo. (Grand) Glasgow, Scotland, Nov. 28- 
K March L 
All' ii * Kenna: 125 Brewer St.. Norfolk. Va. 
AUInel's. Jos., Peter the Great: 422 Bloomdrld 
Hoboken. N. 3. 

> ft. 

__1 St., Providence. 

American Singing Four: 410 E. lOSth at., Bronx, 
N. T. 

Amsterdam Quartette: 131 W. 41at St., N. 

r. c. 

Anderson ft ElllH>n:,3603 Locust at- Phils. 
Andersons. Australian Twin: care Psul TaoaJg. 

104 E. I4th St.. N. Y. C- 
Andrews ft Abbott Co.: 3002 Morgan at.. St. 

Bedlnl. lime.: 112 5th are.. Cblcsico. 
Beecber. Wlss S.: Wblte Bats. N. Y. C. 
Bee*, Two: 502 Bryant are., Chicago. 
Belford Family: Palate Hotel, 518 X. Clark St.. 

Bell. Bert (Princess) Phlllipsburg. Kan. 
Bennett Bros.: 258 TV. 051b St.. S. Y. C. 
Bennett ft Marcello: 200 TV. «7lb St.. X. Y. C. 

& Bow: 224 TV. 43tb St.. X. 

4423 So. Liberty St.. New Or- 

Bernard Al. 

Bern*. Miss Leslie: 

EInnca. Mile.: care 

H . X. Y. C. 
BIselows. Toe: 20« 
Bllyck's. C-ipt., Sea 

Berlin. Oer. 

718 Buckingham Place, Cbi- 

Bimbos. The: 094 Purine St.. Appletoo. Wis. 
Blngbnm. Rnasell: Box 105. Ola. Ark. 
Blshee ft Connelly: Hotel Rookery. Kewauee. 

Black ft McCnne: 10 Xeponset are., Boston. 

Busby ft Williams: 501 W. 144th at.. X. T. C 

Buaklrk. Musical: 08 Barrow at., X. Y. C. 

Byers ft Hermann: 3049 Barton Road, Cincin- 
nati. ' 

Byrne. John H. W.: 218 W. 34th at.. X. Y. C. 

Blondell. Msbel (Lyric) Sumter. 8. 0.1 (Lyric) 
Florence. 9-l4. 

Booth ft Lynn (Wooderly) Lajonta, Colo., 5*7. 

Bean ft Hamilton (Savoy) Xewport. Ky. 

Horns Sisters. Three (Oak) Chicago. 0-14. 

Beyer, Ben, ft Bfo. (Orpbeum) Kansas City. 

Bovnton ft Bourke (Majestic) Dallas, Tex.; 

(Majestic) Houston. 0-14.. 
Bowers & Devlne (Mlchealson) Grand Island. 

Neb.: (Lyric) Aurora, 9-14. 
Bowers. Walters ft Crooker (Grand) Indlanau- 

oils; (Mary Anderson) Lonlsvllle. 9-14. 
Bovle Bros. (Orpbeum) On 1 Lib. Tex.; (Lyric) 

Oklahoma. City. Okla.. 0-14. 
Barron. Billy (Unique) Minneapolis; (BIJou) De- 

luth. 9-14. 

Brlstow ft Warner (Othello) Evclctb, Minn.: 
(Orpbeum) nibbing. 0-14. . 

Blcknell & Glbney (Majestic) Cedar Rapids, 
la.; (Majestic) Bock Island. III., 0-14. 

Blaney, Hugh F. (Columbia) Kansas City. Knn.. 

Bstblnc Girls (Orph-lllni Oakland, Cal.; (Or- 
pbeum) San Francisco. 0-14. 

Burt. Nellie (Majestic) Ft Wortb. Tex.-. (Ma- 
jestic) Dallas. 8-14. 

Bolses. Sensationnl (Shea's) Toronto. 

Bush's School Boys ft Girls (Bljon) Flint, 
Mich. _ _ 

Barry ft Wolford (Grand) Syracuse, X. \., 
(Shubcrt) Utlca. 0-14. 

Beers. Leo (Grand) Knoxvllle. Tenn.; (MsJcsUc) 
Little Rock. Ark.. 0-14. , : 

Brls«oo. Alex. (Main st.) Peoria. 111.; (Temple) 
Grand Rapids. Mich.. 0-14. 

Boudlni Bros. (Orpbeum) Minneapolis; (Or- 

Ba£S2 SSf"» WeaVe™ Bldg.. Minn. 

This blank is 'available for 
no route cards. Cards will 

route data in case you have 
be mailed upon application. 







Anthony. Win. It.: The Billboard. 
Apollo Quartette: 539 N. 8tatv St.. 
Arcber a Cerr: Greenwich. X. Y. 
Arnold. Geo.: Box 103 Shattuck. Okla. 
Arnold. Haxel: The Billboard. Cincinnati 
Arnold * Rickey: Owego. N. Y. 
Artnaa. F-: cars Paul Tanalg. 104 E. 14th at., 
N. Y. 0. 

Ashner Sisters: 12 80. Xewatead are.. St. 

aiiit. s. * 0>l 410 Sooth ave.. Mt. V 

Austin A Klomker: S110 E at.. Phlla. 

Adair. Art (Varieties) Terra Hante, Ind.; (Fam- 
Uy) LaFayette, 0-14. 

Adonis (Hippodrome) Cleveland; (Poll's) Wor- 
cester. Mass.. 0-14. 

Addison i Livingston (M.) Colombia. Mo.. 5-T. 

Adair A Dahn (Orpbenm) Sonth Bend, Ind. 

Anlell Bros. (Alrdome) Chattanooga, Tenn.; 
(Colonial) Greenville. S. C. 0-14. 

Arnolds. Chaa. (Crystal) Anderson. Ind. 

Appleby, H. J. (Arcade) Niagara Falls, N. T.; 
(Francals) Montreal. Can.. 8-14. 

^r n p. N n?a7^*Se^e:''9 , ?4. <PM, - ^<! * , 

- (Empress) San Francisco. 

. Jack (PoU'a) 8prlngfleld. Mass.. H-14. 
Troupe. Five (Keltb'a) Phlla. 

Harry (Majestic) Ft. Worth, Tex. 
o, Joseph, Family (Orpbenm) Omaha, 
Neb- ; (Orpbenm) Kansas City. Mo., 0-14. 
Apdale's Animals (Orpbenm) Memphis, Tenn.; 

(Orpbenm) New Orleans, La., 0-14. 
Allen. Lester (Wilson Ave.) Chicago; (Crystal) 

Chicago, 8 14. 
Arcber. Loa (Wilson ave.) Chicago; (Crystal) 

Chicago. 0-14. 
Allen. Leon ft Bertie (Orphenm) Newark. O.; 

(Orpbenm) Una. 0-14. 
Avallon Iroupe (Princess) Ft. - Worth. Tex.; 

(Orpbeum) Dallas, 9-14. 
Avon Comedy Four (Keith's) Phlla 
Avalon Juggling Four: City Hotel. 
Arizona Trio (Majestic) Waco. Tex. 
Arbuckle, Msclyn (Coluubla) CIi 
Alex, Three (Unique) Minneapolis. 
Ballllea. Four 28V4 W. Church at.. Newark, O. 
Balrd. Blanche: 12 W. 60th St.. N. Y. C. 
Baker ft Cornelia: 613 E. 45th st.. Chicago. 
Baker. Sid: 1606 Race st.. Cincinnati. 
Banks, Charley: 817 Park ave.. Baltimore. 
Banyan, Alfred: 122 Smith st.. Winnipeg. Can. 

Barnetta, The: 338 Summit st., Toledo. O. 
Barrett. Frank: 240 5th ave., N. Y. C. 
Barron. Geo.: 2O02 Fifth ave.. N. Y. C. 
Barry. Frank L. : 288 4th st. Troy. N. Y. 
Kartell ft Garfield: 2600 E. 53rd St.. Cleveland. 
Baum. Will: 97 Wolcott st. Xew Haven. Conn. 
Beach, -tgjtnlv: 120 Randolph at-, Chicago. 
Bean ATrtamUton: 339 Hickory at.. Buffalo. 
Beard, Billy: 1401 Drayton St.. Savannah, Ga. 
Beck. Norman Ed.: 487 Grosvenor ave., Mon- 

Beck A Evana: 14 N. 9th st.. Phlla. 

Becker. Samuel: 5020 Kisman Road. Cleveland. 


- If you are unable to give route, and desire to have your per- 
manent address listed, kindly provide the necessary information, 
using this blank. 

Blair ft La Foe: 2040 Amsterdam ave.. X. Y. C. 
Blair, Brent: 438 Liberty at., Hageratown, Md. 
iBlanchard ft Martin: flSO Oclavli at., 8an 

Bloodell, Mabel: 1131 N. 3rd ave.. Knoxvllle. 

Blossoms, The: WaL_ 
Boston City Quartette: 470 Warren at., Brook- 

Boyd, italic (O. H.) Balllnger, Tex. 
Boutin ft TlUson: Wblte Bats, N. Y. C. 
Boyd. Eddie:. 929 So. Main St., Loa Angeles. 
Braatx, Selma: care Tanalg, 104 E. 14th St., 
N. Y. C. 

Brabam's Ladles' Qnartette: 1120 8. HIU at, 

Br^dfordsf e Tbe: 461 E. Morrison St.. PorUsnd. 

Brand, Lanra Martlere: 515 Main st.. Buffalo. 
Brann Sisters: Richardson Park. Debt. 
Brenner, Samuel N. : 2850 Tulip at.. Phlla. 
Bretonne^May: Actors' Society. 145 W. 45th st.. 

Brlnkteya^The: 424 atV.^^T. C. 

B BrookI Mm,c """" 9 Liberty ave.. 

Bolses^ Sensational: 673 Jackson ave.,' Bronx. 

Broadway Comedy Quartette: 20 Williams avc. 

Brooks a Brooks: The Billboard, Cincinnati. 
Brown ft Davis: 24 Furry ave.. Newark. 0. 
Brownies. Tbe. & Co.: 6th ft Jackson sts.. To- 
peka. Kan. 

Browning, Besale: 340 E. 06th St, N. Y C 
Builds. Aerial: 26 N. Union at.. Aorora. Ill' 
Buncbu ft Alber: 2319 W. Main at., Louisville. 

Bnnth ft Badd: 010 Belden are., Chicago 
Burgess. Harvey J.: 627 Trenton ave., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

Burgess. Russell: 934 i4 So. Flgucroa St. Los 

Boms. BUly X.: White Rats. X. Y. C 
Burt, Al. J.: Bancroft Bldg., Altoona. Pa. 

Brunettes. Cycling (Washington) 
(Majestic) Scuttle. 0-14. 

Bcban, George (Orphcum) Salt Lake. U.; (Or- 
phenm) Denver, Colo.. 0-14. 

Barry. Mr. & Mrs. Jlmtnle (Orpbeum) St. Paul; 
(Orphenm) Minneapolis 0-14. 

Barnes ft Crawford (Trent) Trenton, N. J.; 
(Temple) Detroit. Mich.. 9-14. 

Big City Four (Albambra) X. Y. C. ; (Orpbeum) 
.Brooklyn. 9-14. 

Buch Bros. (Julian) Chicago; (President) Chi- 
cago, 9-14. 

Baadcr-LaVelle Trio (Pantagea') St. Joseph, 

Bison City Four (Orpbeum) Dulntb. Minn.; (Or- 
pbeum) Winnipeg. Can.. 9-14. 

Bergere, Valerie. Players (Temple) Hamilton, 
Can.; (Dominion) Ottawa. 0-14. 

Bldotte, Hazel, care Stoart'e. Gaiety Bldg., 
St. Louis. 

Bert ft Williams: 65 Fowler St., Atlanta. Ga. 
Brunlns. The (Columbia) Cincinnati. 
Blglow ft Cninnls-Il (Empress) Cincinnati. 
Barrowa, Joale ft Willie (Orpbeum) Cincinnati. 
Brockman. James (Majestic) Cedar Rapids. Ia. 
Burke, Jobn ft Mac (Pantagea') Denver. 
Bandy, The Great (Majestic. Cedar Rapids, Ia. 
Bnnvards, Six Flying (Orpbeum) Omaha Neb 
Brennan, Downing ft Co. (Orpbeum) ' Omaha. 

OaOMjin, Mr. a Mrs. Wm.: 132 E. 17th st., N. 

Calvtrt-Parkera, The: Portland. Me 
Cameron, Ella: 881 Broad at.. New I-ondon. 

Campbell-Clark Sisters: Clarendon Hold, Chl- 
Oatl * Khell: «O0 W. 18th at., Kanaaa City, 
Carle'. Irving: 4203 N. 41st St.. Chicago. 
S" r !! n *o.SJ" rk: . B i? Prospect ave.. Buffalo. 
Carlton Sisters: 463 W. 28th St.. N. Y. C. 
Carol Sisters: 104 W. 16th St.. N. Y. 0. 
Carolys The: 213 E. 14th St.. N. Y. C. 
Csron ft Farnom: 235 E. 24th St.. N. Y. « 

C 'F?\ U £ et,lc - ™° : 1128 " oUa <* ■ 
arid. III. 


Escapes. Mind Reading, Magic, New Act* an* 
Creations, and second-band bargilnb. Adi 
W. ALBERT TBI PP. 5 Foster St.. New 
ford, Mass. . .' " 

8KETCI1E8. 820 pages vaarwnie 
material. flOr: my Make-Dp Book. 15e; Hlata to 
Amateurs. 15c. Catalog Fit EE. Address A. ■ 
REIM. 306 Foster Bldg.. .Milwaukee. Wis. 


Agents. Legltlmste substitute for Blot Ma- 
chines: patented; s.lla on sight for 1L Par. 
tlculsrs. GISHA CO., 

. (Cut this ont— It may not appear again. ) 
at alot machines, dice, cards, faro, roulette. 

Box 14-a. Hammond. Ind. ' 


Euirt I _ 


Cincinnati, Okla. 

Wanted-Dramatic Companies 

Also vaudeville seta playing percentage. 

Theatre, Xavaacta, ~ 

BOG EBB, Lyrio 

WANTED „ Medici n« Shews. 
Lecturers and Doctors 

We have the best selling remedies In TJaJtel 
Statea. All new discoveries. Write at one* foe 





t*£Bf ««»"•! ffev>. Address A E. REIM. I*ub.. 
403 Grand Avenne. Mllwankee. Wisconsin. 


to^our up-to-date opera hona.-. on com- 

venlent ' railroad 
tween Atlanta 
Address SVYAI. 
boro. Georgia. 

•ra imna.-. on nu- 
ll of 2,500. Con- 
ntraUy J oca ted be- 





ita and staaaa. 
DaaetBa. to 



Am.rlean Flag Mfe Co., Eatttt, Pa. 

Tha big flag factory on aha Dalawara 


— i sisim 

Monologues, allnstrel Material 
A^ss^Maslea^Plgsaa, Baalta. 

WANTED, THEATRE TBUNXg; all kind., sec- 

ocnooi or rroiessionai uancinf 

M E. 16th 8t, bat. »th Aw. ft B'way. V. T. 0. 

>"i «»<*•'' «> 


140 STaaaaa 8 treat, VZW 1 

Reduced Bstea to jfjj ProfessloS. 

riaih Like Cenul 


H taaj CMl-IM IV- OOLD R_l*La» 
Sta-d aatM toss Ms] as HI BSSHgi »J » 

rM.-nu.iaM lit wmm Wm Mm mm 

>»— l al Mm) — Mt TtffMj Mar I M m m 

lUnlm |IS| I St U M lit aVaaJ I rt |( at Wa. 

ion tmm mm$mm Cax tta r ■ r « mm* 

ImII lis*, rt t ia t ■«*• wmm — la ill tit ia in n 

TWfcg*fcr..iVf4. m WtUMmmmmmM 


goal Hair. Crap Wig. m, Clowr. Ho. 


itrntw. at as sad (ass. Paplar 
^A«Tork. KLm,,&T ' 


The Billboard 

Caron & Herbert: F*lr Haven, J*. I. 

Carrolton & Van: 9428 . Monte V]»tm it.. Lot 

Catburn*"* Murphy: -Melon Hotel. Ft. Worth. 

Tex. • . 

Canada. Three: Darlington. Wla. 

Case. Charley: Uockport. N. Y. 

Case. Paul: 81 So. Clark at.. Chics go 
ravsnsugh A Lancaater: 700 A Indiana are., 

Kanaaa City. Mo. 

Cbanelo. Aerial: 2042 Grand *ve„ 


Cbantrell & Schuyler: 
Chapman Slater*: 1M> 

SS' li'SmVnrK H.uted .t.. cw. 

Cha"«?' Clifton E-: 44 Bth at.. New Bedford. 

Clawaon. Kojcoe: 1704 Brownlee at.. Marlon. 

Claytin. Beaale (Apollo) 

1 March St. 
Clarion, Panl: 1420 Elm St.. Cincinnati. 
Clarion Trio: The Billboard. Cincinnati. 
SraM * Lee: IBO Fliyt at.. IjmN'lHe. 
Clermont. Jean: 104 E. 14tb at.. >. Y. C. 
dinner Comedy Four: 037 W. lMth it., V 

Clolllde & Montrofe: 323 W. 38tb at., N. Y. i. 

Coattaa. Three Mualcal: 144 W 

Oawego. N. Y. 
Cody. Ixmlac: The Billboard. Cincinnati. 
Colea, Throe Musical : 149 Seals are. Blloxl. 

Columbia Mualcal Four: 212 W. 42nd at.. X. 
Y. C. 

Columbiana. Fire. Inc.: Flndlay. O. 
Cnmstork. Boy: 7S2I Cellar are.. Cleveland. 
Conkey. Clever: Waoaan. Wla. 
Cook A Helman: 13* Spring at.. Newark N. J. 
Cornallaa. Six: 81 Flak are.. Maapetb. I_ I.. 
X Y 

Cort'eae.' Tbree: 230 8. Ezcbenge at.. 8t. Paul. 

Cotter & Bonlden: care Norman Jefrerlea. l)tb 
A Arch ala.. Phlla. 

Courtney * Jeanette: 1819 W. 14th Place. Chi- 

Craves, Filwln P.: 233 N. Sherman St., Bay 

Craivror. M, Ol'en 8.: 1439 Barter at.. Toledo. O. 
Crawford * Dclancey: 110 Ludlow at.. Belle- 

Cray°ton. ll F. Lawrence: T03 Berrtck at.. Elrolrn. 

Crelghton. I. C: 115 Clymer at.. Brooklyn. 
Crollua. rilek: Vaudeville Comedy Club. 224 W 

C^ka.*Cbaa. M.': itoekegon. Mich. 

Cullen Bros.: 2»1n Ellsworth at.. Phlla. 

Cotton, Lolo (Poiral New Haven, " The (Fairyland) Him 
(Hlnnodrome) Charleston. W14. 

Chaaalno (Garrlck) Wilmington. Del.: (Man- 
hattan) N. Y. C. 9-14. • _ 

Carle A Linn (Lyric) Pittsburg. Kan.; (Lyric l 
Ft. Scott. 9-14. 

Clark. H. H. (Orpbeom) Ogden. U.; (Orphenmi 
Rait I «k.. 0-14. 

dure' Raymond (Orpbeom) Om.h.. Neb.: (Or- 
nheom) Deurer, Colo.. 9-14. 

Cobnrn * Pcaraon (Temple) Grand Rapids. 

Csrpo* * Bro*. (American) Chlca(o. 

CroSwella (American) Chicago; tPaotagea) Cal- 
gary. Alta.. Can.. 9-14. _ _ 

Chartwtek Trio (Poire) 8prlngn*ld. Maaa. 

Carbrey Broa. (Hathaway'a) New Bedford. 
Mass'.: (Hathaway'a) Lowell, B-14. 

Cogawella. Three Cycllnir (Majestic) Dea Molnea. 
fa.: (Grand-Family) Panro. N. D.. 9-14. 

Crawford * Delancey (Audltorlnm) Joplln. Mo. 

(Vnlln. Steele * Can- (Oreenpolnt) Brooklyn. 

Cullen. Jae. H. (Colonial) Xorfolk. Va.: 

C^^t^^ri^V^r^U. M.».. 

Clifford * Burke (Orpheum) Omaha. Neb.. 9 

land) Hlnton. W. Ya. 


A Joaepbln* (Orphertm) Oakland. Cal. 
1-Glllette Troupe (Trerett) Chicago: (Aali 

Cnttvi! gtSSt (Orpheum) Salt Lake. C. 9- 

Cnwr A Dayne: 24 Bonth at.. Concord. X. H.: 

(Orpbeom) Minneapolis. Ulna.. 0-14. 
Calne & Odom (Majestic) Bntte, Moot.; (Waah 

c£LW ' 

City. Mo. 

Clipper Quartet (Orpheum) Savannah. Ga.; (Ma- 
jestic) Jacksonville. Fla., 9-14. 

Colemane. Two (Star) Cbambersburg. Pa.. 5-7; 
(Myatlr-fttar) York, 9-11; (World In Motion) 
Coateavllle, 1M«. , . . 

Ohlnqullla. Prlnceaa A Ed. Newell (Star) 
Xelaonvlllc. O. 

Clifford, Mile. A On. (Lyric) Mt. 
Pa., 8-7; (Family) Plttaburg. 9-M. 

Connolly * Wenrlck (Keltb'a) Phlla. 

Con-oy. Le Malre * On. I Columbia) Cincinnati. 

Campbell ft Yalet (Majestic) Denver. 

Crane Mra. Gardner (PolPe) Bridgeport. Conn. 

Bailey ft Well: 783 So. Weatern ave.. Chicago. 

Dale. Balntv Dottle: 232 W. 38th at.. X. Y. 0. 

Daly ft O'Brien (National) Sydney, Auatralla. 

Davenport. 1-carle R. (Carlton) Dn Bole. Pa. 
Day, Carlta: 888 7th are.. N. Y. C. 
DeArmo. Billy: 803 N. Clark at.. Chicago. 
BrPlllo. Homer: II B. Tth at.. Erie. Pa. 
BeCamp*. Guy: Itenderaon. N. C. Liana ft Evelyn: 47 W. 28tli at.. X. 
Y. C. 

rw.amarr. Jullua J. I I1T E. 98th St.. X. V. • ■ 
Delmor* & Barrel! : IBIS Blh are.. E.. Oakland. 

Del/irla. Dick: 219 swan at.. Buffalo. 

DeMarlo (Circus Clnlaelll) St. Pctcraburg. En* 
•la. Dec. l-ai: (Ronaeber'a) Vienna. Austria 
Jan. 131. 

He Mora ft Grarela: Flndlay. O. 

Pempsey. Albert ft Jack B.: Marlon, Ind. 

Dentckea. Mualcal: 819 Flrat at.. Macon. Ga. 

DeVo* & Mack: ManaBeld. O. 

Dick. Ray: 822 Ohio are., Kokotno, Ind 

Dlrken. ft Floyd: 34S Bhndo Island I " 

Dlcktnaon. Richard: Melroae. Maaa. 

Won. Jack: rrr-ecent City. 111. 

Dliton. Madeline: 034 Lonrwoorl it*., N. Y. C 

Dlvnlaa. The: 142 R. Kth at.. Manafleld. O. 

Dolan A 1 ,-nharr: 2480 7th aye.. N. Y. C 

Dontta: Clarendon Hotel. Ch learn. 

Dormer. Dorla: 843 Lincoln at.. Johnatown Pa. 

Donovan ft Mackln: 1130 Taylor at.. Ft. Wayne, 

Downard ft Downard: Cyclone, Ind. 
Downer ft Wlllsrd: 41 Llnnood are., Detroit 
Duffln-Redcay Troupe: Reading. Pa. 
Dunbar ft Flaber: White Bate. X. Y. C. 
Dunlay ft Merrill: Union Hotel. 
Dupllle, Ernest A.: Vaudeville 

Durnlng, Parson Jo (Pepple'a) . Leavenworth. 

DuRoaa ft GaWln: 1837 Waverly ate., Clncln 

Davis Bros., Three (Palace) Hazelton. Pa. 
Dellollla ft Valors (Majeatlc) Cbarleaton. S 

C; (Majeatlc) Jackaonvllle. Fla.. 9-14. 
Dorla Opera Trio (American M. H.) " 
DeVelde ft Zelda (Orpheum) "' 

100) Ottawa. 0-14. 

DoHenzo ft L.Due (Temple) Hamilton. Can.: 
IBbea'a) Buffalo, N. Y.. 0-14. 

Deckero. Tossing (Hippodrome) Charleston, W. 
Va.; (Masonic) Ironton. O.. 9-14. 

Dupres. Fred (Majeatlc) Chicago; (Majestic) 
Milwaukee, n 14. 

Drew ft Xewlon (Winter-Garden) New Or- 

Down.. T. Xelaoo (Majestic) Salt Lake. C; 
(Majeatlc) Denver. Colo., 9-14. 

iravls ft Moran (WUsod Ave.) Chicago; (Crys- 
tal) Chicago. 0-14. 

Dlnkelaplel'a Cbrlatmaa. with Bernard A. Beln- 
old (Orpheum) Minneapolis; (Orphenm) St. 
Paul. 9-14. 

Dark Nluhta. Ten (Orpheum) Lima. O.: (New 

Sun) Sprlngtleld. 0-14. 
Dnlton. Thoa. H. (Temple) Ft. Wayne. Ind.; 

(Varieties) Terre Hante. 9-14. 
Dallas. Benlah (Majeatlc) Montgomery. Ala.; 

(Majestic) Birmingham. 9-14. 
DeRspa Family: 320 Six ave.. No., Nashville, 


Dewar'a, Wm.. Comedy Clrcua (Casino) Chicago. 
Denne ft Denn? (Cuminlng'a) Fitchburg, Maaa. 
Dillon. John (Ma1e«tlc> Denver. 
Dempsey. Tom (Empress) Cincinnati. 
Dare Broa. (Panlagea*) Denver. 
Edman ft Gaylor: Box 30. Richmond. Ind. 
Edrthe. Corlnoe: 223 So. nnhey St., Chlcsgo. 
F.HIarto: 2331 X. HolllnKwood at.. Phlla. 
Emmrraon ft Wright: 2811 X. May at.. Kansas 
City. Kan. 

Emtnett ft Lower: 419 Pine St.. Dsrby. Pa. 
Knellab. Boaeboda: 2S41 W. 1st at., Brighton 

Keacb. N. Y. 
Fnff ft Relnisch: 814 High St.. Dea .Moines. Is. 
Ernests. Three (Empire) London. Eng.. Nov. 14- 

Jan. 15. 

Eaher ft Welsh: 1831 Bsnslesd St.. Phlla. 
Eamood, Flora ft Baby: Gen. Del.. Wash.. 
D. C. 

Eane Trio: 1711 Welle at.. Chicago. 
Kthardo. Naomi: Fair Haven. X. J. 
Evana. Beaale: 3703 Cottage Grove Ave.. Chi- 

Evelyn Slaters: 232 Greene ave.. Brooklyn. 

Everett Co.: SprlngSeld. O. 

Kt'rnbrrg. Charlie (Majeatlc) Little Rock. Ark.: 

(?'aje»tlc) Ft. Worth. Tex.. 0-14. 
Elhardn. Naomi (PantagW) Sacramento. Cal.; 

(Chutea) 8an Franclaco. 9-14. 
Emmett. Grade (Star) Muncle. Ind.; (New 

Murray) Blchmond. 0*14. 
Knirllah. Jack (Majeatlc) Ft. Worth, Tex.-. (Ms- 

lestlc) Diltts. B-14. 
FJane. Mabel (Majeatlc) Ironton. O.: (Hlppo- 

drome) T.exlnrtoo. Ky.. 0-14. 
Esmonda. The: Lewlatown. Pa.: DuBols. B-14. 
Falrchlld 8latera: 41 Admiral at. New Haven. 

running. Jno. J.: 139 Olive sr.. New Haven. 

Fantaa. Two: 8 Union Sonare. N. Y. C. 
Fanat. Grace: 1018 X. State St.. Chicago. 
Fern & Mark: N40 So. Ktb «t.. St. 1 OOla, 

Feruawlei May Duo: 207 E. 87th it., N. Y. C. 

Ferry. J. Banks: Buffalo. Okla. 

Fields Will B.. ft LaAdella: 3041 W. Bavena- 

wood Park ave.. Chicago. 
Fineherg. Nannie: 1149 8o. 18th St.. Phlla. 
Flaher. W. X.: Spring ft Plum at a.. Newton. 


Fltreerald, Cbaa.: 2410 N. Grand are.. St. 

N. C. . • 

Fitzgerald. Cbaa.: 2401 N. Grand ave., St. 


Flovdells. The: 8132 H St.. Ssn Diego. Cal. 

FoThei rL™™^S^?S. Y.C. 
Ford ft Louise: 128 So. Broad at.. Mankato. 

Fosto: While Rats. N. Y. C. 
Fox. Frank: Ber*re Honae. Chicago. _ 
Pox A Summers: 817 X. 10th at.. Saginaw. 

Fr'snklln. Oheer ft Co.: 812 N. Dearborn «T*., 

Franklin. H., ft Stamlarda: Rabnadorrer Muehle, 

Berlin. Germany. 
Fran. 8lg & Fdythr: 12 Tlotcbklss at.. Blng- 

hamton. N. Y. 
Fraaer. Marvelous: Highland Park. Qnlncy. P 
Fraarr Trio: 18 Inman ave.. R-.hwav. N. J. 
French. Harry: 318 N. Main at.. Mt. Pdessant, 


Frey. Henry: 1007 Msdlaon ave.. X. Y. C. 
Friend ft Downing: 41S Strand. W. C. London. 

Eng.. Apr. 13, Indef. 
Frltchte * Adsms: White Rats. X. Y. C. 
Frobel ft Bnre: 314 W. 23rd at X. \. C. 
Ftoxo Trio: 3705 2>th ave. South. Minneapolis. 
Fnlton. Cbas. M.: 3M« Indiana ave.. Chicago. 
Ferry. Wm. (Keith's) Columbns, O.: (Orpbenm) 

Memphis. Tenn.. 9-14. 

Fo.vler. Kate (Majeatlc) Denveer: (Princeas) 

hot 8prlng». Ark.. 0-14. 
Fay. Two Coleya ft Fay (Poll"s) Worcester. 


Fr'aw." Prof. Saml. H. (Star) Newton. Kan. 

Force ft Wllltama (Orpheum) Spokane; (Or- 
pheum) Seattle. 9-14. 

Frey Twins Co. (Orpbeum) 

(Orpheum) Des Molnea. Ia.. 0-14. 

Foo. Lee Tung (Crystal) Milwaukee. 

Field Bros. (Orpheum) Montreal 

Fera-naen A Mack (Liberty) ' 
(Majeatlc) Cfllumbue. 9-14. 

Frank. Joseph J.: Houaton. Tex. 

Fenton. Marie (Orpheum) 8t. Paul. 

Ferguaon. Manriee (Orpheum) Omaha. Neb.; 
(Orpbeom) Stoux City. la.. 9-14. 

Frevoll (Orpheum) Savannah, On.; (Majeatlc) 
Jackaonvllle. Fla.. 9-14 -J • • 

Fleld-a. H ( J r r ^ t -, 1 ^ cb f CJ| c i K I ^* B W 

Km'wiIIot Four (limSon) Union Hill. N. J. 

Emmy. Karl, ft Hla Peta (Poll'a) Wllkea- 

Rdwsrds' Gu'a. Song Revne (Keltb'a) Phlla. 
Fanton'a Joe. Athletes (Bilon) PhUa. 
Fords. Fonr (Colnmbls) Cincinnati. 
Flemen. Wm.. A Co. (Orphenm) Minneapolis. 

Omaha, Neb. ; 

See if your i 

is in Letter List. 






Flying Baldwins 

JMrial Return Act. 

t. w. a: 

. Mgr.. »1» *. »rd St.. Qninny. IB. 

NOW B33KIMB FOR 1911. Pift%FaiR.GdlLntilB.Ete. 



Snnantlona! Aeroilallc Ojranull of Qaallty 



V-4ke W 

Southern Tour, January 8 to February 19. 


JOHN J OVINE, Representative 

Room 6U9, Kn.ckarbocksrThaatre B ld n . , 1402 Broadway. N. Y. City. 



The Roller Skating Bear 

KM , m\^mf^ 1 went y minute act; playing vaudeville and rinks. 

Bf W ^BL A wonder of the world. Alice can skate to beat 

Laaafl W ^i?C * Jan< ^> forward, backwards, waltzes, races and 

M WT ^mi does numerous others tricks, on ball-bearing roller 

Hl^H mm skates; also good wrestler; weight, 215 pounds. 

Mum ^Wmm Alice sits on chair in lobby and shakes hands. 

mum f w Write for open time. Address, GEO. B. CRAP- 
SEY, Chicago, 111., care Richardson Skate Co., 311 Michigan street. 


The does of annual menibet a or the Acton' Fond of America, are payable on November M. 
It -will be of aaslataaco the tb« Fund If return postage abould alvraya be encloaed. The fnaSl la 
4 charitable organization, and what It can aavo cootrlbotee to rellovo the Indigent. Prior to tta 
rsiabllabmeol, aaaUlaoc* for the Imporrrtabrd prvfeaalonal was prloclually casual, lndlacrtmlav 
atlnc, dlatiroportlunate and meagre, humiliating and disheartening. Thla atate of affair* bat 
" deplored the necraaltg for a change cooceded. and remrdlea frequently at 

loog been ad 
tempted vrltl 

socceaa. in June. 1882. the present Actora' Fund of America waa founded, 
and throngb It the principal dlapenaatlon of benevolence to the pnbllc amuaement irorld to ( 

'» >°e.PriPcip«i oiapenaation or nenevoienc* to the pnhlle amuaement world to ayatana- 
atlacd and aa bountiful aa Its treaaory will allow. It la for the eligible applicant, la Ita bcsaA- 
cencea to enlarge that trvaaory and make lt» azlatence permanent, and thereby aaaure fntor* aa 
gfH aa present o t c e aaary relief a. thereby aaalatlnr to eliminate further appeala for outside aid 
which hitherto baa been a aacrlflee of Independence and a atnltlflcatloa of nrnfiaalnnal arid*. 
Sip uuouidy labor to procure new life and annual members to the Pond, and also eubacriban to- 
ward th* tualuten.De* of The Actors' Fond Rom*. Do not procraatlnmte: do not backalld*. 

•Pldlcatlon blank, aj ^" Properly rilled out. and 



"SECTION 18. The EiecntJve Committee may admit u ■ member any person puranln 
prafesaloa of sctlng. singing, dancing on the stage, the management of tbeitiWYnd othefl 
"/-^^"""■II. ™" otbrr . tf m,m> «»«ere^ed and concerned In or « bo ram . 1 1. i U g from 1 
connection with any reputable place of amuaemenL on payment of the dsn for onTyear " 

■ ........ ...... ....... 


■ 1 1 . 


===== I 

Applicant** Signature 

The Billboard 



Qsllaway, w. P.: 68 Central are. Atlanta, Ga 
Gardiner*. Three: 1958 N. 8th at.. Phils. 

6 anon. Marion: 703 W. 178th at.. N. Y. C 
Gay lor, Cbas.: 788 17th at.. Detroit. 
Gaylor A Graff: 16 Abingdon aq.. N. T. C. 
George A Gott: 214 Lee are.. Sapulpa, Okla. 
Gejer. Bert: Palace Hotel. Chicago. 
Glbney * Eerie: 509 Madiaon are., _ 
Glbaon Bros.: 2 Willow at. Brooklyn. 
Glbaon. Ted * Kate: 906 Gatea are.. Brooklyn. 
Gllday A For: 208 State at.. Chicago. 
Gleaaon, Little Lew: White Rata, N. T. C. 
Godfrey. Hal: care P. Casey, Long Acre Bldg., 

N. Y. C. 
Golden A Hughe*: Mil ford. Mara. 
Gootales, A. (Monarch) Lawton, Okla. 

A Ben: 136 4th aye., N. T. C. 
A West: 185S Lexington aye., N. Y. a 
Ed. A Llvxie: 14 Harrison at. Detroit 

u": Gr'een^oonS" Clnb" V»W. 4Ta"»t. 
Granberry A 

Grant A Bre 

Gray. Enid: 26 W. 125th at. N. T. C. 
Gray A Gray: 1922 Bird at, Joplln. Mo. 

, A Co.: 6104 St Clair aye.. M. E.'. CleTe- 


Greene A Parker: National 
Greenwood. Beaale: 638 N. State 
Griffith*. Fred L.: care ~ 

iQroe at, Montgomery, Ala. 
Orfgoiettl-8 Aerial Ballet (WlnteMlarten) Ber 

lln. Ger.. Dec. 1-31. 
Groom Slaters: 503 N. Hermitage aye., Trenton, 
N. J. 

Groet A Greet: White Bate. N. T. C. 
Gntae. Johnnie: New Brunswick. N. J. 
Good rode. Great < Arcade) Cheboygan. Mlcb- 
Gray Harry P. (Dreamland) Waterloo, la. 
Garden. Win. C. (Proctor's) Newark. N. J. 
Qrlmm A Satehell (Olympla) Gloucester. Mass. 
Grnber-a. Capt. Max. A MUe. Adeline's. Ani- 
mals (HammerBteln's) X X. C; (Green- 
point) Brooklyn, 9-14. 
Gardner. Eddie (New Star) Monde. Ind.; 
(Gayety) Indiana polls. 9-14. 

" J^"^^) Worth. Tex.; (Ma- 
Ion* (Grand) 1 
n) Harrlsbnrg, 9-14. 
Clande (Gaiety) St 
Detroit 9-14. 
Granat Louie M. (Star) Chicago. 
Gordon A Marx (Poll's) Hartford. Conn. 

(Poll's) Springfield. Maes.. 9-14. 
G rover, ft. 

Omaha, Neb.; (Orpbenm) 

Gtrard A Gardner (Unique) Minneapolis. (Em 

preaa) Duluth. 0-14. 
Granville A Rogers (Colombia) Cincinnati 

(New Grand) Eranavllle. Ind.. 9-14. 
George A Gott (Grand) Bismarck. N. D.. 5-7 

(Family) Glendlve, Mont, 9-11; (Family) 

(0. H.) Canandalgoa. N. T. 
(Orpbenm) Cincinnati. 

Graham Bros. (Orpbenm) Cincinnati. 

Gypsy Singers (Unique) Minneapolis. 
Gllmore. Kinky A Gllmore (Pantages') Den 
Gallettl'a Monkey* (Orpbenm) Denver. 
Governor's Son (Poll's) W1I kea-Barre. ■ Pa. 
Close. Augusta (Orpbenm) Omaha, Neb. 
Haley A Haley: 1127 Pierce Bldg.. St Lords. 

4 Mnrpby: 913 McKean at. Phils. 
Boys: 21 E. B8th St. N. X. C. 

Frank: Big Oak Farm. Landlstrarg, 

Halworth. Jack: 128 W. Erie st.. Chicago. 
Ham man A Lytell: 484 Cottage st. Rochester, 
If- T. 

Hampton A Baasett: 4S6G Wlnthrop aye., Chi- 

BJaney A Long: 117 State st. N. Vernon. Ind. 
Hanley A Jarrta: 230 Hohoken st, Bntherford, 
N. J. 

Hardy. Helene: Plana, 0. 
Hardy. Jas- E-: 48 Fuller at, Toronto. 
Harrdah. Mamie: 76 Park st, Bralntree. Mass. 
Harper A Jameson: Box 1143, Muskogee, Okla. 
Harris A Robinson: 152 Lake at. Chicago. 
Harris. Fred: 851 E- 40th St. Chicago. 
Harrison, Leo. F. : Ann Arbor. Mich. 
Haskell. Loney: 47 Lexington are., N. Y. C. 
Hatch. E. Warren: 74 Sydney st, Boston. 
Hatches. The: 47 E. 132nd St. N. Y. C. 
Ha we* sisters: 3952 Belmont aye., Chicago. 
Hawkins. Homer: 229 Boyd at. Grafton, W. 

The: 105 E. Morgan at. Sedalla. 

Herrmann. Adelaide: Gllsey Honse. N. T. C. 
Hevtlettes. The: 1200 20th St. Denver. 
Hllbert. Ben: 828 Sawmill aye., Allegheny. 

nniman. Lucille (Vendome) Houston. Tex. 

unionises. The: 2531 Chatham st, Cincinnati. 

Hlnes A Fen ton: 143 W. 63rd at. N. T. C. 

ninton. Leslie A Lettie-. 207% E. Orerland St. 
El Paso. Tex- 

Holton. Geo. A.: 22 Bank st, 

noppe. Vera: Ridgefleld Park. H. J. 

Howard A Boyd: 5351 Etrel are.. St Louls- 
I Howie Sister*: 436 6th St. Jacksonville. Fla. 
| Hullinirer, nnion: The Billboard. Chicago. 

Hnntlngs. Four: Fair Haven. N. J. 

Hnxtables. The: 18 Oliver at. Salem. Mass. 

Hyatt A LeNore: 1612 W. Lanvale 

Hyde A Talbot: Torrlugton. Conn. 

- ■ A Marie (Orpbenm) Denl 


Holier A Goaa (Lyric) Abilene, Kan.: (Bijou) 

Marcel ene. Mo.. 9-14. 
Harvel'a Marionette Clrcns (Colombia) Chicago, 

Hane'y A Son (Family) MUlyllle. N. J.. 5-7: 

(Park) Phil*.. Pa.. 9 14. 
HnnTord A Chain (New Majestic) Dubuque, la. 
Hawley. E. Frederic, A Co. (Poll's) New Haven. 

Conn.; (Poll's) Hartford. 9-14. 

Herbert. The 

tine, Fla.; ( 


(Pan _ 


rt) Utlca. N. Y. 

High Life In Jail. w. H. Mack. mgr. (Or- 
pbenm) Slonx City, la.; (Orpbenm) Milwau- 
kee, Wis.. 9-14. 

Hole. Albert (Keith's) Columbus. O.: (Sbea'a) 
Buffalo. N. Y.. 9-14. 

Holmes A Riley (Majestic) Butte. Mont.. 7- 

H albert A DeLoog (Bijou) Iowa City. la.. 5-7: 
(Comet) Albta. o-ii; (Comet) Creston. 12-14. 

Herman, Lew (Hippodrome)- Charleston, W. Va.; 
(Victoria) Wheeling. 9-14. 

Hill A Aekerman (Bijou) Oahkosb, Wis. 

Harris, Grove A Co., In the Laughing Horse 
(Princess) Hot Springs, Ark. 

HareJocka. The (Novelty) Topeka, Kan.. 9-14. 

Hani on Bros. (Orpbenm) San Francisco. 9-14. 

Howard Bros., Flying Banjos (Poll's) Worces- 
ter. Mass. ; (Hathaway'a) Lowell. 9 14. 

Hart's. Joseph. Bathing Girls Co. (Orpbenm) 
Oakland. Cel.; (Orpbenm) San Francisco. 9- 

Hart's. Joseph, Little Stranger Co. (Bronx) N 
T. C: (Greenpoint) Brooklyn. 9-14. 

Hart's, Joseph, Dlnkelsplel's Christmas Co. (Or- 
pbenm) Minneapolis; (Orpbenm) Dnlnth, 9 

Harrison-West Trio (Gayety) Indianapolis; 

(Lyric) Msttoon. W.. 9-14. 
Hayward A Hayward (Majestic) Little Rock. 

Ark.: (Majestic) Ft Worth. Tex.. 9-14. 
Hanson A Soley: 410 Baratow St., E*u Claire. 


Harrington. Mildred A Lester (Majestic) La- 
crosse. Wis. 

St.. N. T. C. 

Henry A Llxel: 104 W. 

H K.u. : "(Folly) Oklah 

Hlckey Bros. (Temple) 
ITS) Worcester. Mass.. 9-14. 

Heather. Josle (Columbia) ClncL 

Hayes A Johnson (Columbia) Cincinnati. 

Haskel A Benaud (Empress) Cincinnati. 

Hall Bros. (Empress) Cincinnati. 

Harrison, Cliff (Orpbenm) Cincinnati. 

Hlgglna, John (Majestic) Denver. 

Herleln. Lillian (Poll's) Bridgeport 'Conn. 

Instrumental Trio: Rector's Cafe, 17th A Cur- 
tis eta.. Denver. 

I ruins. Two: 3684 E. 71st St. Cleveland. 

Ishikswa Jap Troupe: 7300 Sangamon st, Chi- 

A Ryan (Alrdome) 

(Majestic) Columbus. Ga., 8-14. 
ice A Allison (Poll's) Bridgeport, 
Two (O. H.) Wharton V 
J. B.: Nashville. N. C. 


Jerome A Lerov: 814 Mary St.. St. Josepb. Mo. 

Jester Jolly Jean: 423 So. Park st, High Point, 
N. a 

Jennets. The: 948 X. Western are.. Chicago. 
Jewel. Boy R.: 612 N. 23rd st Mattoon IB. 
Johnson Bros. A Johnson: 6245 CallowblU st, 

Johnston. Musical: 3S8 Eighth ave.. N. Y. C. 

Jones. Boy C: 1553 Broadway. N. Y. C. 

Jones A Whitehead: 47 W. 28th at. K. Y. C. 

Jordan, Earl: 209 E. 6th at. Lexington. Ky. 

Jewell's Manikins (Orpbenm) Ogden. O.; (Or- 
pbenm) Salt Lake. 9-14. 

Jeter A Rogers (Orpbenm) Harrlsbnrg. Pa. : 
(Colonial) Norfolk. Va.. 9-14. 

Jolly. Wild A Co. (Keith's) Prorldencee. R. I." 
(Orpbenm) Ottawa, Can.. 9-14. 

Jess A Dell (Majestic) Alya, Okla.. 5-7. 

Jansen, Heir. A Co. (Majestic) Cedar Rip 
Ida, la. 

Kalchl Trio: 1227 E. 7 1st st, Chicago. 

Karteilo Bros.: Petersen. N. J. 

Kanfmanns. The: 240 E. 35th st, Chicago. 

Keating A Murray: Wlldwood. N. J. 

Keeley A Parks: care Mrs. Davidson. 281 W. 
150th st. N. Y. C 

Keene. Martie: Hotel Gerard. N. Y. C. 

Kelcey Sisters. Three: 4832 Christiana ave., Chi- 

Kelly, Joe K. (9th A Arch at*.) PhOa. 
Kelly A Henry: 2738 Frankfort ave.. PhOa. 
Keltnera, The: 133 Colonial Place, Dallas. Tex. 
Keoney A BoUte: 64 Harvard are., Allston. 


Kent A WHson: 6038 Monroe are.. Chicago. 
King Bros.: 211 4th ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 
King. Violet: Winter Gardens, Blackpool. Eng. 
King A Bailey: 206 W. 49th st, N. Y. C. 
Klngsley A Roberts: 320 Baltimore Bldg.. Ok- 
lahoma City. Okla. 
Klein A Erlanger: 1587 E. 42nd at. Cleveland. 
Klein Trio: 4759 Of" 
J. T.: 2149 

Knlaely A 
Knight Bros. A 


Kohler. Frank A May: 240 S. Chestnut st. 
MarySTDle. O. 

Kobl. Gns A Marlon: 911 Fourtb St.. Milwaukee. 

Kolllns. Stuart A His Banjo Girls: 1553 Broad- 
way, n. I. C. 

Koppes, The: 117 W. 23rd st. N. Y. C. 

Kotaro, Frank: 905 Race st. Phils. 

Kramers The: Analomink. Pa. 

Kramer-Bruno Trio: care Tanslg. 104 E. 14th 
at, N. Y. C. 

Kramo A Norm en: 203 Gostlin St.. Hammond. 
Ind. . 

Kronco-Mansfleld Trio: New Mllford. Conn. 

Kimball A Donovan (Majestic) Detroit; (Gaiety 1 
Indianapolis. 9-14. 

Khrby. Joe (American) Ssn Francisco: (Wig- 
wam) Reno. Ner.. 9-14. 

Kj.; (Marlow) 

Kelfe. Zen* (Wm_ Peon) 
Keigiey. Great (O. H.) 

Jackson, Tenn., 9-14. 
Koners Bros.. Four (Orpbenm) Harrlsbnrg. Pa.; 

(Keith's) Phlla.. 9-14. 
Kaufman Troupe (Orpbenm) Omaha, Neb., 2- 


Karl (Hathaway'a) Lowell. Mass. 

Klein A Clifton (Academy) Buffalo. 

Knight, Harlan E., A Co. (Orpbenm) Oakland, 
Cat: (Orpheum) Los Angeles. 9-14. 

Knbns, Three White (Orpheum) Ogden. D. ; 
(Orpheum) Denver, Colo., 9-14. 

Kaufman Bros. (Orpheum) Omaha, Neb.; (Or- 
pbenm) Des Moines, la.. 9-14. 

KeOey A Wen' 
(Majestic) Ceu 

Keene, Dorrls A 
Pateraon. N. J. 

Kentucky Rosebuds (Family) Herkimer. N. Y. 
3-7; (O. H.) niton 9-14. 

Kelly A Kent (Hudson) Union Hill. N. J. 

Kofcln. Mignonette (Orpheum) Denver. 

Keatoas. Three (Poll's) Wilkea-Barre. Pa. 

KeUermana, Annette (New Grand) ETsnavllle 

LaCrandall: 402 Monltoo at. New Albany. Ind 

La Belle. Harry: White Rat*. Chicago. 

Labi, Cecil A Avery: 1017 Laguna st. San Fran 


La Centra A LaRoe: 2461 2nd ave.. N. Y. C 
A Lorain: Palace Hotel, Chicago. 



— aeisaurrstir - 

1 machine aaxasd fit 
1 machine earned ! 17, 
I machine earned 116, 
1 maohina earned I 16, 
1 machine earned I IS 
1 machine earned : 111 
1 machine earned tlS 

Above furor** will be 

tomera. Write for 

850.00 In II wseks In 
948. CO In 29 weeka In 
.€88. CO In M weeka la 
017.00 In 17 wseks la 
882.00 in 27 wseks is 
841.00 in 25 weeks In 
821.00 is 28 weeka la 
▼•rifled to prospective 
catalogue and prioea 




', Miss Wayne: 1700 Frtnte St. Cincin- 

LsMarcba. Frank le: 462 W. 26th st, 
Lailaxr, Frank, Gen. Del., Grand ~ 
Lamblottes, The: Mt Vernon, O. 
LsMers. Paul: 27 Monroe st, Albany, N. Y. 
Lamoote. Frank: 2018 N. Broad at, Phlla. 
LaMont's Cockatoos: 1553 Broadway. N. Y. C. 
LaMonre Bros.: 64 Cedar Lake ave., Minne- 

Lancaster, Mr. A Mrs. Tom: New Castle, Dels. 
Lancaster A Miller (Arcade-Grand) Hoqulam, 

Langdon A Morris: 1427 McHenry st. Baltl- 

128 4th are. West Cedar 

Rapid*, V* 

LaBoeca. Boxy P.: Box 62. Washburn, III. 
La Rose Bros.: 107 B. Slst st. N. Y. C. 
LaRue A Holmes: 21 Ullle «t. Newark. N. J. 
La Salle A Und: Jamestown. N. Y. 
La Toska; Lillian: 909 Ursullne St., New Or- 

La Toska. Phil: 135 W. 22nd at. Lo* Angeles. 
Laughing Horse Co.: 601 E. 175th St. N. Y. C. 
La Veen, Cross A Co.: 71 Sea st, Rockland, Me. 
LaVnixs, The: Grand Paclflc Hotel. Chicago. 
La Vine A Ionian: White Rats. N. Y. C. 
Lawrence A Wright: 1553 Broadway. N. Y. C. 
LeClalr A Sampson: 112 5th sve.. Chicago. 
Lcclalre. Leo M.: 549 E. 148th at. N. Y. C 
LeGrange A Gordon: 2S23 Washington ave.. St 

Lenerts. Two: 6836 Union ave.. Chicago. 
Lermon. Bert: 559 W. Washington st, Chicago. 
Leo, Jolly: 1829 Vineyard at, Phlla. 
Leonard A Phillips (Hong Kong) Toledo. O. 
LeRoy A Diamond: White Rata. N. Y. C 
Leslie. Regina: 381 Tremoot at. Boston. 
Le Verne A Johnson: 4S02 N. Seeley ave., Chi- 

Lerlno. Dolph A Susie: 14 Prospect St. W. 

Haven. Conn. 
Lincoln*. Poor: 2159 Huron st, Chicago. 
Lindsay. Cedflc: 308 College eve., Austin. Minn. 


Abilene and Leavenworth , Kan*. 
Main Office and Factory, Leavenworth , 



Buttons, per 10O. 75o. 
Frs m es, par 

Oo up. 


•w York 


Musical: 133 Cannon st. Poogbkeep- 

ale. N. V 

Lolsset Katie: 104 E. 14th St., N. Y. C. 
Lombards. The: care Paul Tanslg. 104 E. 14th 

St. N. Y. C 
Lonnborg. Loo: Lock City Hotel, SwormvUle, 

N. Y. 

Loomls. Clara: 6349 Evans ave.. Chicago. 
Lowe. F. J.: 2720 18th ave. South. Mlnoeapolla. 
Lowe, Leslie J. (Honk Kong) Toledo. O. 
Lublns, Four Dancing: 1728 N. 21at at, Phlla. 
Luc**. H*sel Heston (Majestic) St Paul. 
Luce A Luce: 926 N. Broad St. Phlla. 

Three (Orpheum) Brooklyn: (Al- 
., N. Y. C, 9-14. 
A West: Sea Isle City. N. J. 

" St. Lonla, HL: 

LeFevre A St John (Unique) Minneapolis; (Bl- 
Jon) Dnlnth. 9-14. _ __ 

LaToy Bro*. (Majestic) Cbarleetoo. S. a; (Or- 
pbenm) Ssvannsh, Ga.. 9-14. 

Lovenherg's. Cbas.. Nea poll tan* (Orpbenm) 
Omaha, Neb-: (Orpheum) Des Moines, la., 

Lovenherg's. Cbas., College Life (Temple) De- 
troit; (Temple) Rochester. N. Y-. 9-14. 

Lansing. Mse (Poll's) Sorlngdeld. Mass.. 9-14. 

Lulglo. Joe J. (Bijou) Hint. - 

Longwortbs. The (Family) 
(Temple) Ft Wayne. 9-14. 

I^fflngweU. Nat A Co. (Majeatlc) O.lor*do 
Springs. Colo.; (Princess) Kansas City. Mo.. 

Lelghtons. Three (Keith's) Coiumbns. O. 

La valla. The (BIJon) Angnsta. Ga.; (BUoo) 
Columbus. 9-14. 

Lane A O'Donnell (Orpheum) St. Panl: (Or- 
pbenm) Duloth. 9-14. 

Leslie A Knade: 924 N. 35th at, Chicago. 

LaBIanche, Lillian (Pastime) New Iberia. La. 

LaNole. Ed. A Helen (Lyric) Terre Hante, InA, 

Lacey. Will (Majestic) Denver. 
Llndssy. Cedrlck (Miles) Mlnnespolls. 
Larrlvee A Lee (Natlonsl) SteubenvUle. O., I 
(American) E. Liverpool 

^ Bo-lon 9-14. 

_. Poor (Colombia) Cincinnati. 
LeVlne. Arthur, A Co. (Empress) Clncinnsti. 
Lockett. Mattle (Orpheum) Cincinnati. 
La Tortajsda (Orpbenm) Minneapolis. 
Linton A Lawrence (Orpheum) Minneapolis. 
LeRoy A Cahlll (Miles) Minneapolis. 
Lyons A YoscoJHudson) Union Hill. N. J. 

McDonsld, Eddie A John: 210 South sve.. Wllk 

Insbnrg. Pa. 
McDonald. O. L. : 818 Superior St. Toledo, O. 
Macdonsld Sisters: 12 ~ 
Mclntyre A Groves: 403 


McKees. Three: Actors' 

st. N. Y. C. 
McKlnley. Nell: 288 Bank st. Newark. N. J. 


Is the latest Invention and the catchiest 
"AMUSEMENT" riding device In use. Quickly 
eet up and taken down. Inexpensive to ope- 
rate and to transport from place to place. Just 
the thing f or r — 
a tip top 
For price 

inUksttrtet. Sarhurralt. Eria ta, t. T, U. J. L 

' M I vTh !*GAN ' A VE . 

BAIRT aUOtin OO., 
U lassAlgma Avaansa, Cklaag* 


bob- MAtxanrxm. 

W0i 1.000; leas tfea* 
a 1,000, 70 cats a 100. 
Fr*me*. like cat OLIO 

tare machinal at a cat- 
rate price. Price Uat seat 
gratia. Cat- Rata rhot» 

aarv ciliago, m. 


Elaborate park Caronaela, also Portable (1*1- 
— Horse Caronaela. Correct design, best 
ip, up-to-cste. 
W. r. MAJJOEL8 OO., 
Coney Islsnd, - - . Ksw Tork 
"A new ad every week." 


Who can furnish about SO good concessions. 
' lecessary. J. BILLET. Lakewood Park. 

mata'entrance "for'all "kind* "f picture sbow. *IIsv? bufldlng^ 


*Por C Bot&rrny saainle : 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 


Micks, TWO: S4S N. Mtb St.. Phil*; _ 
Mall's * Bart: Ml W. 42nd St., N. Y. 0. 

Ml 5 Low. ax*.. CWcim. 

N. Y. O. 


Usrlmba Bud (Winter Garten) 
Dec. 1-31; (Bun) Hamburg. T" 

1 31. 

Msrstou & KmliOB: Carbondale. Pa. 
Martin. Dot* * Percy: 4801 Calumet or*., CM- 

Mer Tlu: The Billboard. Cincinnati. 

Mutlne. Carl * Rudolph: 487 W. 57th it.. 

Ma'r'tlnettle * RrlTjjter: 9T3* Lttdl 
Uartvu, Howard: 28 Second at.. Ml 

Mason, Cbaa. A.: 121 W. 42nd et.. N. T. C. 
Mason*. Four: Fair Havein N. J. 
Uatbleeen. Walter: 843 W. OatoiJ. CtaU 
Matthews. Lam an 8.: 310 Lake wood are., 

n. y. c. 

Mat I be 

City. Minn. 
Maxwell at Dudley: 108* 

Maxwell, Joe: Boom 12, 
N Y. 0. 

Mayne.' Eliiabetn: 144 B. 

Ha vo 4k Howe: care Bert 
San Francisco. 

Hears. Sergeant: WbJ 

Melnotte-Lanole Trio: 
berland. lid. 

Helroaa Oomedj Four: 8100 Groreland are., Chi- 

Melville. Marvelous: Interlaken, N. Y. 
Meld * Mead: 742 80. Bobey at. ~ 
Menth. Jno. B.: 2837 80. 41st are.. 
Merrltt * Lore: Fair Ha Tea. N. J. 

,7515: YTc: 

Meyers, Jack: 212 E. 106th at.. N. Y. a 
Miller, Larry (Prlnceaa) St. ~ 
Miller, Mr. * Mr.. Frar " 
Miller, Tbereaa: 118 W. 
City. Okla. 

MlUera. Ttuee Juggling: 927 Ridge are.. Scran 

• ton. Pa. 

Mlllmsn Trio (Central) Chemnitz, Ger.. Jan. 1- 

Mobrrlr * Crelly: 3430 Bbodea are.. Chicago. 
aloSett * Clare: 111 B. 123th at-, N. Y. C. 
Mooaon, B. Tboe.: 018 W. 48th at, Loa Angeles. 
Montrell. Chas.: 104 E. 14th at. N. Y. C. 

iacSr? IZ' r-^T^'k &&£%m 

M. 8 ^"': l\ bV*. HuntsvWe. Ala. 
Morgan A Cheater: Phoebus. V». 
Morris. Leon: 63 W. 71h at., Ut. Vernon, N. Y. 
Moss A Frye: 088 7th are.. N. Y. C. 

Moat Twlsa: 334 Fayette at.. Brldgetoe, N. J. 
Mowstta. Pearlesa (Apollo) Nuremburg. Oer.. 
Dec. 1-31. 

Mnrphy. Harry P.: The Billboard. Cincinnati. 
Mnrphy. J. C: 423 80. Sth are., Nashville. 

Murray * Hamilton: 503 W. Adama at.. Monde. 

Mylle A Orth: Maacoda, Wis. 
Milch Slatera (Orpeeum) Slonx City, la., n-14. 
Uetjopolltan^Unatrela,^ Wm. ^J.^rx»' — 
^Grandl^Tacoma. Wa ra 

Uelrole Comedy Fonr (Idea) Fond dn Lac. Wla.: 

(Crystal) Milwaukee. 0-14. 
Merrltt * Lore (Kmpreaa) San Franc laco. 0-14. 
Moore A Klllott (Empreaa) Cincinnati: (Em- 
press) Milwaukee. B. 14. 

"-Ti A.. 4k Co. <BI)ou> Dulnth. Minn. 
Mirabel (Slh Are.) N. Y. C. : 
(Grand) Plttsburx. Pa., 9-14. 
Mlllman. Bird (Orphenm) Dolnth. Minn., 9- 

14. _ 
Morette Bisters (Colambla) Kansas City. Kan.; 

(Star) Dea Moines, la.. 9-14. 
Miller A Lyln (Pott**) Sorlnaneld. 

McDonald, Chaa., Crawford 
Pbenm) Seattle; (Orphenm) 

Merrltt. Hal (Colonial) La 

(Proctor' a) Newark. N. J.. 9-14. 
Mark. Floyd (Orphenm) Lincoln. Sob.. 9-14. 
Marlo Aldo Trio (Orphenm) Salt Lake. D. 
Mack * Walker (Keith'*) Provide neee. R. I.: 

(Poll's) Wilkes-Bsxre, Pa.. 9-14. 
Mllmara, The (Orphenm) Birmingham. Ala.; 

<81}oo) Atlant*. Oa.. 9-1A 
Mimic Four (Majestic) Seattle. 
Morris. Mlaa Felice. A Co. (Orphenm) Salt 

1-ake. TJ. 

McKay ak Cantwell (Majeatlc) Milwaukee*: (Ma- 
jestic) Chicago. 9-14. , 
Mason A Keeler (Shea's) Toronto; (Keith a) 
Cleveland. 9-14, . _ ■ 

Milton. Frank. A DeLonx Slatera (Shea'a) Bof- 
■ falo; (Shea'a) Toronto, 9-14. 
Mayne. Clarice (Shea'a) Toronto: (Majeatlr 

Chicago, 9-14. , 
Metnotte Twin. A CUy 8mtth (Alhambra) N 
Y. C. 

■e Tartna A Clay Smith (Al 
; (Colonial) N. Y. C 9-14. 
It Goodwin (Oroheom) New 
nko Duo (Jefferson) St. 

Carroll A (Scenic-Temple) Waltham. 

MlUa A Moolton (BUoa) 

(Bljoo) Lansing 9-14. _ 
Moore. Geo. Austin (Colonial) N. Y. C; (0r- 

pbenm) Brooklyn 9-14. 
Murray, Mr. * Mrs, H. J. (Yale) Hartaborne, 

Okl... 8-7. 

Mlddleton * Spellmeyer (Orphenm) Cincinnati. 
Madison A Clark (Ombenml Cincinnati. 
Mortlock. Alice, A Co. (Mile*) Mlnneapolla. 
Mankln. Frogman (Mllea) Mlnneapolla. 
Mayer. Lottie (Majestic) Cedar Rnplds. Ia. 
Mardo Trio (Majestic) Cedar Rapids, la. 
Morrell Frank (Orpbeum) Denser. 
Mack. Peerleaa (Poll'a) Wllkes-Barr*. 
Merrill A Otto (Orpbeum) Omaha. Neb. 
Nash A Rlnehart: Ml Carlton av*.. Brooklyn. 
Nace A Fordney (Cryatal) - 

Narilene, Petite: 203 

Nelson. Oawald * Borger: ISO E. 128th at 
Y. C. 

Memo. Carl: 731 N. 2nd at.. Qulncv. 111. 
Newman, Harry: 1 12 Fifth are., Chicago. 
Nlhlo A Riley: 1S8 Third are., Brooklyn. 
Nichols A Croix: White Rat*. N. Y. 0. 
Nichols A Smith: 913 Addlatoo sve.. Chicago. 
Nooette: 1S4 Henry at.. Brooklyn. 
Norton. C. Porter: 6342 Klmbark are.. Chicago. 
Norton. Great: 044 Newton at.. Chicago. 
N os sen. Mualcal: New Brlabton. Pa. 
Nawn. Tom, * Co, (Kelth'a) Columbus. O. 
NVary. nils, A Rosa (Prlncew) Ft. Worth. 

Tex.: (Orpbeum) Dallas. 9-14. 
Nsyriou'a. Row. Bird* (tape***) Ban Frsnclaco. 

> Montgomery. Al*.: (Ma- 

Nambo Tito (Colonial) N. Y. C 9-14. 

NorrU' Baboon* A Monkey* (Majeatlc) Ft, 
Worth, Tex.; (Majeatlc) DaUaa. 9-14. 

Nooette (Bhubert) Otic*. N. Y.; (Trent) Tren- 
ton, N. J.. 9-14. 

Nelson- NIcboli Troope ( Novelty ) Brooklyn: 
(82nd 8t.) Phil... 9-14. 

N ™edai.r^,*^ ZrtW*- W "-' 
Neoo A Kldred (Grand) Indli 

., Indlanapoll*; (Colum- 
bia) Cincinnati. 9-14. 

«»- H.) Veraalllei.. IlL. 3-7; 
(O. H.) Bluff*, 9*11. 

Noble, Billy A Jeanne Brooks (Plan) Chi- 


Nugent. J. 

Naonary, May. 

(National) * 
Nerin* A Erwood (Orphenm) Portland, Ore. 
Norlns, Four (Orpbeum) Cincinnati. 
Ollrers. Three: 3243 Crenshaw it., Chicago. 
O'Neill, Bay 13.: 712 Fulton Bldg.. Pittsburg. 

Orbaaany'a, Ira a. Cockatoo*: car* B. Obcrtnayer, 

1431 Broadway. N. Y. C. 
Otborn. Teddy: 711 Courtlaud are.. Kokomo. Ind. 
Orertleld. A.: 309 Glenwood are.. Buffalo. N. Y. 
Owen. Dorothy Mae: S047 90th at.. Chicago. 
O'Brien A Dsrrsgb: 173 D. Yalenda at., San 

O'Connell. Mr. A Mr*. 3. M. : 478 So. Main St.. 

Waterbury, Conn. 
0" Doles. Two: BaTiua, 111. 

Ollaera. Fonr Sensational (Pot-tola) San Fran- 

claro: (Thalia M. B.) San Franc laco. 9-14. 
O'Neill Trio (Park) Erie, Pa.; (Grand) Colum 
O.. 9-14. 

St.. Loa An- 

Co.: 431 Roaaell are.. Cot- 
W.: 2334 N. Franklin at.. 

_ 4k 

Ington. Ky. 
Parrla, Jr.. Geo. 

Pauline. J. R. : DanarUle. N. Y. 
Paull A Walton: 726 5th are.. Pittshurc. Pa. 
Pearce A Aylward: 265 Michigan are.. Chicago. 
Peara? A Mason: Van Bnren Hotel. Chicago, 
reek A Ferguson: 1212 N. 28th at.. Birming- 
ham. Ala. 
Pelham A Imlg: Plate*. Pa. 
Peter* A Chamberlain: 268 24th Place. Chicago. 
Phillips. Harry F. : Hotel Washington. Salem. 

Phillip* Slaters 
Jan. 1-31. 

A N 


So. Howell at., Owoaso. 



Plkex. M nil cal: 103 W. 
Plane. Fred S. ~ 
rolrlers. The: . 
Porter, Chas. F. 

Potter A Harrla: 1713 Lei and aee.. Chicago. 
Powell, Archie (Colonnade) Qulncy. III. 
Powell, Eddie: White Rats. N. Y. C. 
Power. Chaa.: Portland. Conn. 
Power*. Frank J.: 324 N. Academy St.. Janea- 

Ttlte, Wla. 

Power*. Great: 1738 Larrabee »t.. Chicago. 
Price A BeU: 182 Floyd St., Dallas, Tex. 
Price. Harry M. : 934 Longwood are.. N. Y. C. 
Pulley A Pearson (Cosy) Ft. Towsou, Okla. Trio (BUou) Winnipeg. Can. 

Priogle A WhltJng (Orphenm) Memphis. Tem>.; 

(Orpbeum) New Orleans. La.. 9-14, - 
Pattee's. Col. J. A.. Old Soldier Fiddler* (Or- 
phenm) Lincoln. Neb.; (Orphenm) Dea Moines. 


Prlmroae FOnr (Poll's) Springdeld. Mass.: 

(Poll's) Portland. Conn.. 9-14. 
Pot. Lem (Orpbeum) Mlnneapolla. 
Queen Mab A Wels: Brill'a Hotel. South 10th 

at., Phlla. 

Qulncy, Tbos.: JacksonTtlle, Fla. 
" ilgley Bros. (Orphenm) Loa Angeles, 2-14. 
„.ilnlan A Richard* (Kellh'a) Phlla. 
Ralan. John: 601 Chonteau are., St. Louis. 
Randall. Billy: 1000 E. 5th at., Dayton. 0. 
Ray. Eugenie: 5002 Prairie are., Chicago. 
Raymond. Erelyn: 48 W. Erie at.. Chicago. 
Reading Sisters: 411 W. 30th at.. N. Y. C. 
R*-d A Marlowe: 793 Main St. Dallas. Tex. 
Reed. Wm. D.: Gallatin Pike. Nashville. Term. 
Reeves. Roe: 1S33 Broadaray. N. Y. C. 
ReHlT A lewis: 64 W 118th aL. N. Y. C. 
Renshaw. Bert: White Rata, N. Y. C. 
Renao* The: The Billboard. Cincinnati. 
Rex Trio: 261 E. 2nd at.. Peru. Ind. 

Rlc*. Frank * True: 6340 Vernon are.. Chicago. 
Richard*. Ralph: Gen. Del.. Detroit. 
Richard*. Two Aerial = 2S3 Jenck* at.. Fall 

River, M**s. 
Rlckrode. Harry E.: 
Rloner-Bendo Trio: 

Rapids, Mich. 
Rio Bros.. Four: 1220 2£tb St.. » 
Ripley. Tom: 336 E. 123rd St., W, 
Rlppel. Jack: Braan. Ind. 0 

Roberts. Haye* 

Roblson. Bobble A Haaelle: 3128 4Jna are.. 

South. Minneapolis. 
Rogers Twins: 2312 Nance St.. Honshm. Tex. 
RoSVnd A Francis: 31 Grand Opera House. Cbl- 

Ro'minoffa. Three: 133 17th St.. Wheeling. W. 

omola Boh: 218 Turner at.. ZanenTtlle. O. 

Root A White: 6SS Flnshlnc ave.. Brooklyn. 

Rosen. Chas, E.: 43 W. 117th st.jN. 1- C. 

Rosenea. Th-: 438 Llnwood st. Brooklyn. 

Roas A Green: 74 E. 114th Y C. 

Roe* Slatera. Three: 63 omorford sr.. Provi- 
dence. R. I. 

Rnffy. Chsa J.: 43 Merrlmsc st. 

RnaielT'A D*vla: 1310 W. nigh *t. 

at'jsri ggSas&Sss N <o M r: 

Rlsnos. Four (Orphenm) Mlnneapolla; (Or- 

phcum) TVe* Moines, la.. 0-14. 
Rnar Edward (Vein's) New Bedford, MM.. 

Tt': (pTstlme) Plymouth. 9-11: (Bljon) Ben- 

tff^mSth Baldwin (Bltou) Jseksonvnie. FU.: 

(Liberty) Ssvannab, Ga.. 9-14. 

Ramies (Majestic) Milwaukee; (Majeatlc) 

Or?.. , (Sbubert) Ctlca. N. Y.: 

St.. Grand 

Y. C. 

A Robert*: Cedar Manor. Ja- 




the other half and you will get as 
big a quantity of goods from us as 
you would for the whole anywhere 
else. Why? Because our prices axe 
that much lower, Our goods? You 
can't get their equal as profit mak- 
ers. We excel in attractive, quick 


For Streetmen, Vendors, Schemists, that no one else in the country 
has. . 

We send no catalog and ship no goods to consumers 

In writing for catalog, say if you want Street men's 256-page or the 
large 776-page book, and state when last you received our 


Streetmen. Vendor*. 
Cane Back and Knife 
Board Ues, High 
Pitch and Flab. Pond 

Traveling Medicine 
Show*. Clrcuaea. Auc- 
Travellng Medicine 

aire*. Premium Giv- 
ers, SchemUt*. M. O. 

Wa an 




Cutlery. C 
ware, Yankee 
Novelties and SVeclal- 
tlea In Immense ra- 
rlety. Quick aellera 
In Stationer/. Dry 
Goods, Sundries. Lea- 
ther and R u b h> • r 
Good*. Book* and noa- 
ven Irs, Premium 
Goods, Advertising 
Goods. Street Fairs. 
Carnival and Picnic 
of all kind*, 


Ither practice 
corer. 2* In. 

et trick, requiring 
■ sldghts. It Is par excellence. 
A round, nickel-plated box am 
in diameter and Va in. deep a 
marked coin Is dropped In the box by a spectator. 
The coin la continuously rattled In the box and 
Its presence I* unmistakable. At the word of 
command ft falls from the box while held by th* 
spectator, without change or shirt. The box and 
cover may be Immediately examined by anyone. 

No duplicate coin, disc or "fake" Is used sad 
no sleights are required. As a rest-pocket trick 
It has no superior. It Is not to be undervalued 
because we do not overcharge for It. Price. 50c. 


(Established 1870) 
New. Illustrated 1811 Catalogue ready - 






■HIBD 8T rrrE 7. 1*40 BROADWAY, 


. CHRIS 6. BROWN. Mar. 


87 Bo. Clark St.. 

Chicago, m. 

Baa Francisco, Cal. 
HIT and 111* Markst St. 
ican Theatre Bldg.. 
W. ». ~ 


You want PERMANENT Poster Inks that are PERMANENT 



The Poster Ink Specialists 


WATERS On fen 

Pf>!C£ IJ'J 




Sell-FUler Fountain l'ena, sUfLOO 43* 

lanad tnaa aaj etaas 

WHITESON CO..ivK2ftWKra?o'D-i24l Maim St Wop. ■ 

That Howse Portable Coaster 

COM P LETE — $6,500— COM P LETE 

Tvrlc* ta* 

money can't build a better coaster. PAUL TJ. 
Soaot. lm-IMI; Hit Wait* City, 1MM-UM; 




The Billboard 

Itutan'g Song Bird* (Grand) BamDton. o.; 
i (New Murray) Richmond, I n<L, 0-14. 
Roaaow Midgets (Orphenm) Slonx City, la.; 
! (Grand) Indianapolis. Ind., 9-14. 
Koode. Claude M. (Forsyth) -Atlanta. Ga.; (Or 
! pheom) Nashville;.. Teas.. 9-14. 

Rice", Sully & 8cott (Hippodrome) Cleveland; 
(Grand) Pittsborg. Pa.. 9-14. 

Tenn. : 

Beed Bros. (Orphenm) Spokane. 9-14. 

■ nm) M< 

(Orpbeum) New Orleans. La., 0-1' 
Raymond, Bnby. St Co. (Grand) Pittsburg. Pa.; 
i (Keltb'a) Colnmbus. O.. 0-14. 
Rock way & Con way (Majestic) Columbus. Ga.; 
. (Majestic) Birmingham. Ala.. 9-14. 
Rlkrab. Lelheyam (Prlscella) Cleveland. 

Bawls & VonKanfman (Washington) Spokane: 
■ (Mnjestlc) Seattle. 9-14. 

Rathskeller Trio: Danville, 111.: (Majestic) E. 
f Sr. Lonis, 0-14. 

Rhonda" Marionette Theatre (O. H.) W< 
: et, B. I. 

Redmond & Smith (Grand) Bralnerd, 
Sastlcana Trio (Fantaires-) Seattle; (Pantages') 
. Vancouver, B. C, Can.. 9-14. 
Rajan St Keno (Ozark) 

Texana St Reynolds: 2717 Dumaine st.. New 

Thomas & Wright: 502 WeUs St., Chicago. 
Thompson & Howard: Fountain are., Dayton, 

Thompson, Melvln: 343 Franklin st., Durham, 
C. ■ 
VeoU: N. Yakima, Wash. 
._ sters: OSVj Magne St., Rochester, N. 

Tint. Al.: 1232 W. 12th St., Chicago. 
Topack & West: 1388 Pear st.. Camden. X. J. 
Tops, Topsy & Tops: 2442 W. School st., Chi- 

Tracey Ac Carter: 717 6th are., Seattle. 
Treat's. Capt.. Seals: Tonawanda. N. T. 
Tremalnea, Musical: 230 Caldwell St., Jackson- 
TUle, III. 

Troy, Nelson St Troy: R. F. D. No. 1. Box 8, 

Bran. Dan, * Co. 
St. John & Bridges: 427 E. 
Stanford St Darlln 

Stantaqnlns. Aerial: 930 Navajo st., Denver. 
Savoy & Savoy: 39 Hubbard: Court, Chicago. 
Sawyer St DeLIna: 43 Pembina St.. Chicago. 

Spfr.T St Newkirk: 18 Co-xl.ll St.. Buffalo. 

Alnvoci Troupe: care Panl Taualg, 104 E. 14th 
1st.. N. Y. C. 

Sjehrler. Mr. St Mrs. Wm. K.: 808 W. 12th st. 
• Colcago. 

Seabnry Duo: Port Washington. LI., N. Y. 
Stearics, Arthur: 8S5S Cottage Grove are., Chi 

Scdgwt'rks. Fire: 3309 Are. I., Galveston. Tex. 
Selby. Hal M.: 204 Schiller Bids., Chicago. 
Sellers, Lncille: 740 Desire St. New Orleans. 
Senson Duo: 1333 Broadway. N. Y. C. 
Sfney. Vincent St Seney: 1182 So. Main st.. Fall 

! River, Mass. 
Senzell Bros., Flying: 213 

.bone. Pa. 

Shades. Carl F.: 733 Clifton ave., Springfield. O. 
Shaw. Ed y the: 308 N. Clark St.. 
Shaw' Lew St Nellie: 1445 

;-fB ■~jfatl.1T B22 N. Main sr.. Dayton. O. 
Sherlock. Frank: 514 W. _135th st, N. I. C. 

Shields i Rodcers: Box 29, Brldgeman, Mich 
Shields, Johnnie: 276 Woodward ave., Atlanta, 

Sbfrids. The: 207 City Hall. New Orleans. 
Short & Click: Box 1101. Dallas, Tex. 
Slebrecht. Arthur: 323 So. Broadway, Lexlng- 

Stlveno "af co. (Pantages) St. Joseph, Mo. 
Simmons. Gr-at: 2072 0 K den are.. Chicago. 
iTrrenjkT Sisters: 104 E. 14th st. N^. C. 
Sllker. M. I-: 43 N- Broadway. Akron. O 
Slow^^Panllne- 45« MlchlBan ave. 
Smith, C X.: 121 N. Martin sL Mm . 
Smith * Adams: 1139 W. van Buren st, 

Smftb°* Brown: 1324 St John avel, Toledo, 6. 

Solar A: Sogers: 1553 Broadway. N. 

iorensfn. Chris.: 1802 N. Western are., Chicago. 

Sowaih Bros.: Creston, la. . . 

Spanlding, Dnpnee St Ted: Box 285, Osalnlng, 

Stanley" A Chambers: Union Ave. Sz Oak Lane. 

StlSeyi Harry S.: 208 N. Broadway. Baltimore. 
Stanton; Walter St Val: 1536 Broadway. N. Y. 

Stevens. Max (ClnogrspUl rr n nt- 

Stewart * Donahue: care Ted Schroeder, Hunt- 
ington Chambers, Bm""> 
Stewart * Earl: W 

N. J. ,„. i nfl . 

... Y. C. 
, Y. C 

S,™£" Henry: 1553 Broadway. N. Y_ C. 
Syrian. StinleT^HIppodTOme), Charleston. W. 

St CO. 

,. Pa- 
Jere (- 
MQwaukee. 9-14. 

• tlSdirds. 1 fiSSftanM ««!!5au*A 

SSSSfng (New Grand) gansvl«e, Ind.; 

(Mary Anderson) LonUrHUe. KT.. 9-1*. 
Schooler M-ster David (Bljon) Dolnth. 

(BIJon) Winnipeg. (*j*M;. 
Schaar Wheeler Trio (Columbia) Bt 
(Grand) Indianapolis. 9-14. • 

ft Mack (Oronenm) Minneapolis; 

les'tlc) Seattle. 9-14. 
Scott ft Wilson (Grand) Denver. 
Stafford. Frank, ft Co. attMDqhl, 0 
Sullivan. Harry, ft Co. (Vanenes) 

Sonsghan. Lennox St Co. <Wa£ta(rtoo) 
Stine Chas. J. (Temple) Detroit, 

Rochester. N. Y-. 9-14. 
Somers ft Storke (Majestic) B.-_ 
Sampson ft Douglas (Majestic) 

Ark.: (Orphenm) Pine Bluff. 9-14. 
SplsUli Bros, ft Co. (Orphenm) Kansas City 

Mo 9-14. 

stlpps, Musical (Colisenm) Chicago 2-4. 
Spain. Byron ft Catherine (Savoy) New Bed 

Selb!rs, M pf*"T.. Spirit Paintings (Maty Ander- 
son) Louisville: (Orpbeum) Memphis, Tenn., 

Snlly ft Hossy (Miles) Minneapolis. 
Siege! ft Mathlews (Majestic) Cedar Rapids. 

aVStaley ft Flrbeck (Majestic) Denver. 
Hstecer. Inllns (Keiths) Phlla. 

■Talbot. Edith: 218 W. 34th st, N. Y. C. 
FTanner. Wm.: 1855 Third are.. N. Y. C. 
Tekara. Magician: 1831 Central ave-. Indlan- 

Terrtll' 8 ' Frank ft Freda: 857 N. Orkency st, 

Sheboygan. Wis. 
ft Glyndon: 

st. Olean, 

Turner ft 
N. Y. 

Turners, Musical: 1806 Felix St., St. Joseph, 

Torcat ft Ft or D'AUza; 9 E. Indiana st, Chi- 
cago; (Family) Lafayette, Ind.. 9-14. 

Thomas, Toby (Winter-Circus) Troy. N. Y-: 
(Winter-Circus) Wasb. D. C. 9-14. 

Thaleros. Gustave (Poll's) Bridgeport, Conn.: 
(Poll's) New Haven. 9-14. 
jscano Bros. (Trent) Trenton. N. J. 

Tasmanlan-Vandlemaus (Chase's) Wash., D. C: 

(Temple) Hamilton, Can.. 9-14. 
nda, Harry (Hatbawny's) Lowell, Mass.: 
(Trent) Trenton. N. J.. 9-14. 
Top O* Th' World Dancers (Grand) Indian- 
apolis; (Mary Anderson) Louisville. 9-24. 
Taylor Kranz * White (Poll's) New Haven. 

Conn.-. (5th ave.) N. Y. C. 9-14. 
Thompson, Herb, (nippodrome) Beaver Falls. 

Temple Quartette (Orphenm) Salt Lakee, C 

Tambo ft Tambo (Empire) Belfast. Ireland. 9- 
14; (Empire) Liverpool. Eng.. 16-21; (Hippo- 
drome) Manchester. 23-28; (Palace) Leices- 
ter. 30-Feb. 4. 

Taylor ft Taylor (O. H.) Kingston, Ont, Can. 

Tiffany, Maud (Hudson) Union Hill. X. J. 

Torleys. The (Poll's) Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

mine ft Bose: 1739 W. Lake St. Chicago. 

Ural ft Dog: 490 Hawthorne ave., Newark. N. J. 

Valentinos, Four Flying: The Billboard, Cin- 

Valletta ft Lamson: 1320 St. Clair ave.. Cleve- 

Valley Forge Comedy Four: 81 WUsey st, New- 
ark, N. J. 

Valolse Bros.: 318 South ave.. Bridgeport. Conn. 
Van Aiken. Lillian: 10130 Parnell ave., Chicago. 
Van-Barkley Co.: 1553 Broadway. N. Y. C 
VanDaUe Sisters: 314 W. 135th st. N. Y. C. 
Vanderrtlts, The: 207% Overland st, EI Paso, 

Van Horn. Bobby: 139 Best St., Dayton, O. 
Vanlon. Great: 672 South Sth st. Lonlsvllle. 
Variety Comedy Trio: 1515 Barth are., Indian- 

Vedmar, Rene: 32S3 Broadway. N. Y. C. 
Venetian Trio: 571 Rnssell st. Detroit 
Vernon ft Beno: 1617 Division ave., Shreveport, 

Vernon, Paul: 614 N. Birch st, Creston, la. 

Verno, Geo.: 2218 N. Lambert st. Phila. 

Veronica ft Hurl Falls (Empress) London, Eng., 
Dec. 12. lndef. 

Vice, Fred M.: 213 4th are.. Homestead. Pa. 

Vlctorine, Merryn: White Rats. Chicago. 

Vincent. John B.: 820 Olive st, Indianapolis. 

Viola, Otto: 41 Sheffield are., Brooklyn. 

Vlrden ft Dnnlap: White Bats. N. Y. C. 

Valleclta's Leopards (Orphenm) Spokane; (Or- 
pbeum) Seattle, 9-14. 

VanceUo, C. (Family) St Catherines, Out. 
Can. 5-7: (Crystal-Palace) Hamilton. 9-11. 

Vlrtoria ft Georgetto (Bronx) N. Y. O., 9-14. 

Viola Bros. (Burner's) Chicago. 

Vivians, Two (Greenpolnt) Brooklyn; (Mary 

Vardon. Perry ft WUber (National) San Fran- 

Volght ft Volght (Empire) Alt us. Okla. 
VIoIlnsky (Orpbeum) Cincinnati. 
Van Fos sen, Harry (Majestic) Denver. 
Vis-whl Bros. (Poll's) Wllkes-Barre, Pa. 
Van Chas. ft Fanny (Keith's) Phlla. 
Waddell. Frank: 2321 Kedzle are.. Chicago. 
Warmer ft Rhodes: 110 W. Main St., Paola, Ind. 
Walker. Mnslcsl: 1524 Brookslde st, Indianapo- 

Wallace & Beach: 324 Carmen st, Jacksonville, 
Ft a. 

Waitons. Six: 39 N. Snperlor st. Toledo. O. 
Wanzer ft Palmer: 21 E. 30th at. Chicago. 
Ward,* Billy: care Reich Vaudeville Circuit, 

265 Richmond St.. Toronto. 
Ward ft Weber: 1107 W. Poplar St., York. Pa. 
Ward ft Webster: Palace Hotel. Chicago. 
Ward. Starr ft Ward: 250 N. 4th St. Memphis, 


Warner's Juvenile Minstrels: 11314 Jochlam St.. 

Mobile. Ala. 
Warren ft Francis: Box 643. Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Warricks, The: 1132 Sedgwick St.. Chicago. 
Wartenberg Bros.: care Paul Tauslg. 104 E. 

14th at;. N. Y. C. 
Washburn, Pearl: 60 Cathedral Parkway, N. Y. 


Washer Bros.: Oakland. Ky. 
Wash is. Hlggl ft Laura: 471 Mitchell st. Mil 

Waters. Jas. B.: care Clarice, 1560 Broadway, 
N. Y. C. 

Watson's, Sammy, Farmyard Circus: 333 N. 

Pauls are.. Jersey City, N. J. 
Wen dick ft LaDue: White Rata. N. Y. C. 
Weber. Chas. D. : 826 Taaker st, Phlla. 
Weber, Kid: 3648 Rhodes ave., Chicago. 
Welch. Jas. A.: 211 E. 14th St., N. Y. C. 
Wentworth ft Burns (Orphenm) El Paso. Tex. 
Wesley, Lynn ft Una: Portsmouth, ~ 
West ft r 

re Devil: '_„ 
Western Union Trio: 2241 E_ 

West Sisters: 1412 Jefferson ave.. Brooklyn. 
Westons, The: 1013 Story are.. Louisville. 
Weston Sisters, Three: 282 E. 201st st. Bronx 
N. Y. 

White. Edward B.: 215 E. 100th St., N. Y. C. 
Whitehead ft Grlenon: 2466 Sth are.. N. Y. C 
Whitman Bros.: 1335 Chestnut St. Phlla. 
Whitney, Tilly: 36 Kane st, Buffalo. 
Whltworth ft Pearson: 9413 Gorman are., 

Wllkens ft Wilkens: 1553 Broadway, N. Y. C. 
Wilkes, Ada: Harrison, N. Y. 
Wllks. Monte Tom (Son) Cincinnati. 
Williams, Chas.: 2652 Bntger St. St. Louis. 
Williams. Happy Frank (Huston's) Klamath 
Falls, Ore. 

Williams. Harry A.: 55 Sells ave.. Atlanta, Ga. 
Wills. Nat M.: 301 W. 96th st, N. Y. C. 
wnis ft Barron: Bloomlngton, HI. 
Wills ft Hassan: 156 Manhattan ave.. N. Y. C. 
ft Hutchinson: 253 W. 55th st, N. Y. C. 

Wilson. Grace: 1527 LaSalle ave.. Chicago. 
Wilson, Jlmmle: The Billboard, Cincinnati. 
Wilson, Lizzie: 175 Franklin st, Buffalo. 
Wilson ft Btch: 73 Graham ave.. Brooklyn. . 
Wlngates, Minstrel: Detroit Mlcb. 
Wlthrow & Glover: 862 N. Emporia ave., Wich- 
ita. Kan. 

Winston's Seals (Winter Garten) Berlin, Ger., 
Dec. 1-31. 

Wolfes. Musical: White Rats, Chicago. 
Wolf. Moore ft Young: Gloucester N. J. 
Wood. Milt: White Rats. N. Y. C. 
Wood. Ollle: 534 _ 
Woods. Lew: 503 
Woods. Musical Trio: 

Wormwood's Monkeys: 554 W. 49th St.. N. 
Y. C. 

Wright ft Stanley: Van Buren Hotel. Chicago. 
Wyckoff, Fred: 60 Water St.. Lyons, N. Y. 
Wylles. The: 535 W. Itomann St.. Ssn Antonio, 

Wysong, Leslie E. : 423 N. 8th St. 

; 159th st, K. Y. C. 

'w. ^Tucker St., 

Water st., Lyons^ N. Y 

St Joseph. 

White's Comedy Mules (Union Sq.) N. Y. 0. 
Waterbury Bros, ft Tenney (Orpbeum) Des 

Moines, la.; (Orpbeum) Duluth. Minn.. 9-14. 
Wilson ft Wilson (Star) Chicago; (Crystsl) 

Milwaukee. 9-14. 
Waters. Tom (Orphenm) Memphis. Tenn.; (Or- 
pbeum) New Orleans, La., 9-14. 
Weadick ft LaDue (Harlem 0. H.) N. Y. C. 

(Keith ft Proctor's) Jersey City. N. J.. 9-14. 
Williams ft Segal (Grand) Syracuse. N. Y.; 

(Temple) Detroit. Mich.. 9-14. 
Wilson 4 Doyle (Temple) Grand Rapids. .Mich. 
Williams ft Sterling (Royal) Son Antonio, Tex. 
Wilson Bros. (Garrick) Burlington. la., 0-7: 

(Majestic) Dubuque. 9-14. 
Wells. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. J. (If;sex) Chicago: 

(Colonial) Danville. III.. 0-14. 
Williams ft Gordon (Majestic) Montgomery, 

Ala.; (Majestic) Little Rock. Ark.. 9-14. 
Williams, Thompson ft Copelsnd (Lyda) Chi 

cago: (Grand) Chicago. 9-14. 
Williams ft Warner (Grand) Indianapolis; (Col- 
umbia) Cincinnati. 9-14. 
Wtllard ft Bond (Jefferson) St Augustine. Fla.; 

(Airdome) Chattanooga. Tenn., 9-14. 
Williams. Frank ft Delia (Majestic) Houston, 

Tex.: (Majestic) Hot Springs. Ark., 9-14. 
World, John W-. ft MludcII Kingston (Lyric) 

Dayton. O.: (Bronx) N. Y. a. 9-14. 
Williamson ft Watson (Electric) Staunton. 111.. 


Wolffbehn's Llrlng Bronze Statues (O. H.) 
Sandusky. O.; (New Colonial) Rochester, N. 
Y.. 9-14. 

Wllks. Monte Tom (Majestic) Memphis. Tenu. 
Woods. Lew (Superba) Delaware. O-: (Orpbeum) 

Newark 9-14. 
Williams St Tucker (Orphenm) Cincinnati. 
Xavlers. Four: 2144 W. 20th st, Chicago. 
Yamamoto Bros.: Winchester. O. 
Yeakle, Walter W.: The Billboard. Chicago. 
Yorks. The: 5610 Prescott are., St. Louts, Mo. 
Young, Ethyl: 18 W. Ohio st. Chicago. 
Yonngera, The (Lyceum) Port Arthur. Ont, 

Can.; (Theatorlum) Ft. Williams. 9-14. 
Young, DeWltt, ft Sister (Queen) San Diego. 


Young, Ollle. 4 April (Fifth Ave.) N. Y. C: 

(Proctor's) Troy, N. Y.. 9-14. 
York, Alva (Orphenm) Cincinnati. 
Yoscarys. Three (Orphenm) Cincinnati. 
Znmloh 4 Billle: 1080 62nd st, Oakland. Cal. 
Zednsrs. The: Box 176, Lawton, Mich. 
Zeno. Carl: 344 E. 2nd St. Erie, Pa. 
Zerado Bros.: care B. Levey, 144 Powell st. 

San Francisco. 
Zlpgier Trio: The Billboard. Cincinnati. 
Zlerow, Harry: The Billboard. Cincinnati. 
Zlngarella: 66 Beaver st. N. Y. C. 
Zola. The White: 4129 Ellis are.. Chicago. 
Zeno 4 Mandell (Empress) Kansas City. Mo.; 

(Majestic) Des Moines. Ia.. 9-14. 
Zaretzky Troupe (Pantages') Los Angeles. 
Zenoz (Liberty) Savannah. Ga. 


Arnolds, Chas.: Cutter Stock Co. 
Bowman, Billy R. : Define Bros.' Minstrels. 
Bromley ft Bromley: Pair of Pinks. 
Castano. Edward: The Midnight Sons. 
Dove, Johnny: Field's Minstrels. 
Dn Berry Sisters: Frank J. Powers' Hypnotic 

Ellas. Harry: Yogel't Minstrels. 
FalrehUd. Bell: Frank J. Powers' Hypnotic 

Gllplna, Two: Price's 

Goss. J no. : Vozel'a Minstrels. 
Gross 4 Jackson: Matinee Girl Co. 
Voxel's Minstrel*, 
inent: Walden Co.. Magicians. 
4 GlUam: Yale Stock Co. 
Leroy 4 Adams: DeRn* Bros.' Minstrels. 
Pod more. Prank V.: Ia Panama. 
Powell. Clarence: Richards ft Pringle Min- 

Pollen. Lnella: Keith's Stock Co. 
Ray. Billy B.: Weary Willie Walker Co. 
Relnlche, A. E.: Flaming Arrow. 
Segura. Alfred: Roy E. Fox Minstrels. 
Simpson, Oscar: Crawford's Uncle Zeke Oo. 
Stanton ft KTotlng: Brown From Missouri Co. 
Ty-Bell Sisters: Royal 4 Adams' Indoor Circus. 
Whipple. Waldo: 
- -llson. - 


If you want to 
know why 


Ferrotype Plates 

write for sample 
package. We will 
send it absolutely 


per 100. 25c . 
per package. 20c. 


»ew you ci nr. 

Silk. Spun 8Uk. Sllkollae, Worsted 

to order for theatrical, 
and athletic use. Send for price list 
and samples. 


Successor to Joseph Hotan. 
66-67 EiiarySt., Brooklyn, N. V. 


YOST & COMPANY, 901 Filbert St. 
Established 1870. Phil " 

Easily learned by anyone In a few 

control other* riirme) m re. Very small 
Tub Booklet to il. D. betto. bta. I). 


n-nlvoraaJ E. s. t.. o>.. in w. ssta at.. W. T. 

ElectncTattooing Maehines.S4.75 

Tattoo remoter, $1.50. Dpftlfrtm. - 
etc. Catalogue Tree. PROP. B. 
1103 Sooth 1st St.. West, Cedar 7 

Catalogue of Professional A _ 

Sketch**, Monoloco***, Mlutraj 

f-kf CataJone of . 

r \M*& ™z 

Recitations, Makr-np Oooda, 
prkb. max * rrTxoKsv 

Btreet. Vmw Terk. 

r« ■ C It I » BO. Pre. report as to P« Mat- 

ability. Ulnstrated Onlde Book and 
ventloaa wanted *'nt FRBB. 
VICTOR 7. ZTin A CO., Waaalaj 

Liat of lav 

d. a 

George Sidney Co. 

Field's Minstrels, 
n Gorton- s Minstrels. 


Fill ont blank below. Indicating with which 
company yon are Identified. 

i of Act 
Company With". 

There may be mail in our Letter 
Box for yon. 






Rt th* United State* and Cana- 
(H. Alphebetloally arranged. 
Contains about 1400 name* and 

Th* Billboard Pub. Co. 


It Za The Billboard. TaU Them Bo. 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 


Alpine Quartette: Bowery BorleBQ,uere. 
AlVm * Kenney: Titer Lilies. 
American Quartette: American*. 
Armstrongs, Three: Jolly Girls. 
Armstrong, Geo.: Harry Hattlnga Show. 

A>bner Sisters: Irw In** Big . 8bow. 

Austin & Blake. Misses: Girls from Happy 


Columbia Hurler*- 
Barrett * Belle: Robinson Croa 
Birr 8l»teri: College Qtrlfj 
Barto * MeCue: Midnight Malduna. 
Belmoot, Mar: Century Girls. 

Bell Belle A Arthur: Parlalan Widows. 

Bennett * Bo * ,: Uott t»o*m Belles. 

Bernbsrd 4c Dunham: Bohemians. 

Be vina. Clem. * Co.: BolHeker*. 

Black * White: Girls from BapmUad. 

Black. Jno. J., ft Co.: MIm Sew Vork, Jr. 

Bohannon A Corey: Harry Haslln(s' Show. 

Boouers. The: Brigadiers. 

Brsity * Maboney: Irwlu'a Big Bbow. 

Brians Trio: Sector. Olrls. 

Broadwsy Comedy Quartette: Jsrdln de Paris 

Brown.' Lee ft Green: Bowery Burteeqoers. 
Borton. Edward 4 Co.: Cherry Blossoms. 
Burnett * Gesr: Century Girls. 
Bnacb-DeVere Foor: Al. Beeves' Beauty Show. 
Cablll. Win.: Al. Beeves' Beauty Show 
Campbell * Parker: Rose rjrdell'i 

Broadway Gaiety 

Campbell A Weber: 

Carmelo's Pari" I an Models 

Cklek e. CMcklets: Brlgsdlers. 
Clair. Ida: Cosy Corner Girls. 
Cole ft Warner: Bolllckers. 
Cohan. Will H.: Miss New York. Jr. 
Colton ft Parrow: Kentucky Belles. 
Col ton ft lilies: Fad. ft Foil es 
Co Una. Elmer P.: Sam T. Ja^a Bur doners. 
Collins ft Hswley: £ Yankee noodle Olrls. 
Collins ft Slierry: rennso. 
Cook ft Sylvia: Vanity Fair, 
Cooper ft Brown: Bot Trma. 
Cooper. Jsmes BV ft Lncla. 
Corbett. Ads: Vilas New York Jr. 
Courtney Slaters: Bcbmsn Show. 
Craig Btcby: Cosy Corner Girls. 
cSlfhton Bros.: Mldnlxht Maidens Ids: IrwIa'e.Ble- Show. 
Crosoy. Hasel: Jersey fjfl«B._. . 
Cnrtln ft Steven a: Cenlnry Olrla. 
Sere. Loole: FoBles or the Day. 

Dsvi. A Harris. «lSr , iJr^J°n.Lr?-*- P - 
n.vls. Geo. T.: Pat WblU's Gaiety 
Demltis; ft Alton: Americn^ 
De Wolfe. Ubton ft I*nti-r 
Dixon ft nearn: Yankee Doodle 
Dixon. Ball*: Cone*-* Olrla, 
Dobertys. The: Americans. 

Dollar Troupe: Beauty Trust 

Dreamland Trio: Dreamlsnd Bnrlraquers. 
Duoedlo Tronpe: Bon Tuna. 
Dunbar ft LeYere: Ram T. Jack's 
Dnaette. Ylolette: Moulin Bouse. 
Elliott, Maude, ft Co.: Jersey Ulles. 
Ellawortb. Mr. ft Mra. Harry: Century 
Emerle. Mile: Lady Boecsneers, 
Bmsrson ft Bills: Boblnson ~ 
Everett Gertrude: Feds ft 
Feeley ft Kelly: 
Flske. Gertrude: Hriranu 
Florede. Nellie: Colombia 
Foo. Ah Ling: Bohemian*. 
Fraud i ft Deery: Imperials. 
lYaok Sisters: Miss New York. Jr. 
rrsos. Slf. ft Edith: Ginger Girls. 
Freeman Bros.: Girls from Happyland. 
OslUgber ft Sbean: Big Banner 8how. 
Garden. Geo. B.: Olrli from Happyland. 
Ollmore. Mildred: Broadway Gaiety Girls. 
Golden. Bam: Waahlnstoo Society Glrla. 
Goldle. Annette: Big Bsnner Show. 
Goodner ft Hngbes: Imperials, 
(lord on Highlander*. Mualrsl: Parlalan Widows. 
Gotham Comedy Fonr: Beauty Trust. 
Grant ft Cattle: Pat White's Gaiety Gtrli. 
Granville ft Mack: Cherry Blossoms. 
Green. Winifred: Bunaway Olrla. 
Grove* ft Bore: ParMsa Widows. 
Bsll Bros.: Vanity Fair. 
Ranlona. The: Pennant Winners. 
Hanson ft Boner. Lady Buccaneers. 
Barcourt. Frank: Cracker Jacka. 
Harcoort. Dalay: Tiger Lilies. 
Barlows. Bestrire: Jolly Girls. 
Bsscall. Loo, ft Co.: Brhmaa Show. 
Baatlngs ft Wilson: Marathon Glrla. 
Baynes, Beatrice: Americana. 
Haye*. Gertrude: Follies of the Day. 
Hayes ft Reynolds: Follies of the Day. 
Haaeltoo ft Bunt: WaatiUmtoo Soc-trts Girls. 
Hearn. 8am: Follies of tbe Osy. 
Helens. LaBrlle: Kentnrky Belles. 
Blckmsn ft Bently: Parlalau Wldowa. 
Bill, Cberry ft Bill: Harry Hastlnca' 
Hilton. Marie: Follies of the Dsy. 
Holden ft Hereon: Knickerbocker*. 
, Howard ft Lewis: Vanity Fair. 
Homes ft Lewis: Psl While'! 0. 
Imhoff. Conn ft Oorlnne: Fada and 
Irwin. Ruth: Irwla'a Bid Show. 
James. Prior ft Aiglet: Jersey Lilies. 
Jsosen ft Fltagerald: Bowery 
Jenkins ft Flavin: Tlaer Ullee. 
Johnston A Buckley: Golden Crook. 

Johnston ft Hllaoa: Imperials. 
Kanfman ft Sawtells: Moulin Rouge 
Kelly ft Rla: Knickerbocker*. 
Keller, Jeule — Venus on Wheels: 
Kennedy. Tony: Jolly Girls, 
Kerr, Milton: College Olrla. 
Klpp ft Klppy: Knickerbocker*. 
Kirk. Btbel: Beauty Trust. 
LsFreya: Marathon Girls. 
Lang. Karl: Olrla From Dials. 
Lawrence ft Thompson: 
Lee Slaters: Moulin B„, 
Lesrltt ft Campbell: Jardln de 
I* Bier A Clayton: Tiger I 
Leraer, Dave: Americans. 
Leroy, Loretta: Al. Reeves" Beauty 
Lewis ft Green: Dainty Ditches*. 
Lesartts ft Her Models: Sector Girls. 
Living* tos. Cor*: Jardln de Parts Olrla. 
Lockwood Bister*: Rtar Show Girls.. 
Lorraine. Bit*, ft Co.: Tiger Lille*. 
te*ra ft Psyns: Cherry Blossoms. 
UaeNally*. Four: Imperials. 
McGulness Bros.: Serenade™. 
Majestic Musical Four: Broadway Gaiety Olrls. 
uS 0 * Hooter: Cosy Ooruer Glrla. 
Hsnon. Dare: Dreamland Burlesquers. 
Marion ft Thompson: Girls from Dixie. 
Marion ft Lillian: Century Olrla. 
Msrlo. Louies, Bed Raven Cadata; Vanity Fair. 
Msrr ft Evsna: Irwla'a Big Show. 


Marshall ft King: 
Msrtell Family: Kenl 
Martin A Ware: Lady 
Martin ft Damsel: Ducklings. 
McDonald ft Price: Duckling*. 
Mclntyre ft Acker: FoBles of the Dsy. 
McOarry and McGarry: Pennant Winners. 
McGregor, Sandy: Brigadiers. 
Melrose Comedy Fonr: Lady Buccaneer*. 
Mlkof ft Kramsa: Queens of tbe Jardln de 

Millar Musical Four: Jersey Lillet, 
Millard Bros., Bill ft Bob.: Rose Sydell's Lon- 
don Belle*. 
Mitchells, Dancing: Miss New York, Jr. 
Monarch Four: Golden Crook. 
Moore. Helen Jessie, ft Co.: Colombia Bur- 


Morln, Bisters: Bowery Borieaqners. 

Morton. Ed.: Marathon Glrla. 

Mullen ft Coos an: Sorenader*. 

Murphy, Frank, ft Co.: Star Show Glrla. 

Nadell ft Bell: Rolltckers. 

Nlblo ft Spencer: Psrlslsn Widows. 

O'Brien. Frank: Colombia Burlesquers. 

Orpbeos Comedy Four: Queens of tbe Jsrdln 

da Paris. 
Opp. Joe: Kentucky Belles. 
Palmer, Lew: Boblnson Cr 
Patrldge. Mildred: KentucL. 
PealsOB. Goldle ft Hill: Ginger Girls, 
Pearl ft Meeban: Sam T. Jack'a Burlesquers. 
Pealaon, Goldle ft Hill: Ginger Girt*. 
Pbslps, Aogusts: Jsrdln de Parts Glrla. 
Plcaro Tronpe: Parlalan Widows. 
Plroacoffla Family. Flee: Cracker Jacks. 
Potter-Hartwell Trio: Big Banner Show. 
Powder ft Chapman: Follies of New York and 


Provost A Brown: Moulin Rouge. 
Reded ft Hsdley: Star Show Girls. 
Redding, Franceses ft Co.: Harry Hasting*' 

Show. . 
Reld. Wakefield ft Jackaon: Runaway Olrla. 
Relyea, Chas. E. : Kentucky Belles. 
Revere ft Ynlr: Pennant Winners. 
Ro* tins. Adeline: Queen* of tbe Jardln de 

Parts, _. 

Robinson. Chas.: Boblnson Crusoe Girls. 

Romas, Six English: Irwin's Big Show. 

Buss. Kstberlne: Ducklings. 

Bosser ft Georgette: Pat Whlte'a Oalaty Olrls. 

Sears. Gladys: Midnight Maidens. 

Relbtnl ft Grorlnl: Washington Society Girls. 

Semon Duo: Ginger Olrla. 

Ssyona. Tbe: Yankee Doodle Olrla, 

«b»pnell. Bennett ft Gordon: Dreamland Bur 

Rlleeu: Behman Show, 
ft Buckley: Fada and Follies. 
_ Trio: Cherry Blosaoma. 
St Clair. Fannie: Bon Tons. 
Stewarts, Musical: Sam T. Jack'a Burlenoucr*. 

Stronsse, Jack: Golden Crook. 
Thornton Geo.: Bowery Borieaqners. 
Tom be*. Andrew: College Girl*. 
Tuxedo Four: Besuty Trust, 
Vsleeno ft La more: Yankee Doodle Girls. 
Valmors. Lulu ft Mndred: Bohemians. 
Van Buren. Helen: Lady Buccaneer*. 
Verfder. Fannie: Bon Tons. 
Vincent. Florence: Follies of the Day. 
▼on Serly Sisters: Marathon Olrla. 
Tynar, Idylls: Al. Reeve*' .Beauty Show. 
Ward. Will J.: Follies of theDay. 
Watson Sisters: Dainty Duchess. 
Welch ft Ma I tl and: Vanity Fair. 
Weston ft Wsldron: Star Show Olrls. 
WWriVBoneta. Balloon Girl: Brigadiers. 
Williams. Mollle. ft Co. : Cracker Jacka. 
Willi *ma ft Brook*: Cracker Jacka. 
wood Bros.: Vanity Fair. 
Worth ft Wolfe; Merry Maidens. 
Yalo ft Orlolf : Cosy Corner Girls. 
Yankee Doodlo Quartette: Ross SydeU's Lon- 
don Belles. 
Young Bros.: Ducklings. 
Zenos. Mile.: Girls from Dixie. 



will be appreciated.) 

Abbott, Harry: Agent Ginger Girls. 
Abbott. Frank: Manager Parisian Widow*. 
Ackerman. C. F.: Manager Martin's D. T. C. 


Addison H. M. : Agent Stubborn CtndereUa. 
Alnsworth. O. B.: Ageot Flsmlii« Arrow. 
Alston. Arthur C: Manager At the Old Cross 

Roads. _ 
Allen. Horry: Msnsger Third Degree, Co. B. 
Allen, Sim: Manager House of a Thousand 


Allen. C. O.: Agent Polly of tha Circus. 
Alger. Ollle: Manager Rose Statt Co. 
Utman. Dare: Manager Minister's Sweetbesrt. 
ladrews. Fred Q.: Msnsger Granatark, Eastern 


Andrews. E. a: Msnsger Psld In Full. 
Ankermlller, Kmll: Msnsger Bailey ft Auattn 


Applrton. Geo, J.: Manager Maxlne Elliott Co. 
Archer. L. !>.: Agent Sylvia Summers Co. 
A ton. Lindsay: Agent Millionaire Kid. 
Aosklng*. Clarence: Agent Miller Bros.' Sweetest 

Girl In Dixie Co. 
Ayleswortb. Arthur J.: Msnsger Vlrgtnls 

Harned Co. 
Bscheldcr, B. A.: Agent Chocolate Soldier. 
Racbelder, A. w.: Agent Blanche Walsh Co. 
Baron. O. R. : Agent Channcey nicott Co. 
Bailey, Harry A.: Manager The Thief. 
Baker. Jno. T. : Manager Star Show Girls. 
Bsll, H. W.: Agent Barney Gllmore Co. 
Bsrry. Frank: Agent Tbs Thief. 
Bsrnett. D. B. : Agent Billy tha Kid. 
Rarney. Arthur L.: Manager Fortune Hnn>«r. 
Bathnrat. Joe: Agent Stair ft HstUu's Wolf 


Bechtol, P. 0.1 Agent Daniel Boons on the 

Trail. Western Co. 
Belmont. Sidney: Agent Man on the Box. 
Bennett. Arthur: Agent Servant in the Houae. 
Benjamin. Paul: Agent Msxlne Elliott Co. 
Bernstein. Bube: Agent Pst White's Gslety 

Blgelow. Jo* 
Blair. Sam: . 

Rlnmeatbsl. Geo.: Msnsger Nsugbty Marletts. 
Bodlns, 0. W.: Agent Heart of Rockies. 
Bolan, Ren: Agent Midnight Maidens. 
Bond. Bollln: Agent Lottery Man. 
Booth, a II. : Msnsger Madame X. Western 

Bntto, Walter D.: Agent Henry Woodruff Co, 
Bowman. Co a a. E. : Msnsgsr Grace Cameron 

Boye'r. W. T.: Mansger Ninety and Nino, 
narry: Agent Port of 

: Agent Wsrd and Vokea Co. 
Manager Ollle Msck Co. 

Merry -Go- Rounds 

Thousands or Testimonials and 



good music is what 

jne Lyon & Healy 
.Military Band 
lOrgans^ 6 ^ 

feet in instrumenta- 
tion; play in faultless 
i me. and do not get ont 


ifteeo sizes, fi om the smallest 
time payments 

The Famous Welte & Sons 

Kensington Auto ma tic Rewind 

Built to give 
splendid wear 



Married, age 32, sober, trustworthy, 18 years' experience. 

manent position as Manager Vaudeville or 
Moving Picture Theatre. 

Conld sing lllostrsteil aoogs If required: excellent voice. Moderate salary considered for long, 
comfortable engageuii-ut. Must be South or Southwest; Texas. Lontslsns or Florida preferred. 
Reply, Permanent, care Princess Theatre. Meridian. Mies. 



Would prefer town large enough to support one bill a week. Also want a drat diss heavy 
man for repertoire. WonM like to bear from a first class vaudeville tram with feature 
specialties lo change for a week. Salary positively sure, so inske It wnat yon expect to 
get. All mall answered where reasonable salary 1* given In first letter. Want one or two 
more hlgb-class melodrsmaa with s cast of six and three or that can be doubled to that. 
Clays must have a line of pictorial printing. Send In your lists. Address FRANK DUDLEY, 
care Frank Dudley Co., Dnrraoln. 111.. Jan. 9 and week; Centralla, 111., Jan. 10 and week. 


Something Now I Featherwelflht Jewels. 

Iridescent, blsck and an 
500 different shapes. 


47 1-1 w. Third St., NEW YORK. 

The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

Bedwards. W. H-: Agent Field's Mlnatrels. 
Baden, Rdw. A.: Manager Klate Janla Co. 

" A. Mayo: Manager Bachelor'! Hon- 

Brady. 8. E.: 
Brady, 8. W.: 
Brady, J. Tnos. 
Bran, cam.: 

Brandon. Cha».: Agent Cow and the ] 

Brehany, Jaek: Ascot Wsgenhal * 
Paid In Full Co. 

" H. : Agent Bright 

Agent The Koaary. 
Agent The City. 
Manager Wffl. Gillette Co. 
Agent Cat and the Fid- 

No. ' 1. 



of a Thousand 

Imonaton, Jos.: Agent. Toe Thief 
Iwsrds. Chas. F. : Manager Cherry 
afelt, Knrt: Manager May Irwin C 

W. P. 
Wife's Family Co. 
Bro w n , Chan, p.: Manager Raymond Hitch- 
cock Co. 

Brows, P. K. : Agent Madame X, Western Co. 
Brown, C. Warde: Manager Gaakell * McVlt- 

ty's Bosary Co. 
Brownlee, J. w. : Manager Stetson's U. T. C. 


Frank V.: Agent Robert Edeson Co. 

Bryan, Harry J.: Agent Flirting Princess. 

Walter B. 

. Adolph: 
Bherle. Boot. M.: 
Eckhardt, a W.: 



Elmer. Harry: Manager 
Elmore. Geo.: Manager House 

Candles, Co. A. 
Oroy. Edwin: Agent Olsser's St. Brno Co. 
Isner.^Edward W.: Manager Margaret IMng 

Elston. J. A.: 


Ey, Earnest: 

Rla Wife. 
Emery, H. B.: Manager Bed Mill. 
Emery. Boy a: Agent Rosalind at Bed Gate. 

Eastern Co. 
Epstein, Louis: Manager Merry Whirl. 
Brans, ttobt. M.: Manager The Spendthrift. 

Eastern Co. _ 
Everett, Edward: Agent Al. H. Wilson Co. 
Farnham, Harry: Manager Millionaire Kid. 
Fa list. Jack: Manager Centnry Girls. 
Fedrls, Jno. M.: Manager Cbaoncey Olcott Co. 
Felts. Jas. A.: Manager Wm. Macanley Co. 

1 Manager Mlaa New York. Jr. 
Agent Man of the Honr, ~ 

dlford Co. 
Cable. ^Geo. P.: 

Cain. Ms mice: Agent In Panama. 
. Gaidar. Frank: Manager Ducklings. 
Caldwell. A. B-: Manager Call of tbe 
CaldweU. Jas. : Agent Pack's 
Callahan, Chas. 8.: / 
Campbell. Wm, 8.: 

London Bellas. 
:smpbeii. Jno.: Agent 
Canhy, A. H.: Manager 1 
C. H.: Agent 81a 

Cbofflln. Geo.: Agent The Squaw Man. Southern 

Clark. Sam.: Agent Big 
Oanjmaa. Frank J.: 

Clifford. J. E-: "f 

Conn, Edwin J.: Manager The Round Up. 

Cohn. I 
Colin. Bob! 


Collier. Walter: Manager Wm. Collier Co. 
Collins. Ulrtc B-: Manager The Nigger. No. 2 

Collins. H. D.: 
strels. . _ 

t Manager Clrens Chap. 

'" K« 

Hsns Hanson. 
Manager Soul 

Kin, Eastern 

DL A.: Manager In Old Kentucky 

Conway, Geo.: Agent Ole Olson. 

Coolry. P. M-: Manager Newly weda and Their 

Baby. Western Co. 
Cook. D. II.: Manager Clifton Mallory Co. 
Cook, Cbaa. Emerson: Agent Gertrude Elliott 


Cooper. Jas. K. : Manager Jersey Idlles. 
Cory. H. B.: Manager United Play Co.'a Cll 
max Co. 

Oosgrore, J.: Manager Frederic Clarke Co. 
Geo.: Agent Boner b*. 
Onnaby A.: Agent Marie CahBI Co. 
. Jno. E.: Agent " 
Baby, Western Co. 
— . m a: 

U: Manager Tbroogh Death Val 

Cranston. W.r Manager Wade's Time, the Plsee 

and the Girl Co. " 
Crosman, Forest E. 


Omlekshank. Frank C: 

Eastern Co. 
Cunningham. Bamnel : Manager Schiller 

Co 's Psld In Foil. 
Cm-ran. Jno.: Agent In the Bishop's Carriage. 
Curry. D. C: Manager Viola Allen Co. 
Cotter. Wallace B.: Manager My Wlfe'a Fan 

i Went 



Fred 8. : Manager 811 rer Threads. 
Davidson. Harry: Agent Walker Whiteside Co. 
Davidson. Ed.: Manager Robinson Crusoe Glrla. 
Davidson. E- G. : Manager My Cinderella Girl. 
No. 2. 

Darts. Harry: Agent Virginia Harned Co. 
Baste. Lester A.: Agent Paid In Pull. 

gsSSSk Bright?: 'Agm^enUeman^frnm Ml. 

D'Arcy. H. A.: Agent 

Desn. Tunis F. : Manai 

Decker, W.I Agent Bro 
Decker. Ed. Agent As the 
Delaney. Ed " 
Del more. L. 
era Co. 

Dei! lit. Jos.: Manager Checkers. 
Dempsey. C. F.: Agent Girt of the Mountains. 
DcMuth. H. C- : Manager Three Twins. West 
era Co. 

Dennis. Barry 0.1 Agent Girl and the Banger. 
Deasaner. Sam: Agent World of Pleasure. 
Diamond. Ed. S.: Manager Going Some. 
Dibble. L. H.: Agent Shadowed by Three. 
Dillon. J. J.: 

-SST Henry" P. 
Doherty, Cameron W.: Agent Prince of His 

Dot an. E. J.: Agent The Rosary. Southern Co 
Dolnon. Alfred T_ ; Agent Rose Stab! Co. 

^-Donajchey, Frederick: Manager Deep Purple. 

HDonazetta. Lewis K. : Manager Girt From 

■f Rector's. 

■P Donnelly. Jan. J.: Manager Marie Cahlll Co. 
Donnrhue. Chas. F.: Manager Miss Nobody 

Dorn. y. Jna.: Agent Star Show Girls. 
Domey. Richard: Manager Lillian Rnasell Co. 
Dnrtbick. Wallace: Agent The Burgomaster. 
Drew. Will N.: Manager Tiger Lilies, 
vln. Frank: 

JJ" r "'"' 

Agent Mark's Hypnotic Comedy 
Manager He Fell In Lore With 


Feticks. Jno. 
era Co. 

Flnberg, Abe: Agent Americana. 
Flnley, W. A.: Agent East Lynne. 
Finney. C W. : Agent White Souaw. 
Fisher, R. K. : Agent Vaugban Olaser Co. 
Fisher, Sam: Agent Happy Hooligan. 
Fltrhett. Ben T-: Agent Pennant Winners. 
Fltxgerald. Gerald: Agent Honeymoon Trsll. 
Fleck. Fred. Jr.: Agent Chinatown Trunk Mys- 

Fleck. Fred P.: Manager Girl from Sector's. 
Florida. Geo. A: Agent Girl from Rector's. 
Floyd, Walter: Agent Cyril Scott Co. 

' B. 8.: Manager Sanford Dodge Co. 
Ford. Geo. D.: Agent Jefferson De Angel la Co. 
Foreman, J. W.: Agent Kentucky Belles. 

E. : Manager Kentucky Belles. 
: Agent The Shoemaker. 
.: Agent Cecil Snooner Oo. 
Foster, Bobt. : Manager Ell and Jane. Southern 

Fox. L. 0.: Agent Goddess of Liberty. 
Frank. Wm.: Manager Ethel Barrymore Oo. 
Frankel, Jos. W. : Agent Baby Mine, Western 


Frank! and, Geo. W. : Manager St. Elmo Co. 
Franklin. Chas.: Agent Rector Glrla. 
Fredericks, W. B. : Manager Bine Mouse. 
Free field. S. a: Manager Robert Edeson Co. 

Harley. Burt: Agent Ninety end Nine. 
Harmon, Victor: Manager Up and Down 

Harmon. W. P.: Manager My Cinderella Girl. 
Hassan, Edward J.: Agent My Cinderella Girt. 
Haskell. Oilman: Manager Dollar Princess. Spe- 
cial Co. 

Flares, Chan. : Agent The Arcadians. 
Hayes. Harry E.: Manager Qolncy Adams Saw- 

Hsynes. D. W.: Agent Viola Allen Co. 
Hayward. Fred A. : Manager Bine Mom 

Hesrn, James: Agent Kentucky Belles. 
Heath. Perry: Agent LltOe Dsmoscl. 
Hedges, Harry II. : Agent College Girls. 
HefTerlln. Chas. H.: Manager Three Weeks. 
Heltrasn. Dire: Agent Mae La Porte Stock Co. 
Herman. A. w.: Mai 
Hertsman, Chas. L_ : 
Co. B. 

Hewitt, J. H.: Manager Ole Olson. 
Hewitt, Wm. Jndklns: Agent Great Powers Co. 
Herter. Wm. : Agent Call of the Wild. 
Hlhben. E. H-: Agent Bohemians. 
Hill. H. P.: Manager The Borgomaster. 
Hill H. H. : Mansger Arthur Donaldson Co. 
Hosdlry, Fred R. : Msnager Billy, the Kid. 
Hogarty. Jno.: Manager Lillian Runnel! Co. 
Hodgeman. Thos. : Msnager Prince of P 
Hogan, Prank: Agent Lonls Mann Co. 
Hogen, Jno. B.: Manager Wsgenhala & 

Krauae, Ben: Agent Vanity Pair. 

Krvyer. E. P.: Manager Flaming Arrow. 

Lambert, Harry: Agent Seven Daya. 

Lane, Joe: Agent Silver Threads. 

Laurence. H. 1- : Msnager Lorraine Keens As- 
sociate Players. 

Lawrence, C. P.: Manager Stair A Havlln'a 
Wolf C. 

Lesrltt, Leo 8.: Manager Wlldnre. 
Learltt. Joe: Manager Girls from Dixie. 

Lebman, Jos.. 
Lemle, Wm. H. : 
era Oo. 

Frank: Mansger Richard Carlo Co. 
Joo. P.: Manager Ward * Vokes Co. 
P. H.: Agent Plnsl 
Hotten.leln. Fred.: Agent. An 

Ron per * Goo. 
Hoskln. W. 


Stone Co. 
Hon rer. C. L.I Agent 

Howard. Jos. H.t 

dtn de Paris. 
Howard. Wm. H. 

ern Co. 

Howe. Ben H.: Msnager Daniel Boone on the 

Trail. Eastern Co. 
Huffman. Erwtn: Agent Hoose of s Thousand 

Candles. Co. A. 

Co.. North- 
of the Jar 

Agent Ell * Jsne. South- 


Freeman, Frank E. : Agent Queen of Bohemia. 
Friedman. Leon: Agent PoUlea of 1S10. 
Friedman, Philip: Manager The Climax. 
Frost, Shad: Agent Forbes-Robertson Co. 
Fulton, James: Manager Golden Crook. 
Fulton, Harry 8.: Agent Montgomery A Stone 

Gslbrsltb. Ted B. : Agent Vogel'a Minstrels. 
Gale, Howard: Agent Three Twins, Western 


Gardner. Doe: Agent Girt in 
Osrflsld. B. M - : Mm 
Garyn, W. B.: 
Gerson. Sam: 
Gibbous. J. V 
Olffen. R- L.: 
Oilman. Wm.: 

GOmore, Jno.: 
nary Co. 

Glennon. Jno. L.: Agent Girl In the Taxi. 

Gllckann*. Cbaa.: Manager Rosalind st Bed 
Gate. Western Co. 

Ooett, Geo.: Msnager Newly weda and Their 
Baby. Eaatem Co. 

Goettler. AJpbosae: Mansger Stubborn Cinder- 

Golds Ine M. 8.: Manager The Rosary. 
Golden, Nat: Agent Dreamland Bnrlesquers. 
Gordon. Msx: Agent Passing parade. 
Mam — 

UK Man, South- 
Agent OsakeU A IfeVltty'a Ro- 

Gorlng. Jno. P.: 

Gorman, Wm. El: 
Gorman, Alex D.: 
Grady. Hugh A.: 
Gresves, Walter: 

reene. Arthur A. 

Janager Firing Line. 
Agent Fourth Estate. 
Manager Sollickers, 

Manager Julian Eltlnge Co. 
Manager Pst White's Gaiety 


Grade. Isxy: Manager 
":. Henri: 

Dreamland Bnrlesquers. 
Agent Prince of Pllseo. 

G ruber. P. J.: 
Gnnn. F. T. : 


Gnran, Dare: Agent 
Gngg nhehu. Daniel: 

" : Agent Bohemians. 

Manager Wright Lorimer Co. 
Msnager Lion and the Mouse. 

Hammett. Melville: Manager The Lily. 
Bamberger. Alfred P.: Manager Louis Mann Co. 
Hamburger, Al.: Manager Mother. 
Hamilton, H. L.: Agent Polack'a Winter Clr- 

Hsmmond. Ben: Agent Dreamland 
Hanley, Joe.: Manager Eaat Lynne. 
Hardy. Marlborough: Mansger Rnster Brown. 
Harris. Arthur: Agent Girls from Dixie, 
narrls. Wm., Jr.: Manager Robert Edeson Co. 
Harris. JSC*;^ Agent Golden otrl. ^ ^ 

- slaslppl. 

Harrison, 8am: Manager Adeline Genee Co. 

See Letter List for your mail. 

Agent The 

Hughes, T. B. 

Hull! Jas. Henry: Manager Powers' Comedy 

Hunt. Geo. B.:. Agent He Pell In Lots With His 

nnrtlg. Loo: M 

Hnllon, J . B. : > " - ■ -~- 

Hyde, J. Clsrence: Aget 

Jsc"' B."B.: 

Jacks. Billy: A. 
Jackson. Wlllla P.: 
Gate. Esatern Co. 
Jsckson, Harry J.: Msnager Beulah Poynter 

Jacobs, Maurice: Msnager Moulin Bonge. 
Jacobson. Clarence: Mansger Country Boy, Co. B. 
Jennings. Wm. V.: Agent Jersey Lilies. 
Johnson. B. A: Agent Sanford Dodge Co. 
Johnson J. Bnrt: Manager Life for Life. 
Johnstons. O. D. : Agent George Sidney Oo. 
Jones, Jsck: Agent Our New Minister. • 
Jones. A. Emerson: Manager Goddess of Liberty. 
Jordan. Fred W.: Agent Orsce George Oo. 
Joyce. M. J.: Ageot Smart Set. 
Junker, W. A.: Agent Time, the Place and the 
Girt, Western Co. . • _ . 

Kshn, Johnnie: Agent Morey Stock Co.. West- 

Ka»I RobL H.: Msnager Manhattan Opera Co. 
Kane. Tbos.: Agent The Nigger. No. S Co. 
Katx. Loole: Agent Robert Milliard Op. 
Karanaogh. M. J.: Manager Kissing Girl. 
Kellar, Arthur J.: Agent Frltsl Scheff Oo. 
Kellsr, J. P.: Agent Texas Banger. Eastern Oo. 
Agent Bailey A Austin Co. 

— r Honeymoon Trail, 
jt The Vlrgislsn. 

Jpendthrlft Western Co. 

Kendrik. Burt: Msnsger Sollickers. 

Kennedy, Jno.: Agent Bererly. Western Oo. 

Kerr. Geo. P.: Agent Circus Chap. 

Klllmeer. B. H.: Agent Stewart's My Wife's 

Family Co. 
Kimble. Fred.: Manager Toe City. 
Klnbsck. ^Walter 8.: Agent^RolUcker« ; 

'arid: Manager 
Kengn. Cbaa. W.: Manager Lottery Man. 
King. P. E.: Ageot Caraon'a Derby Day in Coon 

King. Fred: Manager Araene Lnpln. 
Kingston, R. G.: Manager Girl from noma. 
Kteckner, Jas. O.: Manager Boysl Blare. 
Klein, Philip: Manager The Gamblers. 


L- .■"•'>■> \ >V»err..''. 

1^ \\ CQWGU?^ 



I vf 


M4 So. Main Strtst, Los Angalsa, OaL 

Open the year round. Coogress of Living 
Cnrlosltlcs, Palace of Illusions. Chamber of Hor- 
rors. Menagerie. Free Vaudeville and Motion 
Picture Theatre. Oue admlaalon to all. Wanted 
to hear at all tlmea from Preaka and Museum 
People In general. Those who bare written, 
write again. Two weeks silence a polite nega- 
te all friends. J. SKY CLARK 


Novelties, Jewelry, 
Singer Bras.' New Book if Specialties 

Tha Bant Catalogue. In the Trad*. 

If you are a Concessionaire, Novelty. Jew- 
elry, Notion or Pair Worker, CanTaaaer, 
Streetman. Auctioneer, Knlfeboard Man, 
Hoop-Is Gsme. or QeoersI Merchant, yon 
cannot afford to be without It. 

It contains foil snd complete lines In nsw 
est Novelties, Souvenirs. Wstches. Jewelry, 
Fountain Pens. Optical Goods. Pocket snd 
Table Cutlery, Yankee Notions, Carnival 
Goods, etc., etc., at wholesale only. 

By satisfying na that yon are a legitimate 
dealer, (as we wsnt to keen this book out of 
the consumers' bands), snd sending as your 
permanent address, we will be pleased to 
send you this book free. 
SINGER BROS., 82 Bowery. Iiw Tork City 


inr "Ssndow" Tbsatri 
-»[ Trunk la » marvel 
>t strenath-BiriLT IJSS 
I SANS vault. It Is 

••ade of 3.ply veneer- 
na. ooverso with raw. 
Ids flora loald. and 
mt: hand-riveted, any 
•l*elsl alio made to or- 


The pictures ere developed, 
toned snd flnlshed In a sin- 
gle developing aolotlon, Clr 
enters describing oor 
chines sent free. Asn 
Sept. J. P., TtO TT 
B treat. Chicago, m. 



Costnmers to the leading Brosdwsy Managers. Sonbrette and A: 
Dreaa-a. 8oeclal attention to Individual orders. Military unlfnrmn a 
eny navy of the world, soy period. Send for colored Catalog No. 7. 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 


Malum Craeher Juki. 

igent Cher 

Leool. Harry. - 

Letlle, Jdo. : Agrnt Cherry B loeao m t, 
Letter, Gun: Agent Newton's But l-ynne Co. 
Letter. Edward: Manager In the Bishop's Car 

LI be mi 

Eattern Co. 
Urnlng. Out: Mi 
Link. Henry W.: 


viit, Joe: Manager Olrla from Dixie. 

tbe Trail 

r Follies of the Day. 

Link, Harry: Agent Boblntoo Crusoe ulna. 
Llthgow, Stewart: Manager Henry Woodruff Co. 
Little, fa. W.: Manager Cecil ttpooner Co. 
Ltrlngaton, Frank: Manager Big Banner Show 
I.lrlngtttm. Uwu: llantger Runaway Olrli. 

"bam'patcb^ " M """** r WlCT " °* 

LothTao, Cm*.: Manager Seren Day*. 

Lotto. Arthur A.. Agent Whm Sweet Sixteen. 

H*cP*rland, E. A.: Manager Llttla Datnoael. 
ktacOeaeby. Chaa.: Agent Wm. Gillette Co. 
MacMabon. Jno.: Agent Madame Z. Weatern 

Co. . _ 

MacVltty. Karl a.: Agei 

Gate, Eattern Co. 
Macanley. J. T.: Manager 
Mackay, Andrew: Manager 
Mackey. Frank H.: Agent 

Place and the Girl Co. 
Madden. Billy: Agent Washington Society Olrla, 
Mahara. Frank: Manager Hello Bill. 
Manley. Edmund: Manager Cat and the Fiddle. 
HanaSeld, E. W. : Manager Third Degree. Co. 


Marble. W. H.: Agent May Bobaon Co. 
Martell, Ollter: Agent Beulah I'oynter Co. 
Martin. Watb. : Agent Lady Bnctneert. 
Martin. D. L.: Agent Bed Mill. 
Mathewa, H. F.: Agent Fortune Hunter. 
Maurice. 6'. T.: Manager John Maaon Co. 
Maxwell. Edwin P.: Manager The Boaary. 
Mayer, Fred M. : Manaser Lola Olaaer Co. 
Mayer, Leon: Manager The Arcadlana. 
McAleer. Frank: Agent Beanty TroaL 
McCarroll. Everett: Agent Daniel Boor* on t 

Mc^McJkV'cna*??' Agent The Nigger. No. 2 

RStt Seo'V 

UeBowell.' Root.: Agent 

bag* Patch. 
McDowell, Ed. N. : Agent Max Flgman Co. 
MrEntee. Ju. F. : Agent Firing Line. 
McOlbeny..C. D.: Agent Henry B. Warner Co. 
McOlue. Jat. A.: Agenf 
McGregor. Geo. W.: Mi 

McLean. Al.: ! 

MeKamara. Jack: Agent Poll lea of the ! 
McVenn. 8berman. Manager Light Etei 
Meek. Fred: Manager Pomander Walk. 
Metre, Jno.: Agent John Drew Co. 
Meeting. Moe: Manager Patting Ptrtde. 

Hettinger. Walter: Agent Girl In the Tagl. 
Mettger. Frank: Agent Duckling*. 
Meyer. Harry S. : Agent Mlaa New York. Jr. 
Meyera. Walter: Agent Jolly Olrla. 
Meyers, W. J.: Agent Joe Hortli Co. 
Mlrharl. Jat.: Manager Beverly. 

lonln-. AK^-nt llenlleiiitii T Mlttlttlppl. 

Miller. Ted: Agent Brewat.-r'a MHllona. 
Miller. Gilbert: Manager Serrant In the Honu. 
Milter, Arthur: Manager Dollar Prlncena. 
Miller, Cbat. T. K. : Agent Blanche Batea Co. 
Miller. C. W.: Agent Kirk Brown Co. 
miii.. Robert: Manager Pennant Winner*. 
Mitchell, 8. A.: Manager Daniel Boone oh the 

Trail. Western Co. 
Mitchell. Richard: Agent Ethel Barrymore On. 
Mltrbrl. Tbeo.: Ag-nt Lllltn Rutaell Co. 
Uolltor. Will P.: Mtntger Max Flgman Co. 
Montague. Jno.: Manager Girl In the Taxi. 
Moore. Chaa. A.: Manager Chocolate Soldier. 
Moore. Potter: Agent Cat and tbe Fiddle. 
Moore. O.: Agent Paid In Poll. 
Motrin, Jaa.: Agent Wlte Out. 
Morrla. Ramaey: Agent John Drew Co. 
Morrlt, Tom: Manager Peck'a Bad Boy. 
Morrlaon, H. A.: Agent Tbe Wolr. No. L 
Morr aon. Walter: Agent Jolly Olrla. 
Morrlaon. Jno. J.: Manager Bdnard W.I, I ma nn 

Morrow. Tho*.: Agent Arthur Donaldaon Co. 
Morse. Frank E. : Agent Grace Cameron Co, 
Morton. Wade L.: Manager Tbnrtton. Magician. 
Solly S« -V A?M - Uon_and the Mouae. 
Hoion.'Wm. *H.: 
Muentter. Wm. 

Mulligan. J. T, 

Murray. Geo.: Agent Erau* Honey Boy Mln- 

*Tf«'lB. t 

M °rpby. P. A.: Manager Morey Stock Co., Weat- 

Mnrphy, My lea J.: Agent Gentleman from Mis- 

uyera. SoL: Manager Tankee Doodle Olrla. 
Namack. Thoa.: Agrnt Mande Adama Co. 
Ki"!7' Jl^ w ;: M«««l»r Mor»y 8lock Co. 
gewell. Ned: Manager Port of Mlaalng Men. 
Newman. Harry: Agent Tankee Doodle Olrla. 
KIT- "v. Cb *l **: »'»n«g»r Ea«t Lynne. 

l^S^^ T,, S n • ,n ?- : Manager Forbea- Robertson Co. 
EatieraCo *' l " wlrmta * ***** B » b '. 

Sri , . oa t. W .! 1 D ." ***** McFndden'a Plata. 
nh^£!L n v : A .* rnt M1 "to»rl Olrl. 

olruT * -! **"* Bro,dw,T Oalety 

OH**« Branch: .Agent Cat brine Conntlaa Co. 
rvr£^l CJia. Michel: Agent The Boaaiy. 

Se^L 1, " i M«sgrr Paid In Foil. 
rw!3!!L C 5T'!- J!".*** 0 * Manhattan Opera Co. 
otboTOe. noland. Manager Lott Trail. 
KB. Wm A. : Ajrent E lale Janla Co. 
pl^^i ^-Manager Turning Point, 
ra no, lunula: Manager Mr*. Italic Carter Co. 
pirT/' £ft P" »•«»«« The Virginian. 

p!IIf r ' ?• D ". A «"» B ' n » Mens*. Co. B. 
pIU!"' i^i Afrot Sqtiaw Man. Weatern Co. 
l-. J])" n -JLl Mtntger Jolly Olrtt. 

yS£Z+ B ta T ' '" Vt 

rlySS: iurry * t°M^aag»r Hearfof the Bockle* 

K.-i,Si Co 


Agent Hooae of a Thouaand 

t« » i it look llkt^hatt 

PearawA. Roger 
Penoyptcktr. I., ^ 
Pepple T. Twlght 

Family Co. 
PiTklna. Bert B 

PeteraoD, F. T.. 
■ •etllnglll. Jnt: 

Agent Through Death Valley. 
Henry: Agent The Climax. 
' Agent Cottar's My Wife 

Manager Great Power* Co. 

Trareilng Sal earn tn. 

Agent Dollar Prince**, 

Agent Bowery Bnrleaquera. 
.1 Manager Mildred 

Phelpa. Frank: Manager McFaddan'a Flat*. 
Phillip*, a.: Agent Olrla from Happyland. 
I'hllllpa, A. J.: 

Phillip*. E. E 

elere Co. 

ern Co. 

Pic ken*. J. W. : Agent Field'* Mlnttrelt. 
IMerce, P. S. : Manager Trocaderot. 
pierton, Henry: Manager Harry Clay Blaney 


Pltoa. Jr.. _ 

man, Co. A. 
Pixley, Btarr L.I Manager Sin* of a Father. 
Plunkett. Jo*.: Manager Henry B. Warner Oo 
Pollock. Jno.: Agent Dollar Prince**. 
Pond. L. E. : Manager Port of Mining Men, 

Oo. B. 

Power*. Howard: Manager Tbe 8hoemaker. 
Power*. A. A.: Manager Chinatown Trunk My* 

Itiy?' Koland 0.1 Manager Cathrlne ConnHa* 


Preacott, F. P.: Manager Olrl and The Banger. 
Price. E. D. : Manager Robert Milliard Co. 
Print, Bob*. W. : Agent DeWolf Hopper Co. 
Pnrdy, Dr. G. w : Agent Bohemian Olrl. 
Qnlgfey.Doc: Manager Field'. Mlnttrelt. 
uolnn. Vincent J.: Agent Sweteat Gtrl In Dixie 
Qnlnn, 0. A.: Manager Barney Oil more Co. 
Radford, C. B. : Manager Honu of a Thouaand 

Candlea. Co. B. 
Ray, W hi taker: Agent Traveling Saleaman. Co, 

Reed, J. A.: Manager Jolly Bachelor*., A. A.: Agent Century Olrla. 
Raarey. Harry: Agent Human Heart*. South- 
ern Co. 

Relchenbach. Harry: Agent Third Degree. Co. B. 

Belt, Loult: Manager Uant Htnton. 

Reno, 0. R.: Manager Human Heart*. Northern 


Reynold*. M. C: Agent Rolllckera. 
Reyoolda, Jno. B. : Agent Midnight Bona, But 

ern Co. 

Reynold!., Wm. Bartlett: Manager Blanche Ring 

helnatrom, A. L. : Manager The Arcadlana. 
Rice, M. E. : Manager Ugbt Eternal. 
Bice, B. L.: Agent Glaser'* St. Elmo Co. 
Rice, H. W.: Agent Olrl from C. 8. A.. Central 

Rich. Al. 

Ichard*. W. 

: Manager Brewster'* Million*. 

ftSSSSSm MU*oori°blrl, 
Etttem Co. 

Rldrr, E. Dick: Manager Bowery Burleeqnert. 
Rleaenberger, Arthur L.: Agent Serenadera. 
Rlgg*. Chu.: Manager Girl In The Kimono, 
n I i.-y. Wm. Franklin: Agent The Alaakan. 
Riley, Prank: Agent White Capttee. 
Rltb. Jos.: Manager Mhwourl Olrl. 
Robb. Bnd: Manager Thoa. E. Shea Co. 
Roble. Loult: Mtntger Knlckeibocker*. 
Robert*. J. K. : Manager Tbe Thief. No. 1. 
Robey, H. C: Agent Ja*. T. Power* Co. • 
Bobbins, Jaa.: Agent The Spendthrift. Eattern 

Roblnaon, Sam: Manager Coxy Corner Olrla, 
Robinson. Jno. R. : Agent Sam T. Jack'* Bar- 

Robinson, A C. : Agent Wm. Collier Co. 
Rndel, R. A.: Manager May Robaon Oo. 
Roddy. W. H.: Ar-nt Merry Widow. 
Roe, Thoa.: Agent Cowboy and the Thief. 
Rotea. WalterM.: Agent Flower of tbe Ranch. 
Roehm. Will: Manager Jtrdln de Parla Olrla. 
Rote. Hary: Agent Big Rerlew. 
Ro*enb*um, Ed.: Foil let of 1010. 
Ttotenbtum. Ed.:, Jr.: Agent Hlchtrd Ctrl* Oo. 
Rosenth*!, E. M. : Manager Felllea of New York 

Agent Julian Eltlnge Co. 

mlan OlrL 

and Pari*. 
Rotenth*!. J. J. 

Rota, Fred O.: Manager Boheml 

Roth, Al S.: Manager De Wolf Hopper Co. 
Roth. Nat: Manager Erin I Sctarff Co. 
Rowland. Jr., Ed.: Manager The Boaary. 
Saekett. E. I_: Agent Jat. K. Htckett Co. 
Stge Percy: Agent Seten Dtye. 
8ageraon. F. p.: Manager At the Mercy of TV 

te rlo.. • 

Salltbnry, Chat. : Agent Frederic Clarke Oo. 

Sampson, Roy: .Manager Tel. a Ranger Co. Weat- 
ern Co. 

Sander*. J. A.: 


Amrrlca'a forcmoet fun-maker*. Two hour*' 
entertainment reduced to twenty-lite minute*, 
with cndlett chain of fun and amuaement and 
new eclcntluc lialr-ralalng feature* that put «p 


Sanders. A. R. : Agent Mildred and Ronclers 


8a under*. Claude: Agent Olrl of My Dreamt 
8a under*. C. E. : Manager Three Twins, Eattern 


Salter, Ed.: Manager Flirting Prince**. 
SehayvT, E. Richard: Agent Traveling Salea- 
man, Co. A. 
Scfanta. Eugene: Manager Merry Widow, Eastern 


Seiion, Chat. A. : Manager Cow and the Moon. 
Beymoftr, Dare: Manager 
Shtfer. Edward: 




Simon*. Bob: Manager Fads and Follies, 
Slmonds, Teddy: Manager Americana. 
Simpson. Ben P.: Agent Rosalind at Red Gate, 

Western Co. 
Blerln, L, J.: Manager Bererly, Western Co. 
Smith. Matt: 


Smith. Howard: Manager Robert Man tell Co. 
Smith, Merle E. : Manager Golden Olrl. 
Smith, Frank L.: Agent Harry Hutlnga' Show, 
htnith. Leslie E. : Manager Phil Maber Oo. 
Knowhlll, C. G. : Agent Wataoa'a Bnrltaquer*. 
Spsngler, A. v.: Manager Joe lion it Co, 
Spark*. W. K._: 
Spear*. Jo*.: 

8Unton, L, 

ern Co. 

Sttrk, Lou: Manager Brigadier*. 

Stair. Frank E. : Manager George Sidney Co. 

Mteelwnlib. C. M.: Managtr Our Village Po*t 

Agent Dockstsdsr's Mlnatrel*. 
Manager Chocolate Soldier. East 

Stephenson. Pre 

ern Co 

Story. Alex.: Manager Aa Told In the II ilia. 
Stout. J. M-: Manager Madame Sherry, Co. 1 
Strtaaman. Albert: Agent Th* Arcadlin*. 
SI route. Hairy M. : Manager Lady Buccaneer*. 
Star get, Cbaa. It.. Agent Erana' Honey Boy Mln- 

Snlllran. Geo. A.: Agent Turning Point, 
Sulllran, Jno. P.: Manager White Buuew. 
Juperlor. Dare: Agent Raymond Hitchcock Co, 

sydell. Jack: 
Talbot. Lew la 

t Row Sydell'* London Belle*. 

Agent Rote Sy 
i: Msoager Wo 

orld of Pleaaure. 

Taylor. Chu. E. : Manager Midnight MaMena. 

Tie Bif Eli Wheel 

FOR 1911 

Is lbs boiled down 
ruence of mechani- 
cal skill, combined 
with years of ex- 
perience, on tbe road 
and la th* shop, to 
b a 1 1 d .the but 
amusement wheel 
ever put op. AND 
WE DO. We hare 
happily com 
blind th* beanty of 
the wheel with tbe reliability of construction, 
which plttttt the eye and alto tatltlltt tbe 
eanae of absolute aafety. A pleaaure to own 
and opsrst* on* of I net* money getter*, which 
are In use from Canada to Sooth Africa. Write 
for new price Hat *ad adTancs Information for 
HI.. V. S. A. 


Box ItS-B, 



Wat. WURiTLEnr, Mgr., 
■ **.. W. K A. 

Miss Mabel Brooks 



Address Lincoln, Nebr., Permanent. 


A Good, Sober, Hard-working 


Anything that paya tbe cash. 

leuce. Don't 


W. U. TIBBILS. Beaumont 

ticket It yot 

it, Te: 

Car show exper- 
are reliable, 


Tboroogbly experienced, strict sobriety, straight- 
forward business ability. Good pre** worker end 
close contractor. Three year* as a newspaper 
man makea It easy to get on tbe Inside. Us a 
lot* of paper, alto not afraid of paste. Eight 
yean' clrcua experience. Regards to Geo. Guy 
and Andrew Downle. CHAS. W. PARKER. 
Merlden. Conn. Home — Kensington Height. . 


Ws art tat* low- 
est pries whole- 
sale Jewelry sad 
Novelty Hons* is 

Ws hat* trtry 

thins *f lataat 
aad largsst ttock 




W* are 

C. B. A. Agen t* for 

WlMlM*sVlaar Jrw • 1* r» 
IMUl X. MMaaS LttrtMt, Ohl«M% SL 

J » .- i - r- VS. 1 
r., ;, • • - ' : w 

'J? " ' >. - \ 


ttfeg lan his. Man ll Issdl. 


JwMirf Strut, li. Ttiimtfa, I. T„ U. I. L 




OV ■ LTI K S for Fab 
Houses. Jobber*. Agent* and 

WIR( AttTIST* suepi us 

Send for free illustrated lltt of goods. 
H. MOTT CO, IIS 111 KABtn ST, CUCiCs, I 

CARDS ssbbs 

..*••••*•*•..* ••• 





We wish you. each and ercry one. a Happf *&4 
Vro«prroiu New Year, with many happy re- 
urnM. I mm now ready to Ao buxlne^it *A*Tb mil 
first-class aod rrllable prlTllece sn«t rt»DCf.«Bloa 
people. Remember tbe Time, Oct. u> *i 1011; 
tbe Place. Macon. Oa.; tbe Fair. QEORgM 



Dodging Rbesn* Monkey*, retdy for work, with 
»1«: IS cstb with order. Ctntry Rlrda 

-ages for wheel* and pKk- 

for loncle thowa. Writ* 
... a. iTtJIHTlO AWp PA- 
RTED STORE. !33 Mtdlton St., Chlotgt, 

or fnrther parlleoVari. 


real .potted 

gJaaa. BtillLaacy gusmnSatd a y**n. 
atonntedlnHgtolldtolddlamondmountlofi. Wills 
ton aaur ttxlo rtas. pis or itnd oa to tra«l — all chart aa 
ramli--a. S SSm S " * « »■■■■. trWrtt. t.r rna. 

atal grlita g*l t?a*i*aa**a*ts^ 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

Charles Mark: Agent Wildfire, 
won. Franklin: Manager Old Homestead. 
U C CertrBi : Co*««>*" er Daniel Boone on the 

Xhom«, Arthur 6.: Manager My Cinderella 

SECTS' Mnag^S^Manie^Co 
TlmbaU. Fred: Manager The City. 
Tlerney. Edward: Agent Wm. Macauley Co. 
Tladale. Wm. G.: Manager Chocolate Soldier, 

Chicago Co. 
Toohey, J Do. P.: Agent JoUy Bachelors. 
Towers. David: Manager Fourth Estate. 
Travers. Wm. jr.: Manager Blanche Walsh Co. 
Trousdale, E. E.: Manager Man on the Box. 
Tack, 8am. L.: ••— 
Tnrner, Walter: 


Turner. Smith: Agent At the Mercy of Tiberias, 
van Etten, W. H. : Manager Yankee Doodle De- 

Vetter, J. K. : Manager Dan Cupid. 
Victor, Leon: Agent Blue Moose, Western Co 
vkjn, Jos. F. : Manager The Climax. 
VogeL Jno. w.: Manager Voxel's Minstrels. 
Walnstock, Morris: Msnager Rector Girls! 
Waggoner. Bod: Agent Miss Nobody from Star- 

Wagner. N. C: Agent Way DOwn East. 
Wall, Jas.: Manager Adventures of Polly 
Walsh, Townsend: Agent Otis Skinner Co. 
Walsh, Wm. H.: Agent Old Homestead. 
Walters, Elmer: Agent Wright Lorimer Co. 
Walters, Chas. L.: Manager Happy Hooligan. 
Walters. Geo. D.: Agent Adventures of folly. 
Warner: Edwin* 1 
Watson, Lew: 

Wee. O. E-: Manager Glri of t 
Weeden. James: Manager The _ 
Weinberg. Sam: Manager Wise Goy. 
Werthelmer: Agent Grsnstsrk. Southern Co. 
Wheeler. A. P.: Agent House of a Thousand 

Candles. Co. B. 
Whltbeek. Frank: Agent Harry Clay Blaney Co. 
White. Al. w.: Agent FIske O'Hara. 
White, J. Louis: Manager Bessie McCoy Co. 
White. Geo. F.: Agent Winning Miss. 
White. WIT! L-: Manager Final Settlement. 
Whltteaiale. Jas.: Manager Polly of the Circus. 

Chas. F.: Manager Queen of Bohemia. 
Sam B. : Agent Star & Garter Show. 
Frank: Manager Star * Garter Show. 
II. A.: Manager Merry Widow. 
Tbos. C: Agent St. Elmo Co. 
Jacob: Agent Baby Mine. Western Co. 
. n, Wm. L-: Agent Buster Brown. 
Williams, Arthor G-: Agent Glr! of My Dreams. 
Williams, C. B. : Agent Soul Kiss. Eastern Co. 
WlUlams. J. It. : Manager Maude Adams Co. 
Williams. Frank: Manager They Loved a Lassie, 
wmiams. Fred C: Manager Grauatark. South- 

Williams. C. 


Williams. Chas. A. : Manager Arizona. 
Williamson. D. It. : Manager Tiger Lilies, 
will an!. Frank M.: Agent Willis Amuse. Squaw 
Man Co. 

WDIard. L. B.: Manager Time, the Place and 

WnUra !U CTaTence* r W C ^ > 'L 
Wilson.' E. G.: Manager G: 

Central Co. 
Wilson. Chas. D. : 

Wllstacb, Jno.: Agent Mary Marine ring Co, 
WUatach. Claxton: Manager Sotbern- Marlowe 


Woolfolk, Wm. W. : Manager In Panama. 
Woslfolk. Boyle: Manager Winning Miss. 

Fred E.: .Agent Wm. Hodge do. 

Art: Manager 1 

e: Manager Dockstader's Mln- 

Manager Gentleman from 


Americans. Teddy Slmonds. mgr.: Lay-off at 

Phils.. Jan. 2-7: (Csslno) Brooklyn, 8-X4. 
Beauty Troat, Harry W. " 



; (Oayety) 

Show. Jack Singer, mgr.: (Gayety) 
Jan. 2-T: (Colombia) N. Y. C, 9-14. 

Big Banner Show, Frank Livingston, mgr.: (Co- 
rinthian) Bocheater. Jan. 2-7: (Mohawk) Sche- 
nectady, 0-11; (Empire) Albany, 12-14. 

Big Beriev, Henry P. Slxon. mgr.: (Colombia) 
Boston, Jan. 2-7: (Bon Ton) Jersey City, It 11; 
. (Folly) Peterson. 12-14. 

Bohemians. Al. Lubln. mgr.: (People's) Cincin- 
nati. Jan. 2-7: (Folly) Chicago, 0-14. 

Bon Tons: (Murray Hill) K. Y. C, Jan. 2-7: 
(Metropolis) N. V. C. nil. 

Bowery Burlesqucrs. E. Dick Rider, mgr.: (Onr- 
tig A Seamon's) N. Y. C, Jan. 2-7; (Murray 
Hill) V. Y. C. 0-14. 

Rrtgadlers. Louis Stsrk. mgr.: (Lyceum) Wash., 
D. C, Jan. 2-7; (Monumental) Baltimore, 8- 

Broadway Gaiety Girls. Louis Oberwortb. mgr.: 
(Colombia) Scranton. Jan. 2-4: (Luzerne) 
Wilkes Barre. 5-7; (Trocadero) Phils.. 0-14. 

Century Girls, Jack Faust, mgr.: (Star) Mil 
^waukee^ Jao. 2-7; ^(Dewey) Minneapolis. » 

^( A^nue'i'Tjlltroit, "a"' 2-7'; (LafajeUe) 
falo. 0-14. 

College Girls. Msx Spiegel, mgr.: (Gayety) 
PhUa.. Jan. 2-7: (Star) Brooklyn, 0-14. 

Columbia Burlesqacrs. Frank Logan, mgr.: 
(Star) Brooklyn, Jan. 2-7: (Waldmann'sj 
Newark. 0-14. 

Cozy Corner Girls. Sam Robinson, mgr.: (Em- 
pire) Chicago, Jan. 2-T; (Avenue) Detroit, 
9-14. ' 

Crneker Jacks. Harry Leonl. mgr.: (Metropolis) 
N. -T. C. Jan. 2-7; (Westminster) ITovIdenee. 

Dainty Duchess: (Wsldmsnn's) 


2-7: (Empire) Hoboken. 9-14. 
. PuT 
D. C. 0-14 

Dreamland Bnrlesquers. 
cadero) Phlla., Jan. 

Izzy Grodx, mgr.: (Tro- 
2-7; (Lyceum) Wash., 

Ducklings, Frank Calder. mgr.: (Miner's Bronx) 
N. Y. c, Jan. 2-7; (Sth Are.) N. Y. C. 0- 

Fads and Follies, Chas. B. Arnold, mgr.: (Gay- 
ety) Brooklyn. Jan. 2-7: (Olympic) N. T. C. 

Follies of Xew York and Paris. E. M. Rosen- 
thal, mgr.: (Gsyelyl Wash.: D. C. Jan. 2-7: 
rosyeryi l'ltt»l>onr. o-i-t. 

Follies of the Day, Barney Gerard, mgr.: (Bow- 
ery) N. Y. C. Jan. 2-7: (Folly) Paterson, 
9-11; (Bon Ton) Jersey City, 12-14. 

Ginger Girls, Lou Hurtlg, mgr.: (Olympic) H. 
Y. a. Jan. 2-7; (Gayety) Phlla.. 0-14. 

Girls from Dixie, Jos. Leavltt, mgr.: (Star) 
Cleveland, Jan. 2-7: (Empire) Chicago, 0-14. 

Girls from Happyland, E. W. Chlpman, mgr.: 
(Albambra) Chicago, Jan. 2-7; (Standard) 
Cincinnati. 9-14. 

Golden Crook. Jas. Fulton, mgr.: (Casino) Bos- 
ton, Jan. 2-7; (Empire) Albany, 0-11; (Mo- 
hawk) Scheme In, IV. 12-14. 

Hastings'. Harry. Show (Standard) Clnclnuatl. 
Jan. 2-7; (Gayety) Louisville, 9-14. 

Imperials. Sim Williams, mgr.: (Buckingham) 
Louisville, Jan. 2-7; (People's) Cincinnati. 9- 

Irwln's Big Show: (Gayety) Baltimore, Jan. 2- 

I^&JL^St wiu 9 
(Howard) Boston, Jan. 2-7; (Columbia) 
ton, 9-14. 

Jersey Lilies, Jas. Cooper, mgr.: (Gayety) Mil- 
waukee. Jan. 2-7: (Alhambra) Chicago. 9-14. 

Jolly Girls. B. E. Patton. mgr.: (Dewey) Minn- 
eapolis, Jan. 2-7: (Star) St. Panl, 9-14. 

Kentucky Bellea. Chas. E. Foreman, mgr.: (La- 
fayette) Buffalo, Jan. 2-7; (Star) Toronto, 0- 

Kulckerbockers, Louis Bobc. mgr.: (Gayety) 
Detroit. Jan. 2-7; (Gayety) Toronto. 9-14. 

Lady Buccaneers. Harry M. St rouse, mgr.: (Ly- 
ceum) St Joseph. Mo., Jan. 5-7; (Century) 
Kansas city, 9-14. 

Love Makers, Harry S. Clark, mgr.: (Gayety) 
Minneapolis, Jan. 2-7; (Gayety) Milwaukee, 

Majesties. Fred Irwin, mgr.: (Csslno) Phlla., 
Jan. 2-7: (Gayety) Baltimore, 9-14. 

Marathon Girls, Sam L. Tuck, mgr.: (Gayety) 
St. Louis, Jan. 2-7; (Gayety) Kansas City, 

9-14. _ 

Merry Whirl, Louis Epstein, mgr.: (Folly) Pa- 
terson, Jan. 2-4: (Bon Ton) Jersey City. 5-7; 
(Columbia) Scranton, 0-11; (Luzerne) WUkea- 
Barre. 12-14. 

Midnight Maidens, Cbns. Taylor, mgr.: Mo- 
hawk) Schenectady, Jan. 2-4; (Empire) Al- 
bany) 5-7; (Casino) Boston. 0-14. 

Miss New York, Jr., Wm. Fennessy, mgr.: 
(Star) Toronto, Jan. 2-7; (Royal) Montreal, 

Moulin Rouge, Maurice Jacobs, mgr.: (Casino) 
Brooklyn, Jan. 2-7; (Empire) .Brooklyn, 9-14. 
Parisian Widows, F. Abbott, mgr.: (Gayety) 
Louisville. Jan. 2-7: (Gayety) St Lools. 0-14. 
Passing Parade, Moo Messing, mgr.: (Royal) 

Montreal. Jan. 2-7; (Howard) Boston. 9-14. 
Pennant Winners. Hobt Mills, mgr.: (Empire) 
Jsn. 2-7: (Bowery) N. Y. C. 9-14. 

: Spiegel, mgr.: (Empire) 
(Mohawk) Schenectady) u- 

: (Star A 
r) Detroit, 


Queen of Bohemia, Mi 
Albany, Jan. 2-4; . 
7; (Gayety) Brooklyn. 9-14. 

Queens of the Jardln de Paris. Jos. Howard, 
mgr.: (Gayety) Pittsburg, Jan. 2-7; (Em- 
pire) Cleveland, 9-14. 

Rector Girls. Morris Walnstock. mgr.: (Star) 
St Panl, Jan. 2-7; (Lyceum) St. Joseph, 12- 

Beeves'. Al., Beauty Show (Gayety) Toronto, 

Jan. 2-7: (Garden) Buffalo. 0 14. 
Rentz-Santley. Burt Kendrlefc, mgr.: (Empire) 

Toledo, Jan. 2-7; (Star A Garter) Chicago. 


Robinson Crusoe Girls, Ed. Davidson, mgr.: 
(Gayety) Omaha. Jan. 2-7; (Gayety) Minn- 
eapolis, 0-1C 

Sollickers, Alex. Gorman, mgr.: (Monumental) 
Baltimore, Jan. 2-7; (Lyric) Allentown. 0: 
(Academy) Beading, 10: (Majestic) Hsrrla- 
burg. 11; (Mlahlen Al toons, 12; (Cambria) 

0-14. , , 

Serenade™. Geo. Armstrong, mgr.: (fcmplre) 

Cleveland. Jan. 2-7; (Empire) Toledo, 0-14. 
Star & Carter Show. Frank Wiesberg. mgr.: 

(Gayety)^ Kansas City, Jan. 2-7; (Gayety) 

Star Show Girls. John T. Baker, mgr.: (Bon 
Ton) (Jersey City, Jan. 2-4: (Folly) Pater- 
soo. 5-7; (Luzerne) Wilkes Barre. 0-11: (Co- 
lumbia) Scranton, 12-14. 

Sydell's, Rose. London Belles, W. S. Campbell, 
mgr.: (Columbia) N. Y. C, Jan. 2-7; (Ca- 
sino) Phlla . 0-14. _ . _ _ . 

Tiger Lilies, Wm. Drew, mgr.: (Folly) Chi- 
cago. Jan. 2-7; (Star) Milwaukee, 9-14. 

Trocadcros. Chas. H. Waldron. 
Garter) Chicago. Jan. 2-7; (< 

1. C, 0-14. 

Washington Society Girls, Lou Watson, mgr.: 
(Standard) St Louis. Jan. 2-7: (Empire) In- 
dianapolis, 0-14. 

Watson's Bnrlesquers, W. B. Watson, mgr.: 
(Majestic) Harrlsborg, 4: (Mlshler) Altoona. 
6; (Cambria) Johnstown, 6; (Academy) Pitts- 
burg, 9-14. _ 

White's, Pat. Gaiety Girls. Walter Greaves, 
mgr.: (Empire) Indlaniipolls, Jan. 2-7; (Buck- 
ingham) Louisville, 9-14. 

Wise Guy: (Empire) Brooklyn. Jan. 2-7: (Mi- 
ner's Bronx) N. T. C. 0-14. 

World of Pleasure. Louis Talbot, mgr.: (Lu- 
zerne) Wllkes-Barre, Jan. 2-4; (Colombia) 
Scranton. 5-7; Lay-off at Phlla.. 0-14. 

Yankee Doodlo Girls. Sol Myers, mgr.: (8th 
Ave.) Jf. X. C., Jan. 2-7; (Empire) Newark. 


Academy of Mnslc Stock Company, Wm. Fox. 

mgr.: N. Y. C. Aug. M. lndaf. 
Alcazar Stock Co.. Balasco & Mayer, i 

San Francisco. CaL. auk. 20. lodet. 
Arvlne-Benton Players: Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 

0. lndef. 

Auditorium Stock Co.. Geo. E. Laske. mgr.: 

Kansas City. Mo., Nov. 5, lndef. 
Andltorium Stock Co.: Toledo, 0., Dec. 12. 


Avenue Stock Co., Conness A Edwards, mgrs. : 
Wilmington, Dels.. Oct 3, lndef. 

Allen, Esielle. Co.: Boston, Mass.. 2-7. 

Allan's Comedians. F. A. Pesrce. mgr.: Dryden. 
N. Y. 2-4; Newark Valley 5-7. 

Baker Stock Co.. Geo. I.. Baker, mgr.: Spo- 
kane. Wash.. Sept. 4. lndef. 

Baker Stock Co.. Geo. L Baker, mgr.: Port- 
land. Ore.. Oct. 17. lndef. 

Baker Stock Co.. Geo. L. Baker, mgr.: Se- 
attle, Wash., Sept. 11. lndef. 

Bah'wInMelville Stock Co.. Waller S. Bald- 
win, mgr.: Providence. R. I., Nov. 14. Indet. 

Belasco & Stone Co.. Belasco 4c 
Los Angeles, Cel.. lndef. 

Bijou Stork Co., Kllmt & Ganolo, mgrs.: Chi- 
cago. Ill, July 3. lndef. 

Bijou Stock Co.: Pawtuckct, R. I., Aug. 8. 

Bishop's Players. W. n. Bishop, mgr.: Oak- 
land. Cal., lndef. 
Blttner. Bill, Stock Co.: El Paso, Tex., Dec, 

25. lndef. 

Boston Players, Geo. C. Wilson, mgr.: Bal- 
timore, Md.. Nov. 21, lndef. 

Bunting, Emma. Associate Players: Jackson- 
ville. Fla.. Oct. 2, lndef. 

Burbank Stock Co., Oliver Morosco, mgr.: Los 
Angeles. Cel., lndef. - 

Boston Comedy Co.. H. Price Webber, mgr.: 
North Sydney, C. B.. Can., 31-Jan. 7; Sydney 

Brown. Kirk. Co.. J. T. Macauley, mgr.: Erie. 
Pa„ 2-7. 

Buckley, Louise. Stock Co.. Harry Hamilton 

mgr.: Del Monte, Cal., 1-14. 
Burgess Stock Co.. Taylor & Disney, mgrs.; 

Clayton, 111.. 2-4; Versailles 6-7; Bluffs O il; 

Chaplo 12-14. 
Bnrrowes-Leslle Stock Co., Walter Burrowes. 

mgs.: Mobile. Ala.. Dec. 20, lndef. 
College Stock Co.. M. Gleason, mgr.: Chicago. 

III., Nov. 7, lndef. 
Copeland Bros.' Stock Co.: Wltchlts, Kan.. 

Oct. 17, lndef. 
Cornell's Harry. Players. J. W. Gillette, mgr.: 

Butte. Mont, Aug. 14. lndef. 
Court Players: Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec 5, lndef. 
Craig. John. Stock Co.: Boston, Mass., Aug. 

20, lodet. 

Crescent Stock Co., Percy Williams, mgr.: 
Brooklyn, N. Y.. Sept 3. lndef. 

Carr Stock Co.. Wm. A. Oarr., mgr.: Marlon, 
O., 2-4; MansOeld 6-7. 

Carroll Comedy Co.. Ion Carroll, mgr.: Phllllps- 
burg. Pa., 2-7; Tarcntum 0-14. 

Cbauncey-Kelffer Co.. Fred Chaunccy, mgr.: 
Olean. N. Y„ 2-7; Dunkirk 9-14. 

Cnlhane's Comedians, No. 1, Wilt E. Culbane. 
mgr.: Columbns. Ind., 26-Jan. 7. 

Colbane's Comedians, No. 2, Macklyn Allyn. 
mgr.: Port Huron, Mich.. 26-Jan. 7. 

Cnlhane's Comedians, No. 3, Geo. Penrose, mgr.: 
Connersrllle, Ind., 2-7. 

Colbane's Comedians, No. 4, Wm. H. Chase, 
mgr.: Bedford. Ind.. 2-7. 

Davis Stock Co., Harry Davis, mgr.: Pitts- 
burg. Pa., Sept. 5, tndet. 

Dominion Players. W. B. Lawrence, mgr.: 
Winnipeg, Can.. Aug. 29. lndef. 

Dougherty Stock Co. (Doogharty A Cox's): 
Oakes. N. D„ 2-4: Heels. S. D.. 6-7. 

DeLacy, Leigh. Stock Co.. Monte Thompson, 
mgr.: Mlddletown. Coon.. 2-7. 

Empire Stock Co.. Monte Thompson, mgr.: Hol- 
yoke, Mass.. lndef. 

Forbes Stock Co.. Gns A. Forbes, mgr.: Brook- 
lyn, N. v.. Sept 3. lndef. 

Forbes Stock Co., Gob A. Forbes, mgr.: Stam- 
ford, Conn., Nov. 28. lndef. 

Forepaugh Stock Co.. Geo. F. and L. Fore- 
psngh r'lsh. mgrs.: Cincinnati. O. Sept. 18, 

German Stock Co.: Cincinnati, O.. Oct. 2. ln- 

Grrman Stork Co.: Milwaukee. Wis., Sept 25, 
I Oder. 

German Stock Co., Then. Burgarth, mgr.: N. 

Y. C. Sept. 24. lndef. 
German Stock Co., Max Hanlsch, mgr.: Phils., 

Sept 24. lndef. 
German Stock Co.: St. Louis, Mo.. Oct. 2. 


Glrtou Stock Co.: Los Angeles, Cal., June 

26, lndef. 

Olasa Stock Co.: Houston. Tex.. Dec. 25. ln- 

Gordon Associate Stock Co.: Chicago, 111., Dec. 
25. lndef. 

Grand Stock Co.. M. Keener, mgr.: Reading. 

Pa.. Oct 24. lndef. 
George, Gladys. Stock Co., Jos. H. Bcnner. mgr. : 

Logansport. Ind., 2-7; Lafayette 9-14. 

Co., N. A pi " ii. mgr.: Newburg. 

Hali'a Associate Players: Key West, FIs., Oct. 
22. indef. 

Hay ward. Grace. Stock Co.: Osk Park, Chi- 
cago. III. 

Hall. Don C. Repertoire Co.: Camp Grove, 111.. 

2-7: Crrston 9-14. 
Henderson Stock Co., W. J. A B. B. Henderson, 

mgrs.: Ogden. la., 2-7. 
Hlllman's Ideal Stock Co.. No. 1. Lucy M. 

Hayes, mgr.: 8tockton. Kan., 2-4; Woodston 

6-7; Alton 0-11; Downs 12-14. 
Hlckman-Bcssey Co., James D. Proudlovc, mgr.: 

Kenosha. Wis.. 2-7; Racine 0-14. 
Hyde's Theatre Psrty. W. O. McWattcrs, mgr.: 

Kalamazoo. Mich.. 2-7; Jackson 9-14. 
Imperial Theatre Stock Co.. Kllmt A Gazzolo. 

mgrs.: Chicago. III.. lodef. 
Indiana Stock Co.: So. Bend, Ind., Sept 4. 


Ingersoll Stock Co., Wm. Ingersoll. mgr.: Sslt 
Lake. V.. Sept. 4. Indef. 

Keith Stork Co.. Csto S. Keith, mgr.: Llms, (>.. 
2-7; Logansport. Ind., 0-14. 

Kelly Stock Co.. Sherman Kelly, mgr.: Chippewa 
Fslls. Wis.. 2-7: Neeoab 0-14. 

Keyes Sisters Stock Co.: Alliance. O.. 2-7. 

Klark, Gladys. Co., J. E. Balfour, mgr.: Marl- 
boro, Mass., 2 7. 

Keene. Lorraine. Associate Players, H. L. Law- 
rence, mgr.: Btoomlngton 111., indef. 

Keith Stock Co.. James E. Moore, mgr.: Port- 
land. Me.. April 10, lodef. 

King. Joseph, Stock Co.: Lancaster Pa., Sept. 

LaPnrte. Mae. Slock Co.. Joe McEnroe, mgr.: 
New Cattle. Ind.. 2 7: Anderson 0-2t. 

La ilm. .re A- Leigh Stock Co.: Portage la Prairie, 

Man., Can.. 2-7. 
Lockes. The. Harry Sohns. mgr.: Hill City. Kan.. 
2-4: Colby .1-7: Goodland 0-11; Norton 12-14. 
0. lndef. 

Lawrence Players, p. 8. Lawrence, mgr.! Se- 
attle. Wash.. July 25. lndef. 
Lewis-Oliver Slo*k Co.. Otis Oliver, mgr.: Stre- 

ator. 111., Indef. 
Lyceum Stock Co.. Louis Phillips, mgr.. Brook- 

Ivn N. Y„ Indef. 
Lyric Stock Co. L. M. Gorman, mgr.: Lin- 

coin. Neb., Ang. 20. lndef. 
Lyric Stork Co.. Chas. P. Salisbury, mgr.: 

Minneapolis. Minn., lndef, 
I ytell-Vaitghan Stock Co.. chas. Burton, mgr.: 

lonlsrllle, Ky.. Dec. 25, lndef. 
Lewis Stock Co.. W. II. Lewis, mgr.: Clinton, 

Kr.. 2-T- Jackson. Tenn.. 0-14. 
Mojeslle Theatre Stock Co.. C. P. Farrlng- 

tot mgr.: Schenectady. N. Y„ Nor. 12, In- 

def. : 
Morrls-Thnrston Stock 'Co.. Wm. B. Morris. 

mgr.: Mllwankee, Wis.. Indef. 

Best Music in tie World for Skatiig litis 

Writ* (or Catalogues and Prist*. 
Horth Tonawanda Hailoal Intliumsnt Works 

N. V. 

emori Gems 

lonsly reeoastrnetsA 
Looks like a dl«- 

Not Imitations 

The greatest triumph of 
the electrl 

gem. Loot 

mond— wears like a dia- 
mond — brilliancy guaran- 
teed forever — stands nllag, 
tire and scld like a dia- 
mond. Haa no pasta, foO 
or artificial backing. Sst 
only In 14 Karat Solid OoU 
mountings, 1-S0tb the coat of 
diamonds. Gnsrsnleed to contala 
no glasa — will cut glass. Sent oa 
approval. Money cheerfully refund- 
ed If not perfectly satisfactory. 
Write to-day for our De-Los 
Jewel Book— It's free for the 
asking. Address— 


«M ». Broadway, 
St Louis, Mo. 


The most convenient book ever ar- 
ranged for the use of Managers, 
Agents, Performers, etc. Complete 
in Every Detail. 

You are Nevar Sura without 
• Dat* Book 

is Maps of tie United States 

10 c. 


416 ELM ST., 




Illue. Catalog Inoludsd. 
Dspt, I, 170 39 it, M. T. 

JANUARY 7, 19T1. 

TI*«3 BlUOoard 


Morcy Slock Co.. No. 1 . <l* CMBta * - 
er i), 0. 8. OoUlcotU^ miir.. DM .Moines, 
la.. Indef. 

Mnln-r. I'll II. Co., Leslie K. Smllli, uitfr. : Oswego, 
N. Y„ -0 Jan. T. 

Manners Stock Co., U. II. IUIUnis, mgr.: Milan, 
Mo., 2-4: Plattsburg B-7; I'olo 0-11. 

ii. ts.ii .illi m«k a, Jim Wallace, mgr.: 
Kau Claire. Wis,, 2-7; Wanpaca, B-li. 

Marka Broa.' Co.. Krnla Marks, mgr.: Halley- 
burr. Oat.. Can.. a-T. ' ' ' • •* 

Mocvl Stock Co., (IA-Comto & Fleafcer'a), P. A. 
Murphy. nikT.: Cherokee. Okla.. 2-T: King- 
fisher 014. 

Human Slock Co.. J. Don a Morgan, mgr.: Han- Mo., 2-7; Colombia 0-14. 
Murray-Maekcy Stock Co.. Joo. J. Murray, mgr.: 

ivterboro. out.. Can.. 2-7. 
Nallooal Stock Co.: Montreal, Can.. Auk. 15, 


Nelson. Marie. Plsyers. Rodney Hanous. mgr.: 

Chicago. III.. Sept. B. lndsf. 
NY. nut Players: Wllkea-Barre Pa.. Ifc-c. 28. 
New Criterion Slock Co.. Kllmt * Oauolo, 

mgrs.: Chicago. III.. Auk. 14. Indef. 
New Theatre Slock Co.. Wlothrop Amu. dlr- 

cetor. X. V. C. Xot. 7 Inder. 
North Bros.' Stock Co: Topeka Kan.. Indef. 
\rt»n. Marie, Co., Homer E. Ullbo, mgr.: 

Anattn. Tex.. 0-14. 
U|iera House Players: Patersou, X. J., lodef. 
Oriiheum Stock Co.. Grant Laferty, mgr.: Phlla. 


Partrllo Slock Co., W. A. Partello. mgr.: 
Calgary. .Mm.. Can., lodef. 

Passaic Stock Co.: Paaaalc, X. J.. Indef. 

I'm™ Stock Co.. E. 8. Lawrence, mar.: To- 
ledo O.. Aug. 28, Indef. 

I'ayton'a Lee Arcane Stock Co.. Corse Payton, 
mgr.: Brooklyn, X. Y.. Aug. 20. Indef. 

Pnyton 8toek Co.. Cora* Payton. mar.: Hoi 
keo. X. J.. Aug. 2». Inder. 

Perurbl-GyiKfoe Co.. C. D. lVrnrhl, mgr.: 
Tampa. Kin . Indef. 

[Mnlndeld Stock Co., llarry Brunoell. mar.: 
PlalnOeld. X. J.. Sept. 5, lodef. 

■'nil Stock Co.: Srrantou, Pa., Nor. 21. In- 

INlM Stock Co.: Norwleh. Conn.. Dee. 12. Inder. 
Princess Stock Co.. Victor H. Schalfer, mgr.: 

I'arcnport. la.. Indef. 
Princess Stock CtSy lies Moines, la.. Aug. 2S. 
ITIogle. Delia. Co*. C. K. Van Auker. mgr.: 

Everett. Wash.. Indef. 
Perry. Augusta. Slock Co.. Walter Diiwnlng. 

mgr.: IJIoucvslcr. Ma**.. 2*7. 
It.d.yiiii Ac Dorner Player*: Klmlra. X. V.. Oct. 

X Indef. 

Ituiwell * Drew Stock Co.: Seattle. Waah.. 

Aog. 28. Inder. 
l-lrgerts. The Four. Co.. Willi* Plekart. mgr.: 

l>eLand. Fla.. 212. 
Itnaar-Mamn Stock Co.. P. C. IUsar. mgr.: 

INIat. Mich.. 2 7. 
Iti II Edward. Player*. W. 0. Campbell, mgr.: 

Kokomn. Ind.. 2 7. 
Somw Stock Co.. Mortimer Snow, mgr.: Troy. 

X. T.. Xot. 7. Indef. 
Spnoner. Edna May. Stock Co.. Mary C.lhha 

Spooler, mgr.: Jersey City. X. J.. Oct. 3. 


Thornton. Virginia. Stork Co.: nclllnghain. 

\Va«h.. Imlef. 
Trousdale Broa.' Sloe* Co.: Cedar Rapids. 

la.. Sept. 20 Indef. 
Taylor Stork Co.. II. W. Taylor, mgr.: Illon, 

X. Y.. 2 T. 

VanDyke A Eaton Co.. II. Walter Van Dyke. 

mgr.: Milwaukee. Wis.. Inder. 
«"ln-i<.n, I.aura. Co.: Missoula. Mout, lidef. 
Wolfe Slock Co. 1. A. Wolfe, mgr.: Wlrblta. 

Kan.. Aug. 20. Imlef. 
\v.»Htwar,l Stock Co. O. D. Woodward, mgr.: 

"maba. Xeb.. Aug. 27, Indef. 
Whettrn Mock Co.: lllg Bend. Kan.. 2-7: Klr- 

wlo 0-14. 

Wlnnlnger Broa. - Co.: Janesvllle, Wl«.. 1-14. 
Wooda 8l«ter« S'oi-k (V : Beaumont. Tcn.. 3: 

Port Arthnr «-«.. 
Vale Stock Co.. Monte TImiiiih- <>i. -iigr. : Taunton. 

Ma«».. 2 4: Sonthhrldge .V7: Pninam. Conn.. 

Mil Ware. Man.. 12-14. 


..— . Where !»■» Y»n Mm, M. Welier. mgr.: 
X. V. ft. Kept. 2d. Imlef. 
Avlitor Tb,. Cohan ft Itarrl*. mgr..: X. Y. C. 

All Aristocratic' Tramp i Angler ltr«»/i: iHwe- 

go. Kan.. 4. 
Annie Lanrle. Fred o. p-rli.-r. mgr.: limit 

<>nt.. Cao.. 4: Berlin S: Llnda.iy it: OWm 

Sound 7. 

Atwrn Enxllah Grand Opera Co.. MIHon ft Sar 
gent Almrn. nigra.: Deliver. Col.. 2 7: l.llifolti. 
Neli.. otnahi 11-14. 

Arrn»a Hie Great Divide Gen. W. Lynn, mgr.: 
K"*lua. M..„ .1: Bonne Terre fl: Di-aloge 7: 
Flat rtlver t>: rVm Rnn 10: Frcdcrlcktnn 11: 
t'harleaton 12: Slkeatnn 13: E««-x 14. 

At the Mer-y «r Tll-erlns. Ulster ft Stair, 
n.gra.: Knowllle. Tern,. 2-4: Chattanooga 
B-7: Louisville. Ky.. S-14. 

Aa the Sen Went Down. Arthur I*. .Onion, 
prop. A mgr.: Birmingham Ala.. 2 7: Atlti 
la, On., n-14. 

At the Old Cross Road*. Arilnir C. Alston, 
prop. A mgr.: Worcester. Man. . 2-7. 

.Mi-mi in II-. The. Cbaa. Fmliman. mgr.: Chicago: 
HI.. 2.1 Jan. 7. 

Areadlan. The (Special). Chan, Vrolwian. mgr.: 
New D-leana. U„ |.7: VlrWww. Ml**.. 0; 
Mempli!*. Tenn.. 10-11: Xa.hMlle 12 13: Lex- 
ington. Ky.. 14. 

Vri-ne lupin. Chaa. Frohntnn. mgr.: Ruaton. 
Ms*... 2 14. 

.\-hwell. I aam, In Jndllb J.r , l.lehler ft Co.. 

ni«r-.: Toronto. Tan.. 2-7. 
Arlrona. r ,\. Wllllnma. mgr.: Ollnmwa. la.. 
4: VI Madlaon B: Hannibal. Mo., a). Mnhrrty 
7: •< .i m . ». 

A 7i'.\". , i . nf KU,y - nt*erty.Collli a Co . mgr..: 

Mlddlrhiiry VI.. 4: St. Alhana .1: Kev-evllle. 

X. d: piatiabnrg 7. 
Angllii. Margaret, tn (Imi Stocking*, l.lelder 

* Co.. nigra.: Siirlngneld. Maaa.. 4: Troy. 

•V, i .. B. 

Allen. Viola. In the White Slater. Llehter ft Co.. 

nigra.: Mrmnhla. Trnn.. B-7. 
m Wj t *8 f 'Raalern). Wlu. A. Rrad.v, mgr.: 

N. Y. ft. Aua;. 23. Indef. 
iiiirrymore Ktbel. In TTelawny of the Well*. 
-'^^Jtrnh'waB. mgr.: N. Y. 0.. Jan 2. Imlef. 
Hale., l'lanrlie. In KnboA*'* Willow. Pavlrt nd- 

" , 1 ;, , ".* T i, v - v ' °" ,5 - 

ST InVr ""nlwrta. mgra.: X. Y. C. Sept. 

n, xVc'h« 

Brewater'a MJlIfaHW, Al. Rich, mgr.: Chicago. 
111., 1-lt. 

Billy the KJd. r. R. Ho ad lay, mgr.: Omaha. 

Neb.. 1-4;; Pea- Molnea, la., 12-14. 
Bohemian Girl, ' Milton ft Sargent Aborn, 

mgra.: MUwanket, WU., 1-7; MlDoeapolla, 

Minn., 8-14. 

Beverly (Eaatern), DeUmater ft Xorrta. mgra-: 

Oueipb, Can... 4; Woodstock S; Hamilton 6-7; 

Toronto 0-14. 
Barerly (Weatern). Delamater ft Korrla. mgra.: 

Oakalooaa. la.. 4; Grlnnell B; Marahalltowo 

6: Waterloo 7: Cedar Baplda 8; Clinton 9; 

Rock Island, III., 10; Burlington. Ia.. 12; 

Ft. Madlaon 13: Keokuk 14. 
Blaney. Harry Clay. Henry Pleraon, mgr.: Co- 

lombna, 0., 2-4; Dayton 5-7; Chicago, III.. 8- 

Boater Brown. Hunter Brown Am. Co.. props. : 
Covington, Va., 4; Clifton Forge 5: Lynch- 
burg 6; Boanoke 7; Wlnatoo. X. C, 9; Stales- 
villa 10; Charlotte 11; Concord 12; Salisbury 
13; Greensboro 14. 

Bright Eyes, Jos. M. Oaltes. mgr.: Minneap- 
olis. Minn.. 1-7: St. Paul 8-14. 

Bachelor'a Honeymoon, Gllaon ft Rradfleld, 
mgra.: Vernon. Tex., 4; Henrietta S: Jacka- 
boro 0; Graham 7: Bowie 8; Decatur 0: Den- 
ton 11: Comanche 12; Cisco 13. 

Bllnn, Holbrook, In The Bona, Wm. A. Brady, 
mgr.: Wllkes-Barre, Pa„ 4. 

Bernhardt. Sarah, In Repertoire. W. F. Connor, 
mgr.: Hartford. Conn.. 4; SpringOeld. Mass.. 0; 
Worcester 7. 

Boston Grand Opera Co., Henry Russell, mgr.: 
Boston, Mass., Xov. 7, Indef. 

Bailey ft AoaSln. In Two Men sod A Girl, The 
8huberts, mgra. : St. Loots, Mo.. 2-7. 

Bellew. Kyrle, In Raffles. Chaa. Frohman, mgr.: 
8elma. Ala., 4; Montgomery 5: Pensacola, 
Fla^.. 0; Mobile. Ate.. 7; New Orleane. La.. 

Bunco' In Arlimm: Kansas Clly, Mo.. 2-7. 
Brecsc. Edmund. In The Scarecrow. Henry B. 

Ha rr In. mgr.: Boston. Mass.. 2-14. 
Blue Mmuv. E. J. Csrpenter. mgr.: Winchester, 

Ky„ 4: Richmond 5; Lexington 0; Xlcholss- 

Vllle 7. 

Hernanl. Sim, In He Came from Milwaukee. 

The simiiertK. mgra.: Brooklyn, X. Y., 2-7. 
Billy, with 8ldney Drew: Augusta. Me.. 4: 

Haverhill. Mann.. B; Lawrence 6; Newport. 

R. I.. 7: Fall Blver, Mass., 9; Xcw Bedrnrd 

10; Tauntnn 11; Providence. B. I., 1214. 
Ben Hut. Klaw A Erlangcr. mgrs.: MemphU. 

Tenn.. 2-7. 

CampbcU. Mrs. Pstrlrk. In the Foolish Virgin. 
Chsa. Frohman. mgr.: X. Y. ft. Dec. 1!>- 
Jan. 14. ■ 

Carter, Mrs. Le*lle. In Two Women. John Cort. 

mgr.: X. Y. ft, Xor. 29. Indef. 
Chevalier. Albert. In Daddy Dufanl. Llcnlcr ft 

Co.. mgrs.: X. Y. ft. Dee. 8. Indef. 
Chocolate Soldier. F. C. Whitney, mgr.: Chi 

cago. III.. Sept. 20 Jan. 7. 
Collier. Wm. In HI Be Hanged If I Do. Lew 

Field*, mgr.: X. Y. ft. Xov. 2J». Indef. 
Concert. The. David Belaaco. mgr.: X. Y. ft. 

Oct. S, Indef. 
Country Boy. Henry B. Harris, mgr.: Chicago. 

Ill . Dee. 20. Indef. 
Cnrtl*. Allen. Musical Comedy Co.: Denver, 

Colo.. Dec. 24. Inder. 
County Sheriff (0. E. Wee'a). Chaa. n. Brooke. 

mgr.: riirl. hu ill,-. O.. 4: Xewark 5: Sprlng- 

ocld 0-7. 

Commuter*. The (A>. nenry B. Harris, mgr.: 
Brooklyn. X. Y.. 2-7. 

Commuter*. The («l. Henry B. Harrla. mgr.: 
St. Lools. Mo.. 2 7. 

Country Boy (B). Henry B. narrt*. mgr.: Tren- 
ton. X. J.. 3-4: Atlantic City S-7 

Checkers. Stair ft Havlln. mgrs.: St. Paul. 
Minn.. 1-7: Mlnncannlla 8-14. 

Cameron. Grace. In Xancy (Kerr Am. Co.'*!. ft 
If. Kerr, mgr.: Seattle, Wash.. 1*7: Everett 
*: Victoria. B. ft. Can.. 0: Vancouver 10:11: 
Westminster 12; Bclllngham. Wash.. 13; 
Olympls 14. 

Cat and the Fiddle, Cbas. A. Sellon. mgr.: Ren- 
frew. Ont.. Can.. 4: Kingston S: Belleville ft; 
Pelersnoro 7: Stratford 10: London 111 St. 
Thomas 12: Rrantfnrd 13: Hamilton 14. 

Cow and the Moon. Cha*. A. Sellon. mgr.: Bir- 
mingham, Ala.. 4: Oadsden B: Rome Ga.. 0: 
Annlston. Ala.. 7; Montgomery 0; Srlma 10: 
Dcmnpnlla 11: Meridian. Mis*.. 12: Yaxoo 13: 
Jackson 14. 

Chocolate Soldier (F. ft Whitney's Eastern), 
loula Stern, mgr.: Philadelphia. Pa.. 20- Jan. 

Choeolste Soldier IF. C. Whitney's Coast): Van- 
couver. B. ft. Csn.. 4-3: Bclllnghsm. Wash.. 
0: Everett 7: Seattle 8-14. 

Carle. Richard, tn Jumping Jupiter. Frazee ft 
I^slerer. mgrs.: Cincinnati, 0.. 2-7: Richmond. 
Ind.. 0: Lexington. Ky.. 10; Charleston, w. 
Vs.. Iti Tj-nchhnrg. Vs.. 12: Richmond 13-14. 

City. The. The Shnbcrts, mgrs.: Wash.. D. ft. 

Chicago Grand Opera Co.: Chicago. III., Xov. 3, 

Crane. Wm. n.. In n. S. Mlnlater Redlnr. Cha*. 

Frohman. mgr.: Chicago. III.. Dec. 31. Indef. 
Climax. The Jo*. M. Weber, mgr.: Toledo. O.. 


Climax. The (Southern). 1'nlteil Plav Co.. Inc., 

mgrs.: Arkansas City. Kan.. 4: Perry. Okla., 

B: Tulsa 0: 1»*rtle»vllle 7: Claremore 0. 
Climax. The (Weaternl. United Play Co.. Inc.. 

mgr*.: Ygklma, Ws*h.. 4: Rllrnshnrg 1); Bos- 

lyn ft: Cle Elnm 7: Tacoma 8. 
Cro*man. Henrietta, tn Antl-Mstrlmony. Minrlee 

Camnbell. mgr.: Wheeling. W. Vs., 4: Dayton. 

0.. R: Springfield ft; Ploua 7. 
Cahlll. Marie. In Judy Forgot. Daniel V. Arthur. 

mgr.: X. Y. C. 2-7. 
Cameron. Dat«v (Kerr Am. Co. a), ft H. Kerr. 

mgr.: Merrill. Wis.. 4: Wausan S; Black 

River Fall* 0: L*Cro««e-7. 
Canght In Mhl-Oeean: Baltimore. Md.. 2-7. 
Deep Turplc. I.lchlrr A Co.. mgr*.: Chicago. 

m.. Oct. 3, Indef. 
Dill. Max M.j Musical Farce Comeily Co.: San 

Franclaco. Cat.. Oct. 24. Indef. 
Defender of fumeron Dam. Darrell n 

mgr.: Chicago. III.. 1-7; Cincinnati. 


Daw*nn'« Mn«'eal Comcle Co : 

Ind.. 2-4: Mllroy B-7: none Ml. 
Dsnlcl Boone on the Trail (Eastern) 
Howe, mgr.: Lancaater. O.. 4: 
Tlllc R: I.ogan 0: Marysvllle 7: Delaware 0: 
nickaTllle 10: Lima II; Bellefontslne 12: 
Rlehweo-l 13: Bowline Green 14. 
Daniel Poone on the Trail IWeaternl. S. A. 
Mitchell, mgr.: Wagoner. S. D.. 4; Gcdd** 
8: Platte ft: Scotland 7: Inwood. Is.. 0: 
George It: Boca Rapid* 12: Sheldon 14. 
Dsn Cupid. J. K. Vettcr. mgr.: Englewoml. Kan.. 
0: A.Manil 10: cmdwater Hi Protection 12: 
Alva. ~ 


0.. s- 

Ben H. 

Okla.. 13: Cherokee 14. 

Eleetric Light Plant 

A SOLUTION of th. 


. all ,%.,rl .1 ' 


This outfit includes The Celebrated Detroit Keroteo 
Dynamo of aaffjcleni capacity to furnish current for 
1B-C. P. Tungsten Lamps for illumination. 

Total coat of operation from 0 to 23 cants per day. 

Gives you better light than you can buyl Give* same light in the 
aa at night. Can be operated by boy 10 years' old. ■ 



Are and 10 



Can place a strictly first-class band to open at Flint, Michigan. May 22, 
for a season of twenty-six weeks; all one and two-week stands; will pay 
transportation and salary; pay your own board. 




Producers of musical comedy aud farces: doubles and singles; change acts of tea as neces- ( 

sary. Do Irish. Eccentric. Kobe. Silly Kid. Black-face and Straight Comedy. Miss Dranocl I 

an A-l pianist: Blent reader. Strong tcau* for musical atock: in fact, anything that pay* I 

salaries. Sober aud reliable at all times. Address LEONAHD * DRANOEL, Geo. Del., I 

Moresn. City. Lonlalsna. 



G«t oar prtc«s on soap and toilet article*. They will Intercut 700. Oar advertising 
asaorted packages with valuable premium* have the flash and value, that cet the money. 
Money getters for canvassers and fakers. One young man cleared #1,008.63 In 6 months 
straight on a boos* to house canvass. Are yon doing ss well? If not. send postal today. 
We will teach yon how. E. M. DAVIS 80 AP CO., SOS Union Park Court, Chicago, 


for prompt shipment. Write for delivered prices. 8hlpmanta mads 

Always on I 


it ahlpmsnt. Write fa 

in any quantity dsslaod. 


Lumbar and Seward Stroota. 



Aerialists! Acrobats! Equestrians! 

Hare your XETS. Acrobntlc and STAGE MATS made by one whose long experience in making 
NETS. TADS. etc.. l» a guarantee of workmanalil|i ami quality. Arrlallsts, write me for prices, 
sample* or twiue. etc.. for that net. ACROBATIC. WRESTLING and STAGE MATS or all de- 
scription* made to order. Equcstrlana working In vaodcsllle. write for price and particulars of 
the lightest, cheapest jm\ must durable stage mat made. 

J. L. BUCK. Mfr. of "Practical Props." 410 Es at lt«th St.. S. T. City. 

Indiana Vaudeville Managers' Assn. 


Booking in Conjunction William Morris, Inc. 

Tern Hants Offics: 25 South Filth St. 


Has plenty of time with short jumps, 
wire PETER F. GRIFFIN. Booking 

Theatre Bldp., Toronto, Canada 

Novelty features and real acts write or 
snt, Griffin Vaudeville Circuit, Variety 


MANUFACTURED 1 If so, send na description or drawing to esti- 
mate from. We made the CTnTCZHaTATZ SOUTHERN RAILWAY 
MINIATURE. 2SS miles, .It feet long. Miniatures Ret big nxmey. 
excite Interest, when made as we make them. We make applica- 
tion* for patents, cooyrlchla. etc. BCKUXTZ PATENT OFFICE. 


Cloth cover, pocket size, 10 cents, postpaid. 






JANUARY. 7, 1911. 

Dodge. Hanford. B. S. Ford, mgr.: Letb bridge. 

_ Alt*., c«n.. 2-T; Calgary 9-14. 
DoHar Princess, Chas. Frohman. mgr.: Phlla., 
IHa 14.. 

MUr Princess (Special). Con. Frohman, mgr.: 
But Francisco, Cal., 25-Jan. 14. 

BMW, John, In Smith. Chas. Frohntan, mgr.: 
■ Wash., D. C. 2-T; Phlla-. 9-1*. 

Dressier, Mule, la Time's Nightmare, Lew 
Field*, mgr.: Rochester. Si. Y.. 2-4. 

Dlxey, Henry E.. In Bought and Paid For. Wm. 

_A- Brady, mar.: Rochester. N. Y., 2-4. 

Defender of Cameron Dam (B). Harrison War- 
ner, mgr.: Owatonna, Minn , 4; Albert Lea 5; 
Winnebago 8; Jackson 7. 

Elliott, Maxlne, In The Inferior Sex, Geo. J. 
Appleton. mgr.: Seattle. Wash., 2-4: Victo- 
ria, B. C, Can.. 5; Vancouver 8-7; Everett, 
Wash., 9; Tacoma 10; Aberdeen 11; Portland. 
Ore., 12-14, 

Ell and Jane, Harry Green, mgr.: Hooma. La.. 

4; Morgan City 6; Patterson 8: Washington 9: 

Opelonsss 10. 
Bdeson. Robert. In where the Trail Divides, 

Henry B. Harris, mgr.: Kansas City. Mo.. 

K, S n *£i Jnllan,. la the Fascinating Widow, A. 
H. Woods, mgr.: Cincinnati, O., 9-14. 

Elliott. Gertrude, Id the Dawn of « _ 

Llebler * Co.. mgrs,: Cleveland. O., 2-7. 
Bast Lynne: Boston, Mass., 2-7 
Farnnm, DnsHn, in the Silent Call. Llebler & 

Co.. mgrs.: N. X. C. Jan. 2, Indef. 
French Opera Co., Jnlea LayoUe, mgr.: New 
- La.. Nov. 22, Indef. 

tax, In Mary Jane'a Pa., Will F- Mol- 
mgr.: Wallace. Ida.. 4; 
— i*2 Bt " " : Anaconda 8; Butte 7. 
Flirting Princess, Mort H. Singer, m K r. 
boro, tvy., 4; Ersnsvllle. Ind., S; Psdncab. 
Xy.. 8 Cairo, 1U-. 7: Alton 8. 
Fortnne Hunter (Western), Cohan & Harris, 
mgrs.: Omsbs. Neb., 1-7; Des Moines. la., 
9-10; Davenport 11; Dubuque 12; Lacrosse 
Wis.. 13: Winona. Minn., 14. 
Final Settlement: Cortland, N. Y., 7. 
FoUtes^of ^910,^F. Zlegfeld, Jr., mgr.: Brook - 

Faversham. Wm.. The SHnberts, mgrs.: Indian- 
apolis, Ind., ; 4. 

Flske. Mrs., In Becky Sharp, Harrison Grey 
Flake, mgr.: Lexington. Ky.. 4: Louisville 5-7. 

Fortnne Hunter (Eastern). Cohan Sc Harris 
mgrs.: Pittsburg, Pa., 2-7. 

Gamblers. The.^Authors" Producing Co.. mgrs.: 

Oct itich-iiuick Walllngford, Cohan & Harris 
agrs.: N. T. C. Sept 19, Indef. Walllngford. Cohan & Harris. 
: Chicago. III.. Dec. 4, Indef. 
te, Wm., In Repertoire, Chss. Frohman 
'.: N. 1. C, Dec. 5 Jan. 21. 

Loin, In the Girl and the Kaiser, The 
udts. mgrs.: a y. C, Nov. 21, Indef. 
Girl end the Ranger (J. A. Nonnsn's), Frank 
P. Prescott. mgr.: 8syre. Okie.. 4: Clin- 
ton 5: Arapahoe 8: Coster City 7: Thomas 

St. Paul. 

10: Mangum 12; Granite 13; Fred 

Girl of the Monntalns. O. E. Wee. mgr : But- 
if r :. *»• * : Tarentum 5: Rochester 6; Beaver 
Falls 7. 

Girl of My Dresms. Richard 0. Herndon. mgr.: 

Phlla.. Dec. 12. Indef. 
Goddess of Liberty, Mort H. Singer, mgr.: Kan- 

aas City, Mo.. 1-7: St. Joseph 9: Soldiers' 

Home. «.an.. 10: Lawrrnce U| Manhattan 12; 

Sallna 13: Junction City 14. 
(ilaser. > aogban. In the Man Between. Vanghan 

Glaser. mgr.: Cincinnati, 0.. 1-7; Grand 

Rapids. Mich.. 8-14, 
Gentleman from Mississippi (Wm. A. Brady's). 

Geo. H. Harris, mgr.: Tucson. Alls, 4- 

Phoenix 5: Sao Bernardino. Cal.. 8: San Diego 

7: Los Angeles 8-14. 
Olrl and the 8tampede. (Osskell & MacVlttys). 

Geo. Fletcher, mgr.: Akron. O.. 2-4; Youngs^ 

town 8-7. 

Great Divide: Providence. R. I., 2-7. 
Genee. Adeline. In the Bachelor Bell 

Girl In the Train. Chas. Dillingham, 
28-Jan. 7. 

Hartman. Ferris. Musical Comedy Co.: Los An- 
geles, Cal.. Oct. 17; Indef. 

Hodge. Wm.. In the Man from 
* Co.. mgrs.: Phils., Not. 21. „ 

Hnntley, G. P., & Hsttle Williams. Chas. Froh- 
man, mgr.: London. Eng., Nov. 28. Indef. 

Heart of the Rockies. Harry L. Payne, mgr. : 
Clayton, m.. 4; Plymouth 5: Bowen 6; Car- 
thage 7: LaHarpe 9; Stronghnrst 10; Alexis 

H V >P< Arlh r> ' W ° ,f ' ,B * M »» ,n * e Mat. Daniel 
Si Jn^%n Clty' b: W oncord^^*;^Kansas & Cltj% 

Hirnert. Virginln. In the Woman He Married, 
Arihnr J. Aylesnortb. mgr.: Hamilton 0., 
4: Lnn'svllle. Ky.. 6-7: St. Loula. Mo.. 8-14. 

Hapnr Hooligan. Gns Hill, mgr.: Detroit. 
Mlrb.. 1-7. 

Honeymoon Trail. Kelly * FltzGersld, mgrs 

Portland. Ore.. 1-7: Seattle. Wash.. 8-14. 
Hans and Six. Walter Fane, mgr.: Story City, 
Jtoj, 4; Coon Rapids 8; Jefferson 8; Adel 7. 

'In the Msn Who Owns 
_: Harris, mgrs.: Chicago, 
Jan. 7; Milwaukee, Wis.. 8-14. 
Hackett. James K„ In Repertoire. Wm. A 

Brady, mgr.: Minneapolis. Minn., 1-7. 
Honae of a Thousand Candles, Sim Allen, mgr.: 

Pern. Ind.. 4. 
Billiard. Robert. In A Fool There Was, Frederic 
— Si Norfolk. Vs.. 8-7. 

J. with Arnold Daly, Chas. DU- 
r. I Milwaukee. Wis.. 1-7. 
. Lonla Rels. mgr.: Balllnger. Tex.. 
4: Winters 3: Abilene 8. 
House With the Green Shutters: Phils.. 2-7. 
In Old Kentucky. A. W. Dingwall, mgr.: Chi- 
cago. III.. 25-Jan 7: Detroit, 

In Pan-traa' (Al. Rich Production Co!'a), Wm. 
W Wolfolk. mgr.: Terre Hsote, Ind., 3-45; 
Indianapolis. Ind.. 5-7. 
Irwin. May. In Getting a 

mgrs.: Brooklyn, N. T., 
Importance of Being 

mgr.: Toronto, Can.. 2-7. 
Illlngron. Margaret, ' 

natl. <>.. 9-14. 
Isle of Spice (F. A. Wade's). Herbert J. Carter, 

mgr.: Denver, Colo.. 8-14. 
Janls. Elsie. In tbe Slim Princess, Chas. Dil- 
lingham, mgr.: N. Y. c. Jan. 2. Indef. 
Just Out of College. Bothner & Campbell, mere.: 
Temple. Tex.. 4: Brenham 5: Bay City 8; 
Houston 7: Gslveston 8: Port Arthur 9: Beau- 
mont 10; Crowley. La.. 11; Lafayette 12: New 
Iberia 13: Alexandria 14. 

Just a Woman's Way (Western), ' 

die, mgr.: Planklnton, S. D„ 4; 

Chamberlain 6. 
Juvenile Bos Ionian*. B. E. 

ton. Sssk., 4-6; Basse 11 8; 

7: II am lota 10; III vers 11; 


Jolly Bachelors, Lew Fields, mgr.: 
Minn.. 1-7. 

Kstle Did, Jos. M. Gsltes, mgr.: 
R. I.. 9-14. 

Kissing Girl, Denver, Colo., 9-14. 

King of the Cattle Ring (Eller's): Cambridge, 
Neb., 5; B artier 7. 

Little Damocel. Henry W. Savage, mgr.: Chi- 
cago, 111., Jan. 1, indef. 

Lottery Man (Tbe Sbnberts'), Chas. W. Keogb, 
mgr.: Lafayette. Ind.. 4; Mlddletown. O.. 
6; Hamilton 8; Portsmouth 7; Chllllcotbe 9; 
ClrclevUle 10; Lancaster 11; Logan 12; Mari- 
etta 13; Zaneavllle 14. 

Uon anil the Mouse. Henry B. Hsrrl 
Bristol. Tenn., 4; Bluefleld, W. Vs., 
Ilamson 8; Ironton, O., 7. 

Light Eternal, M. E. Rice, mgr.: Detroit, 
Mich.. 1-7. 

Lily. The. David Belasco, mgr.: 2-7. 

Uon and the Mouse, United Play Co., Inc., 
mgrs.: Faribault. Minn., 4: Albert Lea 6; 
Austin 8; Rochester 7; LaCrosse, Wis., 8. 

Lottery Man: Savannah, Ga., 13-14. 

MacDonald. Christie, In The Spring Maid. Werba 
& Lnescber. mgrs.: N. Y. C. Dec. 28, indef. 

Madame Sherry. Frssee, Lederer ft Woods, 
mgrs.: N. X. C, Aug. 80, Indef. 

Madame Troubadour, Tbe Sbnberts, mgrs.: Chi- 
cago, 111.. Dec 19-Jan. 7. 

Marriage a la Carte, Llebler ft Co., mgrs.: N. 
X. C.. Jan. 2, Indef. 

Miller, Henry, In The Havoc: N. Y. C, Jan. 9. 

Montgomery ft Stone, in tbe Old Town. Cbas. 

Dllllnghsm, mgr.: Baltimore, Md.. 2-7: 

Wash.. D. C, 9-14. 
Mack, OUIe, In Flnnlgan's Ball, Sam Blair. 

mgr.: Blsbee. Ariz., S; Tucson 8; Phoenix 

7-S; Prescott 9; Jerome 10; San Bernardino. 

Cel., 12; Redlanda 13: Riverside 14. 
Manhattan Opera Co., Robert n. Kane, mgr.: 

Balnbridge. Ga.. 8-5: Dothan. Ala.. 6: Alhany. 

Ga.. 7; Macon 9-11; Newnsn 12; Cartersvllle 


Man or tbe Hour (Eastern), Cbas. M. Holly, 
mgr.: Peoria, 111.. 2-4; Springfield 5-7: Chl- 
CSgo 814. 

Macaniey. Wm.. In Ctaaamates, Jaa. Felts, 
mgr.: Taylor. Tex., 6; San Marcos 7; Bee- 
vllle 9: Victoria 10: Brenham 12; Brysn 13; 
Galveston 14. 

Median. Jobu. Monte Thompson, mgr.: Somer- 
set, Pa.. 4: Altoona 5: Latrobe 8: Johns- 
town 7: Indiana 9: DuBola 10. 

Montana Limited (Kllmt ft Ganolosl. Geo. E. 
McDonald, mgr.: St. Louis, Mo., 1-7; Kansas 
City 8-14. 

Millionaire Kid, Kllroy ft Britton. mgrs.: Grand 
Rapids. Mich., 1-4; Toledo. O., 5-7; Clncln 
natl h 14 

Madame X (Eastern). Henry W. Savage, mgr.: 

Boston. Mass.. 1. indef. 
Madame X (Western). Henry W. Ssfvage. 

mgr.: Los Angeles. Cal., 1-7: Salt Lake City 

9-10: Ogden 12: Cheyenne. Wyo.. 14. 
Madame X (Southern), nenry W. Savage, mgr.: 

Padurab. Ky.. 4: Cairo. III., 6; Princeton 8; 

Vlncennes. md.. 7: Brazil 9: Terre Hante 10: 

Danville. 111.. 11: Decatur 12: Springfield 13 


Merry Widow (E-istem). Henry W. Savage, 
mgr.: Atlanta. Ga.. 2-4: Birmingham. Ala.. 
5-8: Mobile 7: New Orleans. La.. 8-14. 

Merry Widow (Western). Henry W. Savage, 
mgr.: Annapolis. Md.. 4: Danville. Vs.. 5: 
Raleigh. X. C 8: Wilmington 7: Charlotte 
9: AahevlIIe 10: Greenville 11: Columbia. S. 
C. 12: Charleston 13-14. 

Miss Nobody from Starlanil. Will A. Singer, 
mgr.: Frankfort. Ind.. 4: Mnocle S: Ander- 
son 8: Ft. Wayne 7: Toledo, o.. 8-10: Adrian, 
Mich.. 12: Jackson 13: Ann Arbor 14. 

MeFadden's Fiats. Barton ft Wlawell. mgrs.: 
Dtp Moines la.. 1-4. 

Madame Sherry (R). Woods. Fraxee ft Lederer. 
mgrs.: St. Louis. Mo.. 25-Jan. 7; Evansvllle. 
Ind., 8: Louisville. Ky.. 9-11; Indianapolis. 
Ind., 12-14. 

My Cinderella Girl (No. 1) Delamater ft Xo*> 
rla, mgrs.: New Iberia. La., 4: Lafayette 5; 
Alexandria 8: Baton Rouge 7-8; Natchez. 
Miss.. 9: Monroe. La..- 10; Vlckaburg, Miss.. 
11; Yazoo City 12: Jackson 13; Clorksville. 
Ark., 14. 

My Cinderella Girl (No. 2) Delematcr & Noma, 
mgrs.: Mnncle. Ind.. 4: Anderson 5: Craw- 
fordsvllle 8: Brazil 7: Terre Haule 8: Frank- 
fort 0: Peru 10: Robinson. 111.. 11: Btoom- 
Ingtoa. Ind.. 12: Washington 13: Vlncennea 

Melville, Rose. In Sis Hopkins. J. B. Stirling, 
mgr.: Memphis. Tenn.. 1-7: New Orleans. 
La.. 8-14. 

Midnight Sons (Lew Field's Western). Matt 
Smith, mgr.: Memphis. Tenn.. 1-4: Hot 
Springs, Ark.. 5: Little Rock 8: Shreveport. 
La.. 7; Houston. Tex.. 8-9; Gslveston 10; 
Ssn Antonio 11-12; Waco 13: Ft. Worth 14. 

Madame Sherry (C). Woods. Fraxee ft Lederer. 
mgrs.: Norfolk, Vs., 2-4; Richmond 5-7; 
Lynchburg 9; Bluefleld. W. Vs.. 10; Roanoke, 
Vs.. 11; Staunton 12; Charleston, W. Vs., 

Moore, Victor, In the Happiest Night of His 

Life, F razee ft Lederer, 

Indianapolis, Ind., 5-7; 
Mantell. Robert, in Repertoire, 

mgr.: Columbna. O-. ~ 
Mann, Louis, In The Chester, Wm. A. Brady, 

mgr.: St. Louis. Mo.. 2-7. 
Metropolitan Opera Co.: N. Y. C, Nov. 14, 


Metropolitan Opera Co.: Phlla., Dec 13. Indef. 

Mason. John. In the Witching Hoar. Tbe Sbu- 
berts, mgrs.: New Orleans, La.. 2-7. 

McCoy, Bessie, In Tbe Echo, Chss. Dllllnghsm. 
mgr.: Boston, Mass.. 26-Jan. 7. 

Midnight Sons (Eastern). Lew Fields, mgr.: 
N. X. C. 2 14. 

My Friend Hogan, Edw. Holland, mgr.: Dover. 
Dela., 4; Harrington 5; Georgetown 8; Crls- 
fleld 7. 

Mother. Wm. A. Brady, mgr.: Troy, N. Y.. 2-4. 
My Arizona Girl: Rochester, X. Y., 2-4: Syra- 
cuse 6-7. 

Minister's Sweetheart. Dave Altman. mgr. 

tanooga, Tenn.. 2-4: Knoxvllle 5-7. 
Naughty Marietta. Oscar Hammersteln, 

N. X. C, Nov. 7. indef. 
Nigger. Tne, with Guy Bates Post, Tbe 

ft Brady, mgrs.: Burlington, la., 6. 
Nethersole, Olgs, In Mary Magdalene, 

ft Co., mgrs.: Boston. Mass.. 2-14. 

lappieat iwgm or ins 
, mgrs.: Dayton, O., 4; 
Chicago. 111., 8, Indef. 
ixtolre, Wm. A. Brady. 

New York Hippodrome 

mgrs.: Kansas City, Mo., 26-JaarT; Omaha. 

Neb.. 9-14. "* * 

Newlyweds and Their Baby (Western), LetBer- 

Brstton Co., props.: McCook, Neb.. 5; Lincoln 

67: Fremont 9; Columbus 10; Norfolk 11; 

Sioux City, la.. 12; Yankton. 8. J D., IS; 

Mitchell 14. v >• 

Xewlyweda and Their Baby (Eastern); Leffler- 

Bratton Co., props.: Wheeling, W. Vs., 2-7; 

Pblla, Pa., 9-14. , > " ' 

>' lugcr. The, The Shuberts ft Brady, mgrs.: 

Rochester, N. X.. 5-7. 
Ninety and Nine, W. T. Boyer, mgr.: Buffalo, 

N. I., 2-7. 

0'Hara, Flake, Al. McLesn. mgr.: Xoungatown. 
<>.. 2-4; Akron 5-7; Cleveland 9-14. 

Old Homestead. Frank Thompson, mgr.: Den- 
ver, Cut., 1-7. 

Ole Olson, J. H. Hewitt, mgr.: Grants Pass, 
Ore., 4; Medford 5: Ashland 8; Redding. Cal.. 
7; Red Bluff 9; Chleo 10: Orovllle 11; Wood- 
land 12; Sacramento 13: Napa 14, 

Olcott, Ohauncey, In Barry of Ballymore, Angus- 

Por. Da i t r oa wXL.^;ft :! So , : n m^, 20. 

Powell ft Cohan Musical Comedy Co.: Marlon, 
Ind., Nov. 21, Indef. 

Pair of Country Kids. Henry W. Link, mgr.: 
Oberlin, Kan.. 4: Ellis 6; Hays 7; Russell 9; 
Wilson 10: Lyons 11: Sterling 12; Larned 14. 

Paid In Full, E. C. Andrewa. mgr.: Traverse 
City. Mich.. 4; Charlevoix 5; Sanlt Ste. Ma- 
rie 6; Cheboygan 7. 

Polly of the Circus. A. S. Stern ft Co., mgrs.: 
Springfield. 111.. 3-4; Bloomlogton 5; Peoria 

8- 7; Chicago 9-21. 

Powell ft Cohan Musical Comedy Co. (Eastern). 
Powell ft Porteuo. mgrs.: Mt. Carmel, 111.. 

9- 14. 

Prince of Pllsen. Henry W. Savage, mgr. : Jack- 
son, Mich.. 24: Ann Arbor 25; Detroit. 26-2S; 
Toledo, O., 30: Columbus 31. 
Poynter, Benlsb. In the Little Girl That Re 
Forgot. Burt & Nlcoial. mgrs.: Atlanta. Ga., 
2-7; Norfolk. Va., 9-14. 
Powers, James T.. In Havana. The Shuberts. 

mgrs.: Denver. Colo., 2-7. 
Peck's Bad Boy: Kokomo, Ind., 4. 
Paid In Full (Central). United Play Co.. Inc.. 
mgrs.: Boone, la.. 4: Perry 5; Newton 8; 
Rock Island, III.. 7; Davenport, la., 8. 
Paid in Full (Southern), United Play Co.. Inc.. 

mgrs.: El Paso. Tex., 7-8. 
Paid In Full. Wagenbals & Kemper, mgrs.: MM 

wankee. Wis.. 1-7. 
Queen of tbe Highway. Morrison ft Hefferleln. 
mgrs.: Syracuse. N. V., 2-4: Rochester 5-T: 
Cleveland. O.. 9-14. 
Rebecca of Snnnybrook Farm. Jos. Brooks, mgr. : 

-. Chas. Frohman. 

N. X. C, Oct. 3. indef. 
lussell. Annie. In The Impostor, 
mgr.: X. X. C. Dec. 20. Indef. 

Ronnd-Up. Jos. Brooks, mgr.: Buffalo, N. X., 

2-7: Detroit. Mich., 9-14. 
Royal Slave. J. M. Jacobs, mgr.: Lanaford, Pa.. 
4: Glrardvllle 5: Shenandoah 8; Pottsvllle 7: 
Mt. Carmel 9: p.ymonth 10: Danville 11: 
Bloomeburg 12: Berwick 13; Hazleton 14. 
Red Mill. Martin ft Emery, mgrs.:.: Nelson - 
vllle. O.. 4: Athens' .1: Marietta 8: Clarks- 
burg. W. Va.. 7: Weston 9: Grafton in: Fair- 
mont 11: .Moro-nntown 12; Cnlontown. Pa.. 13: 
MrKeeaport 14. 

Rohson, May, in uaf Rejuvenation of Annt Mary. 

L. S. &»re. mgr.: Montreal, Ont., Can.. 2-7: 

Buffalo. X. X.. 9-14. 
Rip Van Winkle (Eaatern). Chas. McDonald 

mgr.: Mongo. Ind.. 4; LaGrange 5: Wolrott- 

vllle 6: Sturgls. Mich.. 7; While Pigeon 8. 
Russell. Lillian. In In Search of a sinner. Jos. 

Brooks, mgr.: Salt Lake City 2-7: Omaha. 

Neb. 10: Des Moinea. la.. 11; Marshalltown 

12: Waterloo 13: Dnhoqne 14. 
Rosary, The (Rowland tc Clifford's Southern). 

Wm. H. Lemle. mgr.: Loulavllle, Ky.. 2-7: 

Nashville. Tenn.. 8-14. 
Rosary. The (Rowland ft Clifford's Eastern): 

Brooklyn. X. Y.. 2-7: Xewark. X. J.. 9-14. 
Rosary. Tbe (Rowland ft Clifford's), M. 8. 

Gnldalne. mgr.: Goahen. Ind., 4; Decatnr 5; 

Bluffton 0: Huntington 7. 
Rosalind at Red Gate. Gaskell MacVltty-Carpen- 

ter Co.. Inc.. mgrs.: Grand Island Xeh.. 4: 

Aiiwn 8: Halting* 7: Holdrrgi- 9: McCook 

10: Xorton. Kan.. 11: Concordia 13: Junc- 
tion City 14. 



Royal Slave (Western). Geo. n. BuW.. mgr.: 
Audubon, la.. 4; Exlra 5; Adair 0: Emer- 
son 7. 

Robertson. Forbes. In the Passing of tbe Third 
Floor Back. The Sbnberts. mgrs.: Providence. 
R. I.. 5-7. 

Scars, Zelds. In Ibe Nest Egg, L. C. Wlswell. 
mgr.: N. X. C. Nov. 22-Jan. 7. 

Sentimental Sally. Chas. Dillingham, mgr.: Chi- 
cago, 111.. Dec 25. Indef. 

Sweetest Girl In Paris, Harry Askln. gen. 
mgr.: Chicago. 111.. Ang. 29. Indef. 

Silver Threads. Joe Lane, mgr.: Longmont. Col., 
4; Loveland 5: Greeley 8; Laramie, Wyo. 7: 
Rock Springs 8: Ogden A: Brlgbam 10: Poea- 
tello. Ida.. 11: Nampa 12; Boise 13-14; 

Sinn of tbe Father. Geo. H. Brennan. mgr.: Hot 
Springs. Ark.. 4; Pine Bluff 5; Stnttgart 
8: Little Rock 7; Texarkana. Tex., 9; Mar- 
shall 10: Natchitoches La., 11; Donaldaonvllle 
12; Morgan City 13; New Iberia 14. 

Soul Kiss (Eastern), Mlttentbal Bros., mgrs.: 
Bennington. Vt.. 4: Brattleboro" 6: Keenc. 
N. H.. 0; Bellows Falla. Vt., 7: Claremont. 
X. H. . 9: Concord 10: Franklin 11: Dover 12; 
Portsmouth 13: Portland. Me.. 14. 

Soul Klsa (Western). Mlttentbal Bros., mgrs.: 
Toledo, O.. 1-4: Upper Sandusky 8; Sprlngfleld 
7: Plnua 0; Ft. Wayne, Ind., 12; Huntington 
13: South Bend 14. 

Stahl. Rose. In the Chorus Lady. Henry B. 
Harris, mgr.: Jersey City, N. J., 2-7. 

Smart Set (Xo. 1). Barton ft Wlawcll, mgrs.: 
Cincinnati. 0.. 1-7. 

Spooner. Cecil. Blaney-Spooner Am. Co., Inc., 
mgrs.: Naabvllle, Tenn., 2-7; Chattanooga 

Sberroan'a Musical Comedy Co., E. A. Wolff, 
mgr.: Calgary, Alt a.. Can., 4 Jan 7; Ed- 
monton 8-Feb. 22. 

Superba. Edwin Warner, mgr.: Pittsburg, Pa., 
1-7: Akroo, O.. 9-11; Youngstown 12-14. 

Sidney, George, In the Joy Rider, E. D. Stair, 
mgr.: Norfolk, Va., 2-7; Frederick. Md.. 9; 
Cumberland 10: Clarkabnrg W. Va.. 11; Fair- 
mont 12; Morgantown 13; Untontown, Pa., 

Look through Letter List for 

3 or 4-piece Lady Orchestra 

Very refined. Must be good. 
Permanent position. State 
all in first letter. 


241 Summit St., TOLEDO, OHIO. 


A second-hand Merry-Oo-Bound with 
power steam engine and a new 6- ft, 
tent. Apply toTHOS. PBBBY, Kalf 

OSB FOB SAUt-*» ft, Pnllaaaa. aSaal rim wbssts. 
straight aa an arrow; »eta4» rooms, U ft baggage rooea, 
I open sections, kltchsn. on p board, paper loeksr. ward- 
robes, linoleum and auanlaarser la all rooms sad bails, 
new MoonetM nrnassla ovvr ail in balls . daaT - 
7 ootavs "sugar" piano, bsvtbs for IS peopaa. 
service on all. roads. Bast bargain in the wast Co* _ 
right anan. Oar with oqt fnrnlshlnga. asoa. If too waatt 
con tenia, coma and as* It and will anaaa It riant. Baa. 
sons for sailing am ntrblng oompsne ohanaa In nay 
" dont aead it. H. c LAIRD. sL D, Ho 

t riders. Car fan be seen at Pais. law. Okla. 

FOB SALE— Tent. 20x40. 8- ft. wall, poire, 
stakes, etc.; tent 10x12. folding box -office, fancy 
umbrella, aeata for 200 people, crank organ, 
playa 10 tunes; two-arm light, pick-up torch, lot 
of K-in. rope, blocks, cook house table, camp 
cbalrs, one real baggage wagon. TJ-ft. long, 
box, 4 ft. high; lot 1 and W sheet llthos, jack 
screw, sledge, grub hoe, dating ontnt. cuts. 

Kirn, anid ntw, — « 

ticket box. Hags, doubletrees, etc., all nearly 
1190 takes It. Address GREAT WAONEB 
. Gen. Del.. Dayton. Ohio. 

FOB BALE. CHEAP— 1 Menage Horse, 1 Well- 
trained Pony, 8 Miniature Cages. Ticket Wagon, 
Band Wagon, Tenia. Seats. Lights. Unl forma. 
Flags. Trappings. Flumes, ss-rt. Car. good as 
new, used 2 months. W1LKE BROS., 123 Lee 
St ., Montgomery. Ala. 

FOB BALE — One Wnrlltxer Band Organ No. 125. 
cost $775; 114 pairs of New Model end Rainbow 
Holler Skates, cost S315; sod s number of other 
Bxtures Included. *500 for the outfit. Hsve 
sold real esUte and must close rink. Fixtures 
st a sacrifice. Everything In good condition. 

J. O. MAG LOCK, Sterling. HI. 


Ity. Tbi. is. 
ring pletor* 
•130 hi 
ork. I -I' 
Irraa O. 

— York Citt. 

FOR BAIX-S00 ft. 

400 ft. 

The best money maker in existence for exhibi- 
tion purposes. O. W. ALLEN. 
2306 7th Ave,, New York City. 

BAHOATN v New Bright Bed Band Coats, gold 
and silver trimmed; very flashy: $3.50 per coat 
takes all. Also Drums. Inatrum-nts. Show Stutr. 
H. 0. PORTER, Malts. O. 

FOR SALE — Black Art. Including Aerial Suspen 
slon. all In good condition. Will sell very chesp. 
Csnse. sickness. Address PROF. E. L. WAT- 
SON, Laddonla. Mo^ ^^^^ 

WANTED— Second-band Baby Rack. Muat be 
cheap and In good ahape. Answer and elate 

8 rice. Addresa J. J. TIMM0NS. MS E. Main 
treat, Sprlngfleld. Ohio, 

Calliope Player Wanted 

Fur stetson'a nig Uncle Tom's Cabin Co.; 

wasbburn; OMur^'t^' 1 ?.' 
send me your addresa. 

Wanted Black Face Comedian 

Piano Player and other good Medicine People 
write. Want good M. P. People 
location In opera bonse. Mate ' 

Ser cent. JOHN FIELDING, 1 

WANTED — Dramatic People In all lines for 
Natboo'a Big Dramatic Co. Mnat b • high-class 
artlata. B2 weeks' lour of the world. State 
loweat In flrat; enclose late program. Silence a 
polite negatlT*. Addresa quick, F. M. HliOKT- 
R1D0B. Mgr., care Natboo'a Hall, 003 Grand 
Ave., Des Moinea, Iowa. 

00 MED LAX WASTED— Musical Comedian. Mon- 
ologlst. Dancer, Chang*. IIS weak, or $25 foe 
team. Muat be clean. Always open. MAJES- 
TIC THEATRE, Denlon, Teiaa. 



WANTED — Good, Moral a, 
and Medicine Sbowa to play my 
ntgbts aland on | — 
Seata 500. Good 
shows. Address J. 
County. Ohio. 


Boardwalk dc Kentucky ave.. Atlantic City. N.J. 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 


Sunny South (J. C. Rock weir.): DodfevIUe, 
Wla.. 4; Mt. Horeb Si Stougnton 6; Eager 
ton T; Madlaon 8: Ft. Atkinson 0; Iihm 
10; ^lumbus II; Port«ie 12; roz Lake 13; 
Waupuo 14. 

St. Elmo, fiiiwr at Stair, men.: Chicago, 
III.. 1-7: Milwaukee. Wla., 8-14. 

School Da.ra. Stair * Havlin, lac, to era. : at. 
Lenla. Mo.. 1-7: Kanaaa City 8-14. 

Bis I'erklns (C. Jar 8mlth'a). Bddla Delaner. 
mar.: Ttalnbrlcge. O., 4; Greenfield S; New 
Vienna 6; Mlridletown 7; Hamilton 8; Wil- 
mington 0: Blllaboro 10; Jameatown 11; Ba- 
blna 12. 

Sbadowad by Tbree. L. O. Zelleno, mgr.: Glen- 
wood, la., 5; Atlantic 8; Red Oak 7; Missouri 
Taller 8; Mslvern 0; Plattamoath, Neb.. 10: 
Aehland 11; Wahoo 12; Scborler 18; David 
City 14. 

St. Denla. Ruth. Henry B. Barrla, mar.: Wash. 
D. C, 2-7. ' 

Bchetr. rrltal. In *t» Mikado, Tbe Sboberte. 
men.: Kanaaa City, Mo.. 2-7, 

Seven Daya; w. gen ha la *t Kemper, mgra.: St. 
Paal. Mian.. 1-T; Minneapolis S-M. 

Seven Oaya. Wageubale * Kemper, mere.: To- 
ledo. O.. 2-4: Grand Rapid.., Mien , s 7 

Spendthrift. Tbe (Weatern). Frederic Thompaoo 
mrr.: Nashville, TVnn., 2 7. 

Sklooer. Otla. In Sire, Cbaa. Frobman. mrr • 
Phils.. 2* Jan. 7; Pittsburg 9-14. 

*t. Elmo (Central), Called Play Co.. Inc.. mm • 
Klrkavllle, Mo.. 4; Trenton 8; Atehleoo Kan' ' 
8; Holton 7: St. Joeepb. Mo.. 8-11 1 

"unfa-l**' BnTT B- H » Trto - ■«*.: Boaton. 

•Starr, Frances. In tbe Eaaleet Way, Darld Belaa- 
». mar.: Cleveland, 0., 2-7. 

*J"» W Mao. Wllla Am. Co.. mgr..: Parkerabnnr 
W. Va., «: Well.too. O.. B; Oalltoolla T 
Cbariratoo, W. Va.. T. w 

-Sine of tbe Father (No. 2). Geo 
mgr.: Atlantic City. N. J.. 4. 

Teal. Raymond. Mnalrat Comedy Co.- 

c78%:V«ford^. C1, "° 8 -^-^ 

*%S2ri, ^» -as- e .-5ov. 

M 7; 8pr|ng8el.l 8: Decatur i ' ,01 

Turner. Wa, II.. In Father and the Rove- p.t 

ereon. K, 1-4: SodboryT Pa WlflaJVai 

bnr, a: MrKeeeport 7. B> 0rwn - 

T WHI. , 5J ^.""U"' 01r ' <Weatera». L. B. 

T M M .. rW,tr tr <•*>• Henry B. RarrU. mrr - 
Heading. P. 4: Laneeater S: Job", own 6 : 
Altoona 7: Jeraey City, N j g?: Iown 

Third Degree (B». Henry B. Harrla' mar • 
%£"T. m ' h - * : «..^?»FI-f* 

Traveling S-le.m.n (Al nenry n ITarrla 
mgr: BliielleM. w. Va.. 4- seannton v. 
5:, 6: Trent™. N."^ 7 

Trarellns Salesman <BI. Henry B. Harrla 
mgr.: ixa Angeleo. Cal. 1-7 ■ 
■•Jta^dS?! A , nro,a 'Eaatern), Robt. H. 
g* qfr.^' «. L.* 9**m* J%1 4: Clr-.rfleM 
Mef£»M ?n. w ':" ,m *? T: Waablngton 0: 
STSS l&S22rg« Ml >== Som. 

r""7r , .n , e:'n, h gr V r n w..n.-. ?'T? , '' K C "" 

MtolS'^i^SffJ!: MfAdo'w. mgr.: 

Mlnne.polla. Minn.. 1-7: Inot.n.polle. Ind.. 

*%tyiMavo!! 2 *J orrUo0 * neflerlcln. mgra.: 

nwth^'fn.^ "il"'" 00 - Tex.. «; Dalla. 0: Ft. 

WyiJfrl i^Wwjj 12: Ran Antonio 14-1.1 

™ 5* Sr. • " U p,cl, » rt - "»«'•: Newark: 
Three Twin. (R.atern). Joa M Galtn mmm . 
.Chicago. III.. 2«Jan 7. ■ ' mgT " 

*teH**gjg sUr-on mgr.: 
^^'^BS^Nn *mewHE • 
Set». N ;prTng, 4 V ,:m " ^ »= ^-^i 

, 'fj" B ;;,o.t , v'iv:«%r'„H^re w Y,r nr ;. 

?L T "*" C " , '" , ' AI - w - Martln-a>. Wm 

tell, i R .i Io " " B T: Belleelle R: «en- 

line ftSJP ,ft: Vl "^''""- "«>•• »: B«n"- 

' aIv.™""'' r " Wo (AK w - Martln-a». C. F. 
AeVerm,,, oaedn,, Uata.. 4: Lowell 

•1: ••' e.»-r «: M.oehMter. S. n . T- Port, 

™»th n: Wnomweket. R. I.. 10 . ">V Britain 
Conn., n, Fall River. folTttT 

" L'g* "^dw.r. with Eddie Foy. The 

Viri ffil'J "•JT ,T, i: ""<■»»>. III., nee. aijan. 7. 
nrl*!?'"?; I n ' : Xr,r Ofleana. C*., 2-7. 

'>« 5 toW*' 1, " J A " A " Tb *' : S - T - °" 

^'i^Vim^'o 6 ^? C °- ,obn * w " to - m » r - : 

W K»T ICmSS rr " m,,r ' ,,: Mnl ""l City. 
•^.W" WaTk'eT %2*£g? Lr??S 
R!f 7 K " ' 4 = *«^»« ^. Piafne er'o,"; 

White Soit.w. Lnnla F. Werba. mar.- Allen. 
•"*». Pa.. 4: Dorrr B: Reading " York 7- 

W t^' n | n'™-. n i Tl * Wn o"o>k. mgr.: Yank- 

"iw. 1 """ -1 *' J." ,h » 0,,, « Woman. A. n. 
« HiitehlBaon Kan.. A: Wichita 7- * 

n, Vft s, " ,r * H«»lln, mgra.: Ind 
»'■«. Ind.. 2-4: rolumhna. O . B-7: Yonnga- 
town Mil Akron 12-14. 

r"u - ™' n i? Deeertera. Henry B. Har- 
SKaJS?'! pr ,ro J'-» M, ' h - 1T: City «• 

FH»t *« ,, ^J? ^ "2.' , "WW' 10-U: Lanaln* 15: 
Hint M; Port Hnmn 14. 

W lf*l. T >*«. A.. In A Gentleman from Mlaala 
J"»pl. Wm. A. Brady, mgr.: Cincinnati, 0.. 

^^mT; ."'^T- S Tn ' «"nlna Mort n. Sing- 
».. «: Cronkaton. Minn.. 6: F.rgo N. D.. 

cVlSiSf'V.'; S""" R: l«»r-»lnV ^Mlcb.'. O:" 
a„.l?L ct '°: Hancock ifj n.c.n.h. 12; Mar- 
inette 18; Sanlt ate. Maria 14. 

Widow Perklna, F. J. Qrober, mgr.: Grotoa, 
S. D.. 4: Ellend.le. N. D„ 8; Edgely 8; Ua- 
bon 7; LaMonre 0; Oakea 10: Wa hoe ton 11: 
Fergna Falla, Minn., U; Bamearllle 13; Al- 
exandria 14. 

Ward * Vokea. In Trouble Maker.. E. D. Stair, 
mgr.: Phil... 2-7; Richmond. Va., 0-14. 

Wizard of Wlacland, Harry Scott Co.. mgra. : 
Falrbnry, III.. 4; Crbana 8; DanelHe Home 
8; .Charleeton 10: Pana 11; Centralis 12; 
Litchfield 18; EdwardarUle 14. 

Wllaon, Franc!., la the Bachelor's Baby, Chas. 

i mgr.: Toronto, 

ton 6; 

When Sweet Sixteen. Erer-Wall Co.. Inc.. mgra.: 
Blafhsmton. N. Y.. 4; Bochealer 8-7; Buf- 
falo 9-14. 

WarSeld. Darld. In the Return of Peter Grimm. 
Darld Belaaco, mgr.: Boaton, Maaa., 2-14. . 


Ronnda' Ladles Orchestra. H. O. Rounds, mgr.: 
Tell City, Ind.. 4-8: Canneiton 8; 8belbyTllle. 
Ky„ O-ii; Mt. SterUng 12. 

Nrel'a, Carl. Concert Band: FayetteTlUe, Ga.. 
2-7: Glrard, Ala., e 14. 


Alabama Mlmtrela: Sterling. HI., 4: Dixon S: 
Amboy 0; Kewanee 7; Pern 8; La Salle 9; Ot- 
tawa 10- TVir-'-c 11; Falrbnry 12; Hoopeaton 
18; Danrilla 14. 

Bnaby'a. J. M.: Corpus Cbrlstl, Tex., 4; Rock- 
port 0. 

Cobnrn'a, J. A.: Bradentown. Fla.. 4; Plant 

City 8; Bartow S: Arcadia 7. 
DeRoe Bros.': Rldgely, Md. 4; Denton 5: Center- 

Tllle 8; Charlreloira 7. 
Dockitadcr'a. Lew: Baltimore. Md., 2-7. 
Down In Dixie Mlnatrela: Mayfleld. Ky.. 0. 
Fleld'a. Al. G. : Dnlontown. Pa.. 4: Connell.rlllr 

5: Comberlaod, Md., 6; Johnatown, Pa., 7. 
Vogel'a. John W. Vogel. mgr.: Klng.ton. N. Y.. 

4; Sangertlra 8: Cat. kill 0: Schenectady 7. 

•ey. mgr.: 

Skating Bear. Geo. B. Crap 
Pa.. 2-7: Warren 9-14. 


Royal A Adams' Indoor Clrcns: 
2-7: Waablngton. D. C. 9-14. 

St. Y. 


Brown Amnaemrut Co.. A. H. Brown, mgr 

Marshall. Tex.. 2-7. * 
rampbeii Dnlted Shown: RayTllle. La.. 27. 
Camming. Ind.w Carnival Co.. E. L. Cl 

mgr.: New Ixjndon^ O.. 1-T. 
Jones, Johnny J., Ex no. It Ion Show.: 

Pla.. 2-14. 

Jnnnal'a Stadium Shows. J. M. Juvenal, mgr.: 

Newton. Mlaa.. 2-7. 
Kranac Greater Showa. Ben Kranse, mgr.: Pa- 

latka. Fla.. 2-7; Tampa. 9-14. 
Larbman Carnival Co.: Morgan City, La.. 20-Jan. 

Lee'-Grant Mardl Gras ft Jubilee, H. Grant. 

mar.: Armory. Mlaa.. 2-7. 
Llttlejohn-a United Show.. Tboa. P. IJttt-Jobn. 

mgr.: Perry. Fla.. 2-7. 
Belaa. Nat. Carnlral Co.: Corpus Tex.. 

2-7: Brown.vllle 0-14. 
St. Loula Shows. E. W. Wearer, mgr.: Eaat- 

man. Oa.. 2-7. 
Wtiody'a Combined 8howa. T. L. 8nodgra.->. 

mgr.: Rocbelle. La., 2-7. 


A'jhotC.^Yat^eTlUe Co.. S. G. Abbott, mgr.: 

Albert ua-ArMlfli liy^notlc Co.. J. W. Randolph, 
mgr.: Cblco. Cal., 2-4; altorkton 5-7: ban Jiwe 

Caary Bros.' Vaudeville Co.: Hokab. Minn.. 4. 
Colrln'a. Great. Hypnotlsta: St. lgnsce, Mich.. 

2-7: Borae City 9-14. 
Congo King. W. A. Thomaa. mgr.: Arcadia. 

Neb., 4; Scotia 5: Onl 0; Burwcll 7-8. 
Daniel, Magician. Joe Knapp. mgr.: Savannah, 

Ga., 1-7. 

Dnncan A Oo., A. G. Howard, mgr.: Sapulpa, 
Okla.. 2-7. 

Delia, Tbe, Mysterious. Dell M. Cooke, mgr.:>nt. W. V... 2-7. 

Edwards'. J. B., Animal Show: Kanaaa City, 

Mo., Indef. 

Flint, Mrs. Herbert L.. H. Ererett Pitkin. 

mgr.: Aurora. III., 2-7; Hammond, Ind., 9-14. 
Georgia Troubadour.. Wm., mgr.: Mo 

Lltchfleld, Nell, Lycenmltca: Sharon, Ga., 4; 
Crawfordavllle B: Boweravlile 6: Canon 7: N. 
WUkesboro, N. C. 0: Elkto IO: Sanford 11 
Blacoe 12; BmitnBeld IS: B 
Mascot, Ed nested Horse, 
An. tin. Tex.. 2-7. 

Ifysterloos Smith Co.. A. P. 
Center, la., 4-fi; Roland 8-7: 
Lobirllle 11-12; Bcrsnton 18-14. 
Newman n tbe Great, Hypnotlat: ban 
Cel., 1-4; Oakland 5-7; Saeramento 
Norwood's Great Sensations, M. H. 

mgr.: Manhattan. Kan., 2 7. 
Powers. Frank J.. Hypnotlat: Meridian. Miss., 

2-7: Jackson 9-14. 
Raymond.. The. Glass Show: Bradford. III., 2-7. 
Thompson's Entertainers, Frank H. Thompson, 

mgr.: Potoal, Wla.. 14-15. 
Waldrn * Co., Stewart Worden. mgr.: Alto. 
Mlcb.. 4: Portland 5; Hartford 6: Ionia 7; 
Wjeon^O^MJnden City 10; Mayvllle 11-12; 

COGS WELL- PEHL.— Mr. Harry A. Pehl and 
las Anna Pearl Cog. well, tbe character man 
and neary woman, respectively, with tbe Gladys 
George Stock Company, were married In Uma. 
O. , Dee. 10. 


RURDETTE. — Mr. Martynne. known profea- 
alonally aa Phaama. the Ooddeaa of Light, 
mourna the death of bla mother. Mrs. Llazle 
Bnrdetie. who paaaed away Monday. December 
19. In Chicago, 111., of cancer of the stomach, 
after a long lllnesa. She was S3 years of 
age. The remains were placed In a aault In 
Forest Home Cemetery. Chicago, where they 
will remain until June, then be taken to Anatln 
Texaa, for burial. Mr. Martynne was the only 
child. Mrs. Burdette waa well known In the- 
atrical circles. 

FRENCH.— Frank V. French, a well-known 
•. died suddenly Friday 

night, Dee. 15, from pneumonia. Funeral aerr- 
Ices were held December 17. at Stowe'a Under- 
taking Chape!.. 307 w. Slat atreet. New Tack 
City. Tbe body was aent to Roc beater, N. X.. 
for Interment. French waa tor many years 
manager of tbe Boblnann Comic Opera Com- 
pany, playing Canada and tbe United States. 
In recent year, be bad been atage manager 


n be was manager of the Show O Irl Co.. 
In tbe south. His wife, Uxsle Gonssles. 
polar comic opera prima donna and aou- 
French waa unlTeraalty 

a popular 

brette, died laat aprtng, 

- PARKER. — Harry F. Parker, moving picture 
operator snd algn writer, and bis helper, were 
killed In Huntington. W. Va.. Dee. 19. They 
were engaged In painting the Lyric Theatre, 
when tbe scaffold broke, dashing them tn tbe 
pavement, thirty (lve feet below. Mr. Parker'a 
body waa taken to Sardinia, O.. far burial. 

ZEN DA. — Dolly Zenda (Mrs. P. H. Alrial. of 
Alvln snd Zenda. society gymnasts, died Decem- 
ber 20. at tbe Deaconeee Hospital. In I ronton. 
O., after an lllneaa of nine weeks with typhoid 
fever snd pneumonia, which aha contracted 
while tbe team were holding on.* of tbe feature 
.pots on the W. R. Markle Sunny South Show 
Boat. Mrs. Alvln waa aeventeen year, old and 
married but alx months at tbe time of her death. 
Her husband and mother were with her at tbe 
bedside throughout her Illness. Her remain, 
were shipped to Dresden, 0., Her birthplace. 
Although she had been In the profession but a 
abort time .he m.dV a lot of friend.! 

Tbe Mirror motion picture bouse at Mollae. 
111., controlled by L. K. Cleaveland, W. J. Tal- 
ly and T. 1. Stanley, was opened to tbe pub- 
lic Dec. 17. Tbe Mirror Theatre was a rap- 
idly built playhouse, building operations be- 
ing begun bnt six weeks ago. Tbe entire 
bona* wsa built complete. Including building, 
theatre, decorations, etc. Today It la one of 
Motlne-s prettiest picture bouses. The Mirror 
la large and roomy, baa a seating capacity of 
780 and la equipped with tbe latest motion pic- 
ture apparatna. Including a large mirror screes. 


M. P. Theatre and Vaudeville Manager 

Licensed Operator and good Lecturer. Wife A-l M. P. or Vaudeville Pianist, pos- 
sessing a big, rich contralto voice. We are both hustlers and can deliver the goods. 
Reasonable salary. Address P. L. SMITH, 21 East Eighth Street, Cincinnati, O. 

«J. C. BECKER & 



$513 Clsar Pram in 51 Onl 
from an Invaatmantof $1M 

la the result from operating CSM 
Ball Alley. Two otn 
rt.000.00 first yaar 
100 00 In two months 
roar others took In 8S.S00.00 fas nun months 
Oo in tola business yourself . Ton can stsK 
880.00. Nearly 7,000 alley, sold to dats. Mora 

era cleared 

popular to-day than ever. These alleys pay from 880.0a 
to 8TB. 00 each per week In any town. Ho gam Ming device, 
bnt tbe best thing on earth for clean amuaement and phyaleev 
exercise. Patronised by tbe beat people, who form dabs and 
.ring their friend.. No expense to Install or operate. No special Boor required, no pin hoy 
seeded. Reeetota nearly all profit. Ws sail only one customer to towns of moderate a has. Wrlta 
to-day for booklet and easy payment plan. 

129) AJCXJUOAk BOX BALL CO., 1170 Vaa Bnrsn 8 treat. ladiasepella. Indiana. 

berly. Mo.. 4-S. 
I*e'a Olaaa Blower*. 
Va.. 8-7. 

.: Bedford, 



We manufacture the most extensive 
line in the country. If you wish to 
enjoy a sensation of looming big profit, 
get in touch with us and our low prices, 
Do it now, before you get mired in the rut 
of poor stuff and poor sellers of other makers. 
Catalog free. Samples submitted. Quick action. 

COSMO MFG. CO., 311-312 W. Micfaigaa Stmt CHICAGO, ILL 


An opportunity to maki 


who want better positions— Stop right 
Information pn_ tno_ O f^ atoat Hou a aholtl 

or k— thooo 
it fro* 

aver known— A SELF WRINQINa MOP. 

mako oasy money-— at homo or travollng. 




3 EYttf 


LISTRN: One aaaa'a •raters MaOO one m—t h peaf l tattaao, boy 
^111!!. In r»- made 19.00 In 2 1-2 hrv A. h M.rtin. Mkh_ ur» • "Called at 20 
bosses, sssda 1* sales." E. Mcnn. Wlv. saint "Oel« 101 In • afaya.** E. KudaL Miss, 

"CaavaaaaS II rasnlllee, tooS 1 1 orators." laha D. Method so4S a actor sapper 
la leaa thaa sa hour. Pout wasd as p e rl awaa. aalfcsltsolf. That'i the way it geafc Voa 
caatfaQ. You are bound to win. You ean aatl loo moan a week, working oat* hall time. 

Two furwa of arena wrings eot every arep et ssstar. simple, practical, reu- 
abla, durable, aavet wears oat. etyary H aaaa k a ya. No talklag acccaaair. Show at take 
Uu order. C«t started sow. dont wslL Wa will help gasj. 

Ws want Aranta, Oslssmsn, aasn sg sea In errry county to fin orders, appoint, 
supply, control sub-sgssts. 180 person t peon t No lavastnwnc feaulnso. Sasanlaiasa 
vrak irst order. New catalog. lastmcttoss, snrern la evidcoc*. all Plea. 

o. m. a* OS* com.anv .isao aaalaoa^s^ip oic. onto 


~ t swafMaaTr STaMlT awta. 
kagaTisyM,,, mmt \ 

I two ] 
talus i 

ttiTo.ol crank ttkta 
out crt-rr drop ol 
water. M Crp£ilm f 

sow s pteaanro aa 

tbo jl.»JI ll I WaiaOfl afl 
. Darrcerttt tu lin 8 tak sksaJI 

TFI-»e Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 



Of Agents. Hotels, Music Publishers 
' and Dealers in Theatrical, Circus 
'.and Park Supplies, Alphabetically 

laruxo win be published, properly classified. Id 
tbJa directory at the rate of $10 for one year 
(52 fames), provided they are of an acceptable 
nature. Price Includes .one year'a subscription 
to The Billboard. 

■sea additional ■ line or additional classifica- 
tion, without subscription, $7.50 per annum. 

One line will be allowed to adTertleera free 
of charge for each 8100 worth of apace naed 

corded as aeon as they are received. 



being re- 


Belmont Slatera Balloon Co., Reed City. Mich. 
■■— Dorothy De Vonda. Box 796. Otsego. Mich. 
Chaa. Swarls, HumbotdL Tens, 
i St. Clair Girls. Ttiompso[)TlIle. Mich. 

lex 78. Madlaon Square. New York City. 

a. N la page * Co.. 168 Bay it., Toronto. Can. 

Bersrhell Hplllmao Co.. No. Tonawanda. N. T. 

C. W. Parker, Abilene, Kansas. 

C. B. Mualc Co.. 2830 W. Lake at.. Chicago. 

ITS. Bartels Co.. 160 Greenwich at.. N. X. C. 
LOnwood H. Flint, North Waterford, Maine. 
Home's Zoo Arena, Kanaaa City. Mo., and 

*^acken»en™Yardi'y N ftu T<>,k CT- 


». H. Hallberg. 86 B. 23d at.. New York City. 


Botanical Decorating Co.. 310 Fifth are.. Chi- 
cago, 111. 

J. r. Gaathoff A Co.. Danville, III. 
•check Artificial Flower Co.. Inc., 1677-1670 
Milwaukee are., Chicago, 111. 



J. H. Hall berg. 36 E. 23d at.. New York City. 
N. Power Co.. 115 Nassau at.. New York City. 


Lyon A Healy. 205 Wabash are.. Chicago. III. 
Co.. Cincinnati 


The. w 


a Co., 1030 s. 4th sr., «;.., „ 

Co., 641 Woodland ate., Cleve- 
reenwood Co.. 122 S. 4th at., 



atl Novelty Co., 204 15th at., Cln'tl, O. 

Fillmore Mualc House. 528 Elm at.. Cln'tl. O. 
Lyon A Healy. 205 Wabaah aye., Chicago, IU. 
Rndolph Wurlltaer Co.. Cincinnati and Chicago. 



TJ. 8. Tent and Awn. Co.. 22-28 N. Deaplainea 
at., Chicago. 

Chaa. Bernard, 800 Rector Bldg.. Chicago, in. 
tt't Dramatic Exchange, 58 Dearborn at.. 

Ted Sparks' Vaudeville Circuit. Century Bldg., 
Kansas City, Mo. 


ia&v*** °°- bw «- 


U. Stein Coemetlc Co.. 120 W. 3tat at.. N. Y. C. 
Ox-Hydrogen Gaa Manufacturers. 

Cincinnati Calcium Light Co.. 108 4th, Cln'tl. 

Erker Bros.. 604 Olive St.. St. Loula. Mo. 

Plttaburg Calcium Light A Film Co.. Pittsburg. 
Pa. ; Dea Molnee. la.; Rochester. N. Y. ; Lin- 
coln, Neb.; Cincinnati, 0.; Omaha, Neb.; and 
Wnkea-Barre, Pa. . 

8t- Loola Calcium Light Co.. 516 Elm at.. St. 

" tri Calcium Light Works. 186 
Detroit, Mich. 


George Kratz, Evsnevllle. Ind. 
T. J. Ntchol A Co., Pearl A 
etnnatl, O. 


Veasella Broa.. 32 Atlantic are.. 
Newman Mfg. Co.. 841 Woodland are., 
land. O. 

8. Scnoen * Son, GO Ann at.. New York City. 
Shryock-Todd Co.. 824 N. 8th at.. St. Louie, Mo. 
N. Shure Co., 220 Madison at., Chicago. 
Singer Bros., 82 Bowery. New York City. 
Western Rargaln House, 272 E. Madlaou. Ch'go. 

J. H. Hall berg, 86 E. 23d at.. New York City. 


O. A. Dentzel, 3841 Germantown ave , Phils. 
Herschell Spllltnan Co.. N. Tonawanda, N. Y. 
0. W. Parker, Abilene, Kan. 

CARS (R. R.) 
Anna Palace Hone Car Co., Monadnock Block, 

Chicago, in. 
Soothers Iron A Squlpment CO.. 217-18 Grant 
Building, Atlanta, Ga. 

Queen City Bk. A Second-Hand Caah Reglater 
Co.. 615 Vine at.. Cincinnati, O. 


Inc., 13 W. nth st.. Cincinnati, O. 
Gum Co.. 400 Jackson at.. To 


Xi. Denebelm A Son, 1222-24 Oak st.. Kanaaa 
City. Mo. 


U. 8. Tent A Awn. Co., 22-28 N. Deaplainea 
st., Chicago. 




M. Stein Cosmetic Co.. 120 W. 31st aL, N. Y. C. 

Paul D. Howse, 167 Dearborn at., Chicago. 


M. Stein Cosmetic Co., 120 W. Slat aL, N. Y. C. 

Madlson'a Budget No. 12, $1; 1404 3d are.. New 

Port Wayne Electric Works, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

A. T. Diets. 137 Michigan at., Toledo, O. 
F. L. Tarbell Mfg. Co.. 248 Klnxle. Chicago. 



A. T. 127 Michigan aL. Toledo. O. 
W. Z. Long,. 172 High aL. Springfield, O. 


Rneckhelm Bros. A Eckstein, Harrison A Peoria, 
Chicago, ni. 


Wm. R. Johnson. 80 Pike at., Seattle. Wash. 
Rudolph Bros.. 520 8. 5th at.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
St. Louis Confetti Co., 2 S. Commercial st.. 

St. Louis. Mo. 
C. S. Fireworks Co., Memphis. Tenn.; St. Louis. 


Woatern Bargain House. 272 E. Madison. Ch'go. 


W. Z. Long. 172 



Carnival Costume Co., 

Milwaukee. Wis. 
Frits 8chooItx A Co.. 70 

W. 8. Mountford, 100 Maiden Lane, New York 


Cane Co., Cleveland. O. 

75-77 B. Lake St.. Chtcsgo. 



Worthlngton Scenic Studio, 100 E. Joseph it., 
Mlshawaka, Ind. 


Wm. Beck A Son Co.. 10-12 Garfield Place. Cin- 
cinnati, 0. 


J. H. Hallberg. 36 E. 23d at.. New York City. 

Chaa. A. Strellnger Co., Detroit, MIcK 

Jos. Mencben. 360 W. 50th aL. N. Y. C. 

Universal Elec. Stage Lighting Co.. 1383 Broad- 
way. New York City. 


M. Stein cosmetic Co.. 120 W. Slat aL. N. Y. C. 


M. Stein Cosmetic Co.. 120 W. 31st St.. N. Y. C. 


Slatera. 147 W. 46th at.. Chicago, in 
Mott, 415 Dearborn aL, Chicago. 111. 


H0 New T T N rk T Clry M ' g ' °°" " ,0n " *" 

N.W York C, *g 8T00N|N6 

National Tissue Mfg. Co.. 
- N. Y. 

Sealers" in ^uad 
American Film Brokers. 157 4th are.. New York. 
Amer. Film Service, 77 S. Clark at., Chicago. 
Amer. Film Service, 158 N. Main St., Memphis. 
Anti-Trust Film Co., 77 8. Clsrk sL, Cblr - 
Chicago Film Exchange. 40 Jackson Blvd., 
csgo; Omaha; Denver; 8alt Lake City; 

Cincinnati Film Exchange. 317 W. 4th at., Cln'tl. 
H. Davla, Watertown. Wis. 
Dixie Film Exchange, Owenahoro, Ky. 
Edison Mfg. Co., 10 Fifth are., N. Y. C. and 

Orange, N. J. 
7. H. Hallberg, 38 E. 23d St.. New York City. 
H. A H. Film Service, 360 Monadnock Block, 

. IM. 

Ganmout Co., Congress ave.. Flushing, L. I., 

S. I.ubin. 826 Market at.. Philadelphia. Ps 
Laemmle Film Service, 186 Lake at.. Chicago; 

Bvansvllle. Ind.: Memphis. Tenn.; Omaha, 

Neb.; Salt Lake City; Minneapolis Minn.; 

Portland, Ore.: Montreal. Que.. Can.; Wlnni 

peg. Man.. Can. 

Nesmr r F1Im Ca^iT-lCT^'h ave.. N. Y. City. 

Not. Mot. Pic. Co.» 422 Turk at., San Francisco. 
Ohio Film Exch.. 40 S. Third at., Columbus. O. 
Pathe Cinematograph Co., 41 W. 25th at.. N. 

Y. C. 

Plttaburg Calcium Light A Film Co.. Plttaburg. 
Pa.; Dea Moines, la.; Rochester, N. Y. ; Lin- 
coln, Neb.; Cincinnati, O.; Omaha, Neb.; 
Wllkee-Barre. Pa. ' 

Southern Film Exchange. 17 Opera Place, Cln'tl. 

South. Film Exch.. 245 Main aL. Norfolk. Va. 

Standard Film Exch., 181 Washington at., Ch'go. 

Spoor, Geo. K.. 62 N. Clark aL. Chicago, III. 

Swanaon-Crawford Film Exch. .1041-5 Locust sL. 
SL Louis. Mo.; Louisville, Ky.; New Orleans, 

TJ. S. Film Exchange, 81 S. Clark at., Chicago. 
United Statea Film Broken and Importers, 41 
Union Square. New York City. 


Atlas Supply Co., Manayunk, Philadelphia, Pa. 
J. H. Hallberg, 86 B. 23d at.. New York City. 


Co., 170 Greene at., N. Y. C. 
Consolidated Fireworks Co.. Beading, 0, 
Gregory Fireworks Co., 115 Dearborn at.. Ch'go. 
.. R. Marry att. 32 Park Place. N. Y. C. 

■- Fireworks Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Co., Trenton, N. J. 


Rudolph^Broa.^520 w S. 5th . st„ PhlUdelpbla.^ Ps. 
aL, Chicago. 


M. L. Schlneter. 103 S. Canal at.. Chicago. 

s. Bower, 117 Harm an at., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

H. C. Evans It Co.. 102 Van Huron at., Chicago. 

W. Z. Long, 172 High at.. Springfield, O. 

Make-TJp Boxes, Cold Cream, Etc 
M. stein Cosmetic Co.. 120 W. 31st aL, N. Y. C. 


Oaks Novelty Co., Oshkosh, Wis. 

Plumes and Trappings for Circus and Adver- 
tising TJee, 
Edward Elcke, 157 Canal at., N. Y. C. 
Bcbaembs I'lumo^ Co. . 612 Metropolitan avenue. 




W. H. Barton, Gordon. Neb. 

Taklto, Ogawa A Co.. 166 E. Lake at.. Chicago. 


For Stage TJee. 
Bennett Jewelry Co.. 1645 N. 10th aL. Phlla. 
R. B. Dodge A Co., Masonic Temple. Chicago. 
N. Shure Co.. 220 Madison st., Chicago. 
Shryock-Todd Co.. 824 N. 8tb at., St. Louie. Mo. 
Stnicer Bros., 82 Bowery, New York City. 
Western Bargain House, 272 E. Madison, Ch'go. 


Edw. Van Wyck, 1665 Pullan are., Cincinnati. 

Cleveland Cane Co.. Cleveland. O. 
Goldberg Jewelry Co.. ill W. 6th at.. Kanaaa 
City. Mo. 

Newman Mfg. Co.. 611 Woodland tve.. Cleve- 
land. O. 

Singer Bros., 82 Bowery, New York City. 
Harry L Welabaum. 242 E. Madison at.. Ch'go. 
N. Shure Co., 220 Madison St., Chicago. 
8hryoek-Todd Co.. 324 N. 6th at., SL Louie. Mo. 


J. M. Naoghton. Hotel Mayer Bldg.. Peoria, HI. 

Beacons, Torches, for Circus and Tent Shows. 

Hollo A Weyer. 8 E. Michigan aL. Chicago. 111. 
U. S. Tent and Awn. Co., 22-28 N. Deaplainea 

aL. Chicago. 
Windhorst A Co.. 104-106 N. 12th at.. St. Loola, 


Btereopticons, Etc 

C. M. Stabblna. 1028 Main aL. Kanaaa City. Mo. 


Bamberg Magic and Novelty Co., 1183 Broadway, 
New York City. 


American Box Ball Co.. 1260 Van Buren aL. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Armttage & Gnlnn, Sprlngvllle N. Y. 
Ell Bridge Co., Rood house. 111. 
Herschell-Splllnian Co., N, Tonawanda. N. Y. 
W. P. Mangela Co., Coney Island, N. Y. 
C. W. Parker. Abilene. Kanaaa. 
A. J. Smith, 3247 W. Van Buren St., Chicago. 
Wm. Wurffleln. 208 N. 2d aL. Philadelphia, Pa. 


Lyon A Healy. 205 Wabash are., Chicago. 
Rudolph Wurlllxer Co., Cincinnati and Chicago. 


Francis Bannerman, 601 Broadway. N. Y. 0. 

American Film Broken, 167 4th are.. New York. 
American Vltagraph Co., 116 Naasan aL, New 
York City, 
roer. Film S 
Amer. Film Service, 
Antl-Truat Film Cc 
Cincinnati Hockey e 

Chicago Film 
cago; Omaha 
Edison Mfg. Co.. 10 Fifth are. 
Orange, N. J. 

Harbacb A Co., 808 Filbert 
H. A H. Film Service, 

Chicago, 111. 
C. B. Klelne. 602 6th ave.. New York 01 
Laemmle Film Service, 186 Lake aL, ' 

.aemmle Film Service, 186 Lake at.. Chicago; 
Evansvllle, Ind.; Memphis, Tenn.; Omaha, 
Neb.; Salt Lake City: Minneapolis, Miss.; 
Portland, Ore.; Montreal, Qua., Can.; Winni- 
peg, Man., Can. - , 
3. Lublu. 826 Market at.. Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Magnetic Film Service. Cincinnati, 0. 
Nicholas Power Co.. 115 Nssssu aL. N. Y. 0. 
Pathe Cinematograph Co.. 41 W. 35 th st., N. 
Y. C. 

Pittsburg Calcium light A Film Co.. Pittsburg. 
Ps.; Dea Molnee, la.; Rochester. N. Y.; Lin- 
coln. Neb.: Cincinnati, O.; Omaha, Nek-.; 
Wilkes Barre. Pa. 

Eberbard Schneider. 108 B. 12th St.. N. Y. O. 

South. Film Exch.. 245 Main aL. Norfolk. Va. 

Stebblua, Chaa. M„ 1028 Main sL. Kanaaa City, 

Standard Film Exch., 161 Washington at., Chi- 

Swanson Crawford Film Exch., 1041-5 Locust 
at.. SL Louis, Mo.; Louisville. Ky.; New Or. 

u/'sfFUm Bxch.. 81 S. Clark aL. Chicago. 

I. Braunelss. 484 fiatbuab. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Lyon A Healy, 200 Wabash are., Chicago. ' 

North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Worts. 

North Tonawanda. N. Y. 
Rudolph Wurlltier Co.. Cincinnati 


M. Stein Cosmetic Co., 120 W. Slat el., N. Y. 0. 


Coo. Yonge A Co.. 806 Lncaa are., St. Louis. 

Goldsmith Toy Imp. Co.. 122 E. 4th. Cincinnati. 
Gordon A Morrison, 188-201 E. Madlsoa, Chi 

Goldberg Jewelry Co., Ill W. 6th aL, Kanaaa 
City. Mo. 

Holiday Novelty Mfg. Co., 87 Great Jones St.. 

New York City. 
T. O. Mott, 415 Dearborn at., Chicago. 111. 
Rudolph Bros., 520 3. 5th at., Philadelphia. 
N. Shure Co.. 220 Madlaon aL. Chicago, IU. 
Shryock-Todd Co.. 824 N. 8th at.. SL Loots. Mo. 
Singer. Bros., 82 Bowery. New York City. 
St. Louli Confetti Co., 12 8. Commercial st.. 

sr. Louis. Mo. 
Strauss Mrg. Co.. 355 Broadway. New York 


United Novelty Co., S05-K 6th are.. N. Y. C. 
Western Bargain House. 273 East Madlsoa, 


American Seating Co.. 215 Wabaah ire., Ch'go, 
A. H. Andrews, 174 Wabaah are., Chicago. 
Carnle Goudle Mfg. Co., 307 Delaware at.. Kan. 

saa City. Mo. 
J. H. Hallberg. 30 B. 23d at.. New York City. 

A. R. Mllner Seating Co.. New Philadelphia, tk. 
Royal Metal Mfg. Co., 1821 Dearborn at.. Chi 

B. C *H?' Stafford Mfg. Co.. Chicago. 
Steel Furniture Co., Grand Rapids. Mich. 


The Coraer^Co^SOS Maryland J^;'^^* 10 ^ 


C. F. Bath. Abilene. Kan. 

A. Bern!. 220 W. 14th St., New York City. 
Gavioll a Co., 81 Bond aL. New York City. 
Johannes 8. Oebhardt Co., 3024 Lawrence at.. 

Philadelphia. Pa. 
Lyon A Healy. 205 Wabaah ave., Chicago. 111. 
John Muxxlo A Son. 178 Park Bow, N. I . C. 
North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works. 

North Tonawanda. N. Y. 
Rudolph Wurlltaer Co.. Cincinnati and Chicago 


Co.. 1405 E. 

'Star St..' Milwaukee. Wla. 

Paul D. Howae. 167 Dearborn at.. Chicago. 

Victor J. Evans A Co., Washington. D. C. 

S. Cstsnrsro A Co.. Penn are.. A 22nd aL. 

Pittsburg. Pa. 
Klngery Mfg. Co.. Cincinnati. 


Nadel A Sblmmrl. 144 Park Row. N. Y. City. 


For Electric Pianos. 

O. S. Mualc Co.. 2030 W. Lake at., Chicago. 


c^R.,. ,o Ph^^ 

at., Chicago. 

W. h!' Mount ford. 100 Maiden Lane. N. Y. 0. 

Young A Carl, N. W. cor. Tth and Vina eta.. 


Deal era in. Authors, Agents and Brokers. 

Dick A Fitzgerald. 223 Ann at.. New York City. 

, Helm, 308 Foster Bldg., Milwaukee. 



Amer. Film Service, 77 8. Clark at., Chicago 
Amer. Film Service, 158 " 
Antl;Truat_Fllm Co.^77 !_ 

^tlMfy; ffi 

N. Y, 

Gaumont Co., Congress ave., Fluahlng, 

C, and 

L. I.. 

J. H. Hallherg. 36 B. 23d at.. New York City. 

Bradahaw Co., 286 Greenwich at,, N. Y. City. 
Dlrnhtrger Popcorn Co.. 185 Seneca at., Buffalo, 
Oardcu City Popcorn Wka., 40 State at., Ch'go, 
Ruckhelm Bros. A Bckateln. Harrison and Pe- 
oria eta., Chicago. 


W. Z. Long. 172 nigh St.. Bprlugfield. O. 

Lin wood n. Flint. North WaterTord, Ma. 

The Columbus Piano Co., Columbus 0. 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 


Of notorial Posters, Bit Typs 
BtmiKin, Etc. 

MNpiin Qulgt.j l.ttbo. Co.. Kiun CUT. Mo. 
American Show Print Co., Milwaukee, Wl- 

Litbo. Co.. Newport. Ky. 
Iimioi. 300-8 Commerce 



Comtruction Co., Rockefeller Building, 





« Stein Coatnetlc Co., 120 W. Slit It. N. T. 0. 

Oox, 1S28 Van Bonn St., Chicago, 
sussuoll Art Co., 5306 N. 27th it., Omaha. Neb. 
Jotm Herfurth. 2183 Boone at.. Cincinnati, O. 
New York Studios. 1004 Times Bide, N. Y. C. 
Seuell'e Scenic studio. 830 Sycamore St., Co- 
limbo*. 0. 

Seaman A Lsndla Co., 417 S. Clinton, Chicago. 
ToocMT^^VoHand Scenic Co., 2312 Market at.. 


P '8ECON°d"haN^ 

Dixie film Exchange. Owenaboro. Ky. 

Berry-Wood Piano Player Co., Kansss City. Mo. 
I job * Beely. 200 Wabaeb are., Chicago. III. 
Budelph Wnrlltser Co.. Cincinnati and Chicago. 

0. 8. Mnalc Co.. 2930 W. Lske St.. Cblcsgo. 


Diamond Novelty Co., Schenectady. N. Y. 

1. B. Hippie. 800 Vine St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
B. Huffman & Sod, 542 Jackeon Blvd.. Ch'go. 

w. V. Mangels Co., Coney Island, N. X. 
0. w. Parker, Abilene, Kan. 
A. J Smith. 3247 W. Van Bnren St.. Chicago. 
J. J. _McCalU>oab. Sheridan's Walk. Coney Ie- 

208 N. 2d St., Philadelphia, P*. 
Calhoun Show Print Co.. 336 Asylum et.. Hart- 
ford. Conn. 

■anoy Show Print, Liberty * Logan ata., Cin- 
cinnati. O. 


8. Bock. 728.Bloe Island are.. Chicago. IB. 
De Moulin Bros. * Co.. OreenTllle, IU. 
BateboU Art Co., D30B N. 17 th at.. Omaha. 

m. 3. Haydcn * Co.. 108 Broadway. Brooklyn. 
KJfc Tent * Awn. Co., 22-28 N. Desplalnes 



. Boiler Rink Supply 
Boiler Co., 



u B1t3., Chlcagojlfi; 
«. C. Henley, Richmond. Ind 
«»t»l Wlnalow Skate Co.. V 


Manufacturers of and Psal m s in. 

Diamond Norelty Co.. Schenectady, N. X. 
A. I. riaber A Co., 434 2d it*.. Pittsburg. Pa 
Ifoa A Healy. 208 Wabash are.. Chicago, 111 
Utile Norelty Co.. Chicago. lit. 


(Hah. Co.. 



For Illuatrated Songe. 

Film Exchange, 48 Jackson Bled., 
Omaha; Denrer; Sslt Lske City; 
■ A H. Pilm 


BTsnsTllle, Ind.; Memphis, Tenn. ; Omaha, 
Neb.: Salt Lake City; Minneapolis. Minn.; 
Portland, Ore.: Montreal, Que., Can.; Winni- 
peg. Man., Csn. 

Lake Shore Film * Supply Co., 814 Soperlor 
St., Cleveland. O. 

Let! Co., Inc., 24 Union Square, New York 

Norelty Slide Co.. 221 E. 53d at., N. X. Cltj. 

t». Lubln. 026 Market St.. Philadelphia. 

Bwa neon-Craw ford Film Each.. 1041-3 Locnat 
St., St. Louis, Mo.; Loularllle, Ky.; New Or- 
leans, La 


The nr.rton Mfg. Co.. 77-79 8. Clark gt, Ch'go. 


Singer Bros., 82 Bowery, New York City. 

M. Stein Cosmetic Co., 120 W. Slat at., N. X. C. 

'stage "lighting "applTances." 



For Fair Follower*. 

Coe, Xonge Co., 004 Lucas are.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Goldberg Jewelry Co., Ill W. 6th St.. Kansas 
City. Mo. 

Gordon A Morrison, 190 201 K. Msdlaon Ch'go.. 

New Xork City. 
LerlB Bros., Terrs Haute, Ind. ■ 
Newman Mfg. Co., 641 Woodland are.. Qere- 

land, O. 

SbrjockTodd Co.. S24 N. 8th at., St. Louis, Mo. 
N. 8bure Co., 220 Madison at., Chicago. 
L. L. Xoung Co., 69 Comhlll, Boston, Uses. 
Singer Bros., 82 Bowery. N. X. C. 
Slack Mfg. Co., 126 Frank] yn st., Chicago. 
Harry Welsbsum. 256 Madlaon at.. Chicago. III. 
Wratern Bargain Boose. 272 B. Madison. Ch'go. 
Yoet A Co.. 800 PUbert St., Philadelphia. Pa. 


Oi^mont Co., Congreaa are.. Flashing, L. I., 


Edw. K. Brown. 118 Main St., Aurora. 111. 

Baker A Lockwood. 7th A Wyandotte ate., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 
Columbus Tent and Awn. Co., Columbus, O. 
Camle-Gondle Co.. SOT Delaware at.. " 
City, Mo. 

Dougherty Bros.' Tent Co., 109 8. 
Louis. Mo. 


Murray A Co., Iqc, 640 Meridian St.. Cblcsgo. 
Thomson A Vsndlreer, 816 K. Pesrl, Cincinnati. 
D. S. Tent A Awning Co.. 22-28 N. Desplalnes 

St.. St. 



Win. Beck A Sons Co., 10-12 

clonstl, 0. 
A. Pueger. 821 Walnut at.. St. 

Jaa. B. Boge. 416 glee trie Bldg., Clare land. O. 


,0 sts. ,° Chicago L | U B . b * r Co - Lnmb " * Seward 

Slegman A WeU. 78 Wooster St.. N. X. city. 

H. V. Bright, Straws Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Arena Ticket Co.. 300 Dearborn at.. Chicago. 
National Ticket Co.. 8bamokln. Ps. 
Recs Printing Co.. 10th A Harney ata.. Omaha. 
Trlmount Preea, 87 Albany St.. Boston. Mass. 
Weldon, Williams A Lick. Fort Smith, Ark. 
Weldon, Williams A Uck. San Francisco, Cxi. 

8legman A Well. 78 Wooster St.. N. X. City. 

Geo. A. Paturel. 41 Warren at.. New Xork City. 
Sbryock-Todd Co., 824 N. 8th St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Singer Bros., 82 Bowery. New Xork City. 
Western Bargain House, 272 B. Madlaon, Ch'go. 

Briber Trunk A Bag Co., 1641 N. Hancock at.. 

B. Trunk Co., 447 Wood St., Pittsburg. 
Bogisterlae; and Co In -Controlled Tranatilss. 
H. V. Bright, Straws Bldg., Cleveland, a 

De Moulin Bros. A Co., 1030 S. Fourth at., 

Greenville, III. 
Western Uniform Co., 214 8. Clark at.. Ch'go. 


Pacific Coaat Amusement Co., American Bank 

Bldg.. Seattle, Wash. 
Ted Sparka' Theatrical Exchange. Century Bldg., 

Kansas City. Mo 


c r. 


Madlaon St., 
Bowery, N. 


1. Decatur. II L 


Putnam's Pet and Wild Animal Store. 41 

Washington at.. Buffalo, N. X. 
Louis BoSe. 248 Grand St., New Xork City. 


T. O. Mott, 416 Dearborn at., Chicago, III. 


Account extenalre chances and remodeling, we 
offer the following flret-claas utensils: 

One 10 gal. Ice cresm freezer with belt 

and pulleys sttacbed. 
One Shields automatic table pop bottler. 

cost $200.00. 
One Sea If e patent tripoll filler No. 3. 
One roasting jack, just the thing for a 

park or lunch room and a money 


The shore will be sold whole or In part. Ev- 
ery article In good condition and offered to tbe 
first person making a reasonable offer. Let us 
bear from you If Interested. 

Sandusky, Ohio. 

Several Sets of 


What do you need? Send for 
descriptive list. 


Detroit Op.™ Houm, DETROIT, MICH. 

This is our 75-cent HaJf-Tonsj or 
m 3x4 for $1, cash with ordor 

Knox ville Engraving Co. 

515 Bate Street, KNOX VILLE, TENN. 




Dapple gray; good looker: stylish appearance 
and can be taught anything in an incredibly 
short time. Already possesses nod repertoire 
New'riekS's. Address DB/C H AB I ES BEACH. 


Good condll 

The game of "Sixteen Hundred" 
described aa an elaboration of ~ 

more, than a 

■ hounds in) I 

aod com 

It sppeala strongly to the skillful player also, 
for Its possibilities In the way of subtle atrat- 
glea and clerer coops are well n igh countless. 

St.. - • • Cincinnati. O. 

Having sold say tearing; car. i 
ay run. also nay wife's and 
stating gantlsmaa's Australian mink fur-Used 
coat. aleeon* Persian lamb collar, black brass 
cloth: easx ago , cost SI 00: pair of cinnamon baas 
r o b sa, S*». cost gleO; one lad/'a Breach coney 
coat, no: coax (US: my daughter** threa-quar- 

£,.^00^*00;^ VXJSi ss?s*r& 

SewV wirwojr 'Writ. flVUaWlU hw£ 
St., New York. 

■ 33w 



6mias you t/iet>eSfresi//f$ - - 

- iris mum asset- - 


3 >■ *r,4 J "2? CASH WiTM ORDER . 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, im 

ew Conventions I 

This Hit contains data procured by The Bill- 
board during the put week Oalf. The list 

bllsbed complete In the issue of Decern 
and subsequent Installmenta b*Te been 
" > intervening numbers. 

May 26- 
., 6 W. 11th 

April 4-fl. 0. D. Du- 

27. E. 
Birmingham — Alabama 
bslmers' Association. 
Pre. Attalls, Ala. 
Mobile — Head Camp "S," Alabama W. O. W. 

March ii. John A. Ptnltt, Florence, Ala. 
Mobile — Supreme Lodge Knights of Honor. May 
'A. Frank B. BUger. Sapreme Reporter, 401 
•Odd Fellows Bids-. St. Louis, Mo. 
Mobile — Knights and Ladles of Honor Grsnd 
Lodge of Alabama. April 18. B. L. Cahall. 
grand secy.. ! 

of Superintendence. Nst'l 

Feb. 23-25. Irwin 

Bell City, Ala. 


Blsbec— Great Council I. 0. B. M. May 23 
N. E. Hawse. Box 282. Tucson, Ariz. 

West Baden— Indiana Association Presidential 
Postmasters. Probably In June. 1911. John 
E Sbideler, P. O. Box 5, Indianapolis. Ind. 

Cedar Rapids— Iowa Retail Clothiers - Assn. 

February 14-16. C E. Wry. Forest City. 

Ia. . . 

Dei Moines— Iowa Marble A Granite Dealers' 
Association. January 18-20. B- A. Webster. 
820 W. 9th St. 

e— Woodmen of the World. March 15- 
A. A. Clark, clerk. 528 E. Wslnnt St., 
Moines, la. 

Iltown— Iowa Veterinary Association. Jsn. 
3-5. Hal C. Slmpeon. Denison, la. 

Parsons— Grand Lodge Degree of Honor A. O. 
D. W. May — . 1911. Mrs. Georgia Notes- 
tine, Hiawatha. Kan. 

Topeks— State Dairy Assoclstlon. Janusry 8- 
11. I. D. Graham, secy. 

Topeks— Kansas Swine Breeders' Assoclstlon. 
Jan. 10. I. D. Graham, aecy. 

Topeks — Kansas Improved Stock Breeders' As- 
soclstlon. Janusry 9-11. I. D. Graham, 

Wichita— Kanaas State Bottlers' 

17-19. W. H. Haxelton. P. 0. 


L. Smith. 

Baton Ronge— Annual State Meeting of the K. 

: week In May, 

of the T. 
H. E. 

May 8. 

Little Rock — Nst'l Ret Hardware Assoclstlon. 
March 29-31. M. L. Corey. Argos, Ind. 

Little Bock — Arkansas Retail Hardware Assocls- 
tlon. March 27-29. Walter Harlon, secy. 

Sacramento— Western Fruit Jobbers' Assocls- 
tlon. February 15-18. W. D. TTdwell. Denver, 

Ban Francisco — Forty-ninth Annual Convention 
Nat'I Education Assoclstlon. Jury 8-14. Irwin 
Shepard, Winona, Minn. 


Denrer — National Association of R. G. of the 
United States. June 13. G. Reddish. 203 
Chamber of Commerce Bldg. 
Denrer — The National Assoclstlon for the Study 
and Prevention of Tuberculosis. June 21-22. 

Farrand, M. D.. 105 E. 22d St., 

Lodge I. 0. 0. F. of Conn. 
May 17. Wm. 8. Hutchison, grand secy.. 
95 Crown St.. New Haven, Conn. 
Hartford— Connecticut Dairymen's Association. 
Jan. 17-19. J. G. Sen wink, Jr.. Merlden. 

Hartford — Connecticut Pomologlcal Society. Feb. 
rnary 1-2. H. C. C. Miles. Mil ford. Conn. 

MIddletown — State Council Order United Amer- 
ican Mechanics. May 11. C. H. Adams, 
Sooth' Norwslk. Conn. 

New Haven — Grand Chspter R. A. Masons. May 
9. James McConnlek. 152 State St., Hart- 
ford. Conn. 

New Haven — Grand Council R. A S. Masters. 

May 10. James McCbrmlck, 152 State St., 

Hartford. Conn. 
Sharon — Harbnn Valley Firemen's 

May 9. Edw. P. Barry, Amenta, N. Y 

Washington — C. K. of A Sup. Lodge. May 10- 
14. Anthony Matte, Mercantile Bldg., St. 


Jacksonville — Ladles' Auxiliary to Order of By. 

Conductors of America. May — , MIL Mrs. 

E. HIgglns. 1339 S. High St., Cotnmbos. O. 
Jacksonville — Grand Commandeer K. T. May 

1L W. P. Webster, secy. 
Jacksonville — Grsnd Chspter R. A. M. May 

9- 10. W. P. Webster, secy. 


Athens — Grsnd Commsndery of Knights Temp- 
lars. Msy 10. Chss. S. Wood, 
er. Savannah. Ga. 

A ttantn — Grand Lodge Knights 
Georgia. May 17. Wm. H. Leopold, P. 6. 
Box 12, Savannah. Ga. 


Illinois Medical Society. Msy 17-19. E. W. 

Weis. Ottawa. HL 
Chicago — National Association of Piano Deal 
era of America. June — . 1911. C. R. Put 
nam. 120 Boylston sr.. Boston. Mass. 

Association Physlco-Medical 
* Sorgeons. May 16-18. J. a 

of P. May 15. L. J. Blcaud. 
Baton Bouge — An 
P. A. During 8 
Dunning, secy. 


Honlton — State Camp M. W. of A 
Frank A. Webb, Brldgeton. Me. 

Lewiston — I. O. G. T. Grand Lodge of Me. 
April 12. 0. S. Hartoo. Wllmot St. Port- 
land. Me. 


Boston— American Theropeutie Society. May 

12-13. N. P. Barnes. Washington, li. C. 

Boston — American Hotelmen's Protective Asso 

elation. June — . 1911. J. K. Blatcbford, 

Auditorium Tower. Chicago. HI. 
Boston — American Dennatologlcal Association. 

June — , 1911- J. M. W Infield, 47 Halaey St.. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
BosloD— Twenty-fourth Mass. Regt. Assoc I a 

Hon. Jsn. 20. John C. Cook. 248 Washing 

ton st. 

Boston— Assoclstlon of Ry. Telegraph Sopts. 
Jane 19-23. P. W. Drew. 135 Adams St.. Chi 
cago. 111. 


Detroit — International Stereotype™ & Electro- 

typers' Union. June 12-18. Geo. Williams. 

Boston. Msss. 
Detroit— Am. Rr. Industrial Association. May 

9. Guy L. Stewart. 1328 Pierce Bldg.. St. 

Louis. Mo. 

Detroit — Royal Neighbors of America. March 
— . 1911. Mrs. Sophie E. Wood, Grand Ma 
rala, Mich. 

Detroit — Affiliation Advertising Association. June 

Detroit — Michigan Bankers' Assocla 

^1911. Hal H. Smithy secy.^ ^ r | n 

June. 1911. Jsmes Wilson. Pres., Cincinnati. 

1911. W. J. Gentscb. secy. 
Detroit— Fraternity of Ooerative Millers. Jnne 
J. F. Mueller. Chicago. 111. 
Rapids— New Era Association, .-une 6. 
E. G. Georhart. 29 Fountain St. 

Knapp. 451 

Minneapolis — Netiot 
the U. S. June 


per, 1601 Masonic Temple. 
Chicago— Illinois Homeopathic Medical 
Hon. May 11-14. A. c. Tenney. 1 
lgan ave. 

150 Mlch- 

Cnicago— Air Brake Association. May ■ 23-28. 

F. M. Nell Is, 53 State St., Boston. Mass. 
Danville — Illinois Master Bakers' Association. 
January 10-12. Edw. T. Clissold. 315 Dear- 
born St.. Chicago, 111. 
Danville — United Commercial Travelers of Amer- 
ica. May 18-20. W. J. Hacker. 808 Wayne 
St. . 

Elgin — Illinois State Dairymen's Association. 
January 18-19. Geo. Caven. 154 Lake at. 

Chicago. 111. 

Litchfield— Neutral Protective 
1911. J. R. Paisley, secy. 

_ State Dental Society. Msy 9- 
J. F. F. Waltz, Decatur, DI. 


21. Edward 



Camden — I. 0. Mechanics, 

I vera, 385 Spru ce St . 

Albany — N. Y. Associated Dallies. Jan, 

Gardiner Kline. Amsterdam. N. Y. 
Buffalo — Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. April 

17-21. Cbas. E. Markoam, Anchor Line Dock. 
Buffalo — Internstlonsl Poultry Show. Jan. 23- 

29. S. A. Merkley. 309 Brisbane Bldg. 
Geneva— Gamma Sigma Fraternity. Jane — , 

1911. A. B. Churchill, pres., 115 B. Castle 

at., Syracuse, N. Y. 
New York— National Fire Protection Associa- 
tion. May 23-25. Franklin Wentworth, 87 

MUk it., Boston. Mass. 

ew York— Arctic Club oi 

1911. Henry Blederbic. 138 Palisade are., 

Jersey City. N. J. 
New York— Eastern Assoclstlon Csr Service 

Officers. March 30. F. B. Higble. S. C. S., 

C. R. B. Co. of N. J., foot West 23d at. 
New York — Grand Court of U. 8., Order of 

the Golden Sceptre. W. H. Hall, 323 

ave., Camden. N. J. 
Niagara Falls— Nat'I Assoclstlon of 

Ten Cent Merchsnts. June — , 1911. 

C. Llghtner, Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Rochester — American Water Works Aaaocla 

June 6-10. J. M. Dlven. Charleston. S. C. 
Troy — New York State Grange, P. of H. Feb. 

7-10. W. N. Giles. Skaneatelea. N. Y. 

Watertown — Assoclstlon of City Clerks of the 
State of N. Y. July — , 1911. Wm. Wort- 
man, Hudson. N Y. 


Bismarck— N. D. National Guard Assoclstlon. 
Jsnnsry 6-7. Lieut H. Sorenson. Fargo, N. 

Cincinnati — Trl-State 
Janusry — , 
vllle. Ind. 

are ssld to bsre several matinee records, 
■now was billed aa H or tig A Scamon'a 
Show, having closed the bouse last Jnne. 

The Dainty Duchess with Zbysro. the wrest- 
ler did well at the other Brooklyn eastern wheel 
"The SUr, and played 

The College Girls opened the Columbia on 
Monday 28, to the biggest basin ess of the sea- 
son. A big glsss screen bss Improved the i 
fort at the Columbia obstruct! 
sent draughts which formerly 
time tbe door was opened. 


Arthur Blesenberger, wbo baa been with Jsck 
Singer for the 

e past two seasons, lias taken the 

of The Serenade™, snd will have 
e show for the remainder of the 

charge of tbe show for the 

season. Mr. Singer la fortunsie in aw- 
curcd the services of aucb ■ bright snd com- 

natTa deaT'o^experleoce In the ««utTve end 
or the burlesque business, and wbo was, at one 
time, treasurer st Messrs. Hurtlg A Seamen's 
Toledo Empire. Tbe members of The Serenad- 

■itlon. Jan. 30-Feb. 11. 
406 Dispatch 
New London—: 

Erie— Erie Kennel Club Bench Show. 

10. Lyman Whitehead, 343 W. 5th 
Harrlsburg— Pennsylvania Livestock Breedera' 
Assoclstlon. Jsn. 24-27. E. S. Bayard. 203 
Sherly ave.. E. E.. Pittsburg. Pa. 
Harrlsborg — Pennsylvania Dairy Union. Jan. 
24-27. H. E. Van Norman, State College. Pa. 

Harrlsburg — Prnnsvlvants H< 
atlon. Jan. 24-27. C. J. 
Lebanon — 


Parkersburg — W. Va. Retail Hardware Asso- 
ciation. Feb. 14-16. Leslie Hawker. Shun 

laton. W. Va. 

LaCrosse— Wisconsin Butter Maker-,' Associa- 
tion. Jsn. 1-Feb. 3. O. H. Benxendorf. Mad 


This week tbe "birth place" of Al. Beeves la 
Toronto. Beeves baa had printed and dis- 
tributed In Toronto, letters wblch tell of bis 
boyhood In Cauada's Queen City, and Inviting 
all hla old friends to see the show. Tbe Reeves 
organization Is playing tbe Gsyety in Toronto, 
this week. 


Louis Bieler. electrician with tbe Star and 
Garter Snow, and Mlsa 
ber of the same 
Louis, December 28. 


Mr. and Mrs. John T. Baker, of the Star 
Show Girls Company, gave a Christmas dinner 
to tbe members of the company st the Plaxs 
Hotel. Boston. Mass.. Dec. S3. The dinner, a 
most delightful affair, waa attended by thirty- 
four people. Frank Murphy, stsge manager of 
the attraction, presented Mr. Bsker. on behalf 
of the company, with several valuable i 
and to Mrs. Baker wss given il 
cure set. Mrs. Baker present! 
with a solid silver toilet set. 


of members of tbe Sam 
Howe's Love Make™ wss given on tbe stage of 
the Gayety Theatre. Omaha. Neb., immediately 
after the performance on Christmas night. De- 
cember 25. 

W. B. (Blllyl Watson 
dinner to all tbe memb-i 


(Continued from page 17.) 


Camp (M) Woodmen of the World. 

March 7-8. J. W. Mauldln. Wat 

Brookhaven — Bebekab State Assembly. 

Jodie Bubusb. Meridian. Miss. 
Natchez — Mississippi Retsll Me: 

atlon. May 9. W. D. Hawkins. Box 502. 

Meridian. Miss. 


Cape Girardeau — Missouri Pharmaceutical Trav- 
elera' Association. June 13-16. Wm. F. 
Kabre. St. Louis, Mo. 

Cape Girardeau — Missouri Pharmaceutical Asso- 
ciation. Jnne 13-16. 

Kansas City — American Assoclstlon of Freight 
Agents. June 19-22. R. O. Wells, Agent 
111. Cent. By., East St. Lonts. III. 

Kansss City — Missouri Valley Veterinary Associ- 
ation. Jan. 24-26. Hal C. Simpson, Denison. 

St. Louis — Southern IB. and Mo. Betail Imple- 
ment and Vehicle Dealers' Association. Jan. 


Falrbury — Neb. Stste Pharmaceutical Associa- 
tion. June 13-15. J. O. McBrldge. Stctts, 

Kearney — State Camp B. N. of A- March — . 
1911. Mrs. Hattie Parson. Recorder. Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

Lincoln— Neb. State Historical Society, Jsn. 9- 

Llncoln— Neb. Territorial Ploneera' Assoclstlon. 
Jan. 10. 

Lincoln — Neb. Good Roads Association. Jan. 

Lincoln— Neb. Co-operatlvp Grain A Live Stock 

Assoclstlon. Jan. 16-20. 
Lincoln — Neb. Fsrmere* Concrrss. Jan. 16-20. 
Lincoln — Organized Agricultural Association. Jan. 


Lincoln — Tbe Association of 
Managers-. January 17. 

Norton and several other well-known theatrical 
men and performers. 


I wsnt to thank my many professional friends 
for the many kind presents and messages of 
greeting. I shsll be unable to reply to all. st 
I take this opportunity nf conveying my sin- 
eerest appreciation for the many pretty souve- 
nirs of friendship. Many thanks to Pete Clark 
Harry Strove. Harry Armes. Frank Abbott. 
Frank Livingstone. H. R. Polsck. Billy Noble. 

es. M. .Man 

. Pins! snd to 

all of 

plate returning to tbe 
mencement of next seat 
were with Max Spiegel's 
some few weeks ago. 


The Gsyety Theatre. Pittsburg, broke sll pre- 
ous records for a matinee. Monday. Dec. 2a 
The attraction was Jack ~ 

Milton Mannlst. formerly of the Weber snd 
Rush office. Is now Identified with Mess™. 
Jacobs snd Jermon. and la at present shesd 
of their Queens Of Tbe Jardln De Paris, whleh 
Is under tbe management of tbe all-popular 
Joe Howard. 


Jimmy Dngan Is still managing the New Al 
imhra notel. in tbe - 

Logansnort-Logsnsport F.nclera' Club. Jan. 
17-21. Wm. Grace. Jr.. 318 Market at. 


TJ. N. A P. O. C. 
Ballard. Fslrbory. Neb. 

Association of P. 0. 

W. E. Hall, claiming New York as bla home, 
was fined ISO or thirty dsys st Plttsbnrg last 
week's show consisted of two bnrlettas, entl- 
nnder the age of 16. Hall claimed that be 
require,! the girls for a bnrieeqne snow be is 
producing, the title of which U. The Bailor and 

Three girls were arrested at tbe rehearsal 
ball, among them a girl of thirteen. 


The stock burlesone at the Ninth and Arch 
Mnscnra. Philadelphia, tbe direction of John 
G reives, and Is called The Affinity Girls. Last 
weeks show consisted of two bnrlettas enti- 
tled. Trilby and Welcome To Our City, 
the members of the company are: John 

Carl Anderaou- Tommy West. 
Mary Grelvea. 
Madge De Wi 
ot. Mazie 

I often wonder why It Is that ni 
il. ever spell 
Bert la tbe 
Is now with Hortlg i 
Follies of New York A Psris. 

I was looking through some of bis press no- 
tice* tbe last time I met blm and waa sur- 
prised to And that over 00 per cent of the 


Are You a Hustler? 

If so. von are tbe man w« want. Here la a chance 
to make big money In a business of your own. The 

Wonder Cannon Camera 

has made hnndnda Inde- 
pendent—It wtu do tbe 
asms for you. Writs at 

"Tree catalogue 

and learn rooie about the 

phntn Sssl 

525 ton l 

and enough supplies to 
make 4«0 nnlsbed photo 
button*. Extra butt n 
plates. 11.00 per hnndred. 
Rllt frames. ■ per 

_ rUMilR £8. 
Pept. 1x9. Chicago. UL 


Folding Oremas fis-aa. | oct*«t> 
keyboard. Think of It; Mission 
Oak or Mshoi.nj Finish. This 
!• TRS hani rr offer Best AO- 
tlon. Be lows. Case and Tone 
ever offered: shipped on ap- 
proval: send no ranoey until 
•atlsrUd. Little 01. nt Ko. S. 

Order today. A. L. WHITS 
«ni. o •.. m w. as 

Chlcmio. III. 


4-piece Italian Orchestra 

account of Superba vaudeville boose closing . 
Violin, cornet, piano and drama. Organised eg- 
clnelvcly for vaudeville and picture show. TJp 
itandard and popnlar mnalc. A — 



School of Artistic Stage Dances. Toe Dancing 
• Specialty. 

Studio, 170 Lexis stem Avenue, New York City. 

Wanted— Electric Show. 

part or all of tbe following; 10 51111a' Deweya. 
13 Mill.' Owla, 10 Mllta' Grapboubonee. 1» 
Mills' BuH's-Eyra. 4 Hills' Qnartasssapea. 40- 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Bl 




(Continued from page IS.) 

or tbe showmen's ASSOCIATION ■hall be 
granted the same privilege* In aald city. 

7. Thti cannot be granted because the con- 
dition doe* not exist. 


8. That so claoae or restriction shell be ln- 
aerted In tbe contract limiting In any manner 
me right of the member, of tbe SHOWMEN 
ASSOCIATION to adTertlae. by tbe use of paint- 
ed sign*, electricity, cloth bannert, newapapera. 
magaalnes. window bangers or other medium of 
advertising, where socb, adTertlalac or meana 
of advertising la not supplied or furnished by 
tbe Bill roatera' Aaaoclatlon to tbe c Irene under 

8. Satisfactory except that ctrcnaes agree 
not to contract with or oar apace either h 1 
board or painted eigne from an opposition 
bin poster who la also In tbe paint boaiaeaa 
to any city where there la an a-aoelatlon 
member, and that all banners shall be limited 
to tbe else of s ooe-ebeet. 


9. That bo so-called "apecial" boards snail 
either be sold or reserred for aale at a price 
exceeding the Association contract rates. 

9. Tbat no so-called special boards shall be 
told or reserred to any association circus at 
a rate exceeding tbe contract rate* of sucb 
rpeclala to other advertisers. 

10. That tbe members of tbe SHOWMEN" 
ASSOCIATION shall not become a party to any 
clause In tbe contract restraining or affecting 
the rlgbta of any circus not signing tola con- 
tract; and tbe contract shall contain no re- 
straining or compulsory prorlslon relating to or 

10. O. K.. bot 

advantageous contract 

11. Tbat In any city or place where tbe Bill 
Posters' Association or aaaoclatlon member baa 
not sufficient necessary board apace, (not dsubsi 
for ssle. when required for circus oae. then In 
all such esses the circus may — - • 
from any other person or Arm 
qualifies tlon. 

1L Same a* year 1910. 

12. Tbat all differences, complaints and de- 
mands arising on tbe part of any party to thus 
contract shall first be presented to and prompt; 
ly decided by tbe secretary of tbe Billposters' 
Association, and from bla decision either or 
both of tbe parties to tbe contract may appeal 
to a board of arbitration, at hereinafter pro- 
vided for. by serving written notice upon aald 
secretary to tbat effect within twenty days 
after bla decision. A board of arbitration shall 
consist of fire members, two members to be 
chosen each by tbe circus and tbe Billposters 
Association respectively: the four members thus 
chosen shall choose tbe fifth member of tbe 
board, and In tbe event they are unable to make 
a selection the mayor of the city where such 

shall select snch Bxth per- 
sll act speedily and Its de- 
cision shall be final and conclusive. Each party 
■hall bare the right to appear before the board 
and offer anch testimony or evidence In his be- 
half ss msy be deemed by tbe board proper. 

The losing party shall pay all expenses Incur- 
red In tbe proceedings bsd In determining tbe 
controversy or claim, together with whatever 
damages, payments or obligations are determined 


12. Fifth man to be agreed upon by tbe 
fear, and that all space must be contracted 
tor not leas than one month. 

13-A. Contract of 1910 be changed to cover 
tbe above propositions. 

By R- if. Harvey. 
By John G. Robinson. 

By H. H. Tammen. 

By W. H. Borton. 

By II. B. Gentry. 

By Gordon W. UUle. 

By Fred C. Gollmar. 
By A. G. Campbell. 


(Continued from page IS.) 

The ordinances of tbe City of Plessnr* were 
sntsgnoatlc to tbe venture, snd It wss not a 
profitable oae. In 1ST2. Dr. Spanldlng again 
pat Dan Rice, bla old foe and friend, on the 
road, under the management of his son. Harry 
W. Spauldlng. During the tenting season of 
18TS. Dr. Spanldlng was tbe principal backer 
of Melville Maainley and Cooke's Circus. 
Spaoldtng'a birth place was Coeymana, Albany 
County. New York, and the date of his birth 
was January 14. 1812. He died In New Or- 
leans. April 0. 1SSO. 

(To be continued ne> 

(Continued from page 8.) 

The company playing Tbe Three Twins at the 
Chicago Opera Bouse, was delayed more than 
three hours on their way from Pittsburg, and 
did not arrive la Chicago In time for tbe 
Chrtatmaa matinee. The house was sold oat 
•nd when the announcement was made that 
those desiring money back could ret It. all but 
about twenty of the audience left. Wben the 
company at laat arrived. Manager Kingsbury 
decided to lire tbe performance, and It «*■ 
not concluded until nearly seven o'clock. 
_Frsncls Wilson will set In his own farce 
The Bachelor's Baby, at rowers' Theatre. In 

The Shuberta have been unsuccessful in 
curing the lease of tbe Zlegteld Theatre, by 
the discovery that the house la of the cites 
In which movable 
, Mlaa Edlthe " 
In Polly of the „ 
Theatre for a two 
nary 8. • 

Kate Donnelly 
Mrs. Stuart Robaoo 
.. Jack J. Horwlta 
Arthur Shaw 

Junle McCree baa been added to the cast of 
The Happiest Nlgbt of Ills Life, in which Vic- 
tor Moore will come to the Colonial Theatre next 

jg t^wV-uiv & wn& t 

The' benefit performance which wss played at 
the LaSalle Opera House, Mondty morning, De- 
cember 26, wss s huge success, and made the 
nine hundred poor children who were in at- 
tendance extremely happy. All the member* 
of The Sweetest Girl Is Parla Company ren- 
dered their services, snd entertained their small 
guests with song, dsoce and story appropriate 
for tbe occasion. A Cbrlstmst tree, Illuminated 
with Incandescent lights wat get upon tbe 
atage, and after tbe performance Francis Gall- 
lard, playing tbe part of Ssnts dsns, distrib- 
uted bags of candy, taking care that not a tin- 
gle child wat overlooked. 

Tbe Chicago Turngemelnde still continue 
Snnday concerts, snd under the efficient 
of M. Ballmsnn, well-known In tblt city through 
the engagements he hss played In the various 
amusement psrka, prove very successful snd are 
eagerly looked forward to by patrons whom he 
baa pleased so often. 



Mlaa Dnatan . . . 
Mr. Phelpa .. . - 
Mrs. Phelpa .. 
Mrs. Barman 
Herman Letts .. 
Joe Welnateln .. 

Chicago, Dee. 28 (Special to Tbe Billboard).— 
O. I— Hall, of the Journal: "It la thoroughly 
native, its story Is free of Improbability, snd 
ltt speech, alwayt tpt and pointed, alto It free 
snd natural. It la scted for all It la worth 
by a nicely-balanced comedy company, and 
therefore It la very much worth while." 

Amy Leelle. of the Newt: "With the splendid 
cast intact, which made a great bit of Tbe 
Country Boy. one of tbe season's easiest tri- 
umphs. Powers' Theatre entertained yesterday. 
And no prettier, saner, neater and more Amer- 
ican play has entered the Jousts of stage liter- 
ature this tournament year. Besides It baa a 
faultleae catt of tbe best comedians, legitimate 
and true, that a play could ask." 

James O'Donnell Bennett, of the Record- 
Herald: "This play la altogether American In 
Its outlook on life, homely, unaffected, cordial 
and direct. It It a good play for young peo- 
ple to see." 


(Continued from page 8.) 
ReSCte - B*. H L Meyer 

Time • • *> *> mm ■ « • a ■• 

Eileen C*TaniQgh 
Mrs. Smith 

Sombrs Ethel Cadman 

Chrytea Mary Maekld 

Amaryllis Gertrude Foreman 

Daphne Beatrice Burrows 

Aatropbel Stanley Jesanp 

Strepboa Harry H. Meyer 

Damoetat John O'Banlon 

Chicago./ Dec. 28 (Speelal to The Billboard). — 
Fred erica Hattoo. of tbe Poat: "Tbe Arcadians 
comes here after a long season In London and 
a winter la New York. One doea not wonder 
at that, when one sees tbe play, for it la one 
of the most charming conceits Engl snd has 
tent us. When a musical comedy hat good 
dancing, amuelng dialogue and delightful melo- 
dies, and is ably presented by sn excellent com- 
pany of people, there to very little left to be 

Tbe Chicago Journal: "Tbe Arcadians, a Lon- 
don success that la really successful. It st the 
Illinois' Theatre, proving Itself the most de- 
lightful musical comedy Chicago hat seen In 
many s year. Charming music. Idyllic aettlng. 
pretty girls, good comedy, splendid chorus and 
exquisite dancing are tbe elements that make 
Tbe Arcadians a Joy from beginning to end." 
The Becord-Hersld: "Six people there be— 


Ity to tbe report that The Arcadians hss weath- 
ered three aeasona In London snd two In New 
York. It aeema a dnll affair, by no meana tbe 
sort of thing for folk with red brood In their 
veins snd possessed of an urgent and perhaps 
for virility. Tbe six people 
Alan Modle. Julia Sanderson. 

Walter Angel 

Papa Bartboldy .. .. 

Pranx Pepo 

Abraham .. •• .. « « 


Svbll Craven . . . . . 
Julie Atordy 


age 8.) 

. Benry Wenman 
, .. Henry Vogel 
.. Harry Praser 
Raphael Newman 
.. Harry Child 
. . . . Mary Corse 
.. May Buckley 

James O'Donnell Bennett, of the Record-Her- 
ald, opened his review as follows: "It Is 
touched up with sprightly observation and there 
la a brief emotional snrge that carries It safe- 
ly beyond tbe bounds of tbe mere trilling. It 
commanded the tear of sentiment list eve- 
ning tnd It evoked many a carefree langh. In 
other words. It served Its purpose sgreeably. 
and that purpose Is tr> sharpen tbe wits with 
pungent. Ironic reflection on certain ralpible 
bat amiable weaknesses of mankind." 

Eric Delamarter. of the Inter-Ocean: "An- 
other charming little piece, with several smiles, 
a f*v teart and a heroic thongbt In the laat 
aet. There Is subtlety In Ha coi 
clarity la Its speech: It Is light 
gravity, yet solid In texture." 

Chics go Dtlly Newt: "It to 
pherie snd effective, delightfully witty and In 
the main splendidly scted." 


(Continued from page 8.) 

Amy Leslie. In her review of this production, 
remarked: "It la a breeay. trifling, slippery bit 
of French humor literally gullded with fascin- 
ating music of Offenbacban flavor tod spicy 

brilliance. One after the other of tbe most 
original, spirited and Irresistible women cbsse 
each other over a plot which may be best Ident- 
ified ss colorfully Psul-Potteresque. If that com- 
bination Is not working.*' 

Chicago Dally Journal: "Another of the for- 
eign mnslcsl Importations whose music la tbe 
delight and despair of the native composer of 
light opera, and whose book causes wonder 
tbat there should be anyone willing to ac- 
knowledge Its authorship. To Felix Alblnl Is 
due credit for the beautiful music Joseph Her- 
bert mskes public announcement of responsibil- 
ity for book and lyrics." 


(Continued from page 8.) 

Tbe story of the Defender of Cameron Dam, 
which haa been recited In all of the leading 
newspapers In the country, haa been tttged 
recently, and Is playing st the National The- 
atre. This bids fslr to eclipse all other melo- 
dramas for thriller*. 

St. Elmo to alao tbe ol 
company st tbe Crown. 
The Girl from Rector s Is at tbe 
Brewiter-i Mllllout It tbe attraction at the 
with Carl Gerard In the leading role. 
Brown of Harvard to being Interpreted by the 
realdent slock company at tbe Mai 
A Man's Way it the offering by the 
pany at the People's Theatre. 

The Imperial Theatre, which opened laat 
week, hss Tbe Blue Moose for Its second at- 
The College Theatre to offering 


(Continued from page 8.) 

pie playing In Chicago, Including the grand op- 
era company, and possibly the Thomas Orches- 
tra, are expected to co-operate. It la expected 
that 820,000 will be realised from the aale of 
tickets, souvenir programs and other sources 
of revenue which will be attempted. Miss Mary 
Garden baa been asked to auction the boxes, 
and Mrs. Edward Kennedy, wife of the man- 
ager of the Congress Hotel, will solicit the 
program advertising. Tbe managers of the 
Chicago theatres who will combine their efforts 
for the success of the benefit are: Will J. Da- 
vis. Illnols: Andreas Dlppel, Chicago Grand Op- 
era Company; Sol Lltt, McYIckera; George 
Kingsbury. Chicago Opera House: Herbert C. 
Duce, Gsrrtck snd Lyric; Harry Aakln, La Sails 
and Grand Opera House; Bernard Ulrich, Audi- 
torium: Augustus Pltou, Jr.. Blackstooe: Singer 
Bros.. Princess: Frank O. Peers. Whitney: Sam 
Lederer. Olympic; Colonel Brown, Globe: 0. J. 
Hermann, Court: Col. W. A. Thompson. Amer- 
ican Music Hall; Harry J. Power*. Power*; 

James J. Brady. Colonial: Georste A. Davtjj 


(Continued from page 8.) 

Sheppard Butler, of the Becord-Bertld: "Set 
down tbe fact tbat Cp and Down Broadway la 
one of tbe moat sumptuous and bewildering of 

Frederic Hatton, of the 

the New York summer bodge pot 

the Poat: "It to a gen- 
erous revue of the type that Flo Zlegfeld. Jr., 

haa given us frequently. 

Erie Delamarter, of the Inter-Ocean: "Some 
of the burlesques and specialties are up In tbe 
scale, and some are not- Those provided by 
Emma Cams belong to tbe former category In 
the opinion of tbe audience, and the snap of 
tbe piece to due considerably to her attentions." 



A penny a thooght for the brightest thou g h ta of 
the world'* bast wlta. too stories with LOSS latughs- 
No atory Is new; Its the vij 700 tell It. I asss li yoa 
tbe way. I stall you these stories. "A Blot Can." 
with aa eight minute dialogue: also one perpendic- 
ular mile of monologue: all for the coat -of type, 
wrttlax. Hall me today one dollar money order. It 
win lump your salary and place on the bin. 1 give 

you mot tbe best stories ever told. 1 000 laughs 
boiled down to one perpetual scream. Twenty-one 
years author and atage director of New York tuo- 
obsbss is guaraatee. 1 know a laugh whan I hear one 
(I'm deaf), and 1 will return your money if Its not 
good. Why do 1 do tbiat I want to write you an act 
to order. Show you bow to advertise, place your 
act where It belongs. Cftas. A. Tavxoa. author of 
King of the Opium Ring. Queen of the Highway, 
and 90 others. Over SO of my acts tn vaudeville. 
Write today— It meana success. HQ E. tub. N. Y. 

$15 to $35 Per Day 

This ta what yon can mat. by 
— -lg one or onr Wonderful 
ps M a chin es, Our latest 
io. < Wonderful Ferrotype 
Machine makes three slats of pie. 
tores on plates tKxJX. IKxtK and 
as L. Button plats*. It la alao r» 
ve rslble for taking groups, vehicles 
and houses. Our latest model. Telo 
Camera Scope, makes s button p to 
tares In one minute. We alao man a 
tartars several different styles of 
street tin type machtoea and sup 
puss for same. Wa ara tbe original 
manufacturers of tbe g ariotsp e 
furosur eras 



Tricks & Supplies 

stamps for Illustrated 

and latest Hits. 
READ at co viet. 
East «lrd St.. Chicago. His. 

Msn or boy for tight wire 
aet. Will teach If necessary. Age, height, 
weight, 11 rat letter. No time to dictate. Add. 
81T Washington St., Appletoo, Wis. 


w: -")#<■. -» e?a wb c-^i 

VTalFYaVlT- ll*. -Illegal; ~w» 


(Patent ipptled Tor.) 


!■ rtovolutlonary. 

After years of waiting I 
to your own independent 
tore light machine Be, 
ta any electric light far 

photographs — poat cards tn 

particular — Just aa fast and 
makes aa perfect pictures. 

ced a marvelona sue- 


[at 8.000 candle evenly 
distributed and backed by 
adjustable sterling nickel re- 
flectors. This machine to as- 
sembled and pot In opera- 
tion In a few minute * eo n 
sanacs bnt a dlnaa'a worth of 
gasoline per evening. XTato 
"'Hydro-Photo" light machine 
haa tbe earns manufacturers' 
" .a* lt_e». 

_ Ate L 

by showmen 
WMta for Olnmlar and Pries List. 


of the. : 

1 04- 8 V. Uth Street. St. 


THEATRE MANAGERS, and etc. Particulars 
of oar system of ABRIAT. ADVERTISING to 
yours for tbe asking. If yon srs i^a-v«.g far 
business boomers. Do not delay your inquiry. 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 



Trap Drummer 

Please state what yoa can pay. Location pre- 
ferred. Address PAUL COSTEL, 178 Uechaolc 
Street, Ashland. € regan. 


Cornet, Clarionet, 
Baritone and Trap Drummer 

Address ARTHUR E. RROWN. care St. fames 
Hotel. Shreveport, TiiirtlPltnt. 


Man or Woman to Play Piano 
and Sing Illustrated Songs 

for motion picture theatre. Salary 113 per week. 
Mutt be good. No matinees, no Sunday work; 
only two hours a night. Write quiet. Yon 
must be good. A. GRAFF. Bo 

Wanted— Musicians 

Mighty Hssg Shows, season 1911. Cornet, clari- 
net, piccolo, trombone and alto. Other musicians 
write. First season troopers and boose rs asve 
stam ps. Must he A-l. Address DICK MAS- 
TERS. Director of Bsnd, Haag Show, Box 107. 
Shreveport, La. 

Wanted, Capable Advance 

perlence, etc. W. B. 
Rochester. New York. 


Iff. Hockley Ring., 


WANTED. MED. PEOPLE— A- 1 sketch t* 
roan and wife, both dolncr ktmsI sneclalttee; 
must do black-face slnglDfr and dancing. ■ 
sketches, put on acts snd make them go, 
ire nee to those playing piano. Pay Tour 
hotel. Make salary low as you get It. No 
„J. 1 want nice people. Tickets to those 
who are O. K. on baggage. Ottyrr n**™. 
write. DR. FRANK C. KEITH. Post Seville. 
Wis., week of LtS: Ironbelt. week of Jan. 2. 


faker will do. Make salary low at yon f»t K. 

Must loin at once. " 
Stratford, la.: 11-12. 
ton, la. 




JANUARY 7, 1911. 


Small Town Nickelodeons in the United States Data 
for Which Has Been Gathered for Billboard 
Readers-Additions Will Be Made 
from Time to Time 


Ada — Lyric Theatre: H. EL Total. 
Alliance — American; Peter Tender, mgr., 623 
E. Ualn st. 

Lyric; f. A. Haruell, mgr.. 253 E. Main at. 
Edlaonia ; F. F. Kearney, mgr.. M8 E. Main 

Amherst— Florence Theatre: A. D. White. 

A-Muee-C Theatre: H. w. Schmaucb. 
Antwerp — Wonderland Theatre; F. W. Dalrym- 
pie. Main sr. 

nceaa Theatre; Mat the wa ft Da- 

Ashley— Chaa. Abraham. 
Ashtehnla — Lyric Theatre: O. It 8ml tb. US 
- Brtage at. 

BIJou Theatre; Blank Bros., Main it. 
lehtlhnll — Theatorlnm. 3. A_ Dlgglna. 
Athena — Columbia 3. Court at. 

Grand. W. Washington 8t. 
Attica— The Prlnceai Theatre; Dlgnan ft Shet- 

Barbenon — Family Theatre; Pareell A Treaaell, 

814 Second at. 
B ^oh^ETlTlZ f " 0rt ' 1 8U *' Grtmn, mgr. 

Ball airs — Lircorama. 4554 Jefferson at.; Jos. 

Olympic, 3157 Belmont it.; Geo. 
Bellefontalne — Princess Theatre; J< 

Volk'e Theatorlom; P. H. Volk, 126 W. Co- 

i "iniubns at* 
Beflsvue — Family Theatre; C. F. Headings, W. 

Main at. 
Battel— W. D. Riley. 

BJancheater— Dreamland, South Broadway; Amoe 

**MaL^8t.^oyil P Tn^atre;°6. I. Carnea". 
Bradnar — I. T. Bogard. 

Bradner — Alcaxar Theatre; Arlington A. S tiger. 
Bridgeport — TJngerlelder & Creavon. 
BoehteV- Pearl Theatre; Mrs. F. E. Scott. 
iu» Orpheom Theatre; H. E. Ball. 
Jwtlc Theatre: B. E. Elberson. 126 S. 

raI*^ctorIal Theatre; M. F. Walker. 
Ill E. Market. 
Cambridge — Princess, 404 Wheeling are.; Tay- 
lor A Clark, mgrs. 
Cual Fnlton— Fnltonlan Theatre; F. L. Klttln- 

ger . Canal at. 
Canal Dover — Grand; S. Bailer, mgr. 
Cerd tng to a^Drc amland .Theatre; Carter. 


Chagrin Falls — The Mew Park Theatre; B. W. 

Chicago — Dreamland Theatre; R. J. Allen. 
OWUlcothe— Dreamland, Paint at: ~ 

ApoUo'. Paint at. 
Orpheum: Henry Hamm, mgr. 
Qoeen: W. Lelpsey. mgr. 
CatYdevxBe— Metropolitan; John Carl. 

Exhibit; Grant G. C. Rank. mgr. 
Clyde — Boyle Theatre: Zerlaut A V« 
Collnwood — Family Theatre; E. C. 
Colamar are. 

E. C. Overa. 

Colnmblana^-Globe Theatre: ' C. Frederick. 
On un a a nt— Conneant Amoaement Company. 

W. A. Pettis. 
Coshocton— Casino Theatre; Schreiber Bros.. 442 
W. Main at. 
Bleetrle Theatre; G. 5. 
Main st. 
Coshocton — Electric Theatre; G. 

Main at _ . 
Crestline — Royal Theatre. O- H. Ho lman. 

Hipp; Cowl ft Callahan, mgrs. 
Defiance — Citizen's, corner Clinton A Fifth eta.: 
Frank Young, mgr. 
Elite, Clinton St.: Abe Hudson, mgr. 
Lyric; B. F. Enoa, mgr. 
OeGraff — Theatorlnm Theatre: E. V. Noleatlne. 
Delaware— Theatorlnm, Theatre; M. G. Knob- 

■ . Brand; Hntchlnaon ft Swearengm. 7 N. San- 

dusky at. 
Itar Theatre; 

51 K. Win- 
F. Staop. Mi 
Deschler — Crown Theatre; B. GHbble. E. Main 
il— Dreamland 127 E. Sixth st. : 2. 

at.; G. L. McCUntoek, 


Gallon — Princess Theatre; peter Rattlg. East 
Main at. 

Grand; A. March and, S. Market st. 
Galllpolla— Theatre, Second St.; J. M. Kanfman. 

Greenland. Second at.. . 
Germ an town — By-Jo Theatre; J. 

Glbaonbnrg— Royal Theatre; 
Madison are.. N. W. 

Olrard — Luna Theatre; J. 
Gloucester — Grand 
High st. 
•ovllie — H. 
National Theatre; ... «^ ».».u, 
Hamilton— Jewel, Second and Court its.; 
Broomhall. mgr. 
lyric. 319 High st.; Knhlman Bros., mgrs. 
Princess, 315 High at.; C. J. KUIan, mgr. 
Star. 215 Conrt at.; Lon Whlttman. mgr. 
Hlrkarllle — G. J. Belbert. 

Opera House Theatorlom. C. E. Nolan. 
Btllsburo — Orphenm. North High st. 
Chaney. comer East ft South its. 
Tbeatorlom. So. High at. 
Falrley A Dunlap. N. High »t. 
Holgate — The Boyal Theatre; H. 
Ironton— Scenic Theatre: Clarx * 
mgrs.. 131-133 Center at. 
Soutbside Theatre; S. H. Garner, 

3d ft Pine Its. 
Masonic Theatre; Garrick A 

cor. 3d and Center ate. 
Empire Theatre; Henry Hooter, mgr.. IT 8. 
3d It. 

Jackson — Edlaonia. Broadway; Too a. 

Pastime. Main at.; Joe 
Jacksonville — Jacksonville 

namy. Athens Co. 
Johnstown — Blograpb; M. Stevens. 
Kali da — Gem; A. s. Hooker, mgr. 

Theatre ; T. MeMe- 

Mlamlaborg— Peter _ 
Mlaml.l.urg— The Slar theatre; W. C. Albrecht. 
■-JiMle|H.rt— Grand Family Theatre: n. N. Swift. 

■town — Dreamland, 225 S. Broadway; D. J. 
Doursley. mgr. 
New Princeas, 141 Third it.; L. Potts, mgr. 
Muster — Nickelodeon Theatre; The C 

Club. Fourth at. 
Montpeller— Opera House; C. W. Molter. 
Mt Vernon— Penny Arcade; p. J. Miller. 
Murray — Drvamland Theatre; H. H. Fraaee. 

at.; W. 3. Stn- 

art. mgr. 
Princeas. 1 •nolle Square; E. W, 
Alrdome. Washington it; W. B. 
Nevada — Muxes: Ed. McLaughlin. 
Newark— Bijou ~ 
Third at. 

Amoaement Co. 
Neweouier»iuv.n— Elite Theatre; L. Toganlta. 
Newcomeratown— Warren Jones. 

New Lexlngtou — pictorlum; C. 

New Lexington — S. a Smith. 
New Philadelphia — Theatorlnm: 

New Richmond — H. A. Shaw. 

New Straltsrllle — The Gem Theatre, Box 72. 

Lyric Theatre; T. Lynch. 
New Vienna — Dreamland Theatre: W. Conn. 

Main at. 
New Waterford— Chaa 
Nile*— liljou. Main at.: 
Nlles — Nile. Theatre: 3. 
Nilea — Theatre; 

N. Balliuw! 

Main st. . 
The Palace Theatre; C. 
Norwalk— Electric Theatre, 

3. nenniD, mgr. 
Norwood — Btjoa Theatre; 3. 

Mlunet Theatre; W. Backrow, 4006 Mala st. 
Oak Harbor— White Front Theatre; E. J. Cairl. 
Oak Hill — John O. Thomas. 
Oberlln — Electric Theatre; 3. F. Durham. 

Family Theatre; Wilson ft Clow. 8 E. College 

Ormile— Fairyland Theatre. W. F. Lytle. 
Oxford— The Oxford Theatre; Oxford Amuse. 

CO. " 


Paulding— Theatorlnm; 3. B. 

Plqna— Zlg'a, N. Main at. 
Star; Erb Johnston, mgr. 
Princeas; Hennie ft Madox, mgra. 

3. H. 

Readers will confer 
pany by calling the 
from this list. 

St-Ht t? m w m * * m m • •"*»•• 
ty ....... .*••**. 


favor upon The Billboard Publishing Com- 

of the editor to any errors in or | 



C. Liverpool — D 
Be^frtc. - M9 

I. Liverpool— Unique. Mr. Mariooeaax. 
Lyric: David McKeman * Wm. Stcvena. 

Baton— Tbeatorlom : 

Main at. 
Baton — BlJon Dream: Jac 
gum-wood Place — Theatre; 

fflyrla — Lyceum Theatre. L. P. Klrkpatrfck. 

Electric Theatre: J. F. Durham, 111 Mill at. 
Fayette — Orpheum Theatre: H. A. Pawling, 
nndlay. Mystic. 510 S. Main st.: Stanley Law- 

Victory. 230 S. Main at.: T. C. Poe. mgr. 
Royal. 237 S. Main at.; Chaa. Marshall, mgr. 
Bijou 411 S. Main st. ; R. E. Jacobs, mgr. 
Forest— The Star Pictorlum; H. D. Shields, 
rostoria— Majestic, Main at.; H. C. Campbell, 

Elite. E. Tiffin St.; Mia* Helen Hale. mgr. 
a. Luna. South Main at.: W. T. Huber, mgr. 
BJk Pathe: Cramer A Bonnell. mgrs. 
Hranklln — Electric Theatre. Chaa. Honaer. 

Prrederlekton — E. 3. Blackburn. 

Free mont— Royal Theatre; A. Mlaehke. 

The Jewel Theatre: The Jewel Theatre Co. 

BlJJon Dream. West state at. < 
Fremont— B. T. Carr. 
Oslioa — Orrhenm Theatre. Chaa. F. 

A On- 

, 88% 
47 S. 


Kent — -Kent Opera House: L. Conn, Main at. 

Grand Theatre; H. F. Becker, S. Water at. 
Kenton— Idlebonr, W. Franklin at.; J. H. Steve 

T-, 101 E. Colum- 

aas B. Rood. mgr.. 121 W. Franklin st. 
Lakewood — Clifton Park Theatre: 1. E. Gerbar. 
Lancaster— Harry Wacbter, 181 W. Main at. 

Geo. Law. 150 W. Main at. 
Lebanon — Boyal Theatre: C. ». 
Odd Fellows" Building. Lycenn 
la ft Law. 

Leeabnrg— Jnhnsonla; Daryl W. Johnson. 

N. Fairfield at. 
Leetonla — Chaa. Campbell. 
Lima— Royal. 60 Public Square, 


Lisbon — Grand: F. P. Bnrblck. mgr. 

Orphenm: Will Jones, mgr. 
Logan— Logan O. H. ; C. E. Oberle, mgi 

W. Main at- _ ■■ ■ 

London — Princess Theatre; M. B. Golden 

Main at. 
London — Da via * Buff. 
Lorain — BUou Theatre- B. W. Bslrd. 

Broadway Teatre. B. W. Balrd. 
Lorain— Majestic Theatre; A. C. Irons, 

Tbe*Amnse-0: W. H. Miller, 830 Broadway. 
Loudenrllle— Comtque Theatre; Denney & Wise. 
Dreamland T" 

Lynchburg— Lyric 
Co., Main it. 
McConnelavlIlc— BIJou Theatre; W. B. Wells ft 


Manafleld — Orpheum; Murray A Son. 
The A! Tin Theatre; Croose A Ktmx. 
Third at- _^ 
Marble neail — Auditorium Theatre : Eberwlne * 


Marietta— I yrle, Putnam at.; Hammlt * Wil- 
lis, mrra. 

Btar, Front st.: Cram ft Walte. mgra. 
Grand. Putnam at.; O. J. fcytXTt, mgr. 
Theatorlnm, Front it.; T. McCone, mgr. 
Marlon — Luna, So. Main at.; Wm. 8 tana berry, 

Wonderland. N. Main St.: J. S. Redd. mgr. 
BlJon. N. Main at.: A. F. Branderberry. mgr. 
Queen. E. Center at.: L. D. Btr*'* 
Martin's Ferry— Miller's Theatre 

grass, mgr., 8. 4th at. 
- Pastime Theatre: W. B. Shnl, mgr. 
Marysvllle — 1_ Gnekert, Cross Building. 

Dreamland Theatre; 3. Gunderman. Fifth at. 
Ma sail lon — Dreamland: Tom Da vies, mgr. 
Maumea — Dreamland Theatre; Lynn Bayer. 
Medina — Moving Picture Show 
Barnard Block. 


Am — People'i Theatre; J. B. 
Miller Block are. 

Plain City— The Edlaonia Theatre; Born ft 

Plymouth — Wonderland Theatre: R. B. Stinger. 
Pomemy — Electric Th-strv; J. Kasper. Front at. 
Port Clinton— The Marvel: A. J. Arnold, mgr. 

Star. N. Main at. 

Prlnreaa. N. Main st. 
Port Clinton — Nels Peterson. 

Arcade; F. E. Frederlcke, Second at. 

The Lion Theatre; T. B. G. Belchert, West 

Portamonth-^CoIumbla Theatre: SO GaUIa It, 
Nickelodeon Theatre: 9 W. 2d at. 
Pastime Theatre; 40S rbllllmthe at. a 
Orphenm Theatre: 7th ft Chllllro 
Laoderman ft May Theatre; 7th 
rothe sn. 

Proapcct — Wonderland Theatre; Burlaw ft GD- 

Ravenna— Family Theatre; J. S. Hocken berry ft 

Bon. W. Main at. 
_Lee'8 Vaudeville: A. F. Lee, Prospect at. 
Beading — Dreamland Theatre; J. I_ Doyle. Ben 

eon at. 

Dreamland Theatre; WIggrrman ft Blttman. 
Benson at 

Rlcbwood — Princess Theatre: R. L. Gaat. 

M. B. Sprat t. 
Slbina— E. B. Richard ft Co. 
St. Bernard— St. Bernard Nickelodeon. Sehrand 
ft Vanden. 

St Marys— Edison Family Theatre; J. J. Her 

riff. W. Spring at. 
St. Marys— Fairyland Theatre. 
Ml Paris — cillTord Verdb-r. 
Salem — Nickelodeon: C. 8. Ct 
Highland: C. n. Chlsbnlm. 
Broadway Theatre: C. Zell 
Family Theatre: I>. n, 
Speldel. 15 Broadway. 

Inm: O. T. Wire. 

_' Otiera ILsnee: Path I way. 
Theatorlnm: C. Rear*. 710 M«rtt«t_ «t. 
snawnee — Home Theatre: Hry-«n A 
Shelby — Star Theatre: J. O. Rinese 
Sidney — The Grand Theatre. N. Main 
Springfield — Hippodrome. W, 
Savoy; S. Limestone St. 

Wonderland: W. Main at. 
Dreamland: W. Main at. 

8^'cT.^h,e^S?.r 1 -Tue.t 

Washington C. H. — Palace Theatre: R. n Col- 
man, mgr. 

SteobeuTllle— Nixon, 507 Market at.; 0. I. 
Schwab, mgr. . 

Alrln. 4th ft Market ata.: W. Cum. mar. 

Idle Hour. 130 N. 4th at.; F. Bnecbe. mgr. 

BlJon, 1IW N. 41b it.; 3. Btwcbe. mgr. 
Srryker— star Theatre: O. I.. Taekee. 
Sycamore — Palace Theatre ; Osborn ft Koehi. 
TUB n— Mystic. 46 8. Washlngtoh tt; Hal B. 
Clarke, mgr. . 

Boyal. n E. Market at. : B. A- Bbowara. mgr. 

ex.; 0. L. 

... t 

Titan — Theatre, 
nrletol. mgr. 
Grand Theatre; Edw. L. Moore, m 

Tlpprtsuo* City — Uum Theatre; C. 

Main st. > 
Toronto— Mr. J. B. McFarland. 
Edison Theatre: J. 8. Kobb. 
T. McCann Theatre, Fourth at. 
Troy — Gem Theatre; C. J. Dlehl. 

Star Theatre: II. 11. Johnson. W. Main at- 
trhrlehsvllle — Arcade: H. S. Vsll. mgr. 
Union City— Theatre; Lewis ft Steers, mgr. 
Upper Sauduskj-Kalry Theatre; W. II. Hit* 

cock. b. Sandnaky are. 
Crbana— l yric Theatre; I_ P. Byan. 110 Sou 
Main at. 
Wonderland Theatre, 

utlca— J. H. Klrupatrli^. 
Van Wert— Arcade Theatre; Mllhelm ft 
l'rincesa Theatre; C. C. " 
Main st. 

Vermillion — Crystal Theatre; W. F. 

Wadauorth— Slar Theatre: 

Block. Main at. 
Wapakoneta — Gem Vaudeville, 
H. Brockway. mgr. 
Princess. Angiitis at.; Nelr 
Warren — The Graod Theatre; 
Main st. 
Dreamland; Hnhbell ft Co., 7 
Crescent: Hawkins ft Henry Co. 
Washington C. IL — Palace, Conrt at; B 
Coleman, mgr. 
Fayette. Fayette at: Chaa. Johnson, mgr. 
Wonderland. Court it.; Chai. Johnaon, 
Wanseoo— Sunbeam. Fulton at; A. L. 

at; O. 

Royal. Fnlton st: 3. McMaL 
Waiiseon — Theatre; Price ft Colter, 
Warerly— C. W. Smith. 
Wrllxton— W. B. Phillip A Son. 

Virginia Theatre: W. O. Yard. 
WclNvllle — Edison Theatre; G. D. Duno. 

Family Theatre: C. C. Swing. 515 
WeUsvtlle — Casino Tbea 
W. Jefferson— Exhibit 
drr. Main it. 

West ^j2-t E aVl B Sch»-a l b k ' 
We-.ton— The Model Theatre; Huber ft Short*. 
West Cnlty— BIJoo: M. JS. Morrison. North at 
Wilmington— Gem. W. Mall 

gton — Gem, 
Cub. W. 
Winchester — A 

Wood. field — M. P. 
ton. mgr. 

Wooster — Amuae-U., Buckeye ft Liberty Its.; 
Ihler ft Fauver. mgra. 

Grand. Public Sqnare: Seal ft Knepper. mgra. 
Xenia— betrolt St M. P. Show; J. H. Dakln. 

BlJon Th.-atre; Sutton and Witting! oa. 18 



Made Palace. 


Theatre; W. H. Parks. 
Aima Empire Theatre; A. C. Brown. 
Alva— The Grand Theatre: W. B. 

Anadarko— Dreamland: J. 

Princess. The btar: A. H. Mace ft Bon. 
Ardmore— Majestic. West Mala It; Mlxa Ami 
lie Hnnter. mgr. 
Tneatorlum. West Main at: Leroy Blckat. 

Princess. 12 Main it: Col. Doak. mgr. 
Ardmore— Majestic: A. Hunter. 
Odeon Theatre: Crowey ft Tlndale. 206 Sec- 
ond at. 

Bartlesvfile— Crowley ft Tlndale, 2nd ft Job* 
atone it*. 
O. E. Fry*. 110 E. Third at 
C. A. Jackson. 806 Dewey a vs. 
Chandler— Idle Honr: J. G. Egbert. 

Crystal: W. H. Hoot. mgr.. FayettevlUe. Ark. 
Cherokee — Gem: H. U. Wllllama. 
Chirks. bs — New Star: Batten ft Homer. 
BIJou: E. T. Bitten. 213 Chlckaaha ire. 
Convention Ball; Convention Ball Co.. Bit 

K ansae are. 
Malestlc Theatre; D. T. Wobker. 118 Norta 
Third st. 

Clinton — Crystal: W. P. Bowe. Frisco a vs. 
roaJnt- — Yal. - 


R. M. Oa 

Pnrant— Iria; Tile Amnae. Co.. 117 so. 

Dorant — Theatre: A. J. Allison, mgr. 

EI K'-no — BIJou: S. H. Horner. 
Palace Theatre: Fortner ft Schnck. 

El Beno— Jtorelty Theatre. Walker ft Wa 

Elk City— W. L. Kelly. 

Lyrle Theatre: O. C. St ova II. 

Enid— Wonderland Theatre; C. Gregg- 
Star Theatre; The McEwen Amuse. Co. 
MaJeatle Theitre: Bofinger ft Field. 
Electric: nildenbrand ft Decker. 108 W. 
dnlph at. 

Falrrlew — Odeon The* tee: 0. L. Britten. 
Falrvlew — George C. Price. 
Foai Public nan. F. C. Davis. 
Fnss — 1 vrlr Theatre: Cobb A Parle, 
Frederick— Flectrlr: C. 7. Smith. 
Frederiek— W. A. Wtlhnrn. p. O. 
n-s^r — Bt-r Tt 
Oolhri*— Elite ' 

O. T. Wad kins. Ill W. Harrlaos 


Gem Theatre; Chenowlth ft Funk, 111 W. Bar 
risnn ire. 

dnyrnns— c. M. Fwnk. 
Hart eborue — star Tbeatr*: Harrlaos A 
Hennessey — Novelty Theatre; B. B. 

Hobsrt-^-Crystll Theatre; B. O. 
W. Chatterbnck. 
Tale Theatre; Orcott ft Sasgabrr, Be. 

v. Moore ft Smith. 
J. W. Martin, 

8 Choc, at; Ed. McCll 


MrAlearter— Mysfle. K. H. Da BrsVrr. 
Mc^lea'.ri- — Tale Tteatre; Till Atnaa*. Co. 
Miugiim — Majestic Theatre; 0. Oreaalay, 8. 

C. r^obti* fa,. 
Mangrmi — Dreamland. H. H. Hsaaer. 

Mar1e^ilaaw'rTc ,{ ''rt. R A 0 '^ n * Ktrtp,tr1 **- 
Mlini I— Bleetrle Tbearrs; 

Musko g ee T ale: T, W. 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 


Wigwam No. 3: J. O. 
gss Mi 2nd et, 

N. St* at. 
t. , Okmul- 

Feoute'a Auditorium No. 2; J. 0. Lleber. mgr., 
30J N. 3rd at. ■ _ . _ 
Hewklrk— Edison Electric Theatre; Electric The 
aire Co. ■ 
Todd 'a Theatre; J. Todd. 
Norma n— Durham. Kut Main tt.; a B. Du- 
blin, mgr. 

norm id — Olympic. Barkaa * On or las. 
Nowata— Alnlume, IHUwin Hal B. B. Moor*, 

E3ecVrl™^nieatre: H. A. Moaner, mgr. 
Auditorium: Frank BUI. mgr. 
Oklahoma Cltj— Dixie Theatre; W. Patch. 311 
N. Broadway. 

Hob: V. L. SarratL 24 W. California at, 
Pr lucres Theatre; W. F. BurreU. 11 M. Broad 

o'/nplc: B. H. Powell, 113 W. Mais at. 
Oklahoma City — rally. E. B. Fall. w. Oiud 

Crystal. W. Paten. 21T W. Broadway. 

n'a. Klhekah are.; Albert Jackson, but. 

-l.jrrtc: C O. Keaoyer. 

B. B. 

gapnlpa— Scenic; J. L. Caaey. mgr. 

Olympic: Scott * Dellart. mira. 

Tale: O. Stgalll. mgr. _ . 
gnawnee — Path* Theatre: E. W. Lai 
Stillwater — Alamo Theatre; B. W. 

Wm. Hahne, Main at 
1 till water — Crystal. W. C Jacobs. 

Bolpbur — Grand Airdome. Maskogea are.; Geo. 

Brown, mgr. _ 

Bromide Garden Alrdome: Geo. Brows, mgr. 
Tablcqoeb— Lyric; Mies McDsaleL 
Tnlaa— Lvrlc Theatre; EL Steams, mgr. 

Lyric theatre; Ne. 3; R. BtCTeaa. mgr. 

Pat be Theatre: J. JL Btaaoa. mgr. 

Empire Theatre: Carl Oregg. mgr. 

Usee Theatre: Mr. Helfry. mgr. 

Idle Roar Theatre; J. Olaen. mgr. 

Majestic Theatre ; B. Sterene, mgr. 
Fenlta — Asdltorlnm Theatre; A. A. hllaar. 
fmlta— Empire Tbeatra. J. M. Pan. 
Waklta— B.O. ~ 
Waynoka— W< 

Cecil at. 
Weathertord— Lyric Cotee at 
Wllhurton — Temple Theatre; J. 
Woodward — J. P. Bennett. 

Noealty. aire. L. Smith. 


Albany — Empire Tbeatra; Stlenberg A Co. 
Dreamland Theatre: F. P. Stewart. 43* W. 
ri rat at. 

Albany— Empire Theatre. Gee, Balfe * Oo. 

Aablaad— Tosteola At Nelaan. 
Aatorla — Jewel Theatre; H. Newman, BIO Com- 
mercial at. 
Baker City— Dim* Theatre: Balph 
Dreamland Theatre; J. A. KnJealey 
Grand; A. B. Bager. 
Bakeroalan Theatre; B. B. Smith, 

Valley eta. 
Eiectr'.e Theatre, Main at. 
Central Point — O. W. Blahs. 
Ooadoa — American Theatre. C. A. Ban. 
Coo ol lie— scenic Theatre: U A. Mills. 
CoTTallhv— Star Theatre: Corral 11a Amass. Co. 
Palace Theatre: 0. Whiteside. 

Oram — Arcade Theatre. A. J. Logg. 

Dallaa— Star Theatre; Whltealda A Cooper. 
Icxeoe — Dreamland; Martha E- War 

Electric — 

Srcrrtc Theatre; Martha 
R. H. Walker, 681 Wllllnette gt. 
Orenla raaa— Bljoo Theatre; L. bargnnt. 
Bia p a cr 1. Q. Crawford: 

HUleboro— HUleboro Opera Booae; O. Pbelpa. 
Bond Rlrer — The Amusement Emporium: Hager 
* Deris. 

The Grand Theatre: W. H. Darla. 
The Oak Theatre: C. D. Nlckelaoa. 
lone— Prank Eaglets an. 

U Oranda— The Scenic: 8. A Gardlnler. SOB 

Daot ■ t- 

lakeTlew— The Arcadia; A. Smith, Mala at. 

Bolder* Opera Booae: 0. 
Lebanon— Tbe Grand: Harris 

Ijrhaoon Opera Rnoae. 
Lebanon — C. B. Potman. 
BeMlocrllle— J. B. Pollock. 

McMlnOTllle— The Star: J. B. Pollock. Boa OAS 
Theatre; Keller * Ball. 

M. E. Luton. N. 4th at. 
Apollo — Apollo Tbeatorlnm. E. c. Ball, War- 
ren art. 
Arcadia— Peter Bober. 

Aabland — Le. 'a, 412 Centra at.; K. O. Lee, mgr. 
Comlque, 7th A Centre eta.; Boat A Wagner, 

Scenic, 11th At Middle ata. ; J. a Martin, 

Star; Oo. B. Prlchard, mgr.. 1126 Centra at. 
Athena — Wm. Erk. 


The Lyric Theatre. 41 
Balneboro — Gaiety 

Phi la. are. 
Baktrtowa — 8. 8. 
Bangor — M. Wolf. 

Bameeboeo— Lyric Tneatre. D. J. Boagbcr. Ca- 
roline at. 

Beaver Kalli — Saroy Theatre; 8. Hanauer, mgr 
Bearer Falla — Comet: Honey A Latto. mgra. 

Dreamland: A. J. Stlentrld, 


: T. C. Brown, 


Berwick— U 
Bethlehem — Nai 

Blaltorttle— R. Elnstein. 

New Lyric: W. B. Artier. 1S8 Market at, 
Blootnaburg— Bijou Theatre; Klelne A John, Main 

Lyric Theatre; C. Bower. S E. Mala at. 

star Theatre; Caaey Bros., N. Iron at. 
Boawell— Morrlion'a AmnaetU; E. E. Morrlaoh. 
BoaweU— 0. 8. lakes. 

Braddock— Borke'a Family Theatre: B. Bnrke 
Nickelodeon; Braddock Amoae. Co., 833 Brad 
dock are. 

Braddock— Cryatal Theatre. Braddock are. 

Bradford — Peerlees. Main at.: M. Walker, mgr. 

Star, Mala at.; Tom Breakey, mgr. 
Brideaborg — Old Town Ball; C. D. 

Thorn neon and Rowartle ata. 
Br! a to) — Brlatol Theatre; B. C. Btreeper. 20" 
Mill st. 
Colonial; E. T. Stanley. 
Blieepet A Suner 

BrockwayTUle— Thratorlam: T. Lerla. 
Bronk.llle — Star Theatre: T. B. Seller, Mala at 

Theatoriom; J. W. Scrtbner. 
Brownsville — W. H. Crawford. 

BrawnaTille Opera Booae: Boah A Baah, Mar- 
ket at. 

BrowaeTtlla — Arcade Theatre; Elaon Howard. 
Boiler — Coay Theatre: J. C. Oraaam. 
atajeatlc Theatre; Majeetlc Tbeatra Co., Cua 

nine bam at. 
OomlQoe Theatre: T. V. Stock, mgr.. Mala 

and Cnnatagbam ata. 
Lyric; C. C. Carlton, mgr. 
Orphenm; W. W. Bnbl, mgr. 
The* tori nm: Theo. Baidaoff, mgr. 
California — Idle Boor Theatre; Scale and Ban 
dall. _ . _ ^ 

Cambridge Sprtaga— Hippodrome; Cloae A Rob- 
blna. 22.1 Mala at. 
O. a. Leggltt, 
Canooab org— Idle Boor, 80 W. Pike at.: 0. 

If e4 ford — A. r. Ed ward a. 

B70 Tbeatra. Bobbard A Seara. 
Jewhera— C. C. Allen. 
Srwberg — C. W. Jobsaoau 
North Bead — Lyric Theatre: O. W. Twpw. 

Paatlme Theatre: O. Maple. 
Ontario— Electric Maaa Theatre, ford A Oa. 

J. J. Cartwrlahr 

Oregon City— The Grand; Scbram At Emu 
Arcade Theatre; Weat Amoae. T 
Beetrle Tbeatra; Ura.E C. 
Main at. 

Pendlrtoa— Dime Theatre, Mala at, 
Paatlme Tbeatra: C. I. Matlock. 
Pendleton— J. P. Medernack. 
koarhnrg— Creweent: Wm. " 

Noeeity Theatre; J. _ 
at John*— Electric " 
New leraey at. 


Martha ■. Watson, 
r; Liberty Amnae. Co.. 1*0 Uberty 

Sellwond— Alpha Theatre: 
tllerrinn— The Gem: Innec 
•prlniOela— J. J. Bryan. 
The liallaa— Grand Theatre: M. T. Loreaa. Sac 

ond at. 

The Caaiao Theatre; L. F. Calllna, SIS Sec 

ond at, 

QJ IHllaa— Togt Theatre, W. A. Taylor. 

Tlllnnrank— Tb<- mar Theatre; L. St. Loaaar. 


^ "^Watr.: 

Allqnlpria— Nlel 

» l, '« h 6 eny— Wlaaer Theatre: 
Jan..; Odeoa; h-/ f ; ' 

O. A. 

F. Ohaaaaniav. ■'«. 

Preamland: L, afatnle, 19 s. kfala at. 
Carllale — Carltale Opera Booae; J. B. GrUBta. 

N. Fifth at. 
Cameaie — star Theatre; W. J. Jarrla. 
Arcadia Tbeatre: W. J. Jarrla. Mala at. 
Dael* A Cooch. 
Cataertaaa — Palace Theatre. 8. H. Dtemer 
vataaaqoa — Blloo Tbeatra; Sacka A 

Front A Walnot ata. w*a aa 

Majeetlc Theatre; Toong * Wants. TSS M 

Chajnbe^horg— Star, 147 B. Market at.; B. R 
Weber, mgr. 
Rowed ale. No. Mala a treat; Frank Shlnabrook 

Charlerol— B. L. Barnhart, 

Coyle Theatre: J. Barkless. 

Star Theatre: Mr. McKraa. mgr. 

C Imijti a a Bolllaa A Barter. 

delrton— Areaae Family Tbeatra. Millar aee., 

J. Bo! tier. 
Clarion— Star Tneatre: W. J. O'Rrien. 

Star Theatre; W. J. O Brien. SIsth «. 

Roan'a The.torlnra: N. P. Sloan. 837 Main at. 
Clearfield — J. U. Bloats, 
Clearfield— Star pictore Parlor: 
Drtggw. P. O. Box 37. 

Globe Theatre. 

Idle Ronr Theatre: Uapee A Ml 
Clifton Heights— Caatao. C. H. Bejaa. 
Ollfton Belgbta — Casino Theatre; t. A, 

FVryT.nd Tbeatra: B. Bolt. 
Coal Dale— T. C. McTagoe, Second at, 
Ooateerllle— Palace Family Tbeatra; Ooldherg 

D *am"a?d Theatre;' J. W. Dettra, Third are, 

and Mala at. 
World la Motion 

and Mais ata. 
Ooateerllle— Opera Hon ee. 

Cotnmbla— Opera Rooae. Third and Loeoat ata.. 
Samoel Craaford. mgr. 
Bappy Boor. 838 Locaat at. 

AUioT'sffr Loeoat at.: Chaa. Krnjwr. mgr. 

BUoo. Sfa Locnat at.: B. O. Dec km an. mgr. 
OonneeofetTle — Snyder, Frank. 
OoanetlBTllle— Mmtet, N. Plttabarg at. 

t^rrlc. N. Pltrabarg at. 
Ooetabohocken — J. H. Rakoaky. 

Palace Theatre. Jack Harrold. 

Cooahohnckrn— l.lttle'a Opera House; Nathan A 
QMriff iCg^wL Mala at.; C. It. Water.. 

ftab'^rwe— Crab-Tree Athletic Aaan. Ball. Crab- 
Tree Athletic Aaarn. 
Oa ft oo— Nickelodeon Theatre. 
Creeaon— The Odeoa Tbeatra: T. J. Cloud, front 

Smith A Can, 


Nlckelet Theatre; 8. 

130 Cbeatnot at. 
Daqneane — Arenos Tneatre; J. J. 
at. and Grand are. 
Allegheny Co., Zlegler A 
■. Dowlagtoo— 

Eaatoo— Jewel. 353 Northampton St>| 

Keyea,_ mgr. 
Star, OTP Northampton at.; 
bam, mgra. 

Kroha A Mead- 

Bijoa, 38 So. Third at.; Oeo. K. Bliss, mgr. 

No. 2 flaya 


Cm ■ liaa • llle— Btjoa 

Star Tbeatre: L. H_Bllger. Btata at 
Dallaafows— Paatlme Theatre; D. F. Nats. S W. 

'".We-Amaae-U Theatre- C. O. Drake. 
Koom C. Opera Ho new Block. 
NlekeloM Theatre. Mill at. 

Wrmderland Amnwe Co.. R. B. 
awaoa— W. B. Sbelkey 

- Theatre: HoptOB 

nanara Blcklea A Brown. 

nneralastoai — Blyma Theatre; R. 8, ^J>e«*r._ 
Doylewtown— Lyrle Theatre; B. Hellyer, 38 

Ha, Uara »t. _ . 
tro Bote— Empire. 14 W. 1*** a*e. 
T. Mont««wTier». IP W. Long aea. 

■ O. " 

agasaas-w a. u. niu./. 

T. Drake, 


Bt» n ab urg— Colonial Theatre; 0. B. Ji 

Ellaabetbtowo — Conlaon 
Ell wood City — Lawrence 
bmltb A Stonghton. 
B. Maneh Chunk— Orphenm Theatre: B. Egg< 


Cm a n a Theatre; Moawell A ScboU, mgra. 
Emporium — Emporium Theatre; Green A Bill 
Irr. Fourth at, 
rlom — W. a. Beer, 
ta— Band Hall; H. Doan. 
_ -Eden Musee: C. A. Selta. 
Eeerett — Creacent Theatre; A. C. Stooffer. 
Erana City — J. W. BedmOOd. 

Export— P. M. Caahdollar. 
Fayette City — J. Abrama. 

Star Theatre: Mr. end Mrs. C. 
Fleetwood — Theatre; Mr. Her be In, 
Ford City— Family Tbeatre; W. B. 

care American Hotel. 
Forest City — Lyric Tbeatre; B. T. Eaterbrook, 

Mala at. 

Crystal Theatre; Co ley A Backland, Mala at. 
The Family Tbeatre; S. L. Rotbapfel, Mala 

no reel City — Tbeatra; Jobs WUlIame, mgr. 
Frackrule— Dyer'a Hall. J. H. Bart. 
Frankforrl— Empire Theatre. Stanford A West- 
ern, Frank ford are. 
H. Barkr. 4432 Frankrord are. 
Franklin — Orphenm Theatre. 
Franklin— Kline a Theatre, Liberty at. 

Dora. Tbratrw: D. Alaxander. Box 24S, ISth at. 
Free] and — Grand Opera Houae, Lane roe and 
Ridge ata.; J. J. UcUenlmln, mgr. 
Star. Sooth and Canter ata.; A. Boderwlek. 

Lyric. Front and Waahlngtoa ata., Krell A 
H erbert, mgra. 
Fieepoit Fieeuuit Opera I 
Free port — New Lyric Tt 

Fifth and High ata. 
Oaleton— J. L. White. 

Gaiety Theatre: J. W. 1 

Gallltln — Dijrnan'e Theatre: D. 
Gettysburg — Wal'ar A Walter. 



G I ro r 'cfm ^n^-Coany ' Th ea t re ; J. | 
_ou Theatre: W 
Peaaa. are. 

Glen Lyon — BUon Dream; Wm. Adama, jr.. Mala 

Star Theatre: Qnata 8toplaak1. Mala at. 
Grampian — Darla Theatre; J. 
OreenabntTt— Bt. CTalr Theatre; 
So. Main at, 
Caaiao- B. T. Jennings. 106 
Temple Theatre: McKee A B. C. Maley. US 
M. Penna. are. 
ereenrUle— 8tar. 197 Mala at.; R. H. McCnaa, 

Toong'a, 1SS Mala at.: J. H. Toaag. mar. 
Grora City— Lyric Theatre; J. M. Ontbrle. 
Family Theatoriom; W. A. Coulter. 337 Broad 

HanoTer— Caaiao Tbeatra; L. B. Miller. Ill Bal- 
timore at. 

oa " 

Lewi. town— Temple Opera 

_ Paatlme Theatre: Ted. Rally. Market at. 
Lewlatown — Temple Tbeatre: P. Uagaro. mgr. 
Lawlatoam — Paattma Tbeatra. lit Bnwj 

-Pastime. 234 n. Mala at,: L. a 

. Ijrlc. 13 KTilaln aL: A. 0. Candor, mgr. 
l*kena— Lykena Opera Boasa: J. a. BeltT. Mala 

Tbeatorlum; Bbtndel A Bndd: Main at. 
Madera— Pa (time Theatre: Sboff A Lehman. 

Mabanoy City — Family Theatre; Heiachea- A 
Kalera Opera Houae; J. j. Quirk.' 
Mabaffey— L Do Vine. 

Manayunk— Caaiao Tbeatm: P. Longhery, 42SS 
Main at, 

30tb Century M. P. Parlor; E. Kamp, ioo» 
W. Hantlagdoa. 
Maaaysak— Mecaaaleal Hall. J. 


gfaaaSeld— E C. 

Marietta— 6amuel AcrL 
Maucb Chunk— Flag Tbeatre; BcOIaly A Vaf, 
baran, mgra. 
Moelag Picture Co. O. II. : EC J. Molbwara. 

McDonald— Wonderland Theatre: J. C. Phillips, 
P. O. Box 461. 

M. W. Foye. Lincoln am. 
Graaahoa; The UcKeee Bocks 

Amuxe. Co. 
Star Family Theatre: F. P. Noel. 023 
tiers are. 

North side Theatre: Mlaa May Conlry. 
Meidrllle— Chaa. E. Schatx. 243 Cb 

SparddlnsT A Beteet. 297 Chestnut at. 

FT«d J. Bartman. 8S4 Water at. 

Mead ri lie — Manhattan; Chestnut at.; Bay Spant- 

F. A, I 

Haatlaas— J. M. Sebert. 
Haieiwood — Smith Theatre: O, 

Second are. 
Baxleton — Elite: Frances Eble, 

Broad at. 

Lyric: Koopp Bros., props.. 12 E. Broad at. 
Family: Harry Heraker, mgr., cor. Broad and 

W. Smith, 4S30 
mgr., SB I. 


ding. mgr. 
haaieabnrs; — 1 
R. P. O'Neal, mgr. 

Franklin Ball. Mala at.; Dr. 

Bdlaoela; Wm. Fartenhargh, mgr. 
Mechaalcaburg— Edlaonla Theatre; W. 8. Phr- 

Franklin; H. Deem, _ 
Media— Paatlme Picture 
Melroy— C. M. " 

Meyeradale — l. 

Center at. 
Meyeradale — Eugene Hoatetler. 


Belcb'e Andltortnm Tbeatre; _ 
MUdletown-atar Tbeatre; P. M. Key, 

mgr.. Crater 


3. M. 

Gem Motion Picture 

29 Union at, 
Andltortnm Theatre; ... 
Mia I nhn re— Overland; O. 
afata at. 

mailag towTi — Idle Hour Theatre; 3. 3. 

Patterson, mgr. 

- Co. 

tre; B. E. Darts. B8 

Baalewood — N 


Heruilne— Electric Theatre: J. F. Aridrewa. 

Electric Theatre: J. F. Andrews. 
HoIIIdayaborg— Paatlme Theatre. Loots Orals. 

H0»d«?.; r U^alaM * Chi. 
bolm. 7 0B Amity at. 
" Theatre: 

New Grand 

Stable Crescent Tbeatre: J. E. Stahl, 303 8th 

Homestead— Btar Theatre. 3. Z. Lary. Edghth 

Honewfa'le— Nlckelet: Chaa. Thlel. mgr.. 820 
Mala at, 

HooeeroTlll' — Amuae-D Theatre; Burkey A Mur- 
rey. Mala at. „ . „ 
Honttdnle — Paatlme Theatre: Murray and Mc- 
Mahon. rtannab at. 
Wonderland Theatre: 
HnntlngrVin^ — Bl]on. SOS 
Westbmnk. mgr. 

-W. C. Carpenter. 

Ilobe Family. Philadelphia at.; A. B. 
Carnes. mgr. _ 
Star. Philadelphia at.: J. B. Tonaktaa, mgr. 
Irwin — Irwin Opera Houae: S. B. Sbepp. 

LttIc Theatre: F. M. Carana. Mala at. 
Jeaaette — Dreamland M. P. Theatre; 3. M. 

213 Clay at. 
Paatlme Theatre: W. C. 
Jersey B h m s J. C. Feere. _ 
Jnhnaonbnnt— Opera Honae; O. K. 
Kane— Bappylaad Theatre. B. F. 
Star: Brown A Dion, mitra. 
Fsmlly: John Colllna, mar. 
Ktttannlng— Wlcke Theatre; J. Wicke. Market 

Kntatown — r. A. Herman: C. D. Berman'a Son a. 

P. A. Herman. 2S2 Mala at. _ 
Lancaater— Dreamland. 43 N. Queen at.: G. If. 
Krone, mgr. 

Bectrlc, 10 W. Klag at,: O. B. Klaesddaa. 

Family. 224 W. King at.: Edw. Hoaart. mgr. 
Hippodrome. ISO N. queen at.; n. K. Doan, 
mgr. ■ 

Sereath Ward. 8. Urns at.: Edw. Rnhns. mgr. 

Scenic. 141 N. Oneen at.; Chaa. Ft n-r-r. aagr. 
Laaaford— Jewell Theatre. C 
Lanaford — Blloo Tn»atr»: J. Ai 

Jewell Theatre; C. Feaeendt. 

Tateooe— Twllleht. 117 Main at. 
Lebanon— Family Theatre. H. Nntttng. 
Lebanon— meetrle Theatre: O. H, ftafn. 
Family Theatre; Solon Wonders. Barbth at. 
Scenic Tneatre: J. B. Peoples, Eighth a« 

Cumberland eta. •• ■ . ' 

Theatoriom: R. C. Jackson A Boa. AS H 
Eighth at. 
Leechhnrg— Little . 
Srd and. Market 
The Alpha — 

Market at. 
W. B. Hyan. 

w. B. Ryan, 

Mifflin— Idleboor; J. 3. 
Mill. - 

MUtna— BPJon 
Broadw a y. 
Dreamland Theatre; Bo thermal Bros.. 

MlnerarUle— Dreamland; W. 8. Sitter. 
Blloo Dream Theatre; Kaatner A Joa 

Banbury et. 

Monessen— BUon; T. B. 

Luna Theatre; Mike Maria, use i 
Star Family Tbeatre; Wm. M. 

Liberty: 8. Caruso, mgr. 
Mon I oursTll] a — W. R. Black-wall. 
MotTladale— W. D. Hill. 
Mo n aaoo n BQob Th antra. J. b. 
Mt, Carmsl — Theatnrlnru; Cbamb 

ML direr. P. O.— Ben si-ilts. 
Mt. Waahlngtoai — Uurdette " 
Fairyland Theatre. O. 
ton are. 

Nantlcoke — LttIc Theatre: M. O. Hoffman. 

New Bethlehem— Coamoa Theatoriom. 

New Caatle— Acme Tbeatra. X. Herbold. IflB 

MIB at. 
Norrlatown— Bllou. 

A L. Babloaky. 
Empire. Main and Cherry ata.; A. a L. 

MnakT. mars. 
Northampton— Keystone Theatre; b. B. Bi 

man. mgr. 
Of! City — Theatorio 

rrinceas, 314 r 
Parker's Landlni 

Ham Campbell. Rlrer are. 
Fa t too— Star Theatre, A. C. 

Pea Argyle— Harry K. _. 
PhoenlxTtne— M. W. A B. Co, Lyric 
Plfealro— B. R. Jones. 
Plymouth — Miller A Hayes. 
PL Allegany— Button A Fremoo. 
Pot tarlllp — Columbian Theatre, 8 N. Center at: 

eroa, mgr.. Centre and 

Lion Tbeatre; A. 
Mahantmuro at. 
Punxsutawney — Majeetlc ; McCartney A I 

Dreamland: Crtcka A North, mars. 


ney. . 
Victor. .. 
Pic tuTt land, 

447 Peaa. at.; Geo. 1 
Mecca, 717 Perm. aL: E Wolf, 
Star. 6th and Peas. ata. 
Palace. 734 Peaa. at.: s. Lubln. mgr. 
Be j aaddaeBIe— J. C. WUlIame. 
Rockwood— Nickelodeon. 
Bt, Clair— Paatlme. Second at. .- A. 8krohnl, 

Palace, swond at.: Mr. Miller, mgr. 
St. Marys — Wm. Gels. 
Wonderland Tbeatre. a E. Decker. 

; Westly Edwards, mgr. 
. Wea-ly Edward a. mgr. 
■Mr. Fabry. 

Tbeatre. Joa. Fefat, 8. 
keramie— H. B. 

■eiwl — I eno Lew la. 

Bwiasrals— W. W. Wise. 
Tamaqaa — Family: Chris 
. Uberty: f. Kline, mar. 
•"ewarlllr — Conneaut Amaa 
Troy— Pslner A Co. 
Tremor — Family Tbeatre. J 
TJa nm l u w u — Lyric; J-.L. 

at Oo. 

T h e O 1 1 1 to o a r«l 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 


Almee, Mile. 

Alees, Mlu mud 

Allan. Edna 

Amy. Mile. 
Angell Slaters 
Arkeli, Anrela 
Asbwell, Mlu Fun 
Baker, Kittle 
Baker, Mlu Rosa 

Uallantyne. Mm. C. G. 

Berkley. Clyttle 
Harrington, Mrs. Bid- 

C LI8T. 

Gillespie, Emma 
UUletta Sisters 
Ollmore Slaters 
— Bin. Ljuu.ii 

t. Ml** Jennie 


Bennett, alias Uabsl 
Baton, Marie 
Benton Sisters 
Ban sr. Anita 
Bergere. Mix Mary 
Bernstein, Lnella 
Blde.Ua. Hasel , 
Bishop. Mrs. Wlllerd 
Bishop. Mrs. W. B. 
Blanssr, liaUi 
none HI. Mia. James 

Uonxllee. Mia. Jo* 
Uormlay, Mattl* 
••Gould, sake*. 
Gourd. Mrs. 
Grace. Miss Louis 

Granger. Mollle 

Gray, . Nell 
Gulce, Mis, W. 
Uuin, Miss Dot 
Hall. Ethel 
••Hall, Laura N. 
Hall, Nellie 
Hall. Lillian 
Hamberg. Freda 

Rainbow Sister* 
Band. Violet 
Rankin. Bobby 
Baymond. Stella 
Bsed, Kittle 

Anllne Mme. 

Stsr, Bell 
Stark, Toole 
Men-art, dandle t*. 
Stewart. Mr*. Q. 
Still. Margarete 
Stlrk. Viola 

■•Tart. Mrs. N torn ah 
Terrell, Freda 
Thomas, Ruth 
Thompson, Margaret 
Thornton, Anna 
Tillman. Miss Grape 
Tltswoxth. Mandte 
Tollver, Mabte 
••Toyon, Senorlta L. 
Trltt. Mrs. Arthur 

Mrs. Nat 
•Brandon Mis* B. 
••Broad. Lulu 
Brodnam, Joanlta 
Brolller, Mr*. Boot. 
Brook*. Mabel 

Mrs. Q. K. 
wait. LIUlan 

lutterwoirtn .Mabel 
Cagle, Ml** DolUt 
••Canaros, Cleo 


Carlo*. Helen 
Cam, Msy bells L, 
oaison, Tift 1 **" 

Cartar. MJas Jess* 
Quad, Mr*. If rank 
CssUe. Dollle 
Caylor. Mrs. John 
Clalnnout, Doris 

Clark, Helen M. 
Clark. Msdara 
Clara, OUt« 


Oralna. Maala L. 
l*wlsT. Geneviaw 
lew. /Lena B. 

Harrington, Lillian 
Harris, Mist DUit 
Harris. Mia* Frances 
Hatch. Mable 
Hay den. Virginia 
Hayes, Beasle 

Hay ward, Lillian 

Hasard. One* 
Heald. LIUlan 
Hlgby, Llxzlo 
Hodge. Bess Royal 
••Horfer. Mrs. Cora M. 
Hoi and. Bessie 
Holland. Gertrude 
Homewood. Oertrnde 
Honeycutt, 1/ 
Howie, Mrs. 

Tack Mrs. Montana 
Jackson, Besale May 
Jackson, Mis* Dora 
James, Ethel 
Jameson. Mrs. Cbss. 
Jameson. Hand (Bad) 
Jeal. Linda 
Jennings, Tom 
Jones. Ellxabcth 
K arson er, Mrs. Anna 
Kellogg. Mildred 
Kemavdy-, Qlanaette 
Kennedy, Iran* 
••Keyes, Dot 
Knian, Boss 

Koenlg. Holes 

Kngaley. Beta 
LaBarber, Bos* 
LaGrecia, Stella 

LiN«™. Ethel 

LaSalle, Mrs. Ed. K. 
••LaTonx, Mr*. Clar* 
LaVlgne. Mrs. Joe 
Laaasnar, Jessie 

Lane. Mrs. Myrtle 
Lanaford. His* J. 
Lsncellss. Bnlslle 
LeMarr. Wyne 
LeRoy Slater* . 
•LeBol. Miss Vlvenoe 
Leahy. May 
Lee. MrsTLordae 
Leede. - 

Mrs. Whitle 
Banner. Bos* H. 
Danville. Mr*. H. B. 
Darling. Miss Alice 
DarUtta. Jeesls 
D'ArrUle. Irene 
Daren port, Laura 
Davenport. Pesrl 
Darts, Dana _ . 
Darts. Mia* Doitae 
Dawson. Mr*. BsUey 
DePrankle. Sylvia 
DeMyer. Mayme 
DeRoy, Blanche 
DeVeeux. Cecil 

— DeVon. Mme- F. 

••Dean, Mrs. Gladys T. 
Dean-Orr Sister* 



resile. Mrs. 
Levin. Edwins 
Lewis. Ida 
Lewis, Winnie 
Likes. BIBs 

RJnaldo, Ida 
Blnaldo, Miss Its 
Roberts, Mrs. C it. 
BoeUlg, Mary A. 
Roland, Bessie 
Ross. Miss A. M. 
Boss. Wilms c. 
Rough, Nellie 
Roy. Mrs. Root. 
Roye. Salde 

S an, Gertrude 
Ryan, Carrie F. 
St Claire. Mahle 
••Sapplngton. Mrs. Em' 

Savol. MISS C. 
SehlosberK. Dolly 
Seaford. Mrs. Emms 
Senior, Mrs. T. 
Severance. Margaret 
Shaffer. Anna 
Sberlcy, Miss May 
Shorter, Era 
SUverlake. Miss E. 
Slrk. Mrs. W. ■ 
Slater, Mrs. Geo. 
SmlLetta Slaters. 
Smith, Elma 
Smith. Mrs. E_ W. 
Smith, May B. 
Smith, Nellie E. 
Smith. Mrs. T. 
Somer. Miss Kit 
SomerrUIe, Ada 
SotankL Princess 
Sparrow, Marie 

Spencer. Golds 

••Shelby. Grace 
Stalba, Josephine 
Stanley. Minnie 
Stanley. Mrs. Peat 


••Abbott. Jack 
Ackley & Ward 
Adams, John P. 

Tuttle. MUe. 
VanderbUt, I 
Van Naliy, Elsie 
Van Baren, Helen 
Vernon. Louise 
Warner. Jsnette 
Wallace. Mrs. A 
Warren, Vlda 
Watson, Evelyn 
Webber. Ada 
Webster. Mrs. Era 
Welling Sister* 
Wheeler. Mrs. L. 
White. Dollle 
White. Lin-.- 
Williams, Lathi 
Williams. Clorn 
Williams. Ul» Oertrnde 
••WUUsms, Jolcy 
Wlllman. Ulsa Dial* 
wills. B. It 
Wilson. Dot IT. 
Wilson, Helen 
Wilson, Miss Gladys 
Works, Than 
Yancy, Mrs. D. K. 
Zampa, Mia* 
Zanonetta*. Musical 
Zelger, Madam 
Zola, Alice 

T. A. 

Bremer, J. 0. M. 
Bremer, J. C. M. 
Brldgswater, Frank 
BrlU. Ned 
Briscoe, Careless 
Bristol, Eugene C. 
Bristol, Jack 
BrlttendaU. H. L. 
Rroadley. Jack 
Brobst Trio 
Brock. Alex 
Brookfleld. Tom 
Brooks ft Brooks 
Brooks, L. J. 
Brooks, Sunny 
Bropby, Roy B. 
Brown, Milton 
Brown, James 
Brown. Clsnde 
Brown, Frank S. 
Browm, Norman J. 
Brown. T. B. 
Bruce. Malcolm 
••Brnce, Ralph 
Bryan, Arthur 
Bryant, C F. 
Bnchmlller, Fat 
Buckle Bros. 
Buckley Louis 
Bucknsr, J. A. 
Bulford. Sid 
Burget, John 
Bnrk ft Drllne 
Bum, Dinner 
Burns, Robt, 
B arrows ft Leslie 
Bart, Frank 

Harold A. 

Byers. „ 
••Callahan Dramatic 
••n«n loot t. F. w. 
Calloway, Ernest 
CamlUe'a Dogs 
Campbell, J. W. 

Campbell. T. F. 

Campkln, W. O. 
Caraeeiolo. Joseph 
Carter*-. Bert 

Carl. K. P. 

Carlisle, W. W. 
Carlo, Kins 

Carlton, W. E. 
Carlton, W. E. 
Carr Trio 

Crandall, F. L. 
Creamer, Close 
creators. Francesco 
Cretghton, Jno. C. 
••Cresson ft Werner 
Creasy, Barry 
Crlcbton, Geo. H. 
Cromwells. Aerial 
Crosby. Boy W. 
Crossett, Balph W. 
Cullea, W. P. 
Curtlas Amuse. Co. 
Cutting. Chaa. K. 

Dalley. Jack C. 
Dalto. Eddie 
Dsltoa, 0. M. 
Daly. Jas. H. 
Daniels, Jim 
Danker, wm. P. 
Dante*. The 
Danville. H. B. 
Dare, Jess 
••Oangherty, Jaa. 
DaTldaon, P. 
Dsvies, Link 
Davis, H. B, 
Davis, Sam J. 
Davis ft Begird 
••Davis ft Dooley 
Davis, C. D. 
■ Davis, Mark 
Dawson. Bailey 
Day. Robert 
DeClarvUle. Sid 
DeBstang, Marcy 
De Forrest, Hsl 
DeFran Cisco, c. 
DeHolUs ft Valors 
_ ••DeOro 
uo - ••DeVoore. Chaa. 
Dean, Al. 
Decker, Otis 
Delahoyde. E. M. 
Delavoys. Wm. 
Delmont, Fred A. 

Derby. Al 
DerrUl. F. M. 

Diamond, Cnsa. 
Dlcklmoo, Helha <i. 
Dlerlckx Bros. 
I (HI inner. W. H. 
Dillon. P. Is. 


The headqnartera or this gratuitous distribution of mall an at the Cincinnati 
offices, where sU such matter should be addressed, unless it la known that It wBl be 
m ore convenient for sililmms to receive It throngh the New York or Chicago keruia 

In addressing gasfl to lndlvldnals la ear* of The Billboard, kindly Udlcate what cam 
pany (If any) each la UeatUed with or In what line of the b nstn eea he la engaged. 

or e^rap^sn^addraS^^ 
i ' and saves Infinite trouble In The Billboard's poatofflce department. 

AU mall advertised In this Mat la being held st the Cincinnati office mile. 
Indicated by the characters • (New York). •• (Chicago). 

dams. Mat tie 4c 
Allen. Bernard 2c 
Allen. Clara, «c 
Bell Chaa 
Burke. BlBy l«c 
Burke. Mr. 
Costeiio. Dae* 
Frank. Jo* J. 4c 

nankin, w. C. lie 
llewlt, Wm. Jodklns 4c 
Jo* Tuscan 2c 
i-ielnuan. Dsre Be 

l..-onhnrt Boy he 
Msyfleld. Jcpths 15c 

Mills. Leo 4c 
Nelson, Tom 3c 
SardelL T. 

Vedse. Qulotarow de 

Williams. Harry 

»♦ j *** * * ■»■ * t * * * * * ***** *** * *** * ********** * * * M +*. 

Donne, Lillian 
Dorsey. Mrs. a A. 
Ducks tt, Mtea Ires* 
Dnffleld, Effis 
Dunedln Sister* 
Earl. Jell* 
Earl. Maud 
••Earle. Violet 
Baton. Mrs. O J. 
n worth. Lillian 
Faocber, Ruby 
Fsnchattl. Miss 
Pearresil, Essie 
Feldera. Mrs. H. J. 
Fenn. Iola May • 
retxer. Mrs. A. A. 
Finley. Viola 
Finney, Msnd & Gladys 
Fisher. Mrs. a 
Fitzgerald. Vera 
Florence. ZeUa 

Lorton, Mrs. J. 
Loyal. Mrs. 0. M. 
Lynn. Bshe 
Lytle. Mrs. Moody 
McDousl. Mrs. Chaa. 
McDooald. May 

McGonor. Mrs. C A. 
MacLean, Mrs. P, G. 
Macben, Maude 
•Mack. Drena 
••Mahara. Mr*. A. w. 
Manhart, Miss Anna 
Mares. Rita 
Marlon. EmBy 
Marehall. Mrs. Irene 
Martin. Threes L. 
Mntehen, Maud 
••May. Ethel 
Msy. Grace 
••Msy Co., Ethel 
Mead. Mrs. B. ML. 
••Mesdnwa, IfeHv 
••Merrlfleld. Monica 
Miller, Clara 
Milton, Jean 
MiTuno. Miss Enle 
'Mogul. Edith 

Gahn Tl! Tll ^ ,1 
Gsidinsr. Mama 
Garaold. Ruth 
Garrison, Mrs. Sadie 
GsskBl. Florins 
Geary. Mr*. Jo* 
Gibson, IsahaU 
GlbaoB. Nora 
Gifflaon. Nor* 
OObert, Mlsa Oraee 

Montr. Hiss Marl. 
Moore. Lbste 
••Moray. Lottie 
Morgan. Rnee 
Morris, Ella 
Morrison, Cornelia 
Morlaon. Goldle 
Moglvan. Emma 
Mulllean. May 
Murphy. Rose 
NeaL Ida 
Nelson, Irene 
Nltrsm, Resale 
Norton, Txrretts 
ODeaea. Hatrle 
••O'Doud Sisters 

Ordlar. Mile. 

Ostoa. Mr*. Rub Is 
Palmer. Tretta 
Park. Edna ft 8am 
Patten. Miss Jessie 
Patterson. Mis. Grace 
••Pearson, Mrs. Ralph, 
Peasley. Mr*. Robert 
Pete, Lillian 
Peters. Mary 
••Pierce. Lottie V. 


Adam*. Frank 
••Adamson, Wsller 
Aeno. A. H. 

Ahmet, Nina 

••Beam. F. n. Doe. 
Bcasley. Robt. C. 
Bock. Edw. N. 

A Aledo 
ft O'Hars 
Allen snd Chens nit 

Allen, W. N. 
••Allen. Ed. 
Allen. Bernard 
Allen. Harry 
Allen, Sam 
Almond, Jlmmle 
Alport, Chaa. 
Altenberg. Wm 
Alwsrd. Mnsleal 
Ambrose, Robt 

All III C O. 

Anger, Geo. 
Applehsns. Geo. 
Arbogsst, C. B. 
••Arlington Geo. 
Armatage, Clifford 
Armstrong. G. H. 
Arthar. Louis 
Aehbum, Vernon 
Ashton ft Earl 
Ashton-Newton Co 
Asiatic Art Co. 
••Atterrmry. ""or** 
••Austin. BDlle D. 
Avsllon Troup" 
Bsckenstoe. WlUard 
Bacon, Lloyd F. 
Bacon, Frank A. 
Bacon. J. O. 
BaUey ft Edward 
Bailey. Blaaky 
Bailey. Geo. W. 
Balrd. Jsmes 
Baker. F. 
Baker, Dutch 

••Bale Van Family 
Ballard ft Alberta 
Banfleld, Frank B. 
Baring, Herbert 
Barker. Bohert 
Barnard, Gaston 
Bsmett, Virgil L. 
Barret te ft Del-isn 
Harrington. Sidney 
Barrtngton. Sidney 
Barskey. George 
Bartlno. J. W 
Bartlett, Warren 
Bary, B. 

Loke D. 

r. r. 


Beech er, W. 
iteemer, Walter 
Belford. Webster 
Belger. Albert 
BeB. A. H. 
Bell. Ed. N. 
Bell. JoUs* 
BeB. Montana 
Bell, Norman P. 
••Benabdic. K. Hassan 
Benedict. Great 
••Benedict, H. J. 
■•Benjamin. Jack. Co. 
Renner. Joseph A. 
Ben tan. Chaa A. 
Berry. Jack 
••Berry, Jack 
Bertlnl. Great 
Berwelt, Prof. G. B. 
Beaser. William 
•Beyerle. C. H. 
BIcknell ft Gibson 
Bldwell Fred E. 
••Blgelow. Rob 
••Blgelow. Bob 
Blgney, Chaa. 
Bllderbsch, Rue 

BBIIngS. San ford 

Rlahop, Horace 
nisekmnra. T. 
Blske. Joe 

■ tinker. H. 

"Block ft Leslie 


Bocketely. Archill 
Bod en. Art 
••Bone Tony 
Bonnelll, James 
BonneUs. Mnsiesl 
BoreUa. Arthur 
••Boss, Walter (pkg.) 
••Boss. Walter 
••Boawell, Peyton 
Bowen, J. M. 
Bower*. Paul 
Boyd, C. E. 
Boyle. F. J. 
Boyle Bros. 
Boyle. Connie - 
Bozxcll, W. B. 
Braeharu. Paul 
Bratton, Ivy 
Rratton. Jli 

Carter, Don 
••Csry, Cbss. 1. 
Casad. Frank 
Caasldy, Leo (Iriebl 
Caylor, W. S. 
Cevene, Harry 
Chann. James 
Chapman, Roy K. 
Cbeek. Uncle Abe 
Cbefalo. N. S. 
Chxlstcnsen ft Splllmsn 
Chester. Harry 
Christie, BIUIc 
Cisco. Mr. 
Clansman. Frank I 
Clark A 
Clsrk. Bob 
Clsrk. Cbss. C.' 
Clark, Edward 
Clark. Brad 
Clark. E. B. 
Clark's Shows 
Clayton Drew Co. 

Clsyton, Jerry 
••Clemens ft Dunbar 
••Clsrgg. P. H. 
Clifford. Geo. 
••Cochran, J. E. 
Cody. W. A. 

Cody. Arthar 

•Coffey, 0. H. 
Coffree Amuse. Co. 
Coghlsn. J. Wm. 
Cote & Cole 
Cole. Harry 
Cole Bros. 
••Coleman ft Davie 
Coleman, Raymond 
Coleman, Chaa. Wm. 
Callings. C. T. 
Collins. Arthur L. 
Collins, Billy 

••coiiiss. Chaa. 
Collins. Robert 
Comstock. H. 
Conley, Charley 
Conley, C. B. 

Connell, A. G. 
Connell. Allen 

Connelly, T. F. 
Connors Family 
Cooke, Bsbe 
Cooley, Geo. J. 
Cooper. MUt 
Cooper, Jlmmle 
Corrlgan, Geo. ■. 
Corson. Chaa. M. 
Cnatello ft LeCrols 
••Cowen, Bohert 
Cbwles Family 
Cox. Bid 
Craig. I^e 

Dodaon. C. 0. 
Dooley, Bernard 
••Dooley. Jim. 
Door. Irish 
Donnelly. Dsnls 
Donovan. Orover 
Dorsey, H. C. 
Doty. C. H. 
Dowllng, Jo*. J. 
Downey, Maurice 
Downs. Bob 
Downs. C. L. 
Doyle ft Primrose 
Drlako ft Barl 

la. Mr. 
Dogsn, Phil 
Dnkea ft Bert 
••Dolman, Lao 
••Dunlop. Harry W. 
Dunn, Chaa. H. 
Dunn, Harvey 
Dunn, Tbomas 
Dunswortb. P. A. 
Dapsrs, The 
Dupes. Cbss. 
Dopant, Ed. 
Darkln. Tom 
Dynes, William 
Dynes, w. O. 

Earl, Albert 
Earl. Psnl 
••Esrl. Harry 
Early. J. B. 
Ratoo. William M. 
Ebangh, Don 
Eckerd, Tom 
Edgar, Harry 
Edgar, Harry 
Ed eon. James A. 
Edwards. Geo. 
Rdnrards, Mitten 
Edwards, Jsmes 
Edwards. J. H. 
Rider, Endy 
El SOT. W. W. 
Embre*. Clinton 0. 
Emerson. Dan 
EmsrsTO.^Cspt. . Balph 

Emmet A Lower 
Englert, John 
English. Paul 
Esmond, Babe 
Esslg ft Harder 
Evans, will 
Evans. W. B. 
Ererett, Joe 
Bye. Bsgle 
Faber. B. Irish 

Finks, r. B. 
Farmer, Arthur 
Farmer. BUI 
Farr, B. T. 
Fay, Tom 
Key bio, Don 
Faulkner. C. B. 

Esust. Ike 
Feist. Leo 
Fell. Cleonl P. 
Ferguson. C. K. 
Ferulio, Prof. 
••Flelda. Law 
••Flak, Walter G. 
Finn. Jack 
Flnneran. Jamea 
Fisher, El mar 0. 
Fisher, Boss 
Fisher. Will Ism W. 
Fluurerald. Julian T. 
Kltxgersld. Pat 
Fltxgerald. Valdo 
Elagg, GUbart 
Fletcher. Chaa. W. 
••Flint. Herbert L. 

Folmer. Elmer 
•Ford. Vie 
Foreman. Far cell 
Foster, Ed 
Fowler. Edward 
Fox. Midge 

FranceUaa, The Great 
Francis, Clint 
Frank, Joseph J. 
Frank. Patty 
Franknouse, John 

F-anklln, Malt 

Franklin, Harry 
Franklin. W. E. 
Frank lyna. The 
Fraaer Harry 
Free. J. ii. 
Freed. Jo* 
Feeeball Bros. 

JYeebali Bros. 
Freeman. Planey 
Frits**, The 

E-lego. Del 

Filler, Fred 
OsbrlaL Jim 
Gads] Is. Albert 
Gailsn, Jlmmle 
•Garcia ft Hemingway 
••Gardner. Frank B. 
SanUner. James 
Garfield. Herman 
Garglulo, Charallvr 
Garrett. Homer 
••Uarrett, Sam 
Gaston, Albert 
Gavin. M. 

Geddls. Geo. 
Gersnds. The 
Glbbe, Al. P. 
Gilbert. Albert 

"Gilbert. Albert 
GUI, Fred 
GUI. Tog* 
Ollmore. Frans 
Oil pins. The Two 
Ollsoo ft Bsrflsld 
Glrsrd, J. B. 

Glaacock, Alex 
Glascock's Shows 
OlaaCOCk, Foster 
Glenn, Char lee n 

Glanoa. The 

Glover, WIU 
Goldman. Louis 
Good In. Bay 
Gooding. MarsbsD 
Gotbsrds. The Three 
Grace, Lew 
Grace. Ed. (Blacker) 
Grady. AL 
••Graham, WlUard 
Grahame. Ferd 
Grsnfogel. Cnpt. 
Grant ft DIahltr. 
Gray, Mrs. Frank 
••Gray, nassell 
Oreely. Thoe. 

reea ft Toll 
Green. Phil D. 
Oreendock A Brrd 

Griffith Show Co. 
••Griffith Stock Co. 
Grimes. Rofoa 
Orogsn, J. J. 
Grojean. P. B. 
Oroaaman. Ben 
Grnbbs. G. W. 
Oroher A Kew 
Oullmettl. Slg 
O-ilnter. Lloyd C. 

H.ddock. ek L,..,. B. 

Rallsman. Dode 
Hamborger. Phil 
Hamilton. Clarence 
Hamilton. Clarence 
n» mil ton. Oeo. 
Hamilton. Gordon 
Hamlla, Richard 
Hamlin. Torn 

Handlar, A. H. 
Haney, Fella 
Hank, Bocfcy Mi. 
Hansen, Budolpb 
Harding ft Wesson 
Harding, Van 
••Hsrdy. Ed. B. 
Harper ft Jsmseon 
Harrington, Wm. T 
••Harris, Jackson 
Harrla, Otto 
Harris, Bay (Honey) 
Harrla. William J 
Harrison- West Trio 
Harrison, Horace 
Hart. Bob 
Hart ft Woodier 
Hart, Alan* 
••Hsrtmsn. John A. 
••Hassan K. 

Hasalei, Chaa. 
Hss tings. Geo. W. 
Hewn, D. O. 
Hawthorn, Billy 
Hay co. The Great 
Hayes, The*. J. 
Hesley, Michael 
Heldelle ft WIUsob 
Helmann. Meatus 
HeUlott, Jno. 
Hemingway, C G. 
Henka, H. 
Henley. J. H. 

Henry. HI 
•Henry. J. E. 

Henahaw, c. J. 
Hermans, Muslcsl 
"Here. Prof. Edw. 
H severs, O. B. 
• Hersel Jerry 
Hen. Edwin 

Henman. Frank 

Hewitt. Wm. 
Hick*. P. U. 

Hler, Geo. 

Hosg. u. a. 

Bobb*. Fred 
Hoffman. C. L. 
Hoffman ft Dot ore* 

Holdea. Will 

Holland, Doc 
Holme* ft Holme* 
Hopkins. BUI 
•Hopkins, T. W. 
Hornbrook. Barl 
Hortoa, Ed win 
Hosier. Arthur 
Howard, Lee 
Howard. Lesley 
Howard. Bert 
Howard, Bail 

Howe. Lyman B. 
Hubbard, Geo. 
Hudson, Ben 
Hudson. Martin W. 



Hunt. Hal 
Hunt. Harry 
Hunter, Wm. B. 
Hatcbias, Cbss. m. 

Hntton. Jsck 




Jackson. J. B. 
Jansstaon, W. J. 
Jamee. Prof H. N 
Jamee. Jamea H. 
James. Everett 
Jamea, Virgil 
James, Walter B. 


Jenkins.' W. I. 

Jen* lugs. Free) 
••Johnson. Blbie 
Johnson. Tom 
••Johnson. Mslvln 
Johnson, C. 
Johnson. E. K 
Jotaaon. Hsllle 
Johnson, j. c. 
Janiaann. Fran* 
Jenes. B. Tstton 
Jordos, J. W. 
Jordon. W. a 

••Earn. John D. 
Kasper. Jules 
••Kaaner. Jewel 
aretnol. n. 
Kswsno Bros. 
Realey. George 
BeaUay. Doe 
Keith. BUlv 
Ksllegber. Jsmes 
Keller. Eugene 
Keller. John H. 
Keller. Harry 
Keller. John 
Kelly. Frank T. 
Kelao. Frank B. 
Kenaard. avj. 
Kerfoot. Will 



rfrPP^PrSAsl^Dvf.VAT A 5^^^ 

H.H. NalHe 
HoOTord ft Chain 
King Ools 
LaNeta. Mils. 
Lauder, 0*0. a. 
lees. Two Original 
"eredlths ft Dog Bnoo 


Almee, Mile. 
AlTln, Jack 
Aaher, Max 
Avallon Troops 
"Baby Dot" 
Bacon. Betsy 
Blessing. Mr. ft lira. 
Brand. Laura Meniere 
Brown. Loolae 
Bntler, Helen Hay 
Oarral. Helens 
Chester, Obae.. A 
Oowles, " 


Orefghhn. John 0. 

Corrsn A Milton 

DeHaven ft Whitney 

tendl ft _ 

Oeo. Palmer 
», Thoa. 
a, U11». 
Smith. AH. 

ft Floe D' Alias 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 

KtrntT, 81m 

Kerr. Tbos. 
Kerr, Harry 
Ksraand. BtUy 
Keller. Wm. 
Keatmeat, Joe 
Kettler. Fred 

iwari O. 
King. Leo 
Kinney, Tom 
Klralfo, Qui 
Klrby, W. W. 
••Kirk. F. Pearson 
Kitchen Logan 
Kltt, W. C. _ 
Kohler. Chas. O. 
Kohler. Lew 
Kramer, Frank 
Krager, Philip 
Kam. Tom 
Konts, Wendell 
LeCroase, Monte 
LsMoot, W. B. 
••LeSelle, Ed. B. 
La Salle. Chan. 

IjNnls. Bd. 

UBou, Jee 
LaRne, Ctrl 

I. .Tier, H. C. 

••LaTours, The 
••LsVeln, 8am 
UVIer. Johnnie 
Ijrbmin. 1. B. 

tdgard * stack 
Lambert, Howard B. 
Lambert. J. D. 
Lambert. Weaeer A. 
Lampc, Ed. 
Unlne, Harry 
Lane. E. O. 
Laslaa. Bury 
Larke, Leonard 
Urktoi. j> Whlty 

Is rsils*' Lew*" 

LeVere. J. 
Descb. Dob 

Lee. Harry L, 
Leferar. Harry 
Leaert, Gna 
Leigh. Bert 
Leigh. Joseph 
Lelsnd. W. B. 
Leoett, Hilly 
Lenny. Horace J. 

Leslie. Dan W. 
Lull*. Geo. W. 
Leryne. M. L. 
Lewis A Heas 
Lesrle, Dan R- 

Uhmsn. Loala L. 
Lick. Aaa? 
Lls a al. .inline 
Ugnt, Dick 

Urttnawks, TVs 

Lllea. Chaa. 
Undenstreet. Wm. 
LtndsJsre, Tne 
Una. Bndd 
Llnd. Harry H. 
Llodler. Caaa. 
Upaaa A Lewis 

U^abay! 4 D. D. 
Leder. Jack 
Logso, Carta 
Lone Sts^ Amuse. 

Lone'. Clyde 

Lone;. Warren K 
Lorrtta. Jollsa 
Lorla. Wm. 

JSekri Doar'ctrca- 

I. lint. Frank 

'alter B. 

Lyle. Warren 
m Irish Jack 

Lyooi. Wal 
JJeBieaa. B. 
McCsSerty, „- 

McConnel. J... 
McCoy, John 
McCoy a. a 

mcdsbUl win a 

McDode. I). »ld 
McOee * Hayes 
HeOer, Joe B. 
Mconi. a. a 

MeObaifcTR H. 
JtcOoweo. Baa x. 
Hclatlr* * Oo. 
Wclntyre. Harry a 
McKlnaey. C. fc. 
aTaelesa. Jamea 
Hanoo, Frank 

McNare W. 

*•<*. 1. S. 

Mails, E. Esmond 

EfS. W. B. 

Marsh. BIOS 

MsrtlD, U D. 
Martin, Frank 
Martin. W. F. 
"Martin. Howard 
atarrelto. Chaa. 
Marvin, Mr. Out 
Masoo. Clifford 
Msssle. H. L. 
Maul. k. U 

Maury. 8. 
Maxlne, Prof. 
Maxwell. L. H 
May. Newborn 
Mayall. H. J. 
Msjfleld, Jeptba 

MelUean, Geo. 
Melroy, Barry 
••MslTln, Bent 
Merrill, Norman W. 
Merrywsataar, Oordsa 
•Mexican Bill 
Meyer, Chris. A Wire 
Meyer, Dae* 
Mick. Frank W. 
Mick. Harry 
"" . J. 

Miller. C. W. 
Miller. P. 8. 
Miller, I. D. 
'iller. J. Oct 
Mills. B. A. 
Mills. Mr. JoL 
Mills. Wm. J. 
Mlllaon. C. I. 
Miner, B. K. 
Minor. W. B. 
Mitchell, C. F. 
•■Mitchell. ' 
Mia. Tom 
••Mil, Tom 
••Monshsn. Mr. * Mr 

T. J. 
Moon. Bobert B. 

Moor*», A> W. 

Moor. Harry 
Moore. Eddie B. 
Moore. W. H. 
Moore. B. T. 
Hondas, Toe 
Mono. Martla 
Manor. Bert 
••Morris * Krarsart 
llonia. Cheater 
Morris. Lon 
Morris. C C 
Morrison, Joo. 
• •Morro w, r.ari. 

Morrow. J«». A. 

Morrow. Panl 

Peterson Brae. 
Phllllpe, Clyde 
••Phtfomoo. Ctrl C. 


Plereon. Balph 
Pike, Mr. Wm. B. 
Pilgrim, A. A. 
Pollard. Henry 
Poison, Harry 
Poole, Reggie ' 
Poplin. C. P. 
Porter, P. J. 
Powell, Frank 
Powell, Albert 
Powell. Eddie 

Powell. Shorts 

Power, W. W. 
Free cot t, 0. J. 

M. B. 

Sttrefleld. Mark 
Stockton. George 
Stoddard A Wallace 
Stone, Charley 
Story, Balph 
Strang. Baidy 
Btrayer, Mr. Bob 
Stye. Mr. Len. 
••Sagamoto Jape 
SnlllTan, Henry 
SoUItsb, Mr. Jot. 
Sutherland, Jack 

Sutter. J. H. 
Sutton, Jack 
Sutton A Sutton 
Sweeny. J. D. 
Sweet. Mr. Al_ 

Price. Godfrey 
I'nvtor, Geo. H. 
■•Pruaay. Chaa. a. 
Qnlgley, Andrew 
Quintan OS, Blgnor 
Babbit. Jack 
••Bta. John G. 
Rsesdsls. Harry 
Ball, Wlllford 
RamtdeU, J. J. 
Bamaey. Arthur 
Ba moa ee. Mexican 
Band, Wm. 
•Rtthburn, Loo 
••BaretU, Wm. 
Raymond. Charlie 
Raymond. Geo. 
•Raymond. Jtek 
Bay, Chaa. 
Bay. John J. 
Recklsw, Reckless 
••Rellly. Dan 
Relnhart, Mr. F. 
Reno, Louis 
Reno. C. B. 

Rrsslog. Mr. Herman 
Kenqnnoe. Jacob 
Rhodes. Jollna H. 

Rhyme * Rlddlea 
Rice, Dan 
••Rice. a. H. 
Itlcbsrds, Wm. B. 
Richardson, Harry 
Richardson, Ed. 
Bled. Wm. 
Rlnaldo. it. H. 
Rltehoy. Win M. 

Roberrt t!*^ 

•^Bwoctwoodj C_ 

Taylor', ^ff^W. 
Tsylor. Pete 
Tsylor. Bod 
Teaney, K. 
Terry, B. C. 

Tbobna. Otto 
Tnom. Ha T. 
Tbotnas. J. Wade 
Thorns •. W. F. 

Thompson. Garland 
Thompson. B. C. 
••Thompson, A. E. 
Tleroey Trio 

••Tleraey. Jamea 
•Tinaon. Ben a 
Tlmball, J. C. 
Tlefsno. Clement D. 

Trainer. Jack 
Trask. Clarence 
Trexltr, Paol 
Tsase. Bafell 

Morton * Falrnel.l 
Moss. Charles 
MscfcTldobsdae. B. 


Mnnger. I. A. 

Monroe, Harry 
Murphy. George 
Mnrphy, Jemee F. 
Mnrpby, Horace 
Murphy. Chaa. B. 
Murphy. J. M. 
MurpbT. Waltsr T. 
Mnrphy, Jno. H. 
Murray. Hlllle 


••Nslhsndlsn. Jake 
Namba. Fakeo 
Nance. B. B. 
Harder, Nat 
Kaah, 8am 

Nsiiruso. H. J. 

Nelson, K. I. 
Newmaa. Walter 
••Nibo. Prof 

••Nlrholl. Mr. 
Nlgro. Mr. A Mrs. 

Nixon, n. a. 

Norrls. Mike 
••Norrts. C. I. 
North Leo. 
Norton, a 8. 
Nngeot. Harry 
Nngeat. J. W. 
Nye. Franklin 

O'Brien. Dick 
o-nell. H. B. 
••O'Nell. Doc Howai 
Oldham, m™. Hon 


Parento. Geo. 

Pariah. L. J. 
Parker, a P. 

Psrnell. Oeo W. 

Pssey. Jacob 
••Patterson. Jot. MtdUI 

Patterson. Kugrne 

Paal. Bd. O. 
Paal. Frank Ls, 
Paolttch * Boyd 
Payne. Mr. Arthur 
Pesaley. Bob 
Peeler. R. M. 
Peltier, lis. 
Pepper, n. L. 
Percy. Beht. W. 
Perkeo, Bay 
Perrlman. Frank 
Perry. Chss. H. 
Perry, Harry A. 

Roblaettl. 8. B. 
Robinson, J. Milton 
Robinson, Sbetor 
Robinson, D. R- 
••Bablaoa. Robert 
Roc boa. Fred 
Rogers, O. H. 
Rogers. P. I. 
Rogers. Wm. F. 

Holland. W. C. 
Rook. U B. 

Boooey. J ft C. 
Ross. Walter i. 
R osa.ll! Bex Dr. 

Rowland, Fred 

Russell W. W. 

Ratbsrrord. oics 
Ryto. Htrry 
••Beger. Marlon b. 

BandoasV King 
Sanford. Lew 
Bather. Mr " 

Schoeee. M»R*gm. 
Bchram, Chai 
Schrler, . Mr. 
Schnasm. w. 
Hchmelg, I*. 
Scott. Rlcbanj 
Scott. Wm. A 
Secarda A Bltu 
•See. William 
Hegni. Mr. A 

••Selblal ah " 

Tunis, Mr. c. b. 
Typtoo, Dr. Wei. 
Tyree. Earl 
Units A Panl 
Valentine, Howard 

Van, a A. 

Vsncello. C. 

Van Dora. W. W. 

Vans. TWO 

Tan sickle. R. 8. 
Vartello. Jack 
Vsugban. C. 

Veda A Qulntarow 
••Veda, J. W. 

Velar.-. J. D 

Veraoo, Ben B. 
Veasella. S. Msrrs 

V Irian sh BnrhaU 
Vosckel. Bobert 
Wade. I., z. 
Wagner, Panl 
Walden, Lorenao 
Wales. Harry H. 

••Wsldron. Lyds 
Wallace. Jack 
Well, Lawrence 

"Wallers. T. W. 
Wallers. Boy C. 
••Walton. Otto 
Walton. Arthur 

Warren, F. Is. 

ESfc Mr. Bllll. 
Shelby. Boy 
Sheebsn. Jot. T. 
Sherry. 3. A 
Sherry. Will 
Sherwood. Donald 
Shipley. Wm. 
Shlower, Dare 
Short, Joe 
Short. W. L. 
Sibley. L. O. 
Stekle. Fred 
Bllrer. Jamea 
Simmons. Dirk 
Simpson. Oscar 

. 0. A. 
watsrtmrr. J. w. 
Watson. CUB 
Watson, H. L 
Waugh. H. M. 
WaaTor. ii 1 1 1 is 
Wearer. Herman 
Webb. T. I. 
Webber, Byron 

West, ai. H. 
West. J. 
West, Dick 
Weat. BUly 
Woet, J. H. 
Weyman, Bob 
Wheeler, H. B. 
Wblte. Chaa. B. 
White. Dan 
Wbooley. L. A. 
••wicks A Jsck 

Wl aglns. Mr. Cheater 
Wilbur. B. W. 
Wllktnaoa. Ia. 9. 

William. A Wells 

Wlltlerd. Mr. 

••Wlllmore. W. 
Wills. Charlie 


Look For Your Name 

•Simpson. D-1B R. 
Maclalr. Oeorge 
Sloaa. H. F. 
Smith. 0. B. 
Smith. Bd. W. 
Smith. O. W. A. 
Smith. John B. 
Smith. Nick 
Smith. Jack 
••Shipley. Henry 
Snyder. Aline 
••Snyder. Emmet D. 

Sohnm Harry 
Beetaman. Leon 
• •Snuea. "nn^p- 

BpeRm's'n. FrtBk P. 
ssOp| k e r . Rot 
••Stsrnea. Aleasnder 
St.Clalr, G. A R. 
Stearns, Mr. OtftsMI 
Stevens. Fred 
Btewart. Billy 
Stewart, Musical 
Rtlrkney. Robert 



Always glv* forwarding tddrtit 

T*r enough In advance to rssoh 

you. AdvcrtlMd Utt«r* ■ r* hold 

for30daya, and Iff unoltlm 

Wilson. H. 
Wilson. Lew 

Wlngert. H. W. 
Wlnkenhoffer, Wm. 
Wlaalow, D. W. 
Wlnton. Bernard 
Woodsll. Billy 
Woods. 8. M. 
Woodyard. T. J. 
Wool red re, K. K. 

Wolfe. Cbaa. .0. 
woire. Alfred 
Woody. Winston 
Works, Thad. 
Wowaek, William 
Wray A Ray 
Yates. Jack C. 
Yooer. Jsmes J. 
Toshlds. K. 
Tonne* Geo. C. 
Tcaagmaa. Ray 
Zelger. Doc 

Zelln Per. B. 

•sBeasater, Chaa. 
F.lllle, Mart W 



..111 tlto contlder pror 

Will tlto contlder pronooltlon for msnagement 

TaudPTllte house. Am 
Addrese B. B. GARRET- 


C. I. & B. R. R. COMPANY 

THOUSANDS of dollars to be expended in the REBUILD- 
ING of the C.I. &B.R.R. Co. new TERMINAL at CO- 
NEY ISLAND, Surf Avenue. Plans for same are nearly com- 
plete. Wanted, to hear from builders of all kinds of new and 
novel riding devices. We want the longest and best rides. Will 
make good terms. What have you to offer in sensational riding 
device s? Ha ve also various concessions for sale. Address DEPT. 
OF ATTRACTIONS, DeKalb and Fianklin Aves.. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. C. L & B. R. R. CO. 

The New Atlas 


We have claimed it to be the a trongeat 
trunk in America,; for the improved 
we claim the lightest in weight. 

S3- Ions. 

SO- 1 



So- .. 





■ ■ 


«s- •■ 



to- •• 




• a* a »•••>•*>•« 



1641 N. Hancock Street, - - Philadelphia, Ponn. 


TIM Ori) Pert let Lighter Ever Pit » til Martit 

Positively cheaper than matches. Can not get out 
of order, and can be relied on to give a light I * 
wanted. Weighs only 1 ounces and is no 
half the size of an ordinary match safe. ~ 
paid for 60c. Special prices to dealers, 
of noveltiea free. • s.t 


WANTED - Circus People in All Branches 

nta. Blf Show Artiste, capable or dolaar earlety of acts pro 
concert; Sketch Team and VaodeeUle Acta for concert and 
Drlrers. Steward for cook boose. Pslnter and Decorator I 

Musicians on all 
Clowns, donbllnjc 
Itcllsblr Bosses, 
mediate work at 
Boss BUIpostrr 

brsss or I 

for rm- 

; Assistant General Agent, Car Manager, Local Contractor, 
"(era. Highest class accommodations. No street parades. 

blf bsnralns. 




Merchants Exposition end 
Mnakogee. Okie., one 
Acta for 
Wire Jei 


Want for 
Show, small Band, 
cessions of all klnda. 
0. on public eqnare. 



Show does not close : all winter in the South. Don't wire, write. Address 

W. P. HcNATR, Mgr., Plaqii'.niim-. La. 


Cambridge and Byesville, Ohio. Billposting Plants 

Fourteen hundred running feet of tangoed and groored boards, all In goal wno'l'lon. selllngal. e 
sacrifice. Reason for selling, other business interest. Population of Ca-' 
or BresTtiie. Price of both pia a tl.800 cash, f bis la a big I 

pulstlon of 
this Is s b 

B. HAMMOND, Manager Colonial and Orpheum 

WANTED - For Welsh Bros.' Newest Great Railroad Shows and 
Hippodiome Combined (Inc.) 

People la all branches of the 
Wanted, small troupe of Japs 
stand, for rent, Man to 

. female ajmnastn and 
. Gregory Family. Pl**»» 

s cook. Will buj two mora 
the beat of treatment. Address JOHN T. 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 


(Continued from p»ge 12.) ' 

"f- TIM libretto U Interesting and fantas- 
tic; there la do end or good, clean, wboleaomc 
sentiment, and Messrs. Louis P. Werber and 
Mark A. Leoacher hare provided scenery and 
costumes that delight toe ere. 

"JOaa Mscdoneld sang like * bird, for the 
eer joy or It aL She had voice enough for two 
—SiS-.W™ Pnma donnae. and ahe acted with a 
, aprlsbulneaa that waa charming. Mlse Elgle 
Bowen waa cunning, aang excellently, and bid 
iillP* «t wl"«t may be called rievlllahnesa that 
captivated her audience. Mr. Wlltam Burres* 
was am twins, especially when he disguised him- 
Btlm -Jw «»nt who smoked long black clg«". 
i-ESt& Tom M <*«nghteu, aa a mock trage^ 
<Un. had the audience convulsed." 

T*" of the orchestral aelecUona promtae to 
ds persistent contenders for a whistling vogue 
Dae neeuna and Two LitUe L4ve Bees 

aurence Bea, Jar. Ralph ErroIIe, 

M»snghton. William Bnrresa. Cbarlea W- Mey- 

mtm^SSFSfflS! EI,le BoweB "T* 



(Continued from pass 12.) 

e— Bm " ke •>»» « pair of eyes, two well- 
trained eyebrows and a couple of dimples and 
two pretty bandit, which act without the loaa of 
■ single cne. and. coupled with these assistants, 
has a voice well calculated to win her 
— "i... With all these aids at her command 
baa little trouble In coming out splen- 
a play which, while altogether natural, 
omclrutly startling to make necessary 

- - r- aesslon of Congress. 

"Boaanne Is a humorous little play, but with- 
out Miss Burke, It would greatly resemble a 
sauce" " dinner minus turkey and cranberry 

The Tribune and the Times unite In sdvane- 
tag the suggestion that a little of the dubloue- 
extsa of the press may be due to the fact that tba 
performers' work manifested lack of aufflclent 
rehearsal However, the other papers dispel any 

- praising the dainty 

In flattering terms. 

there la they attribute to the 

f .\ BIG. 

' ' , (Continued from page 12.) 

Germans win Insist that the title be 
used without the article, for 'Die Koenlgsklnder* 
or 'Zwel Koenlgsklnder' both suggest the simple 
German form of the old tale 0 f f.ero and Laandar. 
. w*— Which atory. of course. It has nothing what- 
*ver to do. But If literary criticism forbids as- 
sociation between Professor Hnmpetdlnck's two 
-opera a, muaical critlclam compels it. Many of 
the characters In the operas are doss relations, 
dramatically aa wen aa musically — the royal 
children themselves, the witches, of course, and 
. the bronm-mskers, Tba rest of the characters 
Basve been taken from Wagner's Malatsrstager 
'picture book — the cittsess of HDlsbrunn are 
Nuremberg's burghers, the ■ city's councillors, 
the old' master singers. The musical Idiom Is 
■ Humperdlnrk'e. though -Its method of employ- 
ment la Wagner" a. But here' Ilea Its charm: 
Though the composer hews to a theoretical Una 
be does It freely, naturally, easily and always 
wtth the principle of musical beauty aa well 
m and propriety 


|Bfij5tS fftae|m^c i ft» < &^ trrf^nav^ 


om page 12.) 

*'Herr Von Poasart, of course, played the 
Rabbi Stchel. a benevolent and Jovial old fel- 
low, fond of Jokes, particularly those on him- 
self. The actor Is sixty-eight years old. bat he 
, moves about with all the- spryuesa of youth. 
" only his white wig and beard la the 
Indicate bis age. 

.tre-Mtt" 5r&** ,$g\.2!. 

id the "kill snd experience these actors have, 

Hans Merry, or the Court Theatre, Stuttgart, Is 

and Poasart 



(Continued from page 12.) 

Leslie Carter Is playing the sixth week of 
her engagement at the Lyric In ~ 
emotional dnima. Two Women. 

Had 8othem and Marlowe held 
more week, so as to play The Taming of the 
Shrew In January, Broadway could have said 
that It was Just ninety-live years since the 
Bbakespearean farce waa first seen in New 
York — It was presented at the Park Theatre In 

Henry E. DIxey launched forth at Mlddletown. 
N. T.. In George Broadhnrst's drams. Booght 
and raid For. while Henry Kolker essayed to 

rre his right In stardom at Hartford, Conn.. 
The Great Name, an adapted German com- 

* d Resl cowboys have been engaged for the 
bronco parts In The Girl of tbe Golden West. 

Broadway hows lo respect to the sadden 
death In Detroit of Frank Worthing, late lead- 
ing man for Grace George In Sauce for the 


Mis* Hazel Dora who has snug leading roles 
In George Ed ward pa* London Gaiety Theatre 
Company for several seasons, arrived on the 

8. ft. Cedrlc Friday, and began rehearsals of the 
sole of Angela In Klaw A Erlanger'a 
of Gar CtaraafT 

in Klaw A Erlanger'a production 
Ine. by C. M. S. McLrllan and 
Ivan raryll. The first performance of tbe new 
aanslcal comedy will be given early In Feb- 

" Carter DeTTnven and The Girl In the Taxi, 
the French farre. Is occupying tbe Cohan and 
Grand Opera House this week. 

Doris Keane Is once more In oqr midst, hav- 
ing returned from Loudon during the week. 

Edith Taliaferro received tbe distinction of 
having a floral tribute presented brr by Ellen 
Terry during a recent matinee of Rebecca or 
Sunnybrook Farm, at the Republic Theatre, In 
recognition— a tribute from tbe greatest of 
English players to the youngest of American 
actresses In leading roles. 

Shortly we will see the American version of 
The Balkan Princess, that ran successfully 
throughout tbe past season at tbe Prince of 
Wales Theatre, London. Ml*a Louise Gunnings, 
wbo was last seen In Mareelle. will bare the 
title role. Herbert Corthell, recently with The 
Girl and the Drummer. la to have the lead- 
ing comedy part. 

James K. Hackett has added a sew play 
to hla extensive repertoire, The King's Game, 
by George Brackett Belts. 

The engagement of Drifting came to an end 
at tbe Naxlmova Theatre last Wednesday eve- 
ning, after a run of about ten nights. 


(Continued from pags 9.) 

Bniott and Nfff. at tba Kedile Theatre, are 
using Under the Yum Yum Tree. 

The Exposition Poor, at the Star snd Garter, 
are also using Under the Yum Yum Tree. 

Imperial Quartet, at the Central Theatre, 
are using Under the Yum Yum Tree. 

Sophie Tucker, at tbe President Theatre, la 
using I Love It and Lovey Joe. 

Kelly and Bio, at tbe Albamhra. with Hooey's 
Knickerbocker*, are using Lovey Joe. 

The Hoeya, at the White Palace and the 
Public Theatres, are using Under the Yum 
Yum Tree. 

Charles Woods, st the Hamlin Avenue Thea- 
tre. Is using I Love It, and Under the Yum 
Yum Tree. 

Ben Bornstein win be back from New York 
In about a week, and they aay be win come 
back sober, with plenty of new numbers for 
the Middle West. 

Mr. Morey Stern baa been given the manage- 
ment of the Chicago office of Harry Von Tllier 
during Mr. Bornateln's absence. We expect 
to see Mr. Stern as manager of tba new of- 
fice In St. Louis or Kansas City after the first 
of tbe year. Everybody wishes Mr. Stern 
success In bis new undertaking. 

Lee Randall Is looking for s Job. Can any- 
body fix him opt 


malned with Mies George after the play waa 
taken on the road. On April IS, 1007. he acted 
Henri drs ITunellea, In s new version of Illvor- 
cona, made by Mlaa Margaret Mayo, anil pro- 
duced by Wen. A. Brady, for Mlaa George, at 
Wallaces Theatre, New York. Hla performance 
waa one of exceptional merit. In 1000 be ap- 
peared in la Matrimony a Failure? and at tbe 
time of his destb was on tbe road In Geraidlne 
Bonner's Sauce for tbe Goose. 

Detroit. Mich.. Dec. 28 (Special to The Bill- 
board.)— The remains or Frank Worthing, who 
died at tbe Osrrlck Theatre, last eveulng. were 
to-night ahlpped to New York. Funeral services 
will be held st the Little Church An 
Corner, on Friday. 

Most of tbe 

spec ting (?) the 
boused In the general office. 

of the "ring." 

who have been engaged In- 
■ — ita are now 
the tutelage 

And, In spite of double-damped caution, a 
leakage recently developed which furnished In- 
formation that a certain Inspector employed the 
"dsns A" branding Iron in towns entitled only 
to tbe lowest rating.. And. further leakage in- 
timated that an Itching palm was the cause. 

The report that Mrs. Fred S. Brown, who re- 
sides near Beaver Falla, Pa., found gold in tbe 
craw of a chicken, does not prove tbe existence 
of an undiscovered bouanxa. There may be a 
Keeiy Institute In the vicinity. 

George W. Good hart, better known to hla 
many friends as "I'm Satisfied" Good hart, re- 
cently entertained, at his hoi 
Pa.. Mr. John W. Vogle. the 

Mr. AL G. Fields will kin 
batctdng pangs of jealousy. 

Edward Drelfna. the man with a 
clasp and acqualntanceahlp of every 
■ager and -press agent who visits tbe 
doing buarneaa at the same, old 
shadow of. the Colonial Theatre. 

Ed., aa those wbo are not on the debit list 
are allowed to call the gentleman, possesses tbe 
greatest collection of old programs and rare 
photographs to be found in the Windy City." 

After resting In the arms of Morpheus, tbe 
Colonial Theatre baa awakened. This time tbe 
palatial playhouse is reaping well, and The Man 
Who Owns Broadway— Raymond Hitchcock — Is 
the cause. . 

While Mr. Hitchcock's vehicle la a re-planed 
edition of Popularity, it. nevertheless, proves 
to be a Godsend to the Colonial 
as well as a banlsher of the 
waa Inspired In those who 
Glhbs and Tbe Mayoress. - 

According to James Jay Brady. aU young and 
ambitions writers shonld submit their copy to 
him before dispatching it to their respective 
Journal a. 

While Jay means well. Jayward. he seems to 
forg'-t that some writers have at least a grain 
of Intelligence, and that some writers prefer 
to dip tbelr pen In tbe fountain of troth lnstesd 
of jolly's corroded pot. 

Miss Lea 

i. . has departed 

lad., where ahe will dellnlate 
with the Arvlne-Benton Stock Co. 


George Gatts la- stltl hanging 'em on books In 
tbe Warrington Theatre. Oak Park, where the 
Grace Hayward Stock Company Is holding forth. 
Tlilsweek the company la playing Such a Utile 


(Continued from vage 10.) 

1904-05 he appeared In Ploero'e play. A Wife 
Without a Smile. On February 2, 1905, at the 
Madison Square Theatre, be acted Jack Temple 
In Mrs. Temple's Telegram, having assnroed 
the place of leading man In tbe stock company 
organired there by Waller N. 1-awronce. In bis 
next engagement be wss associated wltb Mar- 
garet Anglin. en tonr. In a repertory; and at 
tbe Princess Theatre. New York. he. appeared 
in Zlra. a variant of Wllkle Collins' New Mag- 
dalen. In tbe constrneUou and production of 
which be bad a hand In association with nenry 
Miller. On January 22. 1000. at Daly's Thea- 
tre, be acted Vanderrelt In The Fascinating 
Mr. Vanrtervelt. by Alfred Sutro. Soon after 
be appeared, for a brief season, with Mrs. Pat- 
rick In London. In lima, at the Man- 
hattan Theatre. New York, be appeared In Grace 
George** production of Cloth*-*. During that en- 
gagement be Injured bluiself in falling back- 
ward down a flight of stairs, as required by 
the business of the scene. Mr. Worthing re- 


(Continued from vage 10.) 
Joseph Nolan, of Hopkins street, Brooklyn. 
N- v.. reports a lively business In theatrical 
Among recent big orders be baa 
. la one for the Escardoe, acrobats, 
now appearing on Orpbeum time. 

Percy G. Wllllama haa again given evidence 
of bis managerial acumen by securing the ap- 
pearance of Adeline Genee. the dancer, over hla 
vaudeville circuit, beginning with tbe Colonial, 
on January 16. Miss Genee Is at present a tar- 
ring under Klaw and Erlaoger management In 
The Bachelor Belles. In vaudeville, Mlaa 
Genee will be aupported by her principal danc- 
ers, and her entire ballet. 

Theodore Kosloff. manager of a troupe of 
Russian dancers which has been playing New 

York vaudeville nouses. WSS arrested last Tues- 
day, on complaint of Vlaata Novotny. s dancer, 
wbo Is string blm for $2,500 damages for alleged 
breach of contract. The Russian wss appre- 
hended Just sa be waa about to aaU on tbe 
Lusltenla. and It required some stall maneuver- 
ing to secure the requisite bond of $1,000, that 
he might not be detained. 

The hearts of the atage children or New 
York were gladdened laat Sunday night, Jan- 
nary 1, by a great glittering Christmas tree 
tendered them by the officers or tbe Actors' 
Fund. In tbe concert room of tbe New York The- 
atre, Tbe tree was tbe finale of a Jolly ban- 
quet, and an earlier entertainment by the 
stage children for the children of tbe stage, 
held on the stage of tbe Criterion Theatre. Five 
hundred children were guests on this occasion. 
Mrs. Kate Douglas Wiggln, author of Rebecca 
of Sunnybrook Farm, -was tbe honorary presi- 
dent of the committee on arrangements, being 
assisted by Winiam Harris. Mrs. Anna V. Mor- 
rison. Mrs. Anna M. Ahell. Mrs. Mllle Thome 
snd Francis Wilson. The function carried out 
tbe time-bonored charity of Tony Pastor, A nut 
Louisa Eldrldge and Mrs. E. L. Fernandes, who 
have gone to their rewards. 

Mabel Hackney's Company, featuring bucking 
and dancing horses, over K. and P. time, are 
playing lo Brooklyn this week. Tbe company 
comprises Miss Tompkins. Lonla Winger, and J. 
Holding, an former clrcua performers, who were 
laat year seen on the park and fair circuits. 

Another act playing K. and P.. time In Brook- 
lyn, tbl* week, la the twentieth century burg- 
lar sketch. The Pawnshop, which I* slated for 
some Urge time In tbe West. The personnel 
of tbe company Is B. Hill, Joe Drlscoll and 
Milton Lowe. 

Martin. Carl and Rudolph, tbe knockabout 
aembats and ground tumblers, are going West 
over K. and P. time. 

A pleasing Irish sketch playing K. and P. 
time la *rln'a Isle, interpreted by Misses Hor- 
tense 8a*le and O. llskany. and Mr. Merlon 
Struck, ■heir repertoire comprises Irish ditties, 
and thejsfare featuring some of WItmark'a lat- 
est songs aa well. 
Castle and Laird are another team that la 
over K. and P. 

well, are featuring -some of 
a over K. and "P. time, 
manager of the Acme FTlm 
35 street. New York CI 

part of Pet 
the above . 


Four: Tampa. Fla., 2-7. 
Alpha Troupe (Orpbeum) Salt Lake. D., 2-T. 
Arden, Edwin, A Co. (Orpbeum) Kansas City, 

Mo.. 2-7. 

Alexander. Mlaa Hamld (Orpbeum) Kansas City. 
Mo., 2-T. 

Blamphln A Hear (Orpbeum) Cambridge, 0.. 

2-7; (Gem) Lancaster. 0 14. 
Brown, Ritchie (Orpbeum) Lima, O., 2-7; 

(Grand) Columbus, 9-14. 
Browder A Browder (Southern) Minneapolis, 2-7. 
Boas A Weeks (Majestic) St. Paul. 2-7. 
Braham's, Prof., Educsted Fleas (Keith's) Prov- 
idence, R. I., 2-7. 
CampbeU. Frank A Jeannie (Orpbeum) Virginia. 

Minn.. 5-7. 
O., 5-7. 

Crafeaux. The. i 
, 2-7. 

ton. Va., 

Covington A WUbna (Keith's) Providence. R. I., 

Cnrtiss Aeroplane (Sbea'a) Buffalo. 2-7. 
CHIT. Laddie (Shea's) IlnlTalo, 2-7. 
Camllle Trio (Shea'a) Bnttslo. 2-7. 

CM?o t rd*A >e Br. ke°(Or'b (Sh '*' K """'cat *J 


Carmen, Belle (O. H.) FredeTlckshnrg. Mrt., 2-7. 
Cleveland, Claude & Marlon (Academy) Buffalo. 


Clark Sisters 4 Billy Farnum (Orpbeum) Ogden. 

TJ.. 2-7. 

Corentxye. Tbe (Poll's Grand) Syracuse, N. Y-. 

Doyle tc Fields (American) Omaha. Neb.. 2-7: 

(Mljon) Superior. Wis.. 0-14. 
Pooler ac Saylea fOrpbenm) Montreal. 2-7. 
Earl & Curtis' (Orphcnm) Kansas City, Mo., 2-7. 
Flnnm. Paul (Orpbenm) Lincoln. Neb.. 2-7. 
Fottell Jr. Emmett: Pittsburg. Pa.. 2-7. 
Gllden Sisters (Colonial) Washington C. n.. O., 

2-7; (Hippodrome) Charleston. W. Vs.. 0-14. 
Girl* from Melody Lane (Majestic) Kalamasoo. 

Mich.. 2-7. 

Goldsmith at Hoppe (Chase's) Wash.. D. C, 2-7. 
Ortmes.^Tom, & Co. (Victoria) Wheeling, W. 

Ollmo're. LaMoyne. Perry tc Co. (Btb Ave.) Nash- 
ville. Tenn.. 2-7. « 

nedge. John, & Ponies (Memorial Hall) Dayton, 
O . 2-14. 

n*yon. Borden & nayon (Avenue) H. St. Louis. 

III.. 2-7: (Kedxlel Chicago. 0-14. 
Hsrlland & Thornton (Ornheum) Montreal 2-7. 
Herman. Dr. (Shea'a) Buffalo. 2-7. 

Huntings, The Four (Orpbeum) 
Mo., 2-7. 

Ileum A Hotter (Auditorium) York, Pa.. 2-T. 
Henderson A Thomas (Psntagea) Lea ' 


Hickman Bros. & Co. 

{fo'w:r? , * Cb U "o.. < rd 1J 

Howard & Howard 

Hoey & Mosar (Jefferson) St. Augustine, Fla., 
2-7; (Majestic) Colnmbas, Os.. 9-14. 

Jackson & Long (VaudetteJ Boone, la., 0-11; 
(Empire) Ft. Dodge, la., 1214. 

Jackson. Otlle (Central) San Francisco, 2-7. 

Jennlnga & Renfrew (Keith's) Providence, B, X. 

Julian 4V Dyer (Grand) Elgin, ill . 3-7. 
Kenney, Nobody A Piatt (Majestic) Chicago. 
'2-7; (Columbia i St. Louis, on. 
Knight. Sanson & Co. (Lyric) Mattoon, III., 3-7. 
Kelly ft CaUlu (Keith's) Manchester, N. H., 

LaMont. Harry * Flo (Forepaugh) Phtla., 2-7. 
Levy, Bert (Keith's) Provlilence, B. I., 8-7. 
Lloyd. Mr. * Mra. Hugh ^Orpheum^SeatUe^M. 


I ** m 7" 

Lynch 4 Zeller (MaJeaUe) Johnstown. Pa., 2,7. 
Lewis. Bert (Majestic) Jacksonville, Fla,, 24; 

(Orpbenm) Savannah. O... 0-u. 
Mooree, Mabel ValeoU-ene (Columbia) 

Mullen A Oorrell (Kelth'a) Providence. B. 

Marlins, The (Orpbenm) Kansas City, Mo., 2-7. 
McGco. Joe B. (Poll's) New Haven, Conn., 2-7. 
McGuire, Toots (Grand) Elgin. 111.. 2-7. 
Moto Girl (Majestic) Montgomery, Ala., 2-7. 
Most Twins (Keltb'a) Manchester. N. Q., 2-7. 
Merrltt, Frank B. (Victoria) Lafayette. Ind. 
Nevaroe. Three (Colonial) Norfolk. Vs., 2-7: 

(Chase's) Wash., D. C. 9-14. 
Nawn. Tom. A Co. (Keith's) Columbus, O.. 2-7. 
Mchola. Nellie V. (Orpbeum) Montreal, 2-7. 
Namba Japs (Orpbeum) Montreal, 2-7. 
Pandur, Bobby, A Bro. (Bljon) Duluth, Mian.. 


Poi off Slaters (Alamo) Charlotte. S. a. 2-7. 
Probst (American) Chicago. 
Bitter A Borey (Washington) Boston, 2-7. i 
Rogers. Clara (Majestic) Seattle. 2-7. 

Romany Trio (Park) Phtla.. 2-7. 

Rush Long Toy A Co. (Trevettl 
Bytn A Donglaa I 


. S-14. 

_ (Orpbenm) Montreal. 2-7. 
Scott, Grace (Keith's) Providence. R. L. 2-7. 
Small, Johnny, A Slaters (Orphcnm) New Or- 
leans. 2-7. 

Pprtngford Bros,. (Elks') Ptee Bluff. Ark.. 2-7. 
Sprsgne A Dixon (Prospect) Cleveland. 2-7. 
Stevens, Pearl (Grand) Knoxvllle, Tenn.. 2-7. 
Swift. J. Lionel. A Co.. (Tongs St.) Toronto. 

2-7: (Plan) Buffalo, 9-14 
Stewart A Hartlgaa (Hew Sun) Springfield. O.. 

Tom-Jack Trio (Kelth'a) Providence. R. I.. 2-T. 
Taamanlan-Van Dleman Troupe (Chase's) Wash,, 

D. C; (Temple) Hamilton. Can.. B 14. 
Vlncettl. Joe (Temple) Ft. Wayne. Ind.. 2-T: 

(Ashland) Chicago, Bit; (Kedxte) Chicago. 


Van Bros. (Orpbenm) Memphis. Tenn.. 9-14. 
V.tsdons, Lea (a EL) Mew Bedford 

Wing's te. Root. (BIJou) Ketrosbs. Wis.; (Of 
ggyf* ••»: (Orpkwm,, .owth 

Worm -wood's Animals . (Keith's) Providence. B~ 
I.. 2-T. 

Walker. Clifford (Kelth'a) Providence. R. I. . 2-T. 
Williams. Lottie (Sbea'a) RnffaVo. 2-T. 
Whipple, Bit one A Co.: Norfolk, Va.. 2-T. 
Washer Bros. (Prlsrllia) Cleveland. 9-14. 
Yaw. Don Tin (Star) Himtington. Ind.. 2-T: 
(Majestic) Paris. Hi.. 9-14. 



Allen. Estelle: PhRa,, 9-14. 
Bo«s of Z Ranch. Geo. W. Attebery. mgr.: 

fryvllle. Kan.. 4: Tola 5: Channte T. 
Diamond King. J. Port Johnson, mgr.: A 

Wis.. 4; Plymnnth 5: Chilton 6: Wieh 

Fall* T; Appleton 8: Oakfleld 9: Jnnean 

Msyrllle 11: Beaver Dam 13: Cambria IS. 
Final Settlement. Monte Thompson, mgr.: On* 

outs. N. T.. S: Norwich 6: Cortland 7. 
Flske. Mrs. In Becky Suarne, Harrison Grey 

Flake, mgr.: Lexington. Ky.. 4: Iswlmrin* 

6-7: Terre Haute. Ind.. 9: If' 

tnr 11: Springfield. III., 12: 

lngton 14. 

House of s Tboossnd Candles (Rowland A 0 to- 
ken's Co. B.): Thlbodsux. La.. , : DouaMaosl- 
viile 5: Baton Rnnge S: Plan,nemlne 7: Alex- 
andria s : Natrhltrbea 9; Wlnuuetd 10; Rustoe 
al: Toilolah 12: naatrop 14. 

Human Heart* (Southern). L. Delmore. mgr.! 
Lake city. Fla.. 4: Tallahassee fi; Qnlney Q; 
Marlanna 7; Dnthan. Ala., 9: Plorala 10; An- 
dalusia 11: Greenville 12: Brew ton 13; Mo- 
bile 14. 

King Kokomofl No. 1, Arthur Diamond, mgr.: 

Bourbon. Ind.. 4; Plymouth 8: Warsaw 8; 
Colombia City T: Garrett 9: LaOrenge 10: 
Montpeller 11; Butter 12; Waterloo 13; Aa 
gola 14. 

King Koknmo. No. 2. Arthur Diamond, mgr.: 
Payne. O.. 4: Paulding 8: Sherwood ft: liar- 
Hand 7: Grover mil 8: Oakwood O: Napnleoa 
HI; Antwerp 11: Warren, Ind., 12; Moot pellet 
IS: Hartford City 14. 

Mascot. Educated norse, H. 8. Magnlre, mgr.: 
Anstln, Tex.. 2-7: San Antonio 9-14. 

Man on the Box. Monte Thompson, mgr.: Al 
loona, Pa.. «: Latmhe fl: Johnstown T: tndlaaa 
9: DnBols 10: Bldsrwar It: Reynolds ville 12: 
Pnnxsntswney in; Puller 1H. 

Man on the Box. R. E. Tronsdale, mgr.: ITam 

Flint 14. 

rrinre of nis Race. Oscar Graham, mgr.: t 

wster. Tex.. 4: Colorado n: £ 

Midland 7: Od ■*.. 0; Pecos 10. 
St. Elmo. Sam C. Miller, mgr.: 

4-5; Cedar ninff. CT: Valley MtT 
Tempest Work Co.. J. L. Tempest, mgr.: I 

Bier. N. Y.. 2-T. 
Texa* Ranger (Eaatern): Tarcntnm. Pa.. 4: 

Washington 8; Brownsvnie «: Fayette City 

T: tinlnnlnwn 9: Connellavllle in: Senttdale 

It: Greenshnrg 12: Irwin 13; New Castle 14. 
Vinton. Myrtle. 61. Elmo Co.. n. P. Bolroer, 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 


(Continued fron 


Bert Levy, tbe enrlooUist, presented his picture Idea In full •la** setting, 
shooing an srilst'a studio. He drew bis car- 
toons In lampblack ii|».n a glass plate about 
four Imbee lu diameter, and projected litem oi 
a coluenal rm'U inroiiicb a aleivopllcon. Mark 
Twain, an liHllaii. an I a Iwiuilctb century Klrl 
upro mute 
l«.vy luter. 
wlil-Hl. ia aa 
alanllal bll. 
Edwin llrim, clever actor, wbo will he re- 
. ... 1. iimr* \v, 

rich called 

of illss Tlua Mnrstinll, a dsluly coiinilloniic. 
sir Impersonate* a clubman who re- 
tarna home at 3:,iii o'clock la the mur.ilujr to 
fln.l bla wife's cousin awaiting blm. Tbcy In- 
come wrll ariiualnlnl. an<l lo paai the Mint* 
autll I be return of the mlalreaa of Ibe house. 

>'«r"llM aniiJwU displayed, and Mr. 


. Jtevene, clever actor, who wli 
mrml.r.-d for bla maslcrlr work In Hi 
Savage's Tbe Uevll. ptesculed a akclc 
A Night Out. lo which be bail Ibe a. 

perform aouie private theatricals, 
they contrast tbe go.»l old limes and now, i.ur 
lenioe Itomro and Jullel. nod Impersonal* Dick 
8arlr.-ll.-r and Tl« llarrkluoeea In a acrue from 

The Mai Curiosity Kuop. 

Charles aa.l Kanulr Van. assisted by Charles 
T. I.euU. ci. their amusing aklt, Tbe 
Btscc Carpenter'a Experience, relating tbe vl- 
clsalfndc* of a trio of strsnded trooi»er* on a 
hike back to rtmadway. u rings with awlfl 
repartee and droll burlesques on tnrlndranta. 

I.llllsn Shaw made ber nana) appeal wltb 
Dutch Yiddish and Italian lm|>eraouatloiui. 
charmingly _ren.ier.-d. and aa as encore aanK 
VI.I'Me On Viatr Piddle. 

Karl Emntv'e IVIa. a tronpe of beantlfnl and 
tnlelllirent fox terrlera with a cunning clown 
poodle, performed aome wonderful and aaga- 
Clona tricks. 

Boaa Crouch and Oeorxe Welch, newcomers, 
merited their billing aa "the llrely pair." ex- 
crating novel ami original atonta In acrobatic 

Lea Csders de Oaaeogne. three men and a 
woman, in Preach peaeant costume, and with 
glorious voices., sang av-lecflnne from various 
grand operas with splendid effi-et. acoring em- 
^h.iir^jv with The lUgrim'a Cboroa from 

Pollard, the merry Jure'", opened tbe show. 


aa they 
balanced on his 

eaae of a gourmand, drank, amoked and lolled 
fashionably, lie next rule a safety bicycle, 
gll.led abont on roller skates, balanced him 
•elf on a lilgh frame wheel, and turned somer- 
saults. He concluded by lighting a candle, 
donning pajamss. and hopping Into bed. 

Pewitt. the man wltb many face*, brought 
a genuine novelty to the bill. A gigantic bead 
ballt In faithful replica of bla own Pierrot 
face, at the word of command, counterfeited 
Pewltfa Tarring facial expressions, aome 
comic, enme tragic — all performed with ex- 
treme akin and good taate, marrelooa In a 
man-made device. 

Kara, tbe Juggler, returned to the scene or 
hie old trlnmpha with new sensations. En- 
tering In full drrag. ha did the eooveattooil 
work, umbrella and hat. but shed bla coat by 
eemereaulilng bla valet over bla back. alaalp- 
■rangea and knlvea, he haired and 
tbe frnlt In tba air. by dexterooa 
t. Another untune stunt waa the Jug- 
gling of n acsep of 
tolled down an Iodine, 
chin on a Millard cue. 

lee TVrnlag and rnenpauy of four, offered a 
diverting cmnerly sketch allowing tbe rlclaal- 
todea of Pullman travel, a conductor, h rake- 
Bin, porter, freeh candy batcher, cheeky 
drummer, and a lady traveling to Borne. N. Y.. 
eoBatltnied the personnel or the party. A 
rapid Ore of hllarkiua comedy waa developed 
by the effort* of the drummer to engage tt- 
lady In conversation, with the langalngly apt 
tntermptlmta by tl* train crew. The act 
opened In one. and cJneeil In two, with a dance 
aartlrl paled In by all of the company. 
The Zlgnener Quartette. European mnatclaaa. 
• "hnicd a reflned act. Three men. playing 
llrely. rioiin. plane and 'cello, and a 
nme aroma with a aweet. flexible ao- 
prano rolee of large volume, executed several 
popular rlaaalra to great anplanap. 

A Night In aa Engllah Mualc Hall, •nllated 
the aerMcea of Preit. Karno'a Imka panto- 
mimic rnmedlana. and rtimlahed a. 'me fa.t and 
farlnna fun «f the tvwigh bona* variety. A full- 
art stage, with adjoining loxea, waa the netting 
employed, and the comely vraa occasioned by 
the hox-bolder* goring the acton. 
Nana, retained for a third week, delighted 
lib. her wonderful dancea. In which aba waa 
■••tad hy M Alaxata. 

•leaaaattl Troupe, tlx men and 
who ha». Seem appearing at the Mew 



and agility aa arrnhata. The moat extraortl 
nary feat waa that of 1 
ell triple 
-ofi atand 
his feet. 

Another hagardona act waa that nt 
ling nemona. two men and a pretty girl, who 
rode at cyclonic pace upon a revolving aerial 

Rrengk'e Parisian UMela, reprortnclni In 
plaatlr poaes. elaaalr bmnxe and marble statu- 
sry grontva. were well received. 

The Four Rnlllvan Ttrothm have a nifty 
straight danrlng act. embody lag alnglng are 
violin playing. 

Thoae, Fellows, aa Bnrkhardt. Plynn 
and Tandy atyle themaelvea. entertained with 
a pIsnoloKite and alnglng act. 

Upeneer Kelly and Marian Wilder pleased 
with rendition of melodic, paat and prcevmt. 

othera on the hill were Qcnrge W. Day. 
blackface comedian: Anstln nmlhera. tramp 
cmnetllanat tlnhert He Veau. rwrtoonlat: Ed. 
Kramer. Jllnatrated aonga. and Xotmog am: 


i r J}^ t !Z.J n " k -^ wbo i. closed with the 

t£5 8 n I V* , , n,on .. T "» m * »nowa. has algne.1 with 
the W titer Clrctts. m r the layoff aea- 
eMv™""..7 . wl " ** ,b » Principal and 

Wc-tTU?. ,rd k '0hlo ro0 " ,00t 

nruT.ol" r _'~ ""J"/ ,h * «*ll *nnwn cirrus pro- 

_ for tne holldayr/ sad Is ararodtng a 
deal of bis time wltb bla old friend. II. It 
Poiaek. manager of tlaa winter Circus.. | 

Ulan Lorena Loresa, who- did the sensational 

fnrly fiMit dire on horse hack, with the Carver 
Wllu Wear taat season, underwent an operation 
for appendicitis at Monroe, Wla.. Dec. 27. 
Bbe la doing nlrely and tbe doctors atate ber 
complete recovery la almost aaaored. 

William rt. Rice, better known aa "Bill, 
la at present on the road promoting the big 
winter cln-na of which be la general agent. The 
aliovc, wbl-b la known aa the I'olack Winter 
Cirrus, will open at Canton, O., for one week, 
commencing Jan. 8. 

nert Wearer, attachee of Rlngllng Broa. 
Clrciia. Is very III at tlie Presbyterian Hospital 
(lilrago. wltu nicer of the stomach, fie waa 
taken lliere Ilec. 12. following a very serious 
and andden attack of gaatrle fever. 

Colonel Mike Welab la In PltUburg, where be 
la managing his wir.-'a act. now In vaudeville. 

Mrs. Wclxu la profeaalonalty known aa Mile. 
Carmen, and la now appearing in a sacred 
tgypilsn suake dance, 

■\J£ Hrannan la putting In bla time daring 
the wrluter tuoutua coo.luctlD« land ranker ex- 
curston iiartl a In Texas ami New Mexico for 
the New Soatliweat Land and Improvement Co. 

H. I- rtamllton la at Akron. O.. looking after 
the advance dntlea for the Polack Winter Clr- 
crta wblth will play there under tbe auspices 
of tbe local Elka. during tbe week of Jan. Id. 

..^^w"* r ,..*".7'• '?"'. aeaaoo aonerlnteodent of 
stock with the Andrew Downfe shows, will 
hare charge of the ring and puny atnek with 
Downle ami Wheeler Shows next 

ITowe'e Great 
qnartera at 
are being n 

ST. J08EPH, MO. 

AJSffSTLASl cntn^'S'-thTi: 

SHe <^',b^T^ie. 8 .nr;rc^"S,.-Xrw.| , 1 
asanme inaaaieoent. At present writing. It 
Is Impoaalble to give further Information other 
than It la probable that tbe K. aV W. attrac- 
tions will hold forth at the Lyceum, nrovl.llng 
proper terma are made with Ur. 0. U. PbUlry 
Its manager. 

Mr. L- p. ingersoll, maaager or Lake Con- 
trary Park, gave oa a nleaaant call during hie 
short bnalncn trip to tbla city the paat week, 
lie Informed tbe writer of several new Im- 
provementa for tbe nark tbla coming aeaaoo. 
which will be given mention later. Mr. Inger- 
soll returned to bla home at Pittsburg Pa., 
where he win remain the balance of the win- 

The annual Christmas festivities again held 
forth at tbe Pantagee Theatre hy all em 
nloyeea and members of the profession Imme- 

diately after the laat performance Dee. 21 
The usual Chris truss tree, with tokens of re- 
membrance, a moat creditable menu, with the 
regular toasts and aonga. were enjoyed lo and 
made the evening one long to be 
by all present. 


The management of tba 111 

Pnlon Hill, regrets very much tbe resignation 
of Emtl Katxenateln. tbe mualcal director. Emll 
won fame aa an Ivory tickler fifteen yoere ago 
when be played the piano single at Keith A 
Proctor's Union Square House. In New York, 
bsving played there for twelve ; 
years ago Kmll waa promoted to n 

tor of tba Hudson where be Immediately gained 
wonderful popularity, and Kmll left to accept 
a position with a well-known New York mualcal 
firm and the msusgement or the Ilndaon wishes 
blm the beat of luck In all of bla undertakings. 

Sam S. Weill, proprietor of Weill's Ca- 
sino. North Bergen, haa booked five vaudeville 
acta through Cleveland's Vaudeville Agency. New 
York weekly. Judging from tbe amount of 
good tblnga Cleveland haa aent to the critic 
state It la likely that before long be will con- 
trol several New Jeraey vaudeville bauaiaV 

Manager JoOn PVettle*. of the Hudson Theatre. 
Colon nttt. haa b ea ke d several One vaudeville 
acta for the bnlMaya and judging from the at- 
tendance It la known that tbe andtetaee highly 
appreciated Maaager Peeedea* good things. 

On Tvreertay evening. January to. the Theat- 
rical A -wools lion of Hudson County, New Jer- 

Ben Janata, the rawmtar cnmedUn with the 
Bo were Bnrleeqnera playing at the Empire The- 
atre, ltohok"n. haa been Indorsed * 

evn Indorsed by the pre 
that appeared at ton 


The Oayety Theatre of tbla city la now un- 
dergoing a complete change both In name and 
ownership. Edward J. Cooper and f. K. Ash- 
burn have bought the Wauee Bros. ont. who 
operated the Oayety aa a moving picture house, 
ami are rcmod>-llBg It Into an opera bouse with 
•eating rap. city of TOO. The cbang s to be 
made are such aa a lobby entrance, balcony for 
'-•00 and the atsge » to be enlarged, new sce- 
nery lo he added, modern dr-snlng rooms and 
.everal new boxes. These gentlemen own the 
Cry-tal Theatre In tbla city, which Is u«vd for 
moving picture bnslnrria exclusively and also a 
morlng picture house at Tellnrlde. 

Colorado College Glee snd Mambdlo Clnb gave 
a concert In Armory Hall last Wednesday ntgbt. 
The club la of twenty sliiuVuta. They 
nave a very creditable performance and wede 
well patronised. .... 
It I. eonoilcl by nearly all traveling intw- 
rnt cmiipanha l net Montrose Is one of the 
mi .how towns lo Ibe Blate of Ita alae. but 
reasons we do not get the shows. A 
■ will always pack tbe hon.e ami any 
hooking throughout tbe Wcat should 
mk this rlty. Often there are 1.000 
urnple ont of a night In attendance to the mov- 
ing picture ahow-s. Tbla rtly la growing rapidly, 
having doubled In i«i|.ulatl..n la the |iast three 
years, end Is rapidly la-ruinlng one of tbe lm- 
portent rittea on Hie Hue of the It. * U. O. 
h. it., between Denver and Salt tJike . CM 


At tba Birmingham liuiboard oOce, U03H 3rd 
avenue, the fullowlng vlaltora registered: Clark 
aud All. C. A. Bentuu. Joe Uooiloiaa. Mar- 
garet llaalluga. Eilwlu Hale. May Soavey.'J. tt. 
ISewmau. Jas. O'llare. K. T. Alexander, V.rn. 
E. Crane, M. W. Malbla, Harry and Kitty 
Bolus, Bell Bally. C. 8. Spain. 

II. A. bbalteroaa dosed tbe Beaai-mer Son 
Theatre ami took a company ou the road Jan. 1. 

Cuarlee Zeruj baa goue lo New llawptou, la., 
on aeeouul of Ibe elckuvaa of his. slater. 

Mauag r Carl Bet lick of Ibe Majestic, ta In 
Moulinimery ou bualmsa fur a few days. 

Ueorge I.. Hber. r, augv hand at the BIJnp, 
abut aud killed W. W. Ituberta. ah ex-skailug 
rluk mauager. Tbe killing « 

'^uuuilslr* f'Se. ?• ndl 
In Blruilugbaui and ant maklug The Billboard 
office their headipiartera. 

The uew vaudeville house on 2nd avenue will 
be ready about lite laat of tbla utoolb. 

The Alsmo Tbewtre L* ualug two eowiianlew. 
one Iu the mornlug and tbe oth r at ulgbt. Tbla 
la tbe Oral time Ibis baa been done lu uirmlu, 
ham. Tbey are geltlug Ibe bnalueaa. 

of T SSenlng'"^n. n!m * lM ""u'w!" S!sSu^" 

Good nparkllng comedy at Bla Majesty': 
ful opera at tbe l'riurx-sa, and a good I. 
bill at the . Orplieiuu were tbr 
Cbrlatmaa wi-ek. 

The Uecarder baa given bla declalon agalnat tba 

picture hi.use. Jfo ^^"j^- on Sruolsy^^An^ a^e. 
\Ht tUere^ n a m |iuil %m!t tPSS^SSoiSSS 

% tune- 




l)7gbt? 0 a«aT I a U 

Tba btaly was 

brought to Brooklyn by a member of 1. A. 
B. I*. B. Local No. 3. Pittsburg. Bent U. 
Simmons, of Brooklyn Local No. 33. who baa 
been a pal of Sliorty'a for some Unw, bad 
personal charge of the funeral. 

Shorty has been to tbe blllprartlng and lltb- 
ograpblag game for thirty odd yearn. He bail 
been connected with the Robinson. Barnum. and 
Buffalo B1U Shows, the latter show be waa 
wltb when taken sick. He had also been 
ahead of Dockatad-T'a Minstrels, Sullivan 
and Vance's Shows, with almoat every theatre 
In Brooklyn and In PltUburg. lie waa known 

aa the Grand Old Man of tbe gam*. _ 

Shorty waa born In Parkeraburg W. Vn.. 
and haa no surviving relatives. Shorty was 
well known from coast to coast, and left Pltta- 
bnrg to come to Brooklyn aome fourteen or 


DAVENPORT.— W. O. Dnvaviporc. tba mala 
member ef tne Great Bs van ports high wire 
srtlsta. died at San Antonio. Tex., Nov. JO. 
after hsvtog been operated on for appendicitis. 
His widow. Mrs. W. G. Davenport, la In need 
of financial assistance, aa ahe has four amall 
to orovlde for. Ber address, la 


C— Born to Ur. and Mrs. Ed. 

on Dec. 20. a ten pound boy. Mr. 

1* manager Of the Crystal Theatre, 

UABCUSE.— Born to Ur. and Mrs, Lew 
Uarcnse. or Bowling Orecu. 0.. a ten pound 
hoy. Dec. 20, Mr. Marcuae waa. daring the- 
ses sons nf 1008-00. secretary and treasurer of 
the Barkoot Amusement Company. This sea- 
eon he waa manager of the Human Roulette 
Wheel with the Great Cosmopolitan Shows 
NO. 2. 

WEBB- — Bona - to Mr. and Mrs. Horace Webb, 
at their home m mlton. ». T.. Dee. ?t. *» 
eight and a naif pound boy. Mother and child 
doing nicely. Ur. Webb. Is en root* wltb 


Penn Tan. N. Y., Dec. St (Special to The Bill- 
board.) — Cbrlatmaa eve, 1010. will long be re- 
membered by mrmbera of the Missouri Girl Co. 
Mr. Norton, tbe proprietor, tendered the com- 
pany a banquet at the Norwood Botel. Waverly. 
N. Y. After the performance all gathered around 
the featlve board. Numeroun and costly presents 


Milwaukee. Wla., Dec. 31 (Special to The 
Billboard.) — Miss Clara Turner and ber play- 
era oln-ned here last Sunday to crowded bouaca 
at both performances, it la Mlaa Turner'a firat 
visit to tbe West. The engagement Is for an 

Mrmbera of the Stoddard and Wallace Stock 
Company hsd a pleasant Cbrlatmaa celebration 
at Prancesrllle. Ind.. where tbe company played 
Chrlstmaa eve. Numerous presents ware ex- 

Tobacco Habit Banished 

all forma of Tobacco Bablt In T2 to 120 hours. 
A positive, quick and permanent relief. Eaay to 
take. No craving for Tobacco after the rlrat 
dose. One to three boxes for all ordinary cases, 
j We guarantee results In every case or refund 
money. Send for our fr>-e booklet giving full In- 
formation. Elders' Sanitarium, Dept. 10, St. 

Joseph. Mo. 


AS ADVT — A nice assortment of Flint's fa 

mora. i»rrutdn.w. go pair: big ones, gio pair. 

woTd^nt^ Gn - 



ler and 

Mlmic. Artistic and refined comTtty. 

of ita kind "fn ^ndeVuVl"^^^ ai^'other 
country. Address care Billboard. 




Cone Ovens, Waffle Irons, 
Molds, Tamale and Wiener Kettles, Pop- 
corn Fritter Machines and many other 
Park requisites. Hundred-page catalog 

A. t. OltTC, " 27 Sayxo Bldr, Tola do Ohio 


far nigh pitch i 
». Cheap Jewelry far 
lota; White Stone Pins. Rings. Strata sua* 
Brooches, Cut] sry, Baxora, Saeara, Raaor strops. 

Soap, etc., Mf-sUllng Fouatsln Pssae, 
emery Stones, Memorandum Books, Comha, No- 
tions, Causa, Whips, and a full Una of Carnival 
foods of an kinds for Carnival Workers. Cat- 
•logon f/ae- Depoalt repaired on all C. a D. 

Shryock-Todd Notion Co. 


U. S. A. 


On* night or week stsrjds, for the big AliaVum 
Opera llouae. rjeata 900. Stage 22x40. anskgnTj 
complete. Beat show town Ita size In the State. 
Over 5.000 pofailstion. Show T days a irrek. If 
yon bare tbe goods yon get tbe money here. H. 
A. MOSHER. Nowata, r - 

Merry go-round Wanted 

To Join St. Looia 
vllle. Georgia, week 
B. W. WEAVER, 6 

Jan!' V; '(EfSZtZ* WlS^ 
Terrace, i 


If yon have an amusement d vice of any kind, 
you want to place in Wheellua 1-arX. I-argsi 
or small. Write Box 12, WlKeilug. W. Vs. 



. C. 7 JO; pop. to draw from 8.000. 
-Ith open time write at once to 
AMUSEMENT CO.. Alleitsn. Mich. 

SKETCHES. ETC. written to order. Send 
staiiu,. 11 ItEAI. I'ARODIES. 50c. All big hltt 
oo late eoogs. Sketch 1 11. A 1 F.. Sat: OA8 
HOOK, 23c; Straight it. llonologne. 23c; Twe 
Ileeltstlwia. 2V. The entire lot. $1.00. Send 
E. L. OAJillLE, 100S Hough Ave.. 

It Ton tea It In 


(Continued from page 29.) . 

Same ends In Bob being wounded' by 'Morton, 
one of the designing gamblers. Betty faints 
In the excitement, and In their efforts to re- 
rin ber. James Wadswortb. who bad proposed 
the jf a me, discovers her sex and summons one 
of the chip's matrons to take rucof ber. Bob's 
wound is dressed and found not aeiiooa.^ Wads- 
wortb learns tbe young girl Is Bob'a sinter. As 
she appears In girl's attire she' in Introduced to 
bim and a new Ugbt dawns. Tbe cards are 
thrown awsy and he decides ■ npon a better life. 
The arrlsal at the csmp-^the stage office — and 

give him change for 
ber, be returns the I 



of Bob to marry Betty. 
KAMONA'S FATHER (Drama; released Jan. 
6; length. l;O0O feet).— Ned -bays tortillas from 
tbe Indian girl. Mojeiia, and as sbe can not 
dollar which he bands 
tUIas. Her father see- 
angered at- tbe loss of a sale 
and strikes the girl. Ned, . at tbe Injustice, 
knocks the father down, tbns making a deadly 
foe. MoJeUs's fsther la hired by Don CrS- 
tobal an ardent admirer of Rosarla. with whom 
Ned Is believed by Don Cristobal to be en- 
gaged, to kill Ned. Ned Is wounded but Is 
nursed back to health by Mojella. - One day be 
Is visited by Ronaria, who claims blm, but be 
repudiates ber.' She leaves him, determined 
npon revenge. Don Cristobal serenades her 
and she ssys she will marry him providing be 
kills Ned. This Crlstobsl agrees to do. He Is 
shout to stsb Ned when MoJeUs throws herself 
In front of him ' and receives the wound. ' Ned 
takes Mojella to tbe mission, and nursed by 
him. be flndk himself much In love with her 
end they are married. The last scene shows 
them In front of their borne, with s little babv 
In their arms -the little Ramona. 

. ? GAUsCONT. ' 

(George Heine.) 

~ nedy; releaaed Jan. 3; length, 
feet.) — The proverbial pov- 
erty of the artist Is the founda- 
tion of this story although the 
beautifully appointed studio does 
not show the dire distress of Its 
.occupant. Bent and other bills 
being due. tbe artist sallies forth with several 
of JjU masterpieces to realize what he can to 
meet his obligations. During his absence his 
studio Is visited by one who desires to purloin 
his valuables, and who, while summing the role 
of artist. Is forced to pay tbe collectors ss 
th ey pr esent their bills. 

THE WOMAN WINS (Drama; released Jan. 
7: length, 043 feet.) A story In which a coo 
firmed bachelor, a prince of woman-haters. Is 
successfully vanquished through the lavish kind- 
ness showered upon him by the very people 
towards whom he has often exhibited bis tem- 
per. When finally wounded by' Cupid be de- 
a remarkable courtship In which be Is 
" for bis former ungentlemsnly 

. release Jan. 10; 
Of ' nobility prays 
may see ber grandmother with whom 
own mother was not on good terms. The 
countess who hsd given tbe child her cma 
had long ago forgotten the unkindly ac- 
ia of her daughter In law. Wben the mother 
are the child's supplications she begs 
rorgiveness from the old countess and they are 
re conci led. 

THE) ll I l.l. s Of" CORSICA (8ccnlc;' release 
Jan. 10; length. 243 feet. >— In this film Is 
shown vividly Corsica in Its wild atate. The 
forests of olive trees show plainly, along with 
- views of nature beautiful. 

length. 798 feet.) — The child 
that she msy see ber grandm 

(George Seine.) 
rvleaaed Jan. 4; length. 078 feet.) 
— A story In which a' child's 
quick wit prevents a disastrous 
misunderstanding between ber 
parents- A false friend schemes 
to bring about trouble by the use 
of a lock of hair and an anonymous -letter. Tbe 
little heroine fathoms the plot and defeats the 
t the villain' slinks away shamefacedly. 


TICOAT (Comedy: ■ re- 
leased Jan. 2; length — .) 
—Mr. Stingy, away .on 

home by hla wife. Refus- 
ing to tip tbe servants at 
the hotel, they, for re- 
venge, stuff a petticoat in 

his grip. Returning borne, 

bis wife discovers this ar- 
ticle and declares she will 
get a divorce. She con- 

him the petticoat at the moment' that bis own 
wife enters bis office. The latter recognises 
the petticoat ss ber property. There Is soother 
scene. - She hsd Just returned from the same 
hotel as Mr. Stingy. To disentangle matters all 
take the train to the hotel, and after Mr. stingy 
has been forced to tip some of the servants 
they tell the true story. Mr. Stingy makes s 
mental resolve not to forget to tip In the fu- 

DUTCH KIDS (Travelogue; released Jan. 2: 
length. — .) — An Interesting travel picture of 
Holland, showing the picturesque children st 

leased Jsn. 4: length. — .) — A Mexican rival 
for Gertie's hand, having inserted some cards 
In one of Bob's top boots, makes it appear that 
Bob is cheating. Dismissed. Bob rides away. 
An Indian girl runs up and tells how she saw 
the cards were placed on him by tbe Mexican. 
He sends a note to Gertie and asks ber to come 
to him. The Mexican, however, intercepts the 
Indian with the note and she Is bound and left- 
Altering the note ss to the piece of meeting, 
one of the Mexican's men takes it and delivers 
it to Gertie. She falls Into tbe trap and finds 
only tbe Mexican awaiting ber. He attempts 
to make love to her but she spurns him. Mean- 
time the Indian girl, having bitten through tbe 
ropes tbat held her captive, haa run and In- 
formed the other boys. They start In pursuit 
while she dssbes off to Bob and tells her story. 
Bob arrives st the spot first. In time to grap- 

ple with the. Mexican.- ■ Bob- br rescued but the 
Mexican falls over' a cliff. .All if explained by 
the Indian, girl and the picture ends with a view 
of Bob a nd - Ge rtie on thetr noneymooo. - ' 

AN' INTRIGUE (Drama; released Jan. 8; 
length, — .)— LaSavelli, whose fsther bad been 
shot for flghtiog . against the Emperor, earns 
her living by singing in the streets. Count de 
Romagna also nates the Emperor, end she offers 
to aid him In bis schemes of revenge upon 
Napoleon III; ' By his Influence she attends a 
court ball, attracts the Emperor's attention and 
also that of Farier, tbe son of tbe minister 
responsible for ber father's death. She falls In 
lore with tbe latter, and refuses to go on with 
the scheme. She Is finally killed by a bullet 
from Favler, who in tbe dark is firing st tbe 
man with her. It was the Emperor himself, and 
but for LaSavelli turning around the bullet 
would have entered his body. 

leased Jsn. 7; length; — .) — Young Harry Edgelj 
sees one day tbat tbe large mansion next door 
has been let. An elderly gentleman and his 
daughter are seen moving In. Peeping through 
si hole In the wall in the garden be gets a view 
of the daughter' and is struck with her beauty. 
Climbing the wall he attracts her attention by 
throwing a Dower at her feet, and she climbs 
up and Joins bim. The girl's father' interferes 
with their love making, and shows them a por- 
tion of his will by wblcb he hss left his fortune 
to his ' 
not marry 
Patsy are 

occasion manage to spend their time together, 
although frequently' they have their troubles. 
Finally Harry takes Patsy to tbe minister and 
they get "spliced." Returning to her father*a 
bouse, they are afraid to tell blm of their mar- 
riage, and be, not noticing their confusion. In- 
sites Harry to stay for dinner. They enter tbe 
dining room and the light being turned up Harry 
finds his father Is also there, and tbat tbe two 
fathers knew exsctiy all tbat had taken place. 
The girl's father also shows them bis will, 
which provided that, in the event of his daugh- 
ter marrying a man who loved her only for her- 
self, his fortune was still to go to ber. 

cal; released Jan. S; length, — .) — This subject 
ihXove ~ 

i will py wnicn ne uss ten nis tortuue 
ughter only, provided tbat she does 
until she Is twenty-one. Harry and 
not to be discouraged, and on every 

is on the same reel with . 

Under Difficulties. 



h. Labia. Paths. SeUg. 

Gaumant-Kletne, vitagraph. 


Wednesday— Edison. Eclipse- Klelne. Paths, Ka- 

Lubln. Metlea. SeUg. 

Patbe. VlUgr.^ yu 



Over the Rocky and Selkirk 

asanas " 


11— The Lassie's Birthday (comedy).. 

IS— Into the Jawa of Death (drama) 

18— Tbe Stolen Claim (drama) 1000 

18 — The Toymaker, tbe Doll and tbe Devil 

(comedy) , MO 

22— His Mother's Thanksgiving (drama)... 80S 
the Clouds (topical) 1000 

reater Love (drama) 1000 

and tbe Woman (drams) 073 


2— The Cowpnncber's Glove (drama) 1000 

•—The Winning of Miss Langdon (drama) 80S 
7 — The Life of a Salmon (Induatrial) 440 

7 — Amateur Night (comedy) 6S0 

8— The Captain's Bride (drama) 1000 

18— An Old SUrer Mine In Peru (Induatrial) 2.KI 
13 — A Mountain Maid (comedy-drama I 1M 

'*— Pigs Is Pigs (comedy) 1000 

~he Red Cross Seal (dramatic and edu- 

Cat til) 11*1 ) • 1 (W* 

ie Police Force of New York City 

(descriptive) 085 

31— The Joke They Played on Bumptious 
— (comedy) '. MM) 

23 — A Christmas Carol (drama) 1000 

27— Moors, the Fruit Girl (drama) .1000 

28 — A Family of Vegetarians (comedy) '.. nno 
Jasmszy - -."'.. Feet 

3— In the Days, of Chivalry (drama)... 1000 

4 — Sleep. Gentle Sleep (comedy).....:... 890 
6— The Fire Department of New York City • 

(descriptive) 400 

6 — A Western Night (comedy) 080 

10 — Tbe Test of Friendship (drama)...... 1000 

11 — The Home of tbe Seal (descriptive)... 300 

11— Tbe Gardener'a Ladder (comedy) 700 

13— The Link That Held (drama) 880 


«— A Fortunate Misfortune (comedy).... 

12— The Marked Trail (drama I 
IS — Love at Flret Sight (< 

IB— -The Little Prospector turamat 

22 — That Pope * 
22— Hank and 

28— A Western Woman's Way (drama) ... .1000 

20— The Tie That Bin da (drama) 883 

December — Feet 

3— Circle C Ranch Wedding (drama) 1000 

10 — The Cowboy's Vindication (drama).... 860 

13 — A Tangled Masquerade (comedy) ....1000 
17— The Tenderfoot Messenger (comedy- 

20 — The Greater Call (drama) 

20 — Hank and Lank — Blind Men (comedy) 27S 
24 — The Bad Man's Christmas Gift (dra- 
ma) 1000 

27 — The Redeemed Criminal (drama) 1000 

81— A Gambler of the West (drama) 1000 

• Tmbar _ BIOGBAPH- 

7— Tbe Fugitive (drama) 888 

10— Simple Charity (drama) 983 

14 — Sunshine Sue (drama) 998 

17 — Tbe Troublesome Baby (comedy). 4B2 

17 — Love in Quarantine (comedy) 009 

21— The Song of the Wildwood Flute (dra- 

ID* ) ■ ■ a- a • « . . ....*•>•) . a * •••••**....* 9©G 

24— His New Lid (comedy) 58S 

24— Not So Bad as It Seemed (comedy) 432 

20— A Plain Song (drama) 997 

December — Feet 
1 — Effecting a Cure (comedy) 887 

uSMa :::::::: SS 

15— Hla Sister- In- Law (drama) 998 

(drama)' .".*'.:'., i*.. 0t». 

22— White 'Roses (comedy) : . 088 

ZS— Tbe Recreation of an Heiress (com- 

j aaSaaBP aV.*...«»«<*.e...a..a.......... JiW 

26— Winning Back His Love (drama) 884 

29— His Wife's Sweetbesrt (drama) 682 

-n— After the BaU (comedy) 811 

January Feet 

2 — 'the Two Patha (drama) 802 

5— When a Man Lores (drama) 898 



7 — Tbe Lady Barbers (comedy) 

7 — The Bachelor (comedy) 

10 — The Vampire (drama) 

"~ (comedy) ., 

S=Tn? vy'r^rM'u^k WaV-fw. 

•Xl J ) es se* •••*•••••.•« • •••-•..•••*•* 1000 

•HI J ) • •.•■...*...••..■■••>•*••••••.. HMHJ 

lf^A Tais of U the 1 8ea (drama) """Illiooo 
10— Tbe County Fair (drams) 1000 

19— John Dough and tbe Cherub (fairy 

story) 1000 

22 — Overland to Fremont (drama) lono 

28— Tbe Rustlers .drams) 080 

20— Justinian sod Theodora (drama) 1000 




2 — Tbe Argonauts (drama) 

6— Ramoua's Father (drama) 

9 — Shadows of tbe Past (drama) 

12— The Rival Dramatists (burlesque) 
16— Buddy (drama) 

8— A Tale of a Hat (comedy) 

11— The Nine of Diamonds (drama) 



...... •.«••■•• 

13 — Jean Goes Fishing (drama) 

IB — Drumsticks (drama) 

18 — A Modern Courtship (comedy) 

18— The Bun and the Bomb (comedy) 

19— Franceses Da Rimini (drams) 
23— Suspicion (drams) 
28 — A ananr-Footed Pest 

20— Tbe Statue 

8=4*^ cJ£t?s I 
xs»— a. woman s Love (drama) 

December — Feet 
2— Jack Fat and Jim Slim at Coney Is- 
land (comedy) 931 

S— The Preacher's Wife (dram's) 1001 

- ?e (comedy) 906 

Horse (drama) 978 

JStK ll ^/ ,t ^ ,T ^w < ^ In ? n "U- ::: 585 
18— The International Motor Boat Races 

(topical) .......................... ruts 

17— A Dixie Mother (drama) 987 

90— The Light In the Window (drama) 007 

28— Clancy (drama) 99.1 

• lean and tbe Waif (drama) 988 

Neighboring Kingdoms (medieval 

r) ....... • ...... ....,<•■• 9911 

9— He Who Laughs Last ( 
10— The Colour Sergeant's 
18— Tbe Law and tbe Ma 

*i— Where ~ E 

3 — AU la Fair in Love and War 

6— The Misses Finch and Their 

Billy (comedy) 

7 — The Old Water Jar (drams) 

10— Doctor Cupid (comedy) 

13 — Water Lilies (drama) 

I* — Coward or Hero (drama) 978 


November Feet 

9— Tbe Secret of tbe Cellar (drama) 788 

• — A Trip Through Scotland (scenic) .... 217 

16— The Rival Barons (drama) 860 

Retreat (scenic) 142 

Mask (drama) 816 

antes and Its Surroundings (scenic) 450 

90— Tbe Return st Midnight (drama) 834 

80— Ramble Through Ceylon (travelogue).. 819 
Jeeember — fVei 

7 — Death of Admiral Coll guy (drama! .... 992 
14— The Little Matcbseller's Christmas 

(drama) 749 

14— Scenes in British India (scenic) 288 

S— The Tyrant of Florence (drams) 676 

M— A Chamois Hunt (sporting) ; 832 

28— A Mexican Romance (drama) 6B0 

28— Coaching In Devonshire (travelogue^, . . S4S 

January • ■ .t..aj5*j, Feet 

4 — A Lock of Hair . (drama) JIB**.. 978 

11— Washed Ashore (drama) ....... let; -. . 870 

11— Wood Caraug^a^Brtons (udajpbl). 820 

November— ; *" r '■ " lr\/' Feet 

8— Birthday 'Cigars (comedy) ..... v /±2>. 
JO— A Mountain Wife (drama) ...IPP/.. 980 

17— Hia Sergeant's Stripes (drama). .WK'. . 990 
24-The Cowboys and the Bachelor "*lrll 

(drama) .....••. v ...'.......;*aX... 

December— • rest 

1— Psls (drams) i 

8 — What Of eat Bear Learned ( drama).... 

U— Old Norrls' Osl (drama) 

g— A Western Welcome (comedy) 980 

28 — In tbe Tell Grass Country (drama) .... 

s^-The Crimson Scars (drama) .'. '(So 

12— Tbe Owner of the L. L. Ranch (drama) 980 

(George Klelne). 
November — peet 
8— Pharaoh; or, Israel la Egypt (histori- 
cal drama) 1050 

12— Faithful Unto Death (drama) 883 

18— A Trip to tbe Glue Grotto, Capri, Italy 

(scenic) 800 

IB — Both Were Stung (comedy) 80S 

15 — Picturesque Msjorca (scenic) 276 

IS — Lisbon Before and During the Revolu- 
tion (topical) 727 

18— Spanish Loyalty (topical) 280 

22— Caat Into the Flames (Biblical drama) SOB 

22— A Woman'a Wit (comedy) 881 

26— Samson's Betrayal (colored drama I... 819 
26— CaIIno_ Travels as a Prince (comedy >.. 489 

o^tb^bonr^snie):::::: IU 

nshki — Keel 
8 — Lured by s Phantom (colored drams).. 712 

5 — Nancy's Wedding Trip (comedy) 278 

6— A Man of Honor (drama) 834 

8— Professor Schlemlel's Hst (comedy)... 1T1 

10— The Revolt (drama) 842 

"—A Phantom Rider (mystery) 278 

18— The closed Gate (drama) 876 

IT— Herod and the New Born King (Bib- 

-„ Pas -Mi ■ see .... ...... 

Cinderella Olrljdraina) 



list of 

I namt 


FRIU FIQHT, Com p let., $18' ' 

FIOHT. Com pl.t., S3 


Chios go, Omaha, Datura r, Sail Late CHy 

Man with wide Business 
Experience on the Road 


Manage Picture Show 

or anything good. Character and 
hnbite good. 


w. Will Rant tho origins i 

Jack Johnson • Barney Old field Race 

Ptetur* at S10.00 parday.SU.OOpar 

Wask. Fln.Ptpar. Wlr.forD.ui. 

Also have Belgium Biding School; greats* 
picture ever made. 84 day: 1908 Dieppe 
thrilling French auto race. 84 dev; Elgin > 
BoadBace, 84 day. No. 6 VuacoW 
bead, guarantee perfect, (or sals, 888. 
AMUSEMENT CO.. Indianapolis. Ind. 



147 4th Av.,, Raw York City 




Plenty of feature reele, 1, S, 8c per foot 

KSt'fS? -i. TbJlw W,UU c — *° 4 ° 

Oar Bernard A Alasls. St.. 



Save money by doing business with 
us. Let us know your wants. 

1106 Ashland Blk., Chicago, III. 


Supplement 33 of Bargains 

Bdlaon Klnetoscope, 84S: Power Cemeragraph, 
878; Opttgraph, 838; Clneograph, 849; Optl- 
grapb No. 4, for 845; 821S Monograph, 8185; 
Standard Edison Model B. Passion I'lsr Film. 
Electric Lain pa. Rheoatats. Calcium Jets, etc., 
low. Motion Picture Mscbines. HABDACH * 
CO., 809 Filbert St.. Pbllsdelphla. Pa. 



Chas. M. S tebbioj, 

IOSS Mala Straat. 

, I0B. SAXZ^BO 9 !!! 

'reela of Mm. 13. 810 
> ' • aoug^ »rte_. » 

odd slides, 
machine. 880: 

i», ... 



Praph. gl2n: new Edison, 
owi-r machines, 9100. 
Moving picture thratrei. 
HUNT — 8,000 ft. Blm, 88; 13,000 
to-date dim, all In on. shipment, 
n, mschlnes. Paaslon Play. 

H. Davik. Watartown. Wit. 


JANUARY 7, 1?1t. 

The Billboard 






Old Bonn (drama) ...... TM 

ji and Abel (colored Biblical! ..... SfjJ 

rt— The Adrenturese (dram*) JH 

31— The Doctor's Seeretsry (druu) 081 

''•^TbT Artist. Pay Dar <f»rc.) 978 

7— The Woinm Wins (cotnedj) Wg 

jo— A Child'. Pies (drsms) 758 

10— The^HUle j, f n ,'J||. r,, Yj| e <t ^jJJ , ^Jj* ) ' ' " ge§ 

17— A'^aVr* 1 Contest (trareTogoei IBS 


Worember— *»•' 
•—For a Woman a Boner (drama) 

11— A Man and a <Mri (drama) 

11— The Attack on Fort Bldgelr (drama) 
IS— A Drama of the Present (drama) MO 

18— Jim Brtdger'a Indian Bride (drama) .. .1000 

28— The Lad from Old Ireland (drama) 

Z»— The B oo t s of the Vlrftn (drama) _ 

30— The Touch of a ChUd T a Band (drama) 870 
December— Feet 
2— Elder Aldea'a Indian Bride (drama)... MS 

7 — Rachel (drama) 1000 

a — Tti<- Reecue of Morty Finney (drama) 1000 

U— Bath's Temptation (drama) 

18— Her Indian Mother (drama) 

21— The Little Spreewald Maiden (drama) 

38— When bmn Part (drama) 

28— The Girt Bpr Before 


80— The Stranger (drama) 

4— The Bolted Door (drama) .... 
0— The Runaway Engine (drama) 



T— The Taming of WBd BQ1 (drama) . . 
10— The Mystery of the Torn Note (earn- 

edy ) .«.................««■•....•■• B80 

10— The Gambler's Charm (drama) 480 

14 — The Street Preacher (drama) .... 
IT— Sight la Front of Father (comedy) 


e-cTS. M^lcsTS'rier- (drain.) So 
. Kt ? x lf** rTirmt . (rotn«x1r ) 090 





T— Max la a Dilemma (comedy) 448 

T— Micro-Cinematography — Becnrrent Pe- 

eer (educe rVnn.l) 44S 

t— Mexican Legend (drama) 10S8 

U— A Black Heart (colored drama) 833 

11— Dutch Types (colored scenic) BBS 

18— A a am bier's End (drama) 1000 

14— A Shadow of the Past (drama) 883 

18— Lore Laughs at Locksmiths (comedy) SM 

15— Buaelaa Wolf Hont (scenic) 208 

18 — Parsed ra (colored drama) 7X8 

18— Military Cyclists of Belgium (od ora- 
tion al> ITS 

18— The Other Way (comedy) 880 

tl— The Old Longshoreman (drama) .... 831 
tl— Mew South Wales Gold Mine (sdoca- 

ttonsl) 808 

Kastns Oeta His Turkey (comedy) 888 
deernl PUtes (colored trick).... SOT 

ih^ffiK'::::::; ^ 

28— An Heeentta Hoar Bedemptlon (drama) 888 
38 — A Border Tele (colored drama) STB 

fcwhe^uValiiuWe^-lVV SS 
StrtrJan^-Falit ofTrntrra 'iiiSSik'mi 

December^ — '. 

S-The Tale the Mirror Told (drama) 

t2 t,, « , .P' n ?'i. <com * 4 7^ > 

■ — The Maid of Niagara (drama). 

8— The Oarer Domestic (comedy) erw 

8— The Mexican Tumblers (acrobatic).... 478 

T— The Animated Armchair (comedy) 880 

T — Cocoanot Plantation (colored scenic).. 848 

»— Bsred In the Nick of Time (drama)... 800 

8— Soap In Hie Kyea (comedy) 184 

10— Her First Bosh end's Return (drama).. 880 

12— in Ber Father'e Absence (comedy)... 544 

If— The Julians (acrobatic) 887 

14— Hoboes' Xmae (comedy) 

14— Charlie and Kitty In Br 

Je ed MI 5 8 J K>w 2r?P (colored fairy isiei... 
JT-«iTed by DlTloe Prorldence (drama) 

U— Ost Btch Quick (drama) 785 

18— Bunting See Lions la Tasmania (seen- 

«, '«>••' 288 

81— The Runaway Motor Oar (comedy).. 6.15 

M— Max Ooea ski log (comedy) 438 

»— The Locke Cbsrm (colored Fairy tsle) 807 

J*— Betty's Fireworks (comedy) 884 

24-SnnsBin, In Porerty Bow (drama) . .1000 

28— The Atonement (drama) 858 

M— The Bowline. Fiend (comedy) 844 

JJ-Maklng a Man of Blm (drama) 880 

28— Running Away from a Fortune (com- 

.,, edy) 540 

!8-Tbe American Fleet In French Watera 

(topical) 125 

H-Is Full Cry lecenlc) 831 

»-Bloe Borse Mine (drama) 800 

30— Catalan, the Minstrel (colored drams) 788 

80— CsrnlTsl of Jspsnese Firemen In Toklo 

(scenic) 230 

81— The YaquI Olrl (drama) 1000 

**ffSfc*. ■ Feet 

2— The Misplaced retllcoat (drama) 

J-lintch Kid. (trarelogue) ! 


TeSftV"* 1 * 1 ** Imp. Yankee. American. 


gj p*fcl*Wa ^iSa», I* fender. A m.rlcsn. 

1 — A Child's lodenaat (drama) I 

of Gerald and Percy 

» Aspirations of 

c omi dy ) 

tat Loyalty and 

Lore (drama) 

Ithful Ma?( < dramaT > . 
18— The Poor Btodent (drama) 

2 — The 

) 888 

Wise Druggist (comedy) 995 

5 — Re- united (drama) 0O5 

B — Their First Misunderstanding (drama) 908 

12— The Empty Shell (drama) 889 

■ferembe POW,tB8 COMPANY. 

' 8 — Mooaahlne and Lore (drama) 
8— When Lore la Young (c 

13— The Ordeal of Helen Or 

IB— Bow Women Lots (drsn 

IS— A Woman Lawyer (comedy) 

M— The Woman Hater (drama) 

28— Who Wins the Widow 7 (drama) ...... 

88— Wanted, a Baby (comedy) .......... 


World 81ee 

Maa (comedy). 


10— The Ride to Death (drama) 
IS— A Plucky Westers Kid (drama). 
18 — The Tramp Bicyclist (comedy) 
IT — Bis Gypsy Sweetheart (com' 

20— Jack Logan's Dog (drama) 

20— The Bachelor's Finish (comedy) 

24 — A Father's Lore (drama) 

27— The Station Asrnt'a Daughter (drama) 

27 — Freddie's Courtship (comedy) 

81 — A Daughter of Virginia (drama) 

8 — The Branded Man (drama) 1000 

11— Bod'. Triumph (drama) 1000 

18— The Flight of Bad Wing (drama).... 1000 
18— An Indian Maiden's Choice (drama).... 1000 

33— True Western Honor (drama) 1000 

38— A Cheyenne's Lots for a Sloes 


-A Child or the WUd (drama) II 

8— A Sioux's Reward (drama) 1000 

8— A Braes Western Olrl (drama) 1000 

I t Aa Indian. Teat (drama) loon 

IS— A Olrl of the Plain, (drama) 1000 

20— The Cattle Baron'a Dsoghter (drama) 1000 

28— The Pale Face Princess (drsma) 1000 

27 — An Indlan'a Elopement (drama) 000 

SO— Taming the Terror (drama) 800 


a— A Floating Message (drama) . 

18— The Mermaid (drama) 

It— Tweedledum Oeta Employed In _ 

Corporation Body (comedy) 800 

38 — Ooonod'a Are Maria (drama) 800 
38— The Story of a Pah- ef Boot, (comedy) 500 

SO— The Jadaa Money (drama) 500 

80 — The Two School Boarders (comedy).... BOO 

T — The Tell Tale Portrait (drama) 500 

7— Tweedledum Learns a Tragical Part 

(drama) ■•••••■••••«•■.•■• 800 


Aenea (drama) icon 

iaa Day (drama) 500 

Frothy Want to Oet 


14— Dido Forsaken by 
21— little Peter'a Xmi 
21— Tweedledum and I 



of BU-Biniatyi. 

18— Aboriginal 'palette (romedyV V 

14 — Sacrificed (drama) 

24) — A Chosen Marksman (comedy) . 
24) — A Windy Day (comedy) 500 

Dotwaboi Feet 

1— A Painful Debt (drama) 1000 

S— The Big Drum (comedy) BOO 

3 — The Dos Keeper (comedy) BOO 

8— The Soldier of the Cross (drama) 1000 

10— Foolahesd Know. Bow to Take Bio 

PrecaatJone (comedy) 1000 

15— The False Accusation (drama) 1000 

IT— The Mother's Shadow (drama) BOO 

17 — Thleeea aa Qnlek-Change Artl.ta (com- 

edj ) ............................. ROO 

22— Who Was the Culprit (drama) 500 

22-aNaapollUn Volrsnlc Island, (scenic).. 500 
24— Oreedlneea Spoiled Foolbead's Xmae 

(comedy) 500 

24 — In Nordway (scenic) BOO 

28— The Rustic (drama) 800 

81 — A Jealoua Wlfe'a New Tear'a Day 

(comedy) .■.■.■.■■■■■■.•■■..•••»■•■ 600 
orweglan Water Falls (scenic) 500 




8 — The Little Fire Chief (comedy drama) 
11 — The American and the Queen (drama) 

18— Pant and Virginia ( i 

18— The City of Ber Dreams (drama).... 
22— A Thankeglrlng 8urprtee (drama) 

S3.& M sW d^ssz^i 


2— John Halifax . Gentleman (drama) 

8— Rip Van Winkle (drama) 

8— The Olrl. Be Left Behind Blm (com 

edy) .............a................ 

Iron-Clad Lorer (comedy) 

and Law (drama) 

IS— The' Millionaire Milkman (. 
80— Looking Forward (fable) , 
28— Th. Childhood of Jack 

(dnmil .............. 88388888881 

27— The Vleer of W.keBeld (drama)... 
80 — Hypnotised (drama) ...•■••.•••••.« 





12— Coder t Changing Bky (drama) 1000 

18— Moulders of Soola (drama) 1000 

88— So Bans the Way (drama) 1000 

December— Feat 

8— When Woman Wllla (drama) 1000 

10— Dispensation (drama) 1000 

IT— The Dark Thin tine (drama) loon 


First-class M. P. Operator and Electrician 

Five years' experience on ail makes of machines, sober and reliable. Wife A-No. 1 
piano player for moving pictures. No singing. Best of references. We wc 
jointly. A trial is all we ask. Let results prove the rest. Address, 

N. B. — A Happy New Year to all my friends. 



6 000 $1 26 20.000 $4 00 BO 000 — SO 00 

10,000 - 2.60 30.000 - 6.00 1 00.000 - 9.60 


Quick ahlpment. 

8tock Tickets, Six Cent, a Thousand. 

ate numbering guaranteed. Cash with order; no O. O. D. 



Shamokln, Ponn. 

"The Sign of the Flying A" 





A comedy of corned if s Funny — 
every inch of it. 



A comedy of the West— Western 
Ask your exchange for them. 


■ » 

Bank Floor, Ashland Blook 




AT $5.00 PER REEL 

At 11.75 par Sat 
One Edison Machine, complete, $75.00 

One Stereopticon 16.00 

One Acetylene Gaa Outfit, . . . 4.00 
All goods sent for examination on re- 
ceipt of express charges. 

13S E. 14th St., New York, N. V. 

Young maa with 31.000 would like to enter 
an mtabllahed tnOTlng picture or Tsnderlile 
business. Moil be psjsbls snd stand lnntU- 
gatlon. Box 123. Princeton. Ky. 

NOTICE — Jake'. Showmen'a Headquarters en- 
larged, taking Id building eaat. Boom for all. 
Glass corered pboto board; showmen's lunch St 
noon: call and see; greatest retreat In the 
world. 152S Market St., St. Loots. Mo. 

Human Laundry and Pilgrims Progress; practi- 
callr new; eery euesp If sold at once. PB06t- 
SEK'S STORAGE CO.. 3218 Olire St.. St. Lonls. 


will sell chesp or tske partner for the road. 
SO A-l reela of Pathe Sim. one-pin Edison ma- 
chine. Write for list and prices. MEEK 
MITCHELL, 870 Central are.. Hot Springs. 

two-pin machlaea. 


to 81S per i 
100 eth At... Pltubnrg. 

reels film, elegant condition. »T per reelaaat Bp; 
30 sate song slides, perfect condition. 8LT8 — 
set, with moalc. Sand postal for lists. 9 
film eereiee furnished at luweat prices In 
South. Snpplles. Bargains In new snd i 
band M. P. machine* and gas making 
P. a BOX 806, Nsw OrUsns. La. 

P. Machine. Film Ttnta. mad 

Film, to rent St antl 
prices. Tbeatrea bouci.t and sold. Write tr>daj 
for prices. THE CEX 
Water town. Wla- 


18 reels Film. 810 a reel; all good onee: SO 
sets Song Slide, with music. 60c. it.oo . eat; 
2 Model B Oss Outfit, with burner. 822.50; Edl- 

The Billboard 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 


1»—Tli. Heroine of ttW 101 Biiek (dr»- 

19—fllilalium'.* *BJu' '(dnma) * '.*.'.".**.*.' 
^w-fluit Cotch Tom (drama) ..... 

JJ^rTto Cattleman's Fend (drama). 
j Kc ft m ** Wrajns) 

January . . 

r.of toe Prairie (drama)... 





?i~SS! w, V 4e Hedskln (drams) 

If— J** I-nit of iliv City (drama> , 

*1— Slarlljjbee Deration (drama) 

34— ItotlllnjJ Hot ilotu-T (comedy) 

jf— A Bl* Joke (comedy) 

S— Tb* BaganeratloB (drama) 


1 — A ToacblBjr Affair (comedy) 

S— Vera, the Uri«x Girl (drama) , 

•—Two l-ueajr Jln.a (comedy) , 

tX—Thm nominate Bale (comedy) ...... 

a — Tlie lllthflna Sbiil (drama) , 

Her falsi Ml.take (drama! ....... 

" — HwOiBnd'a Deception (comedy) 


.. 080 

.. 22U 
.. 830 
.. 0.10 
.. 030 
.. 808 

December ■ B 

.'t — £5? CopqowJog ITero (comedy) •.. 

14— Tbe 1'llarlnn, (drama) 

'-•""-A Desperate Netuedy (comedy). ...... 

2X-Blda of tbe Mooaialna (Drama) 


Kj&?"i. ■.» 


T— Spirit of the Weat (drama) 
14— The Infant Heir's Disappearance (dra- 

21 — L»oe Wuif a Trviit (drama ■ ..*.*..'.".".*.. 
J8— Tbe Heart of in Actrau (drama) 

December— . Feel 

a — On<--n or the Nihil i.tii (drama). 


3— Win I. to be Will be (drama,. ...... ■ 


r T— Hearta of the Weat (, 
14— TW Sheriff arm lb* Da 

tl— Ilia Mother (drama) 

'." JS-erToe- Uulden Oataa (drama , 


4— Uaya of the Zarly Weat (dramm) 

. WW 



If orrm bar — - 
11— The Troth Barealed (drama) 
U — BUI aa a Boier (coaiady) ... 
11 — Bill aa a Loeer (comedy) 
IB — Bloppa In Search of tbe 

* 1 ' ■•""Nama"'* 

■ . a .. .' 


. IPS 
. SW 


eatera Jostlce (drama I . 

12— A Fljrut for Millions (Drama) 

18— Tbe Old Miner-* lt.41 (lirama) .... 

if the Hidden Ml...-- ..trams) 

2»— A~Temw ?\ 
-•"—The Insane llelreaa "(drama). ........ . 

Janoary Feet 

draw a) 



Ti c - Is 

( dr* ) . ■ * . * •> a * . ■ . • •■•••>••••>■>••)••• 449 

•—What It Will Ba (comedy) 481 

» — And Hhf Pi me Bach (minedy) 493 

18— Her FaTorita Tune (drama) SHU 

< , ^ D r?'> ji, 

IMtvrie (coilletiyj .......... • ax4 

Bl"*ly ) 4W 

(comedy) 047 

(oomedy) 373 


Jnlla'a I-ortralt 
Wrltca a Poem 

Nora ruber — 
8— Tbe Kit 

nit of Benrara (drama) 

Hand of froTlneoce (drama) .... 
Toy Bread Upon tha Water (dm- 

reed by a vialou. (drama*)' ".".'..* 

T— Nature's Nobleman (drama)........ 

Urol here fdratnal ............... 

M— In tbe Anna of tbe Lew (drama) 
21— Tbe Arm or I be l-aw (drama) 

28 — The Ootcaat'a Salretlon (drama).. 
January . 

4— The Straw Bido (i 

T— Tha Bcsnrrectlon of Laaarna (Biblical 

■tot y) 640 

T — Belljrlona Fetea at Thibet (edacaUonal) 890 

14 — Olnhara (drama) T30 

14— Tbe Uerll'e Billiard Table (comedy) .. 270 

SI— The Rilled Mother (comedy-drama) . . *» 

S — Tbe Price of a Sacrifice 
t— Tbe Lanndry Olrl'a 


12— Tbe Bowline Craae (comedy) 44.1 

12 — Oar Dear Code from America (comedy) 4T0 

19— The Child of Two Mothers (drama).. 543 
U— Tbe Unaearo of Sorereljnss (comedy) . . 400 

20— The I .or* keeper (drama) Kf 

as— The Fear of Fire (comedy) SM 

Janoary — Feet 
2— The Oreat Medal Competition (comedy) 4*3 
2— A Wen Matched llarrlsce (comedy).. 4W) 
a— Mother's 1'ortralt (drama) 830 

12— Worid'i Wrestling Champion (topical) 

12 — Mother In l-aw Arrl.ea (comedy) 

IS — The Diamond Swindler (drama) ...... 

28— Keas. or The Prince and the Acter 
(drama) _ 

-Tbe Btrtbday Preeent (drama) 

10— The Poacher (drama) 

17 — A Chrlatmaa Letter (drama) 
24 — Tbe Nifklnee or the Dead (d 
81— Tbe Scarecrow (drama) .... 
Jin miry 

T— The Bed Ught (drama) ... 



Lvynvrlnjc FT#» ri> { comedy) 
9 — The W'mmI-iiiidd (ilnma) ............. \ 

14— The PU<rfo (drum-) - 

liDMD'a nrlde (drama) 1 

lodlana (comedy) .•>.......« . 

• •••>*•••• ■* a. >••> 

Look! Look! 


_ KO. 14. TJw-d 
Now Beady; Send For It. 

On this sheet la Hated 100 anbjoeta 
(various lengths), drama, comedy, oda- 

CI^AXED b *'by t o"S? 




They won't laat lona. so BE QUICK. 
Jrop as a poataL Ask for HAKOAIN 


178 a Brwen «., 


FOR SALE -Edisoi One pin Tjpe B Machine, 

8100; other machlnea, 828 op: 100 reela film, 
as good aa new, 810 per reel; Model B'a. Bcen- 
ery. Chairs, etc Palba Passion Play. 3.114 ft., 
hsnd'Colored. for rent or sale. 8 ret-ls 01m. per 
reel. 40: 12 reels. |KT w«-k *12. DIXIE FILM 

EXCHANGE. 500 W. 4th St.. Owensboro. Ky. 

AT LTBEKTY, JAN. 8— Tnba and Alto. Alto 
can double IX. P. machine. Address B. OIXUNKB. 
St. James Hotel, SbreTeport, La. 

FOR BALE — Kdlaon Kx. .Mwlel oiu>-|.1d iaarbla<>. 

comidi'le ei|ul|nueot. arc and rtntaalal. rss ouiBt 
and burner. I wo reels good fllm. bunch or si Idea, 
all Jo r-rhlnit eaae. i rlc. 8100. STELZEB 

• sMCLWl,, ■ ■ as av. 



FOB SALE — Lecture Coat and Teat, 
black, ankle length, else abont 42. coat 
SO; 3 Taylor zx franks, one msoaceCs. 
to 814; one 820 organ, will * 
85; one doien tape 


to take charge of email plant In Lelhbrldge, 
Alts. Also to stage manage and handle |.ro]»s 
Id theatre. Wagea 820 tier week, splendid 
berth for right man. Write, staling .11 — 
Iince. with reference*. A|iidr " 
Maasger Calgary Bill Pooling 
Calgary, Canada. 

WANTED — 100 pairs of Roller Skates: must be 
In t-ood condition. Sixes ranging from 3 to 8. 
Price must be right 8. T. llKI 
cello. Ilia. 

WASTED — To bny 
log plclore theatre : 
aniiuort. Address J. 
Clinton. Iowa. 

a Oak"8t!! 

BCENERT — I do the work In your building, put 
op ready for nee. Tbe only way. Bare you 
money oo matter where located. VAN DYKE, 
1021 Highland Are., Kansas City, Mo. 

SIDE BBOW XBsT — For aale, big special curios- 
ities with pslnllnga, at half price. Smallest 
horse In the world, msle. 20 Inches high. 33 
lbs.. 8 months* old, 8130; Ore nickel plated 
swords, with Instructions so anyone can swallow 
them. 810. New Hat free. W1L NELSON, No. 
Cambridge. Mass. 



For vaudeville theatre. All 
winter and summer work. 


J. Frank Hard. Hot Spring-. Ark 

If yonr ntinply of route 

A Company of Six People 

Up in Short-Cast Bills 

Four Specialties. 

Piano player. Will work on per- 
centage or certainty. Change for 
the week. Address 

F. W. Russell, Des Moines, Iowa 

510 C hast nut St. 

Girl and Boy 
and Mother 
-:- WANTED -:- 

Girl and boy sbould be between 10 and 14 rears 
old and of equal else. Mother or party with 
them must play piano. Children with theatri- 
cal training preferred, bnt will conelder others. 
Pleasant and educational advertising work*. Good 
money. Send photo of children. Address Ad- 
Tertlslng Department. 1501-1300 Waahlngton 
Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

A Nice Pretty Girl 



Must be sober and reliable. Long engagement 
State lowest salary, l'boto to Ultra Damllreecu. 
care Taualg. 104 E. 14th St.. New York. 


Thoroughly experienced business 

B. andO. Will join on 

Address G. J. BILLS, Room No. 7, 
American Hotel, LaCrossc, Wis. 


Anyone knowing the address of 

who worked last season for D. M. At- 
wood, please write D. M. ATWOOD, 510 
Wash. St., Cairo, III. 

TOR BAX£ — Large Borker Organ In .. 
■Ion. Original cost S1.2U0. Hiiltable for skating 
rink, aide show. No reasonable offer refused. 
Apply UAUBX METZ, Majestic' Theatre, J'aler- 
son, N. J. 


At one year's receipts. Tram make: A-l or- 
der;, ready tor bualuess: D00 laiuiis. alternating 
current. C. S.,-803 Mo. Trust ltldg., St. Loula, 

FOR SALE — A little Orerland Wild Weat Mow. 
all complete; four finely educate) 
and Ibn-e tiny ponies. Address 
Faniirllle, Vs. • 

, I l» l ODOW. 


Also Richard son 
for rink or merry-go-round, 
bargalnn. MERRITT aV 
New Mexico. 

FOR SUE— 20 Peant! 

CANDY MAKING OUTFIT. Will aell cheap or 
trade for good museum goods or show property. 
W.M. STKl'llENS. S18 Washington St.. Eaat 
Liverpool, Ohio. 

rOR SALE— Electric Piano and 20 nieces Mnslc. 
box d, K. O. E Tipton. Iowa. Tlano In A-l 
coortltlnn. Coal WOO laat spring; will take . il2» 
lo a quick rasb bnyer. GRANT E. 1NGMAN. 
B ox 500. TI|ilon. Iowa. 


tricks. Address JOSBI'U 
Tipton, Indiana. ■ . 

FOR SALE — My African Dip, only need three 
Sheffield Are., Hammond. Ind. 


for a W-note P. narmonlst llano Player, 
by Peerless Piano Player Cow|iauy. Also con- 
cealed player attachment for piano lo operate 
by eleclrlc motor. Can be attach d to. any op- 
right plauo. Tbla entire outfit la In first-clssi 
enter and ran be bought at tbe rlgbt price. Ad- 
dress W. W. WEHHLE. Newark. Ohio. 


Donble Cylinder Engine and Holler; nersebell. 
Bplllman make. Also opera chairs, scenery for 
stage, owning 12 ft. high. 20 ft. wide, aabea. 
toa M. P. booth. 6x8 f- 
Ot on a email theatre, 
trie light outfit If to 
for abnnt 100 lights c. 

B- JAVEN8. Eaat OreenTttle. Pa. 

WANTED— To lease or bny, 80 or 70 ft. combi- 
nation alecplng and baggage car. Most l>ass In- 
spection on any road. Moat bare «-wheel 
trucks, ateel tires, prefer end doors. For aale, 
8 trained ahetland ponies, riding 
dog. also Lyon and Mealy 
condition. Address 
(Austin Co.), Texsa^ 

! 12 ft. high. 20 rt. wide, ssbes- 
ith. 0x8 ft.. In fact, anything to 
I theatre. Will conalder an else 
It If in good condition and cheap, 
^Igbts^or eT"n smaller. WALTER 

rs. ror saie, 
goat, riding 
jrganjn^flna Wild Weat Show and 
Show. No Girl Shows 
need apply. Data Oct. 12. 13. 14. 1011. At- 
tendance last year, 8,000 dally. Address I 
OR1SW0I.D. Bine Mound. Ilia. 


Novelties. Specialties, arc., for free acta. 
THE ARCADE , Andrew tit., Lynn. Meat 

Oat my book. Row To Train Horses and I 
For snow Work. Pr&SLOp. postpaid. 

-: L 10 

Vsahlngtoa at.. 

yOR RENT — Ten Acres or Ground at Riverside 
Park, at main entrance, for all klnda of amnse- 
ineute. Waut dancing pavilion, Ferris wheel, 
scenic railway. Inquire at *J010 Rhiirman Aye., 
Canal: ELLA SMITH, Indianapolis, led. 


For the Sunny Dixie Minstrels. Also 


Who can sing and dance. Add. quick MM THOMPSON, birtzijlt* 



Experienced man to finish breaking- ponies ami Ksbras, also mortage horse. Only 
experienced people need apply; winter quarters address, 410 Franklin St., ~ 
Francisco, California. 


One More Show for Key West. 

Two weeks, commencing January 10th. Address, TAMPA, FLORIDA. 


Complete line of CLOCD Effeeta. SNOW. TtAlW TI11E. Etc. Also SPOT aod FLOOD T.l0nT8. 
RTAOB POCKETS. I'l.UOOIMI IIOXBS. ItllEOHTATS auil ererrtblnc ilMtl Id eouilevll'iu n'llb 
Kht siii K e Mvhiliu:. IMPORTED Csrtohl. LeBiri asd OelaUsss at Low Fno<i. Hand for 
S)as;e A|.|,llanc-s mid Kffeela In. 

n i.^ r.r ,. iiiir.v^ii is aun ererjiuins lis*' 

8 TED Cartons. Lenin and Oelatliss it L. 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 

The Billboard 


-r—. : 


New Fairs 


orlaml.— Orange Co. Pair. 

Brat Alexander— Weat Alexander Agriculture 

Aiwoclutlou. Sept. 12-14. John M. Qlbaon. 

west viaonriA 


Oklahoma Cltj— Oklahoma State Fair. Sept. 28- 
Oct. 7. I. 8. Maban, aecy. 


Sept M- 


Where the Circuaea, Carniva 1 Com- 
panies and Miscellaneous Tent 
Showi May Be Found. 


A Ball 

. (Weet- 
I'laee, Chicago. 

Bar X Wild Welt Show, Elliott ft Souaa. propi., 

M.rlon. 111. 

euffalo Blll'a Wild Weat. combined with Paw- 
nee Btll'a Far Eaat, Trenton, N. j.. (New 
York Odlcea. 818 Putnam Bids.. Time* 8>|.i 
Campbell Hr<-a.'. Falrbnrr. Neb. 
OewBlea' Doc * Poor Showa: Medina. N. v. 
flak. Vodi-, tfuowa, Wouewoc, Wla. 
rorepaugta. Adam. * Sella rime.'. Baraboo. 

WU, (Chicago Omcea. 231 Inetltnta Place). 
Oratrr Broa.'. Bjoomlngton^ Ind. 

■nar Broa.', Baraboo. Win. 

v. % 



LaSlont Broa.', Salem. Ill 
Miller Broa.' at Arlington'* 101 

Weat. Paaaale, N. J. . 
Boblnaoo, Danny, Famotia Showa, Xaabvllle. 


Boblaaou'e. John. 10 Big Showa, Terrace Park. 
0., (Cincinnati 09c*, Second National Bank 


BJagllog Broa.', Baraboo, Wla.. (Chicago Or- 

are*. 221 I as tl tola place.) 
Boliblni', rrank A.. Jeraer city. N. J. 
Belli Hoto. 338 Sj-mea Bid*?.. Denver, Colo. 

wTede^i„.^r°%£^- Si«£ n.. 

Wbeelrr'i. Al. r.. Showa. Oxford. Pa. 

Toong Baffalo-e Wild Weat. 

bora atreet. Chicago. III., 
Tankre Rohlnaon Show. (Imager. 
Offlc**, Dea atoloea. la.) 


Barkoot. K. O., Amnaement Co. No. 1. Macon. 

BarM*. I. 3.. Amoaemcot Co., Poplar Blnff, 

Bleiter'e Combined Showa, Geo. W. Bleatet. 

mgr.. WUIIamaport. Pa. 
Ooolell Sbowa, 0. U. Ooodell. mgr.: Chapln, 

III., (P. 0. Addreaa, Colfax. la.) 
Oirat Martin Carnival Co., 1213 Bbenadoth ar*.. 

Kiln*. Herbert A., Sao' 
King A Cooper Carnival 

Sbowa. _ 
_noper Carnival Co.. Angnata, Oa. 
Ucklnnej-Aaher Racing Combination, 

Parker, C. W., Carnival Co., Leavenworth, 

Smith. The. Greater Showa, Angnata. Oa. 

•nMJo,. K. W 


A. K. Bancb Beat Wild Weat. 
: Box 21. Modal*. la. 
Adama', Jama*. No. 2 Snow. C. P. Baradan, 
mgr., Charlotte. N. 0. 

uigr., < iiirioiie. n. u. 
AUnood'e, Jethro. R. B. Show, Albemarle, N. C. 
MMl Anl 

Billej i, Molllo A., o i» 
Barnra, Al. 0., Clrcua. San Franclaco. Cal. 
Bouu.'ur Hroa.' Greater Ooldcn Maaeot Over- 
bad Sbowa, Carmen, Okla. 
Botigbinu-i. Blllle. Overland 8bow, Arabia. Ind. 

©|*SrS H B c* ,h «. 

Tonaka. Kia. 
Clark. SI. I., at Bona' Sbowa, Alexand 
Carlln Droa." New Model 8bowg, 2118 

ei.. 1'hlUrti-lphla. Pa. 

*»*•* Fr*nk r e Show. F. 

_ Muacatlne, la. 
Carlisle'. Wild Weat Show. 647 W. 120th at.. 
New York, N. Y. 

At. M yen, mgr., 

Ihryenne Blll'a 
City, Okla. 

Wild Weat. Box BOS. 

California Frank'a All-star Wild Weat 
Augusta, Oa. 

Crawford, Ed.. Ac Sona' Show, Terr* Haute. Ind. 
Dotane^r'*, Sam J.. Big Tent Show, Pin* Grove. 

Franklin' Dog ft I'onv Show. Beaver Cltj, Neb. 
Freed'a. H. W.. New Show. SOS Grant at.. Nllea. 

Fountain, Bobby, 


Oreat Whlteley _8bowe. Bet! 

Do, ft 

Hutnpbrlea liroa.'. Nixon, 


Horne'a Animal Sbowa, Kanaaa City. Mo. 
Henry'a, J. B.. Wagon Bbotv. Stonewall. Okla. 
Harrlaon Broa.' Mlnatrela. J. it. Bnsby, owner, 

I'ana. L 111. 

E. 17th a**.. 

Heher Broa. 1 

noneit Blll'a 
Jonee. II. 1). 

Anderaon. Ind. 
Krnneilr'a X, I. T. Rancb, Perry. Okla. 
Keller Broa.' Wagon Show. Quthrlravllle. 8. C. 
Lampe Broa.' Neweat Sbowa. Abaecoo, N. J. 

Lowande'a, Oaear, Bay state Showa, Beading. 

Le» ft Kelly'a Imperial Clrcua Carnival, New 

Rocnelle. n. Y. 
Lambrlgger Animal Show, Orvlll*, O. 
Nelaoo'a, BUI la. Show, North Cambridge 
NoMe'a Tent Sbowa. Chae. Noble, mgr.. Chaxlee- 

ton, 8. C. 

Ogreeta, Maodelelgh. and Her Big Bunch of 
Blackberrlea, 8237 Ada at.. Chicago. 111. 

Rotlloa'. Geo. W . All New Zoological (Toogrefc. 

Central City Park, Macon. Oa. 

Rlnley'a. Geo. W., Old-Time Mlnatrela. Geo. 
W. Rioiry. mgr.. Homer. N. Y. 

Blppel Broa., Qua RIppel. mgr.. Box 80. Frank- 
fort. Ind. 

Sharp*. The Adrian D., Tent Showa, Gary. 8. D. 
Shannon Broa.' Big Tent Show. Harry shannon. 

mgr.. I.ndlngton. Mica.* 
Scbepp'a Dog. Pony and Monkey Clrcua, Cree- 

cent mil. Lonlevlll*. Ky. 
Swift** Jack. Atrdome Show*. Oeldengate. 111. 
Sllver'a. Bert. Model Tent Snow. Cryatal. Ml— 
Starrett'a Clrcna, 87 Clermont ave.. Brooklyn. 

N. Y. 

Bkerbeck'a WDd Weat ft Clrcna, Do rch eater. 
Wla. ' 

Smlth'a, E. O.. Coloaial Showa ft Trained Ani- 
mal Bxpoaltlon. Atwater, 0. 

Snaam, Byron. Media, Pa. 

Tiger BUf'e Wild Weat, No. 1. D. W. Penlne. 

mgr.. Baton Raplde. Mlcb. 
Tompklna' Western Attraction*. Charlea I' 

Thompson, mgr.. New Hop*. Pa. 1 
(Tdea'a, Col.. Dog At Pony Show, Flanagan. III. 
Welder, WU1 H., Showa, Coal ton, O, 
Wonderliod Tent 8how». J. W, " 

Ellen boro. W. Va. . 
Wren Broa.. Celpalc. O. 
Yankee American Show, 

1813 8. 14th at.. She- 


a moving picture abow that can change every 
night. Roy, that worked on Melba Show with 

Nlgro Com pan 

come on. Can 


cole. Mlaa.,'2^7: Merlgold. Ml 

'00 pi 
oa., 6 

ace 71 

14. a. 

. Ar 


1 Ballyhoo Show, Snake Show. Conceaaloni. 
com* on. Under the band. Mount Olive. Mlaa-. 
Jan. 3-7; CoUlna. Mlaa.. Jan. 0-14. DAVIS 
AMUSEMENT CO., 0*0. C Dull, Manager. 

X* let, fliaaon Mil— Jap Ball. Nov- 

eltlea, Bnby Qlaaa. Country Store, Hoop-la, Ic* 
Cream Cone*. Candy Stand, ropcorn. Confer tlona, 
Laoeh. and any null coneeealon. Stand* are 
built, D. TBUIPER, Ocean City, Maryland. 

•took and Repertoire Co'a. Wanted 
Good hone*. All date* open after Jan. 5. Mil. 
Addreaa Cedar Vale Opera Bona*, W. W. Leon- 
ard. Secy., Cedar Vale, Kanaaa. 

Just pay a little down, and then we will go ahead and make your tent and 
keep it for you until Spring. If you desire a tent of any considerable size 
it is actually necessary to begin figuring NOW. We will have more time to 
devote to it, and then 

Prices Are Lower Now Than in the Spring. 

Send today for a free sample of our new C-G Rain Test Circus Drill — something 
entirely new — patent double edge — much closer 

Carnl8-6oudiB Mfg. Co. 

Kansas City, Missouri. 



Your own special ticket, any printing, any colors, accurately numbered, every 

6,000— 91.26 20,000— w4.60 60,000— «7 60 
10,000— 2.60 26,000— 6.50 100,000—10.00 

nt. Cash with the o rder. COUPON TICKETS, 6,001 
STOCK TICKETS — SIX CENTS. Get the samples. 

TICKET CO., S ha mo kin. 



Band Wagon, Steam Calliope, Stock Cars. WANT — Sideshow Freaks 
and Concert People. Can use several Producing Clowns, those with 
reputations to deliver. Address 

Al. G. Barnes' Winter Quarters, 410 Franklin St., San Francisco, Cal 

Palmer Bros.' Combined Shows 


Male and Female Acta or every deeerlptlon. Clowna. Cbmrdlana. etc.. Wild Animal Art and Band 
Leader, to turn lab band of twelve piece*. Tboar wbo wrote before, write again. PRIVIUCOM 
of all kloda. all ezcloalv*. (Hoop-la aold). Send depoatt and will hold. Saaaoo opena at Caotoa, 
Ohio, January 8. Eight weeka of cood town*. "Irli h ' Dorr w ire Imm ediately. WANT TO BUY — 
Forty-foot Rln( Curb and Mat. Addreaa POLACK W INT EH UlltCUS. Bamet Heaae, Oaataa. 0 



The Standard Ferrotype Plate of the World. Over one million more sold than aU other makes combined I during 
the season of 1910. Guaranteed by the Straight Dry Plate Co., Jamestown. New York, A. E. Prince, Secretary. Reference: 
First National Bank, Falconer, New York. The only dry plate factory devoted excluaii 
Photo and Ferrotype Plates. 


Warranted to be as good as any plate made except "R*d Star " Orders for all street camera si 
sent to the above company, Jamestown, New York, filled promptly by our New York Agents, 
in quantities. ^— ^— — — —— 

NEW YORK FERROTYPE CO.. 168 1-2 Delaneey St., New York City. 


" • i ' ■ ati 

HIS Farmera Bank Bldg., 


Builders and operators of Roller 
Coasters, Scenic Railways, Merry- 
go-Rounds or Carousels and other 
Park Amusement Devices. 

Write us for BIG BARGAINS 
in Carousels used only a short 

Park Concessions Wanted. 

JANUARY 7, 1911. 


JANUARY 7, 1911. 

From the 
matrons View 

What Causes People 

co continually patronize one Picture Theatre so preference to another?! 
Of course, location, appearances, films, etc have a great deal to do with it.l 
r but quality of the picture is what builds up a steady patronage that makes the 
' business profitable. 

This depends largely on your light and if you are using any other device than a^ 


to step down your current you are not getting best results. 

With our machine you can produce a clear, white, steady light that won't worry 
your "house** by continuous flickering aad will surprise you with the difference it makes | 
with the films. 

It is the only device that can be < 
of thelhr. 

But this u not all. We 

Will Cat 65% from Your Light Bill 

and well send you one on 30 days* free trial to prove cL 
We have a tittle 22 page booklet that explains all 
the reasons why If you want a better light at % 
^ your present cost, send for « today. Its free. 




Of all makes and all varieties of subjects, 
dition. Price, $10.00 a reel and up. 

aMONROE,^ ,5651 

All in good con- 


are made for the electrician and operator 
who knows and wants the best. We 
would appreciate the privilege of placing 
samples in the hands of Critical users. 


New York, Chicago, St. Louis, 

Pittsburg, Milwaukee 



Fllcksrless, Fully Guaranteed. 

The Machine You Will] 

Start now and save repair bills 
and trouble. If your Film Ex- 
change is looking after your in- 
terest they will show you a 
"Standard." If not, they are 
making more commission by 
selling you some inferior or old 
tirnejmachine. Insist on trying 
aV'Standard" and you wiU 
never need another. Good for a 
Wrltsufor Catalogue, Dept. B. 






Shaving Outfit on 'No Game of Chance' Raffle Plan 



Here is the plan: An outfit consists of a Raffle Card, 30 cakes of Pearl Denti- 
frice and a $4.50 Shaver's Outfit. The dealer sells a cake of Pearl Dentifrice for 
lc. to 25c., giving with each cake a free chance on the Shaver's Outfit. The 
cost of each cake of Pearl Dentifrice corresponds with the number drawn, except 
numbers from 26 to 30 inclusive, which cost 25c. each. The^total amount realized 

on 30 cakes is $4.50. Com plat* Outfit 






This plan MAKES MONEY for you while you sleep 

This is positively the most attractive proposition that has ever been offered 
to Merchants. *'.:.'• 

Cigar Storsts, Billiard Halls, Drug Storaa, Ntws Stand*, etc., will 

buy, on sight, from one to ten Outfits. 

Because the inducements to the customer, are greater than are offered on 
similar propositions," each getting a 25c. cake of Dentifrice. 

Because it can be worked in cities where the regular raffle plan is not allowed. 
Because a Shaver's Outfit mak.i an Ideal Holiday Gift, and the 

chance of getting one for lc. will appeal to everybody. 

Everything you make will be in addition toyour regular earnings, because 
you can do this work evenings or on rainy days. From $5.00 to $20.00 per 
evening isn't too much to expect — that means but 4 to 16 Outfits. 

We also have a straight Raffle Card Plan on the Shaver's Outfit. On the 
card there are 25 numbers. Each person pays the amount of the number drawn, 
and the one holding the lucky number secures the Shaver's Outfit. The amount 
collected by the dealer on this card would be $3.26. Tha Shaver's Sat with 

Raffia Card 



You also lay. the foundation for a 
can easily dispose of 4 to 10 combin 
the territory you should do better. 


id future business. 


Any <*Iive" merchant 
each time you cover 

for Agents, ! 

415 Union Park Court, CHICAGO. 


TIb« Billboard 

JANUARY 14, Wit 



Tie Wlsooatts 


aid VtBser Cs. 

Port »n 



Preferred because 
it is best. Stafford 
Chairs built to last. 
No flimsy, three-ply 
stock in seats, or 
backs; no stove plate 
standards to snap or 
break. Chairs like cut 


Ask for C ■ tS lofl 303. 




son- — 


t any border drama. 


k^wport. cSSSSSSl kentdcky. 


Equipment Ge 


j. ft. 

The M^gic Coiner 

Mystifies arid amuals.'iyr 
ryone. It apparently con- 
verts tin discs into genu- 
ine, new dimes. Complete 
with directions for JOe.;,-; 

'Chewing G 


















READERS' COLUMN" '. '. 25 

T. 1V1. A.. ^Il^WS •••*•• . . . . •.>•.*••••.•••>•••**.•»••...*•• 25 


ROUTES— / " * §& 

Performers Dates' . . rT. 30 

Acts with Miscellaneous Companies. 35 

Acts with Burlesque Companies ....... 35 

Managers and Agents .-. r • - - 36 

ButIcsquc * ■ ■■•■••■**■■••* m» * . * • • 3^ 

Stock and Repertoire 38 

Dramatic and Musical ... 1 — . — ... ...... 40 

Bands and Orchestras .....'"■.*..;. 41 

Minstrels ■. - . ' : — 41 

Skating Rink Attractions . . 41 

Miscellaneous . . . .5 ..... . ... . : 4 1 

Carnival Companies"; . . . . . . 41 

Additional Performers Dates 50 

DlaRECTORY" ••••••**•.•..■•■••........ , 42 

LIVES OF FAMOUS SHOWMEN. . . . . . i„ 46 


FILM RELEA.SE S ... j,*.- - 53 

NEW CONVENTIONS ; . . .-. • , 44 



Boluilr tor 

partar* alarm. W. 
carry fssfl chain Is 
stack sad esa fssf 
lamodUtrlr. Baecaal 

70S SHOW ' — 


1,000 STYLES', 

The A. H. Andrews Go. 



174-176 Wabash Avajnua, 
* Brsnohai In all loading eltlas. 

The New Atlas 


We have claimed it to be the strongest 
trunk in America; for the improved 
we claim the lightest in weight. 

32* loot. 20* wide, 22* high,.. 

•84- » 21" • •• 28* ••• - . 

&8~ •• 28- •• 24* ~ .- . 

88- " 28* " 25* •». . 

40* " 28" " 23" " 






1641 N. Hancock Street, - - _ - Philadelphia, Penn 



Originators, of 
SAMPLE AND ag-tw tr-t-lwwr-taT-* 
H salary 10 match » 11 «4>lorsj at popular price*. 
Mailorders la -omptly filled, 
on sob »i» nxf itratxd oataiooos. 
SIXTH AVE,, Brr. 24th find 26th ST S., - N. V. CITY 



saving, Mooo yaa a i ag. 
To Is to MalU 
Your ■ u mi n ... O row. 

Writ* TMiy. 
744 W. St h St., C I n.l n n. U , O. 




ISia... S1S«9 
ss-la... li.oo 

. 11-00 


BttpsspJ wit- oar Nam 
GoH-BoUoal Steal rMaad- 
lsaV Three-ply B B. * B 
' wood, hand-riveted 

83.00 drpoalt raosind cm C. O. D. aMpaaraSV 


4S2S tffllttfMM St. 
447 Wood St. 1SS r.g.ra l St., aj. a. 

Factory! 82-44 laabalta St., N. S. 

fiTTsauno. p*. 

When la the foUowinx cities amre TIME 
and EXPRESS CHARGES by (retting 
"The Same Trunk," "Same Guarantee" 
from the dealers below: 

New Tors X. T. Ohabrt TUnta a rl 

rhirsco. ni nrM a Oa. 

Akron. Ohio J. B. aWSSSl 

Altosaa. Ps Altsoaa Laattarr Ooafa Oa. 

Anrtrrroa. lad.. 
Awnrta. G. ... 

...a j. 

Co. (2 

B W»as„ W ; 


Pnrrraf, O. S B. N. T. PVaak O. ra jMpt 

Pnrtr. Motjt, ........... .Mootim Troak Paetar* 

ClnrlnuH. O TTha ataatry * Ci-» Oa 

n.r.lin.1. O LlklT S Bar V HTrat Oa 

Cninmhn.. Ohio Wallach*a Trunk Btoia 

rr«wf/.ni. rll ir. lad Laal. "Uaraat 

CnmWtmM. kfd S. 11. I 

Dartna. tt.. ............... .It. f^nobard*. 

i-rtmit. Mirk raawrhalt * C 

Ft. Warns, led.. Ft. Wane Traak Atrarsrr Oa, 

Pnalnrll, Okln .To* PMa> CVMhlBS Oa. 

Frankfort. Ind. J. W. .Conltrr'. nam 

Oninrl BaplO., kflcb. .............. .Taal S3 fact 

Hamilton. Oat BapjStaa laxrb-r flaanai Oa, 

nnntlDgton. lad F. Dick*, sao S Oa. 

Inrilanapolia, lad Chaw, il.r-r A Oa. 

Tarafwttr. lad TjOlh 4> .It— » Oa, 

I^aaana. Ind. Bhrr* Prrktai 

IJata. o .."rar- I P i atak Oa 

I^HC.n*T"jrt. Ind. . . . ^ .^"aA ro ad^ A IJorrajr Oa. 

Mz^rir,' A 'a .................. alot) Uv TVt?ir Oa, 

SVar.rk. nhk. BA. That 

rMla.l.lpMa. Pa..... Wm. rarrj 

rnrt.TToroa. Mich. . . . ,0i tle a U a ig er . Ba jj w ai ; Oa, 

T'-vriian.i. Ma .1, U s Oa. 

r'vtamnata. Ohla '...Jr-ka Baar 

I*r"Ttfi.ocr, rt. L. .......... ... .Tart i j. A Oa, 

nirtimnad. lad. Mmrr na i aaa a Oa, 

Raatlaaw. Marh Ila]»»paaa . T iaa k Oa. 

•ti.rlncflrM. Okie . . .'.Tfy M rCa lloch 

Prrarijar. N. T. ......... BjTar^a. Tmat W - -i k. 

TIITtn. Ohio r(rr»r rwfetaa Oa. 

.Ti|itn», lad Sfeortla rarrariiaaat srtet 

TninVi, o Wllaalastaa 4V Oa. 

To n ton. !t. J. JtS2&&£ ' A . MWAaat 

Waabiastoa. D. O.. ..Backafa iMtaar Oanda 0a. 

Wh-.Mmr. w. Ta lUSaWf rMlitt 

Wiik— n«rr». Pa Bimj It. Ki at ajaiaa 

"ianraTlHr. Oblo ............. .Tk# W a u • i Btaaa 

TheThratrioal Profession will I 
ate the saving of time and < 
, prmw charcea hy this i 
I Wat ch this list gr ow. 



.... '.- ch i cago. ':f^i :i 

1203 SoUHn- BdIMIbs. 'lOO-loo Bu&B* Sd 



1TO T«»pl. Cttmbw.; B. 0. 

mnm— office ; 

416 Elm Street, Cincinnati, O., U.S.A. 

tUomont mtuulif Im ■« In liaas HHMk 

■Jm BILLBOABD U It all train* and 

Tiuat. Whan not on. ufe. ptaa*» ■•W 

S£3 ^TSu -poati to 


In melodrama, as in other things, history repeats itself. The falling 
off in patronage in popular-priced melodrama during the past two years, 
and which has caused so much < :onsternation among those who interests 
are involved, is only a repetition of what occurred a dozen or fourteen 
years ago. At that time, it will be recalled, H. R. Jacobs occupied the 
position of dictator in the held devoted to the production of melodrama. 
He owned or controlled a score of houses throughout the country, 
with which were affiliated sufficient others for him to give a whole sea- 
son's booking to an attraction. With him, at the acme of his power and 
success, -was 'associated F. F. Proctor, now of the firm of Keith & 
Proctor. The height of their success was also the highest pinnacle of 
success of melodrama up to that time. There was no forewarning of 
a- decline in the business; no prelibation of a waning in interest and 
patronage on the part of the theatre-going public. But in less than one 
season, the popularity of melodrama as a form of amusement fell from 
its highest to its lowest ebb. There was a panic among those managers 
whose capital and experience had gone into the business. But their 
efforts to forestall the crash were ineffectual. Companies were with- 
drawn from the road and disbanded; houses were closed; the firm of 
Jacobs & Proctor dissolved, and for several years there was little ac- 
tivity in the world of popular-priced melodrama. But conditions of this 
kind are rotary; they come in circles, as it were. Melodrama again be- 
gan to take on a semblance of life and activity ; the people themselves 

began to clamor for it; the theatres that had been closed were reopened. 
Then Stair & Havlin entered the field. They associated the theatres 
devoted to this class of attractions into the most extensive circuit of its 
kind ever known. Their generalship; their ability for foreseeing con- 
ditions ; their resourcefulness and power have placed them among the 
most influential of theatrical booking agents and producers. It would 
now seem that they must exert their influence, that they must marshal 
their forces and operate their experience in another direction and along 
entirely new lines. To use the phrase of the streets, it's "up to them" to 
revivify the public interest in melodramatic attractions. It's a greater 
work that awaits them. The consensus of opinion is rather against than 
for their success. 

The present season is the most unprofitable for melodrama that we 
have witnessed in a decade. The blame for this has been laid at the 
door of the motion picture theatre. Others say that the people are sur- 
feited of melodrama, and want something different. This seems to have 
been the belief of managers and producers a year or two ago, when 
musical numbers were interpolated into the melodramatic productions, 
and some of the theatres devoted exclusively to melodrama in past years 
were booked with light musical attractions. 

It's impossible to say just what the cause of the decline of melo- 
dramatic popularity is. But that there is a decline, is manifest; and 
that there must be a remedy is obvious. For our own part we have 
absolute confidence in the ability of those who are at the head of this 
branch of the business to bring about the desired metamorphosis. It's 
only a question of how soon can they do it, and how greatly will thost 

oe tore it 

Attraction* at Fairs 

Dturing^he last few years, the "side show" feature of the agricultural 

fair has undergone a complete metamorphosis, whereas the "rag front" 
attraction ( ?) engaged haphazard and without care or thought, either 
as to its moral or edifying influence, prevailed in the past, the gilt front 
show of to-day, with its performance of real merit has entirely super- 
seded it. Though it has been slow, gradual and logical, it has been 
worked out along logical lines, upon which there is no prospect of retro- 
Session. The fake show of yesterday has passed almost entirely from 
the amusement category. The wild man, the two-headed boy, etc., have 
been relegated to the annals of amusement history, if they are. to be re- 
membered at all. To-day the attractions are of a real, educational nature. 

True, there may not be much that is edifying in a performance of trained 
vnld beasts, but such a show is sensational and amusing, without being 
deleterious .even to morals or self-respect. It is like the acrobatic per- 
formance where long training, patience and perseverance are rewarded 
J>y the plaudits of the people; elicited by the feats performed. On the 

to the attraction that 

other hand, there is a distinct educational 
partakes of the nature of an exhibit, and these, i 
have become too numerous to classify. 

The reason for this salutary change may be found in the increasing 
amusement experience of fair secretaries. These officials are, tCMlay, 
chosen as much because of their knowledge of the amusement business 
as for their ability to handle their department of the agricultural fair 
feature. The prospect for the enterprise was never more brilliant than 
it is to-day. . 

Possibly no other enterprise in America during the past fifteen years 
has grown and developed more rapidly than music publishing. Whereas 
a generation ago a song was popularized slowly, gradually, and by means 
of its running from one end of the country to the other, without going 
into any extensive edition, the popular song to-day becomes so, practi- 
cally in all parts of the country at once, and is purchased by hundreds 
of copies in every town within the period of a very few weeks. The 
change of conditions is very largely, if not entirely, due to the influence 
of the musical performers, vocalists and concert artists. Publishers 
have not been blind to this fact. There is not a large music publishing 
house in the country to-day that does not employ every facility for pro- 
viding performers with "professional" copies of their product. A gener- 
ation ago music publishing in the United States was unprofitable, and 
was usually carried on as a subsidiary branch of some other business. 
The publisher issued his output tentatively and conservatively. A few 
hundred or a thousand copies were many months in selling, even though 
the piece might be played, whistled and sung by many thousands of 
people during that time. To-day it is not unusual for a musical com- 
position or a song to run into the sale of five hundred thousand or even 
seven and eight hundred thousand copies in a comparatively short period 
of time. The ratio of sales of sheet music has been in the same pro- 
portion as the increase in piano sales in the United States. Every modest 
home, where there is any pretense to culture and sociability, is now 
provided with a piano. Naturally, this increases the demand for sheet 
music, and though the popularity of a piece may be short-lived, its sale 
is usually extensive enough during the brief period in which it is featured 
in the music stores to make the pretentious publishing establishments of 
our big cities possible. 

It is often charged that performers who use almost exclusively the 
productions of a single publishing house, receive a salary almost equal 
te that paid by the booking agent or manager of the theatre m which 
they perform, no matter how large that salary may be. Sometimes a 
performer is charged with "popularizing^ the current hits of several 
publishing houses at once, and with receiving a monetary compensation 
from each of them. . _ 

It is not our purpose here to discuss this phase of the question. Our 
mentioning it was only for the purpose of citing an evidence of the 
value of the vaudeville prof ession as anadjunct to the music publishing 

Up to this time there has been no real association formed amon? 
music publishers. Each acts independently and according to the rules 
of his own business. There is "corner" in song writers, and those who 
are able to turn out compositions that become popular have been numer- 
ous enough to supply the demands of all the various publishers, who 

maintain regular staffs and pay big salaries and commissions to their 

regular "staffs and pay big 


It-is somewhat remarkable that soiar only a few really commercial 
men, that is, men of essentially commercial ability, have interested them- 
selves in the music publishing business, and that it has remained in the 
hands mostly of song writers themselves, who have been successful and 
prosperous, and have built up publishing houses of their own. What 
the future of the music publishing business in America will be, it is 
difficult to say. Some of our biggest publishing houses are even now 
rated very high in commercial reports. There is little, doubt that with 

time the allurements of profits will have their effect upon men of com- 
mercial ability and large means, and the whole system will be changed. 
Whatever the future of the music publishing business, it is not unworthy 
of the brains and ability of the men who are making o.f it a really " 
portant factor of our artistic and business- life. 


nri\e Bill bo 

JANUARY 14, 1911. 


Tbe Century, denning Its attune 
and. why It has published 
of roar dramatic artists In forty 

attitude toward -the 

C. F. Lawrence and O. F. Wagefarth Joined 
hand! and Intellect thereby producing one of 
the sons blu (a genuine hit) of the season, en- 
titled Won't Ton Be My Sweetheart. Bemlck 
la publishing aame and at this writing la on 
the fourth edition. It's a bnlly number. 

Every time I meet Em 11 Ankemllier, at pres- 
ent managing Bailey and Austin. 1 think of 

bow he fornUhed Nat Goodwin with one of bis 
most famous Jokes when he was Goodwin's 

Ankemllier bad left Salt Lake City for Seattle 
ahead of the Goodwin-Elliott company. He was 
nesting his destination when he received a tele- 
gram from Goodwin calling him back to Salt 
Lake. Ankemllier replied: "Can't come. Wash- 
not on the line." Goodwin wired back: "Buy 
a new shirt and come anyway." 


A great surprise awalta yon If yon have 
I iitulng, Mich., on your route. It's a dee-light- 
ful surprise I assure yon. The old npstsirS 
Balrd Opera H 

House Is, no more, hot In Its place* 

rlsea Sphinx like a playhouse that for beauty 
and comfort Is surpassed by very few. 

Those who look upon tbe theatre as a great 
Inline nee for intellectual development will in the 
ruture be deprived of the "pleasure" of an act- 
ual clamber up the heights of Parnassus to this 
temple of Tbeepla. The old twisting a fairways 
to -the main floor of tbe erstwhile Baird's are a 
thing of tbe past and In their place patrons of 
the new Oladmer enter the theatre through three 
~ arched doorways of marble and ma 

A room of novel beauty Is this lobby. Its 
color scheme combines the rich shadings of Para- 
nasal marble. Spanish leather and old gold with 
a touch of mahogany and dull brass. The wains 
cotlng Is of the white marble with green vein 
lugs, while above this the walls are covered with 
ths - dsrk leather. Tbe whole celling Is overlaid 
with dull . rose gold leaf, the whole giving s 
unlet, almost sombre effect of gnat richness. 
The lighting* of the lobby Is very effective snd 
With the exception or those on a large 
tier, not a lamp Is In sight In the room, 
center of the celling Lj a large dome 
uound the lower edge of which and con- 
from below by a projecting ••screen" the 
light* are arranged In a brilliant circle which 
tested from the gold covered Interior of tbe 
i easts a soft' radiance over tbe whole lobby. 
Tbe ticket and Information windows are lo- 
cated In the rear an- to the left. A Bight of 
marble stain at the extreme left lead to Man 
sger Williams' suite of offices and agent'a room 
on the second flour. 

Four doors of mahogany open Into the foyer 
Jusf behind the sests on the ground floor snd the 
view obtained of tbe auditorium from this point 
shows the stage over the gently sloping tiers of 
sests from no one of which Is the view In any 
way obstructed by supporting pillars as the two 
balconies and the ballery are suMtatned by great 
steel girders which leaves the whole house free 
snd open. The' color scheme of the interior Is 
dark green. Ivory and gold, while a trace of 
lavender Is found In the paintings around the 
proscenium arch. The ssbestos curtain Is a kind 
of (Olden brown with doll purple wreaths 
'nted upon it. Behind this la the curtain 

sa the deep fringe, are of dull gold. 
On each side of the foyer stairways ascend 
to the drat balcony, entrance to the second bal- 
cony snd the gallery being gained by the former 
Stairway leading to tbe gallery. Prom tbe right 
left stairways lead down to the men's 
ring room snd tli ■ tsdles' psrlor, respectlve- 
Both of these rooms are very comfortably 
To the left of the entrance Is a 

There's an elegant nest egg awaiting ."the' 

anager tbat .places Frank North In s play to 

his liking snd style. ' In my estimation this 
versatile chap 4a the real second Sol Smith 
BusselL . . .. .. . 

Jack Wilson,, the extemporaneous comedian, 
Is a veritable wonder.. His quick stuff Is sev- 
ers] knockouts combined, and figuratively apeak-, 
king, as well aa cleverly, don't overtook the 
lady of the set, Ada Lane, nor the clever 
straight and vocalist, Franklyn Batie. What 
a delight to the eye Is the wardrobe displayed 
by Miss Lane and Mr. Batle. There's some 
class to Wilson's attire, too, believe me. 


While Vilnius Westony, the Hungarian piano 
phenomenon (that's tbe wsy he Is billed) wss 
giving an imitation of a beginner on a piano 
In Detroit recently, a little girl of nine or ten 
summers. Bested along side of me (but mark 
ye well, unknown to me) fslrly went Into rap- 
tures over the Imitation. The little lady. It 
wss plain to see. waa In the throes of piano 
and not very far advanced, bnt fsr 
to know every time the "phenomenon" 
a wrong note during his exhibition, and 
she would shske her utile tousled hesd very 
vigorously, and unconsciously whisper, "No. 
no," feel upon phantom keys for the correct 
note, same as tbe "phenom," and when It 
was struck, sb. s sigh of relief, snd the little 
thing would settle back In her sest with a tri- 
umphant, thoroughly satisfied expression. Really, 
the little lady's 

the better of 

Stage staff of Raymond Hitchcock's Man Who 
Owns Broadway Co: Jsmes Gorman, stsge man- 
ager; Wm. Hovey. assistant stsge manager; 
Hsrrle Johnson, master carpenter; Edward 
Qolnn. assistant carpenter; John Bradley, sec- 
ond assistant carpenter; Joe Magnolia, electri- 
cian; Abe Mendelssohn, assistant" electrician; 
James Doyle, master of properties; Jsmes Brsm 
lett, assistant properties; Mrs. Antrim, mistress 
of the wardrobe. 

There's a gal in Witt's Girls from Melody 
Lane with s phenomenal soprano voice, a 
fetching magnetism, charming face and exquis- 
ite form. Her name Is Ednah Crentx. Then 
are so many alleged sopranos with musical 
8 bows that It ' 
manager baan'i 
lady. She haa 

allege*! nupiauvs Wiu uiuaaai 

Is really surprising that some 
contracted with this young 
a great future. 

1 down one of the two aisles snd tak- 
the really comfortable and roomy 
center of the house one's sttcntlon 
Is first attracted to the new arrangement of the 
boxes on either aide of • tbe proscenium arch. 
Three of these are on the ground floor on each 
aide and three above them, tbe center one of 
the upper tier rals-d a considerable distance 
above the other two. These aa well as the arch 
Itself are finished In old Ivory and dull gold. 
At Intervals between the boxes are tall. Anted 
pOlara In tbe rococco or Louis Qulnse style which 
haa been followed with considerable consistency 
throughout the theatre. On tbe capitals of these 
columns are groups of gilded cherubs playing 
various musical Instruments, while over the 
proscenium arch and seemingly supporting tbe 
roof are four figures, comic and tragic. Be- 
tween these are paintings of dancing nymphs. 
The boxes themselves are finished off with heavy 
brass rails snd green velvet hangings. They con- 
tain comfortable Austrian bentwood chairs. 

The GIsdmer Theatre baa a seating capacity 
of 1.600. Of these 800 can be accommodated on 
tbe first Boor, 500 In the first balcony, 200 In the 
second balcony and 300 In the gallery. 

So much for that part of the theatre occupied 
by- tbe audience. The stage and Its equipment 
aa well as the accommodations for the sctor folk 
are no leas complete. The stage la fully twice 
as high ss formerly, thus giving smple room for 
tbe hoisting np and storing of seta not In use. 
Its depth Is also much greater than before tbe 

Tbe staff at the Detroit Opera House. De- 
troit. Mich., Is aa follows: B. C. Whitney, 
proprietor; H. F. Parent, manager; H. H. 
Stelner, assistant treasurer ; Nate Keller, adver- 
tising -agent; Obaa. Qulnn.' musical director; 
C. P. -Hay, chief Usher; W. S. Foster, sure 
carpenter; Geo. Craig, electrician; Abe Davis, 
property master; H. M. Fechheln- 

publisher. .'■:'. 


Those who have read George Ade'a delightful 
little story. The Slim Princess, from which 
Henry Blossom msdc the libretto for the comic 
opera .in which Elsie J an In Is appearing In this 
season, may be Interested In reading again the 
graphic description of the sll 
Mr. Ailn's little book. It Is ss 
"No < one had dedicated any 
She had come to the alsrmlog ace of 19 and no 
one had started bidding for her. -.. . . 

"Kaiora weighed lean than 120 pounds. She 
waa tall, ' lithe, - slender and sinuous, willowy 
and, by oriental standards, hideous. She showed 
a far- western preference for pickles snd olives, 
and bad been detected scle ra l times In tbe act 
of bribing servants to bring this contraband 
food into the harem. 

"Worse still, she Insisted upon taking i 
else. She loved to play romping games within 
tbe high walla of the lnclosure where she and 
er female attaches of the royal household 
B kept penned op. Her fsther coaxed, plead 
ed and even threatened, but she refused to lead 
the Indolent life prescribed by ens torn; she 
scorned the sweet snd heavy foods which would 
enable, her to expand into loveliness; she per- 
sistently declined to be fat. 

Kaiora .-had a way of getting around her 
had defied him and put him 

; Corrlgan and Vivian, rifle experts par 
lence, while playing their .Cincinnati'* engage 
ment with The Coxy Ooroer ,Q Iris, . recently, 
called at The Billboard office to. renew acqualot- 
Mlss Vivian. It wlH be remembered, wss 
jer of tbe famous Two Vivians. This 
tesm Is the feature attraction with The Cosy 
Corner Girls. They .are now framing '-op a new 
act,' snd are adding new paraphernalia to tbelr 
000 pounds of stage accessories. The new set 
will be ready .sometime In February, or about 
tbe time the show reaches New York. 

Bob Gordon, Hamilton's well-known Punch and 
Judy manlpulstor and blsck fsce comedian, who, 
with his clever bunch of Canadian vaudevllllaos 
have been playing Independent bookings with 
much success throughout Ontario for the psst 
few months, hare temporarily disbanded, and 
all have returned to their respective homes 
for the festive season. About the latter end 
of January tbe company will be reorganised snd 
the tour resumed. Bob will spend the lay-off 
period at his cozy home In Waterdown, a smsll 
ismlet a few miles west of Hamilton, Oat. 

The Hamilton Theatre In Chicago, has revert- 
ed to tbe Jefferson Amusement Company and Is 
playing eight acta of vaudeville supplied by 
Wslter De Oris, of the W. V. M. A. The 
bouse plays one show a night snd offers dif- 
ferent programs for first and last half of the 
week. The bill for Jan. 9-11 waa: Coy de 
ey. Knight and Deyer, Budolph and Lena, 
mer Sisters, Donald Graham. Charlotte 
an and extra added attraction. Ed. Mere 
and hie dog, 8nooser. 

n. Suavage, manager of the Temple Thea- 
tre. Alton. Hi., tendered bin employes and the 
newspaper men, a banquet, which waa given on 
the stsge of the Temple Theatre. An excellent 
vaudeville performance w 
gram. Manager Sauvage 
employes with a One sat of mission oak office 

Adelaide Kelm and Company ottered ber new 
sketch. The Little Mother, at the Wlllard The- 
atre In Chicago, last week and are at the 
Wilson. Chicago, this week. Miss Kelm proved 
a strong attraction for the Sooth Side house 
and ber new playlet baa received ' nothing but 
the moat enthusiastic criticism. 

J. L. White has assumed tbe Interest of C. 
P. Martin In the Arcsde Theatre. Lake Charles. 
La. The Arcade la playing vaudeville and pic- 
tures, acts being booked by Cbas. E. Hodklns. 
Road attractions will also be booked, tbe vsude 
vtlle program being suspended on nights given 
over .to productions.'. 

Arthur H. McKecbnle, recently tbe manager 
of Owen end Hoffman Players, ' bss left that 
firm snd been retained to direct the world's 
tour of The Greet Cllvette Company. Frank 
M. WUlard, recently ahead of - 
will direct the advance work 

Harry Langdi 

tures of Grace 
as ber advertising 

Big double doors open on esch side so 

the trap door in tbe stage 

eh 'it is lowered to the bssement 

below. The . properties snd the big trunks of 
the chorus are hauled toward the front In under 
the auditorium whi're are located the property 
room and large dressing rooms for the chorus snd 
"snpes" when used. The luggage of tbe prin- 
cipals Is tsken to tbe twelve large Individual 
dressing rooms which are found under the stage 
Itself. Each of these rooms Is piped for hot and 
cold wster and gas for use In softening make- 
up msterisls. These are tbe only places where 
an open flame nil! be found and to eliminate 
any danger of a fire spreading from this sonrce. 
each room Is msde as a unit, entirely enclosed 
with tile and concrete. There Is an outside 
-entrance to the basement which will enable the 
show folk to enter the theatre from the street 
and therey eliminate the oft found alley and 
bad stage entrances so prevalent over the coun- 
try- And all of this In Lansing, Mich. Con 
grstulstlons. Mr. Williams, and many or 'em. 

EL - Frederick Hawley bas s regular dramatic 
playlet In The Bandit. Mr. Hawley is a reg- 
ular actor, too. 

sbo would smooth 


fsther. After she 
Into a stewing rage, °. 

' way, and with teasing utile cajoleries 
him back to a pleasant humor. He would 
find himself once more at the starting place of 
the controversy, his stern commands unheeded, 
and the disobedient dsughter laughing In his 
very face. 

"Thus, while be wss ashamed or ber physical 
Imperfections, he admired her dr- 
ee said to Popova: 'I tell ~ 
some man a sprightly and 
Ion even If she is slender. 1 

'Whereupon the crafty Popova 
' 'Be patient, your excellency. We shall yel 
have her as round as a dumpling.' " 

Executive staff of Stair A Havlln'a The Wolf 
Co.: Geo. H. Nlcotal, general manager: C. F. 
Lawrence, manager: John Bathurst, buslnesi 
manager; Roberto Deshon, stage manager; J. 
Hall, master mechanic: W. L. Tingle, proper- 
ties; J. Flugy, electrician. 


The winter Sports Committee have decided 
on the 28th of this month as the opening day. 

Mrs. Wsdley, formerly Miss Barbara Tumsnt 
leading lady of tbe Ben Greet Company, enter- 
tained tbe ladles who sttended Mrs.* Lionel 
Guest's reception, on December 29, with ■ 
number of ber delightful Sbskespesrean road 

Capacity business wss tbe mark scored by 
all the amusement bouses In this city CbrUr- 

maa week. 

The Casino bss a very good turn In Wl, 


Cosgrove and Co. 

We have had exlrei 
murcury going as low 

old weather. 

murcury going as low as twenty below : 

but Still the theatres did not suffer. 


Tbe members of Autger Brothers' Arlstocrst 
Ic Tramp Company bad a merry time at Ar- 
ksnsss City. Ksn., Christmas Dsy. There were 
numerous exchsnges of 
good time for all. 

Manager C. H. Grlehel. of the Mankato The 
acre. Mankato. Minn., had ss bis guests sll the 
attaches of bis theatre at tbe annual em- 
last week. 


Knight' and Dsy ton were a big bit at the 
Crystal Palace, Hamilton, Out., where their en- 
gagement was extended. The act la on the 
Griffin time. • • , 

I. Rubin, manager or vaudeville theatres la 
Des Moines and St. Paul, is building a 
bouse In Waterloo, lows, which will be 
to. open soon. 

J-ulletto Nlner, of Nlner and Nlner, has 
been compelled to cancel all time on account 
of Illness. Until ber recovery. Mr. Nlner will 
work single. 

Don Barclay has Joined hands with Harry 
Hamlin in a new singing, dancing and talking 
act They open on Mrs. Goodwin's Circuit this 

The Dsvis Square Theatre Is tbe newest of 
Chicago's outlying _ vaudeville ,_booses-__ ^It 

mat: for the first time since deserting 
lions for vaudeville, recently. 

will adopt 
two play 

Qlrl an. 

Davis, of GUroy and Davis, wishes to 

deny' Hie. report recently circulated announcing 

her death. Miss Davis says she Is very much 

Messrs. Houser and Kraft have disposed of 
tbe Grand Theatre, Orrville, O., to Gus Lsm- 
" possession Immediately. 

Bay Crocker bas given up ths pick set, 
with which she wsa formerly connected, and la 
now in a three act on tbe Earl J. Cox time. 

Dorrts snd Keens, 
preparation a new act 
which will be seen shortly In CI 

_ Keene, of 
announces that she has In 

The Great Everett and Company have been en- 
gaged to play return dates of twenty weeks 
over the Q. H. Webster Circuit. 

Miss Sydney Shield snd Company, playing 
Broadway, U. 8. A., will again opes on the 
Orpheum Circuit, in April. 

Rnsh • Ling Toy pot on a new Illusion at the 
Verdi Theatre In Chicago during his tour days 
stay there, ending Jan. 8. 

Pat Henry, a Chicago eritb-t'e representative 
Is sbla to be out efter a serious Illness In which 
he waa given up to die. 

Frank Clark. 
Music Company, haa 

a trip to New Tort. 

Keogh and Kdhler played tbe Hamilton Thea- 
tre in' .Chicago for -the i four days ending Jan. 
8. and their act attracted a great deal of Inter- 

itrleal u_ 

Keogh waa formerly stage manager at tbe Ash- 
land Theatre. 

The Slaters Mec, smell, owing to the stren- 
uous work Incident to work In the one-night 
stand towns, have left Tbe Girl in -the Kimono 
Company. They have been booked over the 
W. V. m A. time. •' 

Lola Y bent of Yberri and Taylor, presented 
stick pins to Chris 0. Brown and Normsn 
t'rledenwald at Chrtstma's time. ' 8he obtained 
them In California. The atones are known as 
turquoise matrix. 

* Hie' Bush Temple In Chicago, played vaude- 
ville last week. Norman Ftiedenwald placet 
Count de Beaufort. Gladys Yr~ 
Barle and Frank Q- 
malnder of the bill. 

The veteran comedian. Chss. McDonald, who 
haa been starring In Rip Van Winkle In the 
Alton Company, retired from tbe show Dec. 31. 
In Winchester, III., snd Is now playing On ths 

Jessie Russell snd Company, spectacular elec- 
tric si novelty, who recently closed on the Hod- 
kins time, opened last week at El Paso, Texas, 
on Bert Levey's Pacific Coast Circuit. 

Clair Tuttie mourn* the loss of her father, 
Hudson Tuttie. ths well-known writer and lec- 
turer. whos> desth occurred December 14, at 
his home, Berlin Heights. Ohio. 

BUI - 



of the Crystal Theatre 

SSJm of'TOlaS. TeRn* 0 .^ 
Company, "in The Little Mother. 

The President Theatre In Chicago, is strongly 
advertising Melbourne McDowell and Virginia 
Drew Trescott. who will headline the bill st 
tbat house, week of Jsn. IS. 

Back on the road after fourteen years, John 
J. Forsytbe Is abead of tbe motion picture. 
The Cowboy and Indian Frontier. Celebration, 
held at Cheyenne. Wyo. 

Joe Kennedy, novelty roller skater snd 
dancer. Is agsln sble to work, after three 
weeks' confinement st his bome In Knoxvltle, 
Teon.. due to Illness. 

Sam Llebert la In receipt of a telegram from 
Nathan Burkan. attorney for Aaron Hoffman, 
giving him all rlgbts to present Tbe End of tbe 
World In vsodevllle. 

Fielding and Carlos, roller skaters, closed a 
season of twenty-two weeks over the W. V. 
M. A. time, on January 7. In February they 
open In New York.. 

Francis and Virginia Rogers, billed as Tbe 
Bnhe snd the Girl, bsve closed with A Texas 
Ranger Company (Eaatern), and resumad thtlr 
vaudeville booking*. 

Lola Milton, who has been 111 st s bospltsl In 
Cedar Rapids. Iowa, where an operation was 
performed. Is able to be out and reported In 
Chicago last week. ,.. . 

Tb» Langdons laid off last week at tbelr home 
at Racine, Wis., snd . there were many "big 
Christmas eals," according to a letter from 
Harry Langdon. . * 

success on the Pant _ 
log and dancing act. 

Nick and Ltda 
Circuit la January, 
for the W. V. A. 

Juggling Msthieus opei 
time. Dec 28. at the 
New Orleans. 

Apollo (Harry Molier) opens on the Nlson- 
Mrdllnger time at OnloutowB, Pa., Jan. 9. 

Grimm and Satchell open on the Poll time. 
Jsnusry Id, at Poll'a Theatre. Bridgeport. Conn. 

Brookes snd Carlisle open on the Pantagea 
Circuit. March 28. In Calgary. Canada. . 

A KVuTmlftS, %ft ' 
The Three White Kuhns are appearing is there 


udltorlum season so fsr bss been satls- 
Si to the managers, bnt II Is hoped 
atrlcal producer. will get together and 

The Auditorium 
factory here to t 
tbat theatrical producers 
favor tbe South with more bookings. 

The Lotno and Gem moving picture lar.t-v. 
conllnue to produce the best attraction. In this 
line, and tbelr attendsnre. ususlly good, met 
with 8. H. O. during the holidays. The man- 
agers of these two tbrstres trie with escb other 
In securing films tbst will be most pleasing to 
tbe masses, which competition results In both 
doing a lucrative business. 

L. P. DAb 

Joe Lena ' is 
Joss lu Silver 
company's agent. 


New Britain. Conn.. Jan. T (Special to The 
Billboard). — Margaret Anglln started her sea- 
son under the direction of Lleblsr * Company 
at the Bustwln Theatre, Monday evening, whan 
she appeared lu tbe first performance of a new 
comedy, called Green Stockings, by A. B. W. 
Mason and George Fleming. The 
fig of Cell a ~ 

by a dashing Colonel 

the efforts of CeTla Farady. aplustar. 

alon tbat abe la well-beloved 

to create the Impress 

e nlay takes lta name 
an old Irish custom which has the unmar- 
ried woman wear green stockings at her aleter'a 
wedding. Miss Anglln was seen sa Cells Fara- 
dy. and H. Reeves-amltb played the Colonel. 
The others In support of Miss Anglln were Geo. 
Woodwsrd. Ruth Holt Bouclcsult Maud On 
er, Charles Garry, Ivan F. Sin 
Howard, Leonard Howe, F 
Crosby utile snd Ruth Rose. 

Canton. O.. Jan. 2.— J. Cox. _ 
vine booking agent of Chicago, te reported to 
have taken over a string of bouses formerly 
booked by Coney Holmes, Including theatre. 
In this city. Portsmouth, Jackson. Alliance 
and Akron, Ohio, and McKeesport an" 
Fslls. Pa. It Is said that Cos Is 
get houses I n four other Ohio cit ies 


Des Moines; la.. Jan 7 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — Six costumes snd the scenery for the 
entire first set of The Girl in the Kimono 
were levied upon Monday morning by the Jeffer- 
son Theatre Program Company, of" Chicago, for 
an Indebtedness or t*»-. alleged to have been 
contracted by Wm. Zlegfeld, manager of the. 
show; for circulars, programs, etc. Manager 
Milliard, of Foster's Opera House. adjusted 
matters so tbst the performance of the com- 
pany wsa no t Interfered with. 


'Helen May Butler, the band le 
Itlng friends In Cincinnati. She - 
offers under consideration to direct hsnds snd 
orchestras, snd It Is quite likely that Ibe 
will accept sn orchestra position In Cincinnati. 

ti III take out her band, .s . J M 

will sreen 
[ Later She 

JANUARY 14, 19.11. 

The Billbo a r a 

"How dear to mjr heart are the. aeenee of 'my cl 
When food racoUcctlona preaent ttaem to view." 

I •' 

There are probably no words more beautifully coined from the En- 
glish language and from the. pen of our famous American writer than 
the above lines. They almost parallel the sayings of the Nazarene. All 
nations have their sentiments, which when thrown together form one 
world-wide, great sympathetic thought, which are chained together as 
one single mind, from which is born the ever-mystic words, "Love of 
childhood memory days." 

What childhood life has been complete without its romance of fai- 
ries, "the cute little people" of the woods, the mysterious elves, their 
pranks and their moonlight. roamings? 

The fairy tales of youthful days have taken actual-form. The Lil- 
iputian Village, now a fixture, and one of the great Paris life features, 
is a living dream, and as one wanders around this toy-like city, with tiny 
houses, horses no larger than dogs, and coaches that bring to mind the 
transformation of the pumpkin, as in the well-known fairy tale of old, 
and the little people themselves, one feels like a giant, who in his wrath 

might crush any one of these midgets with the uplifting of a foot. 

Our minds may revert back to 
the days of good old King Arthur's 
court, or old King Cole, "who was a 
merry old soul," and we find our- 
selves thinking of that wonderful 
little man known to the wide world 
as Tom Thumb. The name will 
probably never pass away, but will 
last as long as eternity. 

Phineas Taylor Barnum, the 
world's greatest showman, was the 
lucky gentleman to give to the 
American and European public a 
chance of seeing and talking with 
Tom Thumb, His wife, Minnie War- 
ren, and Commodore Nutt, all of 
whom the writer of this sketch was 
acquainted with. Using Mr. Bar- 
num's language to the writer, so as 
to make no mistake, I will try and 
quote him as near as I can remem- 
ber. In November, 1842, Mr. Barnum, at Bridgeport, Conn., heard 
of. a remarkably small child, and at his request, his brother, Philo F. 
Barnum brought him to the hotel. "He was not two feet high; he 
weighed less than sixteen pounds, and was the smallest child I ever 
saw that could walk alone ; but he was a perfectly formed, bright-eyed 
little fellow, with light hair and ruddy cheeks, and he enjoyed the best 
of health. He was exceedingly bashful, but after some coaxing, he was 
induced to talk with me, and he told me that he was the son of Sher- 
wood E. Stratton, and that his own name was Charles S. Stratton. Af- 
ter seeing him and talking with him, I at once determined to secure his 
services from his parents, and to exhibit him in public. I engaged him 
h*t four weeks at three dollars ($3.00) a week, with all traveling and 
boarding charges for himself and his mother at my expense. 

"We came to New York City Thanksgiving Day, December 8, 1842, 
and I announced the dwarf on my American Museum bills as "General 
Tom Thumb." I took the greatest pains to educate and train my dimin- 
utive prodigy, devoting many hours to the task by day and by night, and 
I was very successful, for he was an apt pupil, with a great deal of na- 
tive talent and a keen sense of the ludicrous. 

"I afterwards re-engaged him for one year at seven dollars ($7.00) 
a week, with a gratuity of fifty dollars at the end of the engagement, and 
the privilege of exhibiting him anywhere in the United States, in which 
e\ ent his parents were to accompany him, and I was to pay all trav- 
eling expenses. He speedily became a public favorite, and long before 
the year was out, I voluntarily increased his weekly salary to twenty- 
five dollars ($25.00), and he fairly earned it." 

In 1862 Mr. Barnum also heard of an extraordinary dwarf girl 
named Lavinia Warren, who was residing with her parents at Middle- 
boro, Mass., and he sent an invitation to her and her parents to come 
and visit him at Bridgeport, Conn. They canie and he found her to be 
a most intelligent and refined young lady, well educated, and .an ac- 
complished, beautiful and perfectly developed woman in miniature. He 
succeeded in making an engagement with her for several years, during 

which she contracted — as dwarfs are said to have the power to 
visit Great Britain, France and other foreign lands. 

Having arranged the terms of her engagement, he took her to the 
house of one of his daughters in New York City, where she remained 
quietly while Mr. Barnum was procuring her wardrobe and jewelry 
and making arrange Tents for her debut. He purchased a very splendid 
wardrobe for- Miss Warren, including scores of the richest dresses that 
could be procured, costly jewels, and, in fact, everything that could add 
to the charms of her naturally charming little person. . V . 

She was then placed on exhibition at the American Museum, and 
from the' day of her debut she was an extraordinary success. Commo- 
dore Nutt was on exhibition with her, and although he was several years 
her junior, he evidently took a great fancy to her. One day Mr. Barnum 
presented to Lavinia a diamond and emerald ring, and as it did not ex- 
actly fit her finger, he told her he wpuld get her another one, and that 
she- might present this one to the Commodore in her own name. ' She 
did so, and an unlooked-for effect was speedily apparent; the little 
Commodore, felt sure that thL was a love-token, and poor Lavinia was 

in .the greatest trouble, for she considered herself quite a woman, and 

. ' •-. •- regarded- the Commodore only as a 

nice little boy. But she did not like 
to offend him, and while she did 
not encourage, she did not openly 
repel his attentions. Miss Lavinia 
Warren, however, was never des- 
tined to be Mrs. Commodore Nutt. 

However the old saying is that 
"love leveleth all matters," and Mr. 
Barnum was told that Mr. Tom 
Thumb had won the heart of Miss 
Lavinia Warren, and that the wed- 
ding day was announced. It cre- 
ated an immense excitement. La- 

t Wr ' ■ 

vinials levees at the Museum were 
crowded to suffocation, and her 

photographic pictures were in great 
demand. For several weeks she 
sold more than three hundred dol- 
lars' worth of her "cartes de yisite" 
each day, and the daily receipts at 
the Museum were frequently over three thousand dollars. 

At last the famous wedding day arrived, Tuesday, February io, 
1863. The cererony took place in Grace Episcopal Church, New York 
City, the Rev. Junius Willey, rector of St. John's Church in Bridgeport, , 
Conn., assisted by the late Rev. Dr. Taylor, of Grace Church, officiating. 
The organ was presided over by Professor Morgan. Nothing better 
could have been done by Mr. Barnum had the wedding of a prince of 
the royal blood been in contemplation. The church was comfortably 
filled by a highly select congregation of ladies and gentlemen, none be- 
ing admitted except those having cards of invitation. Among them 
were governors of several of the states, to whom Mr. Barnum had sent 
cards, and such of those as could not be present in person, were repre- 
sented by friends to whom they had given their cards. Members of 
Congress were present, also generals of the army, and many other prom- 
inent public men. 

Numerous applications were made from wealthy and distinguished 
persons for tickets to witness the ceremony, and as high as sixty dollars 
was offered for a single admission. But not a ticket was sold, and Tom 
Thumb and Lavinia Warren were pronounced "man and wife" before 
witnesses. Miss Minnie Warren, sister of the bride, and Mr. Commo- 
dore Nutt, acted as bridesmaid and groomsman to the happy couple- 
Rich men vied with each other in showing their appreciation of this 
wonderful little couple by showering them with a most miscellaneous 
assortment of gifts. A sewing machine, perfect in every detail, one and 
one-half feet in height, was given to Mrs. General Tom Thumb by a 
manufacturer. There was a piano no higher than the seat of a chair the 
keys of which were about the size of a blade in a small penknife, and 
with the full number of octaves; chairs, beds, etc., all made of the choic- 
est wood and upholstered in the finest satins, resembling furniture fit 
for the ordinary doll. Then, through the generosity of Mr. Barnum, 
who always took a great interest in the young couple, began a dazzling 

Ttie Billboard 

JANUARY 14,' tMT. 1 '. 

The AMusement 1 Week in America 



Begins Life at Royal Alexandria Theatre, Toronto— A Skill- 
fully Written, Intensely Interesting Story, 
saysjCanadian Critic 

DOtld).— At tbe matinee performance. Mon- 
day. Jsn. 2 -the Royal Alexandria Tbestre was 
«** of tli. first pubUc presentation of 

Jodlth Z.rslne. a four-art dram, written by 
C. M. 8. Sicilian, and produced by Lieblcr 
*, Oo. Lena AiihweU. who has bat recently 
r etain ed to America, baa tbe title rote. That 
tie play la destined to be one of tbe season's 
mrriMMa, la Indicated by tbe spontaneity of 
■ nprcelstlon and applause given tbe new play 
Its Initial performance. The Toronto World 
In proclaiming the merits of tbe 

David Murray.......... 

Colonel Pont If ei 

Oonrad Borihlskt....... 

Jack Borlnlakl 

lieutenant Trench..... 
I Jrti tenant Goodrich.... 


Judith Zaralne. 

.Charles Waldroo 

.......John R. Kellerd 

........ .Howard Kyle 

Gordon Johnstone 

i Walter Clinton 

.....Edward Lan c ford 
....Charles Dowd 
.Donald Gallabar 

ACT I — The Exert) tire Dfflce at the Tempor- 
ary Headquarter, of CoL POOtlf.1. MlnetoVn. 


ACT III— Ool. Pontlfex'a PriTste Apartment. 

at Iloadilusetoea. ' ' 

^.ACT IT— Judith Z are I of a Lodgings. Mltw- 

The play atagad by Ira Bards. 

Jndith Zaralne hsi a theme of gripping ha 

little 'more"dl«Tes.!oo lldllfQllr COMtnKt * d - ha * 
Have Its tragical side and tbe nSSS of the 
msln story Is artistic- and naturally contrived. 
The earlier denouement, sre well msnaged 
snd lead logically to the great climax In the 
third act where the protagonists en each side 
discard all pretence of courtesy and play ont 
the game to the last card. When the curtain 
rises, the andlence la at once Introduced to the 
executive I office of the ' temporary headquarters 
of Ool. Pontlfex. at Mlnetown. Ps. Three 
t ho us and men have been thrown ont of employ 
' through the action of the United Mining 

all In- 

Actresses Arrested 
for Joy-riding 

has stood ont and the company has established 
■ rival plant, and after a year's struggle ha* 
compelled him to close his works. The men 
sre niie.1 with deep resentment again it tbe 
trust and Its strong man, Darld Murray. 
Their leader Is Jndith Zaralne, an employe of 
Isaac's, who baa gained marked ascendancy 
orer them by her own personality and tbe ter- 
ror of her demands for righteous dealing. To 
maintain order, troops under Pontlfex hare been 

(Continued on page 60.) 

Memphis. Tenn.. Jan. 7.- -six lively ebons 
girls with The Midnight Sons Company 


city's principal afreet St a flfty-mlle-.n hour 
rate In a big touring car. When baled before 
tbe desk sergeant at the central police station, 
they the names of Mae Raymond. Florence 
Hay den. Marlon Stewart, Alice Stewart, Wil- 
lie Franklin and Ruth Allen. , 

Clarence Wela. manager of tbe Lyceum, where 
Tbe Midnight Sod. waa playing, came to the 
rescue or the party with forfeits of g-10 each 
for their appearance on charges of exceeding 
the speed limit. The chauffeur, woo sails under 
tbe name of Percy, was also held, but Mr. Wela 
allowed him to shift for himself. 

"My. this is awful. Isn't It?" sobbed one of 

marked another. 

. appeared 

the pretty girls, aa .he waited In the sergeant', 
office for some ooe to come to ball the" party 
out. "And we haven't had breakfaat yet.'' re- 
Tbey aU had breakfast and 



J. C. O'Brien's Famous Georgia Minstrels 
closed a very satlsfsetory season Dec. ST at 
Mobile, Ala., and shipped from there to Ar- 
gents, Ark., where the show will make its 
wlnterquartera. This show opened April IS at 
Hortoo. K.n.. and played Kansas. Nebraska. 
Iowa. North and Sooth Dakota. Minnesota. Ok- 
lahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi snd Ala- 
bama, and never lost a performance on tbe Ma- 
son. The .how will be overhauled, repainted 
and enlarged for tbe coming season snd will be 
tbe largest and best of its kind on tbe road, 
dr. O'Brien has purchased a 72 foot baggage 
" to baggage wagons, a 
two camels and all 

I will offer the most 

unique minstrel parade ever given. . Tbe show 
will play two a day. and bill the country. 
Many of the old faces will be with them and the 
beads of tbe departments will be virtually the 
same aa last year. 

This snow will be. an eye opener to tbe na- 
tives and also to some of the profession and 
expects to be one of the bread winners In tbe 
two car show business. '- 


Chicago. Jsn. 8. — wniard F. Wentwovth. aged 
75. who In early days was engaged actively In 
-'the promotion vif theatrical snd spr"rtl«|f/ ven- 
tures snd Ister In the hotel business. aTeO) Pee. 
28 st Wlnnetks from s complication of diseases. 



Setting Forth the Contemplated Plans 
Purposes of Eastern Theatrical Magnat 
Advance Notices of New Plays 

New York, Jan 7 (Special to The Billboard). 
—Baker A Caatle. the Arm that made Orau.l.rk 
f.mou.. believe they hare found a worthy suc- 
cessor to that sensstlonsl bit In Harold Mac- 
Gratb's novel, Tbe Goose Girl. Contracts bava 
been signed with the Bobbs-Mcrrlli Company 
which give this Arm the exclusive dramatic 
rights to The Goose Girl, snd also to The Pup- 
pet Crown, an earlier, hot no less Interesting 
novel by the same author. 

George D. Baker, of the firm, will make tbe 
dramatizations and James W. Castle will give 


kli personal attention aa director to an early 
spring production of The Goose Girl. The- 
production of The Poppet Crown will follow, 
probably tbe beginning of next season. Mr. 
Baker I. finishing a new Biblical play to which - 
the flrm will give s production st an early dste. 


New York. Jan. T (Special to The Billboard.) 
—Henry w. Savage's office on West 491 b •treel 
Is a veritable bee-hive of Industry three days. . 
Every minute of working time available In the 
twenty-four hours of each working day la con- 
sumed, and tbe proverbial Trojan application 
wblcb the impresario pots to bis multifarious 
duties Is met with usually exnltant co-ope rstioo' 
by the executive heads of his various depart 

Mr. 8arage*s enterprises this season embrace 
s wider range of theatrical attractions than- 
sre operated nnder any oi-er Individual man- 
agement In tbe amusement Held. Tbe comnanka 
now en tour nnder tbe Savage banner Include 
a trio of brilliant organisations presenting Bis- 
win's supreme drama of tears, Usdsme X. 
These compsnles sre classiaed as A. B and* 
C. and are booked with a view to playing the 
chief towns snd cities throughout tbe united) 
States during the current season. Company A, 
beaded by Dorothy Donnelly, and practically all 
tbe origins! New York cost. Is now In Its final 
week of s phenomenal six weeks' engagement 
at the Lyric Theatre In Philadelphia, and began 
Ita Boston -engagement at tbe Majestic Theatre 
oa December .26 (the Christmas holiday), where 
It la hooked to stay for tbe remainder of the . 
season. Company B Is scheduled for tbe prln- 
clpsl cities In tbe trsns-Mlssonrt territory snd 
tbe Pacific slope, wblle Company C Is meeting 
with phenomensl box-office returns . la - the - 
Mouth and Southwest. 

Tbe Merry Widow, the most successful oper- 
etts In tbe history or the Amrrlcsn stage. Is 
being, presented for Its third phenomenal sea 
son by two notable organisations, and an all- 
stsr revival or the perennial Plsley aod Ladere 
musical comedy. Tbe Prince or Pllaes Is keeping 
np tbe high-water box office mark wblcb It reg- 
latered eight years ago. Another of Mr. Sav- 
age's big winners Is Uoncktoo Hnffe's dainty 
comedy of Bohemlsn life, Tbe Little Dsmosel. 
wblcb tbe consensus of critical opinion pro- 
claimed to be tbe most unique '•ad beat acted 

(Continued on page BL) 

St Paul Theatre 


_. Minn., Jan. 0.— Tbe Shnbert Thes- 
tre here was robbed of $050 In tbe early morning 
of Jan. 8- Two men who .aid they were mem- 
bers of the company now playing at tbe thea- 
tre called from tbe outside to Edward Derndt. 
tbe watchman. They told him they wanted to 
go to their dreulng room. 

When he admitted them, be aays, tbey Im- 
mediately bound and gagged blm, entered th» 

wltfMtW^ia SL WttS 

the police. 


Chicago. Jan. 7 (Special to The Billboard).— 
Miss Marie Alice Perrln. whose repotetlon as 
an elocutionist snd entertainer ha. been es- 
tablished In tbe East. Is now on the Pacific 
Coast visiting her parents. Tbe theatres anil 
booking agents In Chlrsgo bsve naught hut 
praise for her and acclaim her as an artist of 
nnnsnal merit. Miss Perrln - . .plan, will -not be 
definitely announced until aftrr she bas realized 
on the several weeks of rest which have been 
deferred time and time again because of tbe 
demand for her appearance. 

Jud 'Lawrence bsa purchased 8. B. Brick's 
Interest In the Grand Amusement Company, op 
crating the Grand Theatre. Kenton, O. 

The Encounter 


Lotilavlllc. Ky., Jan. T (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board).— Last Monday night, at tbe Shnbert Ma- 
sonic Theatre. Margaret llllngton gave tbe pre- 
miere atage production of Tbe Encounter, a 
translation of Pierre Bertoo's lstest drams. La 
Rrcontre, wblcb was produced a little over 
a year ago at tbe Coroedte Theatre In 
Parts. The 


Newport. R. I.. Jsn. 8 (Special to Tbe Btll- 
hoardl . — Work oo tbe new Colonial Theatre at 
Newport, B. I., is progressing well under the 
dlrei ilnn of Thou. F. Keener. The theatre will 
be finished within s very snort time, and will be 
one of tbe finest In this part or tbe country. 
Tbe boose will bsve a seating capacity of 1,200. 


Newark. N\ J., Jan. « (Special to The Bill- 
board). — The partnership existing between Her- 
man IT. A. Schmidt and Christian Kurg. was 
dissolved last month, sod Mr. Schmidt remains' 
the sole , owner or the Olympic Park. Mr. 

all the obligations thereof, 

Miss Crosman's 
Scenery Delayed 

Hsrrl.bnrg, Ps., Jsn. 3 (Special to Tbe Bill 
board).— Tbe blunder of s clerk In the rail- 
road yards at Wllsea-Barre. Pa., compelled th ' 
Majestic Theatre to. return shoot two to peo- 
ple who wanted, to see Henrietta Cmaman In 
ber new play at a matinee performance. Jan. 
2. Through some error tbe car containing the 
scenery, properties snd costumes or the com- 
pany failed to arrive In this city until Iste In 
the afternoon, snd Miss Cmaman was obliged 
to tell a disappointed holiday matinee audi- 
ence that there would be no performance and 
that their money would be returned at tbe box 

By evening tbe belated bsggsge arrived and a 
crowded bouse laughed at the satirical bur 
leaque. Anti-Matrimony, with which Percy Mae 
Kaya bas provided Miss Croaman. 


Mrs. Marie Hart, wife of Billy Hart, and 
the pleasing little woman who made a decided 

kit at tbe Orpbeum during the past 
exceptional reasons for be] 

>elng j 

this holiday season owing to tbe fact that aba 
bsa discovered ber parents after bring unable to 
locate them for the past eight rears. 

Mrs. Hsrt comes from s family of circus per 
formers, and ber parents, the GUlame, have 
been with Rlngllng Brothers for several years, 
fourteen years sgo Mrs. Hart left ber parents 
to make a reputation for herself la the theat- 
rical world and be It known that she baa ac 
compllafaed this feat to a marked degree. 

Mrs. Hgrt .sent ber 

graph to an Eaatern theatrical publication' (The 
Billboard) and It waa tenrorlnred with the re- 
sult that she received s letter from her parents 
laat Saturday. Needless to say she la -highly 
elsted snd at tbe close of their present con 
tract on tbe Orpbeura Circuit. Mr. and Mrs. Hsrt 
will go to Mount Pleasant. Texas., for aa ex- 
tended visit with Mrs. ii.rt's parents, who 
now bare a small clrcna of their own. Thrtr 



Lexington. Ky. Jan. T (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board).— The Stale Board of Agriculture, foe 
eatry. and Immigration, at Its. meeting here oa 
Wednesday, changed the date for I lie opening 
of the state fair st Louisville from Sept. 11 to 
Kept. . 4. > Tbe cbsnge wss tnsile to avoid con- 
flict with the dates of the stare fairs of, Otus 
snd Indiana snd to secure some or tbe ex- 
hibits that will be made at those fair*. . 

JANUARY 14, mi. 

The Billboard 


j f s 

Latest Vehicle of *the Famous Belasco Star a Worthy Suc- 
cessor to The Music (Master — Premiere of The 
Return of Peter Grimm Given in Boston 

a, Mas*., Jan. 7 (8peclal to Ths Bin 
board).— That In Tba Return of Paler Grimm, 
which waa given lu ' premiere .presentation on 
Monday night at tbe Hollls Street Theatre, Da- 
rld Warlleld baa a vehicle tbat la a worthy 

>f opinion of those who witnessed the produc- 
tion. Oblivions of all the hackneyed means of 
•tag*" trickery. Oat Id Belasco baa constructed 
tloag aplrltnallatlc lines a drama that haa em- 
in It a aovdty of .object (handled, of 

•ess) : i a composition that takes its poaltlou 
« mong the literary gem* of the it ace. 
Its them* la tbe return of a lovable old 

Dutchman's goal to the boose when be 11 red 
In flesh, refer Grimm Is a gardener. In bis 
some were Kathertso, a little girt whom he 
adopted; Frederlk, bis nephew; James Hanman. 
sis serretsry; and Wlllem, tbe little son of 
nana Marie, daughter of bis old servant. Mar- 
ts, who bad fled through tbe sham* of WUIen'a 
cooing. In . ths opening act It la . learned 
through, s gossiping clergyman'a wife that Pe- 

ter bss not long to lire, and he la dragged Into 
• compact wltb bis old friend and physician to 
tbe effect tbat whichever dlea first shall 

aod apeak to tbe other. If tbe « 
foornT't^ - Id" "nd n Vn r teS rl 'tnV"co. 

back and 
hack " 


The old man desires, more than anything sis*, 
the marriage of his nephew and Ksthrlen, and 
he exerts from tbe girl her promise to be mar- 
ried wltblo ten days. Bta Joy la great. Then 
aa a contraat to tbla happy stmospbere, Peter 
la found dead In bla chair. 

In the second act, while bis frtenda are quar- 
reling over hla will. Peter Orimm comes bsck 
to bis Ilrlng room. He hss found oot ths vll- 
" who la a rak* 

• back to pra- 

_ his dying request. 
No one on the stsge sera him: no ooe will take 
kls message. It la little Wlllem who hears 
him at least, sad through the boy he gets 
across thonneeeage of Fredetlk's guilt— for nod- 
erlk Is reslly tbe fsther of little Wlllem. 

In tba la* I aet Peter Qrlmm'i spirit hss sera 
the glrL aafelT In tbe arms of the secretary, 
whom ah* lore*, and he atari, back to the 

lalny of Predertk. hla nephew, 
and apender. and be haa coma 
sent the marriage that was his 

Airdome Managers 
Hold Meeting 

Dallss. Tea.. Jan. T (8peclal to Tbe Bill- 
board). — At a meeting of the airdome manager* 
of the Southwest, held In Dallas, tbe managere 
agreed on the policy of giving . small first 
money contract to companies In order to pro- 
tect them In ran* of a rainy week. The alr- 
domea represented were Little Bock. Hot 
Spring*. Ft. Smith.- Ark.: Paris. Denlson. 
Sherman. Orcenvtlle. McKlnney. Cycle Park 
Dallss. Tyler. PslesUo*. Corslcsns. fUIlsboro. 
Clobnroe. Wrsthertord. El Reno. Lawton and 
the Northern Oklahoma dome*. A tew of tbe 
Ksnass alntomre were represeoteed by prosy. 
It waa agreed that tbe airdome sesaon waa to 
open May • 1 and continue to Sept. in, the 
southern domes opening a little earlier than 
tbe Northern domea because of weather condi- 

Tbe exclusive booking was placed In the 
hands of if. c. Turner, manacer ntsts Tbcst- 
rlcal Exchange. 010 Wilson Bldg.. Dallas. Tex., 
to arrange route* and term* with the various 


The routes are to be so amused that com- 
psnlos can play one or two weeka In each *~ 
aa their repertoire will permit. 


Augusts. Oa.. Jan. • (Special to Tbe Bill- 
board) — Saturday night marked the do** of a 

aJ. — '""y-*"* weeka for the 8mlth Oreat- 
er Show*. Snnday the ahow pulled Into wtntcr- 
"!?£'"? nr,,T ' About seventy people remained 
the ahow and will "winter" In Augusts. 
The, weather had been very bad for the, past 
five or. alx weeks. With exception of these 

;^o1r*'w.,h h Vb.^0 0 W ^"h.d th : 

Two deaths brought gloom ov*r ths company 
during tbe season: tbe Brat. Mme. Jaelnta. who 
died In Birmingham the week before the show 
opened In Annlslon. and W. J. Marin. Who died 
of heart failure while on an 1.. A N. krstn go- 
ing towards his home In Madlaonvlllc. Ky. Both 
of these pnrtlra veers well-known among circus 
and carnival people. 

Conaldersble repair work will ho done to vein 
terqusrtsrs aa It has been a long, hard season 

■Vy gggTO g ton "" B3r , wm n 


,,,a '» *■»• » <8p**lal to T«* Blll- 
»oanll .-Anneti. Kellermsnn broke -all rco 
SSi Vi 1 * N ' w 9P* *wMtM during the first 

SSr * Wriai tttisus 

ooerry. ' ■ " 


haautlfnl land that Ilea behind the mystery. 
Bat be does not go alone. On hla shoulder as 

house tbrongb and through. 

Throughout the three acta the acting waa 
brilliant. Mr. Warfleld struck no falae notea. 
Briton as Wlllem waa wondei 


Will be Attended by Blue Ribbon Winners from All 
in the Union— Opening Date Set for ' 
January 30th 

Columbus. O.. Jan. 7 (Special to The BDJ- 
board).— The national corn exposition, which 
will be held st tbe state fair grounds, Jan. 30 
to Feb. 11. la not accurately named. Not alone 
will corn be shown, but all other kinds of grain 
and grasses aa well. 

It will be an exhibit of winner* at different 
agricultural shows snd a art cultural meetings 
throughout the country. Mora than SS state* 
will have competitive exhibit* and 23 state 


a a 

Appearing In The Speckled Band. 

direction of Chaa. Prohman. 

Baby Davis 

Case Dismissed 

Lonlevtlle. Ky.. Jan. 7 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — Col. John T. Macauley. proprietor of 
Marauley*a Tneatre. and Francis Wilson, etar- 
rlng la The Bscbelor'a Baby, .appeared* before 
.Magistrate Prank Pacher to ■ aaswer charge* of 
.violation of the child. labor Isw rshTeh provide-, 
that children who are under .fourteen years or 
age shall not bo employed. WHson ha* aa a 
rnppnrtlng member of hla company. Stephen 
"Bsby" rtavla, an eight-year-old boy. and It 
waa because or hla appearanc* at Mecsuley's 
that the warrant* were sworn ont by the child 
labor Inspector. The co urt dismissed the case. 


Terr* Haute, ind. . Jan. ' 7 (Special to The 
Billboard). — W. II. Bran* haa formed a new 
vaudeville circuit, booking family theatre* In 
Indiana aod Illinois. Tbla exchange la known 
aa The Inklsns Vsudevllle Manager*' Associa- 
tion, and Is booking In conjunction with 
Morris, inc. The exchange la located to tha 
Ball Building. Ml South Fifth street. 

< r — • : — S 

Ths K. of C Oper* tlome at Elllawbod. Ksn.. 
<T January • with tb* Lel" 
The theatre .la a new i 
. on the ground floor 
ont BOO. . ... ,-«.r. 
t.-i st.'ii 

Misplaced Wire 
Injures Actress 

Danville, ill.. Jsn. 7 (SpecUl to The Bill- 
board). — Mrs* Kittle McCoonell. appearing with 
her »l«ter at the Lyric Theatre, dipped aa she 
wss making her entrance at her Initial entrance 
this week, snd was nesrly thrown over tbe 
footlights Into the orchestra nit. tbe .<*-l 
dent betig canaed by a misplaced electric light 
Although her ankle waa badly sprained 
nt on with bee aet. but was furred to 
from the program for the rest *f the 

•he went __ 
retire from 


Jackson. Mich.. Jan7 S (Special to Th* Pill 
board).— Al n. Tyrrell, black face cocaedlan. 
who quit the road several month, ago. on ac- 
count of ill health. Is very sick, and- haa been 
removed to the city hospital for treat men t. 
Bright** disease Is th* aliment. This city Is 
Tyrrell's hocoe. -.- • 


. Chicago. 111.. Jan. a (Special to The Btll- 
board^.— The^new Auditorium Rhnk^^st Monroe 

iTtoinaLctTnr . rSVer^and SS; %t£f*i. 

eonslatlng of six Imperial fine- 
ry created • sensation with the 

close of the 
to Madison 8,_ 

Other acta secured thus far Include Millie 
Martha. European rldmg act: Delmorv and On- 
elta, eqalUbrlata; arana Rood, formerly *qn*a- 
trian director with the Bells nolo Circus, who 

will produce a burlesque Jockey set: th* DOUS- 

enta troupe of European aerlmllata: Janae*. XC 
Hardy, high wire artist; th* " 

to aa aerial act: Geisha girls, George Hi 
and hla troop* of clowns snd ■ troop* of 

sUlan acrobats. 


Erie. Pa.. Jan. 7 (Special to The BOIboard). 
— Ralph Melville iruubar. treasurer of the Col 
oulsl Theatre, waa married last Monday to Miss 
Willi* ma Elinor Abbey. Tbe ma rr lags waa 

performed at the bom* of Mr. Dunbar's parents 
on West 7th street. Tbat evening after th* 
show tbe employes of the theatre and th. por- 


fooluib pre*en> 
Ml, cradle*. < 

ita auch as wash tuba, coal buck- 
ate.. C. R. Cummins, manager of 
the theatre, on behalf of those present, pre- 
sented Mr. and Mrs. Onnbar with a beautiful 
loving cup. The Billboard joins la wlahlng Mr. 
and Mrs. Onnbar many year* of happiness 
" their trouble* will be "little 

snd slso 



W. Vs. 

the Hippodrome snd will 

devote his time to tbe promotion of another 
vaudeville theatre In this city which will be 
known ss the Orpbenm. It la proposed by those 
promoting the Orpheum to build a modern thes 

tr* to play vaudeville. Img . •* w*U-l 

having been 

Al. O. Field's 


Howard Pew 


ti IlK 

ager Howard Pew. who la now aaaoclated 

with- CoMnctor Warren K. rales and to* 

American Band and Orchestra, of Preridenej. 
returned on tbe 8. 8. Cedrlc; on New Tear 1 * 
day. from two months spent In Europe, which 
time waa apent mostly with the Urge sym- 
phooy orchestra a snd other organisations t> 
Berlin. Psrls. Brussels snd London. Mr. Pew 
waa on* of « large social gathering la Berlin 
of tbe American mnatral students at present 
studying there, and to London was th* h onored 
gueat of a special banquet given at the Hot 
born restaurant by the musical member* of the 
Masonic order In London, and slso aa Invited 
guest st tbe private view given to the musical 
profession of the new Palladium, the latest 
snd moat magnificent music hall of Lni 
which sests nearly 5.000 people, and tn 
tlon to the regular mnslc hsll sttractloos. 
be th* hall used by th* London Symphony *.r Its home concert*. 

Mr. rew will devote, hi* Immediate atten- 
tion to closing up tbe summer hooking* of the 
American Band and Orchestra, which t»U 
sin I sssfllltj mansged last summer, after which 
be expect* to be able to announce tbe coming 
tours Of the highest elas* music In En rope, for 
which he negotiated while sbroad. Th* A merles* 
Baud will be conducted tha present sesaon by 
Mr.' Warren- R. Pates, a very prominent man of 
affairs la New England, who la girted with 
very high mnstrsl attainment*. Mr. Rowen H. 
Church, the.fasaon* cornet player, will remain 
with the. organisation aa comet soloist and ss- 
s! at sot director. There will be no change W 
the leading soloists of tbe old and fa moos hand, 
who have helped to make it famous for grsno 

I. will 

y Or- 


Columbus, O.. Jsn. 7 (8pecisl to Tba BlU^ 
wrdl. — Contrary to areoeeSI evpeet.HorSK tna 
arreet car atrike In Coldmbus last -omroerdW 
not create a deficit la the Stat* Pair<L The 

and the expense* $79,108.01. 

.Th*. preceding fstr earned tlT.OflO and a bet- 
ter soowtvuT would have been mad* ta 1910 hso 
It not been that extra •dvertlalna: snd higbsr 
premloma wrr* furred by th* strike. 
. The State Board of Agriculture hss decided 
that it would psy th* county fair per espita 
boons upon tbe new census. This means tnss 
SS connly fslr associations will recelre less 
this ye*r tbsn formerly, bnt the Increases else- 
where, will likely wine, ont any gstn. 

UiSsrVTi 1 e 


The Billboard 

JANUARY T4, 1917. 

The Amusement Week in Chicago 



Former Charges letter with Negligence fanjallowing Sale of 
TheatrQ /J?as£es— W. VV. Freeman to Alan age Garrick, 
Lawrence J. Anhalt to be Press Representative 

■ ,.4Mcaso, fan. 7 (Special to The Btlltward). - 
Theatrical c»rc9e» In Chicago were set agog 


'that Herbert O. Dace, muvet at the Garrick 
(Theatre, and western representative of the 8hu- 
berts. had resigned. It ni alleged that there 
was a wholtmlt sailing of raearii going oa and 
■'that <tbe receipts of the Shobert enterprlaea In 
'Chicago were becoming very null. Mr. I. J. 
*bnbert was called to Chicago by hie reprcsen- 
tattvo In oader that the source might he de- 
-tanateed. The result waa that Mr. Dnce waa 
' hand In bis resignation which he did 
'7. Mr. Shnbert In hla canvass of 
_> speculators In Chicago bought ■— i 

local attract Sena, 
•a of the speculators waa interviewed 
claimed that tbeae passes were not fnmlahed 
m by- the msnagsra. hat were nsrrhssril 
1 those who have prominent advertlelng 
"•paoa and who are generally deluged with lltho- 
grapha advertising local attractions. The m- 
Mf -la that .they cannot get rid of the paaeea 
and the apacnlatora take them off their hands. 

The money loot by aaeana of thla i>aea syatem 
la aald to hare amounted to thousands ot dol- 
«*rs. Of cotrree. there are many roraora afloat 
tot nose of them seem to ha substantiated. Ap- 
parently there la nothing traceable to air. Dnce. 
who makes ths following written statement: 

••Mr. Shnbert made no charge agaiaat me 
other than that of negligence In the protection 
of the flhnbert Interests is the prevention of 
the alleged traffic in aaaaaa Mr. Shnbert 
-claimed that twenty-two passes had been sold, 
but be only displayed nine that were alleged to 
•save ha an sold. " 

"They were the regulation billboard paaeee. 
signed by the advertising agent of the theatre 
and distributed la the usual way through the 
*jtUpoeters. They had new passed through my 
- at an. and Mr. Sbnbert asked for my 
1 In the presence of witnesses on the 

Powell & Cohan 

Chicago. Jan. .7 (Special to The Billboard).— 
Mort H. Brager baa died suit through hla at- 
torneys against Powell and Cohan, managers of 
• maalral attraction, touring under the title 
of The Flirting Prince. That this attraction 
waa sent noon the road to - deceive playgoers 
and to lead them to believe that It was Mr. 
Singer's play. The Flirting Princess. Is the 
allegation. J. C. Williamson, the Australian 
theatrical magnate, baa cabled Mr. Singer for 


Chicago. Jan. 5 (Special to The Billboard).— 
Oet-Slch-Qulek Walllagford. with Its delight- 
ful story, la now In Its second month at the 
Olympic Theatre without tbe least evidence of 
waning In popularity. 

Bdgsr Selwyn'e Tbe Country Boy. at Powers' 

Theatre, la very well acted by a cast of players 

^■"oO DAYf* D£v?Q A£lfiCldj ^cltu Cftft^* 



Chicago. Jan. 7 (Special to Tbe Billboard).— 
Devil's Island, a French romance with Just 
enough or the military to make the play In- 
teresting and enhance the historical event npon 
which It la based, la thla 

_ holding forth 

at tbe Bltsu. John Line Connor and Margaret 
Neville, two old favorites, have the leading 
parts. Motile Crlsto. showing the waya of 
the gambler. Is the attraction at the Crt- 

. the borne of thrilling melodrama. 
Plney Ridge, telling a story of love, hate and 
le In the Tennessee Mountains, la the of- 
at Weber's. The Man of the Hour la 

at the 

on page 60.) 


Chicago, Jan. 7 (Special to Tbe Billboard). — 
On Sunday. Jan. 8. Tbe Jolly Bachelors came 
to the Lyric Theatre for a limited engagement. 
Tbe company Is said to have IIS people In It 
and Is headed by Stella Mayhew. Tbe cast 
also Include* Lucy Weston, the famous English 
music hall singer: Al. Leech, a vaudeville fav- 
orite; BUHe Taylor. Boy Atwell. ~ 
Norman Tharp, Nat Fields. Fl< 
and Maud Gray. 

of the $250,000 as- one afternoon .paper put It, 
when 1 walked oat ot the theatre on Wednes- 
day.. ' But after the publication of the state- 
ment In the 'morning - papers, friends came to 
me and offered me. more money than I. had seen 
for years. In addition to . which I' had offera 

of two positions. .If Mjr.^hubcrt Imagines him 

(Continiiea- ; 6n , L" 


Elicits Divers Opinions from Dramatic Critics — Play Lacks 
Action and Moves Along Somnolently — Excellent 
Acting of Principals Saves it from Mediocrity 

Chicago. Jan. 6 (Special to The Billboard') — 
On Jan. 1st, Tbe Great Name opened at the 
Cort Theatre. Tbla production la adapted by 
J. C. Harvey, from tbe German of Victor Leon 
and Leo Feld. The " 

ed In the cast: 

people are Inclnd- 

Joscpn Hofer Henry Kolker 

' Brand ..Rubs Whytol 



He baa 

by W. W. Freeman as Western representative of the 
with offices in Chlcsgo. 

Grand Opera 

Next Season 

Chicago, Jan. 4. (Special to The Billboard). 
— At a meeting of the Board of Directors of tbe 
Chicago Grand Opera Company, It was decided 
to continue Grand Opera In Chicago and to make 
the season of 1911-12 one of ten weeks, tbe same 
as last year. It la stated that elgbt or ten op- 
eras new to Chicago will be produced next sea- 
son. Mr. Dlppel, as general manager, and tie- 
fonte Campanlnl, aa general musical director, 
were unanimously chosen to 
Tbe present outlook la 
will not only close without a 


Said and Seen 

in Chicago 


_ to The Billboard).— 
of Lower Berth 13, will 

Chicago, Jan. 7 
Anna Fltxbugb 
soon take a flyer 
In an act called 
staging the piece. 

Joeepb M. Harris has lessed tbe old Pineapple 
Opera House, In Thlrty-nrst street, esst of In- 
diana avenue, renamed it the Oubliette, and is 
running It on the two-a-day system. His broth- 
er, Chaa. K., is not interested In too theatre, 

(Continued on 



Chlcsgo, Jan. 5 I Special to The Billboard) 

The Dawn of a To Morrow, which last season 
waa successfully produced st the Grand Opera 
House, returned to that theatre on Monday 
night, Jan. 0 with Miss Gertrude Elliott In tbe 

Bupert Lang Harry Mrs layer 

Ludvrlg Man hard Samuel Edward. 

WIgand Andrew Robsun 

Tristan ..- Robert Tansey 

Stephanie Delias Gertrude Dallas 

Mrs. Hofer Lbjale Hudson Collier 

Clara Brand -Frances Gaunt 

Isolde Brand -.. ..Ruth Cnittartoo 

Mrs. AsptnwaU BUa Lortcoer 

Anna Dorothy Walters 

Frederic Hatton. of Tbe Post, had the fol- 
lowing to say: "Entering timidly and uncoo- 
ndently Into ths province of musical termin- 
ology, we would define Tbe Great Name aa an- 
dante rather than allegro. It wanders along In 
a leisurely and unhurried fashion, hat we 
foand It thoroughly a comedy of character; It 
grappled oar Interest, and when It waa all 
over tbe feeling remained that atar and play, 
taken together, bad provided a " 
lng'a entertainment." 

James O'Donnell Bennett, of Tha 
Herald: "Mr. Kolker has fervor, feel 
end his acting Is vivid. Mr. 
. mose, ss be usually Is. bat, 
rather real about It. His method Is 
exact. A delightful girl named Ruth 
Ingenue part exqoleltely 
the one hand nor braah 


Chicago, Jan. 7 (Special to The Billboard). — 
Ma J. C- F. Rhodes, general manager of the 
Young Buffalo Wild west, returned to Chicago 
from Lexington, Vs., last Thursday, where he 
bad been to attend the funeral of hla father. 
F. B. liberies, one of ths local mercantile men 
of Lexington, ills father waa 75 yeara old. 


at Princess 

Chicago. Jan. -7 (Sp 

to Tha Billboard).— 

id coster singer, came to the fTin- 
e on Sunday nlgbt. Jan. B In a 
which he is part author called 
rd. In this production ha la gives 


Albert Chevalier. the distinguished London 
comedian and coster singer, csms to ths Prin- 
cess Theatre 
comedy of 

Daddy Dotard. . 

opportunity to sing his famous ballads. In 
thla plsy Chevalier appears as an old French 
comedian who has wasted tbe beat part of his 
life In the laslneae of a Bohemian career and 
la worshipped aa a good-fellow by all who know 
Mm. However, there cornea a time when some- 
thing of greater importance thsn mere fun de 
manda hla attention. Thla In tbe shape of hla 
beautiful daughter who la eager to become as 
famous an actress aa waa her father an actor. 
The opportunity la given her. bnt It reqi " 
tbe assistance of her old father to lead 

through tbe many oasts 
who U high op In thee 

whorove. 00 . , nd t °..'i?ved h 'b 

by the daughter. 


Jan. 4 

— Tbe Broilers of The Time. 

(Special to The Billboard). 
. .he Time, the Place and the 
Girl Company (Western) have organised a club 
and named It the Patsy Club. Tbe members are 
Elolae Moody, president; Rose Wllllsms. tress- 
nrer: Daisy Cornell, secretary; ftortne Dunham. 
Marie DeMace. Emily Foils and Lillian Folto. 
They gave a Christmas party on December 24. 
In their dressing room In tbe Grand Opera 
House, at Seattle, Wash., after tbe matinee per- 
formance. They had tbe room decorated In the 
usual Christmas style, necessitating a large 
tree, which waa there In all Its aplendsr. The 
honor of being the only guest fell to Mr. Ives, 
the property man of tha theatre, he and the 
members of tbe organisation being the only ones 




the various merropo] 
Tbe show Is now In Its 


Chicago, Jsn. a (Special to The Billboard).— 
victor Moore renewed his acquaintance with 
Chicago In Tbe Happiest Nlgbt of His Life, 
last Sunday night at the Colonial Theatre. The 
production Is made by Fraaee ft Lederer, while 
the book of tbe new niece Is the joint wom of 
Junto McCree and Sidney Boaenfeld and the 

JANUARY 14, 1911. 

X ti e Billb o a r d 


The Vaudeville Week in Chicago 


New Venture Attended with Variable Degrees of Success. 
Gladys Vance and The Count Divide Headline Honors. 
Aerialist Works Under Disadvantages. 

Chicago, j.d. 7 (Special to The Billboard).— 
Tlie bill that waa presented at the Bush Tem- 
ple Theatre tbls week, where Manager Walter 
Shaver la playing TandeTllIe to fill tbe sap prior 
to tbe opening- of Wlnnlnger Brother, next 
week, waa Terr good taken aa a whole, bat waa 
not without Its drawbacks. Tbls waa dne, how- 
ever, to tbe fickleness of fate, tbe newness of 
the offering and to tbe tact that the stage 
hands snd orchestra bad not yet acquired tbe de- 
sired tela work. It being the opening night of 

tbe bill with a son- 



Gladye Vance, singing comedienne, offered 
two songs, I'd Like Another Sliuatloo and 1 
Don't Care. She waa given a good hand and 
waa' tbe recipient of two curtain calls. 

Dayton and Edwards. In • comedy aketcb, 
which bid to do with tbe marrying of a daugh- 
ter. Kitty, by one woman, and tbe selling of 
a horse, Kitty, by another woman of tbe same 
name, waa very suggestive, even to tbe -oint 
of being vulgar, and they would do well to 
seek another playlet. Hie applause they re- 
ceived waa for their rendering of tbe skit, 
which waa very good, and not for any of tbe 
rlaqnenese of tbe offering. 

Burkbardt and Barry, In song and dance 
were -ladly reoeaved and were well worth all 
Of the applause given them. Their pavement 
natter was of exceptional merit and waa well 
handled by tbls celebrated team. Mia* Barrr. 
who changes from street clothes to tbose of e 
smsll girt bandies ber part sr 
very ludicrous with her avolrdui 
tbe clothes of a three-year-old. 

Tbe Tour Flying Baovarde. In a eating act. 
as signified by tbelr title, were seen at a dia 
advantage, being cramped for apace aa they 

the baojo— which -e also play, well, and the 
"and company" (colored), is some dsncer. Tbe 
selection from Tbe Chocolate Soldier. In which 
they both take part, waa a riot, and they held 
tbe curtain severs 1 minutes. 

Balph Cummlngs and Company. In a comedy 
sketch, hare a T/ery good offering. They both 
handle tuetr lines well, put over some good 
and fiulsh with a weak ending, which. 
. la not the fault of their acting. With 

■ stronger 
Count it 

Personal and 


Chicago. Jan. 7 (Special to The Billboard).— 
On Dec. 18, the unexpected arrived at the home 
of Mr. and lira. Checkers Von Hampton. In the 
person of a bouncing baby boy to the extent of 
eleven pounds. Both the mother and baby are 
doing splendid. It hss been beard that the 
little blonde couple bare given np tbe pro- 
fessions!, aa Mr. Von Hampton baa entered 
the producing business on his own behalf, and 
successful In staging 
atixm Olrle. 
and several 

la tn 

The Bosnian Imperial Military Band 
Chicago. Their offering It a nove" 
than one sense, and one which la „. 
the theatre patron*. The band la made np of 

Ity in more 
pleasing to 

both brass and string Instrument*. Balalaika 
la tbe name of tbe string Instruments which 
era on the order of our guitars, mandolins and 
nouns. The two Russian dancers help won- 
derfully In making the act a decided bit 

The Three Shannons are playing the Boyle 
time, and are making good wherever they ap- 
pear. The act waa formerly known aa the 
Four Shannons, but they were forced to omit 
the beet part of the specialty when Charley 
Shannon came In contact with the Child Labor 
Law. Young Charles wag ordered to take a 
rest, by this well-known corporation, and since 
then the other members of tbls well-known fam- 
ily find It pretty hard, ai they are forced to 
the act at home twice dally, for the 
who Instate be le not 

vaudeville musical comedy playlet, 
open aboot Jan. 15. The aet rung about 
forty mlnntee. with eight original musical num- 
bers, and It U said to be the most pretentiously 
staged act of tula kind ever played in vaude- 
ville. The cast la made up of well-known vau- 
deville people, and the entire company numbers 
sixteen In all. The pleylet la entitled. A Mar- 
ried Bachelor, and ahould prove to be a big 

playing In vaudeville tor the last 
, has caused a commotion among 
the hooking agents, ss she Is wanted on all 
aides by their managers. She has played return 
engagements with Miss Bright Decorator. In 
nearly every house booked by the Morris offlr 
snd Is now playing In her new playlet, en till 
The Little Mother, supported by a canal 

Billy Ward ha. been transferred to the Star 

since the Scbaffer. Jones and Unlck forces 
have taken the reins rn hsnd at this popular 
Weet Side house. Billy waa formerly atsge 
manager at tbe Comedy , which te now -known 
■a the Plana, and later at tbe WUIard. where 

• ; (Continued on p.g. 45,) 

on page 43.) 


One Score and Two Acts at American Music Jiall Vie With 
Other for First Honors— Twenty-Two-Act 
Policy to be Continued Indefinitely 

Chicago. Jan. 7 (Special to Tbe Billboard). — 
Without a headllner. but with sncb seta aa Cliff 
Gordon. Trovollo. William Morrow and Co.. 
Irwin snd Berxog and Tbe Great Alblnl on 
the bill, at the home of the twenty-two act 
program. It looks aa though William Morris, 
Inc., hss made good and lntenda to continue 
the policy forever. Last week capacity ruled 
at nearly every performance, and la It any 
wonder, when one stops to consider the quantity 
■nd quality of the shows, and the comfort of 
thla theatre 7 Cliff Gordon waa there with his 
German politician 


4 'Vt>t» /•«.#. 

Laurie Song 
and both an 


Trovollo and Co. present something neat, 
novel and entertaining lu tbe veutriloqulal lino 
In the production, entitles The ~ 
Inn. which contains rich, clean 
mechanical dummies that are an 
In tbe vaatriloqalal field. 

William Morrow and Co., and 
sketches oa laat 
tbe calibre 
to patrons of the Mu 
and Co. present a [ 

entitled Happy's Million, which Is 
over with comedy Haws and good acting. It 
a western sketch, which contains character* true 
to life and a story well thought out. The other 
sketch. That Annie Laurie Song, also la written 
around a good tbeaee anal to also of the Wear* 
Tbe characters in tale also handle tbelr line* 
well, and have aa opporinnlty to display 
acting, of which they take advantage? 
»ct San a corking good finds h, and waa weal 
liked by the patrons of the American at every 
performance laat week. 

The Greet Alblnl. closing the first half of the 
program, eanisd away high he Bora, aa to the 
rale wherever he appear*. Bven his assail 
trick a receive well-deserved applause, and hi* 
cabinet disappearances were decidedly mystify- 
ing Alblnl baa a line of psttsr that to only 
amusing when used by him In his droll manner. 

Irwin and Harsog. who mad* one of tbe big 
bite at thla bona* last season, were tbe same 
big hit, and sang tbe moot popular number* of 
tbe day. Both member* of thla f 
good voice* and use them to good . 

Something oat of tbe ordinary waa 
by Bavtoo and June, who offer aa tbelr part 
of the entertainment what la known as boom- 
erang throwing. The aet la a decided Barrel ty 
end I* both Interest tag and amusing. 

Juliet, who play* thla bona* rether fi e u as a tly. 
etlll continues to be a big drawing card and 
an excellent entertainer with her Imitation* of 

i as Harry Lander. Clarice 
ere and Veer 

Tbe Battle of Too 

Jt* Til ley. 
In Ed. Gallagher's , 
~ get many good 
peg* 40.) 

Chicago All-star 

Good Bill 

at Empress 

Chicago, Jan. 7 (Special to T>e Billboard).— 
The Empress, formerly the Trevett, Is now play- 
ing the Sullivan A Conildlne road shows. Man- 
ager Montagu* I* highly elated with tbe new 
policy, and although the bouse baa been enjoying 
good business since the S. A C. forces have taken 
charge, last week waa aa he termed It, "A Hum- 
dinger." Char lea De Haven and Jack Sidney, 
and the Matinee Girls, were tbe headline attrac- 
tion, and Franklin Ardell snd Company. Edwin 
George, West and Van Slelln. Jere San ford and 
the Bragsar Brothers made up the balance of 
the bill. Tbe Bragaar Brothers perform some 
very clever feats on the horizontal bar, and 
tbelr burlesque comedy I* of unusual merit. 
They are foreigners, who, aa a rale, overdue 
comedy and cause It to be tiresome, but not so 
with this pair, as their offering contains only tbe 
necessary amount, which la of tbe best in the 
comedy line. Jere Santord appeared eecood on 
tbe program and entertained with song*, talk and 
whistling. Jere la also a yedler of no mean ability 
and waa weU liked by the Woodlawaite*. Frank- 
lin Ardell and Company appeared in Tbe Suf- 
fragette. Thla sketch Is written along the tines 
of a good ' Idea, but his a tew dreggy momenta, 
which should he remedied, aa tbe aketcb la of 
the kind that la liked by most- any audience 
and offer* many openings for new thought*. Weet 
and Van Slelln, In an act entitled. The Apology, 
laxrodoced- * neat mrjalcal offering, which neces- 
sitate* the playing of such - Instruments ■■ the 
cello and saxophone. They 

on peg* 45.) 

The Bffl at 

the Majestic 

Chicago, Jan. 7 (Special to Tbe Billboard). — 
Another good vaudeville bill was presented at 
the Majestic laat week, a program of unusual 
merit, containing all of the nec e ss a ries of aa 
excellent entertainment. The bill waa bead- 
lined by Amelia Stone and Arm snd Kalian In a 
musical romance, entitled. Mon Amour. Claude 
OUllngwiter and Company. Tbe Casting Dunbar*. 
Dan Burke and The Wonder Ctrl*, and last, but 
not least, Ed. Wynn and 0*Malley Jennings 
were tbe other shining light* on this eleven act 

Tbe Savagee opened tbe abow with feat* on a 
revolving ladder, and although the act run* 
rather alow. It la not wanting la good Qualities. 
The male member of tbe team attempt* comedy, 
which Is out of hla line and ahould be omitted 
for the Improvement of the offering. When It 
to playing a number of different musical 
the MnUlnl Boo must be called 
lr specialty consists of solos and 
duets on French horns, cornet*, xylophones, 
saxophones and numerous other Instruments. 
Although they received a good hand at the flolab. 
It was nothing to what It should have been, 
which was doe to their early position on tbe 
bin. The Five Satsudas, gymnasts and eqnll 
Ibrtota, presented sixteen minutes of rest jug 
glint and comedy. The joggling a* presented 
by this troupe of Jap*, waa nothing short of 

marvelous, aa It ll done entirely by tbe feet. 
K. Mankiekl. the Japanese comedian, ha " 
Of this novelty In hla 


Idas. Oymaaata and nVmll- 
leatlc. No. 5; ran Stage, 
ltatlea*. American Music 

A — The tie* Sateudas. 

tbrtats. Msjaatlc 
B — Juliet (TJ, Imltatl 

_ Hall, No. 0; In < 

C — Trovolio A Co., Veatriloaulal Act. Ameri- 
«. ^..tS" M ? ,k: HmU i No- 1»: Full Stag*. 
D — William Morrow A Co.. Comedy Playlet 
_ American Music Hall. No. 14; la on*" 
K — Fred Dopres, Blnglag Mcaasiosrlst. Ma- 

Jestic. No. 4; la oa*. 
F -De Haven A Sidney gad the Matinee 

Mslds Musical Production. Kmprwas. 

Np. «; Open la on*, cloee la run 

edy Sketch. Majestic. No. S; Nl 

I— Cliff Cordon. Comedian. 
_ Hall. NO. 18: in one. 

*r3!^ t — D * atMn ' ******* M: 


Chicago, Jan. 7 (Special to The Billboard).— 
The Casino baa been doing go*d business sine* 
their opening laat November. Manager gegaB 

rl^.i^J , ^ 0 "**7rL. tt *. oTetow*. both 
la quantity and quality, has Installed a good 

P«<* of Ugnt. frsshi* .nS 
fortabt* mat*. Whst more could one wtahat 
tan and twenty rent. 7 Tbe tKsran snlmb. 

^.™ k ' , • Iu ?°*" coot ainraVtorTmaaTeet* 
of the singing class, waa excellent. Tb* Arling- 
ton Trio opened the bill with * hlghilaae sing, 
lag act. They are neat appearing, have Mod 
voice*, and know what to sing and bow. Wilson 
Bandy and Neale followed the Arlington SB 
and did very well In song* and dance*. Tb.y are 
still doing the old sand Jig. aad get more oat 
of tt than one would surmise. After two slag- 
tog* acta, the Three Valentine* displayed soma 
very clever work la the casting line, aad al- 
though they are not marvelous, they get away 
very nicely, and make aa excellent aet for the 
smaller time, aad a good act for a minor position 
on tb* bills of the big time. MeKlsafehaaS 

iV" -£! nrUl ^ }** »«>*7»». aad did 
T f7 w* 1 ' In songs and dance* along tb* Has* 
of other colored entertainer*. The male member 
of the team has a fair vole*, aad should do 
more la the straight, aa his kid max*- up as 
entirely uncalled for. With thai change the 
act should appear to better advantage, aa a 
high, clear soprano vole*, which waa used to 
food advantage In a Spanish number, by bis 
partner, is one of quality aad volume. . bigot 

K& 2**?5 ■WA "Q SS C SA *kit in which 

atlll Stream La featured, with two special drops 
and special light effects. The We* iTgood^ 

. on page SO.) 


The Bil lb o a r d 

JANUARY 14, itii. 

The Vaudeville Week in New York 


nary Bill Framed Up from the List of Acts Presented 
int he Metropolis' Vaudeville Houses During the Past 
Week, with Arrangement Suggested 



I " 

ea. Athletic 
Fifth A venae. In One. 
B — Blake's Pony Circus. 

American Music Hall. Poll Stage. 
C — Arlington roar. Messengers in Staging 
and Dancing. 
Colonial. In Ooe. 
On a Side Street. 
rUtb Avenue. Fall Stage. 

■— Mnaikal OlrU. Fire Charming Ester 

Fifth Avenue, Full Stage, 
r— Teata Victoria, English Singing Come- 

American Music Hall, In One. 
0 — Joe Welch In At Ellis Island. 

American Muntc Hall. Fall Stage. 
H — George^ Ana tin Mom. Character Vocal- 

Colonial, In One. 

a wealth of material from which 
re most be exercised lest the All- 
this week Is too rich. . Were It 
ramfMT 1° Include everything of merit on the 
local T»udevllle boards, the result would be a 
program that It would he Impossible to live np 
to the sessoo through. The. post of honor Is 
conceded to Homer Miles and Company, with 
their sketch of metropolitan life. On a Side 
Street. An obnoxious police regulation la made 
the frame for a convincing story blending com- 
edy and heart Interest. Mr. Miles, both actor 
and author, ll to be congratulated for giving 
us something new. . Novelty likewise character- 
ises Joe Welch's sketch. At Ellis Island, re- 
vealing a little-exploited field of romance, the 
Immigrant atatlon at the threshold of the con- 
tinent. Vesta Victoria and Carrie De Mar were 
even contestants for the position of singing 
comedienne, bat Miss De Mar's previous Inclu- 
sion in the all-star bill left the field to her 
w-g"- K rival. Besides Miss DeMar. Joseph 
Bart bad another offering, A Night In a Turk- 
lab. Bath, which will possibly find place upon 
some future - bill, being crowded out by neces- 
sity to vary ^tbe^fea tores. ^Five 


Vaudeville Bills 

Colonial — Chan. Grape win and Co. In The Awak- 

ening of Mr. 


itte Twins, 


John B. 

; Clay 

Smith and 

singing and dancing 
Great Golden Troupe, whirlwind danc- 
folk-songs: Namba Troupe. Jsp- 
Arthnr Deagon. singing mouol- 
" Marion, 

's Mew Berne: 
-ell and Simpson In A Stormy Hour; 
_ and Campbell. Piscatorial rursulta: Ed- 
win Holt and Company. In The Mayor and the 
Manicure; Three Livingstons, acrobats: Leon 
■ogee, imitator of musical Instruments; Van- 
Dliie. trained dogs; . Anna Chandler, 

Bronx— Master Gabriel and Co. in Little Tom- 
my Tucker: The Little Stranger, race track 
drama: Beatrice Ingram In The Duchess; Hen- 
ry Clive and Mae Sturgia Walker In fake 
magic: World and Kingston, ' 
bag; Vlttoria and Georgette.: 
Carr: Delro. 
at str en g th . 

Manhattan Opera House — Valeska Soratt and 
Company In Bouses V arte tea; Pat Rooney and 
Marian Bent In At the Stand: Avon Comedy 
Pour; Mr. snd Mrs. Mark Murphy; Oscar Lo- 
ralne: Cbasalno; Keasler snd Lee; Capt R eas- 
ier; Two Urol la. 

ruth Avenne Theatre — Max Rogers and Wm. 
Koib In the "delicatessen scene" from Summer 
Widower*: The Silver Bottle, miniature musical 
comedy, with Pauline Perry; Mrs. Gardner 
Crane and Co.. In . The Little Sunbeam; Hoey 
and Lee, Hebrew policeman: Taylor,. Kramt and 
White, pianologue: Lorch Family. . Blsley ar- 
tists; Ray Cox. Staging comedienne: will H- 
rox. wlaard of the piano; Sansone and Drills, 


New York,' Jan. 7 (Special to The BOlboard). 
—Broadway has been seeing quite a well-known 
circus figure during; these winter months In The 
person of Charles A. Chapman, manager of _the 
advertising car No. 1, Prank A. Rnbbtns Cir- 
cus. Charlie la In the beat of health and *n- 
notrnoes that bis winter employment. . ttafjof 
assisting his old srqusintance .formerly .with 
the Barnnm and Bailey Circus.' Prank Waldron, 
En the office of the Peausvlvanla Railroad Co_ 
Jersey City. N. J:. He la very proud of the 
sneeeas that his wife accomplished as preaw 
agent for the. Bobbins outfit during the past 

opened the second halt of the program with 
classic and popular musical repertoire. Geo. 
Austin Moore with his Inimitable vocal char- 
acterizatlona. and Odlva. the wonderful Saraoan 
swimmer, bsve demonstrated their tight to po- 
sition. Emtlle Lea. athletic dancer, opens 
the bill, being followed by Blake's Pony Clrcns, 
full of hilarious merriment becsuse of the so 
tics of the mole Msude. The Arlington Four, 

gar « <>t 


Gossip of the Vaudeville Week in Gotham— Bits of News 
Items of Interest to Members of, the Profession 
Near and Far— Miscellaneous Notes . 

: ■- — 

Percy G. Williams has scored another great 
coup on a par with bis signing of Adeline Ge> 
nee. the dsocer, for her first engagement In 
vandevllle over his circuit. Tbla Is nothing 
leas tbsn luring Nat C. Goodwin away from 
■ lie legitimate to become a vacdevllltan. Nat 
will make bis first appearance at the Colonial 
Theatre, New York, on January 23. In a one- 
act version of the play. Lend Me Five Shillings, 
ay he will play the part of Mr. Go- 

The American 

Music Hall 

Vesta Victoria, than whom' there Is no English 
comedienne more popular, on this aide of the At- 
lantic, beaded the big bill at William Morris, 
(Inc.) American Music Hall ' last week. She 
came with a brand new repertoire of songs, 
each of which, was sung with appropriately gro- 
tesque costume. They- comprised 8katlng, In 
an elastic bound bobble skirt; Arcady, in a cos- 
ter conception of a bucolic costume: and Now 
I Havs To Can -His Father, in a blanket dress. 
Her Infectious good humor, her droll personal- 
ity, and ber magnetism all contributed to arouse 
the American patrons to a high pitch of enthu- 
siasm; ■ nor would the applause subside until 
Vesta had consented to sing Poor John, one of 
her earlier- s u cce s s e s. 

The - other star feature of the bill was the 
sketch IntrodnclnK Joe Welch In hla new- Italian 
Impersonation. It la called at Ellis Island, and 
tells a. pathetic tale, of a poor Dago laborer, who 
saves sixty dollars by the most terrible deprl- 
vsttona to bring bla wife and "bambino" tn 
America, and then nearly suffers their Ions 
through deports - 
with which the 
la ' 

on page 51.J 

Big Bill at Fifth 
Avenue Theatre 

Billed as The International Comedienne. Car- 
rie De liar beaded a remarkable aggregation of 
talent at Keith and Proctor's Fifth Avenue The- 
stre last week. With separate settings for each 
number, snd with appropriate costume for each; 
abe successively appeared In bobble eklrt and 
suffragette numbers, as cbanteder. as a pajama 
kid In a song called Come to Bed. with appro- 
priate motion pictures to continue the theme 
while changing. for the next number, and aa ■ 
finale Three Dsys on the Ocesn. showing a sea- 
sick mslden on the deck of the 8. S. Luiltanla. 
The act made a pronounced hit. 

Another Joseph Hart set thst msde good was 
A Night In a Turkish Bath, which wss seen for 
tbe Drat time on Broadway. The scene showed 
tbe rest room, of a metropolitan Torklab bath, 
with four customers stretched nut on cots snd 
another being subjected to the tortures of tbe 
el-ctrlc light cabinet, where he bss been fori 
gotten by tbe attendant. When released. ' be 
proves to be a fat man; Mr. Jones, a drummer 
,0 f.J <lnlg nouse In New York He has cor- 
ral led two bra Icemen In an ' 
• mem td the b_ _ 
at the sport, and 

to tbe metropolitan agents 

by Sir- Wscbter. snd ap- 
Setn Kingston's City Tbe 

art. Gold and 
They were bo 
peered at Manager 

at re. Many commendable features bsve been 
worked Into their act, especially notable being 
the card boy entrance, where Moody enters In 
the bine uniform of a page, and vexes 8or 
Goodwin, who hands out tbe Information thai 
ber partner suddenly baa take: lick. Soma 
clever opportunities are worked In at this point, 
and she leaves tbe atsge In a tantrum at tbe 
seemingly untimely appearance of the card boy. 
keeping up her furious jabbering behind the 
scenes. Moody then slugs a single, exits, and 
Miss Goodwin imitates Eddie Leonard in bla 
Ida. Sbe exits, and the curtain rolls up dls 
closing Moody In a gold suit. Then the oppo 
site end rolls up snd reveals Miss Good wis 
dressed in sliver. A pleasant snog snd dance 
then brings on the final ezlL Gold and SUvet 

try before, and Is a good Illustration of 
aa act can be Improved when two original 
ra like the above pair pot their though t» 

Mr. I'hU Nash has booked Moody 
win for the week or Jan. 16, at Union Hill, M 
J. They will follow this np with time over the 
Poll, Keith and Sheedy circuits. 

Messrs G. Tagen, Tony Merrick and George 
Thurston, formerly of Williams' Imperlsls. are 
associated In a vaudeville act on the K. A P 
FamUy Department time. 

Howard and Alma are appearing at the ram 
lly Theatre in 125th street. In a new act called 
Tbe Old Arm Chair, which has been making a 
big hit during the live weeks that it has been 
out. The set was written fifty-two years age 
by Mr. Howard's father, but strangely enough 
has never before been presented- Mile. Alma 
will be remembered as the original Colonial 
singing girl. Mr. Howard msde a big persons! 
hit iaat year impersonating General George Cos 
ter and General U. S. Grant. At tbe end of 
the act, Howard and Alma make a character 
change to tbe bine and the gray. The act 
runs shoot twenty minutes. 

Davis snd Tnomdyke. 

are using Stern'* If I 
As I Can See Behind. 

Ed. Mlttsg baa Just been 
stage managership at Keith 
Street Theatre. He stock to hi* 
the recent strike, and his 

on page SL) 

Last Week 

Gertrude Hoffmann and her revue, roondrng 
out a fortnight's stay, waa tbe piece de resist- 
ance of tbe bill at Percy G. Williams' Colo- 
nial Theatre last week. Her program comprised 
the same features u last week, with tbe • 
Hon of Mendelssohn's Spring Song, wbf 
snpplsnted by a number . representing 
Duncan and a bfvy of claaslc-ltirtsM 
in old Grecian dances. Mlaa Hoffmann. In ask 
In* ber farewell appearance In vaudeville. .Baa 
chosen s vehicle tbst powerfully portrays her 
versatility. She presents almost every itylt 
of the (rrpslcboresn art from Eddie Leonardo 
"winging'! to the cobra dance of Ruth St. Den- 
Is. and performs them with 'artistic finesse snd 
technical beauty. Her revue ran* fifty min- 
ute*, and la entitled to rank aa tbe moat pre 
teotloua set In vandevllle. 

"Lucky Jim," playing It* second engagement 
of the past twelvemonth here, waa warmly 
welcomed. Jane Courtnope. Master Bos* 
Charles Forrester, snd Allen Dsmoa complies 
tbe producing company, assisted by an Intelll 
gent and hamloaie pedigreed St. Bernard dog 
The action takes piece around s mountain eab'.a 
In tbe Rockies, at Christmas time, snd tbe scene 
I* one of - rare beauty, with a gushing rivulet 
dimpling In tbe moonlight. It 1* along cooven 
tional llnea. bat there la plenty of heart-inter 
est, and convincingly, acted, the work of Ma* 
ter Boa* deserving especial comment. 

An elfi*b little maiden with a mop of aubtm. 
curia and a hypnotic gase that penetrated like 
a searchlight, was Tvette. who opened in one. 
after tbe intermission singing ■ lilting air In 

tog" a^urrled' Chinee * she ' executed** "lolln'soie 

I CO page 31.) 

aa- -.- v 



Frederick, who I* appearing 
Circuit tbla season In a com 
of Offenbach'* Th* Tsle* of _ 

vaudeville Miss Frederick wis prima 
soprano with many of oar moat *nccee* 
ful musical comedies, her greatest one cease a be 
tug In The Tenderfoot, Prince of Pllsen. Love' a 
lottery snd with Mme. 8cbnmann-Hetnk. Miss 
Frederick possesses a most - remarkable role* 
her' low tone* being of tbe rich contralto dual 
ity. while her upper notes have been com 
pared- to tbe beautiful ton** of. atlvery hella 
After several years' study la thl* -roam try. Mta» 
Frederick spent four years on tbe Continent 
studying and alnglng In concerts tn Franc* and 
nermeer. Miss Frederick ha* also 'gained coo 
atderahie praise for ber rtrrer acting. 


t T Jt» ,e B i lib o *» r d 



Picture! Of Are MMHhl Jire I 

Ju. «. 400 feet. 

in tiffin 

i'rapbically epraklng U MM, It contains 
so extraordinary thrilling or unusual tenet, 
and tbe Btneinn of the depsrtm. nt In no wsy 
tscel those or other Urge cities. The coo- 
iplcuoua and Intereatlng feature of tbe Urn. 1* 
the scene showing a fire tug lo 

6. 680 l«t. 

Help! help! Something wonderful and tro- 
areeedented taaa occu r red and a lone establish, -d 
custom baa been transgressed. In tbla picture 
the heroine actually spends three mlnatea writ- 
ing a stsge letter of lean than one hundred 
words. Tbla la a novelty and Ita newness la a 
treat. If the Edison producer la striving to 
Inject resllsm Into bit productions tbla lnnovs- 
tlon li certainly a rood beginning-. Tbe 01m la 
but Ita qoatlty la long, and there la a 
In every foot. 

JLIEP, QEHTLE SLEEP. Edlaon. Comedy. 
Jan. 4. 090 feet. 
Our readers are. or conrae. familiar wltb 
Bumptious, tbe embonpoint member of tbe U41- 
Ki Company. In tbla comedy. Sleep, Gentle 

Sleep, bla work la exceedingly Clever. Endeav- 
oring to overcome the proteeta of bla wife 
against bht attending • emoker, be pati a 
deeping powder in her tea: hot bla wife baa 
already resorted to this meant of detaining him 
by doping bla wine. Overcome by drowalneaa, 
both parttea eater tile real ma of llorpbeua. 
each having attained their purpose. The alt- 
aatlons are extremely comical and the actli 

la good- Thla may also be said of the pboto- 

drama. Jan. S. 1,000 feet. 
There la In thla picture, a story of love, 
whan hearts were strong and knights were 
bold, a dellgbtfol atmosphere of antiquity eug- 
resting besieged castles, errant knights, and 
cruel kings. One la reminded of Ivanhoe, and 
the deeda of bravery recounted In tbe Waverly 
aovels In seeing thla fllm. The story baa to do 
with the son of a duke who baa fallen In love 
with a rare and radiant maiden, captured by 
the warriors who defend the standard or bis 
father. After many vicissitudes the pair are 
StppilT reunited. There 1* to tbla fllm more of 
the spectacular, than dramatic, and the pho 
tography Is good. A section of the fllm showing 
itteadtrg ehepherde In a Held, la tinted, which 

lceM. CT '^e r, ^^VU t l he roles. Dr tbe son or tbe 
luke, and the captive damsel, are well en- 
acted and tbe supporting company perform 
their parte creditably. A atrlet obsevance of 
retails Is one of the restores 
thla aim popular. In other 
la an good as the average. 


Jan. «. 1.000 feet, 
Thla U the moat thrilling picture we have 

aTTUv Sh'.'^d or?* from ™*d the moat blase 
picture patron. A locomotive from 
and fireman have alighted, 
accord, starts and Increases 
• that before It can be over- 
la running at a terrific speed. Word la 
d across tbe wlrea of the runaway snd 

also an announcement that the president In his 
private car will within a abort time be on tbe 
road. A girl telegrapher realising that there 
la but one way of saving the president's life. 

aioonts a -switch engine sod starts lo the op- 
posite direction. Her purpose la to wreck tbe 
runaway before It haa a chance to collide with 
tbe president's train. The spectator aees tbe 
girl at the throttle and can almost feel the 
ribratlon of the engine aa It dashes along tbe 
rails. Aa soon aa the girl sees the runaway, 
•he jumps from her locomotive and the two 
Iron mon»tf n coirm tojtfttiePT. Tt b»a bspej»Ti a 

long time ilnce we have seen • film as thrilling 
ta The Runaway Engine. 

THE BOLTED BOOB. Drama. Kalem. Jan. 

The story of a betrothed couple becoming es- 
tranged by reason of long separstlon has been 
sard so often that It Is about worn out. How- 
ever. The Bolted Door, a photoplay, built on 
this story haa been Invested with several unique 
situations which redeem It from tbe "has 
bees" class, it ta the introduction of a little 
child Into the plot, which stimulates Interest 
Into a story which might otherwise be senile 
snd uninteresting. The little actress (and she 
la really a very clever little lady! deserves 
ouch praise. At her tender age, children aa a 
rule are not good actors, but thla child Is 
sot one of them. The older setors In this si- 
lent drsma ar» more or less adequate lo their 
different parts, and tbe bethrothed girl, who 
later la the wife of a disappointed, though 
wealthy gentlemen, Is good. The photography 
>• up to tbe oaual standard, of tbe Kalem Co. 

BILLY. Vltagraph. Comedy. Jan. 8. 
1.000 feet. 

*• mischievous pranks of this Incorrigible 

""■■end J&S^S&^^nm* who ^uloy**thls 

went °ln "wiowluir^the "S nt t«"'f 'this* youthful 
scamp. A very funny scene oo 
{svtng rocked s small boat In 

— tbe four 

Misses Finch are seated, the boat capsizes, pre- 
cipitating them Into tbe ocean. The unfor- 
tunates sre picked up by tbe owner of a launch 
jnd while their clothes are drying they are con- 
nnrd to a stateroom. The biggest laugh occurs 
•tier the boy haa. thrown their clothes Info th- 
•ster snd they sre obliged to don male attire In 
Z2"J a !•■*• "** yacht. Tbe photogrspby in 
hl» film la axcsUaot .and the acting of tie boy 

■ eond. ....... -.. 

JVblle this film la billed ss a drama, cor, 
tit, / ?i~;klng it la a. comedy, aa there Ja 

of com 
i a.gAo- 

. r» .-» 

• nlgbt'a revelry, fear- 
log hit wife's rage, conspires with several com- to work a ruse, which will arouse her 
sympathy and dispel her anger. I Be ts suc- 
cessful to a certain degree but wlfey learning 
of the trick proceeds wltb added seat (baring 
discovered the subterfufe) to sdmtnteter a lec- 
ture, using aa a means of perausslon an or- 
dinary bread-pin. The film la abort, a point 
In Us favor. 

Blograpb. Drama. 

B. 998 ft 

title suggests a dramatic story 
In whlcb, braving all dangers and overcoming 
Insuperable obstacles tbe man who lovea em- 
erges triumphantly, victorious. Tbe story, how- 
ever, while It haa Ita foundation In a tove af- 
fair la far from being dramatic. It shows 
bow a plain young farm-band secured for bla 
bride a winsome young maiden against the pro- 
tests Hons of her father and a wealthy lover. 
The winsome young maiden In this case la 
played by Mary Plckford and It hardly need be 
aald that in tbe role she waa delightful and 
charming. The part of tbe bachelor waa also 
admirably accurate. Realizing that tbe yonng 
girl loves another, the bachelor assists the pair 
In their attempted elopement and here la !□- 

8ALE8 CO. 

usivj usrs just wwu 

by rapidly, and we find 
Mae. Mae grieves over 
rs at It. Tom goes to 

tm vro first m i hit >, n ntHTASrmo. imp. 

Drama. Jan. 9. 008 feet. 

Tom Owen and lite Darcy hare jut been 
married. A year slips b< 

lorn Indifferent towsrds I 
his neglect snd wonders 

a ball with Belle Smart, a former sweetheart, 
and Mae, In retaliation. Invites Claude Jones, 
a poet, to call upon them. Claude accepts, and 
while In the midst- of a tete-a-tete wltb Mae, 
Tom enters, and. In a rage, orders Claude out. 
After the poet has taken bla departure, Tom 
and Mae nave their first quarrel. Tom se- 
cretly wrltea Claude a letter, Informing him 
that as he (Claude) lores Mae, and Mae lovea 
him. that be (Tom) will surrender all claim 
upon her. When Claude arrives, Mse Is com- 
pletely mystified until be shows her tbe letter 
and proceeds to press his suit. Tom telephones 
Belle Stuart soil makes su appointment wltb 
her. Mse overbesrs him st the 'phone, snd 
breaks down completely, weeping aa If h.-r 
heart would break. Then Claude 1a ordered 
sway from the house by Mae. Tom's conscience 
will not permit him to keep his appointment 
with Belle, and after wandering aimlessly about 
bis club, hi returns home to find bla little wife 
curled up In his den. trying to forget her 
Trouble* In slnmber. Tom's heart la touched. 
They forget all their former doubts and trou- 
bles, and are again made happy. Tbla film baa 
several excellent features that 
rnt the most lm] 

■«ud finally the tassel of bU nl 

the Imp 


and tbe father who ban pursued them, arrives 
too late, but after Mr. Batch haa interceded 
for tbe pair the' old farmer gives bla blessing. 
We saw thin picture at a Cincinnati picture 
theatre snd the audience present gave audible 
Hon of their pleasure and satisfaction. 

6. 1.000 ft. 
It ran he said without fear of contradiction 
that Ramooa'a rather la one of the most pleas- 
ing, dellgbtfol and entertaining pictures re- 
leased for many weeks. A distinctive Spanish 
atmosphere pervades the story, aa It la un- 
folded amid tbe picturesque California scenery. 
The principal role, that of an American tailor, 
la well enacted aa la the faithful daughter of 
a half-breed. The lady playing the part of 
tbe senorlta, injects Into that character that 
Caattlllan passion and coquetry for which the 
Spanish are noted. However good the film may 

a. the ullMlt feature Of this 

The film 

be in sll respects, the salient feature of this 
picture Is tbe beauty of tb 
Is tinted and the photogrsi 


: ' ma. Dec 27. 1.000 feet. 
- The character. Spike Rennesay, the cracke- 
msn. which is the central figure In thts play, 
could hardly have been Improved upon. HI a 
make-up and demeanor la about what we would 
expect to see. were we to encounter a burglar 
face to face. Aa few citizens other than police 
authorities have that pleasure, our Imagination 
must determine what ancb a character would 
resemble, and we repeat he waa everything we 
could expect to see In a safe blower. This Vel- 
Jesn had a pal. who. tiring of a life of crime, 
reforms and becomes a minister of the gospel. 
The role of preacher Is not so well bsndled 
snd the part could have been Improved bad 
more attention been given to make-up by the 
actor. The atory la well srorked out and does 
not contain the ta — 
whlcb usually obtain 

crlmlnal^as^tbelr hem. 

Mary Plckford. appears. Tbe photography la 
swx*- '•■ *> 

RXTJ-NTTED. Imp: Drama. Jan. 5. BBS feet. 

Two children, a boy and -girl, are playmates. 
During their play one day tbe girl runs away, 
gets lost and la picked up by gypsies. Fifteen 
years later, the boy, grown to manhood, ts rid- 
ing past a gypsy encampment, when an acci- 
dent to his machine causes him . to go to the 
camp for tools. Here he meets the girl, grown 
to be a beautiful woman, snd fslls In love 
with her. They are finally married. Returning 
to bla home, be Informs his parents, who disown 
Mm snd drive btm out of the house. The young 
msn snd his wife bsve a hard struggle, and are 
unable to make both ends meet. He la taken 
sick, and the wife pnta on her gypsy costume 
snd goes Into tbe street to beg for him, hut 
meeting with repulses at every hand, she finally 
sinks down exhausted. She Is found by her 
own parents who are paastng by In an automo- 
bile. She Is recognized, and all are made hap- 


Drams. Jan. S. 
Jsck Sparks la a'yoi 
In Turkey meets and befriends an aged Turk. 
Soon after the Turk la arrested for conspiracy 
against tbe government, and Jack, who la be- 
lieved to be an accomplice. Is also Imprisoned 
without a bearing. He escapes snd Is protected 
by the Pasha's daughter. Mnrsna. Jack falls 
In love with the beautiful Turkish girl. He 
tries to Induce her to fly with htm, but she re- 
fuses. Jack maker his way In safety to bis 
Amertcsn home. Later. Murana comes to .visit 
htm and to tell him that she haa decided to be 
not only a Pasha's daughter, but as American's 
bride. Mystery and thrilling eltusi 
salient features of thts release. 



lower and lower. 
_ nightcap comas In 
tact with the olglit lamp by bla bed. The 
taasel becomes ignited. Hank, after a short 
period, la awakened by g violent fit of tnees- 
lng — he smells smoke, and thoroughly fright- 
ened, turns In s fire alarm. Then we have a 
realistic picture of tbe Fire Department In full 
action— tbe engines leaving tbe Ore house — ths 
thrilling race to the scene of the - fire, sod the 
fire apparatus In active operation. The firemen, 
unable to and tbe fire, rasa from room to 
room, wlndowa broken, ceilings down, and the 
whole place a complete wreck. Finally one of 
tbe firemen aplea Hank wltb bla naming night- 
cap; and finding tbtt be is tbe cause of all 
tbe trouble, rush him to the front of tbe 
bouse, where they proceed to "pot the fire out.** 
The poor fellow Is nearly drowned, 
comedy with Interesting scenes. 

dustrlai. Jan. 6. 
Thla Interesting and Instructive scenic pro 
ductlon of salmon fishing shuws many beautiful 
scenes of forest and stream- The canoes shoot- 
lug tbe rapids with llgbtnlng-llke velocity— tbe 
skillful handling of tbe trawl and line by the 
fishermen, and tbe quick and bewildering sue- 

cession of primeval nature, all I 

thla picture one that will ' 
by the city audiences. 

MOTHER'S PORTRAIT. Eclair. Drama. Jan. » 
930 feet. 

John Deauoyers. having been without em 
ployment tor a long time, starts for America 
hoping there to find better fortune. Soon af 
ter. Mrs. Desooyers falls ID. Without funds 
to boy medicine, tbe little daughter. Germain, 
decldea that to procure money, oh* will sell 
ber mother's portrait. The medicine la thus 
obtained, and gradually tbe mother regains bei 
strength. Meanwhile tbe father. In the 

country, haa been successful, and baa sent monej 
for tbetr relief, hut tbe letter goes to the old 
address, and as they did not leave the address 
of their new home the letter does not reach 

them, and they continue In poverty. One year 
from the time Jsck Desnoyers left home, he re- 
turns, only to find bla wife and child have 
disappeared. While searching for them be 
finds tbe portrait of his wife dlsplsyed for 
sale. It Is through this Incident thst Des- 
noyers learns the sddress of his. wife sod 

JSUffSA weX 


Drams. Jan. T. 
That no good can come from evil sad that 
tbe wicked must Buffer the consequences of their 
misdeeds Is the basis or this Interesting Pow- 
ers drsma. A Western dance hall singer, who 
has led a reckless life, lesvts her husband and 
goes East wltb ber charmer. In New York 
sbe meets an artist, whom she learns to love. 
Thla she confides to a chum, who la also Is 
love with the artist. In the spirit of revenge 
for the Intrusion, the jealous chum wrltea the 
auger's husbsnd. informing him of bla wife's 
whereabouts. Upon bla arrival la New York, 
the husband seeks out the artist and lays bar* 
the history of hi* wife. Receiving the wife's 
— iflrmstlon of tbe story, the artist. In dls 
_ it, casts her off, snd destroys. In her pres 
ence. her portrait whlcb be bad painted 

WASTED.. Powers. rarer 


Jan. 3. 

To those, perhapa. who. judging by the title 
or tbla picture, expect a subject built on the 
thrilling exploits of a detective, the name or 
this fllm la a little misleading. A love atory 
Is the hackgronnd or the picture, tbe detective 
incidents being more or less Incidents!. A de- 
tective Is tent West to find a man charged 
wltb a crime. He la thrown off the scent by 
a trtck of tbe fugitive. The detective fall. 
In love wltb tbe man's supposed widow. He re 
M to the Eatt, bat liter roes hack Waal 
claim his love. The fugitive, finding ths 
detective In hla home, alms to shoot him. but 
st that moment drops dead. Downhearted ths 
leaves the widow and returns to his 

the dried and cot variety. 


Jan. 3. 

An Intrepid young fellow, defying the man- 
dale of an obstinate father, calls on the old 
msn'a daughter. Being caught In the act of 
bugging and kissing tbe girl the father, wbe 
Is s dentist, plsces the young man under tbe 
Influence nf laughing gaa and then extracts his 
front molars. The laughable picture be then 
presents causes the girl to relinquish her af 
rectioos to tbe young fellow's rival. Beside* 
having a good finish, tbe fllm presents a falrb 
Interesting farce. 


Drama. Jan. 4. 

A little band of farmers wend their way in 
prairie schooners across the unsettled regions of 
the West. In thla caravan are Peter Stasdtah 
and wife, and Runs Stilling, his wife snd son 
snd brother Ahrsro. of whom. Joseph stilling 
snd Mary Stanrtlab are newly-wed. Arriving 
at a desirable location these settlers ramp. As 
attack la made by the Indians. Young Joseph 
Inscribes s note hastily on paper, gives 11 ' 
to one of the dogs snd sends btm off for aid. 
The faithful dog; delivers the note snd lesds 
on tbe rescuers to tbe snecor of the bar eased * 
victims- The Indiana scatter and ■ tbe settlers 
sre rescued. The Intelligence of. the canine 
and the excellent photography place this film 
at tbe top notch of pictures showing Wild Weal 

THE WALL PAfiTmoH. Ambrosia. Drama 
Jan. 4. \", 
There ! are soma Improbabilities — **r. at least, 
some situations that are hardly feasible — em- 
bodied In tbla subject. A young art 1st. hang- 
ing a picture, makes s small hole in tbe this 
partition, and through It be learns of the des- 
titute ctrco instances lo which hla neighbor, a 
yonng girl exists. A scape-goat brother abuses 

to Whose assistance the artist rises. 

- sea* finally turns Into Vrve. Th- 
is capably handled. 

I *a taura <T.) 

The Oil! board 

JANUARY -W, .91 f. 1 


Introduces Charming, Petite and Vivacious Emmy Wehlen 
to Broadway's First-Nighters — Lyrics are Somewhat 
Trite, but Music is Catchy and Tuneful 

m tnree 

Int. malic by Itu Caryll. Culao Theatre. 

Napoleon Pettlngul Harry Conor 

The Hoo. Richard Mlrables .. C. Morton Home 

Lord Dick Mlrables Harold Vizard 

Jimmy Wragge Norman A. Blnme 

Ponaonby de Coutts Wragge .. Cyril Cbadwlcb 

Aobrey Hlpps Quentln Todd 

Hawa J. r. Henry 

Bolln broke Mnlens .. .. Joe Doner 

_t Coddlngton Charles Brown 

Gerald CItrord J. B. Torrent 

Young Mlckletborpe Jack Hagner 

Mr. Pink ' .. A. W. Fleming 

Footman Harry Keller 

Rosalia Emmy Wehlen 

Taj Wragge .. Esther Blssett 

Ponaonby de Courts Wragge . Maria Davie 

• -. Elsa Ryan 

Frances Reeve 
Marie Ashton 
. Ida. Barnard 
. • Diana Oste 
Molly Rosins Henley 

Opinions differ materially aa to the merit 
of the latest Casino occupant. As to the coro- 
na say It la a trifle English, and the 
comedy of our ancestral cousins baa 
feebly entertained bis American 

mlnary Indeed, and Broadway gladly welcomes 
the clever foreign prima donna, who executes 
her lines with a Teutonic accent, reminding the 
TandeTlillan often of Mlzxle Hajoa In ber ren- 
, dltlon of the Hen Pheasant In The Barnyard 
Romeo. In fact. It la the presence of the 
dainty star that lies st the baits* of the sp- 
Uence tenders Marriage a la 
ne contributes the following 

Ca?te. tl0 Th? 

"Marriage a la Carte contalna moat of the In* 
gredlesta of a typical English comedy, although 
the lyrics sre much better written than the 
ordinary lines ssslgned to English comedy per- 
formers and the music la more sprightly In 
parts. A distinctive feature la the employment 
for the chief part In the piece of a charming 
Viennese sctress. Miss Emmy Wehlen, who can 
really sing, dance sod -act— rhlnj 

Ethel Barrymore 
Revives Trelawney 

Tom Wrench Charles Dalton 

Ferdinand Gadd Charles Mlllward 

James Telfer George C. Boniface 

Augustus Oblpoye William Sampson 

R os e Trelawney . . .. • • ..Ethel Barrymore 

Aronla Bonn Louis Drew 

Mrs. Telfer (Miss Violet) Maud Milton 

Imogen Parrott Constance Collier 

O'Dwyer .. .. .- .. .. ..James Kearney 

Mr. Denzll Edward Arnold 

Mr. Mortimer ..Fred Thomas 

Mr.^ Hnnaton ^. .Herbert^KAye 

Hallkeeper .. ..Albert Ward 

Vice Chancellor Sir William Cower. Kt. 

Charles Walcot 

Arthur Gower .. .. .. .. ..Eugene O'Brien 

Clara de Foenlx Helen Freeman 

Miss Trafalgar Gower ..Anita Rothe 

Captain do Foenlx .. .. ..Lawrenca d'Orssy 

Mrs. Moasop .. .. .. .. . -Lydla Rachel! 

Mr. Albert ..Harry Bar foot 

Charles .. .. .. . .Arthur B. Murray 

Sarah ..Alice Bereaford 

Trelawney of the Wens, as revived at the 
Empire Theatre, Monday, Jan. 2. gives Ethel 
Barrymore and her associate* opportunity to 
merit special mention. The play which mores 
and breathes In a pleasant atmosphere of balmy 
artificiality and golden flcrJtlousness. glees all 
Its characters an even chance to which they 
respond with marked appreciation particularly 
In the cast of Chaa. Dalton, George Boniface, 
En gene O'Brien, Chaa. Walcot, Constance Col- 
lier and Louise Drew. 

Concerning the ability of these there la al- 
most a unanimity of press opinion — the only 
exception being The Tribune, which disparage* 
quite freely, but concedes to this extent In lta 
criticisms, namely that all the people in the. 
caat are clever enough in their respective lines 
which fate baa reserved for them In the play. 
To offset this we And the remaining critics 
foil of praise for the comedietta and felicitat- 
ing alias Barrymore and her associates for their 
— s. In the following fashion. 

(Continued on page 45.) 

A Complete list of attractions at 
New York 
Pago 22. 

duce enl__ 
rlsge s la 
the burden of 
Mr. Caryll's j 
effective. She 
lty, qualities 


To the List of Successful Playwrights is Philip H. Barthol- 
omae. His First Play, Overnight, Highly 
Lauded by Public and Press. 

New York. Jan. 6 (Special to The Bill- 
board). — A new member has been added to 
Broadway's Blue Book of Authors. In the person 
Of Philip H. Bsrtbolomse. one of the youngest 
of playwrights ever Introduced to a premiere 

Orernlgbt, a three-act farcical comedy, bis 
production wblcb registered the success at the 


An American girl who attained her laurels In the London company of The 
TMs TOmpany^ls^under'uie dlrMUon^fThM '^FroLnsn l>U7 ' Im POrt»n 

of The Little Damoxel. She 
ice of Being Earnest, 

Fair Elsie Scores 

comedy, by Messrs. Henry 
Stuart, adapted from the 
name by Mr. George Ade. 

Hamdl Paaha. 
Bokhara .. .. 

Prince Malagaskl 
Herr Louis .. .. , 
Hon. Plumston . . 
Count Tomaaso . . 

Alex. Pike 

"Tod" NorcroSB . 
Hairy Bomalne .. 
Tom Goldlng .. . 
Loess . . 

Princess Jeneks . 

Mr. Carl Haydn 

.. .... Mr. Nell Walton 

. .. Mr. Arthur J. En gel 
. ..Mr. Josepb C. Miron 
.. Mr. Joseph Cawthoroe 
.. .. .. Mr. Ralph Nairn 

Mr. Charles Judels 

Mr. Wallace McCntcbeon 
.. .. Mr. Cbsrles King 
.. ..' Mr. Eugene Revere 
. . . . Mr. Ssm. Burbank 
. ..Mr. Albert Stewart 

Mlaa Julia Frary 

Mlas Qoeenle Vaaaar 

The Squaw-man at 
Broadway Theatre 

New York. Jan. 6 (Special to The Billboard). 
— One of the moat acceptable melodramas. The 
Sqnaw-man, Is at present playing at the Broad- 
way, scheduled to leave Saturday. January 14. 
It Is an excellent ' opportunity for this com- 
mendable play to prove that real meritorious 
melodramas csn enjoy longevity as well ss Its 
deeper snd more noble relative — the drama. 
Of course, with Dostln Farnnm In tbe leading 
role It bss been given an excellent and moat 
able Interpreter, as the press Is willing to 
admit. Tbe Times published this appreciation: 

"Dnatln Farnnm, who has one of the moat 
Ingratiating personalities on oar stage and who 
la. moreover, an excellent actor, appears in the 
title role. He crestes all the eympathy 
ble. which, by tbe wsy. Is a greet deal. 

Hackett. Monday, January 2, haa Indeed 
a favorable introduction for tbe youthful an 
who, no doubt, has been sufficiently 
to produce further work In this line. 

The clever story deals with two cooplea who 
set out upon a honeymoon trip up the Hudson. 
One bridegroom and one bride become so, eb 
sorbed in attending to trunks and luggage oa 
tbe pier that tbe boat sella off carrying their 
respective mates. The passengers tske ' 
fox newlyweda. and as both are of the 
sort, the situation runs into all aorta of 
calltlea. especially when they And themselves at 
a hotel where they are expected to reglatr as 
man and wife. Tbe story Is worked out with 
much stage skill and witty dialogue. 

Tbe Sun In commenting upon Overnight sug- 
gests tbst tbe farce could advantageously elim- 
inate certain places of vulgarity In the play, 
for In many places tbe lines are clever 
to elicit laughter without the aid of man 
nen. Tbe Times observes as follows: 

"Overnight Is as full as Seven Dsys of parti 
tbst line np equally In Importance, and there are 
minor roles tbst everybody seemed to relish. 
Tbe smile on the dnaky face of the boat stew- 
ard won an answering grin from tbe other aide 
of the footlights, and Arthur P. Ayleswortb. ss 
the clerk st the botei, with red silk socks, his 
mandolin, snd the scornful wsys of him were 
received with pleasure. But tbe two who seemed 
to win tbe most favor from the audience were 
Margaret Lawrence and Herbert A. Yost, as tbs 
couple left on Or ' 

(Cha racters la th 

Caroline Patscben 
Caroline Powers 

AI. Rivera .. .. 


Mrs. S. Rutherf 
Oeorglna Kettle 
Richard Kettle 
Elsie Darling .. 
Percy Darling . 
Hotel Clerk .. . 
Professor Digga 

of their appearance.) 

.. .. Grace Grlswold 
. .. Norms win.low 

Roy a i Byron 

.. Wallace Woraley 
.. John Morton 
.. Teres* Desgle 
. Jean Neweogane 
.. Herbert A. Tost 
. Margaret Lawrenca 
.. .. Robert Kelly 
Arthur P. Aylesworth 
.. .. Mas Frsemaa 
.. .. Joseph Dillon 

Tbe Ysle Dramatic Society 
on New Yesr's Mondsy, and si 
dorf-Aatoria. drew an ~ 
witness a collegiate 
llo (The Fan). 

Up and Down 


Willis Swestman, the fai 
twenty years ago, haa been 
'1 colored sorter 1 

V. — miuint pun 1 u BUMK IlUgllCS 

farce which Henry W. Savage will produce on 
Hsnnary 18. As all the scenes of the play 
snow* tbe interiors of a Pullman train, the por- 
— h In evidence. Ha Is a sort of 
oogbout th* three acta of tbe farce, 
the chief factors m the action of 
r screamingly runny eceasa and rl- 


ter Is much In evidence. 
"Patsy" throughout 
snd one of tr 
a number of 
dlculous situations. 

Tbe Midnight Sons, two seasons ago a thirty- 
six week occupant of the Circle Theatre, Is 
back in lta old haunts until Saturday. January 
!•■„» number of the original caat are still 
In this prodnction: George Monro. Harr Fisher. 

Stella Tracer and Nan Bren 

Denrnan Haley. 

All of John Cort'a 

"George Fawcett la -agata moat happy snd 
humorous ss Big Bill, and William • F. Hart 
Immensely strong snd colorful aa Cash Hawkins. 
Theodore Roberto repeats his splendid charac- 
terisation of the, Indian Chief. Aa the little 
Sqnaw. Mlas Rossi tad Cog hi an appears quite 
successfully." " '*■ 

No doubt Fa mum will ' prove a successful 


The Billboard 


Burlesque and Music 


Reviews, Remarks and Live News Items from All Depart- 
ments of Both Burlesque Wheels, Gathered 
Especially for The Billboard 


_ of tncnrd-bteaklac buelneaa bsve beta 
Id from all parts of the country, •■Ml 
managers on botb wheels an bontli 


_ wltb which 
botb durli 

lu of 

of tat 

bwn fsvored wttb. botb during 
holidays. This goes to prove the fallacy of the 
old Ides of ■ be poor business which | a supposed 
to be part sod paml of tb« Yuletlde sesson st 
least so far as barlesqsw Is concerned, 
and It certainly clearly demonstrates 
tbe prosperity of tbe burlesque end of lbs 
■bow bualoess ss well ss tbe popnlsr demaod 
for good productions neb sa tbe sttrsctlons of 
an) this aeasoB offering. Tbe bur- 


Tbe Tiger Llllea Is a show of tbe food old 
school, and apart from a few suggestive raaaarka 
by the principal comedian, tbe abow Is clean sod 
wholesome. Following the established rnatom, 
tbe abow baa two borlsltss. the flrst being en- 
titled llappj Days, tbe setting showing s west- 
era ecu out yard. Tbe greater part of the humor 
to eitrseled from tbe mora or leas) funny situa- 
tions brought about la tbe efforts of the old 
school learner. Charles Barrett, to Impart lesro- 
tag Into the unwilling mind or Adolpb Bore Fin- 
ger. Mall Keooedy, and hla refractory friends. 
YUtt Kennedy, aa Adolpb, kept a big andlence 
toughing all through the show, while John B. 
Bragg, Charlie Barrett. Wallace Jenkins. Mike 
Alnn and Charles Kenney, all helped In tbe 
action, which Is fsst and lively. Margaret Flsv- 
tn. Anna Mack sod Wlllard. see good 
looking (trie, who did a pleasing singing snd 
dancing number, which helped to allow time 
for tbe selling of the stage for the hit of tbe 
evening. Tbla wss sa Apsebe sort of panto 
mime, cslled La Mod. In which tbe principal 
roles were handled by John B. Bragg snd Rlts 
Lorraine. The skit la of tbe nsosl order or 
each pantomloies. but there wss a decided dla- 
ttnctlon In tbe work of Mr. Brsgg snd Miss 
Lorraine, who gsre the rery beat Idea of the 
brutal Parisian bnman paraalte and hie para- 
moor that I bare ever seen upon so American 
stage. Tbe general work, facial expression sod 
wonderful strge falls of VIlss Lorraine were be- 
yond description, and I be 1 1 ere that wltb better 
support and more elaborate ataglag. tbe act 
would be at for presentation on any bill la tbe 
world. Jenkins and Flarln went well with their 
conversational songs, snd tbe olio closed wltb 
sa excellent acrobatic ring act by Mike Alxlu 
sad Charlie Kenney. The cloning borleenoe, 
called The Princess Afflnlty. la a Clever frivol- 
ity with lots of good comedy and fair sprink- 
ling or atigg-rstloa. wlttt a few restores which 
are posltlrely unlit for general consnmptlon. 
Halt Kennedy, aa the Irish aallor, gets most 
»f the laughs, although tbe comedy work of John 
B Bragg la well worthy of mention. Charles 
Barrett made an excellent court chamberlain, 
and Wallace Jenkins did well ss tbe stately king. 
The numbers, most of which are nicely led by 
Margaret Flavin and Anna Mark, are all good, 
aa la tbe rhorna of exceptionally well-shaped 
and good-looking girls, some or whom alng really 
well. The Tiger Lilies eonld be Improved vastly, 
but aa II now stands It Is tar better than many 
ether showa on tbe Western Wheel. 


The executive staff wttb Messrs. Campbell and 
Drew's Tiger Lilies Includes D. R. Williamson 
manager; Will Pyoe. bnalness msnsger; Matt T. 

Zallah la again wltb Tbe Tiger Llllea. and 
la making her nsnsl hit all along the line. There 
are lota of so-cslled Oriental dancers on the 
marker, but for grseeful work snd a clean per- 
formance there see none to surpass tbe nopulsr 
Zallah. who la jnat as good a fellow off the 
stage as aha looks while on. 


Unless there hare been some rery recent chang- 
es, here Is the roster of the merry, merry chorus 
with Campbell and Drew's Tiger Lilies (Western 
Wheel): Peggy Deris. Alts Pound. Jennie Na- 
than. Evelyn Ferris, Vivian Harden. Rita Lor- 
raine. May Marker, Trlxle Denton. Kittle Ben- 
nett, Viols Herman. Frances Wlllsrd. Fsy Foi- 


Lew Kelly, who Is now making anch a hit 
aa Profrasnr Dope, with Jack Singer's Servnad- 
*rs, wss formerly with Bap Ward and Harry 
jokes In The Promoters sad other productions. 
His work ss s dope Bend la msklng blm fa- 
mous a 14 over tbe country, snd sll burlesque 
lovers are hoping that be will atay wltb us. 

Arthur Rrasonberger, now manager of Jack 
singer s Screnadrre. waa last aeason tresaurer 
It llnrllg ft Seamon'a Empire. Toledo. O. He 
eft there to take tbe msnsgemeat of tbe Pass- 
ing Rerlvw, a onr-nlght-stsnd show wblrh Jack 
Singer had ont that season. The "Turkey" 
closed, and Artbnr waa placed ahead of tbe 
Bebman Show. He atarted tbla season shesd 
of the new Serenadera, but replaced George 
*#x»srreaxe, -Tbe Happy Chappie.'' aa manager 
or the abow. 


_n","y_ Winter, the present msnsger of the 
IS!**' Rmplre. la a Cincinnati boy. He left 
Cincinnati to take tbe treseurershtp of the Ar- 
cade ,| Toledo, and later replaced Abe Sba 

pi™! wh?ch , ■ , 

Sire some clever Imitations of Cliff 

famous German senator, who la nc 
with the Westers wheel. 

When Hurtlg * Seamon's Girls from Happy- 
land opened the season there waa an Imported 
novelty act with the abow which conalated of 
two closer Engllah people, who gsse s some- 
what unique and decidedly clever performance, 
which consisted of contortion, acrobatic dane- 


Notes of the Latest Successes of American Song Writers 
and the Vaudeville Performers by Whose Aid 
They Are Popularized 

When Bessie Wynn played tbe 
few weeks ago she restored. Bessie 
of the Ted Snyder Company's hits. 

M laa Leona 

Pam. who recently opened at 
Music Hall, New York City. 


^'yoSn,":?." .'Jd'eSn 

Wife of Geo. Auatln Moore. 

la Moore. Her flrst stage appearance wss msde ss a single, 
scored s hit. She Is singing Harry Von Tils er'a songs. 

Ing. some singing snd s dssh of the old leg 
msnls ruutlue, made fsmous some years ago by 
Julian Glrard and the Olrsrd Troupe. The 
art wss billed ss Blsck snd White, with no 
other underline or explanation, snd caused quite 
a d-al of comment when It opened with the 
ahow at tbe Columbia this sesson. Tbe act la 
nuvr playing on tbe Cu* Sun time, baring re- 
cently closed with the Bsppylande. 

Venus on Wheels, wbo Is none other than the 
charming Jessie Keller, who formerly led her 
own act. The Jesale Keller Troupe, o pencil with 
Jsck Sbxger^Serensders. at the Cleveland Em- 

HIII, Cherry and RI1I, bicyclists, working In 
the olio wltb the. Harry. Hastings Big Show. 

base been 

by Mr. 

for next 

With C. n. Amotd'e Fads and Follies Com- 

Rtny are Roger Irohof. George B. Snyder, Harry 
uckley. Tommy Colton, Hugh L, Conn. Archie 
Vincent, Snssnne Corlnne. Margaret Miles, Msy 
Ttuaholl snd Gertrude Everett. A chares of 
sixteen la all 

There waa a banquet tendered The Queen of 
s Company at German . Hall, Albany. 


Manager Jos. St. Peter, of the Rose Thestre. 
turned bis stags over to the stsge hsnds and 
performers of their city Xmsa eve, and gave 
them an Xmas tree. After the presents were 

a prince of hosts. 
The Orpbeum opened the 1st of January, with 

sestlag capacity of 300. Moving pictures and 
will be tbe policy of tbla new 

Illustrated songs 

I. A. T. S. E. No. ISO held a meeting Jan- 
uary 1, snd tbe following were elected: Chas. 
Goldtborp, president: Chaa (Spot) Haines. vice- 
president; Roy Cudney. financial secretary and 
tressnrcr; M. Resnbeso. .recording secretary; 
James Hstch. seraresot-st-arma; 
neas agent: trustees — Lemon. 
This lodge meets tbe first 
Visiting members Invited. 


beautiful Chrlstmaa tree 
ed. aa ~ 

La Boy that the 
ly for her 

Miss Sadie Sherman, who baa been featuring; 
Al. Brown's Go On, Good-bye Is stsrtlog the new 
year with a repertoire of Victor Kramer (Per- 
sonal) numbers. 

Will Bosslter'a sew winter song from tbe 
pens of Harris and Robinson, entitled Let 
Those Sleigh Bells Be Our Wedding C 
I taken a fancy bold on singers, who 


The Music House of Laemmle. Tom . 
manager, la sow located la finite 32. 
Opera House Bid*-., and will be glad 
ad) their, friends. Tbe genial Tom 

Mats Coy De Trlekey. the clever little black- 
face comedian. Is very enthusiastic over 
tbe new Irving Jones Coon song. Any Old Wsy 
Yon Cook Chicken, la Good Enough for Me. and 
lntenda featuring It Jnat aa soon aa she can 
learn tbe aong. She has been using UtUe Puff 
of Smoke, Good-night and reports big success 
with it- Both of these pieces belong to the 
Victor Kramer On m pa a y^catalog. 

Favor and Blr vers, who are playing through- 

Lilral^svm« ' 

Flo Jacobaon. who played the American 
II rial c Hall last week, la using Stop. Stop. Stop, 
one of the Ted Snyder Company'e moat popular 

Clark sad Bergman, who played tbe MejeotJe 

»7U W, I!" a >x a aav— wnmsnan. 

saying that the new 


James 8. Sumner tecdvod s letter from 
Romsln In New Orleans, as:' 
soag^ MotherJJtne. written L _ 

Wak"field'a m 8tsy' la ' 

Miss Dlaaa Bonnar Chicago society 
playing tbe Morris Time. i. featuring 
Roaalter's Let Me Call Yon Sweetheart. 

What Am I Going to do to Ms as Too Love 
Me. tbe song bit of The Jolly 
playing at the Lytic 
into one of the biggest 
Harris production catalog. 

Blanche Ring In the Yankee Girl snd Jlm- 
mle Whltely. play log the Amtflcsa 'Music HsU 
this week, are both oalng Come. Josephine us 
My Flying Machine, sue of the heat of the 

Shapiro bits. 

of the Ted 
the holidays la 
this city and promises 
big hits In the near future. Mr. Lew E 
brother of Amy Boiler, to aow manager of 
slide department of the " 

Frank Dark, 
Company, wbo 
York, la back In 


My Old 
the ~ 


Herbert B. Kertscher. of Mew Tort, asso- 
ciated with the music boose of Jos. W. Bte m 
ft Co.. baa Jnat been appointed sole represents; 
tire for the United States of * 
Canada, of the Edda Verlag. 
broken and music publishers. 


Msnsger George H. Hickman baa not yet an- 
nounced tbe date for the opening of tbe Or- 
pbeum Theatre. This house wss to have op- 
ened on January 2. with a run of hlrt-etaaj 
vaudeville, but aa yet nothing has mat^ertaimed 
or baa there even been a date sat when the 

rnra win utss-n. -- 
a. grand csralvsl wss given In this etry as 
tbe night of December 81. which was enjoyed 
bv all who attended. Tbonasnde thronged the 
streets to witness the grand parade. Pyro- 
technic dlaplaya were given on the river front. 
The Alhsmbra Theatre. Nashville s newest 
motion picture house la sorely spreading, itself 
these days. Toe management Is giving the 
public double the xrortb of their money ss far 
aa amusement goes, snd every day aeea this 
new house doing Its share of business. 

Every one here seems to hsve tbe idea that 
Nashville could more than support a good stock 
compsny. Seversl bints have been snggested 

The Billboard 

JANUARY 14, 1911. 

-j T 0 W N H AM US EM 


MS Emma Dtnm and 
role in Mother 


The local the. ires did a capacity bi 
N ew Year's day owing In part to the 
number of strangers In town for the Inl 
Uon of Governor Dlx. 

Mary Shaw haa re 
*^gwc°«n ln- the t. uc m * ui aiotner. 
hJSS. A1 ' r « d ?• BfiJe". musical director at 
Hermanns Mercker Hall has fltted <n> attractive 
quarters behind the scenes at the theatre where 
his valuable musical library Is kept. The walls 
are decorated with autographs and souvenirs of 

U» stars who have appeared there during the 
pass year*. 

~2Lj£T3~.*S. Pr ° ct ot''a Annex Introduced 
Wsaal llBa, with Guy Graves as manager. This 
J 1 *™ »-*• .^ roctor theatres In Albany de- 

™i ,0 ,thls^rorm of amusement. Heretofore 

songs were 


The year of 1911 will no doubt see many 
changes la the amusement business In Brooklyn. 
SLiSSK»'S,i many rumors afloat regarding 
™..* e *. °1 "•>--<-* here. There Is a marked In 
f£i"i? 10 bu » lne » 1 s here since the holidays, and 
the managers are greatly encouraged. 
.-,£12?. ■ f . n "KPt*?*" are meeting with good 
\?f£5^e.. m ot ;!; ,aln ft_. »«ractlons direct from 
Manhattan, with original casts. 

Just as soon ss Brooklyn theatregoers are 

will be a marked Improvement In the tieatxlcal 
business here. J 

The great Maxettt Troupe was an extra at- 
traction with' the Colombia Bnrlesquers at the 
Star last week, and were a big hit 


week previous to Tnletlde Is always 
d by theatrical men because the theatre- 
goers devote their attention to other mat- 
ters concerning the holiday event, hat despite 
these annual conditions the show businessthls 
If!!! 0 , w v s £ ot 9! b " d .*• usual. There were 
S«-rsrSl theatre, that had capacity business and 

which 52 ffiSWui SSSLFfcsz 

Sixteen which played at 
was one of the 
p-tclty hue I [lens. 

Now that the holiday season Is passing, bual- 
- normal conditions. The 

--ngust Kenneman secured the less* 
Met- trie Park Isst summer end last week 

-contract of rental betwrn him and the Electric 

P 2. rk . ,D . d Exhibition Comply wee placed on 
I^rL?. 1 Towson. The. lease carries the 

twenty-flee seres, and sll furnishings, snd chat- 

Vt th , P o,-i r0pert7 - „ ThB "Mr? "finm Decem- 
ber 31. 191S. and the rent la S8.000 a year. 
""Jf?. 1 " ,D ronr installments of $2,000 esch. 

Christian Sanderson, who was sttendlng s 
performance at the Victoria Theatre Dccem- 
oer 28. struck Robert p. Thompson, aaalstant 
Z™?*' T ,°i L1 e P'eyhonse, because the latter 
reprimanded him for load talking during the 
performance Sanderson was arrested and lined 
rZS,~ o. co .V" b T Jo»"ce Granuan at the Central 
Police Station. The magistrate plainly told the 
prisoner that be would not tolerate any disor- 
der in theatres In bis district. 

The management of the Wlxard on west Lex- 
ington street gave a banquet In honor of their 
employes December 27. In the evening, the 
friends of the employes were entertained at the 
A special program of music, dancing 
th work was given for their pleasure, 
the allow the feast was In order. 
-».™«rr Sol. J. Sanhler, of the Savoy, en- 
tertained several hundred orphans at the ruat- 
«L"** week. His guests were delighted 
w, , ,h , the performances of the Boston Players. 

Miss Elisabeth Coekrill, of this city, fre- 
•quently visited the Alcazar Theatre, where mov- 
ing pictures or great Interest are exhibited. The 
pictures, portraying love affsirs and romances 
•of all descriptions, proved very Interesting to 

I" 1 *. Ti"-" 01 ^ T« IadT - ahe JL" Introduced 
to Arthur Price, the manager. Their acquaint- 
ance soon ripened into love and the happy se- 
<inel to the romance founded In the moving pic- 
theatre was brought into reality December 
27. The couple met by appointment at the the- 
atre, and without warning their parents, they 
hied themselves to the house of s mlulster, 
where they were Joined hand In hand in the 
sacred bonds of matrimony. 
A banquet was served at the Belvedere. Jan- 
4 - ln L h . ono -V f ... Co -- Jennie H. Joyce. The 
«rJ?~ P . rw * n ." <1 ., hlm . w »h a handsome silver 
££32. V«/.K t<H,,,n,on , ,,d . m recognition of hla 
yrj,™? A 0 * 3" excellent manner ln which he 

HBW 'he affairs of the aviation meet recently 
held at Halethorpe. The meet wss a great sac- 

-cess^and_ proved to be. 


While theatre records of Christmas were not 
broken, the record New Year's day almost 
equalled It and the average attendance through- 
■ont the week was on the whole better than the 
previous week- While the .banks report very 
light clearances, everybody seems to have 
money to spend and best of all they are spend- 
<*,_whieh Is the esaentlsl feature to the auc- 

Tbe Misses Alta Pound and Trlxie Denton, 
of the Tiger Lilies Company, are framing up a 

aatp&&*e Sk*" iumotai wai 

Lew Deane. the popular black-face comedian, 
spent Christmas with relatives ln Akron. He 
reports success In the South. ■ 

of champagne on New Tear's eve. A party 
consisting of the acts working on the bill, the 
stage manager and The Billboard representative 
helped him carry it borne. 

"Dick Maddox," who recently closed with 
the Lady Buccaneers, was the bit of the bill 
st the Majestic Theatre the week of January 
7 . He has a Dutch act that Is both refreshing 
ln style and winning In Its execution. 

Charles Nelson, whistling mimic and wizard 
of the forest, claims to hsve broken the long- 
distance record for number of shows worked In 
one day. He reported Christmas Monday st a 
certain theatre for rehearsal at 10:00 A. M., 
and they allowed blm to go to work at once. 
He was both the opening, feature act and close 
of the show and be states that he only appeared 
thirty-two times during the day. While an 
old-timer at the game be thinks tbls about the 
limit. His set Is probably one of the best 
mimic acts outside Lyceum Bureau time that 
has been seen recently In these parts. His 
recent imitation of a rat ln the office of the 
Mayor at Alliance won for htm a two-column 
story In the local paper and It Is said that the 

irasi 'tZTmi^g** on, ° 

Mr. Geo. V. Hallday. the . manager of the 
Managers' Producing Co.. booking, tabloid 
musical productions, reports solid bookings of 
all bis shows for the next fifteen weeks; Be 
Is shout to put out a . new company with a 
production all of his own. bnlid along .entirely 
different lines from the. turns] vehicle. 

J. C. Braxee. secretary and ' treasurer of the 
Cleveland Vaudeville Company . made r «' 
riving trip to New York state . on Jan. ' 1 and 
returned on the fourth with contracts to book 
sets. Into nine new bouses- This .. is apropos 
of Mr. Braxee having the bell hops In the Gllsey. 
House psge Mr. Sunshine Just . as the. New 
Tear was coming ln for he seems to have got 
* Mnt° r Arosma ne ° n h '' K " Morn "'n- 
gist rettrn , ed"to' OevelSnd" jYn. "l T W"«^jb»V 
ten weeks' contracts on the Cleveland Vaude- 
■ville Co.'s time. 

Geo. Clay, a local favorite, after spending 
tbe holidays at his home ln Cleveland, accepted 
a few. weeks for the Cleveland Varraevllle Co..' 

be will open In New York, with a 



i, of tbe 

Tbe bills last , week were above the average 
for any particular week of the season and the 
business for ..New Year's week should prove In 
excess .of any previous New Year's week. 
Tbe roller rinks. Doquesne Gardens snd Audi- 
were taxed to their capacity and at the 
ue the . demand for skates wss larger 
than the supply. 

Mr. Edward Wsllen 

publicity department of 
a visitor last week. 

There were a great - many parties and much 
entertainment amongst the profession owing to 
the holiday season, principal amongst which 
was the usual Christmas banquet given an- 
nually by the Ward and Vokea Company, or 
rather by Messrs. Ward and Vokea to the com- 
pany. This took nlsce this year In Pittsburg 
at the Colonial Annex. Mr. Ward and Miss 
Daly were . presented by. tbe company with a 
lovely set of cut glass of forty, pieces. Tbe 
only outsiders. or prominence present were Mr. 
I>w Kelly, formerly with the Ward and Vokes 

tliP Tyyociliii "~ ni 
Mr. Slant 

Stock Company. I 
position with tbe company after an attack of 


Tbe management of - tbe Grand will present 
a novel feature tbe latter part of this month, 
as Manager Davis la arranging for . what is 
termed Old Home Week. This will be sig- 
nalised by a -program of favorite old-time act- 
ors. There will not be any new names in tbe 
list but esch name will recall happy memories 
not only to the generation of plsygoern of to 
dsy but to those, of the oast. Every act will 
be_ a headllner and every name will be fa- 


Executive staff of tbe Imperial Theatre 
Sparrow. Walker and Edwards, managers; rep 
resenting Sparrow, Walker and Edwards, Geo. 
N. Grey: W. S. Bsldwin. bouse snd manager 
of Stock Company; W. S. Baldwin. Jr.. treas- 
urer: J. A. Hill, atage manager: Stephen A. 

McNeUVstsge carpenter; Smlth.^e^tridar, 

Tboe. Hayden, property 
advertising agent. 



The Albert Dwigbt Players is the name of tbe 
stock company which commences Its engagement. 
Jan. 0. at Robinson's Theatre. The opening bill 
will be The Ways of the World, a three-act 
comedy-drama. In conjunction with tbls will be 
a program of vaudeville sod pictures. With 
the company will be tbe following people: A. D. 
Klause, director; A. A. Crowly, H. A. Davis, 
A. T. Storch, Fred Carpenter. Nellie Booth, 
Dolly Carpenter and Moda Douglas. Three Bbowi 
will be given each week day and four on Sun 

^Commencing Monday night of this week, races 
will be the attraction at the New Rink. There 
will be events for novices, amateurs snd seml- 
profcsslooals, the finals of which will be ran 
Jsn. 14. Joe Altmsn, wbo has done some line 
work in previous races, will .participate in. the 
•eml professional events. 

Tbe season at tbe New . Rink will close next 
month. This season has been a very good oae 
from every stsndpolnt. 

- Cincinnati Lodge No. 33. T. M. A., held an 
Important meeting In Its lodge rooms last Wed- 
nesday night. A detailed report will be found 
on the T. M. A. page, this Issue. 

Chss. D. Wilson, a member of . tbe firm of 
Stubbs, and Wilson, who control .the stock com 
pany.* at Olentangy Tark, Colnmbua, Ohio, dur 
in;: tbe summer season, and at present man 
ager, of- A Gentleman from Mississippi com 
psny which played at the Lyric Theatre here, 
last week, was among visitors at 


The employes of tbe Bijou Theatre, Xmss 
Dsy. ln order to testify to their appreciation 
of their msnsger, Mr. M. J. Rellley. who Is 
ever on the lookout to further their Interests, 
presented him with a mahogany mantle clock 
of exquisite design. 

A notice sppeared In these colnmns a few 
weeks ago to the effect that Mr. Tbos. Walsh, 
of this city, had been appointed advertising 
agent at tbe Imperial Theatre. Tbls report Is 
Incorrect, Inasmuch as Mr. Walsh la not. and 
never has. been connected with this theatre ln 

fm Educated Fleas, at Keith's 
Theatre. last week, msde onlte a hit. The 
tricks which these little mites perform, are 
truly wonderful. 

It is Interesting to note that while a great 
many managers are complaining about business 
In general, and that no matter how good a 
show one hss. business Is poor. Messrs. Spltt 
and Nathanson, of this city, have at the present 
time Are nbows on the road snd all making 
money, three companies. Tbe Thief. Tbe Turn- 
ing Point and The Great Divide, the rights of 
the last being secured onlr last week. 

Mr. Henry Collin, wbo hss held the position 
of chief usher st the Providence Opera House 
for a great many years, returned to his dntles 
Xmss week, after an absence of nearly a year. 

p,£n,.Tr ri go?d re ^^ 

The employes of the Nlckle ' 
resented Mr. F. W. Westg.te 


The: American Theatre was formally opened 
Christmas night by The Del 8. Lawrence Stock 
-Company. The new plsyhouse Is beautiful snd 
mpdernly. designed at a -cost of over .$300,000. 
and Is owned by tbe American Building Com- 
pany. The Interior decoratlona are magnificent. 
Tbe walls and ceilings ere of a golden, tint, 
and tbe lighting Is excellent. There ;ls. not a 
post to obstruct the view of the audience. The 
seating capacity la l.SSO.' The ventilation eye- 
tern Is tbe leteet. end tbe entire structure le 
absolutely fireproof. Tbe . asbestos 'curUtn Is 
the hesvlest In the, city, and tbe drop curtelu 
la a scene of beautiful Leke Como. pelnted by 
Orabech. The theatre stair le as. follows: John 
B. Hoppe, manager; Charles H. Mueblmsn as- 
sistant manager; Fred E. Hoppc, director of 
orchestra; Charles P. Bobbins, treeeurer; H. C. 
nolllnger, etage . menegcr; . Boy F. Holllngrr, 
electrician; Charles Waltman, properties; Free 
E. Hoppc, musical director.. 

The Lawrence Stock Company will play ao in- 
definite engagement, and all plays will be un- 
der Mr. Lawrence's supervision. 

Members of the company a re Del S. Lawrence. 
Cerl Stockdele. Air T. Lav no. Arthur Cvrll, 
Geo. Webb. Ue Morris. J. Will Pike. Ermine 
Seevey. MUtord Gloucester, ~ 

Daisy D'Avre. Gene 
Dimple Kelton. Clsru 

Meyers, Florence Chapmen, 
Beyere end Jene Kelton. 

The theatres during Christmas week all did 
«n excellent business. _ The rasnsgers of the lo- 

Cell * 

eel theatres estimate the business done on Christ- 

The annual Christinas tree at the SpokaUL 
Tlicatre. under the management of Manager 
Charles W. York, after the Monday night per- 
formance on tbe atage, was well sttended, about 
75 members of the various 'stock companies end 
road ahowe being aasembled, and there were 
gifts for every one. Tbe stsge employes and 
business mansgers were Included, and tbe gifts 
were distributed by Jsmes "BlUlkeu" Lewis, 
treasurer of the Spokane Theatre, who msde s 
good Sants. Clans. A lunch and singing and 
dancing were indulged in later. 

Spokane Lodge No. 47, T. M. A., gave a 
benefit matinee December 22. to a fair bonse, st 
the Auditorium Theatre. 

Geo. L. Baker, of tbe Baker Stock Co. lo Port- 
land, is In tbe city.. . 

Joe Tinker, sbortstop of the Chicago Cubs, 
Is a visitor in the city, and may play a vaude- 
ville date at one of the locel theatres. 
,K J ? bD . Cor t w "» « "cent visitor. He announced 
that since tbe National Theetre Owners' Asao- 


nn 8 e ,rnVo^stSn.. ThU «»*™ ' 



New Tear's week wss a red letter one In 
locsl theatrical circles, ss it wss the home 
coming of the famous artlat. Lena Ashwell. 
W k° ,7" , Poetically reared and received her 
schooling In this city. The Three A's as Mon- 
So'"" 11 , of the Roys! Alexandra call, 
them, viz. Viola Alien. Lena Ashwell, and Mar- 
«?■"■' »*?*"?.■ wer f *" educated In tbts city. 
Miss Ashwell received a splendid reception In 
her new play and waa very mnch entertslned 
by her numerona friends here. 
» Tb .". n c iii "-Mourer recently received a check 
SfHtft?! 000 i""" the Canaan,, National 

Exhibition ae our share of the profits. 

J. C. Belmont, a well -known locel ebow- 
men end wbo hes been connected with several 
amusement enterprises, recently nicked nn a 
valnsble pearl necklace on the street. The 
owner presented blm with a check tor *5O0 
when be returned same. 

sees started 1911 with big 
', January 2. 



Never In the history of Seattle were the differ- 
ent theatres texed to their capacity es daring 
the Cbrietmee holldeye of 1910. 

The managers of Sullivan A Consldlne's the- 
atrsa at Tacoma,, Vancouver, B. C, Spokane 
and Seattle presented Mr. Conaldlne with a 

beautifully Inlaid billiard table, which took the 

first prise st the Alasks-Yukon-Pscillc Exposi- 
tion laat year. The table which is con- 
sidered oae of the handsomest ln the North- 
west, beers the Inscription. "Merry Christ- 
mas, 1910. John W. Consldlne." Mrs. Consldlne 
was let in on the surprise snd had prepared an 
elegant spread for the boya. Carl Belter 

the presentation epeecb. 

Application wes made December 21 to Fran- 
cis W. Grant, superlntendant of building for the 
City of Seattle, for authorization to coostroct 
the magnificent new Metropolitan Theetre Build- 
ing, to be erected by Klsw ec Erlsnger, st Uni- 
versity street and Fourth avenue. The permit 
was applied for by Howell and Stokee. archi- 
tects, who will have charge or constructing the) 
building. According to plans already announced, 
the new Metropolitan will be among tbe hand- 
somest amusement buildings In the United 
states, end will contain every convenience for 
patrons and tbe profession. It will cost $250,- 

Work on the New Orpheum Theatre, comer 
of Third and Madison, le getting elong nicely, 
all of tbe steel being set, snd work on tbe In- 
terior Is rapidly progressing toward completion. 

Charles Alt. Williams, tbe well-known Best- 
tie newspaper men end vice-president of the 
Seattle Press Club, who recently underwent a 
serious cranial operation at Providence Hos- 
pital, hss so fsr recovered that be will eoaa 
be able to resume bis duties. 

Tbe Arctic Club of Seattle gave a 
evening of December 28, at their " 
rooms on Third svenue. The pro] 
e number of vaudeville stunts. 

Eugene Levy, motion picture magnate of tbe 
Northwest, haa effected another big coup by 
bidding ln tbe rights to tbe pictures of the bat- 
tle In whlrb "Battling" Nelson's fighting career 
waa brought to an end. with the clever lit- 
tle Owen Morao. ln San Francisco, last month. 
The films cost Levy *5,00O. As a special favor 
to tbe members or the Press Club, Mr. Levy 
exhibited Ibe film In a preliminary run at the 
- of December 30. to 

Decent Is 


Jsck Elliott, or the Unique Theatre. 
Thursday evening, Dec. 29. to alt 
who played hla theatrea tbe week of 

her 25. After tbe second evening l_ 

formsnee. the stsge waa cleared end ell eat 
down to a fine Chrlstmee banquet, with roasted 
suckling pig, roast goose sod other tempting 
food delicacies. A general social good time fol- 
lowed the dinner and all attending report the 
effelr ee memorehle. 

Tbe employees of the Miles Theatre presented 
Msnsger w . F. Gsllsgner with s handsome solid 
sliver loving cup ss a Chrletmee girt and a 
token of their appreciation of his f sir snd 
kindly sdmlnlstrstlon since tbe theatre baa been 
in bis cbsrge. 

Joe sehaffer, advertising sgent at the Dewey 
Theatre, Is the proud father qf an eleven-pound 
baby boy. Joe eeye be doesn't r 
will make a lithographer, an 
vance out of him. but. then, there's I 
to think It over before deciding. 

On Sunday afternoon and evening, January 1, 
end Monday efternoon end evening, January 3, 
the Yiddish Opera Company appeared at the 
Princess Theatre In East Minneapolis, taking 
the place of the usual program of motion plc- 
turea and illustrated songs at that theatre. 
. Manager L. E. Lund baa been overhauling 
the Wonderland Theatre, and tbe place le now 
resplendent ln s new Inside cost of pslnt. new 
psper. snd pressed steel celling. He boa aloe 
Installed new seats snd sdded more machines 
and an electric piano to tbe penny arcade on the 
second floor. As a mascot for this theatre Mr. 
Lund recently purchased a live monkey. 

Employes of tbe Dewey Theatre tendered their 

K« M tr«b?.h% h vruUro, 

watch roL, 

ai'd7^nd , th e , M E'.k 3n e C m 1 
Miller la a member ol 

Following bis ususl Christmas custom, J. a. 
Rogers, owner of toe Hotel Rogers, sod of the 
Unique Theatre, entertained about flve-bandred 
city newsboys ss guests of the theatre, Friday 
evening, Dec. 30. Both of the evening perform- 
ances were free to the newsies, snd In addi- 
tion to the regular bill of tbe week Rev. o 
L. Morrill, loesl cbsplsln of the Actora- AMU 
ance addressed tbe boys. 

Dr. L. A. Crandall, chairman of tbe Child- 
ren's League, appeared et a conference held In 
the office of the atete board of control. Thurs- 
day. Dec 20tb, to urge thst ordinance be passed 
forbidding the ettendence of person, under 1 , cer- 
tsin age at moving picture ebowe and so-called 
cheap theatres. 

Dr. Crandall stated that both these two 
nu semen t Institutions were In great need of 

This Is the laat week of the six-weeks' en- 
gagement of Mlsa Sarah Trust as leading lady 

with the Lyric Stock Company. Wbo wlr " 
eeed her In these voles bee not 

A oomplote lint of L 

soaring in th« eitiaa .. 
this pago is g i v.n In the. 
ment beginning en 

JANUARY 14, 1911.' 

The Billboard 

] BRIEF j 


-Mr. Al 0. Birnn. tbe proprietor of Al O. 
Barnes' Wild Animal Circus. wss a pleasant 
Billboard visitor. Mr. Barnes looks the pic- 
ture or health and prosperity, and Just closed 
the most successful season of Ma career. Hit 
winter-quarter* are eatabltabed here, and most 
sll his acta arc being played at the different 
vaudeville theatres about here. Next season be 
will go oot with a twenty-four car show, with 
everything In apple pie order, and will continue 
as s wild animal cirrus with several clown*. 

Msnsger Zarestsky, of tbe Zareatskjr Troupe 
or Russian Dancers, paid tola office a call. 
Tbe troupe I* Just closing ■ tour of Pantages' 
Circuit, and la booked to appear at tbe Por- 
tols Cafe for six consecutive weeks, opening 
January 14. 

The Pacific Amusement Company'* effort to 
stage a drama of pioneer days, resulted In a 
suit for (1.700 begun against tbe company by 
Henry Schluter. He alleges that It cost him 

prairie schooner mod 
l-tlme wegons In which 

i plain*. 

. and tbat 
uaement Com- 

nt to build a 

sled after one of tbe old- 
tbe pioneers came across tn< 
after contracting for It, the 
refused to p*y the bill. 

■ Bovyer. publicity man at tbe Em 
beatre. la some pre** agent. All bis 
stuff la new here, and exceedingly attractive. 
Mia one and throe abeet*. which are posted In 
every avallsble spsce In every part of tbe city, 
cause considerable attention; his newapaper ar- 
ticles make "em take notice. Be bas gotten 
eat * folder Imitating ■ court summons, with 
the seal and all the other reqalalte thing* on 
It, wblcb Instesd of ordering one to appear at 
coart. order* you to appear at tbe Empress. 

Poet Mualeal Comedy closes at the American 
Theatre, and will be followed by tbe Ed. Ann- 
strong Company of twenty-alx people. The 
opening date will be January 14. 

Samuel B. Hork. owner of tbe Queen of tbe 
Moulin. Rouge, baa brought suit and a petition 
!? r . an Injunction agatnat Samuel Lovericb. tbe 
Bills Street Development Company and Tbe 
Northwestern Thestre Association. Rork states 
tbst be entered a written contract with tbe 
defendants on Jane 6, to present Tbe Queen of 
tbe Moulin Rouge at tbe Prince** Theatre, be- 
finning January 1. Berk clalma the defend- 
aata now wish to withdraw from tbelr contract, 
aad even threaten by force from putting on bla 
attraction. Tbe play was to ran for seven night*, 
ir stopped. Rork saye. the loss will amount to 
••J.OOO. and bla abare of tbe loaa will be »10.- 
95 V™ d, . m, «* t0 hl * reputation and to the 
attraction will amount to 1100.000. He asks 
tbe Superior , Conrt to enjoin the defendsnts 
from Interfering with the presentation of hi* 

A mortgage executed on December 6, to aeenre 
tbe loan of $80 000. made by tbe German 8av- 
5f? mn £ •^l" *° Ernestine Leahy, fovmerlv Ern- 
estine Krellng. snd ber husband. W. H. Leahv. 
tbe money to be exnended In the erection of the 

r^nTsS ,l ^^TW n p?t^cv, W whI?h , ^e .vJ Eg 
Is secured Is located on Eddy street, tbe site 
of the origin.) Tlvoll. and la 70x175 feet. 
w!"r' «"•'*«>• "fern to be tbe fashion here. 

■■»* had one In tbe North Beach section, 
followed by one In tbe Mission District, snd now 
one la being promoted to take place doting Feb 
H"T. "hat la known aa tbe Hares Valley 
District. Owing to tbe wonderful success that 
n.:.iT*. 0 55*t br 'to** carnivals, the Richmond 
Dlstrlrt will bold a similar carnival and atreet 

lill 0 *• tnm AprU , " 15 - 'nclnslve. 

Greenwood, Mur- 
Te Old Home 
g the 

Cot. Cody saya tbat tho 1910 season was tbe 
most prosperous since be went Into tbe show 
business. Said they did not miss s dsy or even 
a performance from tbe opening, wblcb wis 
attended by thousands st Msdlsou Square Garden, 
to tbe closing at Little Rock. He la also proud 
of the record tbat tbere waa not a single serious 
accident to mar the sesson. 

Colorado railroad* have granted unusually low 
rates for tbe Annual Live Stock Show, to be 
beld In Denver, Jan. 10 to 21. Be ports that 
come to -the railroad offices here Indicate that 
the attendance will be the largest In the history 
of tbe organization of the Live Stock Show, and 
second only to the big show at Chicago. 

Mr. A. C. Canon, manager of the Orpheum 
Theatre here, together with Serb <T. Bailey, 
atage msnsger of tbe Orpheum; Martin Beck, 
general manager of the Orpheum Circuit; Fred 
W. Feldwlach and Attorney Frank N. Bancroft, 
have Incorporated a company far $500,000. to be 
known ss tbe Bslley Theatre Fly rail Machine 
Company, and will manufacture a mechanical 
contrivance for shifting and setting atage seen 
ery. The Invention la tbat of Mr. Bailey, and 
baa been patented In all tbe principal countries. 
The company contemplate* the erection of a 
manufacturing plant In Denver. 

Section 29. of the Denvar 
which provide* tbat theatres 
price* of admission on all tickets, t 
forced, as the result of a resolution 
In tbe Board of Supervisors at tbelr meeting this 
week. . 

The resolution follow* the dispute between 
city authorities and the Sboberta' representatives 
over tbe matter of price* at tbe Auditorium. 
The Sbnbert* have eluce signified In a letter 
to Mayor Speer tbat they will hereafter a*k no 
more than *1 for beat seat*, with exception of 
Sotbern and Marlowe 

In the spring. 


The Famous Hidalgos, 

Hj Greenwood. Elf 

Choir. Famoua Vet 

"for rSTtStvao. 

hcokSTby Tony U I»l 

The Bevanl Grand Opera Company closed Its 
season at tbe Maedoaongh Theatre. Oakland. 
IR D^wniber 26. Bevanl. with eight peo- 
Jt . 1 . W 'U. "Jay v.ndevllle date* under tbe title 
of the Bight Zlogarroa. 

dsn. ""IS. "v',.?.' *! tkrt buyer* Is In evidence 
Siiil VL" ol « h,| r >o front or tbe cretty Km- 
Em * *ng, and Manager Bid Graumsn Is 
th!. ?! 2? hl " ■»PO*«»l«n. giving them '•more 
than then- money's worth." 

The orpheum Rosd Show Is pscktng the Or- 
pheum to tbe doors at every performance, and 
Of- mlMlll Brothers are the biggest kind of 
1 Sit,i° ,b t ,r astonishing, versatile performance. 
aJSH bnr - ft!"* 10 - ■ n ' 1 Mason, those eccentric ec 
robatlc aoldler*. returned *fler finishing tbelr 
contract on Pantagea' circuit, and are playing 
8- * 0. time around here. 

'■JtW Richmond Theatre I* scheduled to 
open Fel.rusrv 22. Vaudeville and moving pte- 

n V.J°J.V. n 80 <*"•• wl » »• «»* oollcy. 
lk f<^h «be Kill, atreet houses, the derrick and 

hi fU!**?.* Jjwetre. here cause to complain at 
i^.t«!S^ , ^•" rt, ««enoance». It seems tbst tbe 
aptosm bonne* have ontdnne their nsernlnea*. 
*JM everything la downtown, where the hustle, 
"■"'a. hotels and cafe* abonnd. 
— ._* . cher'ile. the grscerul classic dsncer. 
p.nJI!rj?i from . •successful tonr of Southern 

, and mnslc. 
A new art with Ave people waa put on at tbe 
Z VwTnel?"'^ '"' ,™t promlS.'. to 

Fdlth aSS ?K ""P'bT I* beaded bv Miss 
KILJaS^ J,^. own " «»• "ketch, and Mlsa 


' h ** tT e attendance on New Year'a eve 

S 'JSXJSR .f nd J ne "»«rv«tlon of table* 
ror turtle, ,ft. r the thow w „ t(l an ever 

**>■ 9 mm Knlf.1 am a . ■ _ 

at alB T .1. . iu« snow waa greater tnan ever 
r^„i, ,h .• c,fM - no, « l » restaurant*. 

t^SPmSm\BSS\SBS during 'the' Curl" 

Km sR JSB. tb * **9 at >be N»» 

wiLii nlM not extend aa tar west 

»^?u.tmed , !t? " n U ' v ' aoo " r "« M 
ujv 0 .'- <*§ 11 now " bis winter home, at Cody, 
5Z& .«■ will remain the rest of the 

5 tvE- Bd . M £* tt,t,B *- » Co' 0 " 1 h,, * 
him d n ""«' Who am alway* glad to *cc 

est parodies certainty get many en- 
sors Is well known In this city, and 
ws. booking foe Gov. John PbUllpa. 
t Before Xmaa Company that Frank 


Oar old friend. Lew Ke 

next at the Empire, In Jack Slngi 
Lew la giving out tbe old dope 
baa some *et. 

Glad to heat 
American, are 

Lew Hnrtlg. Jr.. la certainly learning tbe 
' ulneea fast. He tesrs oS the roll tickets 
at tbe Arcade ss If he were selling ribbon*. 
Ha never cracks hla makeup at the window 
and if yon know him, well, honestly, he doe* 

not mean It. . ■ . . . 

Mail Is at the Lyceum box office for _Ibe 
Squaw Man. Flak O'Hl 
and Brewster Million*, 
povmlar plsyhoase. 

Rob Stanley, one of tbe local 
for Dayton. O., to take the ' 
meat of the K. K. Circuit. 

Havt'a picture house baa . 
but tbe bonse will retain «• present 

Jss. Connor* wss with n* last week, with the 
Msaon show*, at tbe Empire Theatre. He la 
playing some comedy with tbe said attraction, 
and hla latest parodies certainly get many en 
cores. Connors ' 
at one time 
In the Night 
Hurt bad en tour, 

The Son! Kiss Company bad some time on 
New Year'a Day with a banquet at tho Heidel- 
berg. Many member* were called opon for 
little swylnga on trooping, and to what they 
would do In the coming year. John Peersslk. 
tbe msnsger of the company, did a song and 
dance with Al. Brandt, tbe hustling agent, who 
waa called back for the evening. 

It I* aald that Maurice Cslne ha* closed In 
sdvsnce or tbe Psnama Company, wblcb will 
close Ita season st Chicago. Maurice baa been 
engaged at a high salary to appear In advance 
of Baroev Gllmore. The advance work baa 
started by tbe Irian Thrush agent at Detroit. 
8peclal paper will soon be seen on the boards, 

Tbe Ornhenm Theatre haa drifted from a ten 
cent vaudeville and picture boose to light mosl- 
cal attraction, and Manager Naaaer and Company 
are doing very big. 

With all tbe press report* of tbe local paper 
critics on Tbe Son! Kiss, the company did a large 
business for their engagement. Manager Moore, 
of the Lyceum, lays It I* wonderful what shows 
can do without good notice*. 

Harry Clark, the local cut up down, wsa try- 
ing to do elephant leaps on the Ice. and frac- 
tured hi* leg. He 1* going around with a couple 
of stake* from tbe Roblneon show. Go and 
get a parr of robber* and atop tbla scaring your 

Jake Kelley. the local theatrical extra attrac- 
tion promoter In the wrestling game at the 
Empire, bas retired from business, and will de- 
vote hi* time from now on to match making 
of hi* John nmieter. 

Plnkay Hallaa and Reno McCree, Jr.. are 
baring some match work at the MeCree'a whiter 
barns. So far It haa been undecided wblcb 
young gentleman haa the best of the bare bark 
atnnts. The father of tbe boys have many 
wager*, snd It will be a caw of having a public 
decision on the contest. 

It looks like Darkest Rossis, at the Sunbeam, 
with two leidlng Cole and Johnson members, 
at the popular picture bouse. One does the 
playing for the songs snd picture*, snd the other 
the ushering to the most de.lrabl* seat*. Leslie 
nettle haa threatened not to ling with the said 

Manager Hendenbot, of Bowling Green. O.. 
proprietor of tbe leading picture boose, waa a 
caller laat week. Be wanted to celebrate hla 

?.K%rh^e^ud-e^ only 
a aide *how In " 

The Empress Thestre Is the latest addition to 
the picture snd vaudeville boom of tbt* city, 
and will reopen on or about the brat of March. 
Tbe management will be Edward Kelaey and 
Bernard Gardner, who Is now connected with the 
Sunbeam Theatre, and la very familiar with tbe 
picture game. Ho will be a valuable man for 

the new the«tn>. m . 


tlona. The 

8T. L OUIS , MO. 

Last week Grand Opera demanded our atten- 
tion and the patronage waa remarkably good. 
The famous "Salome" which haa caused tbe 
dslly press no end of discussion, developed to 
he O. K. and not anyway near aa had as we 
would picture It. The performance waa every- 
thing that artistic touch could make perfect, 
and all are pleased with tbe season's prodnc- 
housing exceptionally 
. Most all attraction* 
time are new here, 
press ha* 0. K.'d them all. 
More than half of tbe fund for the erection 
of a (200.000 theatre by the German Theatre 
Realty Company haa been raised. Tbe structure 
will be erected on a site at Del mar and Grand 
avenues, purchased for 120,000. 

It waa announced last week, following a 
meeting or tbe stockholders that (117.000 had 
been raised. To facilitate tbe work of securing 
tbe remaining amount a resolution authorising 
tbe enlargement of the directorate ao aa to 
Include a number of Gormen society wt 
adopted. Former Probate Judge Leo 

good attractions this week. 

in tbe city st the present 
snd the pre** bss O. K.'d 


Ben Rich, who has spent 
on tbe rosd with tbe big 

many of hla 

nected himself with the advertising staff of 
tbe Sbuberts theatres here. 

Windhorst snd Company of this city, makers 
of tbe famous Prtmo Lights, have tbe exclusive 
lighting privileges of the National Corn Show, 
to be held at Onlumbns, 0.. in January and 
February. Mr. Windhorst left lsit week for 

the purpose Of srranglng his exhibit on the 

grounds where he will have every new device In 
lighting demonstrated. 

Blanenard's Imperial Minstrels are making 
lust ss strong ■ hit la the smaller vaudeville 
boose, of the city, aa they did through tbe 
slrdomrs la tbe pest summer, and It Is safe to 
aay tbst they will not be able to Oil any out-of- 
town dates though they have booked many. 

I had the pleasure of being present at the 
>ker end reception given by the local 

or the I. A. B. * B.. given In honor of tbe re- 
turn of tbelr delegatea from the BntTalo conven- 
tion. Mr. Moon, who acted aa tosatmaster. In- 
troduced tbe following speakers: Walter Gas- 
salo, wbo has Jost been elected tbelr national 
president, John Dig and Bob Walker, all of 
whom st tended tbe convention. The speakers In 
tbelr remarks outlined tbelr policies for tbe 
coming year and began planning for the next 
convention, which will be held In this city, 
Mr. O. O. Bklnnar. their recording secretary, 
waa loudly commended on bla ylewa and the plan 
or entertainment adopted on ao elaborate 
scale. Tbe officers elected for tbe coming year 
were announced aa follow.: C O Mcs». prwl- 
dent: Edw. Blnskl. vlce-peesldent: .Walter 
GaasaUo, financial aeeretary: O. O. Skinner. 

ninl C. O. Rklnni r. tru*tC*fc. _* 

w. si. n 


From * balmy, pleaaant Saturday night. New 
Year'a eve. to a drop ot forty-eight degree* Son- 
d«y noon, made New Tear** Day of 1911 the 
coldest day of the season, and thn*. In conse 
qoenc*. the the.tre business -offered for the 
evening performances. Tbe smallest Sunday hol- 
iday crowda tbat the theatre* have known were 
In attendance New Year'a. Oroslly capacity Is 
looked for on Sunday, snd when It la a holiday 
also, tbe 8. B. 0. signs are gotten ready. This 
time, while a nlc*. comrortable business wss 
done at most houaea. tbere waa nowhere near 
tbe crowd tbat waa expected. 

A convenience tor tbe patrons ot tbe WUHs 
Wood Theatre la a card that la passed to the 
audiences, whereon one may write hla name and 
address and telephone number, and tbe man- 
agement will mall to blm each week the name 
ot tbe abow at the Willi* Wood, and some In- 
formation and data about It. In thla way one 
can alwaya keep In touch with theatricals. Mr. 
O. H. Buckley, business manager or tbe Willie 
Wood, aaya tbat he la very much pleaaed with 
the Idea, aa It Is proving very satisfactory, and 
he tblnka la bringing more business to th* the- 
atre. While, of coarse, every one resds the 
ITS every day. It might be luet the 
or evening that one would miss that 
I the theatrical newa. and with thla 
Information from tbe theatre direct, the the- 
atregoer can nae his own discrimination about 
tbe attractions. 

Mr. Earl Steward, resident manager of tbe 
Sam S. Sbnbert Theatre, regretted very mncb 
to have to announce to the audience that bad 
come to tbe Sbnbert to see Loula Mann In The 
Cheater. Wednesday Matinee. December 28, that 
there would be no Wednesday matinee on ac- 
count of Mr. Mann'a being a little hoarse. Mr. 
Mann aald that be didn't understand tbere was 
to b, a Wedneadaj jgHgSg gg 

special matinee Mo _ 

contract only called for two matinees s week. 
Tbe company bad all assembled at the the- 
atre awaiting Mr. Maoo. when Mr. Earl Stew- 
ard called blm up at his hotel and round that 
Mr. Mann didn't know about the matinee. Then 
It was that Mr. Steward had to announce to tbe 
audience tbat tbere would be "no matinee to- 
day." and aald tbelr money would be refunded 
at tbe box offlce. 

The week from December 25 to January 2 
was one of tbe blgaeat In the many big weeks 
of the Orpheum - , history. This week saw ca- 
pacity at every matinee, and that'* a big thing 
when It la remembered tbat the Ornhenm baa 
dally matinees, and tbe evening performances 
bad tbe 8. R. 0. sign In working order. Mr. 
Martin Lehman, resident manager of the Or- 
pheum. aald he waa very mnch pleased with tbe 
Orp brum's success. 

•Ml«» Beaale Clifford and Victor Morley. of Tbe 
Three Twin* Company, furnished the ma«or por- 
tion of the entertainment before tbe Railroad 
Men's Club. Friday night. December SO. Miss 
Clifford, with her famoua Tama-Tama song and 
eccentric dancing, and Mr. Morley with clever 
- at tbe Rail 

Word was received In Kansas City the week 
of the 23th of tbe death In St. Louis ot Harry 
Long. Mr. Long's name la well-known here, 
for he was the atage director or the old snd 
popular Woodward Stock Company at tbe Au- 
ditorium Theatre. Mr. Long waa with Mr. 
Wilson En os, snd won much praise and com- 
mendation by hi* capable productions. Tbe 
Woodward Stock Company, the old one, pro- 
duced many atari and geniuses, and Mr. Harry 
Long waa known aa one of tbe beat. 

The attractions coming to tbe GlUla Theatro 
tbe laat few weeka have been very good, and 
Mr. E. 8. Brlgham says that more good ones 
are on tbelr way. 

Tbe New York Hippodrome, for two weeks 
here at the Convention Hall, proved on* of 
the blggeat^tWnga Kansaa City bss Je^ net 


The curtain ha* dropped on the Christmas 
turkey and the cranberry sauce, the stage hands 
have bundled tbe once-a-year props Into the 
far-off corner, and the general public and hla 
wit* and kids are again making their nightly 

pU ^Fi5S, 

to the playhx 

gham. th* 

Frank Bacon, playing Sam Gragban 

old inventor. In Tbe Fortune Hunter, laat we 

at the Braadel*. 1* well and favorably known 
in thla city, where he managed stock companies 
for two years, endearing himself to the thou 
aauda or patrona by hla quaint h 
Inal characterisation a. Mr. Bai — 
manager of tbe Woodward Stock at the Bar- 
wood here, snd made a reputation for careful- 
ness as to detail in staging. He went through 
Omaha about a year ago on hla way to Haw 
York, to open In a one-act aketcb In vsudsvUl* 
with bla wife. The second time be a p pe a led. 
George Cohan happened to eee hla work, and Im- 
mediately engaged him for the role or tbe old 
inventor In Tbe Fortune Hunter. Bacon la on* 
of the best coxnedisn* on the American atage. 
aad Is st last coming into his own by his rich 
presentation In The Fortune Hunter. 

Sam How* and hi* Love Maker*, playing at 
th* Gayety laat week, enjoyed aa Xm«s dinner 
on tbe atage after tbe performance, together 
with th* bouse attaches and Managers Johnson 
and nils. Manager Johnson WSJ 
Saint Nick, and delivered the 

The Woodward Stock, at th* Boyd, also cel- 
ebrated Christmas eve with a big spread, and 
toasts from tbe different member*. Manager 
Woodward carved the bird. 

Ml** Marie La Balis, or Beatrice. Neb., who 
recently interested Mr*. W. K. Vsnderbllt sod 
Otto Kahn and other rich New Yorkers, ha* 
signed a contract with th* Chicago Grand Opera 
Company. It will be remembered tbst Mis* 
La 8a lie returned from Europe about a year ago 
and was to bars married Max Rablnoff. a Chi- 
cago Impresario. , 

On N*w Year's Eve. at tbe Gayety. thon- 
ssnds of poor people were given s big spread by 
tbe People's Church. Manager Johnson, of the 
Gayety. kindly gave the house for the occasion. 

6ld Dame Rumor (and she 

nsgsrs Johnson 
• rigged us ss 
goods In fine 

to be well 

heeled In her angeries this thnet says the Krug 
will be turned Into a burlesque bouse very soon, 
snd bo • a poke In tbe Western Wheel. Tbe 
name of the manager haa not been detei 


Producers snd manager* of first class sttrsr 
tlona to be aeut on tonr through the Southern 
country next season will find It worth while 
to take more than a casual look Into tbe theat- 
rical situation In thla city. 

Richmond Is more then threatened with too 
many tbeatrea of the flrst-ela**. The material 
lalng of conditions tbst must logically affect 
th* business Interests of road companies detri- 
mentally la assured. With M. L. ' 
mer, business man and promoter, 
completion a new theatre In West ' 

which, he saya. will be opened aa a first el 
house In the coming spring. In opposition to i 
Aesdemy of Music, W. Gresnor Neal. capital- 
ist and principal owner of the Leath theatri- 
cal circuit, cornea forward with the announce- 

ment tbat within the next three months a new 
theatre of the first class will be under way. 

Mr. Neal la beat known In Richmond aa a 
wealthy tobacco manufacturer, but ha baa many 
varied business Interests in sddltloo to bis 
large holdings In the chalna of tbeatrea with 
which the name ot Jake Wells haa been for 
yean associated. TJntll recently Mr. Neal'a 
name was rarely mentioned for tbe public ear 
In the affalra of tbe Leath circuit, or In con- 
nection with the different theatrical Interests 
thst csrrled the cognommal appellative of Jake 
Wells to the forefront. Just why Mr. Neal pre- 
ferred to occupy a aeat In the far rear does 
not appear, and can be only attributed to tbe 
absence of ostentation cbsrscterlxlng bta con 
duet of the various big business enterprises 
that he ha* piloted to success, making plethoric 
meanwhile his own bsnk eecount. 

When Mr. Nesl recently began to do the 
talklng^to ^^ nbUc b P£ n S oa ft,r Mkj ,b w ,, J|7 

the' C ?oca* d theatrical* writers' 10 Buddenly rcallxci 

that for many years they had entirely over- 
looked aa an authoritative newa source, tbe gen- 
tlemen to whom they now allnde tn their news 
stories concerning tbe theatrical dtuntlon In 
Virginia aa "the man with the goods," "the 
purse strings loosener." "the southern theatrical 
magnate." "the autocrat ot the southern theat- 
rical Held," and other more or less significant, 
suggestive, euphonious, edifying. Instructive and 
entertaining correlative prooomlnala In which 
theatrical newawrttero delight. 

(Continued on page SO.) 

A complot* list of attraction* ap- 
pearing in tho Oltloo mentioned on 
this pago ia fllvon In th* dapart- 
n paga 18. 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 14, 1911. 

The Amusement Week in Europe 


Day with Its Wealth of Pantomimic Productions 
>ndit ions in Theatrical Circles Far 
From Being Satisfactory 

Boxing day u only a conple or days off. and 
-torn pantomime of all aorta and conditions will 
spring themselves upon as from one end of Great 
Britain to the other. From the elaboration and 
trlumpna of stage mechanism of Jack and The 
BeanaUlk at Drury Lane, down to toe humble 
stowing of Cinderella, at a tiny at op, all win 
*e in fan awing. Hundreda of tttonaanda of de- 
voted parents for the next few weeks will be 
arranging to take the children to the pantomime 
as a yearly treat, and the children, because they 
-eo—lder It •Wright tWlJFloiEo to S P«i' 
totnlme, will be clamoring to be taken. 

AM yet I doobt very much whether the day 
of pantomime la not over. There la no doubt 
that It Is no longer the fresh, «m n .f ng . Joy to 
children that It used to be In the past, and the 
•access of the fairy plays, like Peter Pan. Alice 
to Wonderland. The Blue Bird, and Pinkie, 
anew that wherever a lira! appears, then the 
pantomime has to take a very bad second place. 
.1 think the average manager Is already ha- 
lloa; to realize thla, and very few of them 
confidently look forward to making a good 
out of pantomime like they did to the 
Of coarse, while In the provinces espec- 
j pantomime remains tie sole form of Christ- 
mas entertainment. It la bound to do fairly 
areJJ. Bnt Immediately the fairy plays begin to 
snake gxouud quickly, or some other alternative 
■makes tta appearance, then the day of pantomime 
wul be over. 

The essence of the matter Is that pantomime Is 
no longer s children's show. To-day It la really 
r*?5? . "O^l* for adalta, and It la excessively 
.doubtful whether, even if children understand, 
they appreciate It. I can quite understand the 
feelings of many people who protest that the 
average pantomime la no longer a show soluble 
•for children. In these dsys the panto has be- 
*°™« merely a reclulstened end redressed music 
ban entertainment, and generally a bad one at 

Sffl: -.1?" 5 k,neer " ■ T « rIe '» •<">" P"t up 
wi tit stale wheezes about mothers In law. doobt- 
«ul Bah. pawnbrokers and washing bills from the 

Old type of red-nosed comedian, neither an- they 

snore appreciated when pat before as to the 
accompaniment ot endless clang, clash and 
glitter. The modern pantomime, however, la 
nothing more nor less than a huge codec tl on of 
annate ball torn*, and the average comedian for 
tuts purpose thinks It Incumbent on himself to 
intro-hu e . lot of ancient ataff that woold not be 
tolerated Tor an Instant In a music hall. In this 
children are not welcomed at the ordl- 
iriety show. But ye. aa soon as panto- 

Another great fault la that .v. ... 

fashioned pantomime bad a con 
which the children ware quite 
which they looked forward to seeing played In 
■every detail, the modern pantomime bss no more 
pretensions to any set of connected Incidents 
than the type of moalcal comedy which we use 
to have sprung upou us Ave or six years ago 
The principals are generally well known vaude- 
ville artlsls who come on and give their turn 
Just mm they would at an ordinary hall. They 
•tng their old songs and drag to bos In ess which 
they hsve been using for aa long as they can 
remember. To attempt to lit In with the rest, 
would rob them of tbelr Individual kudos and 
•o they don't do It. Consequently the child who 
. t J&'? ,0 .. ,ne P« nt omIme to see, aay, the story 
of Cinderella acted on the stage, instead sees 
the kind of entertslnment provided one csn get 
for fifty weeks In the year at any London music 
hall, and he goes away disappointed. Even the 
Illuminations and general glitter 
pensste him for what ha baa lost. 

And so I think that the sooner managers realise 
that pantomimes are Intended for children, and 
not for grown-ups, the better It wilt be for 
them. Meanwhile they will have to atand by 
and see tbelr business) snatched awiy from them 
ny the fairy plays which really do appeal to 
children, even though they may at times bore 
tbelr parents. 

I .was telling yon list week about the renewed 
trouble between the Coliseum and the Theatrical 
Managers' Association In regard to the question 
of music hail sketches. Since then a meeting 
has been held with 'all tbe leading managers 
present on the one band, and Henry Tozer. 
waiter Gibbons sod Wslter de Prece, represent- 
ing the music ball element. Tbe meeting wag 
called to ascertain whether the old agreement 

^regarding music ball sketches was to be re- 

■»*"!• <i as operative and binding. The meeting 
Heclded that It was, and tbe old arrangement that 
Who sketch In a music hall shall take more than 
thirty mlnntes Is to be continued. 

Of coarse, neither Oswald Stoll or sir Edward 
Moss was present at thla meeting. The former 
baa Just been lined on account of tbe production 
of Seymour Hicks' Richard III. at tbe Coliseum, 
and 128 people haze been thrown out of work 
In consequence. 

Bnt why the nutate hulls pat ap with this 
ridiculous state of affairs, I haze never been 
able to understand. Tbe fact of tbe matter Is 
that the theatre managers believe that the music 
halls, by the good business that is done. Injure 
their • theatre. Some years ago they discovered 
that music halls came tinder an almost for- 
gotten act ot Parliament, which permitted no 
etage play of "any length whatever" to be per- 
formed in a "sing-song" halt. This set was 
passed In 1842, was aimed at tbe old style of 
entertslnment. and waa supposed to be for the 
protection of public morals. All the same. It 
still permits in these dsya a great enterprise 
like the Coltsenm or Hippodrome to be brought 
down to the level of a little sapper room of 
seventy yesrs ago. 

If tbe music ball proprietors bene bad any 
' at all. they would combine and get thla 
waled. Bnt Instead of that, some years 
entered Into this agreement with the 
janagers by which sketches lasting not 

thirty minutes I 
ce then, at the 
ment. they have allowed thet 
beaten by the theatres. 

The best thing they can now do Is to tear np 
this agreement and go tbelr own way. If the 
theatres want to prosecute, let tbem do so. In 
all probability the offence will be deal with, as 
it has been on several occasions before, as a 
purely technical one, and the common Informer — 
always employed In these cases — ordered to pay 
the coats ot both aides aa a vexatious litigant. 
More thin this. It would make the Individual 
manager prosecute In hut own name instead of 
biding behind the Managers* Association. It 
thla course were taken systematically, I fancy 
It woold not be long before tbe old and really 
obsolete act of Parliament would be repealed. 

I hear that O. P. Buotley shortly Intends to 
take a company or bis own out to Canada, where 
be will tour with a repertoire, beaded by Mr. 
Popple, of Ippleton. 

The Palladium, tbe great new music ball, 
about which I haze already written, will open 
on Boxing Day. It will seat 0,000 persons, and 
baa coot a million dollars to construct. What 
Is In effect s London dob accommodation, la 
provided for visitors. It will be a two show a 
day bouse, morning ami afternoon.. 


Premiere of the Marriage of Panurge at Sarah Bernhardt 
Theatre Most. I mpor tant Theatrical Event of the Week. 
Other Theatres Offering First-class Attractions 

_ (The Marriage of Pa- 
nnrge) waa produced at the Theatre Sarah 

Bernhardt this week. It Is the mo 
MWTff Mace"* 

toe Paris 

following scenes one Is shown Love of An- 
tiquity. ~oze That Is Rose. Loze In 1880. and 
. lastly. Modern Love. Each Is quite a success. 
So I Act II. snows toe editorial rooms ot Excelsior, 

are flze acts 
adding to Its attract 
excellent artist who 

ire tbe 
Is In verse. There 
And. by way of 
M. Gsllpaux. tbe 
tbe Blackbird In 
Cuantecler. sharing honors wltb M. Lucien 
Onltry himself, appeared to tbe title role. 

Panurge. ot coarse. Is a Rabelais hero. The 
Adenls brothers tell of bis love affairs. Tbe 
first act finds him undecided: tball be marry, 
or shsll he not? Tbe keeper of a cabaret, the 
Widow Trudon lets It be known that she would 
not care for anything better than to tie np 
with him, but be Is fearful, not particularly of 
tbe Widow Trudon. bat of womankind In gen- 
eral, lest, once married to one of them, ahe 
would be false to him. Tbe horror ot such s 
thing to him Is an obsession. Here be reflnds 
a childhood frleod. Bacbelette. godfather of 
Slgneur de Bsschl. She Is youthful and pret- 
ty and no less than the Widow Trudon, lets 
fall tbe bint that she cares for Panurge mighty 

wherein some very clever burlesquing Is done. 
Another scene shows one of tbe famous Market 
Bouse (Lee lis ileal, cabarets of which J s urea 
(the Socialist leader ot the French Chamber of 
Deputies) la iho»n aa the proprietor, and all 
tbe other tsmous politicians of the day coast 


MM. Nosier* and Yves Ml rands are respoav 

tor uie revue. 

popular English aong bird. 


At the Alhambra thla week, a new revue by 
Pellasler, ot the Follies, entitled. All Change 
Here! II waa produced. It looks like running 
forever, so good Is It. 

At the Hippodrome, a great Cbantecler spec- 
tacle has Just seen tbe light of day. All tbe 
balls haze very strong programmes for the boll- 


The Goldberg Brothers, of the Commercial 
Hotel, have Installed a theatre guide. It con- 
sists of a hnge frame with Individual cards 
10x16 Inches covered by glass, containing a 
complete list of every theatre In Hamilton, tbe 
professional attractions played, with tbe names 
of tbe booking agencies, the respective boose 
msnsgers. location of all theatres, the nsme 
of tbe electric street line to tske. wltb correct 
transfers to receive to reach most conveniently 
tbe various houses, time of rise of cnrtnln. 
house capacities, with number of boxes In each 
boose, together wltb a list of choice seats, 
closing with carriage time. On the right 
band top corner of the guide Is a well displayed 
card reading "Tbe Billboard. America's lesdlnc 
theatrical weekly, always on Die at this hotel." 
The guide Is s unique Innovation (the first of 
Its kind In Canada), and hss proren of great 
convenience to the traveling theatrics! profes- 
sion, and has msde s big hit wltb tbe patrons 
at this popular theatrical rendezvous. 

George H. Summers end his excellent stock 
company are now concluding a Ave weeks' en- 
gagement at Calgary, Alts., and from reports 
received are playing to excellent returns. Hust- 
ling Barry Marrs. of thla city. la "till on the 
Job with this company as general manager, a 
position be has filled most creditably for the 
past number of years. 

Richard Crooks and James McCarthy, two very 
wesltby Csnadlans, are looking over tbe local 
ground preparatory to opening a burlesque bouse 
here. The opening looks very favorable, and 
If there ore two gentlemen who knows more 
about the burlesque business than Messrs. 
Crooks and McCarthy tbey baze yet to be pro- 
duced around thla burg. Hamilton wants a 
burlesque honse and wants one bad. May suc- 
cess attend the efforts of tbe gentlemen referred 


Santoro and Marlow and little Baby Victo- 
ry have Just closed with the Xohle Bros.' Olrl 

vJndevllle^e/d K,°VlctorV wHl^l * 
vaudeville neio. Bsby victory will retl 

the show bil-lnesH to be sent to school. 

well and would marry blm If be aaked her to. 
SHU he hesitates. 

Act II. shows the cabaret ot tbe Widow Tru- 
don. Pauurge has come to feast with tbe Slg- 
neur de Beecbl. A bailiff, however, is hot 
on bis trail, snd In order to pot the bailiff off 
bis track he seeks to fool blm Into believing he 
and Bschelette are to be married. Thla mock 
ceremony takes place In Act III., at tbe home 
of Bascbi, but with this slight explsnatlon: 
Panurge has made real love to tbe pretty girl 
because the Is irresistible, and tbe rood Father 
superior, discovering the trick which tbe mar- 
riage Is supposed to be. decides to unite tbe 
two In a real wedding. And be does. 

Panurge retires to a monastery when be dis- 
covers be Is really married. He can't stand 
tbe Idea of living eternally in the fear of be- 
ing betrayed by bis wife. Disguised as s 
friar, fata pretty bride comes to And him bnt 
she Is repulsed. Panurge la living to high a 
life In tbe monastery to fall to tbe lot of a 
man whose wife Is fsls* to blm. This Is Act 
IV. In Act V.. tbe hero la reflecting on bla 
situation when someone comes to aak for the 
release of Rarheiette from her marriage. Bnt — 
such Is human nature — aa soon aa Panares finds 
be Is about to lose Bschelette be suddenly real- 
ises tbst life without her wouldn't be worth 
much, snd tbst be really lovea her dearly af- 
ter all. One can gneaa the rest. Here la toe 
cast of characters: 

Dame _ 
La Tante 
Jacotlne .. .. .. 

Psnurge ■• .. 
Rondlhllls .. .. 

De Bnsrhe 

Bernard Lardoa .. 
Cblcanoas .. .. .. 

Frere Jesn .. 

. .. .. Mile. Andree PsscsJ 

Mile. Cerda 

Mile. Lacrolx 

Mile. Allsson 

Mile. Prevost 

M. Oallpeux 

., •■ .. •• •• M* Cbameroy 

M. K ran as 

M. Duard 

M. Maxlme-Lery 

M. Daxsay 

. M. Philippe Dsmores 

A new morning paper bas been started - in 
Psrls. It Is called Excelsior. The Cnmedle- 
Royale. seizing upon the opportunity occasioned 
by tbe tremendous ' advertising done by this 
new Illustrated dally, chose Its title for a new 
revue. There sre two sets snd ten scenes. 
None of tbem are for school girls. The first 
performance of this ahow came tbla week. 
The first act shows a cabaret In Monlmsrtre, 
de genre," ss tbe French call them. 


Tbe Anglo French music ball, the Alhambra 
has • corking Christmas and Maw Teat's MB 
on. Nightly the boose Is peeked, though I 
can't say that this state of affairs Is totally 
tbe result of the present good program, for the 
Alhambra always bss good bouses— that la. 
since I bave known It. 

Merlan'a company of dog players !« one of 
the numbers which Is well liked. The Billboard 
readers know the turn. Tbe playlet which toe 
canine performers carry through to Its logical 
climax Is warmly applauded. Simon* d> lleryl. 
tbe Fairy of the Fountains, la • very artistic 

act. a series of pretty poses wltb beautiful 
acenlc effects. There Is a big band here. Poet- 
Gera Imitates Fragson and makes himself quits 
popular, and Harry Lamore parodies tee con- 
jurer and equilibrist in such a droll fashion 
that he gets a tremendous laugh. Tbe Rllzas, 
baiancers, keep cold chills chasing one another 
up snd down one's back, bnt tbey sre ss skin- 
ful as one ever sees In tbelr business, bus) 
snd Lnlgi. eccentrics; Tbe Dufor Trio, danc- 
ers; The Cablaca. comedy scrubs ts; The Slaters 
Gerettl, In a tranese turn; Dereymon and Bat- 
tallle. In a repertoire of old Fre • 
Koliertys. and others, mske np 

quite popular. 

One of toe restores which 
much ss any other one thing to 

Of the Alhambra la that 
snd understands no El 

English snd speaks no 
ways 10X1 aa enjoyable aa If one 
both languages well. 

and Jnllrl 
xt week. This piece 
of Shakespeare's wss scheduled for this week. 

Aatolne will produce 
In French st tbe Odeon oes 

bat two spec is 1 pieces etsgrd by M. An to in. 
caused the postponement Les Trots SnltsSsns 
and Les soaro erica da Bcspln, In which Mile. 
Lantrlme an M. Gallpaux appear st matinee 
performances, sre the pieces. Les AiTrsncaia. 

a special mattnee production at this bone*, and 
which I reviewed at some length last week, 
bss met wltb tremendous success. Tbe next 
"Interesting, rather than profitable" nlav to be 
1 here Is l'loqvdete (The Una aay). ■ 
by lean Richard. , 


The at age and press sre usually to be 
hand In hand. Thla week a benefit nei__ 
ance was given at tbe Theatre Antolns for law 
Association of Repnbltcan Journalists and toe 
Association ot Paris Journalists, at which sates* 
of tbe best-known artists in Prance lent a hand. 
President and Mme. FalUeres were present, as 
were many other blgb state officials. 

Mme. Marguerite Carre. Mme. Yvette QuH- 
bert and ber pupils, and Pierre Seehlarl.- the 
violinist, gaze tbelr services, as did tbe play- 
ers who appeared in one act of La Faate d*r~ 
Autre (Tbe Psolt of Another), which 

tate d'a 
Is to h* 
•noo, and 

prod need at the Comedle francals* soon, and 
one act of tbe late Henry Beeqne'a Ls Pazas. 
lenne. These sre only a few ot the many 
fealoret Of n very brilliant program. 

Another big benefit will tske place the last 
day of the year, the proceeds from which will 
be need to swell tbe fond which exists hi 
France to bring back to this country actors 
and actresses who Dad themselves stranded hi 
foreign countries. This la so snnual affair and 
la held under the auspices ot Comaedls, s dally 
theatrical paper here. The program la so long 

£ )Mt%ins?E eSS?fi3 

sum Is 

the" Vximedl* 
when ssked 
id. or rather 


"It's sll to tbe way yon read 
one of tbe blgb socletslres of tb 
Franca Ise Is quoted ss saying, w 
about the new feature Inaugurated, 
revived, at tbts boose. Plays sre now selected 
by a committee to whom tbe authors read their 
works, and if tbe author la a bad reader and 
a good writer, be hasn't aa much ot a show 
ss tbe good reader and bad writer, so It is ssld. 

The rerlzal of this onctvupon-a-tlme method 
Is not particularly rellahed by certain of the 
leading playwrights. Saint Pot-Roux. Brtens. 
Frrrler and Berr de Turlque baze each fell 
the sting of a refusal iluce the rule was re-es- 
tablished a few weeks ago. Oaatoo I lev ore la 
the next candidate for riding tbe gnat, alnce 
he has been asked to read bti Complaleences 
before the committee. 

Dnmss, Lcguuve. Psllleron and others, are 
■aid to have been great readers, while Jean 
Rlrbeptn Is to-day better than of those men- 
tioned. He rants snd tears bis long hair, 
whispers bis loze paaaagea aa sort aa the 
coo of a doze, thunders bla anger scenes, weeps, 
sotis, swims In patboa and Indulges plentifully 
In tremulo. and when at laat be la throngs 
reading, tbe committee falls sll over Itself te 

on page 44.) 

JANUARY 14, 1911. 

The Billboard 



Potpourri of News Items Gleaned from Correspondents' 
Reports — Rink Manager Offers Pertinent Hints 
for Successful Management of a Roller Rink 


N*w York. Jan. T (Special to The Billboard). 
— Ilirry Burke, the eeveota*o-yeer-ol<i profes- 
sional roller skater from Bridgeport, showed 
BBenomensI speed lut Thursday night In the 
alia and a half race decided at the Metropolitan 
Boiler Btnk. Broadway and Ftfty-eeeond etreet. 
Getting away to a bad atari. Bnrka pa aa ad tba 
otter eooteelents one by one, until by tba and 
ot tba mil*, ba waa about a yard to tba good, 
and going strong. Ha hold on to bta advantage, 
god uoaaad tbe line that much in front. In tba 
feat tin* of 4:001-0. with Frank II rower of 
New York, aceond. and L. Maaon. ot Newark, 
tblrd. Tba raea waa especially Interesting to 
tba large crowd of spectators, because ot tbe 
fact that It aerved aa a preliminary to the 


Springfield. Vitas., Jan. 7 (Special to Tbe 
Billboard).— Tbe seventh annul amateur gpeed 
tea skating; cbamploaablpa of New England will 
be held under tba auspices ot tbe Bprtngfleld 
Stating Club, of this city, on the Van Horn 
neeenrlr. Saturday afternoon, January 14 or 
11. Hares will be called at two o'clock. The 
treats are: Hair mile, one mile, two mile, are 
■lie, ten mile; balf-mlla (ledlee): half-mile 
(dots uniler sixteen years); half-mile (bora un- 
der twelve yeare). 

Valuable prises will be (Iron. An entrance 
fee or flfty cents la charged for each entry. 

Morgan D. O'Connell la pre.Idrnt of the Spring- 
Held Stating dob. which la conducting the 
■ Is 


Chicago, Jan. T (Special to Tbe Billboard). — 
Tba Ice Palace continues to draw afternoon and 
arming crowda with tbe exhibitions of fancy, 
•peed and backward skating which It offers 
to Its patron*. Norral Baptie. champion apeed 
tad fancy Ice skater of tbe world, and Hermann 
La week, champion backward Jumper of the 
world, and others, give free exhibitions after- 
eoona and evening*. La week, better known a* 
Dare Derll Lssreck. baa a record of three feet, 
tlx tsrbee for blgb Jumping backward. The 
three Hockey games played between 0 01 aril 
tad Tale were won by Cornell with decltlve 

Mnic !■ the VtarM far Skatiig I 

Write tot ObUtogsM and Mow. 

North Tonawandn. N . V. 

Tbe date* and score* are aa follows: 
Friday, Dec. 80, 4 to 8; Saturday. Dee, 81, 
S to 1; Monday, Jan. 2, 5 to 8. During tbe 
Intermission between tbe A rat end second halves 
of the opening hockey game, the spectators 
were entertained by a one-fourth mile scratch 
race which waa won by A. E. Anderson and for 
which ba waa awarded a silver cup. 


Chicago, Jan. T (Special to Tbe Billboard). — 
Vast crowda continue to throng the Madison 
Oardent, Where afternoon and evening ses- 
sions are given at popular prices. Frequent 
oamlvala. speed and nolvoa - race* together 
with courteous treatment on tbe part of tbe 
cnl formed Instructors who assist beginners to 
learn this exhilarating sport and amusement 
bare made this rink a popular West Side re- 
sort. Other rtnkt now open In Chicago are 
Blverrlew and Sans 8o«l. where several races 
' every week by both amateurs and pro- 


New York. Jan. T (Special to Tba Bill- 
board). — Before aa large a crowd aa baa wit 
ceased any Of the professional races held this 
winter at the Metropolitan Boiler Blnk, L. 
Maaon, of Newark, won tbe mile acratcb race 
for profession sis decided laat Monday night. In 
the fast time ot am 1-3. He gained tbe lead 
after a quarter mile bad been covered, and 
maintained it easily to the flnlib. winning by 
about two yard*, with C. Lowney. his team- 
mate from Newark. 


Bay Mlnnette. Ala., Jan. 7.— The Brlttow 
Mercantile Company baa leaaed the business 
block formerly occupied by tbe Griffin Mercan- 
tile Co., and Is moving Into the new Quarters. 
The building made vacant by tbe Brlttow Co. 
will be converted Into a dance ball and akating 


Tlfuavllle. Ps„ Jan. 1. 1911. 
Editor Tbe Billboard. 

Cincinnati, O. 

Dear 81i^-Your articles In regard to man- 
agement and attractions are good, and I believe 
are appreciated by all rink managers gnd em- 
ployee of rinks that are conducted on a high 
plane. Having been employed In a number ot 
turretsfui rinks In different rspscltles and In 
virions cltlee for the paat ten yeara. a few 
anggeatlona on bow a link should be run might 
not be out of place. 

Roller skating hit come to stay for those 
who will 

(Continued on page 44.) 


330 pair Richardson and Wlnalow Rink Skatea 
Also Rlchtrdaoa Military Band Organ aoltahle 
for rink or merry-go- rou nd. Tart or all at a 
hargaln. MERRITT A WHITE, Albuquerque, 

New Mexico. . " 

Larn Stock tt 

Jilt nlMiflw. 

For Caroosela 
and Skating 

Rinks. ""Jjjjg- 



no w. nth at.. 

Haw fork. Tel. 

The Best Rink Skate 

We'. believe it. Thousands tf ether t 

know it. Order a sample pair and 
be convinced. Write for free cata- 
logue. We carry a complete line of 
rink supplies. We supply parts 
(brother makes of skates. 

.1123 Was-liftM -M.. CHICAGO. ILL 

Mads to Surface Rink ft Dance Floors 

Over 1000 In una », Mad* In throw ataVM 

For Rollrr Rlnka, Amusement Companies, Dance 
Halls. Contractor* and Ralldera everywhere. 
Machine easily rented to Contractor* and Build- 
ers at a net proflt of not leta than «10 to S33 
a day. It la very caally op rated aa when tbe 
handle la raised It la Inclined to move forward 
of Its own accord. Built on the only correct 
principle. Guaranteed to be the BEST machine 
with which to produce an even, smooth turtle* 
on any kind of wood floor, old or n •w, htrd or 
■oft. Will eurfac* from 3,000 to 7,000 tq. ft. 
once over In 8 hours. Two to four timet over 
will make It troooth and level. Send for our 
, K8-1C5 N. Canal street . Chicago. U Maw 
Office, 1001 flat Iran Building. 





m -~, ....... ... /^V:.i.-.^.-.-..-i-~/rr 


Automatic Musical Instruments 

and only 


foe every purpose. The world's 
50 different styles, including 

rianOrckaatra. Pianino. Finite) Pl*o«. 

tlili- tl" ' ' ' 63-notaPIayer Piano. Mandolin On art at. 

NH note Flavor H.nclollw SaUCfat. 

, Violin Pi an o . A oto g> atl c B tup. Bta. 

Wuriitaer was tba pioneer in the eleotHe musical inartaiment flald and is to- 
day the world's bmst manufacturer. B ranch e* in most large cities. Write 
for big 84-page catalog, picturing the entire Wuriitser line. 

c» We Supply the O.S. Government With Musical Instrument*. 


raxcTjnf ATi (lvt t* J jj^ 

xorypnon* »uppiy 

(11* Pro*) 

Henley Roller Skates 

Sbatea^JPaed to^majorlty of^all Rtata. 

Henley Racing Skates 

Used aud COdoiaid by speed ahatpra wwf Wk W , ud aro slso de« 

for Individ stal nee. where tb« tin rat and 
■ compute Skate la Vam market la desired. 


Bend for 8kate Catalogne, FBEB. 
Official Polo On Ida 10c. 






Richardson, ball bearing, steel roller skates, in good 

Used very little. Address 
COLISEUM CO., 135 Adams St., Chicago, III 

Professional Roller Skaters' Ass'n. 

Organised to glee greater prominence to bona-dde 
bare a Bobbed act to offer Managers seeking Exhibition 
skating In general. 


All the Stars of the Skating World 


German Comedian. Fancy and Speed ex- 
pert roller skater. Presenting tbe moat 


Presenting their latest aocctaa 


a^WM. fSa. 


Tbe Dare Devil, feature* 27-ln. top cycle 
akatea, coast of death, barrel jumping, 
high and broad Jumping, dancing on the 
rolgl*. Carry own etw Boor . FlHjx* 


SrvS W 3M" , t t 4th 8 m treet; n d«el^O** 

ituhn at uu vauue * 

1 1 r . auuicia, sua we* w Maw, 


Orestett living exponent of the art of Patlnage — Superior Artistic Trick and rTgnre 

Skatlnr — Aatontahlng Stilt Skating — Marvelous Skating on toy wagons. The only real 

FANCY SKATINQ HCRI.KSQUB performer. Managers will kindly wilt* early for tr— **~aT 
Addmta. T3 Broad Street. N. T. City; 


JANUARY 14, 1911. 


of Theatres In Towns 

Cities Every wh 


?gr.) i M «T Msnnering Is A Man's World week 
Jan. 2. dOMJKBIA (Gottlob. Marx & Co., 
. J5j-P° lllr Process, second week Jan. 
2. PBLNCESS (S. Lorlck. mgr.) The Queen 
of the Moulin Bouse week Jan. 2. GAKBICK 

^wTeS £~Ai££ai m <£ p «, T ^ 

™»r_> Stock Co. to Salome Jane week 2. o£ 
PHKDM (John Morrlaey. mar.) Alice Lloyd. 
H a rlen . Knight and Co; Foot Van la. Lew Bul- 
ly. BJgoletta Bros., i.a Pal. Howard. ventrilo- 
quist; Cross and Josephine week 2. EMPRESS 
(Eld Orawnan. max.) Pel nam. Carter and Wa- 
taore, Elgbt ZIngarros, Varden. Perry and Wil- 
bur. Leo and Chapman, Kitty Edwards. Joe 
I a in gin . Mayo Trio and moving pictures week 
L CODTES (Ed. Lery, mgr.) Blccobono'B 
R- A. G. Trio. Stevenson and Nngent. 
Jowe and Co., Haney and Co., and mor- 
tal; pictures week 1. NATIONAL (D. J. Oran- 
man. mar.) Camm and Tnelra. Thoa. Potter 
Dunn. Marjorie Lynbrook. Chaa. Ora and Co.. 
Happy Jack Gardner and others week 1. WIG- 
WA14 (Bam Harris, max.) Three National 
Comlquea, Brown and Mil In, Eckoff and Gor- 
don. Tennis Trio, Geo. Yeoman, Chevalier de 
Loria. and snoring plctnrea weak 1. AMER- 
ICAN (Ed. Roman, mar.) Post Co.. Garctoettl 
' Bma., ami others, week 1. PORTOLA (Alburn 

(B. G. 


BEhTFEK. — ORPHKUif (A. C. Carson, mar.) 
Mile. Camllle Oher, Frank Morrell. Galettl's 
Blailan Circus, Mignonette Kokln. Marie Hart 
and Billy Hart, and Gas On] aw Trio week of 
Jan. 2_ MAJESTIC (J. Bnab Bronaon. max.) 
Stanley and Blrbeck. Harry Van Foasen. Scott 

5X W aSSn. C ^ort™? JSrB 
(W. A. Weston, mgr.) Famllla Bell. John, and 
Mae Burke, Dare Brothers, GUmore. Kinky and 
Gllmore week of Jan. 1. AliniTOttlUM (Ceo. 
A. Collins, mgr.) James Powers In Havana 

. mgr.. 

week of 9. BROADWAY (Peter McCourt. mgr. 
The Kissing Girl week of Jan. 9. TABO: 

BAND^^PeteT^ McCourt. mgr.) The Isle of 

i trick, mgr.) Sarah Bernhardt 2. POU'a 
Loola G array, mgr.) Mrs. Gardner Crane and 

Company, John E. Joce and Patty Allison. Belle 
Adair. Jamea Douaran and Rena Arnold. Three 
Vagrants, and plctnrea week of 2. KENNET H 
EMPIRE (U W. Oswald, mgr.) Terry Twins, 
Percy and Emma Po~ " 
In tyre and Franklin 
plctnrea weak of 2. 

Taylor. mgr.) May Irwin In Getting a 
Pollah week of O; The Chocolate Soldier week 
Of IS. COLUMBIA (Fred O. Berger, mgr.) The 
Spendthrift week ot 9; Nordics week or 1ft. 
NATIONAL (W. H. Bapley. mgr.) Muutgouvry 
and Stone In The Old Town week — 
(J. W. " 

pie Creek week of 9. 
De Witt, mgr.) Gas 

otners week of 9. GAYETT (George Peel 
Irwin's Big Show week of 9. 

Lyons, mgr.) AS Crip- 
k wees oi ¥. CHASE'S (H. Winifred 
Witt, mgr.) Gas Edwar ds. Doc White and 



Kyrii 'SSUVtFSSLlT' 

N 2 \4L i*£BH%"rL 

E (WUllam B- Seeeklnd, mgr.: Shnbert book 
s). Madame Naalmora In The Doll's House 
Little Eyolf. Jan. 2: Arthur Donald 
eon In The Wanderer 3; Seven Days 4; The 
Girl from Sector's 6; The Firing Line 12; The 
Merry Widow 18-1T: Viola Allen and James 
O'Neill In The White Sister 19; Lew Dock 
ml bis minstrels 20: Daisy Cameron 21; 

Webber In The Climax 30; My Cln- 
Girl Feb. 2; The Cow and the Moon 3; 
The Lottery Man «. LIBERTY THEATRE 
(Prank A Hubert Bandy, mgrs.: Agent Princess 
Theatrical Exchange). Scott Leslie and Com- 
pany in a musical melange. In Egyptfa, week 
of Jan. 1. ORPHEDM THEATRE (Joaeph A. 
ensky, max.: Agent Inter-State Circuit). 
Clipper Comedy Quartette, Dixon and Han- 
son. Miss Helen Ware. Frevoli. Austin and 
. Taps and other; week of 1. BIJOU (Charles W. 
Bex. max.; well's Circuit). The Wireless 
Belles, with Isabel Barclay. The Sea Nymphs. 
Nash and Rlnehart, Miss Blossom Robinson. 
Billy Link and Valentine and Bell, week of l. 


CHICAGO.— AUDITORIUM (C. Ulrlch. mgr.) 
Grand Opera, tenth week. 

.ULACKSTONE (Harry J. Powers, mgr.) U. 
8. Minister Bedloe, second week. 

COLONIAL (Jamea J. Brady, mgr.) Victor 
Moore In The Happiest Night of His Life, first 

CORT (U. J. Hermann, mgr.) Henry Kolker 
In The Great Name, second week. 

bury, mgr.) Three Twins, third week. 

ILLINOIS (Will J. Davis, mgr.) The Arca- 
dians, thirrl week. 

GABBICK (W. W. Freeman, mgr.) Jess 
Dandy In The Prince of PUsen. first week. 
^RAN^OPEBA^HOUS^JHsrry As kin. mgr.) 

LYRIC (L. J. An halt, mgr.) The Jolly 

^La*BAij',E^PEBA t ' HOUSE (0. L. Henxel. 
mgr.) The Sweetest Girl In Paris, twentieth 

MaVlCKER'S (Geo. C. Warren, mgr.) Polly 
of the Circus, first week. 

OLYMPIC (Sam Lederar, mgr.) Get Rich - 
Quick Walltagford. sixth week. 

POWER'S (Harry J. Powers, mgr.) The 
Country Boy. third week. 

PRINCESS (Mart H. Singer, mgr.) Chevalier 
In Daddy Dufard. first week. 

STUDEBAKEB (Ed. Sullivan, mgr.) Senti- 
mental Sally, third week. 

mgr.) The Little Damoiel. third week. 


Thorn paoo. mgr.) Vaudeville. 

BUSH TEMPLE (W. P. Shaver, mgr.) Win- 
nlger Bros, in Keppler's Fortunes, first week. 

ACADEMY (Wm. Roche, mgr.) Vaudeville. 

IMPERIAL (J. Pilgrim, mgr.) A Little 
Brother of the Rich, first week. 

MAJESTIC (Lyman B. Glover, mgr.) Vsu- 
devUle. _ 

EMPRESS (Capt. Montague, mgr.) Vaude- 

BIJOU (Wm. Roche, mgr.) Devil's Island. 
COLLEGE (T. C. Gleason, mgr.) The Squaw- 


Clay Blaney to the Boy 

MARLOWE (Capt. Montague, 
tie Brother of the Bleb, 

NATIONAL (J. P. Barrett, mgr.) Tl 
of the Hour. 

PEOPLE'S (John Prince, mgr. J 

WEBEB'S (Weber Bros., mgrs.) At 

ALHAMBRA (Weber Bros., mgrs.) Tl 
say Lilies. 

EMPIRE (H. J. Herk, mgr.) 

i Man 

> Jer- 

Qui on. mgr.; Western Vaudeville Association 
bookings) First hslf of the week of Jan. 2, 
Webb Trio of Entertainers; Cullen Brothers, ec- 
txlc Dancers; Hal Kelley and Flo Wentworth, 
comedy sketch; John A. West; the Fsmllyscope. 
Last half of week, Lesah, female Impersonat- 
or: Nick and Lydta Russell, singing and piano 
act; The Human Contrast. Louise Carver snd 
Tom Murray. The Knur Piccolo Midgets, the 
Fsmnyscope. THE ILLINOIS * (B. Taylor, 
mgr.; Independent bookings) Beverly of 
stark 10; The City 13; Madame X 22; 


EVAN8VTXLE.— NEW GRAND (Dare Beehler, 
mgr.) Annette Kellermann, Russell snd De 
VIrae. Van Brothers, Bessie Browning, Three 
California Girls, Wm. H. Armstrong and Co.. 
Van Hofen. and pictures week of 1. WELL'S 
BIJOU (Cfaas. Sweeton, mgr.) Madame Sherry 
8. MAJESTIC (Henry Meyers, mgr.) Madame 
X 1-2; Howe's Pictures 3-4; Flirting Princess 

RICHMOND.— GENNETT (H. G. Somen, les- 
see and mgr.) Powell and Cohan Musical Com- 
edy Company week of 2; -Richard Carle In Jump- 
ing Jupiter 9. MURRAY (0. G. Murray, mgr.) 
Henry Boker, The Imperial Yacht Band, The 
Sloane Duo, and The Lombards 2-7. 


(R. F. Holmes, mgr.; Don Stuart, booking 
agent). Granstark B; Guy Bates Post in The 
Nigger 6: Beverly 12; Loots Man in The 
Cheater 14; Madams X 18. GARRICK (J. M. 
Root, mgr.; W. V. M. A., booking agent). 
Week of Jan. 2. first half: Cadienx, king of 
bounding wire; Bob Lockhart. singer: Eddy and 
Taiiman, Jimmy Dunn, comedy imitations: 
Watson snd Little snd the Gsirlckscope. Last 
half: Billy Falls, comedian; Bob Lockhart. 
singer; Guerro and Carman, instrumentalists; 


A revision of the list of combined thestres 1* now being 

To proenre 





Nime of Theatre .. 

Nime and Address of 

• •'•M*4l*llll>4**l4«««**t*4si«lfllMSSI|><4tUMIII4Vl>t4M4«f« * 

..•••>•<• •••■••••* ....... --aa. ■■.■•'*■... as 

..••••..••••••ataaassaa. assesses**, ••eettteaaes. 

FOLLY (J. J. Fern 

Rantx-Santley Sbow. 

The Wolf 

(Wm. Beebe, mgr.) The 


Jan. 1. Uncle Tom's Cab 
baa. A. Tsckacs. mgr.) I 

Cabin 2. 

3N OL _ 

HOUSE (Chae. A. Tsckacs. mgr.) Himmeleta'a 
Imperial Stock Company in repertoire week of 
Jsn. 2, except 6: Polly of the Circus 5. Mc- 
Faddcn's Plata 12. Robert Edeson In Where 
the Trail Divides 13. Mrs. Flake In Becky 
8harp 14. Raymond Hitchcock in The Man 
Who Owns Broadway 16. MAJESTIC (Guy 
Martin, mgr.) The Nigger 4, Prince of Pli- 
ers 5; Iahmael 7; Madsme X 13. CASTLE 
(Guy Martin, mgr.) Harry Rlcharda and Com- 
pany. Sylvester snd Vance, Llndy Lee. Mile. 
Tnttle and her educated parrots. Pork Cbos 
Erers, Sammy Bums snd Alice Fulton, snd 
pictures week of Jan. 2. 

CLINTON. — CLINTON (G. E. Dixon, mgr.) 
Beautiful Bagdad Jan. I; New Broadway Girls 
2: Adelaide Thurston In Miss Ananias 3; Bar- 
rier's Burned Away 4. MeFadden'a Plata «. 
Beverly of Granstark 9. Aborn Grand Opera 
Comp any In Carmen 27. 

vey B. Day, mgr.) Madame X 11: Honee of 
a Thousand Candles 12: Alabama Minstrels 14: 
Walker Whiteside in The Meltlog Pot 18; The 
City 19: De Wolf Hopper 26. 

DECATUR POWER'S (Thoa. P. Ronan. 

mgr.) Louis Mann 10; Mrs. Flake In Becky 
Sharpe 11; The Commuters 12; Robert Edeson 
In Where the Trail Divides 14: Raymond Hitch- 
cock 17; The Arcadians 21. BIJOU (A. Slgfrled. 
mgr.) Joe Batmiater and Company, Borstal 
Troupe, Imperial Quartette, Hampton and Bas- 
sett. Relff Brothers, Gllroy and Montgomery. 
Reld Slaters. Fitch Cooper. Boas Mobley and 
Company week of 2. 

MATTOON.— MAJESTIC (J. F. Koechlcr. 
mgr.) Skoovegnsrd Orchestra 3. LYRIC (" 
D. Parrlsh, mgr.) Carlyle Vesux and Company. 
Griffin and Lewis Musical Comedy 2 4. GRA>" 
(Nathan Stein, mgr.) Paul Italian and London 
Girls. Walters snd Murrsy. Jack Wolff 2-4. 

MO LINE. — THE FAMILY (H. A. Sodlnl. 
mgr.; Western Vaudeville Association book- 
ings) First half of the week of Jan 2. Leiali. 
female Impersonator; Hugh Kellner. lllustrsted 
Song; Nick and Lydla Russell, staging snd pi- 
ano act: The Human Contrast, Louis Carver and 
Tom Murray, The Four Piccolo Midget*. The 
Fsmllyscope. Last hslf of week. Berry snd 
Nelson, comedy acrobats; Ruasell and Church i 
Dick Miller, singing comedian and Imitator; 
Hickman Bros, and Company, the Famltyscope. 
THE -BARRYMORE (H. A. Sodlnl. mgr.; K. 
A E. bookings) Arizona 2: Cecil Lean and 
Florence Holbrook in Bright Byes 21. THE 
MOLINE (Fred "Leavens, mgr.; Independent 

llrl Ml 

bookings) The City 11; Th, 
Lyman Howe's Pictures 17. 

Berkcll. mgr.; WUllam Morris bookings) Week 
of Jsn. 2. The Three Msrxa Brothers. Greve snd 
Green comedy musical act; Emily Pearl, alog- 

tag comedienne; Harry Bestir, Melbourne Mac- 
Dowell and Virginia Drew Trescott. the Amer- 
lcaacope. THE PRINCESS (Victor B. Shaffer, 
mgr.) Week of 1. The Princess Stock Company 
to C ollege drams; week of 8, A Gold Mine. 
THE GRAND (D. L. Hughes, mgr.; K. A E. 
bookings) The Fortune Hunter, with Alms Bel- 
win 11; Lillian Russell In In Search ot a Sin- 
ner 16: Blanche Walsh In 'The Other Woman 
18. THE BURTIS (William Kltnck. mgr.: 

Opera Company 28. 

mgr.) The Bama Bams Girl a. Burns and Fulton, 
Kelly and Wentworth, Guerro and Carmen, 
Nichols and Croix, The Great Gadenx. Tho rn 
and Star and plctnrea week of 9. QBBBN'8 
OPEBA HOUSE (W. 8. Collier, mgr.) Paid la 
Full 1; Adelaide Thurston In Miss Ananias S; 
Granstark 8: Beverly 7: Guy Bates Post In The 
Nigger 7: Beverly 8; The Casino Girl 10; Her 
Cowboy Sweetheart 13; Daniel Boone 14; The 
City 15. PEOPLE'S (Vic Hngo, mgr.) The 
Trousdale Brothers' Stock Company week of 9. 


mgr.) Granstark 2; Beverly 7; Lillian Russell 
13. WATERLOO (A. J. Bnsby. mgr.) McFad- 
den'a Flats 6; The Girl In The Kimono 11. 
ORPHEUM (J. W. .Mercelles. mgr.) Pat, the 
Human Horse, Austin's Animal Circus. Campton 
and Plumb, Klefcr and Kline, Nicholas and 
Smith. Pearl E. Popejoy week of 2. CRYSTAL 
(J. Jolly Jones, mgr.) Harry Eds on and Doc, 
Mrs. Arthur Young. The 8aIambos. The Aero- 
plane Gtrl, Emma De Vay and Company, Loola 
-"- of 2. 



nlch. mgr.) The Climax 4; Adelaide Tho 
In Mlaa Ananias 13. 



ley, mgr.) Francis Wilson In The Bachelor's 
B"by week of 2: Mrs. Flake to Becky Sharpe 
6-7. MASONIC (6. G. Gsirety. mgr.) Margaret 
IIUuKton 2-4: Virginia Harned In The Woman 
He Married 8-7. AVENUE (C. A. Sbaw. mgr.) 
At the Mercy of Tiberius week of 15. KEITH'S 
MARY ANDERSON (James L. Weed, mgr.) 
Mclntyre and Heath, Dr. Wllmar'a Spirit Paint- 
ings, Btepp, Mehllnger and King. Four Gypsy 
Girls, Work and Ower. and Sandberg and Lee 
week of L WALNUT (McCarthy and Ward, 
mgrs.) Borton Stock Company In A Glided Fool 
week of 2: Charlie's Aunt week of 8. BUCKING- 










Tli mmt iti tie Stikitt. 


Aubrey Rich 

Character Delineation ii S»g 



Misical Laifbuakers 







Ths Moat Amaslnq. Most Amusing 
Myat.ry Known. v 

Dean - Orr Sisters and 
Skeet Gallagher 

Closay SlnQe rm and Dancers 



Assisted by HISS FLO WKIxa la the 
MUltsry Playlet 



■CRT quoqcon 


Real Cowpanchara la V aud* villa 

Knlfa Throwing, RopaRpinnlna, 
Fanoy RlfM Snooting, 

Cawboy LaHat Dsnslns, 


QaiaCter Singing and Dancii^ 
BeltJi and Proctor Circall 

Allen and Chenault 

Cantury Find 


In answering ails, mention TUB B1LLB0ARH. 

JANUARY 14, m% 

Tlve Billboard 












Pr.s.n tl n<J the Ploturwsqua. RaYVlam 

"A Night In NaplM " 

Billy Graham - Le Moyne & Co. 


"Moonlight on the Levee" 

K. A. P. TIME. 




214 W. 29th St. N. Y. C. 




mtlnaj Comtdy Pi.y i.a 



United Tim* 

H. A. DAVIS & CO. 




H- A. D»vl«. Arthur at. Hrr,. Fnd Yuakvr. 






i!i£ ,clM l_T!«»« w "» "all 

SSB t 2."H ABIJB nhvabo. 

Hontevard. UllwiokM. Wis. 

Norman W. Merrill 




Parisian widows week of 2. HOPKINS (Irving, mgr.) Mile. Excela and Jessie Franka, 
Kearle* and George, Walton and Brandt. Violet 
"ix/Vi^/iST B,k ' !r Troupe week of 2. 


m gr.) T he Flirting Prlnceaa 8. 

HXNDEH80H — PABK (R. E. Cook, mgr.) 
Walker Whiteside la The Melting Pot 10: The 
California Girls II; The Lion and the Monae 12; 
My Cinderella Girl 16; The Blue Mouse 19: The 
Squaw-man 26; Paul Gil more 28. 


lius Cans, mgr.) Daniel Ryan In The Blaek 
Fox 2 3: Bert Lamont'a Funmakera 4-5: Uncle 
Torn "a Cabin 7: Katie Did 18 and week. B. 
F. KEITH'S (James E. Moore, mgr.) Keith's 
Stock Co. In Tom Moore 2 and week. PORT- 
LAND (James E. Moore, mgr.) The Dettmar 
Troupe. International acrobats: Mabel Carew, 
singing comedienne; Webster-Cull Ison Co. t The 
Hnxatables. singing and dancing; The Rob- 
inson Trio, premier colored entertainers; pic- 
tures, 2 and week. CONGRESS (EmU H. Ger- 
atlle. mar.) Flrenxa Trio. Italian street sing- 
ers; Marlow and Plnnkett, Raatna Brown. 
Dartd Livingstone and Co.; moving pictures. 
2 and week. 


J. Leumayer, mgr.) Montgomery and Stone In 
The Old Town, week 2: Ruth St. Denis, week 
B. FORD'S OPERA BOUSE (Chaa. E. Ford, 
mgr.) The Lily, week 2; The Fortune Hnnter 
Bernstein, mgr.) Lew Dockstader's Minstrels, 
week 2: The Fourth Eatate. week 9. MARY- 
LAND THEATRE (F. C. Schanherger. mgr.) 
Lillian Shaw, vllmos Westony. Nerve. La Rose 
Marguerite. K easier and Lee. Maximo. Smythe 
and Uartman. Lasky. week 2. SAVOY TRR> 
TRE (8. J. Saphier. mgr.) The Christian, week 
2: A Stranger tn a Strange Land, week 9. NEW 
THEATRE (C. E. Whltehnrst. mgr.) Examine 
tloo Day at School, Flo Sellers and the Knll'n 
Boys. Jack Boyce. Mack and Dean. William 
Sherman and Co.. Delano. The M crises. Flor- 
ence Wilson. The Echo Fonr. Warren and Brock- 
way, week 2. HOLLIDAT ST. THEATRE j* 
F. Rife, mgr.) Canght In Mid-Ocean, week 2: 
The House with the Green Shutters, week 0. 
ha yet Y THEATRE (W. L. Ballanf. mgr.) 
Fred Irwln'a Big 8how. week 2: The New Ma- 
jesties, week ft, MONUMENTAL THEATR'' 
(Montague Jacobs, mgr.) The Rolllckera. week 
2: Brigadiers, week 9. WILSON THEA^'C 
(M. L. Shalbley. mgr.) The Ten Cantellles. 
Fred Cole. Rose Dooree. Bering and nerlng. 
James Glides. Kennedy and Malone. Clneo Trio. 

Snperba. Don Favbio Victor Faust. Downey 
and Aahtoo, weak 2, VICTORIA Tn*" 
(C. E. Lewis, mgr.) Eddie Herron and Com- 
pany. Bastlnl'a Monkeys. Tyndon and Dornsn. 
Some Qnartette. John Rlre. Lewln Martell 1 
Trio. Char. McDonald and Co.. Gladstone aad 
Talmage. sreek 2. 

W. Borer, mgr.) Phil Ott and Company In The 
Aoto Girl ^nd^'rhe ^Explorer 2-4: The Blue 


D. Hardy, mgr. I. Jan. • 
O, Cnbsn-M|l*lc=! Comely 

12. Miss Nobody from Starlind: IT. The Man 
on the Boa. FAMILY THEATRE (Elwln Sym- 
onda. mgr.) Vaudeville. CRESCENT TtlVATl 13 : 
IW. 0 Keen.n. mcr.l Vaudeville. MAPLE 
THEATRE (H. E. Haynca. mgr.) Van- 

a. 4. The Third pegrew; 
edy Co.: O Lymsn Howe: 


mgr.) Billy the Kid 1-2: Stetson's Uncle Tom's 
Cabin. Helen Ware In The Deserters 8; Bay 
City Symphony Orchestra 10. ALVARAPO (W. 
J. Dsont. mgr.) Alvsrsdo Stork Company. BI- 
JOU t Daniel J. rumore. mgr.) Nadje. Mareena, 
Navarro and Mar. ens. Porter and Craves. Walsh 
Lynch and Comtsny. Paris Cr en and pictures 
week of 2. WENONAH < It P. Leahy, mgr.) 
Margaret Creyce. Helen Cleveland. Ray and 
Ray. The Manoaklns, Katienjamtm-r Kids week 
of 2. 


mgr.) Lyman Hnwe'a Plctnrea T-8; Miss Nobndv 
from stariand 13; Helen Ware In The Deserter* 
IT. BIJOU (Frank R. Jjtmpmsn. mar.) Mono's 
Five. Heraa Family. The Smoke Queen. The 
Fiddle Told. AUaretta Syrnonda. Houston and 
Klrhy. nillman and Roberts, Rice. Bell and 
Baldwin. Maroons and pictures week of I. 


more, mgr.l Blanrbe Ring In The Yankee Girl 
2-3; Bond Concert SS; Sarah Bernhardt 0; Shee- 
ban Opera Company 7. POL1S (S. J. Breen. 
mar.) Irene Franklin. The Doherty Poodles. 
Hsrvy Rolmaa. The Mendelssohn Four. Miller 
and Lyle. The Chadsrlek Trip. The nonndin* 
Gordons, and pictures week of 2. GILMORE 
(Henry Weber, mgr.) The Toung Wife week of 
2. BIJOU (E. L. Knight- mgr.) Cham Tov. 
The Turner Slaters, and pictures week of 2. 
NELSON (H. I, Dlllcnhaek, mgr.l Mr. and Mrs. 
Thomas. Hsrsdo. La Foye and Toohey. K K 
Llttleoeld. Davlra and Wa'Ien. Lane snd Ham- 
ilton, and pictures week of 2. 

FALL RIVER. — SAVOY (I. m. Boas, mgr.) 
Arraatronc and Clark. The Four Bards, Her- 
msny's Farm Yard, Be Gsr Sisters. John Gor- 
don and Company. Johnny Johnson, Kane, and 
pictures week of 2. B1J0C IL M. Boas, mgr.) 
Vsnd vllle. PREMIER <L. M. Boas, mgr.) Van 

Foy week of & MILES THEATRE (W. F. 
Gallagher, mgr.) Carter, Taylor and Company, 
curette. Mlntx and Talmer. Maxim Brothers 
and Bobby. Bennington Brothers. Eugene Whit 
and the Mlleacope. week of 9. CASINO 
ROLLER RINK (A. C. Kaerb, mgr.) Roller 
skating, concert orchestra, etc. ROLL- AW A 

RINK (L. D. Ma this, mgr.) Roller skstlng. 

concert, orchestra, etc. 

DTJLTJTK. — LYCEUM (H. E. Pierce, mgr.) 
This Woman snd This Man 1-3. ORPHEUM (H. 
W. Plerong, mgr.) Capt. Anger and Company, 
John P. Wade and Company. Bison City Four, 
Mr. and Mrs. Colby and pictures week of 1. 
EMPRESS (J. L. Mai Hand, mgr.) Bobby Pandnr 
and Brother, Joe Whlteheave and Flo Grlereon, 
David Schooler, John Hamilton. Charlea A. Mur- 
ray and Bob Hamilton and pictures week of 1. 

FARIBAULT . — -FARIBAULT (Will J. Glaser. 
mgr.) The Lion and the Mouse 8: The City 
20; Blanche Walsh In The Other Woman 23: 
Harriers Burned Away Feb. 1. 



Area. liana S: My Clu. 

14; Prize Winners 19; 
Out of College 18. 


Short, mgr.) Week of Jan. 1, second week of 
Madame Sherry; Jan. 8. Homeward Bound. 
SHUBERT THEATRE (MrlvlUe stolta. mgr.) 
Week of Jan. 1, Bailey and Anatln In Two Men 
and a Girl; Jan. 8. The Chocolate Soldier. 
PRIN'CESS THEATRE (Daa S. Flshell. mgr.) 
Week of Jan. L vaudeville aa follows: Dave 
Gcuard. The MellevUle Duo, Hay BaUey. Four 
Aratnantha. Morris and Kremer, Tyler and 
Burton. Nell McKlnley, Carpette Bros.. Hard- 
lag and Olive. CENTURY THEATRE (Pat 
Short, mgr.) Week of Jan. 1, The Commuters; 
Jan. 8. The Neat Egg. OARR1CK THEATRE 

(Harry Buckley, mgr.) Week of Jan. 1. Mr. 

Loula Mann In The Cheater; Jan. 8, Virginia 
Tate, mgr.) Week of Jan. 2. vaudeville as fol- 
lows: Mabel Hltc and Mike Doniln, Toe 
I*olIce Inspector, Lou Anger, Davla and Walker, 
Harry Atkinson. Morton and Latrlaka, Scharr 
Wheeler Trio. The Balsa ra, motion plcturea. 
AMERICAN THEATRE (Jno. Fleming, mgr.) 
Week of Jan. 1. School Days; Jan. 8. My 
find, rolls Girl. HAVLIN'S THEATRE (Harry 
Wallace, mgr.) Week of Jan. 1. The Montana 
IJmlted: Jan. 8, Bunco In Arizona. IMPERIAL 
THEATRE (D. E. Russell, mgr.) Week or 
Jan. I, Imperial Stock Co. In Salome; Jan. 8, 
Our New Minister. GAY ETY THEATRE (P. 
R. Hawley. mgr.) Week of Jan. 1. Phil Sher- 
idan's Marathon Glrla. Including Alfred K. 
Hall. Hastings and Wilson. Fyvle Dench. Ty- 
aon and Brown. Carrie Cooper, Mark Adams, 
Dsve Vine: Jan. S. Parisian Widows. STAND- 
ARD THEATRE (Leo Relcbenbacn. mgr.) Week 
of Jan. 1. The Washington Society Girls. In- 
cluding Selhlnl and Grovlnl, Smith and Cham- 
pion. Sam Golden. Douglas and Waahbnrne. Ha- 
aelton and Hunt; Jan. 8. Sam T. Jack'a Co. CO- 
LONIAL THEATRE. Week of Jan. 1, Allen 
Stock Company In A Soldier's Sweetheart, and 

Ethel May as special fe. tore. ODEON THK- 

ATRE. Sunday (matinee). Jan. 1. The St. 
Louis Symphony Orchestra; Jan. 1 (evening), 
German Theatre Stock Company In Lumuasl 
Vagabundus. COLISEUM. Jan. 1-3, Grand 
Opera Company. 

Burgess, mgrs.) Week 1, Robt. Edeson In 
Where the Trail Divides; Jsn. u. Mme. Sem- 
brlch; 8-11. Blanche Walsh In The Other Wo- 
man; 12-14. Yiddish Opera Co. SHUBERT (E. 

Steward, mgr.) Week 2. Frltal Scheff In The 
Mikado: week 8. DeWolf Hooper In The Matinee 


HOUSE (I- N. Scott, mr.l Seven Daya week 
of 8: The FVirlime Hnnter week of 15. WJ~ 
OPERA not'SE (Then. I.. Hays, mgr.) Check- 
era week of 8: Paid In Pull week of 13 
DEWEY THEATRE (Archie Vlller. mgr.) Th" 
Century Glrla wee k of S- The Tiger Mllles 
week of 15. OAYKTY THEATRE (S. R. 8' 
n. mgr.) Robinson Crusoe Girls week of 8: 
be Star and Garter Show week of 15. UNIO'" 
THEATRE (Jack Elliott mgr.) Miss Italia. 
Mannlnc snd Ford. Kennedy and Rooney. Her- 
bert Mitchell. The Flnneys. Jerome White and 
the Motlograpb week of 8. SOUTHERN TOE- 
at HE (W. A. Kelly, mer.) Browtler and 
wder. Saltnito. Cliff it. Nelson. Frechett and 
Frlffonnl. motion rdetnres and Illustrated song* 
week of 8. ORPnRUM THEATRE' (O. F 
Raymond, mgr.) Rock and Fulton. Creasy anil 
Dane. Howard and Howard, Kajlyama, Mr 
and Mrs. Jlmmle Barrv. The Neapolitans and 
the Klnodrome week of 8. LTRIO Tn»»T' 
Week - 

n In Pin V . 
THEATRE «A. 0. Ra 

P. Salisbury, mgr.) The Lyric Theatre 
Comnsny with Miss Sarah Truax and 
■ Jefferson In Bin Van Winkle week of 
Jr.. mgr.) Up and 

dab. mgrs.) Week 1. Joa. E. Howard In The 
Goddess of Liberty: week 8. TImberg In School 
Days. ORPHEUM (Martin Lehman, res. mgr.) 
Week 1, blcb-cla's vaudeville as follows: Edwin 
Ardln and Co.. The Fonr Hatchings, Clifford and 
Burke. The Flylne; Martins. Mlas Hamld Alex- 
ander. Earl and Curt la Ben Beyer and. Bro.. 
and plctnrea. CONVENTION HALL (Louis 
Shonae, mgr.) Week 1. second week of The 
New York Hippodrome en tour. AUDITORIUM 

i Lawrence Lehman, mgr.) Weak 1, The Ao- 
itorium Stock Co. In College Life; week 8, 
same company presenting Klpllng'a The Light 
That Failed. OILLI8 (E. 8. Brlgham. mgr.) 
Week 1. Bunco In Arizona; week 8. The Mon- 
tana IJmlted. EMPRESS (D. F. McCoy, res. 
mgr.) Week 1. Anna Eva Fay, Zeno and Mandel, 
Eddie Dolan. Mile. Jenny's Cats and Monkeya, 
Black and White, Bnrkhardt, Kelly and Co., 
Kmprcsscope. orchestra. CENTURY (Joa. R. 
Donegal!, mgr.; Western Wheel) Week 1, Sam 
T. Jacka' Company and Bob V an O aten; week 
8. The Lady Buccaneers. OAYETY (Burt Mr- 
I 'hall, mgr.; Eaatrrn Wheel) Week 1. The New 
Star and Garter Show In The Flirting Widow: 
week 8. The Marathon Glrla. 

—HARRINGTON <H. 8. Swa- 

) St. Elmo 4; Grauatark 14. 




The Fortune Hnnter week of 1, 
Breed, mgr.) Hearts Astray 1-4: Harry Fields 
In The Shoemaker 5-7. AUDITORIUM. New 
York Hippodrome Show week of 9. AMERI- 
CAN. Madame Bedlnl'a Performing Horses, 
McKensle and Shannon Company, Rice and I 're- 
vest, Diamond Four, L. Wolfe Gilbert, Doyle 
and Flelda. Aline and Hoops week or 1. OR- 
PHEUM (Wm. P. Bryne. mgr.) Augusta Gloae. 
Merrill and Otto. Josrph Adelmann Family, Her- 
bert Bre Don, Helen Downing and Company. Man- 
rice Freeman and Company. The Six Flying 
H.nvarda. The Frey Twins snd pictures week 
Of 1. GAYETY (E. L. Johnson, mgr.) Chaa. 

nd Hla Crusoe Girls week of L BOYD 
rren. mgr.) Cinderella with Mlaa Eva 


Lang week of 1. 

LINCOLN. — OLIVER (F. C. Zehrung. mgr.) 
The Three Twlna 2; Mme. MarceUa Sembrich 
4: The Newly-weds and Their Baby 0-7. LY- 
RIC (L M. Gorman, mgr.) Lyric Stock Co* in 
The Love Rente week of 2. Same company la 
The Telephone Girl week of 9. ORPHEUv 
(H. K. Rllllnga. mgr.) The Old Soldier Fid- 
dlers. Ida O Day and Donald Bowles. Thnrber 
and Madison, Elate Fay. Joe Miller and Sam 
Wetton. Burnham and Greenwood. Paul Floras 
week of 2. 


MA1IUHE8TKB. — NEW PARK (Fred Sarr. 
mgr.) J. E. Dodaon In The House Next Door 
4: Martln'a Uncle Trim's Cabin 9: James Shee- 
han Grand Opera Company 17. NICKEL (Man- 
nel Loremver mgr.) The Jayamva. Moore and 

aSrEla^vSre lis. IF ^ 


• nd Prootar 







A Bouquet of I 
Tied with* Bow < 




^ U ^xl5aiaJtai taUfc 





The Original Musical Mourets 

Bsulina; in Vaudevilla on 

JOB WOOD Client 




li {Mr mtmrIii etRtrj skitck 


— let— 




Will hereafter be known aa 




in their Comedy Sketch 

"Bracing Up" 


The Billboard 

JANUARY 14, 1911. 


Recent Controversies Between Billposters 
Proprietors, "Knight of the Brush" 
Expresses a Few Opinions 


a •Tcrace c 
; and alwa 

Bdltor Tbe Billboard: 

Dor Sir— In reading toll week'* Billboard, 
dated Utc 17, and noticing tbe Interest you Lake 
ta tbe I. Mini and blllpoatera of large attractions, 
I tbonybt 1 would write ud ask too a tew 
qoeatltma of XTcxter Importance. 

I iiave been In tbe clrcna bnalneaa fourteen 
jraara. employed by different organisations In 
tbe adTertlalng department. I bare llred to eeo 
them come and go, and am to-day conaldered tbe 
beat man on root* Work In tbe ooalneaa. 

* dreua. In tbe Brat place, looks forward to 
tkelr bUlpoiteri. It U np to them whether they 
get any money or not. Isn't It, although the car 
manager warns tbe men of a route rider In the 
Tear, who rides and checks each sheet of paper 
posted. Their Is only one or two organisations 
to-day paying a man for that business, and 
although tbe bin poster Is wise to that fact, be 
oat In tbe morning, be covers every old 
or building be may come to, m.Hns; 
— of 35 miles drive a day. rain or 
i every minute of hie time to said 
always willing to get roused oat of 
bank st any boor of tbe night to be dropped 
oat at some small town, or sent ahead on a 

After spending the whole night en route to 
des tinat ion, making two or three changes no 
doubt, with at least five barrels of paste, dve 
Mr bods of paper, a bundle of brushes, pru- 
gxam», buckets, etc. After unloading hU para 
ph em i ll a. getting squared away, as the ear 
manager calla it. then be plants his weary 
b on u s in some sest or on some trunk till the 
country wagona arrive. He can't go to bed. 
Why? This Is the question, because he Is only 
allowed 23 cents for bed mosey. If be goes over 
Oat be has to go down In bis own pocket for It. 
Ha gets np off the trunk, he goes and sees how- 
far Ma two blta will go for breakfast. No 
doubt he will have to Onlsb up with a two bit 
meal— a sandwich and a cop of coffee. 

I believe If a circus expects to get work out 
of a man. they will hare to come up on their 
: money. Not only that, but their wages, 
when yon read In a want column, bill- 
wanted, best accommodation, and guod 
salary, what does that meant I 

strste to yon. They first send yon a contract, 
which yon will sign, many doing so without 
even reading it over, not knowing they sre 
signing their life away, offering to work day or 
night, rain or snow, for 40 and 10, or 30 and 10 
more often, the 10 which I mentioned Is what 
they call a whole back. Do I believe in 111 
No. You may say why. Here she la: 

Two years ago we were making tbe western 
Country with what Is calied a prominent show. 
Four men were sent sbesd from the Dakolaa to 
a small town In Montana on a position, with 
two routes each, averaging 40 miles. Anyone 
making that country will know that things are 
mure expensive up there than they sre here. 
Fur Instance, hair cot 90 cents, share 23 cents, 
bath 5u cents, etc. A SO cent bed would be a 
stall no doubt out in one of the corals. Well, 
to finish my story. We were there eight days. 
No hotel contracted. Why, the show only 
allowed the contractor st the most 25 cents s 
meal, which looks like an abbreviation to the 
people up there. 

What did we have to do? We had to go down 
In our own Jeans and dig up, which meant at 
■east *8.0U- 

Yvn may say why didn't you quit? Simply 
because we were being payed 30 and 10. We 
had dve months In and one more to go. We bad 
to stick It out, for being 1.200 miles from 
home, and only having about $20.00 left In tbe 
bank. Quit, that la what they wanted; to catch 
our bold back. 1 believe some one had ought 
to take bold of this matter and make them 
come to tbe front, raise the wages and pay 
straight time, and allow at least 35 cents for 
meals and CO cents for lodging. 

If yon expect work out of your men, yon 
can't treat tnem as dogs; sleep on trucks, eat 
coffee and doughnnts, and get np and expect 
them to work the next day. 

As I have said before, to get the work out 
of them depends greatly on your receipts and 
order to do so. 



Auburn, Ind. 
A Member of T. SI. A., also B. P. O. E. 

By CHAfl. A. WHITE. 

It Is rumored that Ben Austin win act aa 
oners! agent for Gentry Brothers' Shows dur- 
st tbe coming season. Frank Gentry win rall- 
nad tbe enterprise while W. W. Gentry ban dies 
be reins on tbe advertising car. 

Lon Williams Is authority for the statement 
hat the Young Buffalo Wild West aggregation 


John White and son go with Welsh Brothers' 
■bows next sesson. taking with them eight ani- 
mal acts. Next sesson will be the forty-third 
one for John White, Sr.. In tbe show business. 
Mr. White Is one of the oldest borne trainers 
hi tbe business, and bas traveled with prac- 
tically all the shows, big and little. Be waa 
for eleven years with tbe Stowe and Long Show, 
•even jean with Sells Brothers, four years with 
the Barnnm Shown, six years with the Welsh 


An indoor clrcna was recently given by the 
Buomlngton (III.) Aerie of Bsgles. The com- 
pany waa gotten together br Eddie Ward, of 
tbe Flying Wards, and Harry LaHar. of the 
Laltar Troupe. Those wbo took part In tbe 
performance were: Donshugh and Hamilton, 
comedy acrobats: Miss. Victoria Davenport, 
bareback rider; tbe Flying Wards, aeriallsts; 
Dan Kelly and bla giraffe. Jocko; tbe Four 
Kelly*, tight-wire artists: Orrin Davenport, 
somersault rider and equestrian; Miss Kelly, 
globe roller: Charlie Smith and assistants, 
gowns' LaTell Sisters, the Human Butterflies. 

8. B. "Dude" Trover, who bas been ahead of 
the Phillips' In Arizona Company for the last 
two years, and wbo left the ahow at Atlanta. 
Ga-. to spend tbe holidays at bis borne In 
. waejn^a wreck st^Batarls^ 0. 

!v and e xp ect s to be able to rejoin tbe ahow 
daring tbe ' month of January. Tbe Phillip* 
Show will open with a new bill after a six 
weeks* lay-off at Atlanta and win tour South 
Florida with a new car and outfit. 

Tbe executive staff for W. H. Coulter's Rail- 
road Shows for the season of 1811 Is aa fol- 
lows: W. H . Coulter, general director; Dean 
Leoo. equestrian director; A. H. Buckley, con- 
tracting agent: Fred D. Fowler, general repre- 
sentative; Bert Scott, general superintendent: 
Geo. H. Embree. manager of aide shows: J. 
F. Patten, treasurer: J as. Bsbcock. master of 
itJon; Art Eldrldge. superintendent of 

as, Stonewall . Okie-, 
e states 

. la pi 

and will put out a one-ring 

Heber Bros, have purchased a large tract 
of land located in Columbus, upon which they 
will build quarters for tbe accommodation of 
tbelr show. For tbe last five years they hare 
occupied the old Sells Bros.' vdnterqnsrters In 
Columbus. Heber Brothers bsve pi seed orders 
for new tents, seats, etc. Several new wagons 
are under construction. 

M. C. Cookston Is st Peoria. Hi., for tbe win- 
ter, acting as superintendent of tbe Young 
Buffalo winterqnartera. rebuilding snd remodel 
tng tbe entire show, also looking sfter one hun- 
dred snd forty besd of stock that baa been 
turned out on the farm. 

Among the people already engaged for Welsh 
Bros.' Great Shows and London Hippodrome 
Combined for tbe sesson of toil sre: Prof. 
John White, with his troupe of animals, lime. 
Yucca, strong woman, and May Koater. female 
singing clown. 

Keller Brothers' Show Is still on tbe road 

at Gnthrlesville. S. 

Issue of The Bill 

50-ft. round top, with 30-ft. middle. 10-ft. wall. 6V$-ounce Drill all through. 
Has been used one month. BARGAIN PRICE, S143.QO. 







Want Miniature Cages, and Parade Wagons, small Band Wagons, Ticket Wagon, Pony Chariot*, 
Pony Trappings. Also want to lease three more Cars, one combination al 
TO- ft. baxgaxe car. one 60-ft. Sat car. Snow opens Sparta, wis.. May 16. 


Our Banners are famous throughout the entire show world. We are 
known to employ the best side show artists in America. Every Ban- 
ner that leaves our studio is perfect in every detail. This result is ac- 
complished because of the superior workmen we employ. When 
placing an order with ua you may be sure that your idea of a perfect 
banner wU be fulfilled. Write us your wants right now and let as 



EDM. R. NEUMANN. Jr., Pree. 

WALTER r. DRIVER. Vios-rVes. 

22-28 North Desplaines Street, - CHICAGO, ILL. 


For Bands, Military, 

Minstrel First Part, 

Minstrel Parade, 

Ushers, Bell Boys, 

Base Ball, Foot Ball, 

Basket Ball, etc, etc 
Serif* UTA1K. 

Be S are and Mention 
Kind of Uniform Wanted. 

Western Uniform Co. 




Now is the'time we need tbe work and 
can give quick 

:•_ rf»»s MM»" W UN Of tifsrUM 


! • I 1 

V'- 7 buck TENTS emeus 

FLAGS Waterproof Covers 

SE1D fOP If « CtTKOi; Ml SfCOID HilO US1